Top 11 Modern Fairly Odd Parents Episodes

Hello, Spongey here.

I’m not sure why but the internet really likes to talk about shows that have gone downhill. By that I mean they accuse any show that goes beyond 1 season of going downhill, so of course shows that obviously went downhill will be fascinating to people.

You probably thought of Spongebob, and I think we can thanks MoBrosStudios and Mr Enter for that. Thankfully, that one has calmed down a bit so they can focus on Family Guy. You get the point.

I suppose it is fun to whine about how X show has turned to crap. But as you know, I like to look on the bright side. A while back I did a list of the Top 11 Modern Family Guy episodes, and I really liked doing it.

So I thought I would do it again with another famous show that went downhill, one that needs defending more than the others. That’s right, none other than Fairly Odd Parents.

The exploits a boy who has fairies to grant his every wish has somehow gone on for 9 Seasons for over a decade. To be honest, I don’t know why the show keeps going on. Nick doesn’t air it that often, and it’s not even that popular with kids compared to Spongebob.

Yet it’s gone on almost as long and keeps adding new characters. Now , I certainly agree the show has outstayed it’s welcome, maybe even more than Spongebob. While the yellow guy still has some good ideas, FOP ran out a while ago.

Each Season seems to drag with tons of tired ideas we’ve seen before, and it’s shown all signs of Seasonal Rot. Characters have been flandizered, plots are rehashed all the time, they keep breaking the rules, and of course new characters keep getting added.

To be honest, Poof is tolerable because he can’t talk .(Until School of Crock but I digress). But he’s really useless as he doesn’t add much to the over show and usually just sits there. In the Season where they finally out him in the intro, there are episode he isn’t even in.

Foop was a good idea and I do like him but he is really overused, and most of his episodes tend to be really cliché for some reason.

Sparky sucks, and to make it worse he’s even more useless as I sometimes forget he even exists. He’s a plot device in his own episodes! And of course, right as I’m in the middle of giving them a chance….they announce a new character.

Ugh. …Wait, I’m not here to bash the show. Now despite this, I don’t think it’s gone as low or as Spongebob or Family Guy. Mostly because most of these issues are the same as those other shows. Some of it is unique but so many shows have done the same thing that it doesn’t bug me as much.

And honestly, the characters aren’t THAT bad. Cosmo is certainly jerk-ish but he’s somewhat passable compared to Patrick. Timmy is tortured way more but only sometimes is he flanderized. Everyone else is just there nowadays and are hit or miss.

Crocker is overused though, even more than Plankton. My problem with these characters is how underused the minor characters. We barely see Chester and AJ anymore, and they are Timmy’s best friends!

How about you use the characters you have before you go adding new ones?

But anyway, the show has a certain charm to it even as it’s gone downhill .Honestly, only Crocker Shocker is really offensive, although some come close. Most of the episodes tend to be just kind of average, and there is still some good humor to be found.

That’s where this list comes in. I watched all of the show from Season 6 onwards to see which hidden gems I could found. While the show is weak in general now, it can produce some decent gems.

Honestly, I think it’s dumb that no one defends modern fOP as much as other shows. Yes, it has flaws but it’s more weak now than horrible. Some episodes get discussed, but people like to bash the show more than not.

So here I am to defend it just a little bit. The rules are the same as before. At least one ep per Season, and no filler episodes. Although with only 4 Seasons, and one being like 5 episodes long, it’s not to hard to obey the first rule.

Not much else to say. Let’s look at the few times they can capture magic they once had. …No pun intended. These episodes deserve some love, so here we go.

This, is the Top 11 Modern Fairly Odd Parents Episode

  1. Scary God Couple

Season 9

Writers: Ray DeLaurentis, Will Schifrin and Kevin Sullivan

Season 9 was surprisingly a mixed bag. It added a bad character and had some bad episodes, but it also has some of the best episodes of the Modern Era. Hell, it gave us 5 entries on this list, starting with this one.

The Season improved when it came to Foop episodes, and this is a good example. As a reward for being go evil, the Anti Fairy Council gives me his own “Scary’ God Child, and that “Child” turns out to be Vicky, who uses Foop’s powers for evil.

Honestly, I don’t have much to say about this one, even though it’s 22 minutes. It’s just a solid and fun episode. Yep, another one of those lists. The concept is just kind of cool and they have fun with it.

While it could have been too mean spirited, they keep it amusing. Even some of the harsher parts either work or are fixed by the end. Admittedly, it’s not exactly perfect. The plot does drag due to having to be double length, and not every joke works.

Honestly, my weirdest yet biggest issue is the title card:


…Yeah. It has…implications. The episode itself does not help as Vicky abuses Foop much like someone might abuse their lover, or pet. ….Okay, let’s move on.

Despite the implications, they did pull off that latter thing well. Some of the abuse is kind of amusing and while it does go overboard, do they fix it in the end. Timmy gets Foop to go against Vicky and defeat her.

Given the situation, this heel turn works here and it’s a satisfying payoff. Also there is an interesting set up at the start to give Vicky an excuse to be evil against Timmy. Timmy turns his room into a Circus and basically Vicky tries to get him in trouble for it, but it vanishes making her look crazy in front of Timmy’s Dad, who scolds him.

First off….no comment on what this reminds me of. And yes, Vicky gets in trouble with Timmy’s parents for once. It doesn’t really lead to anything, but it’s so ….odd yet interesting. Oh, and there’s a nice continuity nod as Vicky remembers Foop from the events of When Losers Attack.

The plot itself is nothing too special, but they fill it up with some gags and creative visuals. For example, Vicky forces every kid in the world to play the tuba for 4 hours or a tuba monster will attack them. Weird, but still funny.

Also, something crazy happens: Sparky has a funny line!

As a whole, the episode is just solid. It’s at the bottom of the list because it’s not quite as special as some other episodes. It’s just fun. It has an interesting concept and has some cool scenes as well as funny gags.

.Yeah, I told you I didn’t have a lot to say, and the next few sections will be like that. Either way, this is a nice episode and a scary yet fun episode to start the list with.

  1. Fairly Odd Fairy Tales

Season 9

Writers: Whitney Fox, Joanna Lewis, Kristine Songco, and Alec Schwimmer,

I have even less to say about this one, but I like it so It has to be on there, and thus I gotta talk about it. When Poof has trouble sleeping, they tell him some fairy tales. And that’s the episode.

Yep, it’s one of those 3 segment things, in this case 3 segments spoofing fairy tales. As it turns out Fairy Tales are real stories that happened to real fairies, they just changed the names for security reasons.

It’s really easy to make this kind of episode work, no matter what show it is. Even Family Guy got it right. It’s a concept that is hard to screw up, so of course this show got it right. Not for any special reason….it’s just funny.

That’s about it, really. While there a few failed jokes, most of them hit home. The first segment is spoof of Cinderella…but with Cosmo. The 2nd is The Three Little Pigs, with Foop as the big Bad Wolf. The last is Snow White with the Tooth Fairy as the Evil Queen.

While the satire isn’t exactly brilliant, all of the segments are creative and enjoyable. The 2nd is my least favorite since it’s not quite as funny, but it has it’s moments. My favorite is the first one, because it just had the best jokes.

Plus it has the least obvious set up, with Cosmo in the Cinderella role. They do some good jokes with it and this is the clearly the one they put the most effort into. Even Sparky has an amusing role.

There’s nothing really brilliant in here, but they just happened to pick a topic that is hard to screw up. Sure, some of the dumb jokes you’ve come to expect pop up here, but there’s nothing too offensive here.

They could have some more crazy things but I think the shows usual sense of humor is anything to make these segments special. The inbetween stuff is less funny but there are a decent running gag about Timmy saying he’s too old for fairy tales, while reading a comic book with gross out humor. Even Cosmo says how dumb that is!

By the way, this takes place after School of Crock so Poof talks. Weird how they made a big deal out of that given he already talks a lot, it’s just his name. Also, it’s a ripoff because he sounds nothing like Randy Jackson!

…Yeah, you can tell I really wanted to pad this out. Sorry, but there’s nothing to say. When something is good because it’s funny, then you really can’t say anything except …it’s funny!

This episode does nothing too crazy so there’s nothing to analyze. It’s just a fun episode with a good premise that they take advantage of. Seriously, that’s all I got.

Don’t worry, things will get more entry in a few more entries. For now, we just have this episode. While it’s not the most special thing ever, it shows that the writers can still be funny and creative when they want to be.

Yeah, that’s all I got. It’s funny. What more do you want from me?!

  1. Dimmsdale Tales

Season 9

Writers: Joanna Lewis, Kristine Songco, Alec Schwimmer, and Sindy Spackman

Three Season 9 Episodes in a row? …Weird. Don’t worry, the next one will be different. As for this episode,. It’s another one I don’t have much to say about it, but I’m confident about what I do have to say.

While on a failed camping trip, Timmy tells some scary stories. That’s right, it’s yet another Treehouse of Horrors style episodes. Those tend to be good, and this is no exception…for the most part.

See, while this episode is on this list…it’s mostly for one segment. The other segments have their moments, but only one stands as anything great. The wrap around stuff isn’t all that amusing because it’s just jokes about Timmy’s Dad being horrible, followed by him being rightfully punished, which Timmy doesn’t care about.

The 1st story is about Cosmo and Sparky (first red flag) as they face a banashe…which is actually just Wanda. This is easil the weakest one because it’s just a bunch of Wanda torture jokes, and to make it worse, they never find out it’s here.

It doesn’t even fit in with the others, as we know from the start that there is nothing creepy going on. Why would Timmy tell this story, it shouldn’t even be scary to the characters! But eh, it has a few amusing moments.

The last story is about Cosmo and Wanda hearing about the legend of this ghost with a hook for a hand. This one is alright I suppose, but the pay off is lame and it’s not horribly funny. Although it has it’s moments, and I like it’s done like an 80’s slasher movie.

As you can guess, the 2nd story is what gets this episode on the list. It’s a parody of Nightmare at 20,000 feet….but it’s about Timmy’s Dad facing a plane full of dinklebergs. It’s every bit as funny as it sounds.

This is what I’m talking about it! Not only is it a fun concept, but it’s quite creative. The other stories are just kind of generic, but this is a creative parody that has an interesting concept. Sure, the Dinkleberg jokes had gotten old by this point but this makes it work again.

It has some neat atmosphere, and the whole thing is even in black and white! They really nailed the parody down and I think this will make sense even if you don’t know about the source.

Just the concept of facing a plane full of Dinklebergs is solid enough to get people interested, and it works on it’s own. It’s not the most brilliant satire, but they at least nail the style down.

If the other segments were this good, this episode would be higher on the list. But eh, this spot isn’t too bad. The episode as a whole is uneven, but it was a neat change of pace, and this story made it all worth it.

While it’s no Terryfiny Tri State Trilogy of Terror, or even Terror Tales of the Park 3, it’s still a decent episode, even if only one segment is great. There’s not much else to say, really. When only one part an episode is worth praising, it leaves you with little to say.

Overall, the episode may not be the best but this 2nd story is really solid. It’s a good homage with a great concept pulled off very well with lots of solid, and of course a good Here we go Again ending.

Just further proof the writers still have it in them to be creative.

  1. Odd Squad

Season 6

Writer: Scott Fellows

See, now here’s one from Poof’s debut Season! Hopefully this is the last “little to say” one for a bit.

Timmy wishes to live out a show he watched with his parents, and finds himself searching for Mama Cosma when she goes missing.

So our last entry featured a short that was a good homage. But I bet you want a whole 11 minutes dedicated to a good homage. Well, here you go!

This whole episode is an homage to 70’s and 80’s show such as Magnum PI and Knight Rider. The show in the episode is called CC Cruiser, and it features freeze frames, and the main character is basically Tom Sellick.

They go decently far with the parody and cover quite a few things and it’s all done really well. The capture of these kind of shows very well and it’s funny to boot. They even have a female sidekick who is “hot but smart” and serves to be progressive and stuff. I don’t remember the exact line but they say something along those lines.

The homage really drives this episode, but there is a bit more. The homage at the start is good but it gets even better as we see the characters in this kind of situation. Timmy driving this cool car (this is Cosmo) with Wanda as the sidekick gets some good gags on it’s own.

Sometimes just putting good characters into an homage will be enough to get tons of good gags. I was a bit worried that the gags at the start would be the only thing here, but they squeeze quite a few creative jokes out of the premise.

Just when it starts to get boring, it gets more interesting as they go to different and cover over aspects. Timmy says this is the part where a pretty woman gives them advice….but instead they get Juandissimo.

Honestly, the only thing I don’t like is the plot. Yeah, the plot being creative is part of the homage but it wasn’t done too well. The payoff is predictable and the ending is a bit weak. It just kind of makes you feel like this whole episode was pointless.

The other homages the show has done (most notably Action Packed) had more of a story and pay off to them, you know. But the jokes are enough to make me forgive it. It actually almost feels like a classic episode at points with the humor, at least until you get a fart joke or something like that.

If it written a bit better, this may a couple spots higher but as it is, it’s pretty solid. I think it’s easily one of the funniest modern episodes. Most of the better ones tell good stories, but this one is just plain funny.

It may be flawed and not the best homage ever, but it’s still good. It has creative jokes, and is a really solid homage that gets most of the tropes right. Even this early into the modern era, this was a pleasant surprise to see.

Huh, I ended up saying quite a bit here. Overall, it’s another good homage with plenty of good jokes to spare. If you are familiar with the subject matter, this is an easy recommendation.

  1. Cosmonolply

Season 9

Writers: Ray DeLaurentis, Kevin Sullivan, Will Schifrin, and Beck Wangberg

From this point on, the episodes got even better. This is were we get the really well done stories instead of just fun plots.

Timmy and the gang get trapped in a board game made by Cosmo, and must escape before someone throws it away because it ended up at a Garage sale.

Like a lot of these episodes, this may seem it could be bad. Maybe another episode with Cosmo being annoying or something like that. And while it some classic bad Cosmo humor, it’s actually better than it sounds.

This is one I may not say much about because there isn’t a ton to. At first, it’s good because the creative premise leads to some fun moments. While not every joke works, most of it is interesting. The board game is about Cosmo so have jokes about board games, and jokes about his past.

This works out pretty well, and it’s good they went with this instead of just making it a bland board game parody. However, the highlight comes with the…sweet moments. They aren’t amazing, but they actually are there.

See, the game doesn’t exactly just tell his life story. No, it’s actually all about his relationship with Wanda. It goes through how they meet and everything. Eventually it’s revealed he made the game to remind himself of all of this, and why he likes Wanda.

…Yeah. Call it forced, but I think it’s pretty sweet. After so many episodes of Cosmo being the typical uncaring husband, it’s so refreshing to see him actually be sweet to her again. It’s not a crazy twist or anything, but it reminds that Cosmo isn’t always bad.

I’ve heard bitch about the fact that continuity is messed. The way they meet her is different then they have said in the past, most notably in School’s Out The Musical. Honestly, I don’t care. They clearly did it for the sake of the story, since it would hit harder if the backstory was something we didn’t hear about before.

So for once, I don’t mind the retcon don’t much. Let Sleeper Dogs Lie could learn a lesson from this.

And honestly….that’s basically it. This episode has good comedy and a solid concept, but it really is the Wanda stuff that makes it good. Yes, it is very simple compared to other episodes, but it works well.

It’s effective and serves the plot well. It also helps partiality redeem a character, even if they have a long way to go to completely make him great again. This episode isn’t trying to be too epic, it’s just a silly story that happens to have a sweet element.

With how it is, I figured I would say more but…i don’t. I could go into the jokes but with this one that would spoil the fun. Yes, I spoiled the sweet stuff but I would have even less to say if I left that out.

This episode doesn’t do anything too crazy, but I really appreciate what it does as a whole. It has a sweet moment with Cosmo for the first time in a while, and it’s amusing. Plus, Sparky helps the plot AND he barely talks!

I remembered it being a bit bigger when I put on the list, but it’s still worthy as It is. I put this here since is the first episode on here that works for the story, so of course it goes above those other ones.

It may not be huge, it’s creative, sweet and refreshing. Again, it proves they can do certain characters right, even this late into Season 9. It’s well worth checking out.

6. For Emergencies Only

Season 6

Writer: Butch Hartman

Here’s a weird fun fact: This is the sister episode to Odd Squad. Yeah, that was a solid half hour.

When Cosmo and Wanda get too busy to grant wishes, they give Timmy an emergency wand so he can make his own wishes. Hilarity ensues.

This is another fairly simple that rides off the solid premise, but it goes a bit deeper to an extent I was no expecting. Much like Cosmoply, there isn’t a lot to cover until that deep stuff so that may take up most of this section.

While it’s not as it’s partner, the premise alone leads to some good moments. They do the basic things you would expect, like using the magic to impress Trixie. But it’s still done an amusing way with a decent amount of good jokes.

It’s not exactly hilarious but it’s still fairly enjoyable. Honestly, if it weren’t for the ending, it wouldn’t be on here. It’s good but it’s the other stuff that makes it. So let’s get to it. Cosmo and Wanda are busy trying to get ready for their first family photo, and this is what causes them to give Timmy the wand.

Timmy notices that Cosmo and Wanda have been neglecting him a bit due to being so busy with Poof lately. Yep, they couldn’t avoid doing this cliché. This could have failed….but somehow it works.

They don’t something big or edgy with it, but it still works. Why? Because of the emotion. In the end both parties apologize, as Timmy realizes that Cosmo and Wanda will sometimes just be busy since they have a kid now, while Cosmo and Wanda realize they could have payed a bit more attention to it.

Yes, this is not but the emotion is really good here. Mostly because of the ending with Timmy being the family photo. The whole ending is incredibly heartwarming. It’s a bit cheesy but it works. The emotion is so strong that it makes up for any writing problems.

Typically I wouldn’t be all that interested but they managed to pull it with how sweet it is. It was the kind of episode we needed since Seasonal Rot was setting it by this point. Too bad it couldn’t come after it really got bad.

(I think Butch himself writing this one helped out with the emotion thing)

You really feel the connection here and how they really do love each other. The writing itself isn’t that great but they are able to get past and make it really enjoyable and satisfying.

That’s decently impressive. At this point in the show, they couldn’t quite make really cliché premises like this work too well with emotion but they did it here.

It’s not a brilliant episode but it’s sweet enough to be on the list. It has a good premise, some funny jokes and an incredibly sweet ending despite some cliches. That’s…really all there to is.

Hopefully is the end of the really short sections where I have nothing to say, because this is where the really good ones. Anyway, this episode may not be perfect but it’s fun and surprisingly sweet.

Just another solid modern episode.

5. Food Fight

Season 7

Writer: Ed Valentine

Oh hey, a pony writer. Fancy seeing him here. …He’s not even the only one, as Amy Keating Rogers had a few episodes, Charlotte Fullerton had one, and Joanna Lewis and Kristine Songco were writers in this before moving to ponies recently.

Anyway, yes, this is the one Mr. Enter praised in a video. Which means I am just a dumb fanboy praising it because he liked it! ….No, I actually like it on my own.

Timmy wishes Mom was a great cook and hilarity ensues. This is another episode that works in spite of itself, but it’s done better than the previous. Honestly, my only complaint is that it’s a bit similar to other episodes where Timmy wishes his parents were good at something.

But they still pull it off here with how solid the rest of the writing is. The other complaints end up being fixed by the ending. At the start, it seems like this episode may not be very good, since the very premise is that a Mom is a terrible joke,

Because dur hurr women can’t cook. I’ve never that 500000000 times.

But it quickly gets better as they do some creative things with this. Timmy and his Dad stash her food in the cellar, and it looks pretty horrifying. Infact, most of the stuff down there is pretty dangerous.

As harsh as this is, they do some really creative things with the visuals here. The creatures are pretty cool and there are some funny jokes here. It’s rare for them to get creative on this show now, but this episode has some creativity when it comes to the food jokes.

I even kind of like the terrible puns, like a chef named Sue Shi. …Hey, it’s better than that other Food Fight.

There, I got the obvious joke out of the way.

And after she becomes a good cook, they have even more creativity with the food world she creates. The animation shines here with how creative it gets, and again, it’s pretty funny. Even when the story is lacking, they make up for it with the visuals and jokes.

That doesn’t happen too much in episodes like this, so it’s nice they put a bit more effort into this one. Some bits are bit a harsh early on, but they do get punished. Mom becomes a famous chef and turns the house into a restaurant, and Timmy and Dad can’t get a reservation.

As cliché as it it is, it’s proper punishment for their actions, and it leads to more good jokes. Mom is invited to go on a cooking show and of course you can’t use magic to win a contest so she loses her cooking powers. Again, this is all seems typical but they manage to make it work with the ending.

The ending is the big reason why this is so high on the list, as it does something I was not expecting, even when other shows do something like this. When everyone sees her bad cooking, they laugh at her.

But Timmy actually stands up for her and claims she’s a good cook. He’s willingly to actually try her cooking….and he likes it! No, he really does. He’s not faking. Everyone tries and it turns out everyone loves it too!

Then it hits you that no actually tried her cooking. Then you realize this episode just got smart. For one, they made sure not to show anyone eating it so that this would make sense. And it makes the early parts better to an extent.

They could have just had them accept her bad cooking, or just be called out as jerks for lying to her about their feelings. But instead they go for a different moral: Don’t knock it until you try it. If they tried the food, they would see that they liked it.

With the execution, any bad sides to this are gone for the most part. You could call it forced, but I think it works pretty well. If they just did the obvious thing, I wouldn’t care about this one. But they took the high road and actually did something interesting.

It creates a good moral as well as a sweet ending. Not to much it makes each character likable, and even characters like Cosmo are toned down here.

While it’s not the most brilliant thing ever, it still gets everything right. It has some creative and funny humor, makes a good story out of cliches concepts, and has a very unexpected and well done ending.

This is certainly one of the more pleasant surprises I’ve seen on the list. I’d say not too shocking coming from this writers, but his FOP episodes tend to be hit or miss and this is only really good one. Ah well.

Overall, this episode defies expectations is overall a pretty good insert food pun here.

  1. Dog Gone

Season 9

Writers: Kevin Arrieta, Ray DeLaurentis, Will Schifrin, Sindy Spackman, and Kevin Sullivan

This is an episode primarily featuring Sparky and timmy’s Dad. And it’s great. ….Let that sink for a moment, while I say the plot.

Mr. Turner’s boss asks to have Sparky for reasons I forgot, but Mr. Turner refuses to hand him over, so Ed Leadly makes his life a living hell as revenge.

Timmy’s Dad is a bit of mixed bag. He can still be funny but they use him way too much, which means he can be annoying sometimes. Making a good story out of him is hard….but they manage to do it here.

By the way, this Sparky episode being good isn’t a huge feat because Sparky is pretty much a plot device. He doesn’t do anything intrusive, although this does show how useless he is as a character.

The story keeps subverting my exceptions when it comes to Timmy’s Dad’s character. (Ugh, I wish I knew his first name. They made a joke about it in a previous episode in this, oddly enough).

You think he would just give Sparky away because he cant’ care about Timmy…but no. He refuses to because Timmy likes Sparky. Usually he wouldn’t give a damn about what Timmy thinks!

Then when he gets tortured, you actually feel sorry for him. On top of that, he keeps going! He puts up with being tortured just to make Timmy happy. He doesn’t even think about giving in!

Okay, it’s going to stop there right? He doesn’t get any better? Nope. Timmy decides to pretend to give Sparky away so Timmy’s Dad will stop being tortured, but Sparky will just poof between the two homes.

This seems to work but Timmy’s Dad feels really bad for giving away Timmy’s Dad. Leadly called him spineless for doing but it’s mostly the Timmy part that gets to him and makes him want to get Sparky back.

Holy crap, how did they mostly fix this character so damn well?! It’s one thing to make him passable, but it’s another to do all of this!

At every step of the way, he is sympathetic and actually cares about his son. He even has development here for the stuff that happens and his dumb moments are actually funny!

Even taking that away, the story works because every character is written very well. Even Sparky isn’t too bad due to just being a plot device. There’s a dumb joke with Cosmo but that’s about it.

The story is cliché but they manage to make it gripping with the solid character writing. And of course, they have a few solid jokes, even with the torture. This is how you do torture. Use it make us sympathetic with a character and make the story stronger.

The jokes made with it could have been bad, but mostly hit since you know it won’t stick. And yes, there is a happy ending thanks to Dad. He’s still good at the end. While is not the most creative episode ever, it’s one of the best written episodes in the modern.

They make a sort of okay story work by making the main characters really interesting and likable. It creates an interesting story and it still fits among the other episodes. It’s also sometimes funny.

If only Mr. Turner was this interesting in most episodes.

Every time I watch this episode, I still can’t believe they got it this right. The only reason it isn’t higher is that the next 3 are more interesting to me, but this is a really good one too.

It helps redeem a flawed character and pulls off a very interesting story with surprisingly good character writing. This is the Season that gave us Sparky, right?

It’s certainly one to check out.

  1. Bad Heir Day

Season 7

Writer: Kevin Sullivan

Yep, you all saw this one coming. This is pretty much the FOP version of Plankton’s Pet, the episode everyone loves. While it is only number 3, it is still really good.

While looking for an heir, Poof accidentally ends up at Crocker’s house and gets adopted as his son.

My Plankton’s Pet comparison is pretty apt, as this is good for similar reasons. This episode finally throws a bone to a often torture villain, and has a sweet ending when it could have just been the status qou.

And given this is in the same season as Crocker Shocker, it’s very welcome. …Wait….same writer?!

Even the torture jokes in this work, because he doesn’t really mind it for the most part. This episode gets almost every right, actually. The odd thing, this episode is a slight rehash of Sooper Poof, another episode where someone accidentally adopts Poof.

.But that one wasn’t very good, so for once, they did a re-hash that was actually BETTER! And to be fair, this plays out differently than that one, which is why it doesn’t kind of suck. Most of it has Crocker just trying to raise Poof, and teach him how to do this.

While some of this results in pain for him, it still brings him closer to Poof, and gives us some nice moments. The torture here is done in a sort of light manner and most of it is funny. Pus, Poof doesn’t mean and most of it is Crocker’s fault. I mean, he tried teaching a Baby to drive. Actually, my only problem with the Crocker side of the epoisode is that he’s a bit too dumb in some parts.

He doesn’t know what a Football. Come on, he might be a loner but he’s not that stupid. Otherwise, the Crocker stuff is really good.

And I should get my other problem out of the way. Timmy loses Poof, and this is how he bumps into Crocker. He spends most of the episode looking for Poof all over the place, buthe yook to dangerous places throughout the day, so he gets hurt a lot.

For the most part, this is fine since Timmy feels bad for neglecting Poof, and this is a good punishment. But at the end, Wanda finds out after Poof and returns…and punishes him by poofing next to these Alligators from earlier.

.A bit extreme, don’t you think?

One crappy joke aside, this really is great. Most of the Crocker and Poof stuff is sweet, and even pretty funny. But of course, the ending is what makes it even better.

Crocker’s fairy capture device captures Poof…and he thinks he was just turned into a fairy. (“It’s the only logical conclusion!”). Because he can’t raise a fairy like this, he is forced to give him away.

And it’s not in a harsh way. He really likes Poof but he is forced to give him away. It’s rather heartbreaking in done very well. And as the icing on the cake, Poof takes pity on him and gives him a robot son that loves him.

A bit weird, but still rather sweet, as it shows Poof has started to like Crocker as well. They coould have just ended with Crocker sad or something, but they threw him a bone. Sure, even I knew this robot wouldn’t appear again, but it’s nice that thye did this, knowing tihngs would be back to normal next time.

It really is a well made and sweet episode. It shows that Crocker has a heart and he does just need a son in some way. Even if they went on to treat him like garbage in other episodes.

It’s also the best use of Poof ever. He has funny moments and feels like he has his own personalty in a way.

While it has a few weak moments, it is overall a great episode. It has good development, good humor, and some really sweet moments. It’s the kind of episode that gives you hope for this show, even after all this time.

I would say the top 3 are among some of my favorite episodes of the show, even if they may not crack the top 5 or anything. …Although number one comes close.

It’s safe to say this deserves all the praise it typically gets. It’s just a really good and nice episode all around. Since it’s number 3, you might be wondering which ones could possibly top them.

Well, let’s get into that. …But yeah, great episode

  1. Wishology

Season 6

Writes: Scott Fellows, Butch Hartman and Kevin Sullivan

…Yeah, I have explaining to do. To an extent, this is an obvious choice. It was kind of awesome and it’s easily the biggest the show has ever done. Three hour long specials, creating an almost 2 hour FOP event!

But on the flip side, it’s not quite the best written or most complex thing. On top of that, it’s mixed for some people. People are not fond of it mostly. …Although the only two reasons aren’t really good enough to me. One is slightly understanble and we’ll get to the other one.

Honestly, this is such an obvious choice for me, I thought I would not have it unless I felt I needed it to round out the last. …I needed it, so here we are.

I’ll try to keep this short, as to not spoil the jokes or go on for too long Although I might hint at the ending, or flat out spoil it. We’ll see.

In short, Timmy learns of an ancient danger called The Darkness, which sends robots called Eliminators to try to capture Timmy. When his friends and family are captured, Timmy must ally with his greatest enemies to save them and stop The Darkness.

By typical standards, this may not seem like it deserves to be this high, since it’s not really the best thing, even though it tries to be. It clearly tries to be THE special. Bigger than anything that came before. It has tons of Comedy, tons of action, an epic plot, guest stars, and tons of parodies and reference.

And to some people, it is not. It’s not quite a rattings trap, for the most part. And yeah, to an extent you may be right…but I can’t help. I really like this one.

It’s mostly because it tries so hard. They put so much effort into making this thing huge, that it can grows on me. But it has some issues. For one, maybe it didn’t need to be 3 parts. Like a lot of trilogies, Part 2 is the weakest as not much happens, and it clearly exists to set up the final chapter.

…But that’s kind of the point. This special has many references to famous film trilogies such as Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. It even opens with a rip off of Abra-catchphrase, with Timmy in movie parodies.

One which is Harry Potter….which wasn’t a trilogy.

Speaking of which, the magic muffin has a cameo…because. It doesn’t even has a reason to be there, it just pops up as a lame callback.

But yeah, I think two parts would be enough, but part 2 still ain’t bad. As far as other flaws, there might be too many references. Some I can forgive, like the Discount Terminators, but Part 2 ends up turning an incredibly contrived Star Wars parody. It’s sort of clever but a bit too obvious.

I’d compare Part 2 to The Two Towers but that had Gollum so it was still awesome.

Anyway, the plot is a bit generic compared to other specials. They felt a lot more unique to the shows world. This is just a Choosen One plot, but with these characters. But to be fair, they do make fun of it and it is a common trope in trilogies like this.

There are other minor issues that are just in certain parts and not the whole thing. Then there’s the ending. Let’s just say some did not like the reveal regarding the Darkness. Without spoiling it is a bit….weird.

If it called it cheesy, it may clue you in, so that’s as far as I will go. It’s play straight to boot. I can’t exactly defend this….but it’s not a big deal for me. It’s the only problem that bugs me in a way, as the rest can be overlooked.

Honestly, besides that, the only reason I see for people hating is that Timmy and Trixie kiss. Sure, her memory is erased and It doesn’t stick but it happens. So shippers went insane. They hated it just for a kiss that amounts to nothing.

This is why I hate shipping so much. It clogs their mind and makes them hate things for dumb reasons. I can’t say I have any thoughts on the kiss because it means nothing. Yeah, I don’t like this couple too much but the way it’s shown here is fine as it is.

Honestly, I don’t like Timmy with Trixie or Tootie. Thanks to the writing, Trixie is still a bitch, and Tootie is a creepy stalker. Neither are very fitting. There’s a reason they had to drop the latter’s deal in the live action movie.

Anyway, I can see some may not be huge fans of it, but it’s not awful. Now onto why I still love it. While it may try too hard to be epic, I still like how epic it is. The scale is huge and there’s a lot going on.

And despite some filler, it doesn’t feel like too much is going on. It’s a simple chase with the villain wanting Timmy gone, and them needing some plot devices. Yeah, a bit too simple but it has enough to it, and just the characters doing this makes it interesting.

Part is the best by objective standards, as it flows the best as a story. It’s simple and has a lot happening in a good way. Like most trilogies, {art 1 is one stand along story, while the first “sequel” is just a follow up and has a cliffhanging that part 3 concludes.

Huh, this really is a faithful send up to film trilogies.

Part 1 just flows the best and has everything. Although it’s not deep, I would be happy if it ended there. But the rest is really good too. The epic scale makes it really interesting and it kept me invested all the way through.

Of course, things get deeper in part 3 with interesting moments and some sacrifice. It hits then notes you may expect, but it works really well. On top of that, this thing is pretty funny too. Each part has it’s share of really good jokes, and they work with the story.

Also, KISS is in it. That’s amazing. …Brendan Fraiser is in too but that’s not as cool.

This whole thing just has that epic scale that makes it work. But the writing also has plenty to like, with good humor, decent character moments, and even some clever ideas. I don’t want to spoil a lot, so I’m being a bit vague, sorry.

But trust me, it has plenty to like. I’m not even sure why I like it as much as I do, despite saying all of that. It’s not nearly as well done as Channel Chasers or even Abra-Castraophe as big epic Tv Movies go.

But has it’s own charm, due to how hard it tries to be something amazing. I feel like that did honestly try, despite some forced elements. I get the feeling they wanted it to be the series finale, since it does seem like it could not be topped in terms of scale.

It did end Season 6,….in production order, and made episodes 95-100. But of course, it went on because this show cannot end. Seriously, the writers have tried to end it many times, but it can’t die.

At least SpongeBob has accepted it will live forever.

But anyway, that effort helps make this one as good as it is. And on it’s own, it’s still kind of awesome and does a lot right, especially when compared to Fairly Odd Baby or Timmy’s Secret Wish.

I know this an choice to have this high given it’s flaws, but I can’t help but love it. It has a ton of good jokes, and it’s huge scale leads to some great moments and it’s just really cool all around.

It doesn’t do a certain thing better than most modern episodes, it just happens to have less flaws than them. The characters are mostly spot on too.

Overall, it might not be the greatest epic ever, but it tries so hard and has a lot to love. While it’s not the best thing as it was made to be, it’s still great in it’s own way. Disagree all you want, but this is my list.

So yeah, it’s a good choice for number 2.

Well, I suppose this is where I put some honorable mentions. I honestly don’t have a lot, but I have a few. These are mostly ones that were considered for Number 11.

Fairly Old Parent: The plot is cool and Poof is sympathetic, but the stuff with Crocker’s Mom is a bit forced and could have been done better.

Add a Dad: It’s another solid Mr. Turner episode where the conflict is good and has some amusing jokes. Although the writers clearly liked it more because it has two sequels fo r some reason. Also, I find it amusing that this only has 3 voice actors in it.

The Fairly Oddlympics: The moral is nice, the humor is decent, and it actually has a very funny use of a celebrity. These 3 were just barely beat out by the ones on the list. They are still solid.

And my number one Modern Fairly Odd Parents Episode is…

  1. Meet the Odd Parents

Season 8

Writers: Ray DeLaurentis, Will Schifrin and Kevin Sullivan

I suppose this equally as obvious the previous two entries…but I can’t care. This is the only episode I could possibly put at the top. Above all else, it’s just feel good in many ways.

Perhaps it’s not quite as well constructed as some other episodes, but it gets so much right and it is a lot fun on top of being rather…sweet. At first this seems like a lame ratings trap but it ends up being way more heartfelt than it looks.

As the title implies, Timmy’s parents find out about his fairies, but he finds that maybe this might be a good thing for both parties….as long as Jorgen never finds out.

This episode seems it would be easy to make good, given the nature of the plot. Just have them have fun together, slap a weak ending and call it a day. But no, they take the effort and put a lot of little things work.

For one, the characters are in character. Yes, there are a few too many dumb Mr. Turner moments, but every feels closer to their early selves. They don’t feel like asshole parents, and seem to really care about their kid, even when they figure out that Timmy could have been helping them out all this time.

Everyone else is about normal, at least when compared to usual. They are likable and you just like seeing them happy. Most of the jokes are pretty funny all around. The build up to the reveal nicely, with some gags with the parents trying to figure out why weird stuff happens.

There are jokes with them discovering the fairies, jokes about Jorgen being distracted, and jokes with them just hanging around. They milk a lot out of this premise and most of it works. Even the jerky moments can be a bit amusing, given that they now have the power to live our fantasizes for the most part.

They could have just not cared, but they managed to make the characters and humor work well. Yes, there are a few off moments but they are mostly not distracting, and the good moments make up for it.

But really above else, it’s the emotion that makes this episode. And not just the sweet parts at the end. The whole thing is just kind of sweet. After so much crap they everyone has gone through, Timmy finds that he can share his fairies with his fairies.

Timmy’s Parents get some stuff they wanted and they get to genuinely have fun with their kid, and Timmy doesn’t have to worry about hiding his secret. He can just have fun with his parents and his life doesn’t’ seem too bad anymore.

It’s really sweet to see them have fun. Both parties just like each other, beyond just getting cool magic stuff. This makes this episode fun and rather sweet. After so many episodes that make you wonder why they even bother to keep Timmy around, it’s great to see that they do care about him at the end of the day and they all love each other.

Then of course, there’s the ending. Yes, Jorgen ends up finding out and their memories must be erased. He almost takes the fairies away but after seeing a sweet moment, he just takes memories away.

It’s predictable but they manage to make it work so well. It’s rather sad to see Timmy have to give all of this up, especially after everything we saw, but he has to do it. It leads to an incredibly sweet moment that is nice to see.

It’s not just a dumb downer ending for the status qou too. Timmy realizes that he can still do nice things for his parents, even if they don’t know it. He even helps Dad find his long lost wedding ring. D’aww.

They let you know that in a way things have changed even if Timmy’s parents won’t remember it. The episode ends in a way the says things have improved even if the Status qou stuck a tiny bit.

I suppose this is a good to mention the elephant when it comes to this episode: It was meant to be the series finale. For real this time. They said it would be before it aired, and it took at least year until the next episode aired.

This episode feels the true end, as Timmy sees how he can improve his life, even with a status qou thing. It even ends with a family album being closed, and it just feels final.

.And it was not the end because the show just can’t die, even when it wants to. It bugs me because this would be the perfect way to end the show, even after it went downhill. But no, it’s not the end so it’s just a thing that happened.

I can’t hold that against the episode, but it still sucks that this episode was not even better by being a finale. Ah well.’

The whole is just really satisfying to watch. It’s interesting, it’s creative, it’s funny, and very sweet. After all the up and downs of the show, it’s nice that they put a lot of effort into this one as great as it could be.

Even if it’s not the finale, it’s still nice and makes you look back on the whole show in a good way, due to how it’s written, and what it’s about. True, it’s a bit weak in some plot areas. Most of the episode has them just goofing around and sometimes tricking Jorgen.

While some bits feel like padded, I don’t mind because it’s really about the experience rather than the plot. It’s about seeing these characters be so happy and get involved in some good gags.

As I said, it’s just feel good at the end of the day. It gives what we didn’t know we wanted to see, and it’s just great. It’s not the best written, but it reminds why we loved this show. It’s emotional, funny and just plain cute.

Pretty impressive for a modern episode. Yes, this is an obvious choice for number one, but sometime you have to go for the obvious choice.

Besides being sweet, it just does everything right on every front, and it’s an incredibly fun experience from start to finish. It’s good to know that no matter what happens, the writers can produce episodes as great as this.

All that and more is why I think is the greatest modern Fairly Odd Parents episode.

And that is the list. While I had some bumps, it was fun to finally watch all of the episodes and give them a chance. Sure, as a whole the show isn’t what it used to be, and it should end as soon as possible, but it can still be rather solid if it wasn’t to be.

Even in Season 9 with two flawed characters, they can give us a great story. They can do some creative ideas really well, and make us love the characters all over again. While this list a bit harder than I thought, I still feel like I picked the best of the ….less good.

All of these episodes are very solid and while some are better than others, I would watch any of them any day. While only a couple are among my favorite episodes, they are still great gems.

Hopefully, this will convince you that this show can still do good, and it’s not all bad. No matter how far downhill a show goes, it can still do good, be it Family guy or Spongebob. I’m glad I’m giving these shows chance because it gives me gems like Brian’s Play and Dog gone.

And before you ask, no I won’t do The Simpsons. IGN did it and that’s way too much for me to watch. Sorry. But hey, enjoy the lists that already exists.

That’s all I got. Check out all of these episodes, and let’s hope even this other new character gives us some good magic in the future.

See ya.


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