Friday the 13th Part 6: Jason Lives

....For once, I can't think of anything clever to put hre

….For once, I can’t think of anything clever to put here

Hello, Spongey here.

Well, it’s yet again Friday the 13th time. That means I must review a Friday the 13th movie. This has been an odd tradition for me, but I’ve kept it up, since I do like reviewing these movies.

They are quite fun to do, even in the weaker entries like the remake. Plus, the reviews tend to be good despite being tie ins. I wanted to just go in order from this point on, but I couldn’t find Part 2 in time…so we’re just going with a random one.

This one seems cool and I don’t think I need to watch the others. ….Watch me be wrong. Anyway, there isn’t a lot to say going into this entry, except for the backstory.

Part 4 was supposed to be the last one, with Jason being killed for good, and implying this boy would take his place in a way. But they went ahead with another film because money.

The 5th one took a new direction with this new villain, but it did poorly forcing them to just go back to using Jason. Because the popularity of a villain will prevent anything creative from happening in a horror franchise.

Remember how Micheal Meyers being popular caused Halloween 2 to exist, and thus Halloween 3 to flop?

But thankfully, this entry was one of the more popular ones, as critics actually managed to like it for once! Not much to say about the writer/director, he’s mostly done stuff I’ve never heard of.

With all that, out of the way let’s celebrate the unlucky day once again by diving into this film to see how good it really is.

This, is Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives

The movie opens with Tommy Jarvis, te guy from two movies, and his friend Allen heading out to destroy Jason’s corpse so that he can finally have closure. Even if Jason Lives was not in the title, I’d know this would badly.

Jason belongs in hell”

Give it a couple more movies.

They arrive at the cemetery and dig up Jason’s corpse. You know, they really should have cremated him in the first place given how evil he was. Then again, we wouldn’t have a movie.

They stab him a bunch and start to leave. …That’s it? After all Jason put you through, you only stab his corpse? You don’ try to….burn it or something?

Geez, no wonder lightning strikes to bring him back. …Don’t act shocked, everyone knows this happens. With the power of movie lightning, Jason is back and kills the friend.

Tommy gets off scott free, which is really lame, and we get our title. Which comes when they zoom in on Jason’s eyes, and….do a Bond-eqsque Gun Barrel thing.

Huh, guess I did a tie in for Spectre after all.

But anyway, I agree with James, this was a pretty cool intro. It’s a nice throw back, had cool atmosphere, and a fun little homage with the title. I’m digging this already.

After the opening credits, Tommy goes to the sheriff and tells him that Jason is back. There are only so many ways I can mock the cliché fact that they don’t believe him. They throw him in a cell, which seems like overkill, but okay. Douche-y cops aren’t too common in film, anyway.

Then we cut to Darren and Lizbeth, two young adults who are currently lost on the road. Because we need some dumb sort of teens to be killed off before we get into the plot.

It doesn’t take long for them to bump into Jason and they just act like he’s a minor inconvenience. Seriously, they just talk about trying to get him out of their way. And they know this guy is trouble due to her saying she’s seen enough horror movies!

It’s still not nearly enough if you ask me.

To the shock of no one, he kills them both. Weird how they were self aware, yet still genre blind. How do you even do that?

The next day, Lizbeth’s Sister Paula and her friends ask the sheriff to look for her since she is sort of missing, at least as far as they know. Of course with Tommy still in the cell, he thinks Jason might be after her. Oh hey, he’s still here, I figured that previous bit was their way of writing him out of the story.

Naturally, no one listens to him and Sheriff has had enough of his crap. We then cut to a guy who works at the Cemetery, trying to clean up the mess the kids made, and he scolds them for digging up Jason.

…Then he looks at the camera.

Some folks have a strange idea of entertainment”

…Okay then.

Meanwhile, Paula and her friends head out to Camp Forrest Green (actually Crystal Lake) to take care of things with their missing friends gone. The main chick in this group is actually Megan, the sheriffs daughter….instead of the one connected to the people we went a few useless minutes with.

The kids arrive for camp, which means we’ll get to see Jason slaughter kids. Yay! ….Man, that graveyard guy was right.

Out in the woods, some guys are playing paintball and we get two obvious fake outs, where we are supposed to think it’s Jason buts it’s not. One bad fake out is fine, but two in a row?

Eventually he does kill some random guy and then kills the others. Except for one guy, who he chases. I hope this bit becomes important later, so for now I won’t complain too much about it since it could turn out to be necessary.

Meanwhile, the Sheriff guy takes Tommy out to get him out of his jurisdiction, but he tries to make a run for Jason’s grave to prove he was right. It doesn’t work. ….I have nothing to add to that, nothing really stupid happened there.

They kick him out of town and we move on. Usually I’d bitch about the characters being stupid but there’s not much to comment on here. While the guy is guy a bit overboard, I can’t say they really should believe given what he’s apparently been like.

So let’s see if there’s something to bitch about in the next scene. The Graveyard guy from earlier stumbles around drunk until he bumps into Jason and he is killed. Well, at least we’re getting somewhere.

This sound catches the attention of a random guy who was about to have sex with his girlfriend, because this is an 80’s slasher movie, of course he was. Jason comes over and kills him. So yeah, we’re in the Jason goes around killing random people that have little to do with the plot section of the movie.

Although to be fair, those guys saw him kill a guy, so he has a good reason.

Back at camp, a kid says she saw a monster but of course it is dismissed as a nightmare. It’s Jason in some way. There, we can skip to when she dies. Before that happens, we cut this one having sex with his girl.

Didn’t we just have a scene like this?

They drag this a bit to make “suspense” until they suspect something odd is going on, and drive off. Wait, a vehicle works in a time sensitive situation? WHAT WITCHCRAFT IS THIS?!

But that doesn’t help them as Jason got on board and takes the girl. The dumbass guy doesn’t hear her obvious struggle and they drag this out until Jason just kills her. And the dumbass guy who is apparently deaf gets to live for the time being. Great.

Thankfully, Jason kills him right after that. You have to love that the horrific killer is a hero most of the time.

The Sheriff catches wind of these murders, and immediately blames on Tommy. He really thinks that lowly of him? Speaking of which, after he leaves, Tommy calls Megan for help with Jason.

Megan decides to meet with him, because defyng her Daddy is a bit more than thinking about if this is the smart thing to do. While that is going on, Jason heads to camp and kills a random counselor. Yay?

Someone else hears a neck snap and just says “try not to take the kids”. …This is a new level of oblivious-ness. Megan meets up with Tommy, and they drive off to discuss this further, but the cops see her car and we get a chase scene,

In the middle of this, Tommy has to stay done and there are jokes about how he is close to her crotch. Lovely. …Although it does lead to a funny reaction when the cops catch them and Tommy has to raise his head.

The Sheriff takes them in but he gets informed of the previous few deaths….and he still thinks Tommy did it.

…How could he done it with HE’S RIGHT THERE WITH YOU RIGHT NOW?! Not to mention he’s been in that car with Megan for the last few minutes, and there could have been no time for him to do for him to do this, at least with her knowing!

Tommy was with me all that time, Dad”

Thank You!

But of course, He doesn’t buy it because he’s an idiot. After Jason kills someone else back at Camp, Megan just kind of hangs out while Tommy is in a cell. Long story short, they trick the guard go into letting them go.

Don’t do this Megan. Megan!”

Insert Drake and Josh joke here.

Jason is about to kill someone else when the cops show up. He kills a couple that are snooping around, and I must say this is a decent scene of suspense as they build up the mood nicely. It helps that there is a little girl walking around, afraid of Jason. And knowing these movies, I don’t know if they would kill her or not.

The jerky sheriff guy has a run in with Jason and shoots him several times, but can’t keep him down. Megan and Tommy arrive as sheriff guy tries hitting him. Yeah, shooting him didn’t work so clearly just hitting him will do it!

This rightfully results in his death. He dies just as he learns that Tommy is telling the truth. Oh cliche-ly tragic. Wait, is that a word? …It is now. Anyway, Jason finds Megan but Tommy lures hm over to him.

He tries out this plan where he ties Jason to a boulder that he will drop to the bottom of the lake, and he lights the water on fire before he is actually able to find Jason to tie him to the thing. That intelligent move results in Jason getting at him before he can do anything.

They both fall into the lake and fight for a bit until Jason pretty much drowns him. …Spoilers, I accidentally read ahead into the Wikipedia article and he’s alive. I won’t bash it for being predictable since this kind of movie could very well kill him.

Megan goes out to get him and she is able to turn the boat motor into Jason’s head, killing him. …Well, a bit weak compared to that whole climax, but it had decent build up, so I’m fine with it.

She takes Tommy to shore and uses CPR to revive him. Yep, turns out this movie has no balls after all.

Jason’s home”

The two comfort each other, as we cut to the lake during the day as Jason is still at the bottom of the lake. Guess no one thought to pick up the body and burn it to prevent….this from happening again.

If you guessed that they do a close up on his eye as it opens, than yay, you’ve seen another movie like this before. Roll credits. Bit of a lame “Twist” but an abrupt ending is nothing new for this kind of movie, so I can forgive it.

Oh, and the credits have the Alice Cooper song “He’s Back (The Man Behind the Mask)” which is pretty cool.

Final Thoughts:

Eh, that was alright. Honestly, it’s not my favorite of the series, but it’s far from terrible. It has all that typical dumb stuff I like to mock, but it doesn’t go all that far with it. Nothing too crazy happens, as it’s slightly dull in some spots.

Not to mention that the kills, while cool, are nothing special. It tries a bit harder than a couple others, but basically means it might be as fun for some people. But objectively, it has a few things going for it.

I thought it started strong and had a good climax, but the middle part was a bit weak. I do like having Tommy has a protagonist, trying to take down Jason for good after he brings him back to life, but it’s nothing to deep. It’s just another story where someone doesn’t believe the crazy person who is right.

I’m not expecting too great from this movie, but the bits with the boring humans aren’t too special. There’s nothing explicating bad here, as the characters are tolerable, and the story at least kind of makes sense.

But it doesn’t do anything too special aisde from seeing Jason do his thing again. This was the first entry to officially make him an unstoppable zombie killer, and that is pretty cool.

This film was supposed to be an new start….after the other new start, and I suppose it’s a nice throwback. This film got praise for the meta humor….but there isn’t that much of it. I showed you all of it, really.

I’ll call it average, but not in a terrible way. It does exactly what it should do, and it is fun. Yeah, it has some dull parts but there are tiny amusing moments and some decent kills. It doesn’t do anything new with the story but if you aren’t asking for much, it’s okay.

I wish they had gone deeper with Tommy and Megan, but it’s more interested in the typical stuff. It looks very nice and has some decent suspense in a few scenes. But the characters aside from the leads barely exist, and it has some typical dumb moments.

This review wasn’t quite as fun to do as the others due to being less notable, but ah well. Jason was pretty cool and has plenty to like, but it’s nothing special. As both a film and a Friday the 13th film, it’s just okay.

It could have been a lot better, but as it is, I’ve seen worse. Honestly, I agree with James Rolfe: Once you see the opening, you can stop there. But if you don’t, eh, you might like.

So yeah, that’s all I got. It’s just okay but eh, it’s tolerable.

Grade: C+

Now what of the future of my Friday the 13th reviews? Well, since i’ve done Part 1, the remake, Part 8, Part 9, Freddy Vs Jason, and this, I have roughly 5 or so left. The next Friday the 13th is in May 2016….but I have something special planned for then and maybe before than. You’ll see.

Next time, we do a Disney TV Movie….but it’s not quite a Disney Channel movie.

See ya.

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