A Look at Disney Cartoon Halloween Episodes

Hello, Spongey here.

If you can’t tell, I love Halloween. I love Christmas more but I love Halloween as well. You can tell since I do Halloween reviews every year, and I’ve done other bonus things here and there. I even Halloween it up on Deviant Art with a few Misc Halloween Reviews.

Pretty much every reviewer loves doing the Halloween stuff, even if it’s just their same shtick It’s just fun to do Holiday stuff. This year I wanted to do something a big…extra. See, PieGuyRulz does Holiday reviews every once in a while, mostly coverng Classic Nicktoons episodes, although he has recently dipped into Cartoon Network.

Last year he reviewed all the Classic Nick Halloween Specials, for example. Last December on DA, I reviewed all the Disney Sitcom Christmas Episodes. I wanted to do the same for Halloween but those plans fell through.

I was about to do it this year….but then I had an idea. We talk about Nick and Cartoon Network Cartoons a lot…but what about Disney? Recently, I’ve been on a Disney Cartoon kick, looking into their history and watching the shows.

Mostly because how good of a track record they have, from Disney Afternoon to now. So why not give them the Holiday nod? This month on Deviant Art, I reviewed all the official Disney Halloween episodes. Yes, all of them from 1992 (when the first one aired) to 2015.

Since I want to give my blog readers some love, I decided to put all the reviews here in one big post. It’s….quite a lot so get your favorite Halloween treat, and let’s get going.

This, is A Look at Disney Cartoon Halloween Episodes

First, some rules. Because there are tons of spooky episodes,we are only looking at Halloween episodes. I will only stretch if it has no true Halloween episodes, but has a spooky episode that is aired around the time.

Also, there’s plenty of debate over what counts as a Disney Cartoon, so I’m just sticking with stuff that is 100 percent Disney, no debatable stuff. I will make a couple exceptions for shows I wanna talk about, but otherwise, all pure Disney.

There’s no be all guide for this stuff either, I had to do the research, so if I missed a few, let me know. I missed some early on and had to add them in later, as it is.

With that said, let’s start with the first one ever aired, as far as I know.

The Monster Frankenpooh [The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh]

Season 2, Episode 5b

Writer: Carter Crocker

Airdate: October 14, 1989

It is a dark and stormy night in the Hundred Acre Wood and Tigger spins a tale of the mad scientist Piglet and his monster Frankenpooh.

This was one of the ones I forgot at first. …Yeah, I forgot the first one. I didn’t think one of the really old ones had one, but this was close enough to get a review.

This episode was pretty good. It had a nice mood and was decently funny. Most of it has Tigger and Piglet fighting over how the story should be and they do some fun and creative things.

My favorite part is when they make Frankenpooh so big that he actually hits the reel. Now that’s funny. As far as the Halloween mood goes, it fits enough. We have people telling a spooky story at night, and while it doesn’t go that far in the ending, it has enough of a mood to say it works on that level.

While this was a fun episode, it’s not quite high on my recommendation list, since it is mostly just a fun short. There are bigger heavy hitters out there to watch, so I would just watch this if you have the time for it, among all the other Horror episodes.

Here’s the weird thing about this episode: It’s not 11 minutes long…it’s 5 minutes. Yeah. I don’t remember this show’s episodes being so short, and nothing felt like it was missing. Everything flowed perfectly fine.

So I have no idea why it’s so short, although it is part of why it’s not a high recommendation. But if you wanna quickly see it is, it’s fun and spooky. There’s a minor forced sweet moment at the ending but otherwise, it’s a fun episode.

Not much else to say really. Hopefully our next ones will have more to comment on. This was the first one aired, so I can forgive it a bit. (If there’s one that aired even earlier somehow, I’ll eat my shorts)


Hallow-Weenies [Goof Troop]

Season 1, Episode 30

Writer: Cathryn Perdue

Airdate: October 30, 1992

Pete acquires an old, haunted mansion haunted by a trio of ghostly musicians.

Ah yes, Goof Troop. It’s a bit mixed for some people, but I think it’s alright. It is a bit dated but it was cute and fun. I mean, it’s hard to make Goofy unfunny after all. Asf or the actual episode,]I’ll address the main thing that stuck out to me. No, the ghosts don’t turn out to be fake or anything. They are 100 percent real throughout the episode. Given what kind of show this is, I was expecting that twist, then a OMG IT’S REALZ bit at the end.

But that never happened, all of this stuff going on is real. I’m no Goof Troop expert, but I’m fairly sure supernatural stuff wasn’t too common. But I’m fine with this because it’s much better than the predictable story I was expecting.

So how the was actual episode? It was alright. Yeah, it’s nothing too special but it’s not too bad already. It’s enjoyable but I can’t quite see myself watching it again around this time given how many choices we have.

But it is fun.

My main problem with this episode is that it feels a bit padded in places. With how the plot plays out, it feels like an 11 minute episode stretched out. I know Disney didn’t do 11 minute episodes back then but this plot still feels like it should have been shorter.

Once the plot gets doing, most of it is the ghosts torturing Pete and Goofy, as the kids try to find ways to stop them. With how this goes on, it doesn’t quite feel like a complete 22 minute story like some other episodes.

However, that’s really a nitpick because it still fills the time decently with an okay plot. The plot just isn’t hugely strong so the episode just ends up being okay. On the positive side, the characters are mostly fine.

Max is still likable, abiet slightly bland, and Goofy and Pete still steal the show. PJ gets a bit annoying sometimes due to having to be the guy who doesn’t want to do anything dangerous, but that’s minor. Goofy sadly doesn’t get a lot to do compared to the others although he has a few moments.

The Comedy is mostly average for this show. None of it is hilarious but most of it works. There are some amusing bits with the ghosts and the crazy stuff they do. The ghosts are amusing although they aren’t too deep since this is still just a silly kids show after all.

The Comedy really only goes down when things get a bit boring. There are a few stretches when the plot kind of slows down, but mostly it’s fine. The story is basic but I like that they threw me for a loop.

You think there might not be real ghosts, but as I said, real ghosts are here. The ghosts are naturally give a motivation for doing this and they are made decently sympathetic. Very typical but not bad.

Eventually they get help from Goofy’s ancestor Gooferamus G. Goof, which is kind of cool. Yeah, this episode really doesn’t give me much to talk about. It’s a pretty basic story but it just happens to work because of the show’s charm.

It doesn’t do anything too daring but it’s nice and fun episode overall. It is held back by it’s limitations, though. The story doesn’t get too deep, and the Comedy isn’t especially amazing.

The Halloween mood is there, but I wouldn’t say it’s the best. For the most part, Goof Troop fans are the people who will like this. As far as Halloween Episodes go, it’s just there sort of there.

It doesn’t do anything big so it’s just the kind of episode I recommend for fans. That’s not bad since this just was just meant to be a normal episode. But that doesn’t change the fact that this isn’t high on my recommendation list.

At it’s core, it’s a fun little story with some amusing ghost antics, and a couple nice moments. But it is does drag at points and the story isn’t especially interesting, and the comedy isn’t the best.

It’s fine but nothing too substantial. Kind of like the show in general some of the time. I’m sorry I didn’t go into much detail but there isn’t too much say about this episode.

It’s an okay episode. Fun but nothing I’d go out of my way to watch. There’s probably better episodes of this show out there to watch, and better Halloween episodes, but for what it is, it’s…fine

That’s all I got, really. Could have been better but for this show, I’ll accept it.


Hot Spells [Darwking Duck]

Season 3, Episode 8

Writers: John Behnke, Rob Humphrey & Jim Peterson

Airdate: October 31st, 1992

Darkwing and Gosalyn go with Morgana to her old magic school, where she is to present her thesis paper. Gosalyn tries out the school but is bored by the “Math” and “logic” side of it. So of course, she makes a deal with the devil to get good at magic.

Okay, I”m slightly cheating here because this isn’t exaclty a Halloween episode. But it aired on Halloween and it involves the devil. So close enough. Anyway, this was always my favorite Disney Afternoon show so I was excited to find a sort of Halloween episode to review.

Let’s address the obvious elephant in the room. This episode was supposedly banned due to the whole Devil thing. I’m not sure if this is really true, but knowing censors back then, it’s likely true.

That’s kind of lame, but ah well, it happens. As for the episode itself, it’s hard to judge as a Halloween episode since it’s….not a Halloween episode. The big Halloween element is the presence of the Devil, but it’s not especially spooky or anything.

So I will say that there are more fitting picks for Halloween episodes, and this is just to be complete. However, if you choose to watch out, you won’t feel bad.

This episode is solid. Not the best of DW but it’s decent fun. It doesn’t go above and bond but it is good. The main plot is…a bit cliché, really. Someone cheating to get ahead only to have to be tested on stuff they don’t know.

Thankfully, it’s pulled off well because Gosalyn ends up being punished properly while staying likable. Speaking of the punishment, there’s a great line where she whines about being punished because ‘it’s only your soul’. Heh.

The focus isn’t on morality or whatever, so I can let some flaws slide to enjoy the episode. As for the Devi, I love how he shows up. He’s just chilling in hell, wanting to cause some mayhem.

There’s some obvious jokes about politicians until he randomly decides he wants to mess with Darkwing. Yes, this all happens because the dEvil got bored. Now that’s funny.

He’s actually just called something else, but they make it clearly that he’s the devil. He tries to steal Darkwing’s soul and everything. He disguises himself as a janitor to give Gosalyn some dark magic and that’s how things heat up.

He’s a highlight of the episode with how he acts. Not the most memorably version of the Devil but he is fun, although he doesn’t appear too much in the middle. Everyone else is about the same, with each having some amusing moments.

As cliché as the main plot is, I do like it because all the magic going on and how the Devil gets involved. This isn’t a crime fighting focused one, so there isn’t a ton of action but it still manages to be fun.

The biggest downside to this one is that it doesn’t do anything too big. The devil is in it but aside from that, it’s a fairly typical episode. Of course typical Darwking Duck is better than typical Goof Troop, but it doesn’t do anything huge that makes it a must watch compared to some other episoes.

But it’s better than the Goof Troop one because it’s a lot of funnier with some stand out points. The episode itself isn’t the most notable but it it’s still decent. I enjoyed seeing the Devil’s antics and the plot has it’s moments.

The story it’s the most well thought out thing ever, but as a piece of entertainment, it works fine. Once again, I’m not really given a lot to comment on, which may be a theme this month.

The Devil is the only reason I have anything to say at all. He makes this episode as fun as it is. I just like a good devil story, I guess. The only real issue with this one is that it’s Halloween ties are kind of slim, so it’s not as good for this month as these other episodes.

But I think the Devil stuff will get you to check it out. It’s more or less a normal episode that doesn’t do anything crazy but there’s nothing wrong with that. The episode is fun with some good jokes and some cool stuff in the story.

It’s nothing too special but it’s fun. Hopefully my reviewing skills will get better after we get into more interesting episodes. Sadly, I can’t recommended this as a Halloween episode for a marathon, but if you wanna watch it for any reason, it’s decent.

The Christmas episode is more notable but that’s a review for another time. For now, we have a decent episode that is not too Halloween-y, but is still fine.

Rating: Okay. Yes, I do think it’s good but on the scale we’re using for this, it’s mostly okay.

Eye of the Beholder [Gargoyes]

Season 2, Episode 7

Writer: Steve Perry

Airdate: September 13, 1995

On Halloween, the Gargoyles go out into public while Xanatos proposes to Fox, giving her the Eye of Odin as a wedding gift. The gift’s magical properties come to light during the full moon, and she becomes a werewolf that threatens both Xanatos and the general population.

Ah yes Gargoyles. A pretty daring Disney show for the time, given it’s dark themes and such. It was pretty awesome, although I’ve only seen a few episodes.

I was worried that I would be lost since I haven’t seen much beyond Season 1, and this is a story driven show. …Thankfully, this show has recaps at the start of episodes, and the plot was easy to understand.

The only thing I needed to know is that Xantos has a love interest. I’m sure if I knew how this happened, this story would hold up better, but ah well. So how is it? Well, it was pretty good!

…However, the Halloween aspect is kind of shallow. It is set on the day and we have some scenes set at a party, and they do that thing where it is an excuse for the supernatural main characters to walk around, but….it doesn’t play too much into the plot.

The Halloween aspect is minor, and could be removed and the episode would be the same. Guess I can’t be too shocked given it aired in September. It’s not a big issue but given this marathon, it is a bit disappointing.

So we have yet to hit a really strong Halloween-y episode. But whatever, the episode itself is better than our first 2 offerings. The story itself is decently interesting. A villain showing some level of compassion for others is usually interesting, and I enjoyed seeing it play out.

It is a bit cliché as Goliath has to learn to accept Xantos help later and accept that he can in fact love. That’s the only draw back to this episode. It’s a bit too simple with how it plays it…but I assume they went into detail in other episodes, so I will let it slide.

For what it is, it was interesting. We get some interesting moments as we see how much Xantos loves Fox and I thought it was a neat story. We also have some fun with her going around as a werwolf creature.

Yeah, that’s Halloween-y too but I can imagine this as a normal episode given what show this is. That aspect does bring things up further as we get some fun action. This episode delivers a decent mix of story and action, which is what I am expecting from this show, after all.

On a side note, I haven’t watched this show in a while, so I was reminded how strong the animation could be, even for a classic Disney show. I like that 90’s style of animation when it comes to Disney Afternoon shows, and this show used that very well, with strong atmosphere.

Also, Elisa is dressed as Belle. Subtle.

Overall ,this episode is good. The Halloween aspect isn’t very strong but the story itself is solid. Yeah, it’s a bit cliché but it’s strong enough with nice character moments and some fun action.

It’s not great enough for an instant recommendation but I would suggest checking it out if you haven’t’ seen it. Not as a Halloween episode, for reasons I already mention. But as a normal episode, it’s decent.

Hopefully we hit a really strong Halloween episode soon, but for now, this is decent. Not the best episode on either front, but it’s got a good story and it’s enjoyable. Not much else to say, really.

(Also, yes, Broadway is voiced by Patrick Star)

RATING: Good. Yeah, despite my issue, this show is too good to be harsh on.

Monster Massachusetts [Timon & Pumpaa]

Season 2, Episode 5a

Writer: Steve Roberts

Airdate: October 12, 1996

Mad scientist Dr. Caliostro wants to make Timon & Pumbaa beautiful with his Metamorphotron. However, the machine makes his test subjects ugly. Can they change back so they can get out of the Caliostro laboratory?

This episode is okay. It’s got some amusing jokes and fun moments. But it also kind of drags and doesn’t have the most fitting mood. We have a mad scientist and stuff, but it’s not too spooky and is mostly just shenanigans.

That’s fine but that just means it’s not the most fitting on that level. On it’s own, it’s alright but not the best. As I sad, it does drag a bit where we have a few minutes of nothing funny happenng.

It is fairly amusing but nothing quite hilarious. I did like the general antics, like with them tricking Torgo. While I get that it’s not supposed to be plot heavy, it feels like not much really happens, hence why it kind of drags.

It’s not a big deal but it is something I notice. Also, the ending is….weird. It’s…kind of funny but also just…odd. If you’ve seen it, you know what I mean.

Also, the scientist is voiced by Billy West…but he does the exact same voice he did for Stimpy and it’s a bit distract. Seriously, it’s the exact same voice. So weird.

And that’s pretty much all I have to say. Yeah, not much to really gleam from analyze this. It’s alright with some good jokes but nothing too special on either front. If you wanna watch it, go ahead, but I won’t recommend it too high.


Doug’s Bloody Buddy [Disney’s Doug]

Season 1, Episode 8

Writer: Unknown (Not the guy on Blogspot with the Nick/Disney blog that gave a shout to me… I mean I couldn’t find the writer)

Airdate: October 26, 1996

After Connie starts a rumor, the students of Beebe Bluff Middle School get into an uproar that Skeeter is really a vampire.

I’ve never really seen Disney’s take on Doug before, and from I hear it’s not very good. Nick’s Doug was okay for the time but hasn’t aged very well. I think the people who hate it are just….those kind of people.

So, how was my first experience with Disney’s Doug? ….It was okay. Yeah, just okay. I enjoyed more than I thought it would, but it’s nothing special. In general, this version seems pretty similar to the original, just with a change in art style.

Although this was just one episode, and a early one, so maybe it changed as it went on. I won’t say anything about the show in general since it’s unfair given this is the only episode of Disney’s Doug I’ve seen so far.

Things mostly seem the same, except for Connie who CR went into back before he became infamous. She’s kind of annoying here, but I guess that’s the point. The biggest problem this episode has is the padding.

Doug was an 11 minute show, but Disney’s Doug is 22 minutes, and it’s obvious Doug is normally meant to be have 11 minute plots. The plot is pretty simple and they really stretched to make the time limit.

As per usual, there are imagine spots and the opening is padding with an imagine scene, then Connie spreading a bunch of rumors. Between plot points there are imagine spots, and things don’t get all that interesting about half way through.

I’ve seen worse but it does feel padded. This is an early episode, so maybe they filled the time better later on, but Nick’s doug has some 22 minute episodes that filled the time fine, so I’m not sure why this one could not.

They just picked a weak story. The story has been done to death and I pretty much knew what was gonna happen. There’s nothing about this kind of story (Hey Arnold did it…and way better, btw) but it’s clearly meant for a shorter episode.

With that said, there are some positives here. While it takes a bit to get going, it does get kind of enjoyable near the end. There’s some good jokes here and there, like an imagine spot with Vampire Skeeter promoting soda, which is funnier than it sounds.

There’s also Doug asking Dad for help and an obvious joke where he thinks he wants the talk…which they go further wirh by having him go into a vampire version of the talk. Now that’s funny.

There are also a few nice moments as Doug stands up for Skeeter, and wonders what will happen if Skeeter has to stop being his friend due to maybe being a vampire. It’s nothing deep but these bits are nice.

It gets kind of intense near the end, but again, nothing huge. This episode has it’s moments, but it felt a bit too padded for my tastes. Plus, aside from a few moments, they don’t anything too new with this plot.

It’s kind of bland most of the time and the ending is just kind of there. You can guess what happens before the episode even gets going, so I won’t feel bad spoiling it: Doug thinks logically, and tells them off and Skeeter is like “Nah, I’m no vampire’ and the episode ends.


Oh, and it has little to do with Halloween. It’s mentioned and there is a vampire, but the connection isn’t strong enough. We do have a few “creepy” parts here and there, but it’s mostly just normal Doug stuff.

So obviously, I can’t recommend this one too much. It’s not bad due to some fun moments, and being harmless, but the plot is predictable and padded. And the lack of a strong Halloween element means….yeah, you don’t need to watch this.

Obvliously if like you Doug (either version), you might enjoy it but as a Halloween episode, there’s better options. Heck , I bet this show has better options.


It’s mostly “okay” but given it’s issues and how it is, I had to be harsh with the rating. This show actually had another Halloween episode called “Night of the Living Doug’s” ..but I can’t find it. Whoops.

And given what we have next, I wish I was watching it right now..

The Boy Who Cried Ghost [Quack Pack]

Season 1, Episode 27

Writer: Dean Stefan

Airdate: October 31, 1996

On their way to a Halloween party, Dewey’s pranks go too far, leaving them stranded and forced to spend the night in a creepy mansion. But when it turns out to be really haunted, Dewey has a hard time convincing the others that it’s not one of his practical jokes.

…Joy, we get to talk about Quack Pack. This show proved that Disney is at it’s worst when it’s trying to be cool. To be fair, the show was subject to a bunch of writers not decided what kind of show they wanted to make, and it had some elements bured in there.

Given my feelings on Sanjay and Craig, I can’t dispute that. So how was the episode? ..More or less what I was expecting. …However, I do have some positive things to say about it, believe it or not! But first, the general flaws. This shows’ version of Huey, Dewey, and Louie is…not too good. In other words, they are kind of unlikable.

NC Went into how they just do famous 90’s poses and don’t have much personality. This show apparently gives them more personality, but this episode doesn’t show much of it. Dewey is an asshole, and the others are….just there.

It’s not fair to judge them based on this episode, so just know this is just based on how they are here. They just seem kind of bland and annoying here, being jerks to pretty much everyone. Although this story implies some kind of learning for Dewey, which weI’ll get to.

…Now. This plot is incredibly predictable. The title more or less gives it away. Dewey will do some tricks, and so so many that when a real ghosts pops up, no one believes him, and he learns to not do tricks so much.

They manage to distract from it with okay parts, but it’s still a rather typical story, and it’s not even told 100 percent right. Even for this story, Dewey goes a bit too far. He uses part of their tire for their prank, which causes this plot to happen. And even after that he feels need to scare them.

Wow, what a jerk. That’s the point but it goes a bit too far. Does he learn his lesson in the end? …I don’t know. He helps save their lives but he expects thanks and is shocked when they blame him for getting them here to begin with, and it ends with him being scared by a ghost one last time, only no one to believe him.

What a great way to end it. That’s just the icing on a flawed cake. …Now to be fair again, this shtick to allow for some okay parts when they are facing the ghosts, who they think is Dewey.

But it doesn’t quite make up for the story issues. Wait, what about those positive things? Well..

It has a good Halloween vibe While this could have been set anytime due to the general plot, it manages to have some really good atmosphere. It’s set in a creepy mansion, and features some ghosts and monsters running all over the place.

They set a good mood and honestly, it fits Halloween pretty well. How did this show do it better than Gargoyles?!

On top of that, there are some funny moments. Infact, pretty much everything without Huey, Dewey, and Louie tends to be good. I enjoyed the villains as they have some funny moments. Although one part with Dewey’s conscience was easily the highlight.

There is some fun stuff in here that almost makes it tolerable, despite the flaws. Something tells me the whole show is like this: Everything that has nothing to do with the main characters is good,

Sadly, that can’t make this episode all that good. The main characters are weak, the story is cliched and it feels like no one really learns anything. Although good atmosphere and some funny jokes stop it from being flat out bad.

It was perhaps a bit better than expected, but it mostly what I heard the show was like. At least it had it’s moments. I only really recommend this to fans, since the strong Halloween vibe does mean it will work for people who can tolerate the show.

Otherwise, this is an easy skip. It has it’s moments, but it’s just meh when it comes to the important aspects of a story.


A Tween Halloween [Pepper Ann]

Season 1, Episode 6a

Writer: Scott M Grimple

Airdate: October 31, 1998

Pepper Ann becomes ashamed of trick-or-treating as a preteen after Milo tells her that she’s too old for that.

This show is one that I have meories of…it’s existence, nad that’s about it. So I wasn’t sure what to expect. And it’s ……good! Yeah, we’ve hit another good one, and it’s good on both counts, as a Halloween episode, an episode on it’s own. It’s nothing crazy amazing but it’s solid enough.

Halloween doesn’t happen until the end but the episode keeps building it up and the plot is all about Halloween. It isn’t the spookiest thing ever but it works on a different level. As you can tell from the summary, this episode is pretty releatable.

We’ve all wondered when we were too old for Halloween, and the conflict comes from that. Of course the message is that you are never too old to do what you want to do, but it’s an interesting journey to that point.

As for me, I stopped Trick or Treating when I was around 14, but as you can still, I’m still into Halloween.

The episode isn’t all that funny, but it’s not really supposed to be. Although we get one or two moments. Also, we have a couple imagine spots that are actually used well and don’t outstay their welcome. Take notes, Doug.

While it’s nothing too deep, the story was fairly interesting as Pepper Ann wonders if she is too old for Halloween. We get a few a nice moments and of course it leads to a happy ending.

For a show like this, it’s a nice story. My only problem is the abrupt ending. For an 11 minute episode, this is well paced as it goes through this nice story. I almost forget this was just 11 minutes…but then it just kind of stops at the end, right as they decide to go Trick or treating.

It’s a nitpick but after all the build up, it’s odd how it just kind of stopped. Otherwise, it’s a good episode. As a Halloween episode, it creates a plot around it that makes it fitting and on it’s own, it’s a nice little story.

I wouldn’t put it high on my recommendation list since it’s nothing too crazy, but I would suggest watching it if you have the time. It’s a good and releatable with a few amusing moments here and there.

Being an early episode, it’s a bit rough so I may want to see more of at some point. Also, as a side note, when it shows the date, it mentions whatever famous person was born on that day. I don’t get it, is that a thing this show does or is just this episode?

Doesn’t matter. Not much else to say, just a solid episode.


The Legend of Spooky Oookie/Ooh Scary!/Zowie Queen of the Pumpkins [Rollie Pollie Ollie]

Season 2, Episode 8

Writers: Laura Kosterski, Ben Joseph, and Nicola Barton

Airdate: October 27, 1999

Okay, this is the only show I am cheating with. This isn’t an official Disney show but I am including it because I just really wanna talk about it. In my Meet the Robinsons review, I called it the weirdest cartoon ever. And at first glance, you wouldn’t get that.

It just centered a bunch of round robot people on a planet. It had some Sci Fi elements but nothing too weird. So why it was weird? Simple: EVERYTHING HAS A FACE.

And I mean EVERYTHING. In a cartoon like this, the Sun and Moon having a face is to be expected but I seriously mean EVERYTHING. The TV, the bed, the house, and even the TOLIET.


I am dead serious, and there’s no explanation given! It’s just…there. And there are episodes about these living objects, like the one where the tent sneezes, or the one where the sun is sad that Zowie didn’t thank here.

…Forget Adventure Time and Ren and Stimpy, the creators of this show were clearly on something.

…With that said, it was still decent. It was nothing special but it was fun for kids and adult. For it’s Halloween special, all 3 segments were spooky themed so we’re doing them all in one go. Mostly because they all have the same level of substance.

In the first episode, we find out about the holiday as Pappy dresses up as a legndery monster person. In the 2nd one, they try to scare the kids only to get scared themselves, and finally, Zowie has a strange dream.

These 3 episodes were…alright. Yeah, we’re back in average Territory. While this show was decent, it was still a preschool show and being an earlier CGI one, it could be kind of boring sometimes.

While these episodes were enjoyable, they weren’t too special for the most part. I will say that Halloween (Spooky Oooky Day, in this case) aspect is very strong. There’s good atmosphere, and the stories work for Halloween.

So as a Halloween episode, it works and is very fitting for this time of year. If you don’t have high standards, this is an easy recommendation. But as an episode….it’s just okay. To be fair, it’s just typical Rolie Polie Olie stuff, and it does nothing really wrong.

It just the show’s usual stuff, and that means it has the flaws. The first segment meanders a bit and has that dumb OMG IT WAS REAL twist gag that people hate. The 2nd one is a predictable story, and the 3rd is….the least flawed since it’s just a weird dream.

I love the backstory for Spooky Oooky. How did he get to to be this monster? He got mad after being locked of his house.. …I’m not making this up. It’s especially given how unironically they mention this.

The Legend of Spooky Oooky is just typical otherwise. Fun but nothing too substantial, although the end twist isn’t the worst offender of this cliché. This show is so odd that there was no need for the twist, anyway. They made a movie of the show with a pirate voiced by James Woods, for god’s sake.

…Yeah, I’ll review it at some point.

Ooh Spooky is just kind of cliché. It has the strongest plot and doesn’t play into the cliché too much but it is a story you’ve seen. Also, the writer is currently on Teen Titans go.


Zowie Queen of the pumpkins is the best. It’s just a dream where Zowie controls pumpkins and meets Spooky Ooky. The execution of the first bit of it, oddly enough, reminds of Fantastia with the music and animation driving it. Also, the music sounds a bit like the pink elephants song from Dumbo.

I can’t be the only one who hears this.

While the ending is dumb, I would suggest this one the most. The atmosphere is strong and it’s unique for this show. The half hour as a whole is enjoyable but nothing special.

It fits for Halloween but the stories aren’t strong enough for me to recommend. If you already like the show, check it out but otherwise, you can skip it until you see more of the show and get used to it

I don’t wanna sound harsh because it does nothing too wrong and is just typical for the show. But since it is kind of slow and does nothing special, I simply would not suggest it since you may not enjoy it like I kind of did.

Either way, it’s just okay no matter how you slice it.

Rating: Okay.

If anything else, the shows weirdness should be enough to make this the scariest thing i’ve ever seen.

Costume Pity Party [Teacher’s Pet]

Season 1, Episode 6b

Writer: Micheal Price

Airdate: October 28, 2000

Through some antics, people think Dog Spot is just his Halloween Costume, but things get complicated when they must take their costumes off.

So this is another show I hadn’t seen much of, although I knew more about it than with Pepper Ann. The weirdest thing about it is that Disney has more or less buried it….even though it was popular enough to get a theatrical movie. Weird.

And like with Pepper Ann, my first experience was good. Yep, I quite enjoyed this one. It’s not amazing, but it did make me want to watch more of the show, which is a good a thing. The Halloween aspect isn’t the strongest but it works well enough on that front.

It’s just there to kick off the plot with Spot trying to not be outed as a Dog and Leonard being embarrassed by a bully. But the plot works well enough for me to give that a pass, and they do good jokes with the Costumes.

It’s not the strongest on the Halloween front, but it’s just good enough. Besides, the actual episode is solid. It’s mostly just funny. Spot is very likable and he has quite a few funny lines, and Lenonard is good too.

I thought they worked well together and I never thought Spot got too out of the hand. He knows when he goes too far and apologizes for getting him into this mess. Nathan Lane does good voice work as well.

Speaking of which, this show has Wallace Shawn as the angry dog hating principal. Now I have to watch more at this point.

As for the story, the other side is Leonard not wanting to put on a costume because he was bullied last year for having a Costume. Of course he ends up facing the bully and there is a happy ending.

Like with Pepper Ann, it’s relateable and it works. It just amounts to “it’s fine to wear a costume or whatever” but it’s still good. Also, once again a show manages to show a correct bullying solution. I would stop picking on you know what if I didn’t keep finding shows that do it better.

It gets a bit cheesy at the end but it’s nice. Overall, I don’t have much to complain about. Some of the jokes are weak, the Halloween aspect isn’t the best, and maybe the ending is weird but otherwise I liked this episode a lot.

The characters are likable, the story is decent, and it’s funny. There are better Halloween episodes out there, but on it’s own it’s very solid. If you haven’t seen the show, this is a good start and for fans, it’s a good watch.

Rating: Good

A Hoowhaw Halloween [PB&J Otter]

Season 3, Episode 26

Writer: Anne Baumgarten and Bruce Shelly

Airdate: June 21, 2001


This is another one I forgot about, mostly I just forgot I counted this show as a Disney show. It’s one of those shows I watched as a kid but haven’t seen since. So we’ll look at the Halloween episode…which happened to be the last episode aired.

PB&J get sick with stomachaches, which means that they’re unable to go trick-or-treating, so Pinch must bravely face going out trick-or-treating without her very best friend. Meanwhile, back at home, PB&J think of ways to make their own fun.

This episode was alright. Yeah, another one of those reviews. It was cute and obvluously kids will enjoy it, and hell, I’ve seen far worse as an adult. It just wasn’t too special.

It fits for Halloween due to taking place at night, and being about trick or treating. Not the best mood but it’s fine on that front. This is one of those shows that is better with 11 minute stories, because this 22 minute story didn’t have a ton of matrial.

My main problem is that it just kind of drags. I know you wanna build up to the plot but it takes a while to get going and it feels both longer and shorter than it is. I looked at the time and was shocked to see I was already 15 minutes in.

With that said, there’s nothing too wrong here. The main charecters seem kind of bland, but I like the other kids. There’s this duck kid who has an annoying voice that is kind of funny despite that voice. He reminds me of Roger from Doug, which makes sense.

There’s a running gag where he and this other kid accidentally both go as this superhero, and the duck guy is more upset about it. Actually, there a few good jokes here, like when they eat from a create of Candy….but their beaver friend just eats the crate.

The plot is pretty average. Nothing too unexpected, and the extra length doesn’t really help. There’s nothing explciting wrong though, and it was kind of charming. The animation is nice, and the songs are kind of fun.

(Without even having to see a single frame of the show for the first time in years, that noodle dance song got in my head.)

There’s a nice releatable side where the kids have a bad Halloween where they get no Candy, although here it’s because they spent an hour waiting to get candy from this rich house. That was funny too.

There’s also a nice message about making your own fun when you are down. I thought it was cool.

As a whole, this episode is fine. It does kind of drag and it isn’t too challenging, but it’s enjoyable for kids. While adults have better options, you won’t waste too much time by watching this.

.But I still wouldn’t recommended it too highly. It’s fine but nothing i’d go out of my way to see. The show seems like it holds up fine, but Disney has better pre school offerings.


Terrifying Tales of Recess [Recess]

Season 6, Episode 1

Writers: Mark Archuleta, Jack Monaco (Yay!) and Bart Jennett

Airdate: October 31, 2001

Oh hell yes. This show was one of my favorites as a kid, and even to this day. This episode does something interesting that we would later see again from Disney Halloween episodes. It’s a Treehouse of Horrors style episode.

Yep, Recess did it way before Phineas and all those other shows. One of the creators apparently worked on The Simpsons at one point….which explains everything, really.

So how did this show pull it off? …Pretty well! Infact, this is easily the best thing I’ve covered so far, which I know isn’t saying a lot. But I think this one captured that mood pretty well while also being well written.

While Halloween is only referenced, the creepy tone more than makes this one fitting. Pretty much everything works here, including the framing device of Butch telling these stories. I love the fake out opening with Principal Prickley introducing this, only for it to just be Butch.

Then there are the stories, let’s quickly go over them:

Children of the Corn Chip: Best title ever. After eating some tainted and untested Cornchips, Cornchip Girl becomes a werewolf thing that the kids must track down and defeat. This was a good start with good atmosphere, and even a cool detective aspect. All of these have the same strengths, but this did have the best story.

When Bikes Attack: Exactly what it says on the Tv. Mikey’s bike comes to life to asically tries to kill everyone. I really like the tone with this one, as it feels the most like a real horror movie, with the bike just being creepy. I especially like the obligatory twist ending. Although the plot confuses me to an exgent. This is all happens because Mikey leaves the bike out in the end, and Butch basically says that this is the moral. Uh. Aren’t you mostly supposed to leave a bike outside, at least at school? Heck. Mikey didn’t even want to leave it outside, because he cares about it that much. Whatever, it’s not meant to be taken seriously.

Night of the Living Finsters: The kids sneak into school at night to investigate something, only to be faced with Finster zombies. This one was the shortest so it was the weakest, but it was still fun. There was no explanation for what was going on, and they did that OMG IT’S REAL thing at the end, but it was still spooky and enjoyable.

The atmosphere is part of this episodes strength. There’s a nice spooky mood to all of it which makes each segment spooky and fun. They didn’t need a normal Halloween plot to make it fitting.

And of course the shows usual charm is there with some decent humor. While the stories are just random, the characters anchor it all so it fits with the show. Things don’t even start slow like in some in others as, as it’s fun and spooky right from the start.

They did a good job capturing that mood and each story is unique in it’s right. I wouldn’t say it’s the funniest episode either but the general feel makes this one very enjoyable and memorable.

I would not hesitate recommending this one, for pretty much everyone. The mood fits this time of year, and it’s a solid and fun episode all the way through. Aside from a few nitpicks, I have no real problems with this episode.

So yeah, an easy recommendation. It’s good spooky fun.

Mickey’s House of Villains [House of Mouse]

Writer: Thomas Hart

Airdate: September 3, 2002

Okay, I know I’m kind of cheating with this one, as it’s technically a movie. But it’s pretty short, and its; more or less an extended episode, so screw it. If you ask me, this show was one of the best ideas they ever came up with. Mikey owns a night club for Disney characters, and has his own troubles, and they sometimes show shorts, old and new. This show worked just for the premise, as it was so cool to see all these classic characters make cameos, and the show itself was good fun.

So let’s how their Halloween-ish movie panned out.

Lead by Jafar, the Disney Villains take over the house because…they feel like it. This movie doesn’t have the best rep. See, from the premise people expect a big damn movie…but it’s mostly just an extended episode, with shorts and everything.

I can kind of see why people were pissed, and they did disappoint me as a kid, but going in I wanted to just judge it for what it is. I went into this remembering it’s just an extended episode.

And after watching it…yeah I can see people don’t like it. Now, the main plot was enjoyable but….well, this movie is an hour and 4 minutes long….and there’s not even 22 minutes of original martial.

How so? Well, as a said, this has shorts just like the show….but they take up most of the movie. After the intro is out of the way, we get, I shit you not, 6 SHORTS IN A ROW before the plot starts.

The plot doesn’t really start until 40 minutes in. I’m dead serious. Jafar pipes in between one short, but that’s it. When the plot does begin, it’s too little too late. They STILL put in some shorts to waste time, and not much else happens.

We get a few things happening after they take over, but after the final short Mickey defeats Jafar and the movie ends. There’s not much interaction between the villains and they barely do anything.

What we DO get is alright, but not enough to justify this being a movie. The climax was cool but it doesn’t really make up for the pacing issues. This should have just been a normal episode, so they could flesh out the story better and not have filler.

Now, the shorts are mostly funny (Especially How To Haunt) but there are too many of them. Plus, at least 3 of them have nothing to do with Halloween. Also, 3 shorts about Donald being scared may have been too much but if that’s what they had to work with, I can let it slide.

The stuff in the actual plot we do get is fine. The animation is nice, the characters are fine, and it’s funny. However, we don’t enough materiel to make it worth an hour of my time. If you skip the shorts, you will enjoy it, but it’s still too lackluster to make it all that solid.

On the bright side, they still have the voice actors for the villains, even James Woods. Of course the dead ones couldn’t show up but the replacements are good. While they aren’t used the best, Jafar is cool.

But one thing confuses me. Jafar leading them is fine, but one of his villains minions is…Chernabog. Yeah, the Devil from Fantastia is…just a minion. What kind of sense does that make?!

To make it weirder, he SINGS at one points and hits on Maleficent. …OTP?

That brings me to the one awesome thing in this movie…the song. Yes, the villains have a song and it’s awesome. It’s catchy, it’s fun, and has a ton of great jokes and references, with the villains interacting.

They did more in 2 minutes than the rest of the movie does in like an hour. That’s sad. I suggest listening to the sound for an hour instead of watching the movie.

The movie is tolerable, and it has it’s moments, but it’s overall disappointing. The villains don’t do much, and the movie has more padding than Girl Meets world of Terror 2. At least that padding had something to do with the plot.

Oh, and the Halloween aspect is decent but given we have more episodes to get though, it’s not worth it.

It’s not bad at all, it’s just not what it could have been. It’s tolerable but I would only recommend it if you are curious.


October 31st [Kim Possible]

Season 1, Episode 14

Writer: Mark Palmer

Airdate: October 11, 2002

While fighting Drakken, Shego, and Killigan, Kim accidentally has a strange bracelet attached to her wrist that grows every time she lies, leading to embarrassment when she tries to get out of a series of engagements to attend a party with Josh Mankey.

Hey, another great classic show! I will hopefully get to finale discuss it in detail at some point but for now, we have this episode. It’s decent. Yeah, it’s not as good as the Christmas episode (more on that come December..) nor is it a huge highlight for the series. But for what it is, it’s enjoyable. The Halloween aspect comes from the mood rather the plot, because this story could have happened anytime of year.

But with the Halloween stuff, it becomes more memorable. They have some good jokes about the Hospital’s Haunted House and various Costumes, especially with Ron. My favorite joke is the flashback to preschool. It’s a great misdirection.

Ron and Kim are supposed to be a Unicorn, with that type of costume where one is a head, and the other is…yeah. Kim drops out so…

You’re not a unicorn, you’re just a horses-”

You know-for kids!

(Also, I’m pretty sure the kid who says that is voiced by Tara Strong or someone like that)

The shows’ usual style and The Halloween stuff keeps this one afloat, as the story isn’t anything too special. There are quite a few good jokes and some fun interactions, and action stuff.

The story is pretty cliché, and even a bit preachy. I get it, lying is bad and Kim did something wrong. No need to beat me over the head with it. Kim is thankfully still kind of likable since they don’t dwell on her bad doings too much. I think her punishment is a bit much.

The heart does pull this through, despite how cliché and preachy it is. I was going to bitch more but a sweet moment stopped me. At least someone is punished for doing something actually bad. But I think the villains scolding her was a bit much, even if it’s just for humor.

I can see this bugging others me, but I can look past it. The suit itself is a pretty cool weapon and they do some fun things with it. Although I see why the felt Kim’s suit from the movie was a better indestructible weapon thing.

Overall, I’d barely call it good. The plot is nothing special, but the mood brings it up. The fun Halloween jokes makes this enjoyable to watch, and while it is a bit preachy, it’s at least trying to tell a decent story.

If you don’t have time for a lot of Disney Halloween episodes…then this shouldn’t be too high on my list, since honestly there are better options in terms of plot. But if you can fit time for it, it’s worth it.

The plot may be okay but the Halloween stuff brings it up. I may have expected more from this show, but its’ good for what it is. Not much else to say.


Grandma’s Griff’s Mystery Guest [Stanley]

Season 2, Episode

Writer: Jeff Kindley

Arirdate: October 13, 2002

All the kids are invited to a Halloween party at Grandma Griff’s house.

Ah yes, Stanley….was a thing. I think it’s good fun, if nothing too special. Get ready for another quick one, cuz there’s not much to say, despite this being 22 minutes. It’s alright. Yeah, it’s a typical Stanley episode so if you like that, you’ll like this.

There are a couple interesting things. For one, we find out Stanley got the big book from his Grandma. And this episode she happened to be dressed as a switch and she quite likes being in character. Hmm…

There a couple songs, and while the 2nd one is alright, the first one between Elsie and that dog is really good. It’s the only part of the episode I could find in high quality (the ep itself is somewhere else in filmed from a camera quality).

The rest is okay. The first half has them solving a riddle and doing typical Stanley stuff, with the great big book song. I love how a character in the show hates the formula. Th ey repeat the song later but he has no issue with this.

Stanley is one of those shows that did interaction sometimes, and while it’s not bad as others, it is distracting because the writing was usually better than that. They would interrupt the story to ask the viewer to say the word Noctrula, and stuff like that.

I’ve seen worse, so can give it a pass. This episode has the usual Stanley stuff, it just adds Grandma and pads it out.

If you can tolerate it, it’s worth seeing since the Halloween mood is solid. But since it does nothing special, I would skip it. The fact I could say this much is a miracle. It’s enjoyable but it’s just…there.

That’s all I got, sorry.


Nevemore [The Weekenders]

Season 4, Episode 1

Writer: Evan Gore & Heather Lombard

Airdate: October 19, 2002

Tino goes through a revenge rampage when his friends won’t go trick-or-treating with him and they think they’re “too old”.

This is our last one I forgot about, and with this I just didn’t see it on the episode list at first. I remember this show being decent from what little saw, and is this episode any good? Oh yes. Yep, we’ve finally hit another really good one. It may seem a bit redundant with it’s themes but this may actually do it the best out of all of them.

For one, it’s funny. I know with these writers that isn’t shocking, but there are a lot of good jokes here, and everyone gets a chance to say something funny. Even Tino’s Mom has some good bits here and there.

There’s even a minor wrap around thing with Tino telling as a spooky story, and even that is funny. While I wouldn’t call it hilarious, they do pack in quite a few jokes every chance they get, and that’s cool.

The Halloween Mood is pretty decent, as it balance the build up, themes, and actually day, at least better than Pepper Ann did. I think that episode should be been 22 minutes like this one.

Granted, the story ins’t the best since the middle act is a bit pointless. Act 1 is the set up for it atll, Act 2 has Tino going crazy, and act 3 is Halloween. The 2nd part is where it , but gets kind of creepy as Tino goes insane, trying to scare his friends into going Trick or Treating.

.But that’s pretty much dropped and not really mentioned again. Ah well, it was still cool. As for how it handles the theme, it reaches the same conclusion as the others that do it, but it does something extra.

The friends actually don’t go trick or treating and they don’t really feel the need to, but Tino is able to get a couple people to join him and he ends up having fun on his own. In the end he doesn’t get his friends to chance, and he learns that it’s okay that his friends feel they are too old, and it’s okay that he does want to.

Basically, he learns that you don’t have to force his friends to do anything, but they aren’t put in the wrong just for thinking they are too old. That’s what puts this above the others.

The friends do see that it’s okay he wants to go Trick or Treating, but they personally don’t want and that’s fine. They aren’t forced to go nor do they randomly decide they want to.

Both parties are basically seen as right in their own way, while they still say the same basic message of the other takes on this plot. That’s really respectable and it gives this episode an edge over some others.

Plus, it has a few spooky parts and is quite funny. While it has a minor pacing issue, it’s still a pretty good episode that does everything right when it comes to this plot.

Overall, another easy recommendation, even if you are sick of this cliché. Once again, an episode has compelled me to want to watch the rest of the show.


A Hero for Halloween [The Proud Family]

Season 2, Episode 2

Writer: Calvin Brown Jr

Airdate: October 24, 2002

Penny gets super powers when she eats her father’s Halloween snacks, and must help get rid of a ghost that wants revenge on Oscar.

The Proud Family was pretty important in hindsight, being the first true Disney Channel Cartoon…and the whole African American cast thing. I think it holds up despite it’s flaws.

Anyway, Yeah, they went a bit Supernatrual for this one. I’m not surprised since this show was kind of weird. Not to mention it had an Al Roker that granted wishes. Yes, that was a thing.

First off, Lil Romeo makes a cameo in this episode. Yeah, I thought Nick had him but I guess Disney made a deal. He’s better than in that All Grown Up episode because he just has a small role…which involves him doing a rap, where I can’t understand anything he says.

But ah well, just a small part in the episode. As for the episode, it’s pretty good.

It is a few of those quirks the show had, such as slang no one ever said, and Oscar bashing Suga Mama. A lot. Yeesh, there’s quite a bit in this episode alone, and while it’s funny, it gets a bit tiring after a while.

Thankfully, that’s not distracting. The actual story is nothing special but I enjoyed what they did with it. This is another episode where someone feels too old for Halloween, but it doesn’t go as deep into it.

The Halloween aspect is very solid here. The whole thing is set at a night, and we have the characters in costume as well as other spooky things. We have the kids at a party, Penny saving Trick or Treaters, and some ghost-y stuff later on.

It fits pretty well and they make some good jokes with the theme. I like the antics going on here, and while the plot isn’t the best, I do like parts of it. The ghost is cool and while they have to go through a cliché to get to him, it is worth it.

His whole deal isn’t resolved beyond just defeating him, but that’s fine. As for why he’s here, it’s something about the house or something. They explain it but I don’t remember the details and I just watched it.

This episode doesn’t go too deep into anything, but it’s just supposed to be fun. The plot leads to some spooky moments, and they use the Halloween theme to tell some good jokes.

This is closer to what I want out of a Halloween episode. Use it to tell some good jokes with your characters, but also remember to do a plot that is unique to the day instead of just making it a backdrop.

While this isn’t the best thing ever, it is a Halloween episode correctly. The plot is decent, there are some cool moments, and it’s quite funny. The plot can be weak at times, and there are some annoying moments, but overall, it’s good fun.

On both counts, I would recommend it. You won’t get anything deep, but you’ll get a fun little episode. Although if you don’t like the show because you find it’s…type of humor to be annoying, you might as well skip it.


Now, next would be Teamo Superemo…but Disney has done it’s best to bury that show, so it’s impossible to find. Sorry. Instead we’ll skip to…

Spooky [Lilo and Stitch the Series]

Season 1, Episode

Writer: Madellaine Paxson

Airdate: October 12, 2003

On Halloween night, Experiment 300 is discovered, which can morph into a person’s worst fear.

I went into this show at one point so you already know I like it, so let’s jump into it. This episode is more or less what you would expect it to be like given what the show was like…but that’s not bad, because it’s pretty good. The upside of the shows formula, is that they could apply to anything they wanted to do so, so they make a good Holiday episode easily.

(Although they switched it sometimes, but more on that in December)

This episode does the usual stuff, but on Halloween. And it shows that just by doing that, you can have a memorable episode. The plot is a bit predictable (Lilo says the only thing that scares her is this abandoned house. Gee, I wonder if they will go there later on) but the plot isn’t really important.

It’s more about the mood and characters. This has episode a very solid Halloween mood throughout with the jokes and the experiment morphing into things. It’s fun to see what everyone is afraid of, even if they make the “lol they hate their relative/ex” joke like twice in a row.

It doesn’t exactly go deeper aside from a “conquer your fears” moral, but it’s done well. It’s a bit preachy but in the context of the episode, it works. This episode works pretty well on both levels.

It’s good for Halloween due to the concept, and it’s a solid episode with fun moments. The mood is pretty solid and they some creative things with the concept. The only thing that could hold this episode back for people is….well the stuff I brought up, like how it’s a bit predictable and the moral is obvious.

But I think most people can overlook that. It’s not my favorite, but it’s solid. …Oh, and Gantu isn’t in it but I can forgive that. It’s fun and it’s backed up by a solid premise. Oh, and Spooky’s one true place makes a lot of sense. It is put at a year round haunted house where he fits.

A bit obvious but ah well.

So, yeah that’s all I got. A pretty easy recommendation


Halloween With Hades [House of Mouse]

Season 3, Episode 19

Writer: Henry Gilroy

Airdate: October 22, 2003

Hades falls in love with Maleficent, and Mickey tries to bring them together.

First Chernabog, now Hades? She really gets around. Heck, Hook hits on her in one gag. Anyway, this episode was okay. Enjoyable but nothing special. Not a ton to say so I’ll make this quick.

The plot was typical but the humor made it work. There’s a be yourself moral and all that good stuff. They at least managed to make it funny with Hades having some fun moments.

The Halloween aspect isn’t the strongest when it comes to the plot but it is tolerable on that frnt…but they blatantly rehash aspects of house of Villains. For one, one of the shorts made it here, which is fine…but they flat out usued clips of a subplot with Donald trying to scare people.

That’s just lazy…but it’s not a big deal.

This episode is a fun little episode but nothing huge. Just a typical HOM episode. Solid but not much to write home about.

…That’s all I got.


We would be done with this show, but just a week later we got…

House Ghost [House of Mouse]

Season 3, Episode 20

Writer: Tracey Berna

Airdate: October 29, 2003

It’s Halloween, and Pete unleashes some grim, grinning ghosts onto the club to try and scare everyone away.

This was about the same as the other one. Enjoyable but nothing special. It was more Halloween-y but the plot was weaker. The ghosts take a bit to show up and eventually they turn out to be okay and the episode just kind of ends.

While the plot was a bit weak, the mood was nice and it was funny. But again, they rehash stuff from House of Villains, Mickey’s intro is taken and this time they have 2 shorts that were in the movie. Weird.

It was a fun episode, just nothing amazing. There is a song with the ghosts that is once again the highlight. Otherwise, just a fun little episode. I did enjoy the subplot with Donald trying on Costume, mostly for the bit where he dresses as Buzz Lightyear. Heh.

So yeah both of the proper episodes are fun and fitting but despite being decent, there are better options. You can check them out, but if you only have time for a few Disney Halloween episodes, you can skip these 2, as well as the movie. At least we can move on to a different show.


Halloween Scary Fun Action Plan [Lloyd in Space]

Season 4, Episode 3

Writer: Unknown (The only video I found was cropped, so I couldn’t see it)

Airdate: October 31, 2003

Lloyd and the gang have a plan to scare Francine and her friends at Halloween, topping it off with Boomer’s haunted house.

Anyone remember this shiw? …Yeah, I vaguely do but I never saw it nor did I care to look into it. From what I hear, there’s a good reason no remembers it. So let’s get into this episode.

I’ll give it this: I didn’t know where it was going, until the end. From that summary, I figured it would be bland, or stale. It’s…very different. See, here’s the actual plot:

When they exit the haunted house, they end up going through a time portal, 10 years into the future as the station has been ravaged by monsters that his friends and family turned into.

Him going through the portal caused him to not be there, and thus caused all of this to happen. Now he must find another portal and go back to fix this.

…Yep, that’s the plot. It’s…kind of fitting for Halloween, but so weirdly out of place. I know very little about this show, so I have no idea if this kind of thing was common place, but since it is Sci Fi, it might be.

I will say that it does get pretty intense, given the premise. The mood is pretty good and you certainly care about what’s going on. Which is good because I didn’t care about the characters at the start.

They all seem like jerks, honestly. Scaring the bitchy little sister is fine but they didn’t act very likable at all. If I had to guess based on the episode, I’d say the one voiced by Harold from Hey Arnold is the jerk, Lloyd, voiced by Gus from Recess, is the bland one, the brain thing voiced by Milhouse is the smart one, and Patrick- I mean Kurt is the dumb one.

Yeah, Bill Faggerabke is on this, and there’s a joke involving him and a mummy. Yeah.

But back to the story. For a bit it’s pretty intense already and decently enjoyable. Then it gets…weird. They are chased by a monster, which bits Lloyd’s friends. They become monsters before they can get through the time portal, so he is forced to hide in his old room.

And with his monster friends standing out there, he hides for 50 years. …Wait, what? …Yeah, that’s what happens. He stays there for 50 years. His friends never bother barge in for that long because…reasons.

Then it gets really depressing as Lloyd has to think about his life, and how much of a jerk he was. It’s so…weird, and as forced as it is, it’s kind of effective. This episode takes so many odd directions that kind of work.

But then Lloyd finds an extra key to the portal that sister hid there so many years. I have no idea how it took him 50 years to find it, but it has a nice moment. He runs back through the portal and ends up home, abiet as an old man.

…Now through the twist. Now given how crazy this plot is, the nature of it isn’t a shock but how they do it is…well….

See, they establish that the sister is telepathic because alien. They act like it’s a new thing even thought his is Season 4. And in the end, it turns out this whole plot was…just something she made them see via her powers.

Yes, really. She has the power to just do that. First off, with that power, she should be on that twilight zone episode, not a Disney Saturday morning cartoon.

This doesn’t bug me because it’s a cop out. Honestly, I saw it coming. If it was just a dream, that would be fine. The problem is how it happens. She did all this to revenge for scaring them and they all learn their lesson.

So….they scared you, and your thought process is to…put them in a world that makes them think everyone is dead, and has Lloyd at least think he’s hiding for 50 years? ….Huh?

That’s horrible! It’s one thing to get revenge, but it’s another thing to scar them for life! They treat this as some silly thing they brush off../but it’s not. In any other show, this would scar them forever!

The situation they were place in was pretty scary, and even kind of depressing. And she’s never called out on doing this! This isn’t a silly prank, it’s something that can scar a kid!

Lloyd and his friends were jerks but what she did was so much worse. It would be fine if it just a nightmare, and from there he learns not be a jerk, but how they did it is…wow.

I’m not sure how to feel this episode. The ending is a harsh cop out, and the characters are bland jerks, but the atmosphere is very good and for a show like this, it gets very intense and even kind of depressing.

That makes the ending worse but I was not expecting this episode to very interesting at all, so it gets some points for that. It technically fits for Halloween, due the mood, so I guess it works on that front?

I’m not sure who I recommend this to. If you like the show, even you may have an issue with the ending. That ending really drags this down. Everything in the middle is fine, no matter who you are…but the ending is bad….no matter who you are

I don’t think I can really recommend this to anyone….except those who are curious. If you wanna see a very different Halloween episode, especially for this show…go ahead. But if you want something good…this isn’t it.

RATING: Debatable.

I had to pull this rating out. See what you made me do?!

A Recess Halloween [Recess]

Writers: Peter Gaffney, and Bart Jennet

Airdate: December (?) 9, 2003

This needs some explaining. See, near the end of the show they made a few direct to video movies that were basically just a few episodes stitched together. One of those films, was Taking the 5th Grade, and wouldn’t you know, one of the segments is Halloween themed.

So let’s look at it. We won’t review the full movie…cuz I just skipped to this part.

After being mocked by Lawson, Spinelli starts to think she has outgrown Halloween. I’ll admit that I wasn’t expecting much of this one. I thought it would just be a quick segment and not have much to it.

But as it turns out, I really liked it! See, this film has 3 segments and while the first 2 are very much connected by the growing up theme, this may as well have a random episode. It’s the final segment so I more or less saw the ending without seeing the rest.

Since the Halloween part takes up the ending, and the credits have spooky music, I suppose the whole movie is good for Halloween. But if you are picking, just this segment will work.

The segment builds it’s plot around Halloween and then mostly takes place on the day, doing spooky things. It’s one of the most fitting ones so far, so it works on that front. But on it’s own, it works.

It has the same themes as Pepper Ann and Weekenders, and while it’s not as good as the latter, it’s still good. Mostly by just going deeper, as the other kids start to realize their favorite scary things aren’t that spooky. Like how a prison they walked by was just the DMV.

…That’s way scarier, if you ask me.

The moral, while not as good as Weekender, is even presented well, as they pretty much say that some people do outgrow Halloween, but it really just depends on how you feel. They aren’t forcing everyone to be into Halloween, they just say you shouldn’t be forced to shun it just because you are older.

Some of it is a tad cheesy but most of the story is nice and sweet. The rest is spot on. There are plenty of amusing moments, like Finster as a fairy princess, and the characters are good.

Although it’s obvious that TJ’s voice actor has been changed, although I don’t know when in this show this happened. His changed VA was even in Mom’s Got a Date with a Vampire.

The Atmosphere is very solid and it manages to get you in the Halloween mood. Once again, pretty much everything works. Since was at the end of the show, I was worried but it turned out to be very solid.

It’s spooky, and is funny with a well written plot. With the Halloween aspect added, it’s another one I recommend. You can even skip the rest of the movie and not miss anything. It’s on Netflix so you can check it out.


That Darn Ghost [Dave the Barbarian]

Season 1, Episode 16a

Writers: Evan Gore, and Heather Lombard

Airdate: December 28, (?) 2004

Candy discovers that she is the only person in Udrogoth who does not have a ghost haunting her house. So they get some ghosts that naturally drive them crazy.

This is the poster child for canceled early gems, as all of you know. So it’s cool it was allowed to even make it to a Halloween episode at all.

I don’t have a ton to say here…but in a good way. This episode is just really solid and funny. But the thing is, it doesn’t do anything crazy. It’s just a typical episode, that happens to have ghosts in it.

That’s not a bad thing, but it means there isn’t much to review here. The plot is decent, the characters are fine, and the humor is very good. What more do you want from me?!

Well, I guess I can say more. While the connection mostly goes down to having ghosts, at the end the characters do invent a spooky October 31st Holiday called…Arbor Day.


So that’s enough for it to be fitting, plus it has ghosts and a spooky opening. I don’t want to spoil the jokes, but there are tons of great jokes in this. Besides the antics with the ghosts, you have a funny fake out opening, and a “really bad chase scene” that naturally spoofs Scooby Doo, complete with cheap animation.

The shows usual sense of humor is present here, and it’s all solid. You also have other amusing things, like how Candy needs a ghost to be seen as cool. It’s just a funny idea. The only downside to this episode I can see that it doesn’t quite go out of it’s way for Halloween, so it’s not exactly a “special”.

But that means you can watch it any time of the year, and it’s just “spooky” enough to fit. . ..And if you want more, there’s this episodes partner, called The Cow Says Moon, in which Dave becomes a were-cow.

Yeah, weird how that pops up in Disney again…3 times if you wanna count the That’s so Raven episode.

The episode is much spookier with it’s atmosphere and the were-cow stuff going on. It’s just as funny as this episode, but has a stronger plot and even some continuity as its a sequel to a previous episode, but you don’t need to have seen it to get this one.

So honestly, I recommend that one more for this month, but this one is good too. They are both very funny spooky episodes.

Definitely an easy recommendation. Also, yes, those are the same writers who did The Weekenders and now work on Littlest Pet Shop. I think they are pretty excellent at Comedy.


Halloween Bash [American Dragon Jake Long]

Season 1, Episode 16

Writer: Scott M Grimple

Airdate: October 22, 2005

(Hey, it’s the writer of the Pepper Ann episode!)

Speaking of canned gems, here’s a good show. It had a few flaws such as horrible slang no one ever says (a mistake Disney XD would go on to make…) but it was fun and interesting. So let’s take a peek.

While Grandpa takes Haley trick or treating, Jake seizes the opportunity to throw the wildest Halloween party ever mixing humans and magical creatures.

This episode was another good one. While it has some problems and it kind of started off slow, it got pretty good by the end. The Halloween aspect works sort of well. It’s not all that spooky, but it’s set at a party with magical creatures and there’s a trick or treating subplot.

So I say it’s good enough, and it fits the show.

As for the episode itself, they use this concept to give us some fun jokes in both plots and there are some amusing bits. As for the flaws I mentioned, most of them are minor. And by minor I mean there is some painful rapping at some points.

It doesn’t help that it eventually does become a plot point at the end. There are also plot elements that are kind of cliches and some parts don’t make a lot of sense. In the subplot, Grandpa starts getting more Candy than Haley become of his “old man costume’”

Keep in mind, she eventually goes all dragon yet they still like Grandpa more. I don’t get it, have they never seen an old man before? At least it does have a sweet ending. Speaking of which, the story is what makes me like this one.

The party naturally gets out of control, and the Dragon Council picks this day to check on him ot see if he’s responsible. You can guess what happens, and while it’s predictable, it does lead to some nice moments as they must save them from the Huntsman.

The partygoers even eventually clean things up and help him at the end. Yeah, it involves rapping but I can almost forgive that. Of course Jake gets their respect in the end, and I think he remains likable.

Really, he just wanted to throw a party and eventually he kept it going because it had humans and magical creatures getting along. What he did wasn’t too bad and he does regret it later on.

So I think despite the plot being predictable, they did most of it well with the characters being well portrayed The subplot doesn’t make a lot of sense, but as I said, it has a really sweet ending, which is actually how the episode ends.

It’s weird how Grandpa never finds out about this (since most episodes would certainly end with him scolding Jake or something) but I guess it allows things to end on a good note.

Overall, this episode is pretty good. While it’s not the strongest, and it’s not exactly in my top 5, it still has a good mood and a solid plot with some nice moments. There are better Halloween episodes out there, this is worth it if you have the time.

That’s all I got for this one….oh wait, I for something: Igrid Thrid from Filmore makes a cameo. …Yeah. I wasn’t paying attention so I didn’t catch it to confirm this, but since the creator wrote this, I wouldn’t be shocked.


The Big Score/Scare Wars [The Buzz on Maggie]

Season 1, Episode 12

Writers: Dan Fybel, Rich Rinaldi & Rachel Duguay

Airdate: October 22, 2005

Oh hey, The Buzz on Maggie. …That was a thing. I barely remember but appearnyl people hate it for some reason. However, it was created by none other than Dave Polsky so…maybe it holds up. Let’s see how it’s 2 part Halloween special fares.

The gang heads to the human world to go trick-or-treating. ….The Pesky children attempt to out scare one another & this year Maggie is the target.

These episodes were…okay. Honestly, I didn’t really care one way or the other. I watched them and payed attention, but I couldn’t bring myself to like or dislike it either way. The best thing I can say is that both have a really good Halloween mood, which makes them fitting.

If you like the show, I can actually recommend these episodes, which puts it above Lloyd in Space or Quack Pack.

The first one has them going around in the human world and avoiding danger, and some gags about the brother getting high off candy. The plot is involved I guess but I can’t say I was all that interested.

It just seemed kind of bland to me. Her older brother brags about all the human candy he got, and she wants to outdo him. Very typical stuff, but nothing is really…wrong with it, per say.

I liked the designs and voice acting, I suppose. The older brother is voiced by Danny Fenton, which is awesome.

This episode has what you need for an okay episode, but has a sort of weak plot, yet isn’t really painful at all. It’s so okay it’s average, in a nutshell. It just didn’t get a reaction out of me either way.

I did like how Maggie apologizes for getting the brother into all of this trouble. That’s cool. Look, I’m doing the best I can with what I have to work with. The 2nd episode has a bit more to discuss with everyone pranking each other.

The ending is a bit like the Lloyd in Space episode but the guy who did it is actually punished for it! Holy crap, what a novel concept! Otherwise the episode has the characters being jerks, with Maggie’s punishment being a bit much.

Danny here’s punishment is the one thing that saves it. Although being arrested …is fitting given what he did. Don’t ask. Otherwise this one is more of the same.

Both of these are fine for fans, since they don’t anything too bad. But for everyone else, they are just average. They don’t anything too wrong, but nothing too right either.

Again, so okay it’s average.

Not much of a review but that’s all I got. If you like the show, you can enjoy it. If you don’t, there’s nothing here for you. Simple as that.


The Yzma That Stole Kuzoween [The Emperor’s New School]

Season: 1

Episode: 20a

Writer: Mark Seidenberg

Airdate: October 14, 2006

I always found this show to be underrated. Sure, Kuzo being a jerk again and never learning his lesson was annoying, but it otherwise kept the same humor of the film and got even crazier with the 4th wall jokes. But I do get why it may not be your thing. As for this episode, let’s get into it.

Yzma wants to get rid of Kuzcoween and call it Yzmaween.

This episode was fine. Yeah, nothing too special but it was enjoyable. On one hand, it is fun and The Halloween aspect works, but on the other hand it doesn’t do anything special and I can’t think of a reason for anyone for anyone to watch it instead of it being the right time.

It’s typical antics for this show, and I happen to enjoy it. I like the little Grinch references, like the fact that Kronk tells a poem as Yzma steals the stuff. But they don’t really go far with the parody. The poem doesn’t even mirror the grinch.

The story is basic as well: Yzma hates Kuzoween, steals all the stuff and replaces it with Yzma stuff…and it turns out they like it more as it’s scarier, and the holiday moves on. The end.

Not exactly an epic episode here. It’s not the smartest plan but this is Yzma we’re talking about here. Oh, and I liked the bit of of continuity where Kronk considers going as Rabbit Kuzco.

This episode has a decent amount of amusing moments, but nothing really hilarious. The plot is okay but nothing too special. It really is a normal episode with Halloween slapped on.

There’s nothing wrong with that, but that means it’s nothing too special. The Halloween stuff fits, but I don’t think the mood is quite strong enough. I can’t make any suggestions otherwise, since this is meant to be a normal episode, after all.

If you like the show, you can check it out but there are so many better options for Halloween episodes you may as well skip it. It may be okay for Non fans since Kuzo isn’t in it that much but for the reasons as I said, it may not be worth it.

But despite that, I did enjoy it for it’s Comedy. It just wasn’t a big thing. They did a special for Christmas so I don’t see why they didn’t do it for Halloween. Ah well, we’ll see how that one goes come December.

So yeah, not much to say except that Malina is voiced the same person who voiced Maggie in our previous review. Now that’s freaky.


By the way, this is another one with a slightly more fitting sister episode, although it mostly just deals with a masquerade ball. It’s still a bit better, although still not hugely fitting.

Halloween Spirits [The Replacements]

Season: 1

Episode: 8

Writer: Jack Thomas, and Scott Peterson

Speaking of underrated, here’s this show. While this show wasn’t my favorite, it was still good. It has a releatable concept for kids, but it was still pretty funny and It got better as it went along.

It has sort of a formula at first, but it eventually grew out of it and became better. …Huh, that sounds familiar.

And yes, Scott Peterson being a writer doesn’t help at all.

Riley and Todd fear that their neighbors had turned into zombies and plan to do the same to trick-or-treaters.

This episode was pretty good. Yeah, it’s predictable but it was funny, so I don’t really care. Pretty much everything I care about in a Halloween episode is done right. The Mood is good, the humor works, and the plot is intriguing enough to keep me invested.

From that summary, you know that none of this is real but the mood was enough to keep invested. The twist is an improvement version of the one from Lloyd in Space and Buzz on Maggie, since it’s not too harsh and the episode is actually funny.

While it may not be a comedy masterpiece, it had plenty of funny moments, coming from pretty much every character. This show is way funnier than I remember it, just from this one episode.

It didn’t break any new ground, but it worked. At least it had a proper finale.

As I said, the plot is nothing is special, but it works. We have a nice creepy mood, and you do wonder what the resolution will be. It’s sort of a no duh twist but it works in context. Plus, there’s no OMG it’s real thing slapped on at the end or anything.

The plot is really the only issue here. Some may find it too predictable, while some may find to be acceptable. I thought it worked as it gives us some spooky stuff, and good humor.

Despite the nature of the plot, this is an easy recommendation. It has a good enough mood for Halloween, and it’s also funny to boot. Not in my top 5 on either front, but it’s a good episode nonetheless.


Before we move on some stray observations: Like Proud family, they do a lot of jokes about the car hating Dick but it’s varied enough to work better here. Daran Norris voices the dumbass dad. Great range, huh? You just know Tasumi would be voiced by B-MO of this was made today. Todd is voiced by Nancy Cartwright, further showing her range. There’s an episode with Miley Cyrus in it.

…I gotta talk about that one someday.

Mickey’s Treat [Mickey Mouse Clubhouse]

Season 1, Episode 12

Writer: Ashley Mendoza

Oh joy. I’ve heard plenty of bad things about this and the clips I saw seemed to match what I heard. Like it or not, you gotta admit that it sucks that this Mickey’s only presence on the channel for a while. But hey, I gave it a chance because I am a fair person. At least I like to think I am. So maybe it’s good, let’s see.

Pete invites everyone to a Halloween party at Trick-or-Treat Tower before the moon is full.

This was…everything I heard this show was. Tedious, insulting, boring, etc etc. Basically everything a bad preschool show tends to be. Christ, this was a chore. I’d like to talk about the plot about they keep interrupting it every 5 seconds to ask me a question, or some crap.

But if you’re wondering, the plot is weak on purpose so they can fill the time with filler. They walk to Pete’s party and face obstacles. When they get there, they talk, do a dumb thing and after the shortest party ever, the episode ends.

Okay, before we get too they deep, I’ll say a few positive things about this episode: There’s one amusing gag where Pete tries to swat away this thingy they use for the formula, the part where they give Pete part of their costumes was nice and….the animation is decent and the songs are sort of catchy.

That’s about it, really. The rest is really tedious. And these are issues with the show in general, because this episode doesn’t do anything too special. This was only Season 1, after all.

I don’t mind a formula in a show like this, but here’s the problem. In some shows, the repetition is used for the greater purpose of educating. Repetition can be very useful to help kids remember certain facts.

This episode doesn’t do that. There’s no real moral and the only thing I learned is that magnets attract metal. Not every episode needs a moral but if you are going to have this annoying formula in every episode, you better teach kids something.

Heck, there’s a part where they actually trick Pete by using their weird robot pack thing to get a thing behind his back to use for something. That’s a great thing for kids to imitate, right?

Okay, it’s not THAT big of a deal but you have to be really careful about that kind of thing in a show aimed at a young audience, and I get the feeling this is for 3-8 demo, at best.

This was just insulting to my intelligence. I realize that preschool shows don’t need to be hugely amazing for adults, but can you at least try? This episode alone is full of annoying repetition and asking the audiences every 5 seconds.

At least Lloyd in Space made you wonder where it’s going. At least Quack Pack and Doug were funny sometimes. This was just a chore.

While this is not the worst offender when it comes to preschool shows, this was still pretty weak. Oh, and the Halloween aspect is a tad weak although it’s kind of fitting. I can’t really recommend this to annoying above the age of 7. And even that’s stretching a bit.

I like to think I’m fair, so i’ll just say it’s…meh.


…Wow, that was negative. Maybe Manny and brighten things up?

Halloween [Handy Manny]

Amazing title, guys.

Season 1, Episode 28a

Writer: Richard Gitelson

Airdate: October 8, 2007

This preschool show was alright. It was nothing special but it was passable with some decent characters and good humor, backed by great voice actors like Tom Kenny and Dee Bardley Baker. They did 3 Halloween episodes, and this is our first one.

On Halloween and Manny and the tools must fix Victor of the Costume shop’s sewing machine.

This episode is okay. It’s pretty much your average episode, but on Halloween. Tehre isn’t a whole to say about it, really. It’s a bit better than some others since it has some decent humor, and they actually cover Dia Del Los Muteroes as well.

They don’t go too deep into but it is mentioned and they do discuss it. That alone puts this one above a few other episodes out there. The good humor I mentioned mostly happens at the start, such as when Fillipe suggests putting his face on the pumpkin and Turner says that will scare the trick or treaters.

See, that’s the kind of humor you don’t see in these kind of shows. Most of it comes from Turner who is the asshole but Filipe started it, and he’s a good guy. Speaking of Turner, there’s a running gag in the show where he complains about how Kelly has pretty much everything, no matter how weird it is.

Yes, this show has lampshade hanging….both kids, because the sister episode to this starts with Pat wearing a lampshade. Anyway, in this episode Kelly actually doesn’t have what they need…and Turner doesn’t say anything.

What. Come on, the first time she actually doesn’t have anything, and he doesn’t speak up?

Whatever, otherwise this episode is fine. The Halloween aspect isn’t that strong so I would only give it a recommendation If you’re into the show. It’s amusing and nice but nothing too special.

…That’s all I got. The partner episode is spooky-ish so I suppose I suggest that one a bit more. Although sources list a different partner episode, but it tends to air with “Haunted Clock Tower”.


A View to a Mask/Pumpkin Eyes [Special Agent Oso]

Season 2, Episode 10

Writers: Jack Monaco and Kent Redecker

Airdate: October 8, 2010

Hey, I just recently mentioned my favorite Haunting Hour writer wrote for this show and we cover an episode of his weird.

Oso helps a kid make a mask, then he teaches a kid how to carve a pumpkin.

Ah yes, Oso. We’ve tangled with him twice, and once was a sort of okay Christmas episodes. Is the Halloween episode any good? …Eh.

There isn’t a whole lot to say about this one….because it’s just a typical Oso episode. There’s nothing out of the ordinary here. I didn’t expect them to do anything big, but it gives me nothing to really talk about.

So in short, no recommendation for anyone unless you actually like the show or are a kid. And honestly, despite the stupidity, these episodes aren’t too bad for kids. The things taught in the episode are things that aren’t obvious to kids, so this could be of help.

The Halloween Mood is semi decent so on that level it’s kind. I’m not saying it’s good or anything, it’s just for this show they got certain things right. So little kids will like it, at least.

But you’re here to hear me nitpick as an adult, so let’s go. I don’t think I’ve really talked about how dumb the formula is, so i’ll go into detail here. First, Oso is failing to do his training and the stuff with the kid helps him figure it out.

Not only is Oso pretty much stupid each time, but it’s weird how they find a connection between the training and the kid each time. The one in Pumpkin Eyes is pretty weak, although that does one thing right in that I see why he failed his training, as it wasn’t obvious.

Speaking of Oso being stupidity, in the same episode he doesn’t remember what a Triangle looks like. …Seriously. He also needs us to smile for him because he forget what looks like too. …He smiles many times in the episode so what the heck?

On the bright side, I like that the Dad doesn’t know how to do pumpkins either because they didn’t do that where he grew up. It gives the kid a good excuse to need Oso, whereas in other episodes there’s no excuse.

So yeah, this is pretty strictly formula. Why doesn’t it bug me as much as Mickey Mouse Clubhouse? Well in this show, things actually happen. There are actual plots, and most episodes are meant to teach kids something.

It’s still pretty lame but it’s at least kind of enjoyable for it’s dumb-ness. Also, you only have to watch 11 minutes each time instead of 22 or more.

So yeah, these episodes are more of the same from the show. Only recommendation for riffing and young kids. Can’t say I expected anything more.


Sounds Like Halloween [Handy Manny]

Season 3, Episode 29b

Writer: Mike Robb

Airdate: September 16, 2011

Manny and the tools help a neighbor make a haunted house.

Before I get into it, I should mention that the partner episode deals with Halloween, but I didn’t include it because it’s just a setting, while this one is more about it. Besides, it’s all a dream so none of it matters.

Although there is one thing to bring up: Kelly seemingly doesn’t have what they need, and Turned is happy until it turns out she has it. And my earlier compliment stands even more now.

Anyway, this episode is about the same as the other one. I like it more because it’s spookier and is more fitting. But it’s the same in that it doesn’t anything too special, for me to hardcore recommend it or anything.

It’s got some good humor and a nice mood, but there isn’t much to say. Just an enjoyable little episode, I guess. That’s all I got really. It’s better than the other one, but it’s mostly a fun little episode.


That’s The Spirit [Phineas and Ferb]

Season 3, Episode 14a

Writers: Bernie Petterson and Micheal Diedrich

Airdate: October 7, 2011

…Yep, it’s the Phineas and Ferb one. Guess we weren’t done with it after all. I did cover it’s sister episode once, but I suppose I haven’t talked about the real Halloween shorts, so here we go.

On Halloween night and the kids encounter a boy named Russell who is convinced his house is haunted. Meanwhile, Dr. Doofenshmirtz transforms into a scary “were-cow”

The thing I appreciate most about this episode is that it’s different. They could have just applied the usual formula to Halloween, like maybe having the boys create some Halloween invention.

That could have worked fine, but they decided to do do a rather creative plot. And they milk quite a bit out of it. While it’s obvious there’s nothing supernatural going on, they still make it intense and funny.

They pack this plot with a lot of creative creatures and situations, like the river, the ghosts and the pumpkin guy. While there are funnier moments, there are some golden moments such as “I’m not a ghost, I’m a sheet….that lives”

But my favorite part is actually the animation. Besides the shading, they use some really good colors and lighting here. Even the Doof subplot has it’s moments, like the Werecow transfomation.

Speaking of which, the subplot is okay. It’s funny and it has a fun song but it didn’t really have a payoff…or any kind of resolution. I like how it feeds into the main plot but the last we see of Doof is him being chased by a mob..and that’s it.

Yeah, it ends with resolution at all. Huh? That’s my only complaint with this episode. Othwerwise it’s a lot of fun. I also love the ending gag, making fun of the OMG IT’S REAL cliché. Brilliant.

It’s also perfect for Halloween, so yeah, a very high recommendation.


Halloween Haul [Fish Hooks]

Season 1, Episode 40. (For some reason, this is the only show Disney doesn’t air two segments together for, and it’s somehow Season 2 in production order)

Writers: Darin Mcgowan (Story by Tim McKeon, Meghan McCarthy, Nick Confalone and Neal Dusedau)

Airdate: October 7, 2011

Yes, Meghan McCarthy herself worked on this show. Really. This show was really divisive and I think it’s….okay. Yeah, for what it was it was enjoyable, if a bit forgettable. I get why some may not enjoy it, although I never got the full hate it got back when it was on. Anyway, onto the episode.

The gang leaves the tank to Trick to Treat, to escape Jocktopus.

This episode was surprisingly good. Yeah, I wasn’t sure how I would feel about it but I liked it. I’m not gonna say it’s amazing but it is good. This episode strkes a decent balance of crazy and mundane, being quite funny at points.

The plot is pretty basic but it works. There are a few sort of cheesy parts with Oscar telling everyone to not give up, but it’s mostly just fun. The only real turn in the plot becomes a funny joke.

Randy Pincherson joins them because Joctopus is after him too, but it turns out he was working for him…then of course Jocktopus turns against him. …Then Randy just gives and decides he’s rich, so he doesn’t need their dirty Candy.

Now THAT is funny.

Speaking of funny, there are few other amusing moments like Steve Jackson as a shirtless werewolf, or Bea trying to act scary. I love how she does end up scaring Jocktopus…with her bad acting. Ouch.

I also like the Snake and Mouse from the credits make an appearance. That was cool.

As far as the Halloween mood goes, they got it down. There’s music all over the place, it takes place at night, and everyone is in costume. It works very well as a Halloween episode, despite being only 11 minutes.

Oh, and here’s something funny: Oscar is voiced by Justin Roliand aka Lemongrab and Morty. This was before those roles so it’s funny to see him here, and some of his lines reads are very lemongrab, even in this episode.

What’s extra funny is that Clamatha is voiced by Alex Hirsh. Yes, really. He seems to have worked on the show in general, which means this show may have very well lead to Gravity Falls.

Yeah, take that haters.

Also, Randy is a rich crab. ….No comment.

Anyway, there’s not much more to say. This episode has a few cheesy parts, but it’s mostly fun. The plot leads to some cool moments and it can be quite funny at points. It also has a good Halloween mood, making it very fitting.

As far as recommendations go….it depends. If you can tolerate the show, go ahead. Otherwise..you might like it, but I doubt it. Even then, this episode isn’t quite good enough to sway any detractors either way.

I would recommend it, but just as a good fun episode. Nothing more. I could have given it a lower rating, but this got a better reaction out of my than some others so..


Night of the Golden Pumpkin/Trick or Treasure [Jake and the Neverland Pirates]

Season 1, Episode 22

Writers: Mark Seidenberg, and Kevin Campbell

Airdate: October 14, 2011

Insert completely revealnt Pan joke here. Jokes aside, I was kind of interested in this show because I did hear mixed things about it. So I’m actually kind of glad I get to review it’s holiday episodes, and it has a few, starting with these 2 segments.

These episodes were…okay, I guess. Close to meh, but I’m forgiving after Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. ..What, same creator? That explains a lot. Anyway, I do see some potential this show. There’s actually a lot to like.

The flash animation is kind of decent, the voice acting is fine, the characters aren’t too annoying, and the songs are kind of catchy. Seriously, even if I never watch this show again, I may end up listening to some of these songs again.

The thing holding the show back, at least in this episode is the interactive stuff. Yep. We still have characters asking me stupid questions, and some repetitive stuff. It’s miles better than some other shows, but it’s still annoying and dumbed down.

I do get why it’s here: It teaches kids problem solving or whatever. But you can do that without talking to people who won’t respond if they are over the age of 7. This had it’s place back in the day when it was meant to emulate compute games, but now we’ve evolved and we can just teach kids normally.

That’s not really directed at this show, since it’s far from the worst offender, but it came out in 2011, long after this kind of show stopped being welcome. I wasn’t nearly as bored as with Clubhoue, but it’s kind of tedious.

Both episodes were fairly light on plot, but at least they had plots. They both even have the kids tricking Hook, which I don’t mind in general since this isn’t nearly as dumb as what they did in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Okay, I swear to stop mentioning it….at least until see more episodes, to confirm it’s a bad show.

Speaking of Hook, yeah he is pretty dumbed down. He’s mostly fine but he has too many too dumb moments. He’s scared of a floating pumpkin. That’s so down even the scaredy cat characters mocks him. Ouch.

There really isn’t a lot to say about these episodes. They are about equal in substance, and they have both have an okay Halloween vibe. They both have a few amusing moments, like how the fat kid is dressed as Tick Toc the crocodile, which of course scares Hook.

Oh, and the main gimmick in this show that they get gold doubloons for completing a task,. They get at least ten in the 2nd episode. That’s very much like a computer game which is….interesting. At least Dora is actually set in a game, as shown in the intro.

I wish I could be harsher since it is kind of dumb, but it has too many positives in general for me to hate it. The show has potential because of the adventure stuff, and I hear it has done more of that. Maybe I’ll give the specials a shot one day. But for now, lets move on.


Kick of Treat [Kick Buttowski]

Season 2, Episode 10a

Writer: Patrick Andrew o Connor

Airdate: October 24, 2011

Okay, now that we got the show’s teaming turd out of the way a bit ago, we get to talk about a normal episode. I’ll get a chance to discuss the show but for now, let’s see how this is.

Kendall challenges Kick to trick or treat at the Van Der Deth Mansion.

This episode is good. It’s nothing crazy but it is a good episode, on both fronts. It’s predictable but it’s still fun and enjoyable. The Halloween is certainly there, with the characters in costume and a creepy mansion.

Speaking of costumes, they make some good jokes with that. The episode starts that shot from the intro…only to reveal it’s just Wacky Jacky’s costume. It’s a bit odd since she doesn’t appear for the rest of the episode but it’s still funny.

Gunther is dressed as famed viking warrior Thor Thorsen….who was so scary he dressed as a dancer as not to intimidate his own men. This does lead to some obvious jokes, but again, it’s still funny.

While I wouldn’t say it excels in any area, it’s still fun. They have some fun gags with the creepy mansion and Kendall’s boring party.

Also, the rather kindly owner of the mansion is voiced by Debbie Renolds, aka Aggie from Halloweentown. How fitting that she appears in the Halloween episode.

And yeah, as expect the mansion is just normal. The owner owns a Halloween shop full of crazy stuff, and has a ton of candy but no one ever bothered to Trick or Treat there for obvious reasons.

Again, predictable but it works for what it is, and she has some amusing lines. This episode doesn’t reach too high but that makes it work. It’s just a cool little episode with a nice mood and some good jokes.

And really, that’s all you need. Although I personally prefer the partner episode, Dead Men’s Rollercoaster, which is equally fitting for this time. Plus the Dad from Wizards of Waverly place voices Dead Man Dave. How could you go wrong?

Overall, this is a decent episode that you should check out. It’s not high on my recommendation list, but It’s there. Just a solid episode all around


Tricks, Treats, and Treasure [Jake and the Neverland Pirates]

Season 2, Episode 13a

Writer: Brian Swenlin

Airdate: October 5, 2012

Jake, Izzy, Cubby and Skully are out trick or treating in Never Land, but Hook tries to steal their treats.

I can make this one short: This episode was better than the other one, but I did start to see the formula. It seems like most episodes have the kids trying to do something with Hook trying to do evil crap, and he’s defeated. Both this and Trick or Treasure even end with a gag about Hook mistaking Tick Tok for a guy in costume. It’s the same joke.

Despite that, this one isn’t too bad. The annoying aspects of the formula are toned down, and the plot moves along nicely. Hook has some fun moments, and the Halloween mood is pretty solid.

There’s even some use of the supporting cast like Captain Flynn voiced by Josh Duhamel and a mermaid voiced by Zora from Sonny with a chance. …Well, glad to know she’s still getting work. Hell, she popped up in I Didn’t do it recently.

Overall, I’d just recommend this one, as well as the others, to little kids. It’s not harmful and they’ve enjoy it fine. There are better options but I’ve seen far worse. There are some enjoyable aspects in this show and I do see some potential.

This show has two Christmas episodes so it has at least 2 more chances. Although as I said, I do plan to check out the specials at some point. For now, I’ll say it’s…a thing.


Summerween [Gravity Falls]

Season 1, Episode 12

Writers: Zach Paez, Alex Hirsch & Michael Rianda

Airdate: October 5, 2012

Remember that Top 8 Gravity Falls Season 1 Episodes list I did a while back? In hindsight, this should have been Number 8 instead of Carpet Diem. …Yeah.

Gravity Falls loves Halloween so much that they celebrate it twice a year, and Dipper and Mabel are excited to join in on the fun, but when Wendy casually mentions that trick-or-treating is for kids, Dipper’s outlook on the evening changes. The night gets even more complicated when a monster that Dipper accidentally insulted makes them fulfill his candy quota by the night’s end, or else he will eat them.

This episode has tons of praise as it is, so I don’t think I’ll be saying anything new….but I don’t care. This episode pretty much gets everything for a Halloween episode. It’s got excellent atmosphere, good jokes, a solid story with good twists, and it’s even kind of creepy at points.

The Halloween element is pretty much perfect, so it’s one of the best we’ve covered for that reason. But there’s tons of other things I like. As usual we have good jokes all over the place, which I will not spoil for obvious reasons.

Although I will say that the end credits bit is amazing.

This is another episode that talks about being too old for Halloween, and it also does it pretty well. Their conclusion is that Dipper and Mabel are getting too old, which is why they should make the most of the time they have. That’s a pretty smart answer, and besides, Dipper only felt old because of the whole Wendy party thing.

Speaking of which, I think the Wendy stuff works here since it drives the plot effectively, the punchline of Robbie getting sent home sick is pretty great. But let’s be honest, the highlight of the episode is the SummerWeen trickster.

Everything about this guy is great, from his design to his backstory at the end. He’s a genuinely creepy villain and he’s used very well. The twist with him is great because it’s properly foreshadowed and it gives him a pretty interesting motivation, with a great payoff.

It’s really him that brings the episode to being worthy of that list at all. Everything is good but he just brings out the best in this episode.

Overall, this episode is pretty great. It’s funny, has a great concept, has some great atmosphere, is kind of creepy, and has a solid plot with a great villain and twist. I don’t have much to complain about here, except for some dumb nitpick-y stuff.

Oh, and maybe Stan’s subplot was a bit weak but it had a good pay off.

So yeah, if for some reason you haven’t seen it yet, go watch it. An easy recommendation, even if you don’t know the show.


Boo Hoo to You! [Doc McStuffins]

Season 1, Episode 23a

Writer: Chris Nee

Airdate: October 12, 2012

I don’t think I’ve talked about this show before, so I suppose now is a good time. While I don’t quite like as much as something like Sofia, I still like it. I respect it a lot for what it does, and not even just the whole black protagonist thing, I think the show’s format can teach kids about some important medical stuff, and also real life situations.

While it’s not exactly subtle, it respects it’s audience and has some enjoyable characters. So yeah, let’s get into the first Halloween episode.

On Halloween, Doc helps a toy ghost learn not to be scared of the decorations.

I’ve noticed that these preschool Halloween episodes seem to be just typical episodes of their shows, and thus it gives me little talk about, since most of these shows have a formula.

This…is the same, but I liked it a little more because there’s some good character driven humor here. This episode is fine, and has everything you need. A catchy musical number good humor, an okay plot, and a Good Halloween mood.

The moral is pretty simply (don’t be scared) but it does work and the better aspects so show up here. We have some amusing gags with the costumes, including Chilly dressed as…a snowman.

I’m not sure what I’m supposed to say here. This episode is comfortably in it’s formula and it works. While this show does nothing complex, it is good for kids. It teaches them about some semi important stuff, while not shoving it down their throats, and it gives them some defined and likable characters.

I really should do an editorial on what makes a good preschool show, some day.

Either way, this is one of the better pre school episodes we’ve done here It’s not ground breaking, but it’s spooky fun. …Not much to say really,

(Oh, and again there’s another spooky episode attached to it. It’s fine, I guess)


Mrs. Lopart’s Attic [Handy Manny]

Season 3, Episode 46a (Christ, this season was long)

Writer: Shelia Dinsmore

Gee, took them long enough to make this 3rd one. Mrs. Lopart asks Manny to fix a door in her attic until they get more than they bargain for…a bat in the attic.

Not much to say, again. More of the same, but this one is better than the other 2. The Halloween mood is pretty solid and there are some fun moments. The highlights is Turner admitting he’s scared of bats and joining Rusty in beng afraid.

It’s a bit forced but it’s kind of a nice moment. Oh, and Kelly happens to come by dressed as a fisherman, just as they want a net. Turner comments on this. Keep digging the hole guys.

So yeah, another fun episode. All 3 are nothing special but are enjoyable in their right. It’s not quite on my recommendation list, but go ahead and give them a shot if you want.


Dawn of the Driscoll/Night of the Living McFizzles [Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja]

Season 1, Episode 6

Writer: David Shayne

Airdate: October 15, 2012

Just like with Kick, we get to shrug off the taste of the steaming dud. It’s a whole pairing this time so let’s dig in.

These episodes are pretty good. They serve as stand out episodes of the show, even if they aren’t exactly amazing. We’ll naturally start with the first one. The story is what sticks out about this one.

We get to find out a bit more about Mrs Driscoll’s past and that Jerry actually has some history with Viceroy. It’s pretty interesting and they actually make a weirdly sweet story out of it.

Yep, a sweet story that spawns from possible necrophilla. …Don’t ask. While the atmosphere in the partnet episode is better, it still works pretty well. We have an evil skeleton trying to start a doomsday machine and we have a few Halloween jokes in there.

Speaking of jokes, there a few nice bits like Howard going as Vicecroy and McFist telling some trick or treaters to get a job. There are some funnier episodes out there but this has some good moments.

The episode also wisely doesn’t dwell on the whole shortcut moral. It’s still there but it ends up being used lightly and the focus is on the actual plot. And Howard and Randy stay likable since they don’t dwell on things too much.

It does take a bit to get going but when it does, it becomes really good. It’s objectvielty the better of the two segments, but the other is really good too. While it’s no pharmacists, it’s still really good.

The Halloween mood really shines here with the whole Zombie thing and the jokes. It’s not as emotional as some others, but it’s still kind of creepy iwth everyone becoming Zombies. The rather gross solution is also done well since they don’t dwell on it. Yep, this show can sometimes pull off gross out humor. Who knew?

The plot point of Randy acting brave in front of the girls is okay. It ends up being kind of pointless but it’s always amusing to see Howard being more in the right…..when done correctly.

And hey, at least we got more Randy/Theresa teasing. ….Shut up.

The obligatory end twist is a bit weak since it’s kind of forced. McFist and Viceroy think it’s a smart idea to blow up the factory, without thinking that maybe it will rain trained zombie food?

Then Howard eat’s it simply because…they need an end twist. It’s a nitpick but still kind of stupid.

Overall, both episodes are very good. The first has an interesting story and the 2nd episode has good atmosphere and it a lot of fun. Since most of the problems with the show are toned down here, I recommend these two easily.


Mayhem Night [Motorcity]

Season 1, Episode 13

Writer: John O Bryan

Airdate: October 26, 2012

Whoa, here’s another buried gem. Given it’s a recent example of a buried Disney gem, I thought it would even make it to a Halloween episode but here it is. I sadly only saw a few episodes back when it was on, but I get to see more of it now.

It’s Halloween in Motorcity and Dutch has planned a get together with Tennie, Chuck and Claire. But when the Terra Dwellers ambush The Burners with a special gas, the team is forced to face their biggest fears while preventing the Terras from destroying the foundation of Detroit Deluxe.

This episode was good….but I don’t know if I’d quite recommended it for Halloween viewing. And yes, it’s because it’s not the most fitting. It kind of here due to the worst fear thing and they do some fun things with it. They use it for laughs and mix in some serious stuff in, like how Julie is scared of the big bad.

It’s just that it mostly feels like a typical episode, which is fine except I don’t think it’s the best for newcomers. I’ve seen the show way back when so I vaguely know what’s going on, but even I had a couple bits where I was slightly lost, although it wasn’t a big deal.

You won’t be hugely lost, but if you know nothing of the show, you likely won’t be able to get into it about halfway through. Don’t worry, if you want to dive in ,you can but I would suggest watching the first few episodes first.

I suppose this is another case where it’s a typical episode of it’s show that happens to have Halloween and that’s fine. I don’t know if this should could really go all out anyway.

As a normal episode, it’s good. It has a decent plot and some energetic action. This show seems to like it was pretty expense, just based on the animation. I guess that’s why it was canned. Wasn’t popular enough to justify the expense.

There’s a sort of subplot with Dutch and this girl where they do the disappointing father cliché, and it’s done decently well since they don’t quite overdo it and I think everyone is decently likable here.

As a side note, he is voiced by Kel Mitchell. Yes, really. I guess Nick let Disney have him for a bit. Which is why he appeared on Good luck charlie and Liv and Maddie once. Yep. Still better than Wild Grinders.

Speaking of voice actors, Mark Hamil is the villain, and Julie is Sadie from Steven Universe. And the sort of big dumb one is a guy doing his best Patrick Warburton impression. Seriously, I thought it was him but it’s not.

As I said, they do some fun things with the fear thing and it works well. This is a good as a standalone episode of the show, but it doesn’t quite have enough to suggest it as a good Halloween episode like some of the others we’ve covered.

You can go ahead and watch it but if you have only have time for a few, you can skip it. But do check out the show itself, this made me want to watch it again, at least.


Princess Butterfly [Sofia the First]

Season 1, Episode 19

Writer: Erica Rothschild

Airdate: October 11, 2013

Hey, another show I’ve talked about a lot. Guess I can just jump into it then.

Amber goes to Cedric and asks him to let her use a magic spell to make her costume for the All Hollows Eve ball, but the costume won’t come off, and it turns out that it’s actually real.

On it’s own, this episode is really good. It provides some interesting development for Amber and goes a bit deeper on some stuff that has been established before. They are forced to make the Costume themselves, and Amber is kind of sucky at it, but Sofia makes a pretty good costume every likes.

While Sofia being the best at a thing is a bit forced, it still leads to some good development with Amber all around. There are interesting moments like when Sofia finds out about all this and is willingly to give Amber the amulet just to get her back to normal.

And this is pretty smart by Cedric standards. Although it’s weird that he vanishes near the end, he doesn’t appear to go “Darn, foiled again” or whatever. Besides that bit, the episode on it’s is solid.

…But as a Halloween episode, it’s not that great. The Halloween thing is just ther to start the plot. This could could have been any random costume ball thing. Sure, they have a few spooky things during the ball but it’s short, and doesn’t make a huge impact.

I’m fine with them doing this but for a first Halloween episode, it’s a bit disappointing. And could you at least bother to have a real song? Yeah, there’s a song but it’s drowned out by the plot so you can’t hear all of it. It sounds cool but they don’t really let it play.

So as far as I’m concerned, this is the only episode with no song.

I would recommend this as an episode of the show, as it is a bit of a Season 1 favorite, but it’s not the most fitting Halloween episode. On that front, it’s worth skipping but if you want a nice sample episode if you haven’t seen the show, it’s not a bad choice.

I won’t give the rating since it’s complicated. As an episode, it’s really good only okay as a Halloween episode. So take that of what you will.

The Halloween Scramble [Henry Hugglemonster]

Season 1, Episode 20a

Writer: Chris Nee (The creator of Doc McStuffins? Hmmm…)

Airdate: October 4, 2013

I honestly know very little about this preschool show so I’m not really sure what to expect. So let’s jump in.

After a big gust of wind threatens to ruin Roarsville’s annual Halloween parade, it’s up to Henry to catch the gigantic balloons that flew away and save the day.

This episode was alright. It at least tried and kept my attention for the most part. There isn’t a lot to say. I will say that this show seems a bit forgettable, but at least has effort put into it. The animation is pretty decent, and I like the theme song.

As far as flaws that don’t seem unique to this episode…Well, Henry’s voice is a bit annoying but I guess I could get used to it. And they still feel the need to talk to the audience, although it’s not nearly annoying as other shows. There’s no formula or anything, there’s just like “hey kids, let’s do things!”

It doesn’t add anything but it doesn’t take away too much. There is one funny joke they do with it where Henry says he is a spaceman but “you probably already knew that”. Speaking of jokes, there are a few actual jokes here and some of are kind of amusing.

Mostly the ones revolving the sister being a bit of bitch, and she’s pretty amusing. She’s voiced by Princess Bubblegum/Starfire which is cool, I guess. The plot isn’t too bad, and they make an interesting turn where Henry has to sacrifice his chance to partake in the Scramble to save the day.

It’s nothing deep but it is interesting. Although the execution is a bit cheesy with these precious kids telling him to do this and all that. The episode kind of drags at some points although it still managed to keep my attention.

The Halloween mood isn’t that strong so I can’t recommend it to highly on that level, but as I said, it’s okay. It’s cute and for kids, it’s harmless and kind of tolerable. There’s not much for me but it was tolerable for what it was.

So yeah, it’s fine for what it is.

Rating: Okay

Druselsteinoween [Phineas and Ferb]

Season 4, Episode 19a

Writers: Kyle Menke and Micheal Dedirch

Airdate: October 4, 2013

When Vanessa learns that her father has inherited a Drusselsteinian castle right next door to her she seizes the opportunity to throw the biggest Halloween bash ever. Meanwhile, Doofenshmirtz enlists Perry to help him find a large, hidden treasure that his Great Aunt has placed somewhere within the castle.

While this episode is still good fun…i don’t quite like it as much as That’s The Spirit. My main problem is that the plot is a bit…bare. The Vanessa plot anyway. They throw a party….and that’s a bit it. Not much really happens except the Monty stuff, which isn’t exactly intense.

She’s looking for Monty…and he shows and leaves. Epic plot. The ending is also a bit weak. After Monty leaves, that’s about it. Doof’s plot has an ending but the ending just seems to peter out near the end.

But that’s not really a big deal, because I like that the plot is leisurely, and they did the same thing with My Sweet Ride. I like the party atmosphere of the Vanessa plot with a lot of good gags such as Irving’s castle costume and Isabella throwing her shoe.

Doof’s plot is funny of course, and I like that his great aunt actually liked her more. That’s honestly kind of nice. The payoff at the end was funny too. Nice bit reality there. Oh, and the song is certainly better than Werewcow. A very smooth and solid song.

Speaking of which, I like what they did with the Vampire queen gag.See, Vanessa is dressed a vampire Queen. Yeah hardy har. It starts as a cheap actor allusion, but they make a huge thing where everyone is a vampire queen or pimpernel. It’s kind of clever.

So yeah, while it’s not as good as That’s the Spirit , it has it’s own charm. It’s got a fun atmosphere, a nice song and some good jokes, even if the plot is a bit weak. Oh, and yes, Stacy calling Monogram the water and power guy is amazing.

Although the Halloween mood isn’t quite as strong. This could have happened any time if you changed things a bit. That’s another reason I prefer the other reason, but this is still good.

Oh, and TTS has a better sister episode. I like Curse of Candace more than TTS cuz it’s a bit funnier, but Face Your Fear is a bit underwhelming. Still good just nothing special.


Terrifying Tri State Trilogy of Terror [Phineas and Ferb]

Hey, I can skip this one! I talked about this episode at length in my Season 4 list, and at the moment I have nothing to add. In short, it is the best of the straight Halloween episodes, with good atmosphere and great jokes.

Pharmacists doesn’t quite count since we have 3 Halloween episodes already, but I wll say that …yeah, it’s still amazing. Anyway, next up is…

Ghostly Gala [Sofia the First]

Season 2, Episode 13

Writers: Laurie Isreal and Rachel Ruderman

Airdate: October 5, 2014

I briefly mentioned this one quickly in my Sofia post, but now I get to go into more detail.

A ghost named Drax is trying to scare everyone out of the castle so he can host his Ghostly Gala, a party for all the ghosts in the Kingdom. Unfortunately, Sofia has a party the same night so she isn’t exactly up for that.

Now THIS is what I’m talking about it. This more than makes up for Princess Butterfly lacking Halloween elements. The mood is captured perfectly despite tacking place entirely inside the castle. There’s fog everywhere, some glowing pumpkins and a bunch of little creepy things.

Not mention Dax and his scaring attempts. This episode just oozes Halloween all over the place and that helps make it a lot of fun. But it also has a good story. Dax is doing this because he can only meet his friends and family every hundred years and he kind of has to have his party here.

It gives him a good motivation but it makes sense why he doesn’t wanna tell Sofia about that. He doesn’t think there’s a compromise to be made, and stuff like that. So the misunderstanding actually works here.

Of course they work things out easily, but I see why they weren’t exactly ready to think of it sooner. Dax is pretty likable, and his bat friend thing is funny too. And of course we need an awesome song to make it even better.

It’s incredibly fun and catchy. And one point he mentions having an “Uncle Roy and Walter”


I can’t really complain about anything here. It’s a bit predictable but that’s about it. The story is solid, it has a good moral and it has a great Halloween mood with a fun song. I would recommend this to pretty much everyone, even those who haven’t seen the show.

While some aspects of the story may turn people off, I think the overall product will win them over. Not hard to predict my rating here.


The Gift 2: The Giftening [Wander Over Yonder]

Season 1, Episode 19a

Writers: Francisco Angones & Amy Higgins

Airdate: October 4, 2014

With all the hype around Gravity Falls and Star Vs, it’s a bit sad that show got left in the dust in Season 2. It’s another winner from Craig McCracken and it’s quite a bit of fun. So let’s look into spooky themed episode.

…Okay, I suppose should explain why it’s called The Gift 2. See, they did two episodes that take place on the same night, with one being from Wader’s POV and the other being about the villains. This is a spooky Halloween episode, while The Gift…is a Christmas Episode.

Yeah. It’s pretty unique and we’ll get into it more come December. This aired first for obvious reasons but it’s weird the sequel came first. Heck, The Gift is 19b instead of 19a. Anyway, onto the actual episode.

When gifts strangely start appearing on Lord Hater’s ship, turning their recipients into zombies, Lord Hater and Commander Peepers must escape from whoever is giving the gifts.

This episode is really good. While it’s not as disbursing as Gumball’s The Joy or as intense as Pharmacists, it’s still a fun take on a zombie story. Actually, it’s weird how both this and Gumball have the zombie outbreak being of happy instead of the usual stuff. This episode shows the happiness as something actually good and it’s just bad because these are the villains.

But for a bit they still make you think this is something to be fared,and it has some strong atmosphere. Again, other takes on this plot are creepier but this still has that feeling of dread, and it gets extra points of creativity.

There aren’t many Zombie stories caused by the hero, after all.

There are certainly some golden moments, that make you feel sorry for the people being turned into Zombies. Not to the extent of some other stories, but there are some moments that work pretty well.

The scary atmosphere really makes this one work, mostly because of the whole happy thing. You catch on early on them being happy isn’t bad ,but they still make you fear for them.

The only reason this is causing trouble is because the Watch Dogs have never been happy before. And without spoiling it, there actually is a sort of happy ending, although they do get a quick joke in to end the episode on.

So besides being creepy, the story has some interesting beats, and a nice ending. While I suppose there are better choices, this is a very recommendation due to the tone alone.

Aside from dumb nitpicking things, there isn’t much to complain about here. It’s unfair to compare it to better episodes, since it would be hard for this show to quite do what those can do.

So with this in mind, this episode is very solid.


Buckets/Frankengloom [The 7D]

Season 1, Episode 14

Writers: Writers: Sherri Stoner (Buckets), and Deanna Oliver & Randy Rogel (Frankengloom)

Airdate: October 12, 2014

Ah yes, The 7D that show everyone forgets exists. While it’s far from perfect, I like it. It’s cute, it’s charming and recently it’s had some solid episode, like the awesome Season finale. Let’s see how this 2 part Halloween episode fares.

Delightful informs the 7D that her Uncle Humidor is selling a mansion by the sea and that she wants the 7D to recover her buckets. However, the mansion is haunted by a ghost girl. Then The Glooms create a terrifying monster from a “Make Your Own Monster” kit as part of a plot to drive Queen Delightful out of her castle.

These episodes were good. Yeah, I wasn’t expecting too much out of them but they were enjoyable. I wouldn’t call them brilliant but they were both good fun. This was around when the show started to find it’s footing and become more interesting and the first one especially shows it’s potential.

I was expecting to the first one to be dull while the 2nd would be really good, but it was actually the other way around. Frankengloom was still good but not as fun as Buckets. Buckets is a lot more fitting for Halloween, taking place at a castle on a dark and stormy night.

Which I guess is fair. You have one segment focused on horror, and one that just uses the monster for jokes. Speaking of jokes, Buckets was way funnier than I expected. It was jam packed with good jokes, some of which made laugh way harder than I should have.

When the power is knocked out, someone says it’s weird….because electricity hasn’t been invented yet. It’s revealed that Doc has a bunch of weird stuff in his hat, and when Starch peeks inside …he hears a girl screaming. …It’s funnier than it sounds.

Then there’s a running gag that should have repetitive but actually gets funnier each time….especially when Happy asks Starchy if he’s “liking this running gag”. That’s the kind of humor I like to see in this show and this episode is full of that.

Admittedly, the plot isn’t the best. It does kind of drag a bit with not much going on, but the humor keeps it going.

The ending twist was a bit weird until they explained. As it turns out, the ghost girl (voiced by Sadie from Steven Universe…this is her 2nd apparence here….Huh) is named Buckets, and Queen Delightful actually wanted them to get this Buckets, as she was her imaginary friend.

I was about to ask questions until they said that Buckets is actually a ghost and Delightful was just friends with a ghost without knowing it. I still have questions but ah well. There is a cute flashbacks scene so it’s all good.

Frankengloom is a bit better story wise, but isn’t quite as funny. Oh, it’s still funny just not as funny as the other one. Delightful finds the monster….but is in nice mode due to a command, and she teaches him to be good at music.

The rest of the episode is about training the monster to do music, and get him into some music school. ….Okay, I just watched it and I don’t remember if this made more sense in context. Either way, it is funny.

I wish it focused a bit more on the Glooms as they just kind of vanish until the end when they are of course kicked out by the monster. The stuff with them itnereact was funny, and the running gag of Grim treating the monster like his son was good.

I wish they went deeper into that, it would have been hilarious. But as it is, the episode is fun. But I’d recommend Buckets more with it’s spooky tune and humor.

It’s not a high recommendation but if you like or haven’t seen the show, then I think it’s worth watching. It shows off the better aspects of the show so I think it can win people over. But honestly, the only episode of the show anyone should watch is Rock of Sages…but this is good too.


Before I move on, I have two comments about the voice actors: Yes, Delightful is voiced by Leigh Allyn Baker. It’s pretty cool. Grim is voiced by Jess Harnell. Jess Harnell as a bumbling sorcerer who often tries to take over and kingdom and fails. Hmm…

Let the Wonk One In [Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja]

Season 2, Episode 8a

Writers: Hugh Webber, Jed Elinoff & Scott Thomas

Airdate: October 17, 2014

Randy unleashes the terrifying orange Halloweenja suit from the Nomicon and soon discovers that it’s a force he can’t control.

This one was just as good as the other ones, maybe even better in a few places. This is one of the more insane episodes, in a good way. The Halloweeninja gives us tons of creative creatures and then we have a hilarious solution to defeating it.

The atmosphere is pretty great here. The creatures can be fairly creepy and the Halloweeninja is just an awesome concept in general. This show seems to pretty good at atmosphere so an episode like this just fits very well.

It doesn’t have quite as much substance as Dawn of the Driscoll but that’s fine because it’s just as enjoyable. The creepy stuff and action make it fun enough, but then they bring in some good humor.

See, Rachel is basically doing a “Cute” Halloween at her place which inspires the two to make a creepy haunted house to begin with. But it turns out “Cute” is the only thing that stop the Halloweeninja.

So they must dress up as cute bear things to stop him. That …is amazing. It could have been kind of stupid but it ends up being really funny, especially in an otherwise “Creepy” episode.

And it’s always cool to see a side character, in this case Rachel, get a bigger role. She’s pretty likable, and being voiced by Laura Marano might have played a part in it…

So yeah, while this episode isn’t the best, it’s still a lot of fun due to being very creative and funny. It’s also cool that we don’t have the usual villains in any of these episode, although McFist has small roles in McFizzles and a funny subplot in this.

And once again, this episode a spooky sister episode….although I’m not fond of it. I’ll explain some other time.

Either way, This episode comes recommended.


Huggleween Moon [Henry Hugglemonster]

Season 2, Episode 15

Writer: Robet Vargas

Airdae: October 2, 2015

During Cobby’s Huggleween party, Henry accidentally blasts his house into outer space.

First off, yes, it was called Halloween in the first one but now it’s called Hugglween. Because…reasons. Sofia did the same thing but that made a bit more sense.

Huggleween fits this show more, even if it sounds like something Rachel from Randy Cunningham would come up with.

Anyway, this one was about the same as other one. The mood a lot better, taking place at night and being set at a haunted house and later the moon,with aliens. So on that front it works fine.

The actual plot is okay. It kind of drags as a result of being double length although it’s not a big issue. The main plot is yet another Screw up plot, with Henry being the reason this happened in the first place and the brother being angry.

It’s….okay, I guess. I’ve seen worse takes on this plot, but the brother is blame too much since this is mostly Henry’s fault. Both parties kind of apologizes so I guess it’s fine. But given Henry sent them to freaking space, he should have gotten a bit more blame.

By the way, they can breath in space because….reasons. Also, they seem pretty chill about that fact they ended up on the bloom. It’s really more of an inconvenience to them.

As a whole, this episode is fine, A bit cheesy but harmless and has some enjoyable bits. The sister still gets the best jokes, which I feel may be a thing with the whole show. Like the other episode, it’s fine fluff, but I would mostly recommend it to kids.

Adults won’t hate but there’ way better options out there. This show is fine and I’m glad Disney Jr is getting a better at making shows that are tolerable. Not much else to say, really.


Get ready for mood whiplash cuz we’re going from a cute kids show to…

Gorey Agnes/Haunted Couch [Pickle and Peanut]

Season 1, Episode 5

Writers: Noah Z. Jones, Joel Trussell, Ryan Quincy and Sarah Alys Lindholm (Gore Agnes), Brendon Walsh and M.J. Sandhe (Haunted Couch)

Airdate: October 5, 2015

.Oh boy, I have to talk about this show. Remember how people say that Disney was at it’s worst when trying to be someone else, or with the times? This is the latest example of that. Imagine Disney trying to be Adult Swim, with a splash of Regular Show and Sanjay and Craig.

It’s about as good as it sounds. I gave it a fair chance, I’ve seen every episode up to this point, except these 2 since I was waiting for this. I can’t get it…because it tries way too hard. It just takes from other sources and fills it with dumb gimmicks like whispering and live action shots. The actual animation is ugly too.

Really, I wouldn’t even care if this wasn’t Disney. A company that shouldn’t making a show with stock art that tries to be like Breadwinners. But I’m rambling, I’ll be able to go into detail if these episodes are anything like the rest of the show.

Pickle and Peanut’s friendship is tested when they conjure up the terrifying ghostly ghoul, Gory Agnes, and Pickle begins dating her. Then, After accidentally breaking Pickle’s couch, the boys purchase a new one from Couch Dracula’s but soon discover that the replacement couch is cursed.

Pickle and Peanut’s friendship is tested when they conjure up the terrifying ghostly ghoul, Gory Agnes, and Pickle begins dating her. Then, After accidentally breaking Pickle’s couch, the boys purchase a new one from Couch Dracula’s but soon discover that the replacement couch is cursed.

These episodes were….more of the same. There really isn’t much to say that hasn’t already been said. The shows usual trends are thankfully toned down so that leaves me with nothing to comment on.

Except the stories themselves, which were very bland. This is a Comedy Show but there were barely any jokes in either episode, and I know I didn’t laugh much. The 2nd episode has a few more jokes, and i’ll admit the final joke kind of made me laugh.

The first episode was just …kind of boring. There wasm a lot of room to make fun of this love triangle cliché but they don’t do it. They play it straight and…it doesn’t work. To be fair, Pickle is slightly likable because he does try to make time for Peanut and it’s really Agnes’ fault….and peanut for being kind of a dick but I don’t blame him too much.

I give them credit for actually writing a story for once, but it’s too boring and cliché to work for me. It wasn’t even funny either. I will say that the live action shot actually worked because it was of Gory Agnes, who is supped to be scary and unsettling.

Although maybe having her bleed black blood from her eyes was a bit much.

The 2nd episode was a bit better because it was oddly spookier with the couch stuff. It also had more jokes and while most of it wasn’t funny, at least it tried. Some of the spooky stuff was kind of cool, especially when Dracula got eaten by the couch.

And again, the live action shot worked because it actually added to the spooky-ness.

Overall, these episodes were just bleh. They are some of the better episodes so far, but they still weren’t good. The 2nd was almost passable, but still annoying, and the 1st one was boring and didn’t even try to be funny.

Haunted Coach might be worth it for some but it isn’t enough to recommended these episodes. If you like that show go ahead, but everyone else can avoid them. They aren’t horrible but I still did enjoy them.


At least I’ll never have to talk about the show ag-


.As a final note, Dracula’s assistant daughter person is voiced by Laura Marano

…Let’s just move on.

Hallie Halloween [Doc McStuffins]

Season 3, Episode 11a

Writer: Keri Grant

Airdate: October 9, 2015

While trick-or-treating with Doc and her toys, Hallie wanders off and gets separated from the rest of the group, imparting an important lesson about staying safe on Halloween.

This one is pretty much the same as the other one. It’s not as funny but the plot is a bit better, if a bit preachy. Yeah I get it, I gotta be safe. Gotcha. But I do like what Hallie goes through here. After a bad experience, she doesn’t want go back out there, which of course leads to the moral that you shouldn’t let one bad experience prevent you from having fun.

Again, nothing deep, but it works. What I find interesting is that she runs out to see a girl that has a hallie hippo costume.

There was a whole episode about Hallie’s ego after finding out she comes from a tv shwo ala Toy Story 2. So this adds a bit more to that. It’s interesting to see this side of her, since she may as well be the straight…hippo, most of the time.

The Halloween mood is even stronger here since it takes place all at night, while trick or treating. The toy from the first episode (voiced by dee bradley baker) even makes a cameo.

So yeah, my review as the same as the first one. Nothing special, but it’s fun, at least for kids. For adults, there are better episodes of this show out there. Either way, it’s fie


After all of that, we’re almost done folks. Just one more to go, and our big finale is…

Ghost Moon/Stormy Night in a Dark Nebula [Miles from Tomorrowland]

Season 1, Episode 23

Writer: Greg Johnson

Airdate: October 10, 2015

The Callistos are sent to investigate eerie sightings on a dark moon. Then The Callistos enter a dark nebula and find some spooky inhabitants.

As far as Disney Jr shows go, this one is decent. Sure, it’s no Sofia the First but I enjoy it. I like that it’s a Sci Fi show (think Star Trek for little kids) and manages to educate on science stuff, without tring too hard to put in morals all the time. Hell, there aren’t any songs.

It would be weird to do a normal Halloween episode, so like many others, they did a spooky themed episode to air in October. And how are they?

Decent. I wouldn’t call them brilliant but they did work fairly well. There’s nothing amazing in the writing but it was fun. The atmosphere was great in both episodes, the latter especially. It takes place on a spooky empty ship in a dark nebula, with some creepy stuff going after them.

Both episodes have the same set up of going to a spooky place rumore to have ghosts, only for it turns to be something normal. But it doens’t too redutant because the 2ndepisode has a nice twist with the guy behind all this.

This leads to a nice moment and a interesting edning. It’s nothing amazing but it made the story more interesting. The first one is a bit more typical but it is enjoyable. The 2nd one is better due the story, and it has some more humor, mostly coming from Dad.

He’s voiced by Tom Kenny by the way, but the odd thing is, he’s not weird. He’s a perfectly normal character. Yeah, I found it weird too but it’s nice change of pac of him. He does get some comedy sometimes, like in this episode.

He also voices the guy in the 2nd episode, and it’s way more like him. Speaking of voices, Dedrich Bader voices one of the commander people they get missions from, and Olivia Munn as the badass Mom. Disney Jr shows tend to good casts for some reason.

These episodes aren’t anything amazing but they are good spooky fun and even have a bit ore in some places. If you have time, you can this is a shot. Although if don’t have time for a lot of episodes, just go for Ghostly Gala for preschool stuff.

But if you watch it, I don’t think you will hate it. Not much else to say, really. While I won’t quite call it good, is it solid for what it is.


Kind of weak note to end this one but ah well.

And that is every officially Disney Cartoon Halloween episode, that I know of. Even if there is another a skipped, I am in no mood to do more work after all of this. Overall, these episodes interesting.

We certainly had some variety in terms of quality. If you’re wondering, Mickey’s Treat was easily the worst. At least Pickle and Peanut tried. That was just tedious. As for the best? …Hmm, not sure. Some favorites include Terrifying Tri State Trilogy of Terror, Nevermore, Ghostly Gala,Terrifying Tales of Recess and Summerween. Those were the ones I just enjoyed or appreciated the most.

I’ve noticed Halloween episodes don’t tend to get the same treatment as Christmas episodes. There are plenty of good ones, but none I’d say reach the heights of something like Arnold’s Christmas. Halloween just isn’t given as much respect because it’s not about Jesus or whatever.

Most of the Halloween favorites come with specials or movies. Ah well, we still have some good gems out there for Halloween episodes. You can go my Deviant Art for a more detailed recap of all this.

Get ready to go trough all this again come December, where I review all the Disney Cartoon Christmas episodes! ….Yep.

See ya, and Happy Halloween!

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