Mom’s Got a Date with a Vampire

The obvious joke is obvious so...Aunt Hilda isn't really into the dark types?

The obvious joke is obvious so…Aunt Hilda isn’t really into the dark types?

Hello, Spongey here.

Well boils and Ghouls, October is finally upon us once again. As usual, that means some Halloween-y reviews to build up the big day. On top of that, on Deviant Art I’m reviewing all the Disney TV Animated Halloween episodes.


I got some interesting reviews lined up, although most of them are ties in to type of reviews I’m known for. Ah well. First up is an obvious-ish one. See, there’s a New DCOM coming out this week, and it happens to be a Halloween one!

.In that Halloween is involved in the plot. Otherwise, it looks about normal, but it should be fun either way. I’ve covered my fair share of Halloween DCOM’s such as Girl Vs Monster, Under Wraps, and the HalloweenTown Saga.

And I thought I was running out, but I still got a couple. I could have finally covered one of the Twitches movies, since they are vaguely tied to Halloween. But I was more interesting in covering the other one we have left. Because it’s slightly more obscure, and looks far more interesting.

This one came during the huge DCOM Fest of 2000, where one came out a month. Naturally, this was their Halloween film. Hell, it aired on Friday the 13th! Now that’s cool.

This one is a bit under the radar, which is why it’s not mentioned as much as those others. It’s slightly more well known that Scream Team, but it airs notably less. Hell, I don’t think they aired it all for awhile…until this year. It didn’t air in time for this review so I just found it online.

There’s a reason it didn’t air for a bit but we’ll get into that later. Don’t worry, there’s no 9/11 in it. Due the premise, and one actor, I was interested in seeing it, so today we’ll dig in and see how good it is.

The writers have done nothing, but the director has a few DCOM’s under his belt, most notably Johnny Tsunami. Will this be more noteworthy? Only way to find out!

Let’s break out those outdated Twilight jokes and sink our teeth into this one.

This, is Mom’s Got a Date with a Vampire

The movie opens on a stereotypically creepy night, as a Vampire takes a woman to his castle, only for her Human lover boy to show up. Their love turns out to be more powerful than a vampire’s trance, and she runs to him.

Before I make a lame snarky comment, we find out this just a movie our main kid character is watching. Didn’t they do this in Under Wraps? This is Adam, and right away we see he naturally has a bitch-y older sister, played by Laura Vandervoot, which is a hilarious name.

They bicker until the titular Mom comes home, played by Caroline Rhea. I’ll try to keep obvious jokes related to that cartoon I like away from this review.

She doesn’t want him watching the movie and sends the kids to their rooms. The next day, we get a scene with the best friend character, and we head to school as Adam has forgotten to do a report.

Because a main character in a kids movie can’t be a normal person who gets their work done on time.

Instead he wings it and does a spiel about a vampire hunter. Yeah, we’ve got plenty of foreshadowing to the main conflict. It’s mandatory so I can let it slide. He goes home and is scolded for all of this.

He gets grounded.


You are not making this easy, movie.

Chelsea, the sister, mocks him for this and gets grounded too. A bit unfair but whatever. Both of these characters have things they wish to do, so this is an easy way to hinder them, I suppose.

Adam already has a solution: Set Mom up on a date so they can be home alone to sneak out. This never works out in Sitcoms so I wish you luck, kid. Especially since this is a horror movie.

They look through the ads, and find someone who sounds fine. And I’m guessing he’s the vampire. His ad says he hates Italian Food, which includes Garlic. Gee, that surely has nothing to do with anything.

They send him a early 2000’s Email and we get a dinner scene. They quickly convince her to go to the market so she can meet their Ad-Man. Eventually she does bump into him…with her shopping cart. This is a quirky way for them to hit it off fairly well.

His name is Dimtri and he comes from Romania and has an odd accent. Yep, he’s a werewolf. After some talking, he asks her out and she of course says yes. Because eh, it can’t hurt except it will.

With the date secured, Adam and Chelsa can now go forward with their plans. His little brother already suspects that Dimitri is a vampire and wishes to call a supposed Vampire hunter.

We gotta do something, Mom’s Got a Date with a Vampire”

…Roll credits. There, I said it.

Adam doesn’t believe him. Weird how we more or less find out he’s a vampire right away. The movie knows there’s no suspense so they may as well not even try.

We cut to the big night, as they invite Dmitri in. Yes, they make a deal out of that. Mom is starting to get cold feet, but after a speech she is ready to go out. It’s a nice moment and I assume we will go deeper a bit later.

We cut a vampire hunter guy, played by the Dad from Lizzie McGuire. ..And Max Keeble haunts me once again. He has popped a couple times but this is his first talk scene, as he is trying to hunt down our vampire.

Taylor calls the hunter guy and then heads out to stop the date. Isn’t this kind of thing suppose to be the climax? Ah well, maybe there’s more to the plot. Adam and Chelsa catch wind of this and stop him before he can interrupt their date.

Adam assures him that he is not a vampire. It’s worth noting he thinks he is a vampire because he saw him turn into a bat in one bit. That’s…better than nothing but one thing shouldn’t spark all of this.

Adam tries to prove him wrong by pretty much going up to Dimtri and Mom and saying that the movie from the start screwed Taylor up and got him to think Dimtiri is a vampire, and wants him to prove otherwise.

You could have picked a …less direct method, but ah well.

Dimitri suggests a test involving a Spoon, because if he used the normal methods most people used, this movie would be over early. Taylor buys this because he’s little, although he may keep prodding to keep the plot going.

With a quick flash of fangs, the kids leave.

Adam starts to suspect him of being a vampire, because he did not see his reflection in the mirror. Of course he starts suspecting when he stops Taylor from doing so. And because of one minor thing, he is dead set on getting him away from his Mom.

I get why Taylor went crazy but Adam…seems smarter than this.

Taylor called up the vampire hunter, so he shows up at their home later on. Adam went back to take care of Dimitri and Taylor finds out and tells the hunter dude. By the way, the restaurant the two were at is called “Reinfelds”. Subtle.

Dimtri and Mom stop by a dance club place, and Adam sneaks in to spy on them. Through some events, Mom goes up to sing cuz that’s like her job or something. IDK, a guard dude knows of her and says Adam is lucky to be her Son.

Anyway, Adam tells the guard that Dimitri is stalking her. Before he can do some vampire tricks, like he did this one guy, he is thrown out. He does however use his powers to get back inside, which Chelsea sees.

Okay, everyone is sure he’s a vampire, so the plot can really start now. …Wait, why didn’t Mom see him get thrown out?

They suspect that they are headed to the Harvest Festival, so they catch a ride there. Adam asked his friend Boomer (No Brady attached, sadly) in exchange of a date with Chelsea. She finds out and is…not happy.

And they picked this point to give us our end of 2nd act conflict, where they bitch at each other and it gets sad. It’s ..a tad bit forced. …Then they resolve their fight and move on.


The kids get back to spying on the couple, but Dimtri has gotten tired of this crap and just wants to home so he can suck her blood or whatever. He tries to use his vampire powers but Adam finally confronts him.

He tells him to back off and Dimitri just brags about how cool he is instead of actually stopping Adam. Because there’s no way Adam will get the upper hand, being a kid main character in a Disney Channel Movie.

Despite the threat, the kids know they have to stop him. They manage to get his house before they do, and steal his coffin and trash it because…reasons. Oh wait, they put in the water because vampires cannot cross water.

Huh, that’s a new one. I only heard it in a Ghost of Fear Street book.

Dmitri and shows up and threatens to kill Chelsea. Yeah, didn’t expect him to actually try anything else, did ya? Adam gives in and puts the Coffin back, but decides to go back to fighting anyway.

Which is fine since Dmitri isn’t holding his end anyway. Thankfully, Vampire Hunter guy shows up. As it turns out, this guy is Van Helsing and they fight. Most of the creepy stuff has been pretty cool and this is quite the highlight.

Taylor interrupts this and faces him. However, Dmitri uses magic stuff to make them stand still, and he stills getting amazingly hammy. Mom is in a trance here, but thanks to a “i know you’re in there speech” she wakes up realizes what is going on.

She steps up and helps them lock him in his Coffin for good. Yep, just locking him in a place did the trick. ..Lamest Vampire Ever. Mom was badass, at least. Also, they say they will put ihm in the sunlight so he can sparkle all night.

There, I made a twilight joke. Happy?

Everyone gets reacquainted and celebrates. They invite Van Helsing over for breakfast, hopefully starting a less dangerous relationship.

Happy Halloween!”

Oh yeah, this was a Halloween movie…that was the first mention of it, oddly enough, And…then it ends on a freeze frame shut.

Abrupt ending….Eh, i’ve seen worse. Just feels odd since there wasn’t a ton of stuff going on this movie. Although I love how Dmitri keeps knocking nad calling for help…and it continues into the credits.


(Oh, and if you’re wondering, I think this did not air for awhile because of a shot where Dimtri licks his teeth in front of the dog…that is not even in the movie. This got people upset (but saying the N word is okay…) so it was cut. I think that stuff if why it was not aired for a bit)

Final Thoughts:

For once, I don’t have a lot to say. This was okay. …Yeah, that’s about it. It was enjoyable, but nothing too special. The plot went in the expected directions, the characters were meh but likable, and the acting was decent.

There isn’t a ton of attempted substance, so it’s mostly just kind of there. There’s nothing really wrong with it, but it doesn’t succeed at a major category. There are minor bits of deeper stuff, but it is quite minor.

Most of it just focuses on the general antics of trying to stop the Vampire. That’s about it. And that’s fine but it could have been deeper. Hell, even the spooky stuff could have gone farther.

As it is, it’s alright. In a good way, not the Average way. I did like the spooky feel ,as it made the film quite fine at points. Dimitri gets more enjoyable as the movie goes on, and the Vampire Hunter guy is fun too.

Of course Caroline Rhea sticks out in terms of performance, although she gets less to do by the end. The characters and stories are just sort of there. Their “Development’ is kind of rushed just to move the plot on, but I think they could have done more with it.

As it it is, it’s fine. Good fun, but nothing too special. Check it out if you want, but I would stick with Halloweentown, Under Wraps, or even Girl Vs Monster.

Grade: B

Next time, we already get a look at Stine’s latest film work. …No, that one, but it is a tie in for it..

See ya.


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