A Look at Disney Sitcom Christmas Episodes

Hello, Spongey here.

Well, now that I got a couple or so Christmas reviews out, it’s safe to say December is in full swing. And typically, I do a couple other things, mostly TV Reviews. And maybe you’ll see one, but I had two big things in mind as bonuses.

In October, I reviewed every Disney Cartoon Halloween Episode, because I felt like it. But of course, those aren’t the kind of Disney shows I tend to talk about it. Last December on Deviant Art, I did the expected thing and reviewed every Disney Sitcom Christmas episode, that I counted as one up to that point.

That’s what sparked the idea to do the Disney Cartoon stuff. And you’ll see of that come Christmas, but for now…let’s do Disney Sitcoms.

Disney certain loves their holiday programming, don’t they? Especially when it comes to Christmas. All throughout December, and sometimes later November, Disney Channel is all about “Fa-La-La-lidays” basically their excuse to just air a few new episodes and repeat them for the rest of the month.

It’s a fun tradition, and it’s one I tend to enjoy. Other networks may wait a bit to go all out, while Disney is all about Christmas all December long. Of course, that means their Sitcoms have their fair share of Christmas episodes.

So why not take a look at them? Despite how hit or miss their shows tend to be, even they manage to bring on the cheer every December. So today we’ll see how they tend to be, the good, and the not so good.

These are the same reviews from Deviant Art, just put here, and sometimes changed slightly. But we have new reviews! Besides the 2015 episodes, we have the ones I didn’t count the first time.

I didn’t include the single camera classics like Lizzie McGuire, and I also skipped Zeke and Luther for pretty much no reason. So here,I’ll be covering them finally. The only rule is that I’m just doing officially Disney Sitcoms, no Canadian imports allowed.

With that in mind, let’s see how Disney Sitcoms handle the holidays.

This, is A Look at Disney Sitcom Christmas Episodes

Let’s naturally start with the first one they ever did, although it’s not quite Christmas…

Heck of a Hanukkah [Even Stevens]

Season 1, Episode 15

Writer: Dennis Rinsler

Airdate: January (?) 12 , 2001

Christmas Cliches: It’s a Wonderful Life

Even Stevens is a show I haven’t seen a ton of. I’ll only seen a few episodes, but enough to get the idea of it. It seems fine, so let’s how their…Hanukkah episode it is. Yeah, for once Disney Channel decided to give other religions a bone!

Does it pan out? Let’s see.


Louis thinks his family would be better off if he weren’t born and if instead they had someone perfect like the rest of the family, so his great great great great grandmother shows him a world where this is so.

I really liked this one. Yep ,we’re off to a good start. I usually tend to like these kind of stories, and this episode does a pretty good job with it. This has all the heart and charm this story needs, even if the start may seem rock-y.

The pacing may seem slightly off but I think it works. It gets started right away, as it only takes a few moments for Louis to ruin the presents and feel bad. This does a fine job at quickly establishing what we need to know, so the rest can flesh things out.

We actually don’t spend a ton of time finding out about the AU. We get the score fairly quickly, so the plot can further develop. This allows the characters to breathe a bit more, so it works pretty well.

They make sure to cover all their bases, with Louis learning not to be such a jackass AND have him realize he needs to exist. So it doesn’t come across as forced or anything. This episode does something interesting, as at one point Grandma makes it so everyone can see him.

From here, they get to know him in this AU and he seems upfront how he improves their lives. I have to say this is really clever. It allows him to interact with the AU characters and has us really see how he improves their lives, instead o just having them look worse off.

It also gives us some much needed happiness, so it doesn’t become too depressing. As far as the changes, they had another boy instead and of course, he’s a brat who pretends to be a perfect angle for the parents. Ren is also dating a bad boy and this guy I don’t know is a wus.

We only see the family, which does kind of fit the story they are trying to tell. It would have been cool to expand but I suppose it’s more realistic that the family has changed the most. The changes aren’t over the top either, it’s in the middle and it works.

Of course they fit in that emotion and it’s rather nice. It’s the kind of episode that gives you a good feeling in the end, without going too overboard. It has just another humor and charm to make it work. It’s not exactly hilarious, but it has it’s moments, mostly the Grandma lad.

While I wouldn’t call this episode amazing, it is pretty good. The story is told in a solid way with clever twists, good humor, and very nice heart. It’s a solid take on the plot, and it manages to be different while capturing the magic of the story, and working with these characters.

I wasn’t sure how I would feel going in, but I really liked it. It really don’t have much to do with Hanukkah but ah well, that means it’s good year round! There may be better episodes on a Holiday level, but this is one to check out if you have the time. We really got off to a good start, didn’t we?

And I made it through without making any Shia jokes….dang it!

But anyway, Now for the first “official” one!

Escape Claus [That’s So Raven]

Season 1, Episode 19

Writer: Carla Banks Waddles (lolwaddles)

Airdate: December 5, 2003

Christmas Cliches: No big ones

Raven opens a present early, due to a vision, and since it’s necklace, she brings it to school. But it ends up getting trashed, so she has to sneak out to the mall during school to buy a new one, but she suspects that the mall Santa is a teacher from School.

So, how does it hold up? Pretty well, actually! I was a bit skeptical at the start, but by the end, it became pretty good. One thing you’ll notice pretty quickly, is that most of the official Disney Sitcom Christmas eps are the type of Christmas episodes that have a normal plot in a Christmas setting, mostly so it isn’t so tied to Christmas that it becomes impossible to watch year round.

Then there are some that are in the middle, and this is one of them. At first, it’s a plot that could have happened on any normal day, but then most of the action moves to the Mall and it becomes a lot more Chirstmas-y. It’s the most Christmas-y episode, but it works as a solid story.

At first, Raven seems kind of unlikable for opening her present early and then taking it to School, but that becomes part of her little arc in this episode. Plenty of Disney Sitcoms do this, with the lead doing something bad, but then making up for it. And since this show is guilty of having them do that, there’s no reason to pretend that this show was completely unlike the modern shows. There, i vented that out there.

Most of the episode is pretty entertaining. Nothing really amazing, but there are plenty of funny moments. I love the running joke with  Mr Canneverspellhisname being like a robot, scanning everything and stuff. The middle segments has all that sneaking around stuff, as they take a picture with Santa and need to get rid of it before the teacher sees that they cut class. That stuff is fine, but it does have those awkward moments I don’t care for.

The real highlight is the ending, which brings it all full circle. Yes, I’ll spoil these episodes if i need to. So if you haven’t seen the episode, leave now.

Eventually, Raven bumps into the mall Santa and it turns out he’s not the teacher, it was all a coincidence. Long story short, Raven explains what has been going on, and he points out something: Raven ruined Christmas. Not other peoples Christmas, her Christmas.

Because she had to stay home to look at her present, she missed Christmas caroling, and all of her antics throughout the episode made her miss various Christmas traditions that she loves. If she was just honest from the start, none of this would have happened.

Now this is clever. Not only do you have the typical “be honest from the start” stuff, but they pulled the “ruined Christmas” thing to make it even better.  It’s pretty sweet and it makes for a nice bit of development. It really does make the episode as good as it is.

But then we have the ending. You may be wondering who the mall Santa is, if he isn’t the teacher? Well, he lets slip that he knows Raven is physic. Raven asks how he knows, and it turns out he knows everything. He gives Raven a 2nd chance and Raven is taken back to the start of the episode, where she avoids looking at the present and goes out with her family. The End.

Yeah….that was the real Santa and he pushed the rest button. It’s much less rushed than I made it out to be, but it is…weird. Since this is s show about a physic, Santa existing isn’t out of the question, but it is…weird. Though to be fair, a lot of Christmas episodes either state or imply that Santa is real, no matter how realistic the show is. So I suppose I can let it slide.

No, I don’t find the reset button insulting. It is a bit pointless, but I think it works fine. It gives us a nice little happy ending, so it’s all good. I don’t quite see why they needed to do this to have a happy ending, and it makes the whole thing pointless, but it’s not as bad as some other stories I can name.

Overall, I’d say this episode was pretty good. It had a mix of Christmas-y elements and a nice story. It had good humor, and it was pretty sweet with the ending. Raven had a nice little arc here, and as odd as the ending is, it did give me that nice feeling these type of episodes need to give you. This is one of those cases where I won’t have much to say, though that will likely apply to the other ones, too. We’ll see.

None of these eps will rank as my favorite Christmas episodes or anything, this one included, but this a very good one. I won’t be giving ratings or anything, so don’t expect that.

I’ll just say that this episode is very good, and leave it at that. It has some minor problems, but it’s a sweet little Christmas episode I don’t mind watching every year. It’s a fitting Christmas episode for this show, and that’s all I could ask for.

But back to the less official kind.

Xtreme Xmas [Lizzie McGuire]

Season 2, Episode 33

Writers: Tim Maile & Douglas Tuber

Airdate: December 6, 2003

Christmas Cliches: A Christmas Carol, Santa magically saves the day

Lizzie tries to make a special float for a Christmas Parade, but it ends up distracting her from doing the Christmas traditions

This one was about what I expected: It’s a nice one that has nice morals about the meaning of Christmas and are all. It’s a bit like the Raven one with her being too busy to do Christmas stuff, but here it’s not cuz she messed up or anything.

She just gets wrapped up in stuff. This one isn’t too crazy but it is nice and does it’s job. It has some added humor with this guy pretending to be one Santa’s elves, and of course they imply he really is one of his elves.

He gets some amusing moments and helps fit in the moral. Santa magically fixing things at the end is…pretty cliché, as we’ll see later, but it’s a minor part, and it gives us a Steven Tyler cameo. …That’s cool.

This one of the few classic ones I had never seen, even though I remember the show pretty well. So I was surprised when the Christmas Carol stuff kicked in near the end. Lizzie dreams that the elf guy does the Christmas carol thing on her, and it’s pretty cool.

Granted, it’s not all that heavy or emotional but it gives us the moral nicely, and it has a few good jokes. Also, the brother says one meaning of Christmas…the one involving Jesus. Would you believe this isn’t the last one to bring it up?

If I had to point out one flaw, it’s that the pacing is a bit wonky. It takes a while to get going as it spends a lot of time on people just talking. Then when Lizzie learns her lesson, there’s like 5 minutes left as they talk a bit with people then wrap up things up.

I know you need time to have an ending but it makes the paving a bit off. But oddly, this doesn’t bug me too much because most of it was pretty amusing. I didn’t think any of it was boring or slow. That’s a compliment.

Overall, this was just a nice episode. It’s got good humor, and has a simple moral about the true meaning of Christmas. It doesn’t feel forced because they don’t go too big with it. I don’t know if it’ll be a yearly tradition like some of these, but I did enjoy it.

…That’s pretty much all I got. Not exactly a big action packed adventure, you know. It’s solid, and I think most people will like it, even if it’s not the greatest or anything. Let’s just move on.

Christmas Break [Phil of the Future]

Season 2, Episode 15

Writer: Julie Sherman Wolfe

Airdate: December 2, 2005

Christmas Cliches:

Ah yes, Phil of the future. The Disney Sitcom with Time travel stuff people actually don’t find stupid for some reason. I haven’t seen it in years, but I remember it being enjoyable, if a bit stupid…like all of them. I even I liked the finale, minus the cliffhanger with the caveman dude.

But whatever, let’s get into the episode.

With Christmas on the way, Phil remembers the first time he came to Pickford and meeting Keely while Lloyd recounts getting their house.

This episode is decent….but I would quite recommended as a Christmas episode. Because It really doesn’t have much to do with Christmas. It’s just used as a setting for this flashback episode. There are Christmas-y things in it, but you could take them out and the story would be the same.

I don’t see why they even made it a Christmas episode. Maybe they really wanted to do this flashback episode, but were forced to do a Chirstmas episode, so they slapped it on. If that’s the case, then I can light on it.

As an episode, it is good. It is cool to see how they ended up in the past, and they some fun stuff. Pim and Phil break something important of Keekly’s and keep having to go back to stop it from breaking.

It leads to some fun timmy wimey stuff. And of course, the Christmas stuff they do fit in is nice like them singing a hilariously messed jingle from the future. The subplot actually fits in nicely and has it’s own amusing jokes.

It’s just a fun flashback episode. And to be fair, I’ve seen more pointless Christmas episodes, and at least it ends on a cheery note. I just think for the show’s big Christmas episode, it could have been better.

At least it has some nice moments to make it work. Overall, on it’s own it’s a solid flasback episode with interesting bits, and some decent Comedy. As a Christmas Episode…it’s not the best, but still not the worst.

I would not suggest this for holiday viewing, but on it’s own it’s fun. A bit disappointing ,but still fine. Not much else to say really, given it’s nature

Worth checking out, just not worth watching around the Holidays compared to these other episodes.

Okay, we’re done with the Classic Single camera ones, back to business.

Christmas at the Tipton [The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

Season 1, Episode 21

Writer: Jim Geoghan

Airdate: December 10, 2005

Christmas Cliches: No big ones, although one classic story is referenced…

Everyone’s plans for Christmas are canceled when a snowstorm traps everyone in the Tipton. Carey and the boys are stuck with Kurt and  After Cody sees Carey and Kurt hugging he thinks they are getting back together. Meanwhile, Maddie tries to get an expensive present from London by writing her name on all the Secret Santa slips.

So, how is this one? It’s another really good one. While it’s a tad more cliche than the Raven one, I like it just as much. For one, it’s a bit more Christmas themed with it’s plot, so it fits better as a Christmas special, and it’s very nice. The plot itself works pretty well, despite how cliche the main plot with Cody is.

It all manages to work thanks to some sweet moments, and okay writing. The way the plots are handled does a bit messy, but it works to it’s advantage as it jumps from point to point, so not too much time is spent on any part I don’t like. The main plot, as I said, is a bit cliche, but they mostly focus on the Comedy, so it works fine, and it does give a sweet moment at the end.

As for the Maddie plot, it’s a mixed bag. She’s honestly kind of a bitch here, using London to some fancy gift (wait, she assumes London will do something for someone else? Bitch be crazy) and then getting mad when London ends up getting her a homemade sweater. Yes, Mosbey, i think, told London a homemade gift would be better, and this happened. However, it all has a nice ending, as London shows some growth again, and Maddie learns not to be a bitch. It’s pretty nice.

I think the most notable thing about the episode is the ending. Not only do the plots end nicely, but something…interesting happens. See, there was a running tread of the Tipton having no rooms left at the moment, and near the end, this one couple shows up. The wife is pregnant and whoops, they can’t get to a hospital cuz the roads or closed, and the wife ends up trapped in an elevator with Zack and Cody.

Yeah, it’s pretty awkward., Naturally, it leads to some Comedy and the sweet miracle of birth. It’s a nice moment. But here’s the thing: The Husband and Wife are named Mary and Joeseph. Mary and Joseph…no room at the end..baby is born..

“What a coincidence”

“..I don’t get it”

Yeah…add to that the list of things you never think would be referenced on a Disney Sitcom. I mean, dang, that’s…interesting. I know Lizzie mentioned it, but that was the really classic er, this is close to modern. It’s not even subtle, they even point it out, as quoted above. It’s honestly the highlight of the episode, since it’s interesting and it gives us a nice moment to bring things full circle.

Overall, this is a good Christmas episode. It uses the Christmas elements way, and it has a decent plot with sweet moments, and some amusing jokes here and there. It has the sweet element any episode like this needs, and it’s just an enjoyable episode all the way through.

And that’s all i got. This one is pretty sweet and it does everything right, by Disney Sitcom standards. What else is there to say?

So yeah, that’s all i got for this one. It’s a good, fitting for this show if you ask me.


Killing me Softly with His Height [Hannah Montana]

Season 3, Episode 5

Writer: Steven Peterman

Airdate: December 14, 2008

Christmas Cliches: None

While Christmas shopping at the mall, Miley meets Connor, a cute guy who is considerably shorter than she. She’s a bit shallow about this. Meanwhile, Jackson and Robby bend over backwards to please their neighbor, Mr. Dontzig, in exchange for a letter of recommendation to help Jackson get into his desired college.

How is it? Meh. Yeah, to the shock of no one, the Hannah Christmas episode is just okay. It’s not too bad, and it has it’s moment, but It could have been better. I mean, even the Shake It Up and I Didn’t Do It Christmas episodes were merrier, but we’ll get to those in due time. My main problem with the episode, aside from the usual problems with the show, is that it doesn’t have much to do with Christmas.

The fact that she meets him while Christmas shopping is the only thing that ties it with Christmas, aside from aesthetic  things. Oh, and the climax is set at the mall, while Connor is being one of the mall elf guys. (“He’s not helping”). That was nice but it didn’t feel like enough. There’s a present opening scene for the credit part, but again, it felt a bit like they just realized this is supposed to be a Christmas episode.

I’m not asking for them to go overboard, but making a more Christmas-themed plot would have been a nice. That’s so Raven was able to tie in a normal plot with Christmas just fine, so there’s really no excuse. Usually, for these shows, the sweet Christmas plot would cover up the usual mean-ness the show may dabble in. So this show making the decision to focus more on a normal plot doesn’t really help it.

But despite all that, it’s not bad. The plot is predicable, but that’s fine. None of these shows are ever unpredictable, really. You know Miley is gonna wind up making a bunch of short jokes, and she’s gonna have a hard time dealing with it cuz she’s Shallow, and everyone mocks for her it. Eventually, she will let slip that doesn’t like the fact that he’s short, and he’s gonna be mad. Then through some wacky stuff, she will  apologize and learn an important lesson.

The show’s usual problem show up here, with Miley being kind of unlikable, with a few mean jokes. Right after she goes to say sorry, she casually says she’s gonna blame some mess she made on Jackson. Also, the short jokes get old after awhile. He’s not even THAT short. However, there are a few decent jokes here and there, and the ending is nice.

There is a mix of good and bad jokes, and while most of the bad jokes come from Miley, and the good ones come from others, they do a mix it up a bit in some places. Also, Miley actually does learn that being shallow is wrong and she says sorry. Her realizing her mistakes puts this above a lot of episodes, so that’s a huge plus.

The actual ending to her plot is nice, too. It’s not amazing, but it kind of makes up for some of the stuff we’ve had to go through. As for the subplot, it was honestly kind of weak. It wasn’t all that funny, and the neighbor guy is kind of annoying. On the bright side, it did have some okay jokes here and there, and the plot itself ended okay. Well, except for that weird tacked on joke with a Lisa Rinna cameo. Yes.

So it’s a safe to say that this episode was a mixed bag. If it had more to do with Christmas, it could have been better, but as it is, it’s just okay. It may have some unlikable moments, and bad jokes, but it also has some good jokes and a sweet little ending. It has all the issues that come with this type of plot, but it’s far from the worst.

I’d only recommend this to fans of the show, as it doesn’t have anything for non-fans. You can say that for all of these episodes, but some could appeal to Non-fans. This isn’t one of them. It just isn’t Christmas-y enough, you know?

It ain’t bad despite my bitching, but it’s not all that good either. It’s just okay. Easily the weakest Sitcom Christmas episode, at least from what I remember of the others. But hey, it could have been worse.

So there you go, take it for what it’s worth. Also, how did this have the same writer as Welcome to the Bungle?

A So Random Holiday Special [Sonny With a Chance]

Season 2, Episode 21

Writers: Michael Feldman & Steve Marmel

Airdate: November 28, 2010

Christmas Cliches: None

I don’t think I’ve spoken about this show on it’s own. I haven’t seen a lot of it, but it seems okay. Not as memorable as some others despite the star, but it’s fine. The Christmas episode is….different.

This is where I would give you the plot summary…but there isn’t one. Let me explain. This actually isn’t a real Sonny with a Chance episode. It’s an episode of the sketch show within a show, So Random. Yes, really. It’s more or less a backdoor pilot for the So Random show they ended up making. It’s an interesting idea, but I don’t think they should have done it for their big Christmas episode…or Halloween episode. Yes, they previously did this for the Halloween episode, which I’ll get to next year.

So yeah, this will be hard to review, since it’s just a bunch of sketches. All I can do is say if I liked it or not. Did I like it? Eh, it’s alright. To be honest, I expected it to be a lot funnier, but as it is, it’s okay. The actual So Random parts in the show were hit or miss. Some were ufnny, but some were just awkward. Not really painful, just kind of weird. This whole episode of it works the same way, and while the good parts were worth it, I wish the whole thing was better.

There isn’t really a lot to say except summing up some of the skits, and there really isn’t much to say in that regard. There’s a running thing about Bad Holiday Jobs which is kind of funny, I guess.

There are two skits featuring this episodes guest star, Joe Jonas. Yes, really. He’s not bad in them and those are among the better ones, most notably “Joe-robics”, which was honestly kind of amusing. The other one had him being given as a Christmas present to some fangirl, and his reactions were kind of funny.

I’m not really sure what to say here. It’s more or less a sketch show, and good or bad, there isn’t a ton to say. Some of it was funny, and some of it wasn’t. I think the highlight was “The Real Princesses of New Jersey” which is as funny as it sounds. It’s kind of annoying the concept alone was enough to carry it. On the flip side, there was a thing with this Sicky Vichy character where she performs the 12 days of Sickmas. This was a character who was not meant to sing. That’s all i can say there.

The Christmas element as obviously there, since most of the skits are Holiday themed. So at least we have that. Seriously guys, what else am I supposed to say? Even if this was the funniest thing here, there still wouldn’t be a lot to say here. As it is, it’s just okay. Most of it was just kind of awkward, and it wasn’t really funny enough as a whole. But I suppose the good parts made it worth it, and even the weak parts were far from the worst.

It could have been a lot funnier, and less awkward, but as it is, it’s okay, I suppose. I wouldn’t really recommended it unless you’re a fan already, and while I will say that a lot, that goes double with this one. It’s fine, I guess. Yeah, see why I’m having a hard time with this one? I should have bunched this up with the Hannah one, but ah well.

So overall, it’s okay, but it could have been a lot better. But it also could have been worse, so whatever. Super short one, but it’s not like I had a lot to work with here.

A London Carol [Suite Life on Deck]

Season 3, Episode 15

Writers: Jeff Hodsden & Tim Pollock

Airdate: December 3, 2010

Christmas Cliches: Take a wild guess….Also, Orphans

As Christmas approaches, London is too selfish to give anything for homeless and sick children during Christmas when Cody and Bailey asked for donations for needy children. On Christmas Eve night, London’s mirror takes her back to the past, the present and future to learn her lesson.

At first glance, it seems like this one may just be typical, or decent. But….i really like this one! Yeah, it might be a bit typical but the execution makes it work really well! It manages to make the minor issue of London’s Flanderization work by more or less fixing it, and having the jerk moments be more amusing.

There are some bad jokes here and there, but as a whole this one works. It’s the ending that makes it good, but the rest has it’s moments. While London is jerk-ish early on, they don’t quite go too overboard.

She isn’t a stingy boss or anything, she’s just not really caring about others. They could have made her do something crazy or big, but they just have her be herself, which is enough to make you want her to change.

And even if they may have made mistakes, they make it for it with the ending. They do the typical things with past and present segments, but they still work. …Oh, and the Mirror talking isn’t some weird dream thing invented for this episode, the talking mirror dates all the way back the original show.

  1. never got it either.

The Present segment is the weakest, since it has a few weak nothings, but nothing too bad, The past segment gives us an explanation of why she is like this, and while it’s typical, it actually works rather well.

It makes total sense in context, especially given what we know of Mr. Tipton from other episodes. It also gives us an amusing joke revolving around the origins of Arwin.

As for other stuff to comment on, there’s a subplot with Zack trying to wake up early for work, and while it’s not bad, it’s a bit pointless. We get some Cody/Bailey bickering, cuz this ep takes place after the break up and some of it works and of course they bond a bit in the end.

Not to mention the future segments says they get back together and get married. …Although only in the future where London is bad. Good thing they actually did get back together for real.

Speaking of the future, oh boy this is the best part. Basically, London ends up alone and Bailey refuses to get her a gift after getting none back all these years. It’s pretty basic but oh my god, did they manage to make this part emotional.

Yes, really. It’s not like some versions where it feels underdeveloped, here you feel the full weight of what goes on. They use music but it’s real emotional music instead of Full House music. It just works so well, especially with the acting. It’s actually rather subtle and because of that, it’s kind of a good tear jerker.

Yeah, this episode Is full of surprises. This is where goes from decent, to really good. And of course from there London wakes up, and shares her goods with some orphan kids. And both she and Bailey have Santa outfits on as this all goes down.

It’s a happy ending for everyone.

Overall, this episode may seem typical and have some minor problems, but it’s actually quite good. It’s funny, has interesting development, and ends up being rather sweet in the end. It does emotion quite well, and that’s something some of these episodes don’t always pull off.

If you can look past some awkward bits, you’ll get a really solid Christmas episode. It even has good Christmas elements despite the general story. I think this one is a good recommendation. I’ll even say it’s better than the original Suite life one.

Yeah, it might be more even in terms of jokes, but this one works even better due to the emotional bit at the end. It’s close, but I just like this one slightly more. It’s pretty solid, not much more to say.

Bro Ho Ho [Zeke and Luthor]

Season 2, Episode 26

Writer: Matt Dearborn

Airdate: December 6, 2010

Christmas Cliches: Giving a kid the best Christmas ever, Mall/Store Job, Santa magically saves the day

When Zeke and Luther accidentally take out a store Santa, they take his job over to make up for it their mistake.

This episode was solid. It was certainly way sweeter than I expected. It has typical antics but it doesn’t quite go overboard with it, and tries to be a more traditional Christmas episode. The kind that might be forced but is just so damn sweet you can’t help but be sucked in.

I do like that it has more to it. It goes from the store Santa stuff, to them trying a plan to get the present they want, to trying to get this one kid the present he wants. It flows decently, as it leads to them realizing other people’s needs matter a bit more than theirs.

They do stay likable through this, even with a sort of scummy bit in the middle. It does get slightly cliché and predictable at some points. Of course the fake Santa turns out to be real and magically saves the day. That cliché can get kind of tiresome, and that’s not the last we’ll see of it.

But the heart pulls it through. It does a fine job of teaching about the meaning of Christmas and all that. There’s a slight subplot of Ginger learning this, and it is rather nice. Good to see a bitchy-y sister character show some genuine humanity on her own

(You know who I’m looking at…)

The episode is just nice and sweet, with some crazy humor mixed in. It’s not perfect, but it works rather well. I enjoyed more than I expected. I haven’t seen any of this show since I did that XD post, and this was a good way to come back to it.

It shows Disney XD knows how to slow down and be nice, even with all the boy crazy stuff. It’s a nice episode, even if it’s not exactly the most orginal. If you can stand the show, go ahead and check out.

It’s surprisingly solid.


…And speaking of Disney XD…


Pair of Santas [Pair of Kings]


Season 2, Episode 16

Writers: David Hodge, and Dan Cross

Airdate: December 5, 2011

Christmas Cliches: Giving the kids a perfect christmas, Santa magically saves the day


In an effort to bring their holiday traditions to Kinkow, the kings promise the islanders a Super Christmas and enlist Kinkow’s elves to make the toys. When Kinkow’s elves revolt against them, Boomer and Brady must figure out how to save Christmas.

I’m just gonna skip the stuff and say this is another one I really liked. It may not have the best humor, but it makes up for it with some of the most satisfying  moments in a Disney Sitcom Christmas Episode, at least so far. Like a lot of episodes, there are the moments with the kings being jerks, counteracted with bits where they are awesome.

This is another one that has Christmas all over it, since the premise is bringing Christmas to Kinkow and using elves to help out. So it works pretty well on the aspect, despite taking place on an Island with no Seasons. (“We looked like fools Trick or treating in July!”).

The story works pretty well here, with a few interesting ideas. The elves are actually North Pole episodes but they left because the fact that they are..well, the size of big people caused problems. There are some jokes about discrimination that are a bit…awkward. The fact that one is these jokes is said by a black elf does not help at all.

But that’s not a huge aspect of the episode, so it’s fine. The kings get a few jerk moments, but as I said, they pull through by the end. Most of the time,. they just want to bring Christmas to Kinkow, and things just happen to go wrong. There are moments where they do good things on their own, without needing any extra development. They just do goo on their own. It really looks good on Boomer and Brady.

The episode right after this was No Rhyme or Treason.


Anyway, this is an example of our heroes actually being written well. The jokes aren’t the best, but there are a few good bits here and there so I suppose it’s fine in that area. So eventually, they get the elves to work for them but they even by Christmas Eve, they haven’t made enough presents. Lanny tells them to start working the elves hard to get them to work better, and naturally, they causes them to quit.

They feel pretty bad for what happened, and this is where the stuff I keep talking about comes in. Like in the pilot, and other episodes, they realize they made mistake and are ashamed of themselves. It doesn’t too much like Aesop Amensia, since this did start from good intentions and it’s a different type of situation than in those other episodes.

The next morning, everyone has Christmas presents, and everything is suddenly okay. Nope, it wasn’t the elves who turned around. It was Santa, who sends a letter saying he helped them out since they had good intentions, no matter how misguided they may be. This is sort of a cliche, oddly enough (See Foster’s A Lost Claus) but it works in the context of the story.

And the ending is just really heartwarming. (Think i can beat Norty for the most overused use of this word ?). Everything turns out okay, Christmas is brought to Kinkow, the elves go back to the North Pole, and Brady gets a kiss on the cheek from Mikalya. It’s just a really satisfying ending that gives you a good feeling to go out on.

Even by the standards of these episodes, this a really sweet ending. This may not be the best episode we’re gonna cover, but I have a soft spot for it. The characters are written well, the humor has it’s moments, the story goes in some good directions, and the ending is really nice. It’s really Christmas-y and it has everything I could want in a Christmas episode.

It’s a pretty good episode, overall. It’s too bad the episode after this had to ruin my mood, but I’ve gone into that one a bit too much already. There isn’t too much else to say. It’s just a fun Christmas episode with some really nice moments. I’d say it’s at least the best Disney XD Christmas episode, but we’ll get to the others when we get there.

Overall, it’s a good episode, so check it out. Even if you have problems with it, the ending will make up for it. I liked it a lot.


sANTas Little Helpers [ANT Farm]


Season 1, Episode 19

Writer: Niya Palmer

Airdate: December 9, 2011

Christmas Cliches: Orphans, A Christmas Carol (sort of)

I haven’t spoken too hard about this one before. It’s fine. It has more humor than some of the others, and a lot of is crazy and clever. Yeah, it’s stupid but more tolerable at it’s best. But it’s not usually too sweet, so let’s see how this fares.

Principal Skidmore asks Chyna, Olive, and Fletcher to build toys for kids at an orphanage. They find out it is a scam and instead Principal Skidmore sells it for profit. They then booby-trap the toys to get revenge. Meanwhile, Darryl follows Roxanne around to see what she is getting him for Christmas.

This one is mostly here for jokes, and that’s it. Not to say it’s really mean or anything, but it mostly has a humorous story, with a small bit of heart at the end. It’s nice but it’s purely jokey for most of it.

While that angle is fine, it also makes it so it has a higher chance of failure, and will appeal less to Non-Fans. How did it work for me? Honestly, I enjoyed it. There are some creative and interesting jokes and the story worked. Here’s an example of the humor:

Olive suggests they think outside the box, but Chyna says they’ve been doing that. She steps inside a box and then gets an idea. Yeah, this is that kind of show. And that’s not the only joke like that, in this episode alone.

Bits like that made it kind of funny, and there are some amusing moments all over it, even if not all of it is that funny. As far as the story goes, it’s fine. It’s not too cliche, at least. It does take an interesting direction, where Skidmore actually changes her mood and gives the gifts to the orphans, and they must get the booby trapped presents back. That’s a bit typical but it’s alright.

Ojh, and why did Skidmore change her mind? She says she had a dream where she visited by 3 ghosts …Yeah. Actually, why didn’t that become the actual plot? They could have the kids try the Christmas Carol thing on Skidmore? That would have been awesome! But ah well, it’s a nice  little joke.

There’s a bit of heart with the Orphans, (one of which is played by Chloe form Dog With a blog), and it’s nice, but it is a tad tacked on. However, I’ll take what i can get. As for the subplot, it’s alright. No substance, but it has some funny moments, and it has Lexi and Paisely so it has that going for it. Though the set kind of rips off A Duncan Christmas …even though this came first. Shut up.

There really isn’t a lot to say about this one. It relies on Comedy with the story and that will make or break it for you. For me, it worked because a lot of the jokes were creative and the story worked. Also, seeing Olive high five Fletcher a few times is odd given how she would act towards him in some later episodes.

Overall, this isn’t exactly the most feel good Christmas episode, but it has Christmas all over it and it’s fairly funny, at least for my obviously amazing tastes. It’s a fun episode, but not much more, meaning it’s harder to recommend. But if you like this type of humor, you should check it out, if you want.

Christmas Story [Jessie]


Season 1, Episode 8

Writer: Pamela Eells O’Connell

Airdate: December 9, 2011

Christmas Cliches: Might not be home for Christmas


Oh boy, Jessie. It went through some phases, but I still say it was okay in Season 1. This episode was in that Season, so it could go either way. Let’s see.

The Ross children are beyond excited for their parents’ arrival; they make sure the house is decorated to perfection. Meanwhile, Ravi has never heard of Santa, so Zuri explains who he is, except that she makes him sound like he is a judgmental spy who feasts on children. When Christina and Morgan cannot make it because they got caught in a snowstorm, it is up to Jessie and Bertram to bring the Christmas spirit to the children.

So, I liked this one about as much as I expected too. I quite enjoyed parts of it, while some parts were a bit too mean or dumb, and it has a bit of heart at the end. That’s about that you’re in for, and I enjoyed it about as much as I thought I would. There really isn’t a lot to say in terms of review.

You know what you’re getting in for. This is a Season 1 episode, so isn’t too overly mean and Zuri is tolerable. (Yeah, Flanderization happened). Though it does have some off moments, such as Bertram torture. I’ll get into that mess if i review Grudgment Day in some form, so I’ll move on. So it’s more of a capsule of what Season 1 was like, which isn’t a bad thing.

I’m not sure what I can really say what I haven’t said about the other episodes I’ve covered. It follows the same formula, but it’s Jessie so it has Jessie stuff. So…there’s something to look at when it gets boring, I guess. Though you’ll have to watch A London Carol and Good Luck Jessie to her in the appropriate outfit, if you know what I mean.

…Moving back to the episode itself, the plot is fine. It gets a bit weird when they are arrested while at the mall, because they didn’t believe that Jessie worked for Christina Ross and had her credit card because of that.

Yes, the kids try to vouch for her but they are stopped when Luke claims to be Jessie’s girlfriend and the undercover cop elf chick (Don’t ask) buys it and says that’s sick, because Luke looks like the guy who would truthful about that kind of stuff, right?

Anyway, you might be thinking the same thing I Did: Wait, did they just kind of get away with a pedophile joke? Yes, yes they did.


Let’s move on. At least there’s no other radar moments.

“I can tell you where to put it”

…Okay, moving on!

Things get a bit over the top for my tastes, but there are some decent moments to balance it out. Most of them coming from Jessie, but the others have some okay moments. Naturally, the ending is the best part, since it works as a sweet moment. It is fit into the plot but less dumb parts would have made the overall product better.

But hey, it’s nice to have it there. The rest of the episode is typical stuff, and for me, it was fun but like all the others, there’s not much here for normal people. Since it’s Season 1, it’s not too mean but it has some dumb moments here and there. There really isn’t a lot to say about it, really. It’s what you would expect from a Season 1 Jessie Christmas Episode.

I enjoyed it but it’s flawed and not for everyone. The sweet ending makes up for it’s flaws, and Debby Ry-i mean Jessie, is still hot-i mean cool. For what it is, it’s fine. I enjoyed it more than I let on, but just know what you’re in for.

Yes, this was a short review, but I really had nothing to say about this one. It’s okay. It has a person I like so I’ll watch a lot either way, but at least it happens to be tolerable for me.


Jingle it Up [Shake It Up]


Season 2, Episode 10

Writer: Eeilen Conn

Airdate: December 11, 2011

Christmas Cliches: No big ones

It’s the holidays and CeCe goes last-minute shopping for her mom, but she buys herself an expensive purse instead. Meanwhile, Rocky wants to make a young boy’s Christmas wish come true by buying him the latest gift, the “GS Handheld Mega game 195”, but they are all sold out. Also, Deuce invites Dina to go Christmas caroling with his family, only to find out she is a bad singer.

This is another one that I liked more than I thought I would. It’s not top tier or anything but it wasn’t fairly enjoyable, for what it is. It’s got all the things I figured would be in this one, in a good way.

All the plots go down the way you would expect, but that’s fine since they all lead to some fun moments and some heartwarming moments. And like all of these, it feels fairly genuine and I did kind of enjoy it.

I don;’t know why but there is something about the show that I do kind of enjoy at times. It might be the leads, since are more entertaining than you think they would be, and they both get some good moments in this.

Cece is a bit bitch-y here with how she acts but they at least keep it somewhat amusing, and of course, she does the right thing in the end. It’s nice. Her plot plays out fine, as she must make money to get the scarf after blowing her money on the purse.

There are some okay jokes, and in the end she gets the scarf and everything’s fine. This episode is pretty predictable, but the heart pulls it through, and that’s what a Christmas episode of this show needs.

As for Rocky’s plot, it was a bit more enjoyable, since this  is one of the times where she gets to be all expressive and funny. Her over the top antics work for how she does it, but it’s a bit hard to explain. There’s not too much substance here, especially with the ending, but it works. Deuce’s plot is just okay, and it’s predictable but again, it’s enjoyable, since i did kind of like these 2.

It’s not even the most predictable episode we’re covering but there really isn’t much to say except that it’s predictable but enjoyable. The heart isn’t too think but it’s there by the end and it is nice.

There is a bit at the end that’s kind of…out of nowhere and forced, but it works since it was so sweet, and it had a nice moment for Cece.

And yes, this is very Christmas-y, with a lot of Christmas-y stuff all over the place, with the plot and setting. So it works well in that aspect. This was a fairly enjoyable episode for the most part, though it was a bit different from the others.

Most of them are good, even by the standards of that though so there is stuff that detracts may like. This?

Not so much. It’s not as alienating as the Sonny or Hannah ones, but chances, you have to tolerate the show to get through the more comedy heavy parts, since the heart isn’t as big as in other episodes.

There aren’t that many mean moments, but chances are, most people won’t get into this as much as the others.

But if you do tolerate the show, you’ll find plenty to enjoy. It’s alright.

A Duncan Christmas [Good Luck Charlie]

Yep, they may have had a whole movie, but they just had to do a normal episode. Is it as good as the movie? Let’s see.

Season 3, Episode 20

Writer: Christopher Vane

Airdate: December 2, 2012

Christmas Cliches: No big ones

Linda, Bob’s mother, returns once again to celebrate Christmas with the Duncan family much to Amy’s dismay. Meanwhile, Teddy and Spencer take Charlie to see Santa Claus at Super Adventure Land, but when Santa decides to leave when it is their turn, Teddy takes matters into her own hands. Elsewhere, Bob struggles to find the perfect gift for Amy.

After our last two, it’s nice to cover an episode that’s unequivocally good. Yeah, I really enjoyed this one, but in a different way than the others. The other good ones worked due to the story and heart, while this one was just simply entertaining. All the charm in the show is in this episode, and while it’s not a huge stand out episode, it is a good one.

It’s the Christmas-y one we’ve covered so far, as all of the plots are really tied to Christmas, so it has that going for it. All three plots play out pretty well, and have some good comedy.

They each go in a pretty amusing direction and there isn’t really much to complain about here. Amy’s plot is the most typical but it is pretty good, as they have some chemistry and the plot itself is nice. It’s where we get some of the heart, since they figure that Toby’s first Christmas shouldn’t be in an environment like this.

Teddy’s plot is easily  the craziest, as she ends up in Super Adventure Land jail, which is actually a callback to another episode where the same thing happened. The fact leads to some good Comedy and all that good stuff. …Although it’s weird we now have two Christmas episodes involving jail in some way.

Bob’s plot is the smallest, so there isn’t a lot to talk about, but it is pretty amusing.

See, Amy doesn’t want them to spend more than the other person, so Bob is worried that his gift is more expensive than hers, and she’ll get mad. It’s pretty amusing the payoff is predictable, but still rather amusing.

As a side note, I’ve always liked that Bob can be a bit more a straight man when he isn’t all crazy. That makes him a bit different from other Disney Sitcom Dads and his whole Butt Monkey thing is actually kind of funny here.

This episode doesn’t have as much as heart of the other ones we’ve covered, and while it is a bit disappointing, there is enough to please me. There a few cute moments with the little kids, and Teddy and Spencer sing a song since we gotta have Bridget Mendler sing again. It’s a nice song, I guess. I wish they did a more heartwarming plot, but I guess th movie tired them out in that regard.

There are enough cute moments to make it worth it, so it’s all good. The whole episode is just fun with good jokes and the all the plots being decently written and well balanced. Amy’s plot gives us the good moral, and the others plots are just fun. The gift opening segment is much longer in this one, so that gives us a lot of other bits to enjoy.

The plot is more lax here, but in this show, that’s a good thing. Overall, this isn’t a great Christmas episode, but it is a fun one that was worth watching. This one to check out if you wish. Not much more to say other than it’s just a simple but fun episode. It’s solid.

Bark! The Herlad Angels Sing [Dog with a Blog]
Season 1, Episode 8

Writer: John Peaslee

Airdate: December 2, 2012

Christmas Cliches: No big ones

It is the family’s first Christmas together and Avery is prepping Tyler, Chloe, and Stan for Ellen’s gifts because she has a reputation of giving horrible gifts. Meanwhile, Bennett and Ellen argue over whose Christmas traditions to follow.

I liked this one. It kind of follows that formula, but it’s done better than some of the others. With the others, you can tell they just needed a Christmas episode to run every year, and thus they are a bit basic. This is the same but with this one, there’s a bit more meat to it. Mostly because this is early in the show, and it’s the family’s first Christmas together, and thus the plot should be a bit bigger. Thus, there’s more heart here, and honestly, it works.

The heart in some of the earlier episodes was a little more…forced and Full House-y than in later episodes, but usually it worked due to having heart in a show called Dog with a Blog. This episode does it well due to not having Full House music and it doesn’t feel quite as forced. It just fits in the story we have.

The episode has some interesting stuff with Avery and Ellen and it goes in some decent directions. Their relationship is portrayed well here, even if it’s a bit cliche. The ending is pretty satisfying, with how they both get what they want. It’s pretty sweet, actually. There seems to be a moral about compromise, since they settle the traditions thing by combining them like having both kinds of trees they want in one. It’s a nice moral that was done well, I guess.

As for the humor, it’s nothing special, but there are only a few mean jokes. So that’s good. This show is far less mean than some of the other shows, which is why it’s a bit better in some ways. This episode isn’t amazing or anything, nor does it hold a candle to stuff like A London Carol, but it was better than I thought it would be.

My only real complaint, that only applies to this episode, is that there’s a plot thread with this asshole neighbor “(You know how every neighborhood has that grumpy neighbor no one likes? Phill Trummer trains that guy”) that doesn’t really go anywhere.

He shows up a few times, and he hangs out with the family at the very end and becomes less lonely. (“Still not a nice guy but less lonely”). It’s not even a subplot, it’s just kind of slapped on at the end. You could cut him out and the episode would not be different. He doesn’t even show up again for awhile. Ah well.

Overall, I liked this one. It’s not great but it has heart, an okay story, and a few good jokes. An example of how this show can be less bad than it sounds. Yep, this is the writer of Stan Stops Talking. So yeah, for a Christmas Episode, it works. Not bad, i must say.
Merry Merry It Up [Shake It Up]

Season 3, Episode 5

Writer: Jennifer Glickman

Airdate: December 2, 2012

Christmas Cliches: A Christmas Carol

CeCe picks a fight with Jeremy after she accuses him of changing their Christmas traditions and dislikes how he is changing the family, leading Georgia to break up with him. That night, CeCe has a dream where the ghost of Christmas dance that looks like Rocky appears and escorts CeCe on a dream journey to the past, present, and future.

Meanwhile, Deuce gets left behind by his family, and instead of going on a vacation to Cabo, he ends up spending Christmas with the Blue family much more to Ty’s dismay than to Deuce’s.

This was another fairly decent one. Yeah, it’s nothing too amazing and it is cliché, but it was rather nice and surprisingly enjoyable. It succeeds in all the ways you thought it might. You sort of see where Cece is coming from, but she is still going overboard, and she properly learns her lesson, and it’s all a nice sweet ending.

I think the biggest surprise is that there aren’t any really bad moments. Even the failed jokes are at least tolerable, and any weak point in the writing is made up for in some way. Even London Carol had some sort of bad moments.

This episode is by no means perfect, but it’s a lot more even I thought it would be. I think the biggest flaw is that the subplots don’t really go nowhere. Deuce and Ty’s plot pretty much leads nowhere, as they are just happy in the end. No big conflict or anything.

There’s another plot with Flynn getting a hot tub that is amusing, but maybe is dragged out too much. It does lead to a funny visual later on, at least. While the main plot is nice, it’s the Christmas Carol stuff that makes this one.

Rocky appears as The Ghost of Christmas Dance. Yes. They randomly have a dance number that eats up 3 or so minutes or screen time, and usually I’d be mad but….later they say there’s only one ghost because the blew their budget on the dance number.


It’s done a bit out of order as we see Future before Present but in this context it works because Present hits Cece the hardest, as she sees her how actions make Mom feel in the present.

It’s a slight twist, but it’s nice. Of course the future bit has amusing jokes like how Flynn has never left that hot tub. They don’t go into huge detail for some reason, but we get the point pretty easily.

Usually it would be bad that they don’t do anything crazy, but it works. Mostly because they make more time for more amusing small jokes, and what works really works. It’s rather simple but in a good way.

And of course, the ending is pretty sweet. Maybe slightly forced but I don’t mind that in Christmas episodes. Speaking of which, it isn’t that tied to Christmas outside of the song but since is the 2nd Christmas Episode, I can forgive it.

Overall, this was good one, and I did indeed like it more than Jingle It Up. It is cliché and nothing amazing, but it works in a nice simple way. It’s sweet and even rather amusing. It’s a nice combination of real plot and simple stuff.

Perhaps not the highest recommendation ,but certainly one worth checking out if you want. There really isn’t a whole lot to say, so there you go. It’s a nice episode. It certainly helped wash that Review It Up taste out of my mouth..

Oh Christmas Nuts! [Kickin’ It]

Season 2, Episode 23

Writers: Matthew Edsall & Jana Godshall

Airdate: December 3, 2012

Christmas Cliches: An Ass Kicking Christmas, Orphanage, Santa magically saves the day

Before we start, I must mention that this was the Season finale. That’s interesting, but this was actually the final episode to feature Eddie before he left for no reason. Kim got a big send off but Eddie? Nothing. Whatever, let’s see how he went out.

To teach the gang about the spirit of Christmas, Rudy volunteers Jack, Jerry and Milton to work at Santa’s village. But when they are accused of stealing toys to be given to an orphanage and get banned from the mall, they are labeled as the “kids who stole Christmas”. While the guys try to prove their innocence, Kim and Eddie battle it out in a holiday window display contest.

Did this episode meet my expectations? It sure did! Actually, it was better than I remember it. While it’s not quite as amazing as I may have expected, it still ended up being very good. It was sweet, had some action, and it was funny. The heart isn’t huge here but it’s there it has a good message. It kind of does what both ANT Farm episodes tried to do, but better.

You pretty much know what the moral is from the start, since Rudy chastises them for being so greedy during Christmas time. Huh, usually he would be the one with them. it leads to a pretty solid message that is mixed into the plot fairly well.

The ending bit is a really nice sweet moment, where they all learn the error of the ways, and what the holidays are all about. It’s a great moment and it pretty much made the episode for me. But the rest is good too, with some decent jokes and an okay plot. I pretty much knew that that the Santa’s village people would be the bad guys but they at least made for good villains.

The whole framing thing was a bit pointless but it was done decently, at least. I thought everything moved very well and there was a nice mix of jokes and plot. Mostly cuz the plot was az bit more evolved than in some other episodes. The highlight is the climax, which has some badass moments for everyone, even Milton.

As for the subplot, it has them being jerks, but in this context it’s kept funny. It leads to the ending bit so it’s all good. Not much to say other than that. Also, I love that Eddie’s last episode was mostly spent with the other actor who would leave. It ended up being an okay self off for him overall, even if him vanishing was never explained.

Also, they do that thing where Santa is implied to have helped out. It’s predictable but it’s fine. And they implied that Santa kicked ass with them, which is amazing.

I honestly expected to be underwhelmed by this one, because I remembered it being less memorable than some other Christmas episodes. And while it doesn’t stick out as much as it should, it’s actually up there with the best. It’s not mean, it mixes plot and jokes, it has good plot and okay humor, and it has a really nice message with a great sweet ending.

It could have been a sweeter Christmas story, but it has toughen Christmas to make for a good watch. That’s all I can really say about this one. Despite having a lot going on, it doesn’t give me a lot to talk about. It’s a surprisingly good episode that was entertaining with a sweet ending.

While I think the episode before this, Kickin’ It On Our Own should have been the finale, this made for a solid Season finale. It’s way better than I remembered it being, and I think it’s worth checking out. It’s a fun episode that made for a solid send of for a character that didn’t really matter to the writers.

So yeah, it’s good. Not much else to say, really.

Good Luck Jessie NYC Christmas [Good Luck Charlie/Jessie]

Season 3 / 4, Episode 7/17

Writers: Bo Belanger & Jonah Kuehner, (Part 1) Valerie Ahern and  Christian McLaughlin (Part 2)

Airdate: November 29, 2013

Christmas Cliches: Charity

Oh boy, I get to talk about this one. In the past few years, they have been doing a lot of Mini Crossovers instead of the big 3 part ones, and they mostly work. It started with the Jessie/Austin & ally one, and now we have this.

How the hell will they combine 2 totally different shows? Let’s see

When Teddy gets accepted into a college in New York City, she goes to New York, alongside PJ. PJ stays at a hot dog cart and gets back together with Skyler. Meanwhile, Teddy misses her tour on the subway and meets up with Jessie Prescott and Zuri Ross. When a blizzard traps Teddy and P.J in New York City, they decide to stay with Jessie and Zuri. Also, back in Colorado, Amy and Bob try to figure out what Charlie wants for Christmas.

So, how does this crossover turn out? Alright. I mean, the crossover itself is alright. The episode as a whole was a lot better than I remember it, despite it’s flaws. As expect, Part is all Good Luck Charlie, while Part 2 is all Jessie. And  in a way that is kind of a problem for those who like the former and not the latter. While other crossovers involved a lot of characters, the only ones we get in Part 1 are Teddy and PJ. Part 1 has that subplot but after that, that’s really it.

And while it’s not a huge problem at first, the Jessie plot takes over so much that it starts to feel like Teddy and PJ didn’t need to be here. Btu then they get in some good lines, and it’s all worth it. I think the crossover aspect was handled better in part 1 and the start of part 2.

Let’s go over Part 1 first. There isn’t a ton to the main plot. Teddy goes to New York but ends up trapped on the Subway along with Jessie and Zuri and eventually, she decides to ditch NYU because it was probably wasn’t meant to be or whatever. It works it since it is kind of fun to see these character interact, and Zuri is mostly in character. More so than Part 2 but I’ll get into that in a minute.

There isn’t a ton to the Charlie plot, but it’s nice and the ending gives us a nice moment for Gabe. Then there’s a weird PJ plot. See, he had a girlfriend named Skylar (who is perfect for him, if you catch my drift) but she left for reasons I don’t recall. He bumps into her in New York and thinks he might still like her. He tells her this and they get back together. She happens to be going to Denver for College so it’s all good.

Yeah, not much happens in his plot. And it’s really rushed too. The Skylar was kind of big and it’s just randomly resolved. And aisde from one minor mention in the finale, it’s not brought up again. So if you cared about it, this won’t be the best thing ever. But ah well, it’s ice and stuff.

Though it does make this the 2nd crossover to actually effect the plot of one of the shows. The other being Wizards on Deck. Wait, I think Austin performing in Times Square in Austin, Jessie and Ally is mentioned again…so it’s 3. Nevermind.

There really isn’t a ton to talk about with Part 1. It’s enjoyable and it works for what it is. It’s more even than Part 2, making it better, but Part 2 has a lot more to discuss. So let’s get into it.

They get to the penthouse and after Luke pervs on Teddy, they wake up on Christmas morning, with the palce a mess, Jessie in a Santa Suit, a crazy reindeer, and no memory of the previous night.

Yep, now it’s a hangover plot. Merry Christmas!

But seriously, I actually like this angle. It’s creative and I thought they explored a lot plotwise with this. Granted,the humor suffers a bit, as expected, but there are some nice moments here and there.

My only real problem plotwise is that the plot gets a bit too muddled near the end, as it’s suddenly about this charity drive thing, which ties into the reindeer or something. It leads to a really nice moment, with development for the kids, but it is a muddles and leads to that crossover problem I mentioned before. However, it’s not too  bad in the end.

Another minor issue here is Zuri. She goes from preaching in Part 1 to being her bad self here. They flat out lampshade this, in another edition of “Pointing out your problem does not make them go away!”. The worst part is this running gag where she’s bashing Denver to piss Teddy off. That was just painful.

There’s also the usual Bertram torture and a few minor things. But there are some good moments to balance all of this out. Despite it’s flaws, Part 2 is pretty interesting, even if the Crossover Element is a bit weak here. The plot is decent and there are fun moments. Also, Debby Ryan gets to sing and wear like 2 nice outfits. So it’s not a total loss.

There really isn’t much else to say. Overall, I’d this this crossover was alright. Oh, wait, I forgot to mention the Christmas Element. It’s only a backdrop in Part 1, but it’s all over Part 2. So it does work on that level.

Overall, this was solid. It has flaws, but it was a lot better than i thought it would be, with some fun moments and an okay plot. I’d mostly recommend Part 1, for the GLC fans, but Part 2 may be worth seeing if you can stand the weak parts. I’ll probably rank the crossovers when I review the others, but I will say it’s better than the Liv and Maddie one, at least.

Fa La La La-Rooney [Liv and Maddie]

Season 1, Episode 10

Writer: Sylvia Green

Airdate: December 1, 2013

Christmas Cliches: No big ones

I haven’t spoken about this one on it’s own either. It’s one of the better ones, and there is a reason it’s been getting a bit of praise in some circles. It’s still stupid, and it can be preachy but that’s almost a good thing. It didn’t really get going til late Season 1 though, so this could go either way.

The annual Stevens Point Holiday Spectacular is coming up, and Liv is asked to host the televised event. When Liv discovers the little girl she’s asked to perform with shares the same strong desire for the spotlight, trouble ensues. Meanwhile, Parker swindles money from Joey while dressed as Santa and an elf in order to purchase an expensive present he suspects no one will give him.

This is yet another one where I won’t say a lot, cuz this one follows the same formula, but not quite. I enjoyed it and it crosses the line between being okay, and me liking it. Some parts did hold it back, while other parts save it.

One problem is the main plot. I’ve seen the “innocent little girl who is actually evil” so many times, even in Disney Sitcoms, that it’s not really shcoking anymore. It’s done better than in some other shows, but it is a bit too cliche for me. But what saves is how it’s resolved. See, Liv actually doesn’t stoop to petty revenge.

Instead,she lets Jenny light the town Christmas tree, thinking this act of kindness will steer her straight. It doesn’t., but the comeuppance she get is purely by accident and Liv doesn’t really do anything.

It happens before of the minor Maddie sideplot where she and Dad are making the tree. It was really nice for the writer to take the high road here. There’s not really a lot of pay off for the main plot, nor is there a huge sweet moment, but I appreciated what they did there.

Also, the main plot is where they get to have Dove Cameron sing twice, because of course she sings in this show. Honestly, she’s not bad, if a bit too “high” at some points.

The heart moment is in the side plot, which is interesting cuz I actually disliked it up to that point. Parker was being a huge jerk and it was pretty much a Joey torture porn. However, it saves itself, when Joey reveals he was doing this job to make money for Parker’s gift. Parker apologies for being a dick and it’s a big nice moment. It’s small but it was sweet, and it saved the subplot for me.

Aside from that, there isn’t anything crazy or spectacular in here. It’s Christmas enough, thanks to the songs and having Liv in a Santa suit for a good chunk of it (before you say anything, she’s cute but not on my creepy lust list), but it doesn’t reach too high like some of the other episodes. That’s perfectly fine since it was still fun despite the flaws. But I hope they do another one and make it a bit bigger, just saying.

So yeah, that’s all I got for this one. It’s fine and I like it a bit more than a few other episodes, so that’s good.

Mix Ups and Mistle Toes [Austin & Ally]

Season 3, Episode 5

Writer: Rick Nylhom

Airdate: December 1, 2013

Christmas Cliches: No Big ones

I haven’t gone into detail on this one as well. It’s another better, as it’s less mean and not quite as weak. Still nothing amazing but still amusing with nice heart sometimes. Let’s see how this fares.

Trish is organizing a Club for Kids on Christmas in which Austin and Ally will perform their original Christmas song and distribute Austin Moon Dolls. But a mess in the toy factory makes Austin have long hair (with a tiara) and behave like a baby doll, so Ally and Trish need to stop Austin from giving out the dolls. Meanwhile, Trish puts Dez and Chuck in a competition to determine who is a better Santa Claus for Christmas, but Trish uses them to do her work.

So at this point, these reviews have been saying the following things:

Hits all the Christmas notes, works on that level

Mostly comedy with a nice sweet moment at the end

Mostly works as a Christmas ep of that show, and would only suggest it to that shows fans

I enjoyed it a lot but critically, take all that in mind.

And guess what? All that applies here. Now, I don’t want to make it sound like these episodes are formulaic, or anything, even if they kind of are. It’s just you can say the same for most of them, since they are mostly just fun episodes of their shows, with Christmas stuff. That’s not a bad thing, but some go more all out than others. It’s easier to suggest A London Carol due to the heart than this one, since it’s more of a normal episode.

With that said, I like htis one a lot more than the last few ones. Or at least, it has less flaws. Despite Trish being…well Trish, it’s more kind hearted than some of the others. They are doing this all for charity, and there are less mean jokes than in the others. You still have them, most of which are with Trish, most notably at the end. But it’s not to bad.

A lot of the jokes work pretty well, at least compared to some other episodes. My favorite parts are actually in the Dez/Chuck subplot, and not just cuz I like their dynamic. It has some of the most memorable jokes, even if the heart is in the main plot. Speaking of which, instead of a heart moment, most of it is in the plot itself with the Charity thing. and there are two minor moments to cap it off.

It gives this one an edge over the other eps with the same formula. The sweet moments are small, and you can argue the first one is forced (Trish follows it up by saying “Enough of this sentimental garbage) but it’s still nice. At the end, we get Austin & Ally singing a Christmas Song, because even Disney Stars need that Christmas single. I like the song alright, which is oddly not the weirdest thing I’ve admitted.

It follows the same basic formula as the others, but it has some little things that put it above the others, even if it’s not as memorable. The song is nice, at least. Overall, I enjoyed this quite a bit but once again, the way it’s handled makes it so not easy to suggest to Non-Fans. But maybe the less mean tone will appeal to you, who knows.

This is another short review, but there really isn’t a lot to say about it. I liked it more than I thought it would, so there is that. Check it out, if you wish.

Twas the Mission Before Christmas [Lab Rats]

Season 2, Episode 23

Writer: Mark Brazil

Airdate: December 2, 2013

Christmas Cliches: An Ass Kicking Christmas (“Blowing stuff up on Christmas? It really is the best time of the year!” )

Adam, Bree and Chase go on a mission to save Dr. Evans on Christmas Eve, due to a large volcanic eruption in the frozen tundra. After aiding Dr. Evans in stabilizing several of his machinery, an after shock causes his gamma-sphere to crack.  Meanwhile, Principal Perry stays in Davenport’s mansion and makes Christmas miserable for Leo.

This is another decent one. It’s still got some of that mean humor, but it works a lot better here. This still follows a bit of the formula of these other Christmas episodes, but the show’s style at least makes it a bit different. As you expect, it’s an ass kicking Christmas.

Well, not as much ass kicking, so much as just having a bit of action and being in danger. But close enough. I liked this one a lot more than the last few, even though it is slightly meaner in some places. The shows charm makes up for that, since there’s no as much bile here, and some of it makes sense in context, especially in the subplot. The heart isn’t as big there, but it is there and it works.

There isn’t really a lot to the plot, but it works. It mostly has them trying to make sure bad stuff doesn’t happen at Evans’ place and all that good stuff. There is some decent tension here and some of the bickering with Chase and Dr Evans is kind of amusing.

At least here the mean jokes sort of fit, and Adam is only involved in a few of them. I’m not sure why the mean-ness didn’t bug me a lot here while it does in other episodes. I think the actors and writers just did a better job at handling it, or it just fit more with the characters. I’m not really sure.

All I know is that it worked, even if it did bug me in some places. The main plot is perfectly fine, but the subplot is where we have the substance. You may recall what I said about Perry in original Disney XD Sitcom blog from awhile ago.

Well, she’s handled a lot better here than usual. Mostly because she’s more annoying than bitch-y. She is a bit of a bitch but they are mostly bugged by her doing some stuff that annoys them. She doesn’t mean to be bad here, it just kind of happens. Some of her jokes are kind of annoying, but in terms of writing, they handle her better than usual.

At the end, Perry ends up making them a big feast to make up for intruding on them. Yep, this is our heart moment, and while it isn’t big, it works for the plot. She proves she didn’t mean a lot of harm here, which is a step up from her usual portrayal. She started getting more screen time near the end of the 2nd season, most notably in the finale (but we’ll get to that someday) and while she was hit or miss, she worked fine here.

This is a case where I should a bigger issue with this episode, like the others, but I don’t. It has problems but it ended up being enjoyable. It might be cuz it felt different than the other ones due the style, and thus, it gave me more to say. Either way, the episode was fun and had a nice ending. Again, hard to recommend but if you can handle it, give it a shot.

And that’s really all I can say. I don’t need to go into much detail on the main plot or the jokes since there isn’t a lot to say on that front. It’s an enjoyable episode with decent humor and a sweet moment. Not the most Christmas-y episode, but still an okay one nonethless

Merry Crashenfest [Crash and Bernstein]

Season 2, Episode 8

Writer: Jon Ross

Airdate: December 3, 2013

Christmas Cliches: None

As the holidays approach, Crash is surprised to learn that the Bernsteins celebrate Hanukkah, and later learns about how different cultures have their own holiday traditions. Determined to make the holiday season his own, Crash decides to create his own crazy holiday and dubs it Crashenfest. Meanwhile, when Great Aunt Biddy stops by, the Bernsteins compete to win the money that she plans to give out while preparing to tolerate her bad-tasting fruitcake.

Yep, this is a Disney Sitcom Hanukkah episode. …Is it better than Eight Crazy Nights. …Eh, sure. If you know this show, you know this episode follows the formula the other episodes we’ve reviewed do. The only difference is that is that the heart is tiny, which isn’t exactly new for this show. But it does have somewhat have happy, nice ending…so close enough.

Oddly enough, I kind of enjoyed this one a bit more than some of the others, even if it’s not as good. I do have a soft spot for this show sometimes, with how creative the jokes can be.

This episode has a lot of that. The plot is pretty light, as it’s just Crash showing off his Crashenfest traditions and Mom not approving of them. But with how it’s done, it works. There are some bad jokes where Crash is a dick, but there also plenty of jokes I liked.

This is actually one of the more “Even” episodes, in terms of humor. Les toilet jokes, more creative and funny ones. Though there is one really bad one: At one point, Crash pretends to be Aunt Biddy and pinches Dad’s cheeks….the …other kind.


“You know you enjoyed it”

Speaking of Dad, he returns from the previous episode. I thought that would be his only appearance, but nope he stays from here on out. I thought that was a nice addition.

Too bad the show randomly just ended after Double Header, with like no warning. I didn’t even know Season 2 was over until it popped up on Netflix, and there’s no word on a Season 3. By the way, there’s was like no new episodes after this one like…a long time. Several months, at least. I don’t know why, but at least the episode they returned with had Patrick Star in it.

Okay, I got sidetrack but given how little there is to say about this one, you can’t blame me. It is just a bunch of jokes, and that’s it. However, with this show, that works.

As for the “Heart”, near the end, Aunt Biddy doesn’t show up because she got held up and couldn’t show up. They are happy at first, but they realize that they kind of miss her. Then Crash dresses as her and the episode just kind of ends with them having fun and stuff.

Yeah, it’s not much and they could have stuck with it more, but at least there’s a nice happy ending. It’s a nicer ending than usual for this show, at least So yeah, it works as a Holiday episode, even if making it Hanukkah was kind of pointless.

The jokes about the new holiday were okay and the whole thing was fine. It’s a tad better than some episodes and overall, it’s about as good as these other episodes. Better in some ways, worse in others.

That’s really all I got. It doesn’t lend to a full review, really. It is what it is, really. I enjoyed it and it’s better than some of the weaker episodes of this show, but it still isn’t enough crazy or great. It’s alright.

silANT Night [ANT Farm]

Season 3, Episode 14

Writer: Mark Jordan Legan

Airdate: December 6, 2013

Christmas Cliches: No big ones (although like with Suite life, something is referenced…)

Now, during this season, the setting changed. Everyone (well, except for Paisley, Dad, and Cameron, they’re gone) is now at a boarding school headed by a tech wiz named Zoltan Grundy. This Season was a bit mixed for some due to lacking popular character and some character derailment. But it had it’s good moments, and the last few episodes were great.

But how is the Christmas episode? Let’s find out.

Zoltan tries to surprise the ANTs by dressing up as Santa Claus, but things take a turn when the backup computer (a holographic version of Grundy) locks the kids in the school. Desperate to get home for the holidays, the kids will do anything to break out. Meanwhile Lexi is nominated as ice princess in the Christmas parade, but is unable to show up because of Hologram Grundy’s lockdown.

So how does this one fare compared to the other one? Honestly, In some ways, it was kind of…better. Yeah, I was surprised but after both of them again, this one has a bit more to it. It had a bit more of that heart that I thought was missing from the first one. It’s not quite as funny, but it has it’s moments. It also a bit more mean jokes, and the main plot even ends on one, which sadly stops it from being better. But as a whole, I really liked this one.

Now, while I personally liked this one more, I’d put it about equal with the other one since there are some minor things that one did better. But stuff that matters to me was in this one more. For example, there’s actually a full subplot with Lexi this time, and Paisley got to make her 2nd appearance this season, with the first being the Chris Rock episode. (Oh, I’ll talk about that one eventually).

The subplot is mostly just jokes and that’s fine. The mean humor works in this part since it fits the character more and most of it actually works. Also, there’s one joke that I thought would come back, and it did. Score one for me.

There’s not as much of the weird humor but it’s there. For example, Paisley starts getting tired and when a mattress and cinder block fall next to her, due to the main plot, she sleeps on the cinderblock. Well, that’s more just an example of how Paisley makes London look like a rocket scientist, but you know what i mean.

But let’s get to the main plot. The lockdown causes them to miss out on getting home for Christmas, and that leads to a bit of sad-ness as they talk  about Christmas at home. This is where the heart comes in, and it works very well. It’s bigger than I make it sound trust me. They end up going into what Christmas is about and it’s really quite nice.

Of course, there are jokes, most of them having to do with Hologram Zoltan and how he’s scared of the “Santa” threat. Eventually, he tries to get rid of the kids with slow moving death walls. Yep, he tries to kill them.

You know-for kids!

But seriously, this is pretty dark for a show like this and it does give us some interesting stakes, and it makes the plot even stronger. Then comes the most interesting part. They have to get Hologram Zoltan to see what Christmas is about so they put on a Holiday pageant. Remember how Suite Life mentioned Jesus? Yeah, this takes that a step further, by mentioning that story a lot and doing this. I didn’t expect one Disney Sitcom to discuss this, much less TWO!

Eventually, Zoltan breaks down because the fact that people believe in stuff like Jesus through Faith instead of logic confounds him. This was pretty interesting and it presents a nice little lesson. The only part I just don’t like about the episode is how the main plot ends.

Zoltan finally makes it dressed as Santa, but they beat up cuz they thought he was evil Hologram Zoltan. They realize he’s the real Zoltan…but Fletcher sees that his presents are broken and he he gets beat up again. The end.

Yeah, that was…kind of mean to say the least. It doesn’t stop the episode from being good, but it does prevent it from better. Despite that, I liked tis one. It has some okay jokes and a really interesting plot with the heart that was missing from the earlier episode.

Add a subplot with more Lexi and you have an episode that I liked more than the first one, even if it is more flawed. If you can look past that one part, you may like this one. It’s worth checking out sometime.

Twas the Fight Before Christmas [Dog With a Blog]

Season 2, Episode 7

Writer: Richard Day

Airdate: December 6 2013

Christmas Cliches: No big ones

When Ellen’s self-obsessed sister comes over, due to a flight delay to Hawaii, Avery tries to help her mom to get through the visit. Meanwhile Stan, Tyler, and Chloe attempt to hide a stray dog named Sparky in the house for Christmas.

This one was alright. I liked about as much as the first one, though it wasn’t quite as “even”. It did have all the stuff that made it good, so that’s nice. There were more awkward jokes (its focused on Ellen, it’s unavoidable) but there were also more good ones.

The heart is bigger here, which may bug you but I thought it was done well since it had the better witting this Season (mostly) had when it comes to that aspect.

There is a lot more Stan in this one, which is good. He’s kind of an important character. He has some good jokes and his story ties into the main plot very well. And hey, there’s a much worse dog named Sparky out there.

The episode plays out like you would expect, and it was perfectly fine. As for the heart, we find out that Ellen’s sister actually faked her broken leg so she could hang out with them, as the only thing she doesn’t have is a real family. The Sparky thing reminded me of how much nicer Ellen is compared to her, and it ends up being a jealously thing, but unlike some stories, it’s not too forced.

And due to a lack of Full House music, it works pretty well for the story. This episode is more or less the same as the first one in terms of structure, as there isn’t a lot to say that I did not say about that one. Except for the…stuff that was different, but I just went over that. I actually don’t have much else to say….huh.

Yeah, I pretty much said everything I had to say. The first one was a bit better in most ways, but this one was just as enjoyable for me. You might like it more with a slightly more interesting plot, but it has less to do with Christmas. So there you go. Seriously, that’s all there is to say. I liked it but I reviewed the first one, so I said most of the stuff I could have said here.

Aloha Holidays with Parker & Joey [Jessie] (/Liv And Maddie, sort of)

Season 3, Episode 26

Writers: David J. Booth & Eric Schaar (Part 1 Only), Valerie Ahern & Christian McLaughlin (Part 2 Only)

Airdate: Novembr 28, 2014

Christmas Cliches: None

Christmas crossover time again! Only this one is…different.

It’s a Jessie episode heavily featuring Joey and Parker from Liv and Maddie. It’s not an actual crossover, as no one from that show appear aisde from the 2 characters. That’s it. Most of these crossovers just one show featuring characters from another (though usually if it’s 2 parter, one will have the vibe of one show, and part 2 has the vibe of the other), but this one is a Jessie episode featuring 2 secondary characters from the other show.

So…what’s the point of the crossover if it doesn’t feature the main characters of the show you’re crossing over with? It’s like doing a crossover with Austin & Ally and only featuring Dez and Trish, it seems rather backwards. I mean, it guess it’s kind of cool in a way, if it was just an episode guest starring theme (like how they did the Monstober 2015 episodes) but this is done as a full crossover. What’s the point?

But despite that, how is it? Eh, it’s what i expected at this point. Despite L&M being at least more consistently good than Jessie,  the stuff specifically being about Jessie and her story is actually pretty good, while all the problems come from the Joey and Parker stuff. But even then, it gets better in the 2nd half as the bad stuff gets a decent payoff.

Which is odd,as Part 1 has the writers of Gotcha Day, while part 2 has the writers of Morning Rush. Did they take some weird Jekyll/Hyde potion or something? They sut have, since part 1 features a lot of Bertram torture porn, and the writers treated him with more dignity in at least 2 episodes. But whatever, let’s go over the plot.

Through some contrivance i won’t go into, the gang goes to Hawaii for Christmas, and finds out their  villa was also rented out to Shaylee, this Australian actress chick they befriended in the episode “Jessie’s big break”. And Joey and Parker are in the villa next door, and they pop and they all become friends and stuff. Yeah, that makes it sound like they were slapped in, and they kind of were.

They play a big part, sort of, but the main plot could have happened without them, and honestly, they would have worked better as a normal episode focusing more on Jessie’s story. The comedy with Parker and Joey is a bit weak and spots and the weaker elements come from their little side stories, but good things from there too.

I’ll go other their parts first. Joey falls in love with Emma…which i find weird. In his show, i always thought of him as the older brother character, so i imagined him being a bit older, and thus would be the type to crush on Jessie and compete with Luke, or something. I guess he’s about Emma’s age. That’s just a nitpick though.

Naturally, he’s creepy about it, and he has Luke give him pointers on impressing her. But since he’s Luke, he gives Joey bad advice. Yeah, this is one of those weak parts, as Luke in his unlikable mode and Joey being pervy was just creepy.

But eventually, when Joey gets her a pig, she actually likes it since he saved the pig from being roasted, and they start to get along. As in, this becomes the first time they truly went through with a crossover shipping.

Huh. They’ve had a character crush on another (Luke hitting on Teddy in the Good luck charlie one, for example) but this is a flat out relationship that’s happening here, and while they almost break up in the end, they kind of don’t, at least not for good.

Unless they do another one of these, i don’t think we’ll see them again but…it’s still odd, but this one of the better parts. Their relationship was kind of nice and i did kind of like how they treated the pig as a kid and stuff.  Yeah, they end up losing the pig for reasons i’ll get into, but it’s still nice.

In Parker’s plot, he teams up with Zuri to cause trouble,  meaning we get Bertram torture and the two being unlikable. Woo-hoo. Eventually, they start selling lava rocks they found by the volcano. Again, this plot starts off bad, and it’s still rocky when they start selling lava rocks just to make a quick buck from dumb tourists, it does get better, even as it starts the bigger conflict.

Basically, it turns out that they took a part of the island, and it pissed off the volcano. But it wasn’t just that, it was also caused by Emma taking this special flower, and Joey taking the pig.

So they gotta go up and there and settle this issue, by making up for their sins. This involves throwing the stuff they took into the thing. Yeah, the pig thing becomes an issue.

Anyway, despite it being a weird excuse to have the obligatory Volcano in a Hawaii episodes, this made for an okay conflict, even if it was kind of forced.

Spoilers, it turns out the volcano rumbling was a codeine ,and they get saved and they gotta give the pig up anyway, but it’s the island’s mascot so it’s all good.

The humor and plot are a lot better in part 2, and i liked the episode a lot more after all of this. With Emma and Joey arguing over who keeps the pig, i was a bit miffed but with the way it ends, it got better. I liked how they ended that, overall. Parker ended up being a bit pointless, since Zuri could cause all this on her own. But ah well.

But now for the Jessie plot. She’s actually in Hawaii cuz she got the part in a show that’s filming there. But when she brings Shaylee there, she ends up getting her part, and she gets pissed over it.

It’s a bit cliche, but it’s a decent conflict and Shaylee is pretty likable here. On top of that, Jessie has some great moments, as all of this makes her want to quite acting, as this was the latest in a long line of failures. It’s kind of a nice dramatic moment, and it works pretty well. Kind of makes some of the Jessie torture in other episodes worth it.

She does get a bit too bitch towards Shaylee but eventually they make up and it’s a nice happy ending.

Then Jessie ends  up in a good outfit and does hula dancing. A satisfying ending. (also, Jessie totally pulls off the look in this detective show…also, she does the shades thing, which is great)

I don’t think there’s much else to say. It’s only kind of related to Christmas, so i wouldn’t recommended on that level, nor would is it made for those who greatly prefer Liv and Maddie, but if you’re like me, you’ll enjoy it, i guess. While it has a lot mean spirited moments, and had a rough start, the Jessie plot was very good, and it had some decent moments by the end. It kind of represents Season 3: Some pretty mean moments, but also some very nice moments too. Kind of makes sense with the writers of Morning Rush on here.

It’s not that good as a crossover, but as a Jessie episode, it’s alright.

Merry Glitchmas [Lab Rats]

Season 3, Episode 18

Writer: Ron Rappaport

Airdate: December 1, 2014

Christmas Cliches: An Ass Kicking Christmas

When Adam, Bree and Chase discover that their new action figures are being outsold by another toy, The Nerble, they attempt to improve their toys by adding special features – bionic abilities. Long story short, they end up in the hands of some charity kids. Meanwhile, Grandma Rose comes to visit and they try to hide Leo’s bionic arm from her.

So, how does his one compare to the other one? Eh, it’s about equal. It came close to being better, but it missed the mark in some areas. Like the first, we have the mean humor, but it isn’t quite as passable here. Not the worst, and there’s a happy ending again, but it’s there. Also, it doesn’t have as much to do with Christmas, but the elements are there. On the other hand, both plots have heart this time, and the bit we have the subplot is even better than in the first episode.

…But it’s ruined by the ending. Even more so than in the 2nd ANT Farm one. But I’ll spoil it in a minute. I’ll actually keep this entry short, since there isn’t a lot to say that i didn’t say just up there. The main plot is where a lot of the mean humor comes from, but some of it sort of works. There are decent jokes here and there, but you have to get there worse stuff to get the heart this time. And it’s not too much and it follows some mean jokes that could ruin it for you, or at least make it less sincere. However, it’s at least nice to see.

Then there’s the subplot. I didn’t think there would be a lot to it, but it had an interesting moment. See, Rose finds out about Leo’s arm and gets pissed at Davenport. Eventually, she calls a bad father…and Leo stands up for him, saying that he’s kind of…flawed but he’s the best father he could ask for. This was a pretty awesome moment, and it totally made the episode worth it.

…But then a bit later, she finds out how he got the Bionic arm and she chases Davenport. Then in the pre-credits part, something dumb happens and Leo says something to the effect, “eh, he might be a bad father’. …Yeah, way to ruin the entire subplot. Seriously, that bit of mean humor pretty much made me prefer Mission Before Christmas, by far. If it just ended on a sweet note, I would just call it equal. But nope.

If that bothers you, just watch the other one, and only watch this one if you wan to. If it doesn’t, go ahead. It’s not quite a House Fancy moment (more of a “The Laziest” moment, only less bad) but it’s still bad. BUT despite all that, the episode wasn’t too bad. The main still had a good ending, and there’s an AWESOME part where Adam squares off one of the action figures. It’s badass.

There are some fun moments, and I enjoyed it, but man the ending ruins it. Plus, it needed to be a bit sweeter since this show can have awesome moments like in Back from the Future…which has the same writer as this episode.


So yeah, I did like it, but man, one part did not sit well with me. Watch it at your own risk. Overall, the first one was better despite it’s flaws.

Girl Meets Home for the Holidays [Girl Meets World]

Season 1, Episode 16

Writer: Jeff Menell

Airdate: December 5. 2014

Christmas Cliches: None

Before, I didn’t count this show since it obviously wasn’t in the DCLAU, due to being a sequel to Boy Meets World ….But lo and behold, they inducted it in during Monstober of this year, so I must include it here. Don’t ask me how those 2 worlds fit together, BMW once met Sabrina the Teenage Witch. They aren’t strangers to weird crossovers.

Everyone else has gone deep into it, so I don’t need to say much here. I haven’t a ton of the orginal, but I have seen enough to know it’s good. I quite like this follow up show. Yeah, it’s very flawed but at it’s best it can be quite solid.

Also, it had Debby Ryan Once. ….So let’s look at the Christmas Episode.

Corey’s old friend Shawn visits for the Holidays and…that’s about it, Yeah, the plot isn’t too deep and we’ll get to that. This episode is decent. Nothing really all too special, but it was enjoyable.

It doesn’t do anything too special, but nothing too horrible either. It’s a nice episode, and it does some sort of special elements. Now as for the plot….yeah, there isn’t much of one. And that’s not really an insult…i think.

Most of is just the character interacting with Shawn. Catching up making jokes, and going into the differences between him and other characters. They use to explore a few themes and have nice moments, not just too be lazy.

There are running themes and jokes to make this complete, instead of a plot-less mess. It’s just interesting that they went very minimal. Now, I haven’t watched too deep into BMW so forgive me if I make a couple mistakes when talking about the Shawn stuff.

It stands on it’s own, but something tells me there’s another layer if you know his character a bit more. There are a couple bits where it can’t tell if it’s a carry over from the original or not. Like the gay text with Corey and Shawn.

It’s not even subtext. Corey keeps squeeing over how amazing Shawn is, and at one point he says “My favorite person in the whole world…and my wife!”. They stretch this out and I suppose it’s funny for dumb it is.

This seems like something that could have been in the original, but it could also be flanderzation. I have no idea. It’s still weirdly amusing though.

Speaking of Shawn, he seems fine. They do into slight development with him meeting Maya and talking to her. It’s interesting to these two bounce off each other, mostly due to the minor drama.

Nothing big happens but there are a few nice moments. Nothing goes too deep in this episode, and that’s not bad. The bits we do get with Shawn and stuff makes up for the lack of plot.

As I said, despite the Shawn stuff they don’t do anything amazing well. It’s just done decently, but I don’t think it was meant to be anything too amazing. I don’t think they wanted to make a huge show out of Shawn and just wanted to do something.

It was a nice call. It’s a nice fun episode that has plenty of amusing jokes. I’m sure some people can look deeper and find issues, but I think it works fine. It has humor and nice moments to make it work for me.

There are two more things to mention: Yeah, not much to do with Christmas but I can forgive it this time. The audience (real or fake, can never tell) on this show is usually with no “d’aww” stuff and incredibly long stretches with no laughs or anything.

In this episode, the audience is insane! Seriously, they go apeshit over everything. We get a few D’aww bit, which isn’t too bad. Then there’s the applause. Santa Christ, there’s at least 5 bits of cheering in the first 5 minutes along!

They do that when characters they like are seen or mentioned. It makes sense when Shawn shows up but sometimes when something cool happens they’ll just cheer. They even cheer when he’s MENTIONED!

I have not seen that before, the audience applauding when they just say something. Between this and Mad About Shoe, I have been having weird luck with fake audiences lately…

It at least adds a new layer of Comedy to the thing. As a whole this episode is decent. Nothing to special ,but it’s nice. There are better ones, but it’s worth checking out, I suppose….That’s about it, moving on.

Stan Steals Christmas [Dog with a Blog]

Season 3, Episode 6

Writer: Amy Pittman

Airdate: December 5, 2014

Christmas Cliches: Stealing Christmas (duh)

Stan reminds Chloe about the time he wanted them to get along on Christmas, by hiding the Christmas presents and forgets where. Avery, Tyler, and Chloe go to the park and try to dig holes to try and find it, but a family in the park mistakes Avery and Tyler for one of their relatives, and they have to lie to stay in the park for their Christmas reunion. Meanwhile, Bennett buys an unrepaired trampoline which he has trouble getting together, while Ellen tries to make a better Christmas meal.

I liked this one just as much as the others, maybe even more in some places. It was a really good set up that makes Stan a bit more likable, and it already gives us a good, if a bit forced, message. This episode actually has rhyming narration from Stan, which they play around with a bit. Well, it’s rhyming blogging but shut up. …Wait, why haven’t I done that yet?

It does have some awkward parts, with them trying to get the gifts from that family and that goes on for most of the episode. A good chuck of it is funny but the whole sneaking and lying thing means it may not be as funny to others, at least when compared to the first two episodes. However, it still works for what it is.

The heart here is a bit forced, but it works pretty well and gives us a solid moral that’s nice to see. See, it turns out the family is giving away their present to some poor Children and when our heroes see that, they decide to let their presents go, and they learn the lesson Stan intended. It’s a nice moment.

Granted, the fact that Stan doing this stuff ends up being a good thing might reek of unfortunate implications for some but for me, it’s fine. Sometimes you have to do something a bit harsh so people will learn a lesson. My problem is that Avery’s IQ has gone down again, as she is the last person who would be caught up in this.

This is a problem in other episodes, as I explained in my first impressions for Avery Vs Teacher and it’s not that bad here. But it is still a problem, so beware. Overall, I liked this one. It may a bit less amusing than the others in some spots, but the funny moments are even fumier. The plot works and the moral is good.

These 3 episodes were pretty good, overall. Way better than they should be. And since they could rise about typical Christmas episode limitations, that means the other ones really had no excuse. But ah well. They each have something different that makes them work, so I can’t decide which one is the most. Though the last one did impress me the most, if that means anything.


Merry Miss Sis [I Didn’t Do It]


Season 1, Episode 10

Writers: Sarah Jane Cunningham & Suzie V. Freeman

Airdate: December 7, 2014

Christmas Cliches: It’s a wonderful life


Ah yes, I Didn’t Do It. I explained why it’s such an odd show, and it’s gotten even odder. How? It got canceled after two seasons. Yes, this is their first natural two season wonder. Before it was in odd circumstances, but this is all due to ratings.

Yes, it got weaker ratings just as it got good. Ouch. This holiday episode is the Season finale, so it could go either way..

Logan gets upset with Lindy when she takes her obsession with Christmas too far and he wishes he never had a sister. An angel grants his wish and he experiences life without Lindy.

That’s right, they got sick of Christmas Carol plots, and tried their hand at a wonderful life plot. One that tries to make you like Lindy. After you know, that’s a tall order. Did they succeed? Eh, sure. It’s okay, like all the others.

But since the plot, I have a bit more to say here. With the setup, they have a challenge. We need Logan to be angry with Lindy enough to make the wish, but not in a way that makes us hate her, and thus, don’t buy the fact that we should appreciate here.

They kind of stumble a bit in some places. Logan and Lindy argue a bit in the first part of this episode and in some ways, Lindy is a bit bitch-y. However, Logan is also a bit grumpy so I can kind of see him as being in the wrong. They pull it off just enough for me to get into the rest of the episode. Could have been done a bit better, though.

the rest, goes through the motions but is still fun. I like seeing the AU versions of the characters and the ways Lindy affected them makes sense. They blatantly foreshadow the changes early on, but they still work. Without Lindy’s guidance, Jasmine went for a bad boy and become a wannabe gangasta chick.

Garret becomes a slob, Deliah becomes a cheerleader with no individuality, and none of them became friends. Logan has parents who don’t care about Christmas and oh yeah, Lindy was just born into another family and she’s dumb and dropped out of school.

There are fun moments and they do an okay job getting us to see how important Lindy is to everyone. Also, AU Lindy is the highlight, cuz she gets osme funny lines and Olivia Holt does a good job at being all laid back and kind of stupid here. Also, the angel in this class is a black dude who is just sort of there. He has funny lines but he isn’t too great, as far as guardian angel characters go.

Of course, it all ends with things turning back to normal and a nice ending. Also, Logan says this.

“I know, it’s a Wonderful life!”


It could have been a bigger sweet moment, but it’s okay I suppose. I wish Lindy had a moment instead of just being confused and having a minor mean moment at the end, but ah well. It’s about what I expected. Also, it’s not too Christmas-y due to focusing more on this plot but the type of plot is from a Christmas movie, so it works.

Overall, it’s fine. One of the more average ones, but it works with the plot they picked. I liked it enough, just not as much as others. But hey, there are worse options out there. Take that for what it’s worth.


And those are all the old reviews. From here on own, it’s original materiel. Let’s see what this years holiday episodes bring us..


It’s a Kirbyful Life [Kirby Buckets]


Season 2, Episode 8

Writer: Marissa Berlin

Airdate: November 30, 2015

Christmas Cliches: …Just look at the title.


This recent Disney XD hit has certainly been odd. I thought I would hate it do a strangle resemblance to Out of Jimmy’s Head but it’s…actually not bad. Yeah, it can be silly but it uses that to it’s advantage, and can have amusing stories sometimes.

It’s nothing great, but I enjoy it. It got a rocky start due to it’s odd treatment of Dawn, the amazing bitch-y sister but it got better. Of course, it has a Christmas Episode this year….that aired in November for some reason.

Makes about as much sense as airing on October, than a Halloween episode for another show in November…

Let’s just get to it.

Kirby is frustrated with how many Christmas gifts he has been asked to illustrate and wishes he never learned to draw.The next morning, his wish comes true.

This episode was alright. Not my favorite Disney XD Holiday Episode but not the worst either. It did it’s job as a wonderful life episode, but it could have been a bit better. As usual, it’s cool to see the alternate world, even if I a few things make no sense.

Instead of learning to draw, he took up the french horn and thus, did not make friends with Fish and Eli. Without Kirby’s motivation and help, Fish just stopped caring and became a slob, while Eli became a giant conspiracy theorist, believing everything he reads. Aka a Mini Ronaldo.

That, makes sense. Because ended up caring about drawing through Dawn being a bitch, Dawn became a nice person who sees Kirby as her BFF. Yeah, she cares about him a bit…too much but I won’t read into it.

That has some odd implications, because it basically says Dawn can’t be nice without Kirby being miserable…but I can forgive it since the added stuff of Dawn’s unfair treatment is not here.

But there is one thing I don’t get: Mitchell is no longer the Principal and instead it’s some other guy. I don’t get it, they never explained how Kirby effected this. It doesn’t lead to anything, except Mitchell being head of some school they try to send Kirby to.

But that’s a nitpick, so I can let it slide. They don’ do anything too crazy with any of these, but it’s cool to see this stuff, and some of it leads to amusing jokes. While Nice Dawn isn’t too funny, Belinda being this goth chick who hates everything is amazing.

Speaking of funny, like most of the show, it’s more amusing than laugh out loud funny. Nothing is painful though, so it’s fine.

I kind of appreciate the message in this one. To fix things, Kirby has to have fun drawing because he got too worked over…well work to enjoy drawing thing. It’s pretty much saying you should have fun with your work and such.

A nice message, although a bit simplified. The episode kind of ends before making their big point. He gets back to the real world but things end there. They could have written that better, so it could be a bit smarter with it’s moral.

Ah well. The writing in the end is a bit of an issue. Due to it, the episode feels a bit lesser than it should be. It doesn’t have the big punch that a lot of Wonderful life stories have. With a bigger emotional core, this could been great. But as it is, it’s just fine. As a Christmas episode, it’s fine. Like the IDDI one, the story isn’t the most Christmas centric but the sets are all jolly, so it works fairly well.

It’s not the best, but it is enjoyable and interesting. Not a huge recommendation, but something that’s fine to watch if you enjoy the show. Not a ton to it, but it thought it was fine. About equal to IDDI’s take in the end.


But enough XD, let’s look at the real 2015 holiday stuff!



Secret Santa [Bunk’d]


Season 1, Episode 9

Writer: Jeff Hodgeson and Tim Pollock

Airdate: December 4, 2015

Christmas Cliches: Christmas in July


…Okay, I’m confused I even have to talk about this show here. The show itself….exists. They thought a Jessie spin off taking place in summer camp without…well Jessie would be a good idea. I suppose they wanted to give Peyton List something to do, but why not just give her a show of her own or something?


Either way, the show is just pointless. Kind of tolerable, but it just makes me wish they just left well enough alone. Not to mention the whole thing makes me just wanna watch something like Salute your Shorts, a way better camp kidcom.


But the most important thing to remember is that it’s set in a Summer camp. SUMMER Camp. How the hell can they do a Christmas episode? …Let’s find out!


While on a hike, Jorge, Xander, and Zuri stumle upon a guy in the woods that Jorge thinks is Santa Claus. Meanwhile, Emma and Lou take part in a worker gift exchange and must figure out what to get for each other.


Ah, so they just decided to do what Camp Lazlo did, where Santa just happens to be around and there’s a plot about Christmas that just happens to be in Summer. …Eh, I suppose that’s the only thing they could do.

And honestly, it’s not that bad. Both plots actually do have amusing moments and even nice endings. But some parts confuse or bug me. First, Ravi is a dumber here, suggesting weird gifts. He thinks Lou should have a live Woodchuck simply because that’s their troop or whatever.

Seems a bit weird. Also, at no point do they mention it being Summer. Santa does say near the end that this is his “Summer” home but the kids don’t mention it being Summer. It’s almost like they think it’s Christmas or something.

It turns out this is indeed the real Santa. This doesn’t bug me cuz it’s supernatural. Nah, this show alone had ghost like 3 times, so that’s not a problem. No, it’s that…well uh…Santa is black….but in the real Santa’s appearances in That’s So Raven, he was white.

And Jessie, and by extension Bunk’d certainty occupy that universe. I guess it was just an oversight. On the bright, it is cool to have another Black Santa.

Anyway, Santa is here because he gives up on Christmas. He gave up because kids can just order gifts alone or something, and thus don’t need him. Eh, he has a point but not every kid has money, or even parents who can afford presents at all.

But that’s just my adult mind rearing it’s ugly head, I guess.

The kids have to convenience to give Christmas another change. Now, this is a nice ending and it does have a good ending with them giving him some Christmas cheer for once. It does help make the whole episode.

The other subplot has a nice ending but it’s a bit more predictable, really. The plot in general is actually decent, much better than I expected. Naturally, the humor is as hit or miss as usual but Santa does get the best lines.

It does have a nice enough ending to work if you tolerate the show enough. They at least tried. I suspect Disney forced them to do this so they call fill their Holiday programming. If that’s the case, they did do the best they could do.

It’s still a bit unneeded, but for what it is, it’s not bad. It’s at least the best Bunk’d episode….which isn’t saying too much but ah well. It’s interesting at least. But between the two, i’d just go with the Camp Lazlo one.


Also, same writers as A London Carol. Weird.
Twas the Fight Before Christmas [KC Undercover]

Season 1, Episode 25

Writers: Jen Lloyd, and Kevin Bonami

Airdate: December 6, 2015

Christmas Cliches: An Ass Kicking Christmas


Another new show I have to say my feelings on. It’s alright. Kind of typical, but harmless. It’s a bit like Disney Xd with the action, but it has no story arcs of anything. It’s Disney Channel trying to be XD, I suppose. Nothing amazing, but it’s alright. Now for it’s Christmas episode!

I actually have one complaint right away: The title. It’s the same as the 2nd Dog with a blog one. Not a variation, IT’S THE SAME TITLE! How lazy can a company be?!

Anyway, the plot is that KC invites her Dad’s Father as a gift, only to find out that they hate each other, Awkward.

This episode was okay. It’s fairly enjoyable and has nice moments, but has a couple flaws that keep it from being better. See, Craig’s father hates him because Earl is disappointed in Craig for not going to medical school and continuously brings up how he quit and gave up on that dream.

He’s not aware of the spy thing. So in other words, their epic feud could easily be resolved if Craig just told him the truth! Yes, there is the obligatory rule about not giving the secret away, but you think they wouldn’t mind secretly breaking it to stop his father from hating him!

I mean, KC inviting him in the first place causes Craig to be bitter at her for a bit, even though she didn’t know. It feels a bit contrived. If they emphasized the whole rule thing, it would be better but as it is, it’s just a bit odd.

Otherwise, the episode is mostly enjoyable. The Christmas is back drop is nice, and there are enough amusing jokes. Although the whole thing with Judy not getting Christmas is a bit weak. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention they have this daughter who is a robot.

Because everyone wants to see Disney’s Small Wonder.

While I get that she doesn’t understand Christmas, you think she would be cool with getting presents, but apparently they don’t get her anyway. Because….they forgot that she’s still a little girl despite being a robot?

Whatever, it’s just a nitpick. Also, this is has nothing to do with this episode, but I had to mention it: The spy organization is called…The Organization. Seriously. That’s it. …Give OWCA credit, they may not have a cool acronym, but at least they have one!

Anyway, my other flaw is the ending. Eventually, Earl does find out and it leads to a nice sweet moment. …But they erase his memory and he goes back to hating Craig on Christmas morning.

.There’s a few things wrong with this, but there’s one obvious thing. First, I will say they still fit in the sweetness you need, so it’s not a mean ending at all. However, it is a bit dumb. The obvious problem is that it makes the whole thing pointless.

Yeah, they still got his moment but his Dad is back to hating him and on Chris! They didn’t at least let them spend Christmas together first? Yes, I know they have that rule but like I said, they could drop it just so Craig’s Father can love him.

In the obligatory episode where KC’s friend finds out, they let her keep the memory because they know it would make the episode pointless, and it’s important to have her friend know of this. …But it doesn’t matter if Craig’s Father still hates him.

See the problem here? It’s not the dumbest status qou I’ve seen but a bit odd. Honestly ,the sweet ending stops it from being weaker. They at least remind us of the moment and don’t treat it like a joke.

As a whole, this episode is mixed, but is mostly fine. It’s decently funny, has a nice Christmas backdrop, and some nice moments. But it’s also cliché, and has a dumb ending. Not the best episode, but it’s at least tolerable.

Not the biggest recombination, but not too terrible. Onto a far more interesting new show!

The Girls of Christmas Past [Best Friends Whenever]

Season 1, Episode 12

Writer: Kevin Engelking and Sarah Jeanne Terry

Airdate: December 6, 2015

Christmas Cliches: Getting the perfect gift

You know, the last few Disney Sitcoms have been fine and all, but I miss the “good” ones. You know, the ones that are real guilty pleasures due to how dumb and fun they are, instead of the minor guilty pleasures? Well, that’s where this show comes in. It’s about these girls who somehow get the ability to go through time.

It’s amazing. I do slightly mess the big supernatural ones like that’s so Raven and the like, so this is kind of cool to see. I do like that it’s actually about friendship and thus tries to be nice. But remember how I said KC is like an XD show but just doesn’t have story arcs?

This does. Seriously. Something happens in the pilot that is not resolved and built on later. They even just had a big hour long special addressing it. I’m so happy Disney Channel is trying something like this, and it’s turning out well.

But whatever, let’s see how it handles Christmas.

Cyd jumps back to last year to figure out what to get Shelby. See, something happened that gave her the idea for her present, so Cyd tries to see that so she can top that gift this year. Meanwhile, Barry and Renaldo create a Winter Wonderland, and accidentally start an “Elf” War with the kids they hired.

This episode was another decent one. My only real problem is that it’s a bit convoluted with the set up, and some parts here and there. See, they can only “jump” together by touching each other, so she has to sneak the jump, and it takes them to Christmas Eve Morning where this happened, but for some reason it makes Shelby wake up like she did then, even though she was sleeping when they jumped.

This is done just so Cyd has to make sure Shelby doesn’t know they are in the past. It’s…needlessly convoluted, but I suppose we needed to get into the plot somehow. Also, this episode has narration from Cyd…but it’s not in rhyme.

What’s the point of having narration in a Christmas episode if it’s not gonna rhyme? Perhaps they just didn’t have the time. Anyway, these issues aside, it was enjoyable. It does some awkward humor, but I do like how it escalates with Cyd’s lies.


That leads to some amusing moments. And while the narration lacks rhyme, it has funny moments too. And of course, I love the big epic war in the subplot. There’s even a part where they act like it’s a serious war aftermath.

It’s also coo lthe subplot happens in the past for once. I find it really odd that if the past changes in the A plot, the subplot covneinrtly happens in the same way in the B plot no matter what. Only the recent special did something different with that.

It is a bit predictable, since you know how it will end, but it’s not a huge problem. It of course leads to a nice sweet moment, even if it’s a bit cheesy thanks to the music. At least there was no D’aww track…because….uh…i know this is going off track but I HAVE to discuss this joke from “Jump to the Future Lab” because I have no plans to talk about the show outside of holiday reviews.

(ntil it has a dud, of course…)

Renaldo has this remote that creates canned laughter, and at one point we have the show’s fake auidence laughing at the laughter the machine made. Canend laughter….laughing at canned laughter.

Whoa. But the joke comes in when they use the D’aaww option, and Renaldo says it sounds forced. The show does not usually use the D’aww thing, meaning this was debilitate slam at that.

Let that sink in ,as we move on.

So overall, this episode is a bit confusing in places, and sometimes awkward, but is mostly decent. It has that enjoyable dumb humor I like, and they use the Christmas setting fairly well. Nothing too special compared to some others, but it’s enjoyable enough if you can stomach it.

Although, I do think they should have somehow done a Christmas Carol plot. Instead we get a lame title pun. Maybe next year.

One last note: Cyd is played by the middle sister from Crash and Bernstein. The older sister has done nothing, the middle sister has her own show, and the young sister has Russel Madness and Genie in a Bikini.

…Not quite as strange as the Zendya/Bella thing but there you go. Okay, finally moving on!


Santas and Secrets [Austin & Ally]


Season 4, Episode 18

Writer: Wayne Conley

Airdate: December 6, 2015

Christmas Cliches: Making a kid’s Christmas wish come true


Lily (this little girl who goes to their music factory school…thing) is sad that her father can never come to visit and would rather not celebrate Christmas at all. Meanwhile, Trish is promoted to head elf by Santa and orders Dez and others around using the excuse that Santa asked for it, then Dez is promoted and goes crazy with power.

This episode was alright. It’s about equal to the other one, although that one is a bit mot even. It was slightly more original and funnier. But this was nice too, and I thought it was a bit more Christmas-y.

The premise is pretty cliché but it’s sometimes nice to see it, and the ending is so nice I can’t hate it. Although it is pretty predicable. Of course they fake us out with them having trouble, only for things to magically become fixed at the end.

Thankfully, they somehow avoid the Santa Ex Machina thing. They tease it but instead it was just Dez dong something smart….which is equally as ludicrous He does get a mall Santa played by Jerry Girgich (sure I botched that) involved but that’s about it.

The subplot is also cliché but mostly works with the nice ending. The humor is about as hit or miss as usual, but nothing too bad. It’s a more average special like the other one, which isn’t bad. Both are at least sweet in the end, making them solid ones to watch.

This one does show how much I can tolerate cliches plots around the holidays. Usually I would hate these cliches but here I don’t mind them. Mostly cuz they are done in a sweet one, that I don’t mind too much.

Overall, another okay but somewhat enjoyable one. Not much more to say, really.


And now, we FINALLY come to the end of our journey with..



Joy-To-A Rooney [Liv and Maddie]

Season 3, Episode 9

Writer: William Luke Schreiber

Airdate: December 6, 2015

Christmas Cliches: None


Liv invites her Voltage Director and Crew over for Christmas Dinner. Meanwhile, Parker accidentally gives a coupon book to Joey, and some coal Maddie used as a gag gift is accidentally given to a little girl.


This episode was a decent one. Most of it worked was nice and enjoyable. It didn’t even try to be overly sweet, it was just sweet in a more subtle way. It’s clearly there but not as cheesy as some others.

Each plot works decently well and has it’s amusing moments. I’d say Joey’s is the weakest, but only cuz the ending joke is kind of dumb. Otherwise, it is amusing and has some creutly done right since Parker was slightly dickish earlier, and it ends mostly happily.

Maddie’s has Willow getting mad because of a prank she played with that coal, making her think she was giving her that. A bit cruel but in context it is a bit less terrible than Willow makes it up to be. Thankuflly, that goes in the right direction, although the ending joke is also odd. Willow ends up doing it on Johnny Nimbus and finds it amusing, saying she gets it now.

So now it’s not cruel cuz she sees it happening to someone else? …Whatever.

The main plot is the least flawed, since it just has them trying to get a big meal in time. Artie is involved so of course it becomes funny even though it shouldn’t be. I think I like this one just cuz of how all the plots work out.

They come together nicely in the end and just have these happy little moments. They each capture Christmas nicely and just work out well, even if they are flawed. It’s fairly enjoyable and nice.

Not hugely sweet, but still sweet enough. It’s easily better than the other one, although that one still ain’t bad. But that was right before the show got good, and this is way after it did, so of course it’s better.

It’s just a pretty enjoyable and nice episode. It has the kind of stupidity I like, and while the plots have flaws, they each come together fairly well. Not the biggest recommendation ,but it’s worth a look if you can tolerate it.

Easily the most enjoyable of 2015’s offerings, and a nice way to end out Disney Disney Christmas Marathon!


And THAT was every Disney Sitcom Christmas episode reviewed! Whew, that was quite a bit….which makes me glad I did most of these last year. While a lot of these were average, it was still to fun to talk about certain shows.

The thing about the later ones is that Disney pretty much forces the creators to pump them out for the Holiday schedule, so they may come off as a bit forced, hence why some come across as average.

But the good writers know how to still pull it off, and most of these were fun. It shows even the naughtiest shows can be nice. Honestly, none of these were actulally bad. The only one I didn’t care for was Hannah, and that was just cuz it didn’t have much to do with Christmas.

Some are better than others, but most manage to solid. My favorite? A London Carol, no contest. It manage to tell this story in 22 minutes, without being rushed and hitting the solid beats, while also being damn emotional.

Something I notice is that the “Good” shows got the legit good ones, while the rest got average ones. Although Merry Merry it Up is close to legit good. Guess that makes sense.

The cool thing about a lot of these episodes is that the shows’ transition music is usually Christmas’ed up, giving the whole thing a really nice feel. Some do it a bit more notable than others, though.

Before you ask, none of these have special titles, except good Luck Jessie, but only cuz it’s a crossover special.

Overall, this was a fun journey and it was cool reviewing these episodes. I will be reviewing next years batch, as well as a couple Christmas surprises, maybe.

Most of these episodes are currently available on the Watch Disney App, as well as places like iTunes. …Although the Suite life ones are not on the app for some reason.

As for other Holiday reviews next December will be Live Action Nick Christmas Episodes which should be….more interesting, to say the least.

But until then, look forward to A Look at Disney Cartoon Christmas Episodes, coming Christmas Day!

See ya.

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    It’s a shame I’m In The Band never had a Christmas special, because I would have paid good money to see Burger in a Santa suit.

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