The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

An undersea hero adventure so epic, even I need a Hero's help to review it...

An undersea hero adventure so epic, even I need a Hero’s help to review it…

Hello, Spongey here.

Well, I’ve promised it, so here it is. Today we take a more in depth look at the 2nd Sp-….wait….what’s that noise? This is text and totally not happening for a real, but I hear a noise….


Oh crap, someone burst through the wall.


…..Cartoon Hero, of The Cartoon Hero’s Reviews? What’re you doing he–

We’re not doing that.

..Fine, that song and dance is annoying anyway. This is big epic special weird crossover, my first ever besides that stuff with Goldy I did. ….But did you HAVE to blow up my wall?


Look, ever since that Top 10 list everyone hated, I’ve learned just how dangerous Spongebob fans could be–though you’ve still got nothing on the South Park fans.

And I only JUST managed to make a review of Spongebob where I showed its decline well enough to sate them.

Yeah, I liked it. Mostly because I grew out of blindly liking post movie, which I went into detail on before.

Exactly! And that’s why I’m here. People have been asking me what I think of the second Spongebob movie, and I figured that if I team up with someone who’s still a bigger Spongebob fan than me, maybe it’ll help.

Fair enough but you’re paying for the wall.

Fine. Greetings, all, I am The Cartoon Hero, and–saluting in text doesn’t work as well. You probably don’t know this, but Spongey and I have been following each others’ work for a while now, so this crossover was bound to happen eventually.

Especially since I did one with a reviewer I befriend so I might as well do one with the other reviewer I talk to.

And of course, we’re here because of the yellow sponge that gave my colleague his name–Spongebob Squarepants.

Now, I’ve already said my piece on the decline of Spongebob in recent years, though it’s not nearly the worst show I’ve seen, even at its worst. Maybe I’ve just grown out of it, maybe I’m completely wrong, but whatever the case, I’m not as big of a fan of this cartoon as I once was.

You know my piece on the show at this point. I think it has mostly gone downhill like most say but I still like it because of the good episodes that exists, and cuz it’s fun to see what crap they do.

That and Season 9 has been an improvement. And a while ago, I reviewed the first Spongebob movie in full. …It’s still awesome.

Damn right it was–and I feel no shame in saying that. It did everything that a good movie should do–upping the scale of the series it was based on, had better animation, a lot of funny jokes, and that ENDING, man…one of the best. But I have to admit–even I was surprised when I heard the announcement that Spongebob was getting a second movie, Sponge Out of Water .

I was surprised…that they took so damn long. Knowing Nick, I thought we would have like 15 or so by now.

And we all saw the trailer, and some of us got hyped up for it.

Mostly because Stephen Hillenburg himself was going to be working on the story and some of the old writers were going to be doing some work, like Sherm Cohen. The pre release reaction was split due to certain choices shown in the trailer, but a lot of people were excited to see how they pulled it off.

And thankfully, people liked it. The critics overall enjoyed it for it’s insane humor, and fans thought it was a return to form for the series. Sure, some people disliked it and it has it’s share of criticisms, but most people see it as a fine film.

I did a general review back when it came out, and I mostly covered my thoughts on it…However, I wanted to do a full review later on, because spoilers prevented me from going into full detail on the story and some of the stuff that happens in it.

Plus, my thoughts have changed in some places after watching it again and now that it’s been out for a while, I can address certain things better. So while you know how I feel in general, today we’ll see how it holds up after a re-watch and look at it a bit more deeply.

….And we’ll see how Mr Hero feels about it, and mostly just make a bunch of dumb jokes. I just thought it would be fun to do this movie as a crossover.

I went into the creative team in the general review, but I’ll mention the writers and director again. Here’s a copy past: The live action segments are directed by the brilliant man who brought us Chipwrecked.

..And also wrote two episodes of Spongebob…including Friend or Foe. Whatever, at least the director of the first Alvin movie wasn’t a writer on SB since literally the pilot.

…At least the writers of the Alvin sequels didn’t write this. …..At least Insert Hot Celeb here isn’t in my room!

….Let’s just do this.

Let’s see how I end up feeling about the Sponge’s newest cinematic  adventure. Will I end up agreeing with Spongey on something!

Let’s find out!

This, is The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

The movie opens above the sea, as we see the Nick logo coming out of the water. Now that is awesome. Once the camera manages to find it, see see Bikini Atoll, the island from the opening. We zoom in as we meet a Pirate played by Antonio Banderas.

Yep, he’s our celebrity for the movie and sadly, no one rides him.


He’s hunting for treasure on the island–

Which, by the way, is MUCH bigger on the inside.

–and sees a sign warning him of booby traps. ….I’m glad whoever didn’t want him to have the treasure was kind of enough to warn him of the traps meant to stop him.

Eventually he finds a skeleton holding a book, which is where the film’s title randomly pops up. …That’s a bit Anti climatic, especially given how epic the actual opening scene is.

Hey, give them some credit–this is the only ghost pirate they could afford for this Pirates of the Caribbean reference.
Naturally, the skeleton comes to life and kicks his ass. Now that’s funny! …But he is carrying book as he flies away, so he gets what he came here to steal.

Man, Skully, maybe you should stick to helping Scary Godmother.

With the book in his hand, he starts reading it as it contains the story of Spongebob. Okay, this carries one of the flaws I have with this movie. This book makes no sense. Yes, it’s magic hence why it can do all this stuff , but even by Spongebob standards, it is a weird and poorly explained plot device.

Spongey, Spongey–don’t you see? It’s clearly the Book of Ages from Jackie Chan Adventures! After Shen Du started messing with it, they moved it from Ayers Rock to some island in the middle of nowhere.

…You are a NERD.

Shut up!

This is mostly to explain the concept to people who have lived in a cave for the past 16 years.

Albeit with better, movie-quality animation.

He is interrupted by some seagulls who try to sing the theme song. These seagulls are….alright.

I’ve heard people bitch about them but they don’t appear too often and they have a few funny lines.

Plus, one of them is definitely played by Kevin Michael Richardson, which I like.

After that pointless bit, he goes back to explaining Spongebob to us. It’s where we properly open the story, in Bikini Bottom.

Everything is pretty normal, at least until Plankton launches an Ariel attack on the Krusty Krab. But because it’s a kids movie, he just fires food.

“So it’s a food fight you want?”

…No. No one wants Foodfight.

Well, with the way Plankton’s vehicle turns from a plane to a tank to a giant robot, it’s more like Transformers.

Except Tom Kenny is playing a tolerable Non-Racist character this time.


This leads to a long and pretty fun action scene. It goes on a bit too long but it has some good gags and it’s a nice way to introduced us the premise. Plus, focusing on Plankton’s attempts sets up the development we’ll get later.

Plus a twist for later.

After pretty much failing, Plankton decides to just give up and go cry. …But the movie doesn’t waste time in just revealing that the crying plankton is a fake and Plankton was hiding inside a penny he gave to Mr. Krabs.

Hey, that’s pretty smart for Plankton, even if I question when he made the switch to Robot Plankton.

I’m guessing he decided to downsize his schemes after Plan Z failed.

But of course he is caught by the alarm, and Spongebob shows up to battle over the formula.

This struggle turns out to be in vein as the formula…vanishes into thin air! Naturally, Plankton is blamed and interrogated. Spoilers, the reasoning for it vanishing plays into the stuff with the nonsensical book.

Plankton is put through the most cruel torture known to man…..SPONGEBOB’S LAUGH! My god, Mr Krabs has gone too far this time!

I think that violates the Geneva Convention somehow…

(But seriously, that’s hilarious)

Plankton eventually escapes, but they are more worried that they are suddenly out of Krabby Patties! No, they can’t make more because…Mr Krabs forbade him from memorizing the formula.

…That’s stupid. Especially since him not memorizing it was a huge conflict in Pickles!

YEAH…it’s a pretty contrived reason to put in a Mad Max reference. Yeah, that’s coming up.

We get a bad pun, followed by a rimshot, played by Mrs. Puff, in her obligatory one line cameo.

I might have to use that to replace my Patrick boo clip.

I’ll stick with the pink pony, thank you very much.

Mr. Krabs still blames this on Plankton and gets all the fish into a frenzy. The mob storms the Chum Bucket but Spongebob manages to rescue him with a bubble.

“You won’t understand what I’m about to do today, but someday we’ll look about, and have a good laugh”

I assure you, for the rest of my life, every time I look back on this I will personally drive over to your house and smack you.

I’ve been waiting too long to use that “clip”.

This is a good time to say how awesome Spongebob himself is in this movie. He’s been weirdly trusting of Plankton before, but here it’s so cool how he sticks up for him and it starts some very good development.

And we know Spongebob is right to do so–mostly. Plankton still says he plans to steal the formula and take over the world but it doesn’t ever come to that!

Naturally, this pisses off Mr Krabs who suddenly jumps the gun and thinks Spongebob was with Plankton the whole time. This creates good conflict for the film, but it’s weird and contrived how it is set up here.

Although Mr. Krabs mourning the loss for his good employee right after is ….nice.

Better than he acted in Born Again Krabs, that’s for sure.

You mean the episode where Mr. Krabs regretted selling Spongebob’s soul immediately after he did so?

It was him doing so in the first place that was the pro–nevermind. I didn’t come here to debate about Spongebob–let’s get back to Spongebob. Wait.

So Spongebob and Plankton escape and Mr. Krabs is worried. Because Bikini Bottom pretty much relies on the Krabby Patty.

So much so that it creates Mad Max 4 a few months early. As in, the Apocalypse starts after one quick Gilligan cut. Now that’s funny.

“Welcome to the apocalypse, Mr Squidward. I hope you like leather.”

See, THIS is what happens when you only have one edible restaurant in town.

We cut back to the pirate reading this story….and finishes it. Well, that was a short movie, bye!

Actually, it’s not the end and the seagulls object to it. But the Pirate doens’t listen and write “The End” in the book….which causes the credits to roll. Now that’s even funnier!

They fight over the book until that “The End” page is ripped out and sent to the bottom of the sea by a seagull. I still question how all this magic book stuff works.

Probably the same way the magic pencil worked–because shut up.

Back in Mad Sponge–

Beyond Treedome? *audience boos* THANK YOU, THANK YOU…

Spongebob says that he and Plankton must use Teamwork. But Plankton can barely pronounce it, much less partake in it. This involves kind of ripping off the Cool whip joke from Family Guy, except it’s funny this time.

Then we cut to Sandy, who actually has a role this time! She gets no development but she gets something funny at least. She happens to have the last Krabby Patty in town and eats it just as she finds out about this Apocalypse.

Wait, how can she not know of all this with all the crap going on outside that should be pretty loud?

Better question: since when did the Krusty Krab have a drive-thru?

The page lands on her home, and we join SB and Plankton as they visit Patrick to get him to join them.

Patrick agrees to join…but then immediately rats them out to the mob. I should get this out of the way. Some people don’t like that he’s in jerk mode in this movie, and he’s a mix bag for me. Sometimes he is kind of annoying, but I can actually excuse it for the most part because….he’s going crazy from Hunger in the Apocalypse.

I’d call that justification.

Agreed. Plus, he’s not nearly as bad as he is in some of the worst episodes.

They escape the mob and try to hide out in Sandy’s Treedome, but she’s gone crazy trying to figure out the meaning of that page. Crazy Sandy is pretty amazing, certainly makes up for her not doing a ton in the long run.

Well, except for her SQUIRREL TITS! (Whoo-ooh!)

If I had more readers, I’d get so many comments about that.

This coming from the guy who used to say “she’s nice” every time a remotely attractive star came up.


Since she’s a lot cause, they visit Gary only to find out that he has become king of the snails. …Shouldn’t he be kind of the city after Rule of Dumb? But yeah, even Gary has become crazy. I’m surprised more drama isn’t made of how SB’s beloved pet is gone this crazy. But it’s a funny gag at least.

But why doesn’t he go to Squidward right away? For some reason, Spongebob still thinks Squidward loves him. Sure, Squidward is at the Krusty Krab, but Spongebob doesn’t know that. And for that matter, why would he be there if there’s literally no reason to be?

With things in town being this bad, they hide on the outskirts of town that night. It’s actually a pretty nice dramatic moment as they see how far their city has gone.

“This feels like this really is the end”

“Don’t worry Spongebob”

Yeah, Nick will keep you going for at least 13 more Seasons!

If Nickelodeon lasts that long.

Spongebob goes to sleep, and Plankton sees this a chance to enter his brain to get the formula. …First off, this didn’t’ work the last time you tried this, and 2nd, if he knew the formula, he could make more patties and we wouldn’t be in this mess!

But I can forgive that, because it leads to possibly the funniest scene in the movie. See, Spongebob’s mind is…exactly what you think it would be. It’s full of crazy happy characters and puke inducing sweet-ness.

And creepiness–there’s even a pair of twin popsicles that are a reference to The Shining! In SPONGEBOB.

It’s hilarious, and the bit where Plankton pukes a rainbow that calls him Dad was the hardest I laughed at Spongebob in a while. As pointless as this bit is, it’s at least really funny, and has some good creative animation.

Plankton leaves, waking Spongebob up. He admits to being in his brain and Spongebob is not happy. They brush that fact off so Spongebob can preach about Teamwork again…..this time with a song!

The song is….okay. It’s somewhat catchy but it’s kind of clunky and forgettable compared to the other song’s on this show, especially the ones in the first movie. Plus, it’s basically a lesser version of the FUN song.
Speaking of which, Yes, this whole arc is very much like F.U.N. While some people might call it a rip off, I think it works. It doesn’t directly rehash that episode and it goes a lot deeper into Plankton.

I don’t quite agree, but I’ll come back to that later.

But anyway, the song is over.

“That’s one minute of my life I’ll never get back”

Then suddenly, they get the idea to build a time machine to get the formula.

Great–we’ll need a DeLorean first, or maybe a phone booth if there’s no other option.

That’s…random but I can deal with it. So now our goal is to make a time machine. First, they must get Karen so she can help.

They sneak into the Chum Bucket, and long story short they rescue Karen. With her in tow, they hide out at a German Taco house to make the time machine. Because….it’s Spongebob.

I’m guessing no one in Bikini Bottom likes tacos after they figured out some of them have FISH in them.

They make it and Plankton starts to see the value of teamwork. However, all is not rosey as it will take all of Karen’s processors to power the machine. This leads to …actually, one of my favorite bits in the movie.

Plankton apologies for taking Karen for granted and says he is glad she is on the team. Then in the middle of replying, she turns off. This is a small moment, but it’s honestly pretty powerful, and awesome.

You all remember how I feel about Plankton/Karen so this was just a cool thing to see. It didn’t even need to be here, but it adds a lot.

Granted, it’s kinda undercut by Plankton turning her off, but he is crying while he does it, so I won’t take too many points off there.

Luckily, the machine works and when they use it, we see more weird animation and a really catchy pop song made for the movie.

However, the machine takes them to the future as Bikini Bottom is even more ruined. The KK is even buried like in that one Season 5 Episode a certain reviewer hates.

And it’s only 4 days into the future!

They quickly escape and then end up in a big void, like in SB-129. ….Except it’s actually a weird room in space or something, with a Stop Motion Dolphin.

Because reasons. Jokes aside, this is where things kick into high gear. This concept is so out there but it’s so funny. …Even if it’s slightly ripped off from Sponge-Cano.

This guy is named Bubbles-

I know what you’re thinking, but no–we’re saving that.

-and he watches the universe. He doesn’t question how Spongebob and Plankton got here, and he even has them keep an eye on things while he’s in the bathroom.

What happens next is entirely his fault.

Under their watchful eyes, Saturn and Jupiter crash into each other.

But what about Pluto?!


He’s….pretty pissed that they screwed this up, even though as I said, it’s his fault. Before they can be killed by a magic dolphin, they escape through their time machine and end up at the moment where the formula vanished.

…I just realized how weird this series is. Also, you might expect me to call that whole section a BLAM….but it’s actually important later. Yeah.

Present Spongebob tries to take the formula from Past Plankton and they actually succeed and jump in the time machine. Uh, wouldn’t stealing it in the past lead to the Apocalypse you are in?

“You’ve created a time paradox!”

We don’t know because it cuts back to Pirate Antonio landing on a beach. He parks his ship right on there as it happens to double as a food truck. Now that is true evil!

Before we can get more details, we go back under the sea as our heroes arrive in the present with the formula. All seems right with the world….until it turns out Spongebob took a joke formula planted by past plankton.

Wah wah.

And yes, this was foreshadowed earlier, so points for bringing that back.

Patrick randomly jumps in the time machine and comes back with a Squidward-esque Dinosaur….because reasons.

He doesn’t really do much–except destroy the time machine and have one funny line later.

In the shuffle, Plankton yells at Spongebob for his screw up.

This is  our obligatory dramatic moment where the friends fight, and given the set up, it works.

It helps that the fight is over so quickly, and clearly played for parody. Come on, Spongebob’s breakdown involves him mixing trash and recyclables.

Spongebob eventually bucks up and gives us a cheesy speech about how everyone in town has gone mad and stuff.

….But because this is Bikni Bottom, they just decided to sacrifice him. Squidward leads this by the way, which I feel like is revenge for Sponge-Cano. And yes, I don’t mind them doing this because of how crazy things are.

Although it is messed up that Mr.Krabs is okay with KILLING Spongebob. That is a bit over the edge, but I suppose they have SOME excuse.

And lest you forget–he has been before.

Thankfully, Spongebob smells Krabby Patties, which stops Mr. Krabs in his tracks.
Oh, and this is heard:



Everyone runs off to find the Patties only to find out this path leads….to land. Dun dun dun! Yep, a mere 57 minutes in, the Sponge will be out of water. More on that in a minute.

“All Secondary characters come with me”

You are all background fish, don’t flatter yourselves!

My leg guy is best pony.

So that leaves our 5 heroes (and Plankton) with no way to breath air. Wait, they could survive just fine in both Pressure and the first movie, so why do we need an excuse this time?


Thankfully, Bubbles the magic dolphin shows up to help them. I love this series. As it turns out, he’s happy he lost his job because it got boring. That’s convenient. To thank him, he will get them on land and help them magically breath air.

Bubbles is easily the wackiest thing in here, and he just serves as a reason to get them on land. However, he is so out there and funny that I can forgive how oddly pointless he is.

With that, Bubbles takes them above the sea and shots onto the beach….but with one change. Yep, time to once again address the big thing about this movie. While the majority it is with 2D animation, all the land scenes have them in CGI.

This caused mixed reactions, mostly because they only showed the CG in the trailers. I addressed in my general review, but I suppose I can mention it again. The CGI itself is very good, and the essence of the characters is kept pretty well.

I don’t even mind them being on land, because they did in the first movie. And they do more with it, so it’s not a rehash. However, it is one of the weaker segments of the movie….because the trailers spoiled most of it.

The CGI used here reminds me a lot of the style of Spongebob Christmas–which is good, because that stayed true to the original designs. And the integration between the characters and real life objects and people is near flawless.

At one point, they steal a bike and ride it with two of them working the pedals while the others steer. I’m pretty sure they did that just to show off that the animators could. But it’s really well-done, so I’m not complaining.

Thankfully, the gag with Patrick and the hot chick was cut. Instead, we get an even worse gag with Squidward slipping all over some girls back. Ew.

I guess she likes slippery appendages sliding all over her and I’m going to stop that train of thought before it starts.

Long story short, our heroes make it to Burger Beard’s Food Truck, which now carries the Krabby Patty. They approach Burger Beard who is shocked to see them here, since none of that was in the book.

While we don’t get a deeper explanation of the whole book stuff, we do get confirmation that what you write in it comes true, and that is how he got a hold of the Formula. And yes, this whole time he went out of his way to do that just so he can use the patties at his food truck.

That is one wacky and funny motivation, as little sense as it makes. Yeah, this isn’t a very plot driven movie, as you can tell.

He should’ve gone to Universal Studios–sell them there and he’d make a killing.


Anyway, Burger Beard uses the book to banish them to Pelican Island.

Thankfully, Sandy still has that book page from earlier (her little plot went nowhere aside from this bit) so they can just write in it to fix things! Again, very convenient. Don’t worry, they get a feather from a bird, and Squidward provides them with some ink.

“…It happens when I’m nervous”


Also, first PotC and now Finding Nemo. Subtle, Nick.

Instead of just making Burger Beard give them the formula back or something, they use the book to turn into Superheroes. …Eh, okay.

“There’s gonna be some serious Aft Kicking here!”


Actually…I thought that was pretty funny.

Yeah,, but it’s my job to Boo puns, even if I find them funny

Now it’s time for another section you’ve seen in all the trailers, but this time it’s even better. The Superhero personas are all creative and they get some good gags out of them, even aside from the actual action.

They even saved the best part for the actual movie: Sandy is a Realistic Giant Squirrel. Now that’s hilarious. One fun chase sequence later, The Book falls onto the grill which doesn’t cause Bikini Bottom to blow up or something, for some reason.

They just kind of brush that off, and we move on to another big action scene where our heroes get taken out 1 by 1. After a bit of Patrick being a dick, all hope seems lost for our undersea superheroes….until Plankton shows up.

“It’s PlankTON”

…Oh yeah, he used the book to give himself a Hulk Body. Now that’s awesome.

Plankton’s secret? He’s always tiny

It doesn’t take too long for him to wreck BurgerBeard’s stuff and get the

With the power of FUCKING BUBBLES!!!! Told you we were saving it.

He then kicks Burger Beard all the way back to Bikini Atoll, where he gets buried in the sand. ….Well, that was an Anti Climatic defeat, although the actual climax was very satisfying.

The Heroes gather to celebrate….but Plankton eyes up that fomrula he has in his hands. Oh no, are they going to make this whole thing point-

“Here you go, Krabs”

Oh hey, they didn’t go the easy route and let his development stick for now. Despite what happens in a bit, I really like that they avoided it here. His development is rather basic, but at least it’s done competently, and it exists.

Well…kinda. Yeah, we can kinda see Plankton warming up to Spongebob, but I still think this face turn seems a bit rushed. Especially since he has the formula in his hands, and if he wanted to, he COULD beat them up and take the formula right now, OR write it so he has the formula anyway. I think this would’ve benefited from more setup, that’s all I’m saying.

Eh, fair enough.
With that, they write in the book and take themselves back home, where they aren’t ripped and Bikini Bottom is slightly less crazy. Well, except for the fact that Spongebob let Squidward keep his abs.

Aw, funny AND sweet!

Yeah, unless Spongebob just likes his men buff–okay, I’ll stop. I actually did like that.
With everything back to normal, they start serving Patties to hundreds of starving customers. Yes, everything is back to normal…even Plankton. Yep, he’s found trying to take the formula…while disguised as Gary.

…Didn’t you already do that back in Season 7 and fail?

“Hey, I’m just putting things back the way they were”

You know, I actually don’t mind this Status Quo stuff. I mean, Plankton still seems to have learned something, he just prefers the Status Quo. With how it’s handled, I don’t see it as too cheap.

Besides, what would this show be without Plankton’s theft attempts? …Also, is Karen okay?

I’m pretty sure she is, if everything’s back to the way it is. Still, I think the movie might have benefited from having one last scene at the Chum Bucket where Plankton comes back and she’s like “What took you so long?”

Hmm…yeah, i suppose so.m

So it looks we’re done…until we cut back to Burger Beard, up to his head in beach. The Seagulls show up, put a painting around him…and have him sing the theme song.

My God–Painty the Pirate was actually the head of Burgerbeard the whole time! The horrible truth behind Spongebob has been revealed!


….Oh yeah, this happens. Bubbles shows up and tells them to stop singing. This naturally leads…to a rap battle between a magic dolphin and Seagulls.

….No, you didn’t take any acid (well maybe you did, I don’t know about you, hypothetical person), this is actually happening. It’s um….weird. In all honesty, I think this part is pretty funny, especially since they actually got the Epic Rap Battle guys to do this.


……I’d call it a Big Lipped Alligator Moment but it’s at the end of the movie so of course no one speaks of it again! I suppose the random-ness of it is why it’s so funny to me.

So as random as it is, it’s amusing.

“We’re in no Mood to hear *Dolphin Chirp* from you!”

….You know for kids? Also, this wasn’t even the last animated film of 2015 to make a joke about swearing. Not even gonna spoil the other example because it’s too hilarious.

“Knock it off, you’re making the movie too long”

I agree, let’s wrap this up. When they are allowed to finish the theme song, the movie ends. The credits come with a decent song and appearances from characters too small to be in the actual movie.

PIEGUY: Finally, I have my Spongebob movie with Flatts in it.

I haven’t bitched about an abrupt ending in a while, so I well say the actual ending, minus the rap battle, is a bit too quick. It feels just kind of ….stops, you know? It’s a satisfying enough ending, but with all we went through, something bigger would have been nice.

Honestly, I think that despite what Burgerbeard/Painty said, the movie would have benefited from just about five minutes more–but that’s just me.

Also, there’s this:


….Well, that’s a morbid note to end on, but hey, it’s a good place to finally have a dedication to him. Anyway, we’re done here.

Final Thoughts:

You go first, Mr. Hero.

Overall, the second Spongebob movie is pretty good…but in my opinion, it wasn’t QUITE as good as the first movie.

The first movie had a pretty linear plot, and for the most part tried to make up its own along with referencing The Odyssey–no, I’m not kidding–and did it really well. But this movie seems like it’s trying a bit TOO hard to reference current movies, to the point where some of the references just feel kinda contrived.

And that’s when it’s not rehashing elements of previous Spongebob episodes, though admittedly, it does them better in a lot of places. Things you can do with a movie’s budget that you can’t do on a TV budget.

Overall, I guess I’ll use your rating system, and say that my final grade is a B-. For the sheer insanity this movie throws at you, and being a decent Spongebob film, it’s worth watching, and worth letting your kids watch–but I just don’t think it quite hit the depth the first movie did.

I’m pretty more in agreement there, for the most part. Honestly, this movie is kind like the first movie with it’s strengths and weakness. I mean, the first movie was fairly flawed with it’s script but made up for it with Comedy and epic-ness, and this movie is the same.

I’ll get my negatives out of the way first. After reviewing it, I see more of the flaws with the story of this one. As in, the actual plot doesn’t make a lot of sense and some of the plot points, like the book and the Superheroes just kind of drop in with little explanation.

The actual story of Spongebob teaming up with Plankton to get the formula back while in an Apocalypse is pretty solid and the character driven parts are the highlights of the story. The actual devices are rather weak sometimes.

I’ve heard plenty of people say this is more or less a longer episode…and it’s half true. They had a TV Mentality with this one due to the story is structured, and how it’s a simple teamwork story. However, it still feels like a movie because of the all epic stuff they could not in the show, like heavy CGI in the land scenes, and other crazy stuff. So the sheer scale makes it a cinematic experience more than the script, while the first film found a better balance.

I also think the characters could have been handled better, as only Spongebob and Plankton really do anything. Everyone else is just there to make jokes and fight. However, they do work pretty well even if they could have been used better.

Burger Beard is a fun villain, even if he could have been given a bit more to do. Banderas certainly gives it all his all, at least. Although it bugs me that we’ve had 2 movies without Patchy. Yeah, he bombed in his TV Movies but give him a chance, will ya?

But as much as I bitch about how flawed the film is, it’s got more good than bad. While the ending was rushed in regards to the character development, I still think the development do get is pretty solid. Spongebob is portrayed perfectly, and Plankton has some good bits.

While nothing ever got on par with that …death scene in the first movie, there are some good bits of emotion. The animation is quite good, properly upgrading it with nice detail, even though the backgrounds look kind of weird, like I said in my original review.

The Land element was done well, with fun action and very good CGI. And most importantly. The Comedy is very good with just as many laughs as last time. Sometimes just the insanity of stuff like Bubbles can get a laugh.

And really, I can’t bitch too much before the writers really just wanted to make a fun film, not a big epic. Sure, it is kind of pointless compared to the first film, but it doesn’t need to be an epic adventure to be good.

This thing was made to help revitalizing the franchise after a few…infamous years, and is mostly a refesher. It did start a new Era with Hillenburg returning, after all.

So yeah, it doesn’t top the first movie due to not being as deep or epic, but it’s still a good movie. It’s funny, it has some decent story elements, some sweet parts, good animation, and quite a few laughs.

It’s flawed, but still a worthy Spongebob product that’s well worth seeing. I know I didn’t need to review it twice to tell you that, but screw you, I wanted to do it.

Grade: B (as a Critic, B+ as a fan)

Yeah, but in the end, we all know that the dolphin won the rap battle.

Oh come on, EVERYONE shits on the seagulls. Ironic, but still, they totally won!

Yeah, I’m just going to leave before this turns into an ERB comments section. Up, up, and away!

Wait, I can’t fly. Oh well. WHOOOOSSSSSHHHH!!
Man, that guy’s weird. Wait–he still owes me for that wall!

…..Next week we start Halloween reviews.

See ya

(Huge Thanks to The Cartoon Hero aka Eli Stone for doing this with me) (And yes, it is really him, you can ask him yourself, or see him promote this on social media)


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  1. nitwit07man says:

    Interesting review so far? Why isn’t people commenting on your work is beyond me? But hopefully, I can get as much people to read your stuff as possible. 🙂

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