Top 11 Regular Show Episodes

Hello, Spongey here.

You might have noticed that November has been chock full of these Non Review posts, most notably lists. Yeah, if you want a short explanation, I just got busy with a ton of these kind of posts around the same time, and I thought it would be fun to finish and release them around the same time.

Don’t worry, this isn’t overload on me. I just work on a small section of a certain post a day. It doesn’t took much out of my day, especially since I don’t do much to begin with. I do like to think I work hard on these but it doesn’t take too long to do these.

The reason I went into that, is because…i don’t have much for an intro here. I already went Cartoon Network and how it’s improved, so I can’t really segue way into the subject of this list.

With that said, Regular Show! You’ve seen me rant on a crappy episode, now let’s talk about it in a more positive light. Created by JG Quintel, this series centers around the surreal adventures of a Blue Jay and Raccon named Mordecai and Rigby that work at a park with a gumball machine named Benson for a boss, a ghost, an immortal yeti….and a fat guy.

This show, along with Adventure Time, helped make Cartoon Network great again. This show in particular got quite the adult audience because of how….strange it was. Even by Cartoon Network standards.

The main shitck of the show is that it starts out with a fairly normal situation that somehow becomes crazy and supernatural, most of the time with no real explanation. For example, in the pilot (which was retooled into a prequel episode), they are playing Rock, Paper, Scissors to get a chair.

Benson tells them it’s an evil game, but they keep going and when they tie 100 times, an evil monster thingy shows and tries to suck them up. …Yeah, no explanation for why that happens.

On top of that, the humor is pretty adult. For one, they say “sucks” and blows” a lot, and say things like “How the H are we gonna fix this S?”. That’s the tamer stuff. It was popular at the start because of the strange-ness and the adult humor, but as it went on, it become popular due to actually being good.

…Okay, I’ll stop being boring. I love this show. While Adventure Time may technically be better, I always enjoyed this show more, because it appeals to my sense of humor more. But much like Ed, Edd, N Eddy, I SHOULD hate this show.

I mean, the two main characters are slackers and are often jerks to each other, and never seem to learn their lesson. Not to mention Benson seems like he could be the Squidward type who can’t stand them and is punished unfairly. How does it still work? Well, it’s mostly because they do a good job at making these two very likable.

They have good chemistry and you really see their bond. They also get a lot of development later on. The writers do a good them at making distinctly different characters despite often doing the same things.

That’s something a lot of the ripoffs can’t get down.

But while I love the humor, surreal visuals and characters, the real reason I love the show is how …emotional it can be. Yeah, much like Adventure Time, this silly show actually gets kind of complex.

(Although not to the…extent of that one)

As the show goes on, it becomes more focused on telling good stories that really dive into these characters. They even go story arcs where things change. Not to the extent of some other shows, but they still exist.,

Granted, this can involve some hit or miss romance stuff, but the hits on that front work very well. Even going into 7 Season, this show is still great being fun and well written. Although I can why some may think it’s gotten a stale, I still like it because they still squeeze stories out of the formula and don’t rely on it quite as much.

Plus, there isn’t THAT much romance. They do like a couple, have a bunch of normal bunch, than a couple more romance. And most of the time, the love arcs work very well, and only sometimes do I feel it’s a bit much. (Season 6 did get slightly off in that regard, though)

Anyway, with the movie coming out, I figured I would do a list of my favorite episodes. I had to work hard to get this list on time, since I had to re-watch all the episodes first and I choose to do it a bit too close to November.

But I got it….hopefully I will, since I am writing this intro before I finish the re-watch. I better not have to put a bold parenthesis statement about how much I suck.

(….Looks like I didn’t. Haw, made you look)

Now doing this list was a bit hard, not only because it has hard to pick some favorites from this many episodes, but because most of the great episodes are on the same level of great-ness, so ordering them was a bitch.

But I promised it on DA and I spent a while re-watching all the episodes, so I have to do this. Thankfully, I’m proud enough of the list to post it. My only rule is no Season 7, because that is the current Season, and I feel like it’s unfair to include those episodes at the moment.

With that said, which episodes are the best? Which have the best humor, and tell most the most interesting stories? As I always say, let’s find out!

This, is the Top 11 Regular Show Episodes


  1. Terror Tales of the Park (All of them)

Writers: JG Quintel (1 only), Ben Adams (1 only), Andreas Salaff, Sean Szeles, Kat Morris, Benton Connor, Hilary Florido (2 only), Calvin Wong (3 only), Toby Jones, Owen Dennis, Sarah Oleksyk (4 only), Minty Lewis (4 only), and Ryan Pequin (5 only).

We’re starting with a bang, as we have at least 5 episodes for the price of one! Yeah, as you might recall, I’ve gone on at least 3 times about how popular the Simpsons Treehouse of Horrors formula has gotten lately.

It popped up sometimes but in the last few years, it has taken off with Phineas and Ferb, Fairly Odd Parents, and Gravity Falls pitching in with their own takes. Hell, even the live action Austin & ally and Girl Meets World did a few!

With how long The Simpsons has been doing these, why did it take this long for this style to blow up?

Of all of the recent shows to do it, this one has become the most famous for doing it. Why? Because they have made it into a tradition, just like Treehouse of Horrors. They did it in Season 3, and has done one each Season since then.

Which could have been just a lazy rehash of that shows formula, but it ends up working so well. Mostly since they seem to be doing it because they have a lot of creative ideas and couldn’t just keep it to one episodes.

Sure, they started to do it out of tradition but they STILL manage to keep them creative to this very day. Due to how iconic the Terror Tales episode have become, at least one had to go on the list. …But I couldn’t pick just one.

I have a favorite but I think the series in general desires a spot on this list. Although even I kept it to just the best, it would still be at the bottom, since there are better written episodes. Even then, this whole series deserves a spot.

I’ll go into what makes this series itself so cool aside from the ovious…after I rank the episodes! Yeah, might as well. Let’s go!


Yeah, the one that brought this concept back for the first time is in last place. It’s the only one I would not call great….but it’s still very good. My only problem is that there isn’t a stand out amazing story here, and they are slightly uneven. Payback has a good set up, but a weak payoff, even if that was the point. Party Bus was pretty cool, but didn’t quite pack a punch, and I don’t really an issue with Wallpaper Man, although it just didn’t quite get as creepy as some other stories in these episodes.

The stories didn’t’ quite have a huge hook this time, they were mostly just really cool. The highlight is of course seeing some dark stuff we not see in a normal episode, such as the amusing ending to Party Bus.

The highlight is the wrap around, with them just driving to a Halloween party. They have amusing exchanges, it’s the first one with Thomas (more on him later…), and the ending is dark and hilarious.

But aside from that, just a bit average compared to the others. Good follow up, just not my favorite


No huge problems on this one, so you know they get good from here. This one just isn’t quite the greatest. The interesting thing is how creative the stories get this time. The Hole is a retelling of a classic story with the park workers having a raffle for who gets put in a hole to help appease some higher ups.

The pacing isn’t the best but it’s a cool idea and they do lampshade the odd choice. Unfinished Business is a funny twist on the “Haunted by recently killed loved one” story, complete with ending that rips off a certain M Night movie. As in, the person telling the story rips it off and is called out for it.

Scary Movie Night was easily the best, as it was cool, fun and creative, as it had them entering a movie. But instead of just a generic movie, it’s a mash up of 3 sub genres, due to the backstory I won’t go into. It’s a really cool story and it’s the highlight.

The framing device has them going to finally meet Muscleman’s Mom. Yes, really. I won’t dare spoil the payoff, as it’s predictable but still awesome.

While it may not quite be the best, it sticks out due to being creative and having a cool ending. It’s a solid one


The one that started it all! While the framing device isn’t as strong, this one still holds up pretty well even after all this time. I do like the unique strucure. It just starts with the first story, with it being story as a reveal. Muscleman leaves and his antics turn out to be the 2nd story being told. Then it goes into story 3 normally, with a normal ending.

It’s a cool way to write this. Although for some stupid reason, on the DVD and I tunes, the stories are put as separate episodes all together. Well, the first two are put as one episode and the last is it’s own….but the framing stuff stays in, although the full title card for the special is missing.

I could see why would do it for reruns but why the official releases most people will be introduced to the episode through? At least it’s intact on Google Play, which I use most often.

Speaking of the structure, the thing I appreciate the build up to this one, and how the stories play. At first glance, only the 3rd one seems to stick out, but think of it this way: When they announced a Regular Show Halloween episode, peope were pretty interested.

This show is pretty freaky to begin with and has fittng enough episodes (most notably Ello Govnber) so people were expecting something pretty crazy but The first story was a bit…tame. Sure, it’s called and about a Creepy Doll, but the joke is that it wants to write on people’s faces.

It’s funny but not creepy. The 2nd one, Death Metal Crash Pit had death but was mostly Comedic and honestly, one of the weaker stories in this series. So people just figured they defy expectations and be light, which seems fine.

.Then comes In The House, which is a perfect combination of a real scary story, and a Regular Show episodes. This story alone could have been on the list. Rigby eggs a Wizards house, and gets turned into a house.

It seems rather silly but it manages to be genuinely creepy. It has the set up of a scary story and eventually the other characters are picked off and this is where it gets kind of creepy and suspenseful.

Then the others are flat out killed in creative and rather gruesome (for CN standards) ways. Seriously, this is some crazy stuff. Then we get an incredibly hilarious pay off that I won’t dared spoil.

This story makes the whole episode and is pretty much perfect. While plenty of these type of epoisodes build up with the stories, this one does in a very clever and fun way. Overall, a great way to start.


Yes, I know I said no Season 7 but I figured i’d include this one given it’s part of the series and it’s really good. It’s unique compared to the others and does a lot right. First, it has 4 stories instead of 3 and unlike Sanjay and Craig, it’s still well placed and each story has weight to it.

The framing story does something different. Benson gets a weird wish machine and it ends up implantn these stories into their heads when they make wishes. It’s a cool way to shake things up and it ends up working pretty well.

While I wouldn’t say any of the stories stand out as amazing, they are equal. Usually there’s one that’s weak, but all are equally creepy and fun in this One. Even the simpler ones like Going Up stand out pretty well.

I appreciate how they still mix it up and keep it fresh, even on part 5. It’s more creepy fun with some stand out elements, and a great ending…even if it reminds me of Terryfing Tri State Trilogy of Terror.

Of the episodes, it’s the best contrucured, but not quite my favorite. That would go to.

Terror Tales of the Park 3

Season 5 gives my the best of the series, by far. It may not be as cleverly contctused, but it’s simple yet is still great. Here they are just doing a contest to see hwo tells the best and worst story. Loser has to wear their costume till Thankgsgiving.

Thomas loses. And sure enough, we see him in his costume n the next couple eoisodes, and he takes it off in the Thanksgiving episode. I love the cintinuty here. They didn’t need to do this but they did, cuz the people hwo work on this show care about little details like that. Otherwise, the framing device isn’t the best but it has that going for it.

Also, I love how they say “That’s the Thomas’ Story of Costunes”. I wish the fandom would use “Thomas’ Story” as a ehpamsim for bad things. White Elepahtn Gift Exaange is the Thomas Story of Episodes!

.Sorry, figured i’d throw that in.

The highlight comes with the actual stories. Like in the House, they are all creepy and awesome in their own way. Killer Bed is the weakest but still quite crazy and has a hilarious ending.

Jacked Up Jack O Latnerns and The Previous Owner both get decently creepy and have a nice sense of dread. Jack o Lanterns is almost as dark as In The House, although the story isn’t quite as interesting. But it’s still tons of fun.

The Previous Owner plays it’s premise for laughs, as the creepy ghost spews out 80’s phrases….despite being from hundreds of years ago. However, it has a sense of dread and is still creepy.

While i’d argue In The House is the best story ever, this is the best of the actual episodes. I like the simple framing stuff, and each story is ewually solid in their own way, and the big two are both really solid, with one being very funny and one being very creepy.

I high the best reaction of all of these, so that’s why it’s my favorite.

So what makes these special aside from the usual stuff to come from these kind of episodes? Well, it’s that they are actually creepy. Sure, other takes on this can be creepy but these actually try to capture a spooky atmosphere and do some rather dark things.

They act like real scary stories people tell, as well typical funny Regular Show stories. Some get rather dark and creepy, even for this show. They also captured that Halloween spirit very well.

Overall, the Terror Tales episode have solid variety, and can be quite creepy while still being a lot of fun. For they’re unique-ness, they serve as a great way to start the list.

  1. The Last Laserdisc Player

Writers: Calvin Wong and Toby Jones

Regular Show really does have a talent with making epic stories out of the dumbest things, and as well as having fun putting average-ish people in crazy situations. This episode is a perfect example of that.

Mordecai, Rigby, and Muscleman find a Rare Laserdisc, but they need a player and their quest leads to them being involved in a literal format war where they are the chosen ones.

That summary should have you hooked from the start, just from absurd it is. This episode works because it’s a classic case of something mundane become something crazy and epic.

We’ve seen stories of normal people being put in epic situations, and in Comedies the joke tends to be that they are as normal as can be and just don’t care. That’s the angle this one goes with.

The guys just want to watch a rare movie and could care less about this chosen one stuff. At some points you side from this stuff because it starts out tame and you just want them to get their movie.

This episode does a lot of the stuff that makes the show interesting. As I said, we have some typical stuff being used for an epic story. This is a simple format war….turned into an actual war.

Apparently the VHS lord guys didn’t like that Laserdisc was better so they tried to wipe them out, but the last player was kept by some Librarian and the prophecy says three guys will reunite the last disk with the last player.

It’s incredibly overblown and crazy, making this whole hilarious. They go far with it too, having a fake out death, and an epic transformation complete with over the top fight scenes. I just love how this whole silly situation is taken seriously, while still having the humor with the characters’ reactions.

And some of it is geungely cool and epic, like when Archie becomes the Laserdic guardian, complete with weird but awesome design. They don’t treat like it some silly joke, they make it as epic as a real story might make out.

That’s a good way to do something like this. I went into how a good parody takes itself as seriously as what its mocking, and making a silly idea serious works the same way. This episode picks a great topic for it as well, since it was kind of a war, just ….not very serious like this.

It does make you wonder what time line of this world is like. We know from Prank Callers it’s past 2005, and one episode mentions only one rental place in town due to DVD’s, but this acts like VHS rules the world and all that.

But this is supposed to be silly, so that can be ignore. But it makes you wonder what VHS would think of Dvd….but you don’t have to because in Season 6 we got “Format Wars 2”

It was pretty good….but not as good as this one. They just couldn’t recapture the magic, since they just the same stuff was before, just escalated bit. They do still get some epic stuff in like a death.

And not only do they bring up Dvd, but they bring up Internet Streaming! (which must be hilarious if you watch the show off iTunes or something). I think they could have saved it for a 3rd one but I guess they didn’t want to do a 3rd one ala Brilliant Century Duck Crisis Special.

Although there is still Blu-Ray to talk about…

Also, DVD is voiced by Joel McHale! That almost makes up for Blended. Almost. But as a whole, it’s a case where the sequel just isn’t as good.

Nothing could top the original, at least in this case. Of course, there’s a punchline where they find all of this wasn’t worth it which is typical but still really funny.

This episode perfectly makes a normal idea as epic as possible, with an epic story and some cool action. The angle of average people getting wrapped up in it just makes it even better. There are many episodes like this, but is a favorite just for they how did it.

It’s creative, epic, and just plain fun and funny. A nice example of the show doing a lot with something so simple. There isn’t much else to say, say the fun is seeing how this all plays out. It may not be deep, but it’s fun and that’s I all I ask for sometimes.

Overall, it’s just the most epic story involving Laserdisc ever made. And really, that’s high praise indeed.

  1. K.I.L.L.I.T Radio

Writers: Benton Connor and Sarah Oleksyk

There’s no doubt that Muscleman is a dviise character, but his girlfriend Starla is close to just being hated. Ever since her introduction in Muscle Woman people just didn’t her. She’s a perfet match for Mitch, being fat, gross, and a bit of a bitch.

She is like Muscleman but she did stand out in her own way as the series went on. To be honest, I never minded her. While she is fat, they didn’t milk it for jokes too much, even when they gags where they kiss and it’s lolgross.

Most of the people who hate her seem to hate her due to being “Gross” which has….implications, but I won’t judge. I appreciate their relationship as it ‘s sweet sometimes, and it’s just nice a romance between characters who aren’t pretty, and aren’t just there for a joke.

We’ve had a few episodes for them, and most of them stand out as good. I really like Married and Broke for it’s commentary on how producers try to be “relateable” by using unrealistically pretty people.

But in the end, I went with this episode, as it’s still my favorite Muscleman and Starla episode….even if it barely has Starla.

Muscleman wants to write a song for their anniversy and play it on his favorite radio station, but that proves to be harder once they find out the truth behind K.I.L.L.I.T Radio.

I’ll admit the writing isn’t quite as good as something like Married and Broke, but this one is just plain fun and sweet. There’s a bigger angle besides the Starla stuff. There’s more focus on the radio and station and what is going with it, and they tie into the Muscleman stuff pretty well.

KILLIT Radio was once a pretty normal and cool place, but one day some higher ups made everything autmated to save on costs. And of course, it becomes self aware and tries to kil everyone. Everyone escaped….except Donny G, the face of the station. The discount Skynet kept him there to clean it, and it just faked Donny’s voice, and kept on going with no one knowing.

No, I don’t know why no one who escaped called anyone to help. And the creepy AI thing has a female voice, so the cleaning thing is…weird.

Anyway, this would be a good premise on it’s own, but it’s even better when attached to the other stuff. Muscleman doesn’t care about Donny G being a pussy, he wants to play his song. And not in the way he just doesn’t care about what is going on.

He thinks music should be “for the people, by the people” and this injustice fires him up even more. Yeah, the whole message about music seems a bit preachy, but in execution it works. Mostly because it’s still a fun episode and the message is true in the end.

Plus, they put plenty of emotion into it. You do start to care about Donny G and what is going on. Speaking of the emotion, the ending makes the episode. If it were not as cool as it was, I would have just went with Married and Broke.

I suppose I can spoil it. Eventually, they break in and Donny G starts to get control of the station back, even as the voice thingy fights back. However, the only way to stop it to blow up the station.

So Donny G starts that up, and plays Muscleman’s song as a way to go out. So everyone runs away from the explosion (“That was like a movie or something!”) as Muscleman’s song plays. There’s no noise outside of the song.

This whole bit is awesome. We have Donny G asserting the moral, and sacrcfigin itself while we have a decently haunting moment with the action being offset with the song. The song is what you would expect from MuscleMan, meaning it’s kind of lame, but that’s why it works.

This ending as humor, sacrifice, and of course some emotion. It becomes a deeper story at this point but is still humorous. It becomes more about the station than Starla but that’s what makes it great.

It mixes in another source of good themes to give us an involved story. It’s fun as they figure out what to do, and how the story plays and things work up to an awesome climax. And the rather sweet song helps too.

Episodes like this really endear you to Muscleman and Starla. When all is said and done, they really love each other, and you really feel in their episodes. The bond is tronger in some other episodes, but this has the most interesting, at least to me.

Really, what other show can mix in a typical story like this with a Discount Skynet? And have the main couple be overweight people? The way it’s done makes all of these elements come together to create a really cool story.

It may not the most original thing the show has done, but it helps represents a relationship I like and has a pretty cool story to boot.

Trust me, this list is only heating up. Overall, it’s just another episode that is interesting, sweet, and fun.

There’s only one more thing to say: You know who else likes Muscleman and Starla’s relationship?

I had to, shut up.

  1. Benson’s Suit

Writer: Ryan Pequin

By the time most shows get up to Season 6, it’s hard to stay as creative as it once was. Regular Show has been mixed with this, sometimes relying on Romance and previous episodes.

But even this late in the show, they can churn out a really inspired episode like Benson’s Suit.

Benson finds a suit which helps him get more respect, but of course it turns out to be a living suit created for evil reasons, that ended up at the park because it wanted to escape some eivl guys, who are now back for the suit.

Pretty typical plot, I know.

This episode really captures the feeling of an early episode, where you were just surprised by all the crazy things going on. But it goes a step further to create an engaging story. It actually starts by explaining the deal with the suit before it ends up with Benson.

This works to set up the story and hsow this epoisode will be a different than others, even by this point. While it does come down to stopping bad guys from getting something, they steal make it really engang with the human element.

The suit starts to feel like a character because of it’s connection with Benson. The respect he gets makes Benson really like the suit, which makes the Suit realize Benson is a worthy wearer and now the suit wants to be a “simple suit worn by a simple man”.

The absurdity and emotion of it prevents it from being too weird or cheesy. There’s also Benson’s side of it. He’s again trying to get Mordceai and Rigby in shape, and the suit gives him the respect he needs to make them shape up.

We’ve seen this before to an extent, but this really puts you in Benson’s shoes and gives him interesting development. They do end up doing that tihng where it turns out that Benson’s own confeicne gave him more respect than the actual suit. Most of it was him.

Yeah, it’s a more typical part but it does serve his arc in the episode pretty well. The connection between Benson and the Suit is strong here, even if it’s a bit….silly.

And then of course there’s the more epic side to the episode. The suit has all of these crazy powers so with it Benson becomes a badass, fighting the bad guys. This leads to some classic epic Regular Show fight scenes which are a lot of fun.

And don’t think the episode isn’ funny, because the bad guy and the suit get some funny moments, including one of my favorite out of context lines:

I didn’t pay you to NOT blow yourselves up!”

But it’s the scale and story that makes this episode so great. My only problem is the ending. Not the ending itself, but it’s a bit abrupt, although it works in it’s own way. Infact, the ending is what really makes this episode one of my favorites.

I won’t spoil it, but it ends on a note that’s kind of bittersweet as far as Regular Show episodes. Yes, really. I dare say it’s close to being a small tearjerker. I was not expecting that.

That’s this episode in a nutshell. From the title, I wasn’t expecting any of what would happen. While some of it’s the most original, the execution is a big surprise. I wasn’t expecting an episode this fun, interesting and even kind of sweet.

Overall, It’s just a great episode, if only for how much fun it is on all fronts. It tells a surprisingly interesting story with an interesting connection and even a bittersweet ending.

It proves that even this late in this series, they were able to make a really creative episode with twists and turns. It was a big surprise and I love every moment of it.

This is easily the greatest story about a gumball Machine and a living suit I have ever seen in my life.

  1. Steak Me Amadeus

Writers: Benton Connor and Hilary Florido

…Yeah, you knew I had to put at least one romance episode on here. There’s quite a few of them, and the show can pull them off well, so I had to put one on here.

Honestly, it was hard picking which one. The other ones considered include Meteor Moves and Sad Sax. I almost wanted to tie these 3 but I have a tie later on the list, and I didn’t want more than one tie.

So while I did eventually settle on Steak Me Amadeus, you can consider this an unofficial tie with those other ones. This is the popular one, so why wouldn’t I pick this one? The odd thing is that I shouldn’t like it as much due the context of the whole thing.

But first, let’s go over Mordecai and Margret’s relationship. At the start, it was a bit of drag because it was cliché and Margret wasn’t that interesting. But I was willingly to let it slide because they mostly played it for laughs.

There was something about it that I enjoyed to an extent, Then as the show went on, it slowly became more interesting. We more insight into both characters and how they feel about each other. They got some fun episodes out of it, too.

It was still kind of cliché, but I couldn’t help but like it. It become more emotional and their episodes just got better written. However, it did go a bit slow. It feels like it took forerver to get them together for real.

I suppose Season 1 being short could add up, since it’s a micro Season and Seasons 2 and 3 are full Seasons. So the fact that it took until Season 4 isn’t too bad, but it still took until Season 4.

But I did like the progression in this Season. Do Or Diaper goes a bit deeper into Mordy’s feelings and has Margret act a bit different, although I myself was mixed on that part. Then in Picking Up Margret, they finally kiss in damn, is it ever so satisfying.

Metor Moves finally decided to put them together after Wayne Knight helps them sort out their feelings. That one was close as I said, but it just barely got off this slot. It’s safe to say things were rocking but by this point, I really cared about these 2, at least to the extent of a shipper.

Nah, I don’t go over over a couple. Wait, they just did another Rigby/Eileen episode? DFEEFEFEYESYESYES.

…Anyway, everything comes to a head in the Season 4 finale. Mordecai sets up a bit date with Margret at a restruant with the best name ever. He gets some of the places’ weird made up currency but they get caught for having counterfeit Amadeus Dollars, and they must catch the guy making them so they can clear their names.

Even before the ending, this episode is interesting. It’s another case where it starts out simple but gets crazy. However, this one is different because it doesn’t get supernatrul til near the end, and it just results in a gun fight.

Most of it is them working with these guys to track down the guy who gave Pops the fake money, and it’s pretty interesting to see play out. They do have the shtick with Mordecai having to cover it up,but it adds something here.

It’s a cool and interesting plot, but things pick up with the reveal. As it turns out, the mysterious counterfeiter is….that robot bear gangaster guy from Fuzzy Dice!

  1. wasn’t asking for his return, but hey it’s a unexpected twist and that’s cool. This leads to a badass gun fight set to classical music. It’s another really insprited moment. And it makes what happens next even better.

While all of this is going on, Mordecai sucks it up and asks Margret to be his gifrlfriend for real this time. But just as he says that, Margret reveals some bad news: She’s going off to university, so she can’t be here to with him. They can’t be together.

Ouch. Needless to say, this is a crushing blow. It’s a very emotional moment, and the episode ends with Mordecai just sitting on the roof thinking about all this. It’s a nice mix of subtle and big and emotional.

They do a really good job at showing their feelings here. It’s not just a dumb cop out ending, it’s a mature moment. Which kind of leaves me to the issue I hinted at earlier.

After so many episodes, they finally get them together….then split them apart. They aren’t give time to just hang as a normal couple until this happens. It feels a bit …cheap.

But it’s a testament to how good this episode is when it still gets on the list. Sure there is that element, on it’s own it’s done very well. They likely knew this wouldn’t be the most loved choice, but they went through with it, because they wanted to test things a bit.

Granted, most peoples romance issues started here, since this lead to CJ coming back in the next Season. But I think that stuff is done well, and this episode is great on it’s own. It works as it’s own little story due to the actual plot, but it also has that emotional ending to make it even better.

It’s a simple story compared to something like Sad Sax, but it works very well. I’m glad this is a fan favorite despite splitting up a couple and having those other issues. It shows sometimes a fandom can accept this stuff if it’s done well.

.Which makes the hate for Merry Christmas Mordecai even more confusing. Ah well.

The main reason I wasn’t sure about putting this one I that there’s not much to say. Infact, I think I said everything. But I think it deserves this spot just for the mature ending and how they handle it.

It’s a risk and it payed off due to how emotional and interesting. Having a fun callback and an awesome climax doesn’t hurt either. If that isn’t good enough, then just remember that Metor Moves and Sad Sax are unofficially tied for this spot.

Overall ,this episode is pretty simple but it did a lot in the long run. It was fun, interesting, and even mature and emotional by the end. It’s a good example of how the romance element can really help the show sometimes.

Also, that is the best title ever. End of story.

  1. The Thanksgiving Special

Writers: Calvin Wong, Toby Jones, Benton Connor, and Andres Salaff

When it comes to Holiday episodes, Halloween and Christmas seem to get all the good ones. Sure, others have their gems, but it seems like those are the ones you will remember. I watched a bunch of Thanksgiving episodes recently and I found out that they are typical kind of average.

Despite how big the holiday is (in America at least, and Canada I guess), these episodes aren’t always the best. Most of them are surprisingly cliché, either having characters save a turkey, or find a turkey at the last minute. Most of them didn’t leave an impact on me.

But there a few notably good ones. Hey Arnold’s was great of course, but leave it to Regular Show to come out with another great Thanksgiving special.

When Mordceai and Rigby ruin the turkey, they have to win a Thanksgiving song contest to get a Turducken, but some evil guy is also interested in getting it.

This sounds fairly typical of both a Thanksgiving special and a Regular Show episode. Getting a turkey at the last minute is very cliché and Mordecai and Rigby ruining something and having to fix it is even more cliché.

Season 5 alone had like 5 episodes like this. But it’s the heart that pulls this one through. When they screw up, it feels like a huge mistake instead of something that happens. Benson really calls them out on this, and how they it’s one thing to ruin Benson’s life, but it’s another to screws things up for their families.

This is the worst thing you’ve ever done”


As the episode goes on, it does some of the typical Thanksgiving morals, but piles on the heart, big time. It manages to rather sweet in it’s cheesy-ness, and it stll has those Regular how elements.

Although I suppose I can get the flaws out of the way. It could have been a bit crazier because it does seem a bit tame. My biggest problem is the vilain. He’s an evil rich guy …and that’s about it.

He wants to get the Turducken because it has a wishbone that can grant wishes. Kind of a weak plot device but ah well. He just seems a bit typical compared to other Regular Show villains, he just isn’t fun.

I’m also not found of his voice. Yes, JG himself voices him but he puts on this sounds like Patrick Star and Uncle Grandpa’s secret love child, and some of his line reads are honestly a bit weak.

But I can overlook that, and some of these weak reads are funny bad.

There are a couple subplots that seem a bit pointless at first, like Muscleman fighting a football player. But eventually you realize they do have a point. A few other parties are running around trying to some stuff and just run into trouble, and fight each other.

In the end, they learn to just drop it and bond over what Thanksgiving is all about. Those bits show their progression to learning that, and it’s done pretty well. It also gives us some of the humor and energy.

MuscleMan fights with the guy because he insulted his end zone dances.

This episode uses it’s typical premise to it’s advantage. It has some decent energy with nice balancing of subplots, and gives us some well done heart to bring it all home. It manages to work very well in spite of some possible problems.

Also, there’s some sort of commentary with the bad guy’s song being an overly produced nubmer feature pop stars and focusing on America. It’s catchy and trying to having meaning while not really having any.

It is spot on.

Of course, Mordy and Rigby’s song is way better. It’s catchy and has good meaning to it, being a really nice and memorable song, complete with Spoonboning. There aren’t a lot of Thanksgiving songs, and I can honestly see this one becoming a classic.

Naturally, the ending is when it all comes together. Everything starts to go right, and they all have a big dinner. And yes, Thomas takes off his costume. It’s an incredibly sweet moment, that even has nice jokes and tons of reoccurring characters making cameos.

Muscle Man’s Dad is even nice enough to show desite being , you know, dead now.

This ending is just really nice and makes the episode even better. Sure, the moral is typical but it’s nice coming from this show and they go the extra mile. Everything else works to give us this big moment, instead of it just being there.

It manages to be a genuinely great Thanksgiving special, along with being a good Regular Show episode. From start to finish, it’s a lot of fun and is extra sweet. They do a lot with the Thanksgiving concept with the jokes and plot, and it goes the extra mile with a really sweet ending.

Overall, it might have some minor issues but it’s still a great Thanksgiving special, with tons of humor, action, and even some heart. And also an awesome. That’s in here too. For all of that, it earns it’s spot as one of the great thanksgiving specials, as well as Number 6 on this list.

Also, you gotta love that totally complicated title.

5. Prankless

Writers: Benton Connor and Hilary Florido

We saw Muscle Man and how awesome he when he comes to Starla, but he can be great on his own, and this episode perfectly shows it.

When Muscle Man pranks Pops too hard, he swears to never prank again. He does this just as a rival park manager starts a prank war that has been going on for years, and since Muscle Man saved them before, they need to get him back.

Once again, the plot isn’t all that original. But of course, the charm is how they do it, and they make it epic. By that I mean they make it so overblown that it is freaking awesome.

They treat like this like a serious war story and use the cliches to help make it even more like an epic story, and it really works. You really get sucked into the story because of how epic they make it.

The “war” scenes feel very serious and epic, which makes them really interesting and engaging. Of course no one dies or anything, but it makes you feel like this is really important. It’s pretty impressive that they made a prank war feel as serious as a real war, especially since no one is actually getting hurt.

Except Pops but you know what I mean. And of course, you can’t forget what this does for Muscle Man. As cliché as this is, it fits him very well and shows some nice development. He sees just how dangerous his pranks can be, and later learns to fight back if people end up doing that kind of thing.

It’s a typical arc done in a way that’s interesting and fits the character. It’s interesting to see him learn that his harsh pranks cal hurt people. They came slightly close in See you There but this really showed that.

.Then he forgot lesson in Stater Park but whatever.

The highlight for him has to be the climax where he pranks Gene. Oh yeah, this introduces us to Gene and his prank. He’s always cool to see. Anyway, I can’t quite describe it but the way he gets Gene is just awesome, and is a sight to see.

Let’s just say there they use a certain bit from Willy Wonka to amazing effect.

This whole episode manages to incredibly epic despite a cliché plot and a silly concept. That’s pretty impressive, and the whole thing is a ton of fun. It also gives us great development for Muscle Man all the way through.

Really, the only issue is that maybe a bigger message could have been learned, and maybe the ending is slightly off. But that’s jut a nitpick in another wise fun and even slightly emotional episode.

Overall, this epic war is tons of fun and gives a really cool Muscle Man story, and at this point he really needed those.

  1. Eggcellent

Writer: J.G Quintel

There are three episodes that are on every single RS’ fans list, no matter what else is on there. This is one of them, and really it’s the most deserving on a story level. I mean, it won an Emmy.

No, not nominated. It WON. There’s huge given typical shows like this don’t get picked to win. RS has been nominated and thankfully they were all worthy (most notably Last Laserdisk player)…except for you know what. That wouldn’t be too bad if it wasn’t up against Wander’s The Gift 2 and Steven U’s Lion 3! Seriously.

…But back on topic.

A local restaurant has an eating challenge where you have to eat a huge ommlet to win a trucker hat the says “I’m Eggcellent”. Rigby really wants to win it but fails, and even ends up in a coma trying to do it.

He asks Mordecai to do the challenge in his honor, and he goes out to do this favor for his comatose friend.

So as you can tell, this one is a bit dramatic with the humorous edge. Pure Regular Show really. The dramatic element is what makes this one popular, and I can certaintly that it’s great for that reason.

This is another one that has the show do a twist on a slightly cliché story. And just like Prankless, it works because they go all out, and it’s interesting to see it play out with these characters.

Given what Rigby is usually like, it’s cool to see Moredcai go so far for him. Especially since Rigby got into this coma because he was allergic to Eggs. Yes, he knew this but went into the challenge anyway because….he wanted the hat that badly.

That’s incredibly stupid but the episode does a good job at making you forget about that.

Mordy does a lot of work to try to beat this thing and get the hat, and you really see how he tries, no matter what. We have the training montage, the easy way, and him getting a bit unhinged from that.

There’s a scene where Benson gets angry because they did all this when they were supposed to be working. Mordecai rightfully calls him out for being a bit dick-ish in this situation. It’s pretty powerful just for how it’s presented, and Benson later apologies, as he didn’t realize how serious this all is.

This story is played for drama and it works just because you feel the emotion. The build up is great, spending just enough time on each part, from finding out about the challenge, to Mordy bulking up via a montage. It really gets you into the situation, and has the proper of one of these kind of stories. The pay off is hilarious because of how anti climatic it is. Mordecai finally wins, but it turns out if you win you are teleported to a discount version of the guy from Last Crusade, as you must pick the right prize or you die.

It’s a nice reference that works here pretty well. And yes, only one guy did this before but I think he was so into working up to this that he forgot what the hat looked like, because he choose….poorly.

Of course, Mordecai figures it out quickly and is able to leave. This is great because it’s just so weak compared to the build up, and that’s the joke. This is how you do that kind of thing correctly, cuz the situation works, it’s the easiness that makes it anti climatic.

My only problem with this episode is the final joke which is a bit mean to Rigby after all that happened. Not nearly bad as some other episodes that do a joke after a sweet moment , but it’s still otherwise.

Otherwise, this episode deserved that Emmy. If you are wonder, the other nominees included Adventure time’s Too Young, a MAD Halloween episode, a Robot Chicken episode, and Phineas and Ferb’s The DoonkleBerry imperative.

Yeah, this one was the most deserving. The others are good but this is he only one great out of them .Sorry Lemongrab.

Anyway, It puts a mundane situation with a typical story, and crazy cartoon elements. It combines to make a really compelling story that is just as funny as it is sweet and awesome.

Why isn’t it higher? Eh, I think the show has more compelling stories to be honest. Not to undercut this one, I just like other ones more. But trust me, I love this one. It’s more proof they can tell a good dramatic story, even with some cliches and crazy elements.

It perfectly sums up what this show can do. It has a mundane situation made crazy, as well as surprisingly compelling story with good humor. You can tell they put a lot of effort into it. JG wrote this himself and like usual got the idea from real life, minus the whole ….coma stuff.

The fact makes it extra obvious this was a more personal one, and it really payed off. It’s a really enjoyable episode with a compelling story, good humor, and even some emotion. It’s the full package.

Not much more to say, really. You know this one is great, but it’s my job to state the obvious about great things, dang it!

I know you will hate me for this, but for it’s mix of elements and emotional parts, this episode truly is…Eggcellent

…Now that I lost my readers, let’s move on.

  1. Exit 9B

Writers: Calvin Wong, Toby Jones, Andres Salaff, and Madeline Queripel

Speaking of popular episodes, here’s the episode almost everyone else would put at number one. I’m such a rebel. Allow me to explain why it’s not higher, after I explain this it’s awesome.

I just need to say how it opens. It starts with a new intern named Thomas arriving at the park for his first day, only to find out that everyone is gone. Suddenly, they all start running towards the house, with some bearded dude chasing them down, trying to strike them with a laser thing.

He gets some of them, but Mordecai and Rigby escape with the time machine from Bad Kiss. Then the guy says “you should have sold it to me when you had the chance” and procees to blow up the house.

Damn, that’s one hell of a way to start out! It fools you into think it’s something simple, but catches your attention with this intern, then suddenly has this huge even that makes you wonder what the hell is going on!

It’s the prefer opening, especially since it’s a cold opening, with the usual intro made slightly more epic.

You would think we would go back a bit to explain what happened. …But nope, we actually go forward 2 months, as everyone’s minds have been earsed and are now at different jobs. Mordecai and Rigby end up here via the machine and find out the bearded guy has taken over the park, and now they must get everyone back to normal and take the park back.

This is one of hell of a unique and interesting plot we’ve got here. They don’t do the usual thing and just explain everything. We find out what this was about, but we don’t find out how the opening happened.

We just jump forward and get into the plot, and it works really work. Sometimes a plot is more interesting is we don’t know everything, and this is such a case. This episode is epic but it builds up the big ending and while it could have been boring, they manage to make it interesting.

They know when to slow down to show certain moments, and when they speed through things. Like a lot of plots where they must gather the party, it goes through the first couple in detail, then rushes through the others.

Yes, I suppose this couldc be slightly cliché but it’s cliché in a good way, if that makes sense.

Honestly, I originally had this at this spot because on a writing level, it does slow down a bit in the middle and isn’t the most well written thing ever. But after watching it again for this, I didn’t have those problems.

It moves pretty well at every part, putting in humor where it’s needed and not having anything go on too long. And when it gets to the climax, it goes on for a while and has a ton to like. Even on a writing level, there’s plenty to like.

There’s a lot of call backs that work, the villain is cool and ties in nicely to another episode, and we get some nice stuff with them standing up for the park against all odds. It’s basic but done very well, and we even have character stuff with them trying to get Benson out of the spell, and Thomas proving himself.

Although I do wonder why he didn’t book it as soon as the house blew up, or why he even took the job to him. He says to his Mom that he considered quitting so he could have quit….Whatever, it’s just a cartoon.

Speaking of which, I suppose this is a good place to talk about him. He got a good introduction here, as proved himself to be a badass, and he was likable. They set up good groundwork for a decent character.

…Then he did nothing forever. Well, okay, he mostly did nothing except just exist in most episodes. I get that he’s only an intern but as a character, he needs to do more. To be fair, I didn’t mind him too much as a whole but even in episodes about him like Cool Cubed, he does nothing!

Speaking of which, Starter Park being bad did not help at all.

Then in Season 5 they turned him into a butt monkey, which kind of worked. Kind of makes fun of how useless he is, and that Halloween costume thing is still great. Then he proved himself to be a badas in “Thomas Fights Back”, which felt like a big response to the criticism he got.

…Then “The Real Thomas” happened. Now, I’m on the positive side when it comes to that episode, and they did handle the reveal well, but it was forced and a bit odd. I will only accept him as evil if he sings about being evil for extra credit!

I hope he comes back at some point, but all in all he was a very odd character with how he changed. But overall, he is okay and this was a good introduction to him.

My only problem now is that the ending is a bit rushed. For such an epic episode, it just kind of ends without a ton of fanfare. It’s not a big problem, but it’s a bit odd.

Then we have the climax. We find out that the evil guy is Garret Bobby Feurgson Jr, the son of the bad guy from High Score. He’s pissed that they blow his Dad up because it’s bad form to do it.

Gotta love how simple his motivation is. Although I might feel a bit bad for him. I mean he did get blown up and when GBF Sr is defeated he says Jr won the universe record for disappointing their father.

Ouch. Of course they don’t into it, but it works in this context. He makes for a cool villain. The climax is just amazing. Not only does have an epic feel to it, but it pool in tons of villains and allies from previous episodes, making it fun on many levels.

It shows you how much has happened, even by this point, with all the good guys and bad guys showing up to fight. It’s so damn epic and fun to watch. It alone makes this whole episode.

But the rest is great too. It has a pretty interesting story that is fun to watch, with the usual good humor. It also has one of my favorite lines, with Muscle Man bragging that his “John Hancock” is the biggest and he has a “huge signature”.


The whole thing is just epic with cool callbacks and an epic climax. It’s a ton of fun and it’s clear they put a ton of effort into it. But I wouldn’t call it the best. There’s at least couple episodes with better writing, even ones from before this one.

Not saying those could be higher on the list, but it is true. I can see why people can be sucked into the epic tone and call it the best, but I don’t like to be typical with my Number one….and it’s not my favorite.

But hey, it’s a great and epic episode that started Season 4 with a huge bang. Overall, it’s just awesome all around. That’s all there is to it, really.

  1. A Bunch of Full Grown Geese/Brilliant Century Duck Crisis Special

Writers: Clavin Wong, Toby Jones, and Owen Dennis (Duck Special only)

Yep, we got a tie because the 2nd one is a direct sequel, and they are equally awesome in the end. These and Exit 9B fought for this slot, and while it pains me to put that one lower, I just ended up putting these higher.

Mostly because…just look at them! …Or we can talk about them. So this all started with Season 2’s “A Bunch of Baby ducks”. Basically,they found some baby ducks and decided to take care of them. The babie found their Momma after bonding with the two and doing a badass thing.

It was charming episode, although not my favorite. They saved the real awesome-ness for the sequels. In A Bunch of Full Grown Geese, a bunch of geese are terrorizing the park, so they must call upon the ducks to get rid of them.

Then in Brilliant Century Duck Crisis Special, another weird bird is doing evil at the park and they just call the ducks again. But it turns out the bird was sent by these executives so they can get the ducks here to strike a toy deal with them. They also want to make toys out of Mordecai and Rigby but the toys suck so it’s no deal. They take it well…and by that I mean they team up with the geese to create a big monster they have to fight.

There’s a lot to say with that one, but let’s focus on Full Grown Geese for a moment, It’s pretty simple when you think about it. There’s no themes or anything, they just form a create to fight the geese monster.

You gotta love how can say that and stil call the episode simple.

It works because of the scale. The ducks fuse to form this human bird thing, then fist bump in order to fuse with Mordecai and Rigby and form this huge robot duck warriro thing. And its all set to The Touch.

The ensuing action scene makes this one of the most epic things I’ve ever seen in a modern cartoon. The sheer scale, combined with the visuals makes this episode so much. Plus, it involves a ton of continuity as the parts of the crazy creature involve objects such The Power and the Eggcellent hat.

So this works on pretty much ever level. The writing is good because it comes up with a crazy idea and the music, visuals, scale, and continuity work to create something truly awesome. This was the 100th episode segment, and it certainly works as an awesome mile stone.

I suppose if I had to nitick, I think the bit where Benson is a jerk so the Momma Duck can call him out is a bit dumb. Benson felt a bit more dick-ish than usual just so the Mom can get a moment. It’s her only real moment in either of these episodes, sadly.

…Which is kind of mocked, as there’s a scene in Crisis Special where it randomly cuts to a focus group as a girl complains that there are no female characters and he lady writer down that she hates boys.

Yeah, it’s interesting commentary but I just love how it comes out of nowhere and has nothing to do with anything. Which brings us to Brilliant Century Duck Crisis Special, which is the previous episode….turned up to 11.

It starts with a parody of an anime opening. Yeah. It gets crazier than there. While the last one has a big scale to, it, this one is just huge. Not because we have even bigger creatures fightign this time, but because how much they have going on.

They add in a plot this time with the toy company, giving the characters a better reason to do this. Then they add in more characters that form the creature, then crazy twists just keep happening up until the very end.

This could have made the episode crowded but it works because it’s still the same basic plot of them fighting a bad guy. Other things happen, but they happen along with the main plot, so it keeps focus.

And not too many things happen, it’s just enough to make it crazy but not too much as to make it bloated. Highlights include the ducks’ long lost brother randomly showing up and that weird focus group scene I mention. Thankfully, that’s the only weird out of normal thing in this. And just like before, they have music and visuals to help give this a simple scale.

They pace it decently well, building up properly with some good jokes. The fight doesn’t’ even start off huge. There’s no music, it’s just them fighting. It’s pretty cool on it’s own and builds up to the action we expected.

Then there’s the commentary about people who sell out to toy company’s, which is funny coming from a network that canceled shows like Young Justice due to lack of toy stuff. Seriously.

They do make good points, but it’s done for laughs as they make fun of these good episodes just as much as it’s an example, in a good way. The very ending adds an extra note about how people who refuse to sell out for toys…will sell out for video games.

No such thing as a bad game”

…A certain nerd would beg to differ, Mordecai. Hell, even AU!Cartoon Hero wold disagree,

I’d like to take a death bump on this fucking game!”

My only nitpick in this one is that there’s so much action going on that sometimes I do kind of get slightly bored and check out. But then it picks back up near the end. I suppose this one episode deserves the spot for all it does, but I think the tie is fitting.

I think both work equally well. One is just plain epic all around, while one is epic still still being a simple story. I lean towards first one just cuz it’s shorter and there’s less to take in, but the other is just amazing as well.

The reason I put this higher than Exit 9B is the creativity. Any show can create a cool story with tons of callbacks, but only this show can do something this crazy. What other show has a duck robot in an anime parody?

…Don’t answer that, I don’t wanna know what show they ripped off that I’ve never heard of.

The music, subject matter, and even writing are all just pure Regular Show, you can’t get this anywhere else. That’s why it’s higher, the writing shows more creativity and it shows how crazy awesome this show can be.

Overall, these episodes represent the show in it’s purest form. All this awesome-ness from a bunch of baby ducks. They are funny, interesting, cool, and most of all just plain epic. These episodes are just plain awesome.


But of course, we have to get a through Honorable Mentions before hittng my fave. Here a couple good ones that sadly couldn’t get on here.

Married and Broke: I mentioned thhis before, but this one deserves credit for some thought provoking commentary on how the media attempts to relate to people. In reality, showing people like Muscle Man will get more people identifying to your characters rather than pretty white people. It also has a hilarious subplot with a great pay off.

Sad Sax: The arc may have been odd, but this episode sticks out with it’s message and nice moments. In a situation like this, it’s best to be completely 100 percent honest, and explain exactly WHY you did what you did, and get your feelings out. It’s one of the deeper takes on the moral I’ve seen.

Grave Sights: Of of the earlier ones that was just plain epic and fun. A very simple zombie-ish story but still awesome.

Meat Your Maker: The most underrated episode ever, and my favorite from Season 1. This was the earlier emotional episode, as Rigby is just trying to fix his messes, and you just so sorry for him in this. It also also Tim Curry as a hot dog. That is amazing.

Yes Dude Yes: I like this one simply for the ending, where Mordecai doesn’t get either girl because of his actions. It’s a bit more realistic instead of just a clear happy ending. Plus, the introduction to CJ.

This is My Jam: Probably the funniest episode, just for the idea of going all out with the ‘song stuck in your head” thing EarWorm kind of touched on. Also ,that song will indeed never leave your head.

And my number one favorite Regular Show Episode is…


  1. Trucker Hall of Fame

Writers: Calvin Wong, Toby Jones

When I think of proof that this show can do emotion perfectly, while still being it’s own thing, I think of this episode. And it’s all about Muscle Man.

It starts with him trying to call his father on Father’s Day, only to find out that he has passed away. …Well, that’s another way to start out. He was a great trucker, so Muscle Man wants to spread his ashes over the trucker hall of fame, but a few things get in his way.

The main thing that makes this one is great is actually Muscle Man. Sure, the story, jokes, and emotion are great but it’s Mitch who brings it all together, See, this is another sort of tyical story, and while putting tons of emotion into it helps, it mostly works due to being about Muscle Man.

Let’s face it, he’s kind of a jerk. He’s rude, is always playing cruel pranks on some people, and is in general a nuisance. He has plenty of good qualities that has been explored before, but he’s typically not someone you would really want to follow.

So giving him this kind of story already adds a lot to his character. But he still acts like Muscle Man, and reacts the way he usually does. He still loves a good prank and this explores more of why.

He tries to keep his cool while at the funeral but he just randomly freaks out because he just can’t handle it. Later on he tells them to tell him to stop if he starts freaking too hard. This is a small thing but it really adds to his character in this, and actually helps us releate to him more.

Of course, then we have the other stuff. He had a real connection to his Dad, as he was a great prankster and all around fun guy. He got his love of pranking and My Mom jokes from him.

Which is why it turns when he finds out Muscle Dad was a fake. Yep, he wasn’t even a trucker. He was a forklift driver. He ended up lying to Mitch to make him proud of his father and like many father’s in Media he wrote him a note to read when he died.

In later episodes, Muscle Man finds more notes from him. Geez,did this guy ever talk to his son about anything?

Anyway, this is also a bit been done but it adds a lot. Not only do we have him going through the death of a loved one but he deals with finding out the loved one was living a lie. It’s some pretty heavy stuff for this character to go through, and they handle it really well.

They make it emotional and show all the stuff that comes with it. Although, it’s not quite a tear jerking. It has those elements but it’s mostly sweet and heavy with how it plays out instead of trying to super sad.

It gets heavy but it is a light due to being a fairly simple story about a “trucker”. And Muscle Man is at the center of it. In a way, focusing on him makes him more releatable. Focusing on someone who is average like us is fine, but sometimes when you focus on a less traditionally likable person, people will actually responding to it better.

Married and Broke went deep into it, but this episode oddly shows it better than any other Muscle Man episode. Than of course it has the Regular Show element with the climax. They still want to throw the ashes at the Trucker Hall of Fame, but must face snobby ghost truckers in an action scene.

Then Muscle Man’s Dad’s ghost shows up to have a nice moment and apolozie. Then as they leave, the defeats the ghost trucker. But wait…he’s a fork lift driver and he….uses it to..

…That….that means….Does that mean I can finally….


.Okay, jokes aside this climax brings it all home. It reminds you that this is stll Regular Show. While there aren’t a ton of jokes, they do exist and it even ends on a joke that reminds you that this is still Muscle Man.

Now it’s time to quote the moment that sums ups this whole episode, and what it does for Muscle Man.

Look, bros. My old man was a screw-up. And let’s face it, so am I. I’m overweight, I work in a lame park, and you two and Fives are my only friends. But the one thing that a Sorrenstein almost never screws up is a prank. And my dad’s hat ashes in that stuck up Trucker Hall of Fame is the funniest thing I can think of right now. Now, are you ladies in or aren’t you?”

That just sums it all up. It perfectly shows us who Muscle Man is and why this take on the plot is unique. It makes choice that could only apply to this character, and thus makes the arc in this episode way stronger.

Some cliché plots should take notes from this.

And that, above anything else is why is the best. Sure, it has a great story, good jokes, cool action, and nice themes but it’s about how it represents Muscle Man. It takes a simple story and makes it different than deeper, because it adjusts itself to apply to a character who typically isn’t all that likable.

It doesn’t just make him act sad than ask us to feel sorry for him. The writers put him in a unique situation that fits him and has him do things only he would do. Only for him would playing a prank be the thing that solves everything.

While the show has told many great stories, and will continue to do so, no episode can do it better than this one in my eyes. It just ends up being the perfect storm of everything the show stands for.

It can make mundane plots funny by making them just insane, and then add in development to make us care for the characters. While the duck episodes sum up the show in terms of scale, this sums it up with the writing.

And all that is why Trucker Hall of Fame is my favorite Regular Show episode of all time.


There’s my list. As I said, it was a bit hard compare to my other lists, because this isn’t the kind of show that’s meant to be analyzed, like Steven Universe, nor is at as varied as Gumball. But I promised it and I reaaaaly wanted to go deep into my number one and what it means to me.

I think I’m done with huge projects for the year. I got something in December, but it’s Christmas based so I’m willing to do it. With that, you can look forwarder to my holiday stuff and maybe a special end of the year project…

And of course, check of the Regular Show movie premiering tomorrow. If you already saw it on DVD or itunes….watch it again, because it’s really good. Maybe I’ll do something with it, we’ll see.

As usual, enjoy my choices, and respect my opinions. It really is impressive how crazy this show, and how nice it can be as well. While it’s glory days may be gone, I will always dig it for what it does, and I hope it keeps being great up until the very end.

See ya.


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I'm 20 and I'm a slightly below average man who can barely spell. I mostly spend my time watching TV and movies, hence why i ended doing a blog all about those things. I tend to have weird tastes, but I like think I'm just fair on things.
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