Top 11 Steven Universe Season 1 Episodes

Hello, Spongey here.

I like liking things. That goes without saying, but I naturally like some things more than over. We all have our unique obsessions. I have Phineas and Ferb, Goosebumps, and Disney Channel crap. Its fun to obsess over something when it feels like no one likes it more than you.

You like it just as much, if not more than most, so it’s special. That’s why I LIKE liking underrated things. But it’s less fun when you love something everything else loves. In this case, you just won’t have as much fun with it. Not that it still can’t be fun to love something popular, but in some cases this can be kind of true.

Why do I bring this up? Because it ties into this show and the list I am about to do. You’ve seen me praise some hugely beloved shows, most notably Gravity Falls and MLP. All this should apply but I mostly have fun with those. Steven Universe…is a weird story.

I love it and I totally love loving it. I have fun watching and discussing it and whatever. Some love it more than me but like with Gravity Falls, we’re mostly on the same page. So what’s the problem? I think it’s because it’s a…weirder and quieter show, so it’s a bit harder to get people into it.

And it’s fandom has started to get a weird side ala MLP that turns people off. So it’s become weirder to love. Why am I even talking about this? Just something I wanted to share. It’s just something to keep in mind because everyone and there Mom has praised this show.

So this list will likely just be more of the same. I had a lot more passion going into the GF list but this is still something I REALLY wanted to do. So here we are.

(Don’t read into any of this, these feelings have gone down, I just had to speak my mind)

Steven Universe. Man, did this show end up better than what we expected. It was just another in a long recent line of weird Cartoon Network shows, but like Adventure Time, it grew into something huge.

And now it’s seen as one of the best CN shows ever, and the best one right now. For all none of you who don’t know, here’s the gyst of t. Created by Adventure Time writer Rebecca Sugar, this series follows the story of those race of people called the Crystal Gems, which are basically just people with…well gems that give them freaky powers.

One Gem, named Rose screwed a human and had a half gem, half human kid. Now she’s kind of dead and three gems named Pearl, Garnet, and Amethyst take care of Steven and train him to use his gem powers in the town of Beach city. Along with his guitar player Dad. Hilarity ensues.

You all know why the show is awesome by now, so I’ll keep the pre list explanation brief. First, it’s got a cool mythology and they do a great job of revealing it as the show goes on. The story arcs are done very well and almost every episode is important, either for later story development, or just minor character development.

Hell, even the “bad” episode is important in a way. On top of that, you have characters who seem like one dimensional stereotypes but turn out to be way more. Steven is a realistic and rather likable child character, Pearl isn’t just some stuck up bitch, Garnet isn’t just silent and boring, and Amethyst ends up being …complex later despite how she acts.

It defies everything expected from this type of show. Oh, and it has great original songs, and lovely animation. You all know this. Sure, it can a bit slow in some parts and as a result some may not be into it at first, but as of mid Season 2, it’s mostly awesome. Also, it can get…really depressing.

At first, I just liked it but with each episode I loved it more and more. Since mid Season 1 I’ve fallen in love with it and now I praise it like everyone else. Since i pretty much need to praise the show on a venue I have to do so, I’ve created this list.

I was going to do something a bit different but after thinking about it, I decided to do a list. Mostly because some of my favorites are a bit different, and my number one is…no one’s number one. And I wanted to discuss that one in detail.

So join me as we look at the best. There are about 50 episodes in season 1 because CN needs huge seasons now for some reason, so of course it’s hard to narrow down the best. But I’ve done it. Which ones have the best stories, character development, and all that jazz?

We’ll see which episodes represent the best of this awesome show. Let’s just get my obligatory praise of it out of the way so you can get back to seeing me talk about Jessie or some shit.

NOTE: For this list, Season 1 ends at The Return/Jail Break and episodes like Full Disclosure and Open Book are Season 2. In other words, I am going by airdate order.

Oh, and BIG SPOILER WARNING. Most of the time I gotta spoil the episodes to explain why they work, sorry. Oh, and don’t bitch if I get something wrong, usually I know it’s not exactly how I say it, I just don’t think it’s too important.

This, is my Top 11 Steven Universe (Season 1) Episodes

  1. Alone Together

Writers: Hilary Florido, Katie Mitroff, and Rebecca Sugar

It’s impossible…or at the very least inappropriate”-Pearl

.Well, we’re off to an interesting start already. This one of the strangest, yet most popular episodes. There’s so much to go over with it, it’s crazy. And it’s only at the bottom of the list.

The odd thing is, it almost wasn’t here at all. Originally I was just going to say it’s my unofficial number 11, but as I looked over the list, I accidentally made a mistake and skipped a number, meaning I only had a top 10.

I needed an episode to slap on the episode, and I had many choices because there are that many good episode. I watched this one to see if it’s worthy….and in hindsight, it should have been there to begin with….but it’s still at the bottom.

I’ll explain why in a bit. This episode is all about fusion. Simply put, it’s a power the gems can use to combine and become a new being. Up to this point we had seen Pearl and Amethyst (Opal) and Garnet and Amethyst (Slugilate…. I likely spelled that wrong).

It’s interesting but let’s go over the plot first.

It’s pretty simple: Steven wants to try out fusion but they think he can’t since he’s only half gem. After an incident with his female friend Connie, he and Connie suddenly fuse, becoming Steveionne.

Man, where do I even begin with this one? You could write an essay about the issues and implications found in this episode….more so than the actual story. Let’s address the obvious:

Steveonnie is a fusion between a boy and girl. Up to this point we’ve just seen the same gender fuse. (Before you say that gems have no genders, remember that I don’t care). It’s…interesting. Stevonnie does look more like a girl, hence why Lars is into…her. Yeah , I think that’s the right word.

Before I move on, I should say I am no way trying to offend anyone with anything I say, because I know this is a sensitive subject matter. Remember, I am not 100 percent knowledge about this stuff or the proper words to use all the time, and while I tried to look into this stuff to be sure not to offend anyone, I am still say some odd things, so keep all of that in mind.

Yes, I had to do research on a rather touchy gender issue to discuss a children’s cartoon. Let that sink in.

Anyway, onto something funny: Lars is briefly being into what he doesn’t know is a child. Lovely.

Actually, this whole episode is awkward like that. But not in a bad way, as it’s mostly rather innocent. Remember, they are fusing to become this new person, and they have no idea what to do.

Everyone else seems to sense that Stevonnie is different but are mostly accepting. Really, it’s just Lars and Sadie being weird, since she did just randomly walk in, waving her wet hair around.

The cool kids even invite her to a party. If handled poorly, this could have been awkward or offensive, but it’s done very well. These are still kids after all, and this is still a fantasy element we are dealing with.

Speaking of which, I’ve liked the fusions we’ve seen. They could have just been literately been the characters combined but they are usually their own character, just with both of those characters traits.

Stevonnie is interesting because she is more like the two characters put together, because it is the first fusion involving a human. She still stands as her own character, being both awkward (like Connie) and confident (like Steven).

There are a few little moments that remind you that this is Steven and Connie inside there, as well as being her own character. (“You are an experience!”)

We see how they deal with this new form and it’s really interesting. This is not the kind of stuff you tend to see on this kind of show, at least with the execution.

To paraphrase Garnet, this episode is an experience. It’s mostly Stevonnie doing stuff, and dealing with all of this, but the presentation makes it kind of …magical. The animation is really good here, especially the background covers.

The music is even better, giving a lot of the scenes a rather magical quality to them. It’s hard to describe, but this episode is just fascinating to watch.

Oh, and I have to give credit to Stevonnie’s voice actress for capturing all of this perfectly. They don’t use Steven and Connie’s voices for her, she is just that good at being on person AND two people.

Who voices her? ….Well, do you old Disney Channel people remember Ally and AJ? You recall what happened to Ally, but I’ve always wondered what happened to AJ/

.Well, she’s been doing a voice for a cartoon. …Yeah.

Since I have all of this praise, why is this at the bottom of the list? Well, when it comes to this show, I prefer the more complete stories. I like small bit size viewings, but my critical mind enjoys the more complete stories with more action.

As good as this episode is, the story isn’t all that great. We get lots of interesting stuff at the stuff but then it boils down to this: They fuse, they wander around, they got a party, they dance, they un-fuse…the end.

The ending is the weakest part. It doesn’t’ even end…it just kind of stops. It’s not a big problem but it does make it weaker on a critic level.

But really, it’s not meant to be a big interesting story, it is supposed to be a magical experience. But it still makes sense as a story. It has deep thmes while still being a simple story at the end of the day.

I can see why it might be higher on your list, because it is just a great episode. But as magical as it is, I like others more.

But with it’s subject matter, concepts and small details, Alone Together is just a really solid 11 minutes of TV all around. Wow, I said a lot and I still had to leave out a couple things. …Don’t expect that for the next few entries.

10. Rose’s Scabbard

Writers: Raven M. Molisse, Paul Villeco, and Rebecca Sugar

…Well, we have another interesting one. This is one of many episodes fans go crazy for, and get excited when someone is discovering it. Just look at the moment of Doug’s SU Vlogs.

(As a side note, I hope he goes into Say Uncle blind because it would be hilarious)

And yeah, like most episodes, it’s deserving of praise. However, it’s also one I don’t have much to say about it.

Pearl takes Steven to a special place that belonged to Rose Quartz after Lion finds the scabbard for Rose’s sword. And after that, some interesting things are released about Pearl’s relationship with Rose.

So…i don’t need to say what the big deal about this episode is, right? We get info about Rose, as we realize just how close Pearl was to her. We see that Pearl really….looked up to Rose and always stood by her side, even when Rose offers her a chance to walk away from an important battle.

Which is why she is baffled when she finds out Rose kept secrets from her, like that she hide a magic lion that kept her stuff. Yeah, this around when he get some serious vibes about just how much Rose liked pearl.

Okay, she was kind of in love with her. There’s really no doubt about it, and while it was more apparent in later episodes, this one of the deeper looks into in Season 1. And yeah, it’s rather interesting.

Not just because “omg so progressive” but because it’s just an interesting thing to begin with. Someone being in love with their leader and losing them is really tragic, especially with a character like Pearl.

They make a point about how Steven reminds Pearl of Rose, and we get hints that this kind of bugs her. There’s a bit where Steven is dangling from a floating land mass thing, but Pearl doesn’t try to help him, and he climbs up on his home. It could have made her look bad, but it’s a just treated as a quick bit, and it serves as an interesting look into her character.

They mostly analyze the Pearl stuff directly, but this is cool too. Of course, the emotion drives this all home. The ending is incredibly heartwarming with Steven confronting Pearl and there are a few little moments as well.

I could comment on how the emotion in this show works, but we’ll have plenty of chances on this list to do that. But I will say that here the emotion and effort saves what could have been a cheesy moment.

This episode just serves an interesting look into an relationship with some cool moments and a heartwarming ending. It shows that even the smallest bits in this show go a long way.

Why isn’t it higher on this list? Well, it’s a smaller story that mostly just has people talking, and not a ton of action. It has good writing and emotion to make up for it, but honestly I prefer episodes with more going on.

Objectively, it does deserve to be higher but as I said, I prefer episodes that can have great emotion AND an involved plot. And there are more interesting and dare I say emotional episodes anyway.

But it’s still a really interesting episode with fascination developed and some very nice moments. It’s one of the better small episodes from the series. Honestly I had hard time picking Number 11, but I think this is a good place to start off.

It shows the emotional side of the show while not being too flashy. While the next few aren’t as deep, this serves as a nice transition either way. And hey, I said more about it than I thought it would.

Overall, just another really good, sweet episode from Steven Universe.

9. Steven the Sword Fighter

Writers: Joe Johnston and Jeff Liu

After a rather heavy episode in terms of themes, we have a rather simple one. Well, in terms of what happens. It’s heavy for other reasons.

Pearl starts to teach Steven about Sword fighting with this Holo Pearl thing. She is stabbed by Holo Pearl but it turns out when Gems are hurt like they, they go into their gem to heal for a bit. However, two weeks later and she is still not out. Saddened by Pearl’s absence, Steven tries to use Holo Pearl as a replacement.

A lot of the things that make this show good are in this one. Mostly with it’s balance of elements. We have bit of world building with the Holo Pearl stuff, some emotion, some intense moments, and plenty of Comedy.

All of this is mixed in well to make for an enjoyable experience that is just as fun as it is interesting and well written. It even ends on a funny joke. The plot is simple in a very good way.

It’s no big complex ordeal. Pearl is just out of commission and Steven misses her. Of course they into deeper stuff, but it’s done in an accessible way, with humor mixed in well.

Of course, the plot and emotional stuff helps as well. That scene where Pearl gets stab is…..yikes. When this happens, you don’t know she will regenerate so it’s a crushing blow. And while it’s not Gorey, we see it right up front!

While it’s not quite a tear jerker, there are quite a few sad moments with Steven dealing with all of this. While it is played for laughs, it’s sad that he has to use Holo Pearl because he misses Pearl so much.

We also get hints of themes that would appear later in Coach Steven as Pearl goes on about real sword technique. It’s a small version of all that strong in the real way stuff we got in that episode. Speaking of which, they would later go even further into Sword fighting next Season…but more on that some other time.

Also. Holo Pearl is a good combination of creepy and funny. Due to how it’s shown, it can be just a normal device used for teaching, then funny as it keeps fighting when Steven wants it to be Pearl…and then scary as it attacks Steven at the end.

It adds to the episode fairly well. Then there’s the Comedy, which have a decent amount of have. We have a good parody of badly dubbed kung fu movies, with Pearl commenting how predictable the twist is.

Garnet and Pearl have a funny little background gag, and as I said, the ending gag is funny. They mix it in well so it’s not too goofy and the dramatic stuff sets in properly. When I put this on the list, it was due to the dramatic parts, but after watching it again, I realized how well done it is in general.

It manages to mix a few elements to make for a very enjoyable episode, despite the heavy moments. It gives some neat development and plenty of nice moments, as well as good comedy.

While the heavy stuff is why it’s on here, the other stuff makes it good as well. It’s interesting to see how Steven cares about Pearl, and all the sword fighting stuff. It’s great in a smaller way than most episodes, but it’s still great.

Overall, it’s another example of this show can combined various elements to create one fun experience. Even when it’s heavy, it can bounce back fine, for the most part. It’s yet another great, if small, episode.

  1. Space Race

Writers: Joe Johnston and Jeff Liu

Okay, I swear this is our last big Pearl episode. She’s not quite my favorite gem (cough Garnet Cough) but she is arguably the deepest and thus gets some of the best episodes.

After hearing about how Pearl misses space, Steven and Greg try building their own space ship.

This is another rather simple story that still ends up saying a lot. As I said before, it’s a Pearl episode and dives into her character. Again, a rather simple start to what we would get later, but it’s still great.

Like a lot of episodes, it knows how to put it enjoyable as well as tear jerker. Infact, most of this episode is spent on Comedy as Steven and Greg try to make this ship.There are many fun moments with this.

My favorite joke happens at the start as Greg watches …Crying Breakfast Friends.

I must be getting old, I used to like cartoons”

This episode has a nice structuce and build up to it. It starts with a slighty bit of building and has you feel a bit sorry for Pearl as she talks about space, then goes into hinkx started by Steven being amazing.

It starts off innocent, then Pearl gets involved and makes this more complicated. It properly builds up and becomes more dramatic while still being fun. So when it gets all sad, it feels earned.

Getting ready to see me say stuff like that, because that’s a big strength of the show in general. Even the most tear jerking episodes build up to correctly, and aren’t too “deep” about it.

I don’t want to say pretentious because I hate that word. Ironically, it has become pretentious!

The antics are amusing and of course every character shines. Yes, Pearl is awesome but let’s focus on Greg for a bit. We’ll talk about him in the next entry (hint hint) but he shines here too.

He works with Steven and helps him with the ship even though it’s an odd idea, and later on he isn’t happy with Pearl wanting to take him into space for real. Despite how he looks, he’s not a dead bet and is very likable here. With this premise, it’s not too hard to make him right, but you’re be surprised how many shows could get it wrong.

Then there’s Pearl. Man, between this and Rose’s Scabbard alone, you gotta feel bad for her. She might have the most bagged of the gems, at least in terms of just how much has happened to her over the years. Here we see that she misses space so much she’s willingly to put Steven in danger to get a taste of it again.

By the way, I think there was a disconnect between animators and writers, because they clearly meant them to just be leaving the atmosphere, but the background shows in space…with Steven still breathing. Maybe his gem-ness does that, idk.

This of course leads to a nice moment with Steven giving us the moral: There’s no shame in bailing out. This was foreshadowed earlier, and while it wasn’t too subtle, it worked in that context so it doesn’t come across as weird when it happens.

This bit is yet another sad part that is just…damn. This is one of those moments that got me to like the show even more. It’s an intense and heartwarming moment that gives us character insight, and a nice, if basic moral.

It’s the icing on a pretty awesome cake. This is one of those episodes I go back to when I think of examples of how emotional the show can be, even it’s a simple story. It’s charming, fun, well written, and of course, emotional.

And proving why Pearl is amazing and complex isn’t too bad either. Not much else to say, really. Just another solid Pearl development episode.

As side note, Sanjay and Craig had an episode with the same name around the same time. …This one is better but that one is actually good too.

7. House Guest

Writers: Lamar Abrams and Hellen Jo

I said that the characters in this show are more than they seem. This extends to the supporting characters. The biggest example will come later, but Greg is another big one. He is Steven’s Father…and we all know how fathers in cartoons tend to be.

Since Greg is a former rocker who lives in a van, you think he would be another dumbass Dad…but he’s not. Sure, he isn’t the brightest man ever, but that’s because most people would be clueless around all this gem nonsense.

Given what he went through with Rose, it’s easy to see why he is the way he is. He tries hard to be a good father even with Steven living with the gems. He is a bit goofy, but he is no way stupid.

And as you have guessed, this episode is a good example of why Greg is awesome.

Left homeless and with a broken leg after the events of the previous episode, Greg stays with Steven and the Gems as a temporary house guest.

The premise doesn’t sound too interesting at first. It’s the story of that house guest who outstays their welcome and relies too much on their care taker. But of course, this show manages to make it work, just with the character motivations.

First off, there’s a pretty sweet song by Steven about Dad. It’s not one of the shows best songs, but it’s cute and sets things up nicely. They do a good job of showing their relationship, and we see how much they bond.

It’s a simple and effective way to make everything that happens later hit harder.

I suppose I should cut to the chase, because before the reveal, there isn’t a lot to discuss. We have some cute scenes and Greg calling Steven to do really minor things. This work because it’s clear he is doing this to see Steven and not be a moochng douche bag.

But then it turns out Greg has been faking it the last couple days. Yeah, Steven actually healed him with his powers (don’t ask) earlier but Greg faked it to spend more time with him.

This is pretty predictable and usually this is where things would fall apart….but it’s actually where it gets better!

How the heck does it actually work? Because of how Greg was written. He just did it because he really wanted to hang out with his son. And given how things are, you can’t blame him too much. He doesn’t come across as too unlikable.

Mostly because he is quickly called on it. Then Steven says Greg messed up because after he “Failed” to heal Greg, he was not confident enough to help fix this gem machine…thing the other gems wanted him to take care of.

Because of this, Greg sees the consequences of actions. Now that’s even better. Not only is he slightly justified, but he is called out AND sees exactly how his careless actions have negatively effected his son.

Of course he manages to heroically make up for it with a Checkov’s Gun. This has some of the best character writing in Season 1, if you ask me. Sure the bigger complex episodes are fine, but this is more subtle in how it’s done.

It’s a story that is so cliché and so easily could have failed, but they did everything right at every step. Instead of just mooching off Steven like a jerk, he does this to be closer to him, which is understandable in context.

Their relationship is properly set up beforehand, and Greg is called out for his actions and he sees just how bad they were. Sure, there a few small moments where Greg seems annoying but that is fixed very quickly.

This episode shows the strengths of Greg’s character and really makes me like him. This seemingly weak story ends up being really well written and decently emotional.

I was really surprised, because I’m the first to complain about a cliché story, even if the product is fine. I will almost always go “gee, I wonder if X will happen”. But this episode is done so well, I didn’t do that.

Now that takes talent. Sure, it’s not perfectly and it’s far from the best story, but it’s still a very well done story. I mean, as good as this show is, it could easily screw up this kind of plot, but it didn’t.

By the way, this episode came right before Space Race. Now that’s a double dose of awesome. It’s sweet, has a cute song, and is a well written story that has great development for a great character. A surprisingly great episode if there ever was one.

Go Greg!

6. The Test

Writers: Hilary Florido and Katie Mitroff

Steven finds out that the events of Cheeseburger Backpack were just a test, and demands a real test that challenges him.

…So right off you see one crazy thing about this episode. I love it when they have a twist revealing something we saw before we not what it seemed. Here, a whole episode was not what we thought it was!

This episode gets to off a great start. After some good jokes, this is revealed and it’s such a great moment. Steven isn’t exactly happy that he got tricked like that, especially since he technically “Failed” that test.

To be honest, I almost want to make this really short, because I really don’t want to 100 percent spoil this one. The “fun” comes with finding out more about all of this, and seeing the awesome ending.

But I kind of have to go into more detail to further explain why this one is good so…SPOILER WARNING GOES DOUBLE FOR THIS ONE. Seriously, if you haven’t seen the show and have made it this far, you should skip ahead because I just personally feel the episode won’t be the same if you know what happens and how going into it.

I have some stuff to say before we get there. Steven’s make up test is really cool, as each stage made by each gem is creative and interesting. It’s really cool seeing how he goes through this, and it gets fairly intense.

You really get worried for him when it gets quite dangerous. And given what happens next, that’s pretty impressive. This episode was really interesting already with the reveal, and the cool test.

Then we have the ending to all of this. Basically, it turns out that….this new test is fake too. Yes, even after what Steven said, this still put him through a fake test. He’s a bit upset, but after overhearing them talking, he starts to kind of understand.

I don’t think I could properly sum it up without basically copying the script word for word, but I’ll try. In short, they really wanted Steven to get his confidence back because he’s come so far and this boost could help him get even better.

Remember, failing to heal his further hurt his confidence a bit back there, and they don’t want a repeat of that. I may be convincing that this move was justified, but they say it better than I do.

We really see how they feel about how this, and how they kind of had to do this. While they seem perfect, they are really clueless without Rose, and they aren’t sure this is even the right choice.

This really helps you get why they are doing this, and evens even more to their characters. So what does Steven do? Does he call them out but then say he gets it?

Nope, he “passes” the test and acts like he learned nothing, because he wants to make them happy, just like they were doing for him.

This…actually makes it even better. Sure, the traditional ending with Steven calling them out and them making up would have be fine, but this is even better. It shows Steven gets what they are going for, and thinks it would be easier to just do what they are doing.

Steven is put in a difficult position just like them and decides to do something kind of mature. It puts his character to…the…test. Whoa, my mind is blown. Is it right for both parties to pretty much lie?

Maybe not but in this context, it is what is best for both of them. As cheesy as it might sound, it’s really mature and incredibly well done in context. AND it proves this show can do a “lying is sometimes fine” moral correctly!

This episode is just excellent when it comes to the themes and development. My only complaint is that some parts are dragged out slightly to meet the 11 minute mark. The test itself could have gone on a bit longer so they didn’t have to make some other minor parts go on a bit.

But that’s a nitpick. Otherwise, it’s a really great episode that shows more of what this show can do. As if revealing something about a previous episode wasn’t enough, it goes to dive into these characters and do some really awesome stuff.

Needless to say, these writers get an A.

…Wow, that was lame.

5. On the Run

Writers: Joe Johnston and Jeff Liu

Oh boy. The rest of the episodes on here are great, but the ones from this point on are kind of amazing in one way or another. And we start it with this. So I must confess something: For awhile, Amethyst was my least favorite Gem.

She was still awesome but she had a few jerk-y moments that were more annoying than funny, most notably in Joking Victim. Bits like that made her less awesome than the others, even if it’s not enough to make her bad

…Then this episode happened. I like her more now.

While Steven and Amethyst are on the run to replicate Steven’s favorite book series, they make a stop at where Amethyst comes from. Drama ensues.

This is another episode where the big thing is pretty much the only thing, so I am forced to just cut to the chase. Meaning you can skip if you don’t want the impact ruined for you, even if the plot points aren’t exactly too shocking.

It’s another simply story, and typically those aren’t my favorite but this episode is so good I can let it slide. Honestly, for that reason it could have been lower, but there’s no way an episode with this much emotion could not be in the top 5.

To put it simply, Amethyst was created on earth, in a place called The Kindergarten. They made gems there and it was not for a good reason, let’s put it that way. As you might imagine, she’s not too proud of her origins and this visit creates plenty of drama

Honestly, all of the …, if you wanna call it that, is from exactly what the characters and how they discuss all of this. Anything I could say to sum it up could not possibly capture all the emotion goes on here.

But I could have to go into it a little bit. I guess I can touch on the little things for a second. I like how charming the start is, fooling you into thinking this ight be just fun.

There’s a cute song and some good jokes as well. I love the comment about the supposedly bad graphic novel version of No Home Boys. This show really gets fandoms, as if the Dub/Subs comment in Keep Beach City Weird was not proof enough.

It transitions rather nicely, as all this talk of having no home reminds her of her home and all of this trouble. It’s slightly jarring going from the start to the actual meat, but it’s still decently done.

Then we have the real stuff. I’m not quite how to sum it up, but let’s see. To put it quickly, Pearl shows up and they end up having a talk about how Amethyst feels about all of this.

As I said, summing it would be hard because everything that happens here is character driven. Just two characters talking about their feelings and having a real talk. You can’t just sum it up, you know?

I suppose that makes this story weaker when you sum it on paper, but there’s a nice mix of story and deeper stuff. It just feels so real. Most of the credit goes to the voice actors, who make you forget these are two cartoon characters spewing words made by a guy hired to write this stuff.

The raw emotion is just awesome. It’s just interesting to hear Amethyst talk about this stuff. She basically goes into how she was pretty much a mistake and how she feels about it.

It really makes you respect Amethyst a lot more. I know after this I loved her a lot more. It explains why she’s a bit more human than the other Gems…and thus slightly more annoying.

A recent episode revealed something about her origin that made her even more tragic, which shows that even now the show is still growing. It’s interesting how after this episode, I had no issues with Amethyst ever again.

Mostly since after this she got a bit more open and was not as troubled by all of this. This episode is like the super complex version of Sonic Rainboom. An episode developing a slightly problematic character that makes me love the character.

Oh, and the Kindergarten looks cool. It’s so barren and creepy, and it makes for a great set piece.

I’m not gonna get all psychological abut all the “deep themes” here or whatever. I just feel that this is a really raw and emotional episode that happens to be a bit deep.

Just seeing Amethyst talk about this stuff is interesting on it’s own. Everything about this episode is just plain fascinating and gripping. Sure, it may not be the biggest story ever, but it’s still pretty awesome.

I’m sorry I didn’t quite recap all of it, but I dare not spoil everything in here. Trust me, what they say is too good to spoil. …also, I couldn’t figure out how to phrase it all in my own. I suck at writing, as you can tell by now.

But Joe Johnston and Jeff Liu don’t! Brought it back, yes. I think these two are tied with Raven M. Molisse and Paul Villeco for my favorite writers. Both of these duos almost always churn of amazing episodes.

…Except the dud, but no one is perfect.

Overall, this is a great important episode that deserves the praise it gets. I am may be overselling it, but I just really like it. The revelations are interesting, the song is fun, and the interacts are great, showing some fantastic emotions.

If this is only number 5, then you know I think highly of these next 4. As a whole, this is another great character driven episode.

4. Mirror Gem/Ocean Gem

Writers: Raven M. Molisse and Paul Villeco (Mirror Gem), Joe Johnston and Jeff Liu

(Ocean Gem)

…Given what episode(s) we are not discussing, I should say that my top 4….are almost tied. They are almost equally fantastic, and it was hard to put certain ones over another. But eventually I decided which ones were better, and while it felt weird to put this slightly lower than most people would, I still confident.

So…where do I heck do I begin? Steven finds an Mirror that can somehow talk to him, and from there they discover another gem that is not happy with our heroes.

After watching this episode again, I didn’t quite get as emotional over it as I remembered…but it’s still pretty awesome just for what it does. It seems a bit odd to half this special be spread out over 2 11 minute episodes instead of one 22 minute episode.

Adventure Time does that too (even for something like Holly Jolly secrets, as it’s just called part 1 and part 2) but Regular Show thankfully just does it normally. But an extent, I can see the benefits of this.

When you have one 22 minute story, you’ll just focus on the main part of the story. You’ll want to spread out only one story, so sometimes people may rush certain parts or take too long.

With this, you have two separate stories that just build off each other. Part 1 is mostly about one thing, and part 2 is about the other. So thus, both can go as deep as they want, and create a perfectly paced story.

And that’s how this one works. Mirror Gem is really good on it’s own, as they get some good gags out of the mirror and how it reacts to things. It starts with Steven wanting to experience school, because he’s a kid, of course he doesn’t realize the horrors of what what School is. They get some nice jokes out of that to ease into the plot. This one focuses on fun antics with Steven and it works really well.

Even some of the supporting characters like Lars and Dewey got some amusing moments. This episode paces itself rather well, building to the big moment. When things get going, oh boy it’s interesting.

We get to see the gems angry at Steven as he refuses to give them the mirror when they ask for it, because the mirror doe not like this. It’s….pretty interesting. Anytime a character usually shown as liking our main character gets like this, it makes for some intense stuff.

To cut to the chase, it turns out there’s a gem in there, named Lapis Lazuli. And she’s not too happy. She leaves and takes the ocean with her. That’s the main conflict of Ocean Gem (“I’m gonna get the ocean back, or get really thirsty trying”)…but let’s talk about Lapis.

I could recap the rest of the plot, but we’ll get into the big thing about this episode. Before now, some of us figured the gems were fugitives from home world, or something odd was going on.

While we find out more about later, this episode gives us a glimpse into how other gems view them. She’s been trapped in that mirror and her gem stone is cracked, and she blames the gems for this.

Again, they don’t go to deep into it, but they do reveal at least some other gems are not the best people, and don’t like the Crystal gems. This is pretty interesting, as it makes things a bit black and white.

It’s not a simple good vs evil battle, it’s way bigger than that. Granted, most other gems seem to be jerks, but given what we find out, it’s easy to see why some feel the way they do, especially Lapis.

She’s pretty amazing. She’s not really a bad guy, as she’s she pissed about what has happened in the past. She is really sympathetic and shares a decent bond with Steven, especially after he heals her.

He heals with his spit. This show can do that and still keep the moment effective. Yes. They do a good job of balancing both sides of her, being very lovable and also pretty intimadating.

And through her, we get some of the best animation in the show. Seriously, Lapis herself is really smooth, and anteing involving the water is great. There’s a whole fight scene taking place at this water tower she made, and it looks just great.

The colors are striking and everything is just so lovely and detailed. The best is when Steven and her at the top, kind of in space. It looks just go damn good. While some shows have better character animations at times, this may be just be the most beautiful looking cartoon on right now, at least with the colors.

And as usual, the music helps build the atmosphere too. This episode just oozes atmosphere all around.

This thing was so huge when it came out, as it revealed quite a lot and showed us so much. Like a lot of episodes that set the ground work for later, it still holds up as something really good.

It gives us an incredibly sympathetic and interesting character, along with some fun antics and beautiful animation. It reveals more about the world and even now, it’s still fascinating how they reveal all of this.

It even leaves you with a good feeling at the end. It certainly feels like a mid Season finale, as it marks a new beginning, as even more great episodes come after this. Actually, I think most of the list comes after this.

Hell, House Guest is RIGHT after this, as Greg breaks his leg in this one. Interesting.

This is certainly a great way to end the first half of the Season. It reveals more stuff and gives a lot to chew on. It’s funny, it’s intense, and of course decently emotional. Everything I’ve come to expect, really.

With all of that in mind, this really earns it’s place on the list. While I respect the next 3 more to an extent, this is still one I dig a lot.

It’s pretty awesome, is what I’m saying. …Although in a way I perfer…

3. The Return/JailBreak

Writers: Raven M. Molisse and Paul Villeco (Return), Joe Johnston, Jeff Liu, and Rebecca Sugar (Jailbreak)

Yep, I put both two parters close together. Really, how could I not? I almost tied them…but that would look clunky. This is the big Season ender…and it’s even bigger than the previous entry.

Once again, we get a bit to cover, so let’s get into it. While Mirror and Ocean just kind of happened, ths had a lot of build up. The now infamous Steven Bomb premiere week lead up to with little episodes building up to this one, resulting in this.

After the events of those build up episodes, Perdiot finally arrives with a ship that is a giant hand. Because…reasons. Well, there’s a reason for the ship, not so much for it being a hand. Anyway, some bad gems finally come to earth and they have to deal with that.

When that faisl, they end up in jail on the ship and must break out. So before I get to the fusion in the room, let’s look at the episodes themselves. They are a bit different than Mirror Gem and Ocean Gem.

They worked together as separated stories and built up to their respect main plots. This one goes right in and feels like a slightly smaller plot that is one big story instead of two smaller ones.

In other words, it’s a 22 minute episode split into 2 rather than 2 11 minute ones, like that one. While some may perfer that one, I like how they did this one. Mostly because the best moments are even better one.

For one, it gets pretty intense and interesting. Everyone is forced to leave the city, and you get the feeling some bad stuff will be going down. On top of that, they force Steven to go because it’s too dangerous, and it brings more drama.

Greg has a talk with him and we basically find out right then and there the whole thing with the gems and home world. Yep, they are fugitives, as the other gem were doing bad things to earth, and Rose didn’t like it.

That’s the basic version, anyway. Greg saying this makes it even more interesting as opposed to the easier way the gems might tell it, since Greg isn’t exactly as into this stuff.

Speaking of the other gems, we pretty much see first hand how they feel about certain things, most notably fusion. Trust me, I’m getting to that. The world building is just a small part of this episode though.

For one, the animation and music are somehow better than in the last one. They really know how to use color perfectly, as well as music even when it’s not too flashy. This creates some amazing moment in both episodes, especially the end of both of them.

Also, I actually love the abrupt ending of Jail Break. Something epic happens…then Garnet makes a quip and then it just ends with Connie calling Steven. You aren’t given any time to let it sink it…and that’s why it’s hilarious.

There are plenty of little nice moments, most of them dealing with Steven, of course. But I’m just stalling, let’s finally get to use.

Yep, it turns out Garnet is actually a fusion of two gems named Ruby and Sapphire. The two are pretty much lovers who cared so deeply for each other they becaome a somewhat permanent fusion known as Garnet.

Most people would go crazy over this due to them being kind of being lesbians and again, OMG SO PROGRESSIVE. ….Okay, before you correct me by saying gems do not have gender, just remember this:

I don’t care.

Anyway, that’s not why I got crazy over it. Yeah, the lesbian thing is cool but with how it’s shown, you could see it as…good friends? …Hey, that’s likely how the writers phrased it so CN would air it.

At least it’s not as dumb as Korra and Asami holding hands=LOVERS FOREVER.

Okay, I’ve pissed off enough people, let’s get serious. This reveal is great because….Garnet is a fusion! Not only does it explain a lot but it makes her character even more interesting.

We see that fusion is frowned upon by certain gems, and we have certainly seen what fusion really means. It some ways it’s a relationship and from wat I can see, Ruby and Sapphire were pretty darn close.

All of is shown perfectly during Garnet’s song, Stronger Than You. Yeah, the song is amazing, and not just for the singing and tune. It perfectly sums up Garnet and the stuff revealed in this.

And you’re not gonna stop what we made together.
We are gonna stay like this forever.
If you break us apart, we’ll just come back newer.
And we’ll always be twice the gem that you are.

This alone shows just what Garnet is all about and makes me care about Ruby and Sapphire. While they aren’t on screen for long, we get just enough to see their connected. And once we find out they are Garnet, we have eveything we need to know, the song goes even deeper than that.

One to composers/sound people said thst they wanted to emphasize the euphoria of Garnet being reformed and think that is what makes the song and thus the episode, so great.

The reveal is cool but they way they show it so interesting. But even taking that away, I like how epic this one used. While it’s not the biggest thing ever, it certaintly fits as a season finale.

It reveals some more things, has interesting themes and has some pretty epic stuff in it. I personally thought it was completely satisfying, and even after all this time, it’s still awesome.

…It came out this year and I just said it like it came out years ago.

Oh, and Lapis fuses with Jasper so she can keep her in the ocean. That is amazing. You feel even worse for Lapis here so doing this is just awesome. It makes for an epic ending and a perfect note to end things on.

Overall, this episode is pretty awesome. It gives us a ton to like, from the character development , to action, to an epic scene. It was an awesome way to end the season, even if we didn’t know it ended the Season until later because CN Schedulers suck balls at their job.

I think Disney, Nick ,and Cartoon Network want to see who can piss off their fans the most with bad scheduling You decide who is winning right now.

Anyway, with all of that, this is a Season ending that deliverers, and it certainly deserves to be at this spot.

But if this is only number 3, which episodes could I possibly respect more? Well, let’s see. But yeah, great episode, insert bad pun here.

2. So Many Birthdays

Writers: Raven M. Molisse and Paul Villeco

Many times on this blog, I have talked about the Growing the Beard trope. It is the moment when a series starts becoming truly special. It may have been decent up to that point, but this is where it gets going.

For Steven Universe, this is the Growing the Beard Moment. The show was pretty good up to this point, but this is where we got our first glimpse of deeper themes. This is the first episode to blow me away in some away, and the first time I seriously payed attention.

And while other episodes are written better, I keep going back to it.

When Steven finds out that the Gems are thousands of years old, he tries to make up for lost time with tons of Birthdays, but starts to wonder if he’s getting too old for child stuff.

By objective standards, this episode may not hold up as well as a few others. It’s one of those episodes that peeks into themes instead of using them to create a perfect story, and it ends a bit abruptly.

It ends before reaching a meaning….but it still works very well. For one, you can tell what the meaning is if you just use your brain for a moment. We don’t need a moral force fed to us, and this show can be good at that.

It makes up for those issues by giving us a really unique experience, with themes to think about it. Really, the only thing I find odd is that Steven didn’t know the gems live for that long. I suppose at this point they wanted us to think that he hadn’t know them for that long…..but we later find out they have been taking care of hm since he was little so yeah, it makes no sense.

But that’s a nitpick, so let’s get into it. Over the course of this blog, you may notice I tend to like stories that go into themes about age. Stories that ask when you should grow up, or what it’s ike to mature.

I mean just look at 16 Wishes, and my enjoyment of the Pepper Ann, Recess, and Weekenders Halloween episodes with these themes. It’s just always interested me. I don’t have any personal problems with this, as I’ve always been fine with my age.

I know it’s fine for me to like certain kid things, and I’m okay with becoming a mature adult. Even if some may think I’m not trying at all.

It is an interesting theme to think about it, and this episode tocuhes on it. When Steven starts to feel old, his gem suddenly makes him age. Okay, that’s another thing I don’t get. They don’t explain how it can do that.

They have more or less stated his gem often reacts to emotions, but it mostly just means that his shield/bubble goes up when others are in dangers and stuff like that. It hasn’t done much else so this is a bit odd. Maybe it’s an idea they kicked around but didn’t go through with.

Either way, it makes for a great plot. Despite this episode being known for it’s emotion, it’s actually pretty funny for the most part. They do some good jokes with each section, especially the party stuff at the start.

It’s amusing how the gems don’t know about party traditions and things are goofy and funny up to a certain point. Even when he starts to age, there are jokes about how odd this is.

My favorite joke is when Steven asks Sadie and Lars to help him into his birthday suit. …It makes sense in context.

This is another episode that sets up the drama well with nice Comedy. Other episodes so it better, but I like how they do it here too. Of course, the highlight is the ending where things get emotional.

This is the biggest tearjeker in the show to be honest. I know other episodes get more emotional when it comes to….actual mention but this came to closest to getting me teary eyed.

Steven ages to the point where he’s pretty much on the brink of death. Yeah, it’s that kind of kids show, if you can’t tell. This is given the weight it deserves, as it gets pretty depressing.

The gems desperately try to get him back to normal, and damn is it sad. They do have jokes in this part but they are only funny because of how said it is. It’s so heartbreaking seeing Steven go through this, and the Gems reacting to it.

This whole part is the perfect combination of strange, amusing, and sad. The animation even looks a bit gloomier to fit this and it’s so good. The drama just works here, and it’s quite geneuine.

Of course, there’s a happy ending as Steven goes back to normal once he starts to actually younger. The episode pretty much ends here. While this can be seen as a problem, I like to think they wanted you to think about themes for yourself.

With how they show it, I think they are saying that you are only as old as you feel. The Gems are god knows how old but are still quite spry. Sure, the whole…alien might have something to do with it, but they don’t think about how old they are, since it doesn’t matter.

Steven let it get to him and that’s why he got so old. It doesn’t matter what you do art any age, as long as you don’t worry about that silly stuff. You can like childish stuff as an adult, just don’t go to overboard with it.

They do a good job at presenting this moral without being too obvious about it. It is obvious but not stated. If they keep it too open, it would come across as pretentious or forced. But thankfully, they know how to keep it light.

This episodes holds a special place in my heart, because it’s the first time I saw what this should could be. It could actually be an emotional and complex experience,and not just fun antics.

It’s when I started to pay attention to the show, and I think others can agree with me. This is when Steven Universe went from a good show to a great show. Well, I suppose some of the episodes around Mirror/Ocean Gem can be seen as the moment too, but this is close.

As a story, it’s not as well put together as a few others. But I still love it because it’s interesting, funny, and emotional. Just like most of the show, really. It does a lot for the show and personally, it holds up as a great experience.

Even if it gets overshadowed now by other episodes, this is still a really great episode with interesting themes and some really emotional moments.

It’s when I get invested in the show, and for that, it deserves a spot at number 2, at least in my opinion. It might be the best, but it’s great and I love it.


Before we get to number one, we naturally must go over some honorable mentions. I will only have 3, because if I went through all of them, I’d just list too many “great, but not my favorite” episodes. So here are those 3:


Coach Steven (Raven M. Molisee and Paul Villeco): This popular episode was very close, as it has a cool fusion, cool moments, great themes, and an amazing song. However, the very ending takes away from it. The whole episode shows that Pearl is jealous and just wants to be right. They show both sides are not being 100 percent right…but Pearl boasts about how she was right. The end. I expect that kind of dumb joke from a lesser show and it takes away from the themes. But it’s still good, so consider it number 13 or so.

Lion 3 Straight to Video (Joe Johnston, Jeff Liu, and Rebecca Sugar): Yes, the ending is very emotional and awesome. But like I sad, I prefer the more complete stories. Nothing really big happens in this one until the ending. It works but as a story, it’s not in my top 11, sorry.

An Indreict Kiss (Raven M. Molisee and Paul Villeco): I have no special reason for leaving this off. It’s another episode with interesting revelations and some great moments. It’s the episode that got me to think this is the best show on CN. It’s where I became a real fan. Why is not on the list? Not enough room, that’s all. It’s number 12. I didn’t fit in because there are episodes I just prefer with what they reveal, that’s it.

Since a majority of the fan favorites have been mentioned, you mgiht wonderful what the hell my number one. Well, here we go.

My number one favorite episode of Steven Universe Season 1 is…


1. Joking Victim

Writers: Raven M. Molisse and Paul Villeco

I know what you are all thinking: Really, this episode? I don’t remember it being THAT special. What the hell? I’m going to burn your house for having a different opinion!

And I can see why this may shock you. At most, people think this episode is decent. Nothing special but good.

And it may not be the best written….but If you ask me, this episode represents the big thing that makes this show so great.

Let me explain.

I suppose I should get my big negative out of the way. Remember how I said this was one of the episodes where Amethyst kind of bugged me? While it flat out opens with her pulling a prank on Steven where she has him eat fries with Fire Salt in them.

Not only is this cruel but it’s just here to introduce a Chekov’s Gun for later. In other words, they had her be a jerk just for the plot to work. Then later on as Lars is going all crazy, she just sits there laughing at him.

Yes, it’s Lars but it’s still annoying. She has a jerk moment at the end, although it is kind of amusing. She says she and Steven make a good team.

You were of no help whatsoever’

That was funny. But I can let her slide since the rest of the episode is so good. Now onto the actual plot.

Lars is sick and can’t go to work, so Steven fills in at The Big Donut to help Sadie. Right at the start, we see than Lars is typically a big jerk, When Steven makes a mess, he has Sadie clean it even though it’s his turn.

This nicely sets up what he’s usually like as it’s important for later. Steven likes working with Steven, and this section gives most of the humor of the episode. It also shows us more of Sadie and the Big Donut, so it serves a very good plot purpose.

It also gives a training video starring someone voiced by Sinbad. That’s amazing too.

Eventually Steven suggests just firing Lars, but Sadie says he is a nice guy deep inside. She tells story about the time she really helped out and they played video games, with her as Player 2.

We spent the whole night together”

That really is nice…must’ve been one great video game. “

…Yeah, it was”

.No comment. Except that this is super important, because it shows a nice side to lars, as well as show why Sadie is willingly to defend him. They had a connection at some point.

They decide to do something nice for him, so they go to his house with some Donuts…only to find that he was faking being sick and he’s just hanging out with the cool kids.

This isn’t really a shock given how Lars acted earlier, but after that backstory, it’s a crushing blow. You can really feel how Saide feels here, seeing this after she just went on about how awesome Lars is. The animation really adds a lot here.

She wants to get him back, and the next day Steven suggests giving him a fire salt Donut. Sadie doesn’t want to do this at first because it’s not really nice to just be an asshole back at him.

But then Lars comes in to say something dick-ish, so in anger she does it. While I was taken aback at first, you can’t really blame here given the context. Sometimes we do dumb things like that when someone wrongs us and it’s Lars. Enough said.

But of course this backfires, making Lars breath fire all over the place. After some antics, they catch up to him and then we get the big emotional stuff that makes me love the episode.

First, Sadie calls him out for his Lars-ness.

After all I do for you, you LIE to me? So you can sneak off with some other girls?!”

Then we get the big wham line of the episode:

That night we played video games, I don’t know what it meant to you. But ever since then, I can’t get the thought out of my head that you’re a good person. That night, I really thought… Player Two. Is that just your way of saying I could’ve been anyone?”

There’s a bit more before I go on my praise rant. You can tell by Lars expression that he’s starting to realize the consequences of his actions, and how he hurt Sadie. After they stop his whole fire thing with a nice callback, Lars offers to help despite Sadie not wanting to talk to him.

The episodes ends on that Amethyst joke I mentioned earlier. There is much to talk about here, I don’t know where to begin. This episode is kind of brilliant in a few ways, mostly in how at looks at Sadie and Lars.

I said this episode represents the big thing that makes this show so great. Here’s what I meant by that. I said one the shows biggest strengths is how the characters are better and more than they seem.

I explained how they did this with Lars and a few other characters, but here they do it with Lars. Lars is basically the asshole character, meant to be a jerk most of the time. You can think of some example of his type off the top of your head, and I don’t meant jerks with a heart of gold like Muscleman (most of the time).

I mean the ones that are just side characters that exist to be unlikable. Typically they come in the form of Alpha Bitches such as Diamond Tiara, although they can development sometimes.

With how Lars is, you think he might be like this forever or when they do have him be nice, he’ll just do some nice then go back to normal with nothing too deep. They did show some more to him in “Lars and the Cool Kids” where he just simply wants to fit in, and when he screws up, Steven….calls hm out on it.

What do you know about my Mom?! I DIDN’T EVEN GET TO KNOW MY MOM! But I do know, she saw beauty in everything! Even in stuff like this and even in jerks like you! “ “

Consider that another runner up. But that one just had him realize he might be a bit dick-ish and that’s about it. It was a bit deep but in a more subtle way. This takes it head on. Most of the time, he’s a jerk here, pretending to be sick to skip work, and just being uncaring towards his friend, and Steven.

But we find out that at one point, he was nice. He can caring towards Sadie, and he does have a nice side to him. At the end he does want to help after seeing how he screwed up. He knows Sadie isn’t interesting in talking to him, but he figures he could sort of make up for it anyway.

Notice that he doesn’t apologize at all, yet he clearly has realize he may have been a bit of a jerk. They don’t try to magically have him learn his lesson….but he’s also not shown as just a jerk who can never change. He’s at nether extreme by the end, he’s just a bit of both.

Yes, he is a jerk but there is something nice inside him. He’s been good once and he can tell when he has majorly screwed up.

They don’t go for either easy right, by having him just suddenly be nice, or just get his comeuppance and have that be it. I know what you’re thinking: Well duh they showed him being nice in the end, he’s had a slight nice side before. When that happens, it would make no sense to have him still be a jerk in a story like that.

That’s true, but I’ve seen shows just have a character go back to being a jerk, even if they have a nice side. Sometimes n the same episode! Uwsually it’s just for the sake of a mean spirited joke.

But Steven Universe knows going that route is usually a bad idea. It’s mostly a nice show and every character is more complex than makes the eye. They could have made an exception with Lars, but they didn’t.

Yes, he isn’t a saint after this but he’s a jerk in smaller ways and isn’t going around doing stuff like this again, at least in the present. And that’s not even the end of it!

They could have ended it here, but then we have Island Adventure, which further develops the relationship with him and Sadie. This one even shows Sadie as flawed, in a bit that some found off, but I found acceptable.

Then it has this line from Lars:

Have you felt lonely…even when you’re around people?”


Then in Horror Club, we find out he and Ronaldo have a backstory, further developing him. This one was so good some people even decided to change their minds about Lars. Others…not so much.

Which actually kind of bugs me. See, the thing I love about this episode it doesn’t go too far either way, so you can him a nice guy now, or you can see him as a jerk who has lost his way.

But either way, you say he had redeeming elements and can be nice. But there are some people who act like he’s a completely irredeemable jerk who has never been nice and never well.

.Have those people just not seen these episodes? While he isn’t exactly a saint here, they have spent at least 4 episodes showing he has a nice side and they have really developed him as a character.

He’s not just a jerk, he has at least a bit more to him. And if you don’t find ihm or funny or whatever, that’s fine. But some people act like he’s just the worst person ever and he’s never done anything good or whatever.

People are just stubborn, even after these episodes. I don’t get how people can just ignore this stuff just so they can hate a character.

But one episode of Diamond Tiara being nice, and she’s best pony. I don’t get it. This is why people think we’re worse than Bronies!

Back to my point. While Island Adventure has Lars’ deepest moment, and Horror Club is a bit more even (the only reason it wasn’t on the list is because I had more to say about him in this), this is still his best development as a whole.

This was the first time we looked into his relationship with Sadie, and how his nature effects others. Sadie is another reason this episode is so great. We really see how she feels about all of this, and how it hurts others.

Like she said, after that one thing, she can’t think of him of anything but a good person. She found a connection with him, so she is willingly to put hm with his actions. But this time he goes too far, and you just see how it hurts her, with the dialogue, animation, and voice acting.

This show really knows how to capture a moment like that and make every element work to create just a chilling piece of emotion. I think it works best in bits like this, and Lars and the Cool Kids. They know just what words to use, and how to have the actors say them.

This shows always has this very human element, and honestly this one hit me the most because… involves humans. Not a human and gem, just two humans showcasing some real humans.

Sure, I don’t think things would end quite so happily in real life, but the emotions are real. It’s just fantastic with it’s little moments, and how it goes so deep into these characters.

Is it objectively the best? Maybe not, since there are less flawed stories that have the characters be shown better. This is another episode with a lighter story, and it doesn’t have much of an ending.

But here it works just because it makes the most sense, and it has a concrete and naturally ending to this story, so it makes sense before they get back to it later.

This episode may not the best thing ever, but it really gets to me due to the emotions and little moments. It perfectly shows how this series can have it’s character be deeper than you might expect.

I’ve gone on long enough about this episode, but I really do love it a lot. It represents one of the reasons I love this show, in a more subtle way, and it has so much to within it’s simple story.

It’s funny, it shows us more about these two characters, it displays real emotion, and of course it has great development with Lars, writing him perfectly.

That is why Joking Victim is my favorite episode of Steven Universe Season 1.


And that’s my list of my favorite SU Season 1 episodes. I think I had a nice mix of typical and different choices, especially my number one. These are some nice…gems.

I am ashamed.

Although JV is the only reason I went ahead with the list. The rest s a bit too typical and if my favorite matched up with everyone else, what would be the point?

That’s why I’m not sure about doing an Adventure Time list but we’ll see. Overall, I love this show about as much as most people and I’m fine with that. Not every show can be my own special flower.

This show may be loved a tad too much in some circles, but I don’t care what  jargin people throw out, I still love it. Season 2 is going pretty well, and I hope it gets even better. I’ll be doing a list for that once it ends, you can count on that.

So enjoy my list, and please mention some of your favorites, and don’t kill me if you disagree. We have one more list to get through this month. You could say it’s a bit more regular compared to the our other lists, but I think it’s anything but.

See ya.


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I'm 20 and I'm a slightly below average man who can barely spell. I mostly spend my time watching TV and movies, hence why i ended doing a blog all about those things. I tend to have weird tastes, but I like think I'm just fair on things.
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2 Responses to Top 11 Steven Universe Season 1 Episodes

  1. Angel says:

    Man Steven Universe is such a great show.
    Sugilite is spelled that way (not trying to be rude) and I could understand the whole spelling thing.
    Gem fusion names can get complicated like Alexdranite (?) and Sardonyx.
    Anyway interesting choice for your number one episode

  2. Angel says:

    I can’t believe you watch Steven Universe. Its so awesome.
    And I don’t mean to be rude but yea Sugilite is spelled the way I spelled it. But sometimes the fusion names can’t get really complicated. Like Sardonyx and Alexdranite (i think that’s how you spell it.)
    I was a little surprised that Joking Victim was your first choice. I probably would’ve gone with Jailbreak

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