Snow Day

Max Keeble's friends ditch him to stop a snow plow. I love role association.

Max Keeble’s friends ditch him to stop a snow plow. I love role association.

Hello, Spongey here.

Well, my Brother’s Birthday is upon us once again. For the past 2 years, I have let him pick the review he wants me to do. What I did was just make a list of a bunch of movies I think he would want to see a review for and let him pick.

He doesn’t know enough about movies to make a choice on his own.

So this year, he happened to pick another early 2000’s kids movie. Yay? Well, it’s from 2000 so it’s on the edge, and wouldn’t you know, it’s from Nickelodeon. This could go either way.

The film got some pretty bad reviews, but no really remembers it when compared to stuff like Clockstoppers. So it could be a hidden gem, a guilty pleasure, or a steaming tud, I don’t know, but it will be fun to find out.

Our director has mostly done TV, which is likely be obvious when we get into the movie. The writers are Will McRobb and Chris Viscardi…the creators of Pete and Pet. That should be good news…but Chris wrote Unbarfable, so we know they aren’t perfect.

So let’s try to face the end of Summer with a day in the snow. Is It any good? Time to find out!

This, is Snow Day

The movie opens with narration about how snow is created, because this needs to be educational somehow. Of course leads into a spiel about how awesome a Snow Day is, and we cut to a Weather Man played by a Post Funny Chevvy Chase.

He is forced to do some undignified things he isn’t cool with as the network desperately tries to compete with a more popular weather man. This guy would have made a better villain in The Ultimate Christmas Present.

We then meet Principal Ken Weaver, as our main charactes hit him with a snow ball. Our lead is Natile, played by…that female friends from Max Keeble. …Huh. Well, at least she doesn’t have a friend play by Josh peck….wait, she does?

…That’s just freaky!

They are in the middle of a very warm winter and they wasted their last stashed snowball. Natile’s Brother Hal is more worried about winning the heart of a girl (played by the love interest from Zohan) he is creepily obsessed over. And line in Clockstoppers, her actress is way older than a teen.

Naturally, his chances with her seem slim becase he’s shy, she’s popular, and a jerk jock wants her. Later at dinner, we find out Chevy Chase is their dad and we get some awkward Comedy with the Mom.

Then we see Hal sniffing a necklace Claire had, and putting it on his foot. ….No comment. Natile sees this and mentions it to Dad. He says boys his age like to experiment.


This somehow turns into a “sweet” moment, and we join Hal later with his friends. One of them is female, so he will hook up with her by the end. Pointing out cliches is starting to get boring for me.

The next morning, their town is suddenly graced with snow. She’s…happy about it.


Natile Vs Snow?

Everyone is incredibly happy for the random bout of snow, not caused by a machine from Santa. However, there’s someone out to stop their snow day, known as the Snow Plowman, played by Chris Elliot.

“I really don’t like him”

Gee, I couldn’t tell.

They want to stop him so they can have a higher chance of getting a 2nd snow day. It wouldn’t happen anyway considering that the snow would likely get lower in that time, and no new snow would come, at least based off your usual climate.

Hal is more interested in getting a silly girl than a silly snow day, and Natile chastises him for this. Both kids are being dumb if you ask me. Since this is a snow setting, some kids launch a snow ball fight at the principal for no reason.

“You want to be rough? I invented rough!”

The kids goof off for a bit until the Snow Plow Man shows up again and they launch an assault. This actually works and he crashes his plow. Well, movie’s over!

….I swear, that WILL work some day!

The plow comes back to life and he continues his evil attack on Snow. The only thing making this guy a villain is the fact that he doesn’t care if a kid gets in the way while he’s charging down the street. ….Which opens some questions but ah well.

We cut to the home of Claire as a crowd of boys have showed up yell about their love for her. ….Yeah.

“It’s like Claire-Stock”


Ha’s chances are pretty slim right now, especially since Chuck shows up and drives everyone so he can have her. Claire is pretty pissed at him though, so maybe there’s hope.

So Hal takes thing up a notch and goes on Dad’s current broadcast to profess his love. Okay, this guy has a serious problem with being a creeper. He goes on a whole spiel about how much he likes her and knows her. No one really stops him or has any issues with this.

Despite all of that, she is seen riding off with Chuck a bit later. I know what Hal did was odd, but he poured his heart out while Chuck is just a prick. I know they are going for that thing where he hooks up with a female friend, but it’s still odd.

We’re supposed to feel sad for him but I know I don’t. Wait, who is this movie about? Natile is the relelatable kid character but this guy keeps stealing the plot.

Speaking of which, she continues her plans to stop the Plow man. She has Josh pretend to be Dead so the plow man will get out and they can sneakily mess with it. He has the most nonchalant reaction to a Dead kid ever.

They are caught but they have enough time to kidnap the Plow Man’s pet bird thing, and as revenge he kidnaps Josh. Hey, now things are happening in the main plot again!

Then we go back to Hal’s plot, as Claire asks Chuck what he really knows about her. As it turns out, he knows pretty much nothing. Gee, this random jerk you somehow gave a 2nd chance is still a dumb jerk? What a shock!

Anyway, there are some sort of ….place, and Hal takes over this boring announcer guys thingy, so he can proclaim his love….again. We cut back to the main plot so we won’t know the results of this for a bit. Hopefully it’ll involve him being put away for being a creeper.

The Snowplow Man goes to Natile’s house and asks Mom where she is, and he uses an obvious lie to get her to talk. With his rep, it’s odd how she isn’t wary of him at all. She even sees Josh in the plow and suspects nothing, even as he bangs on the door and honks the horn.

And now I won’t feel bad for her when she finds out her daughter got killed or something. Before she can say anything, she has to run out to rangle Natile’s brother who exists by the way. Snowplow Man is left alone and answers a phone call that happens to be from Natille.

It sure is convenient that he happens to be alone when this happens. They basically tell him that they will only give him his bird back if he lays off the plot so they can have an extra snow day. They are acting like he has the magic power to prevent the snow from melting or something.

Snowplow Man arrives with Josh tied to the front of the thing. Okay, that’s bad and how did no one see that?! Are these kids the only people outside?!

Meanwhile, we have no idea how Hal’s little thing worked because we just cut to later like nothing happened. Hal is “building some shrine” and the female friend is sent to fetch Claire.

She talks about how he put his mouth on her bird (NOT LIKE THAT) and…then he just cuts back to the main plot….then it cuts to this plot like a second later. Why even cut if there’s nothing to show?!

Lane, the female friend, has a cheesy speech to convince her to go him. Then it’s back to the main plot as they make the exchange. Josh is freed and Claire meets Hal to see that Hal drew a giant whale in the snow for her. Don’t worry, it was done through digging, not through….other ways to spell stuff in snow.

“…But I like zebras”

Whoops. He thought she liked whales because of a charm on that bracelet. Before anything else can happen, Chuck pops up to be a dick. Christ, this is taking up so much of the plot despite it having less to do the titluar snow day than the real plot!

Hell, the official summary on my TV Guide Thingy mentions this part first!

Chuck got that bracelet for her, and he got that one because she lovs “Shampoo” the killer whale. …Yeah. Hal jacks Chuck’s snow…riding…thing. God, I suck at words. We then get a chase scene because this love triangle needed some form of action.

Then out of nowhere, we get some adventures with Chevy Chase. His subplot hasn’t been addressed for like half an hour, why even have this here at all? The rival weather guy was credited for predicting this snow even though Chevy Chase did, and he’s not happy.

While reporting on a Ice Sculpture contest, a kid does one of the rival guy and he gets mad at a kid for liking something. This is stupid. Back with the kids, it turns out they have lost because the villain went back on his promise. What a shock.

Natile is about to give up when one of her action figures tells her to keep going. Because of course. She’s obviously day dreaming this and it’s…mildly amusing, as weird as it is.

With a quick speech, she heads out to try again. We join Hal as he’s just hanging out with Lane. What happened with that race thing? I don’t know, they just talk about it instead of finishing the actual scene.

“I really don’t wanna hear a word about that crappy braclet”

Whoa, language Missy!

Lane bitches at him and then they kiss. Then she walks away so we can be deep for a moment. Yeah, I still don’t care. But once again, Chevvy Chase interrupts the plot as he meets up with the rival guy.

While he’s reporting, Chevy Chase calls him out for being a fraud. Chad manages to prove he is a fraud by not knowing what to say when he is asked where snow comes from. He admits he sucks and that Chevy predicted this snow.

Yay, I don’t care.

Despite that previous scene, Hal meets up with Claire anyway so we can at least close the book on her. They finally have a romantic bit (no idea where Chuck is) but of course he realizes how dumb he was being, and that he needs Lane.

Claire is cool with his and tells him to go get her. I don’t think I’ve given less of a shit during a movie when I was supposed to care.

Snow Plow man approaches the last unplowed street and Natalie shows up to stop him, along with tons of other kids. For what it’s worth, the kids all rallying together is kind of cool.

Even if I still wonder where any adults are!

They lie him up to a sign thingy, but he says there will be no snow day tomorrow since all the other streets are plowed. Hey, the villain is actually right. ….Except he’s not. The kids …un plow the street and put all the snow back. Because you can do that?

Then it’s back to the romance crap as Chuck apears again to take down Hal. He says he is not after Claire but he’s a bully so he doesn’t listen. Then suddenly the snow plow comes in from the other plot and defeats Chuck. …Anyone gonna check if he’s okay after being hit by a plow?

Natalie and Hal talk for a sec and make up after their light earlier. Oh yeah they had a conflict. The kids go back to un plowing, while Hal plans some plowing of his own. …I’m so sorry.

Hal meets up with Lane and they basically kiss and make up. It’s pretty quick too. He doesn’t 100 percent apologize, we aren’t give too many reasons for hwy they like each other. They just like each other now. Lame.

Hal narrates again and talks about how magical a Snow Day is.

“In the end, you mght have discovered that you saved the universe, and got a 2nd snow day……the miracle that began with a single perfect snowflake, will change your life forever”

Instead of ending there, we get one final gag with the Principal guy being ambushed with snow balls…in his own house. Now that’s just cruel!

But whatever, we’re done. Abrupt ending, yada yadya, you’ve heard it all before.

Final Thoughts:

Meh, I did not care for it. I didn’t hate but I just really didn’t care but anything going on in it. The thing about this movie is that it’s made purely for kids, and it taps into a child like mild set. The kind that does not have the logic adults have.

And that’s fine but this movie isn’t really written well enough to be a good throw back. I’m just not given enough reasons to really care about what is going on. They try to act like Snow Days are magical but it just seems like another day to me.

It’s fitting that the creators of Pete and Pete wrote this, because it seems to be trying to emulate that. But I actually cared about the characters in that show, and that one makes it more obvious when something is supposed to be over the top.

This one is based too much in reality for it work as well as most of that show. I see what they were trying to do, but it doesn’t pan out that well. I sort of like the premsie of taking a simple day and seeing what everyone does on hat day.

But the subplot with the Dad is pointless and barely shows up, and the Mom has like one or two scenes that are so quick I skipped them. The movie also has a problem with focus. Given that Natalie’s side of this has more to with the subject matter, it’s weird how they keep ditching her in favor of Hal’s stuff.

It can’t decide who the movie is about and I don’t feel they get equal focus. I really just didn’t care about either of these plots. Hal’s plot is too cliché, he’s a creeper early on, and he and Lane are not developed enough for me to care about them. It’s classic bad romance writing.

Natalie isn’t really interesting enough for me to care about her endeavors and using adult logic kind of makes everything dumb. I can’t really think of too many special reasons to dislike this stuff, since I just flat out don’t care.

And when you’ve decided you don’t care about the characters in a movie, you just kind of tune everything out. Also, Josh gets even less to do than in Max Keeble. The villain is kind of enjoyable but he wasn’t that effective in the end.

This movie needed a few more rewrites, so they can add development and make this more of a cute child hood throw back. As it is, it’s just half back and kind of episode. To be fair, the acting is decent, and no one is hugely unlikable. It also doesn’t do anything that horrible in the end.

It’s just a mediocre kids movie that tries but just falls flat. As far as kids movies from this era go, it’s not as weird as stuff like Max Keeble, so it’s not nearly as fun or memorable. Maybe it’s less flawed but it’s more normal, and what’s the fun in that?

It’s not as bad as I thought it would be, but it’s still pretty weak. Not the best pick for a birthday review, but ah well. Happy Birthday again, man.

Grade: C-

Next time, we leave the snow and go back to the beach.

See ya.

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