Top 11 Season 4 Phineas and Ferb Episodes

Hello, Spongey here.

Well, here we are. Yesterday I put up the final part of my 2nd ode to Phineas and Ferb’s music. Now it’s time to finally close the book on the show for now. Over the course of 7 and a half years, 200 plus episodes, several specials, and a movie, the show has done tons of amazing things.

And it finally ended with its final season a few months ago. It’s hard to believe Its been a few months since it ended. Like I said, I’m okay with it ending since it had a good run and did everything. But it still feels weird because it did run so long and became such a huge part of people’s lives.

Not to mention this show can be thanked for our current animation golden age. Yeah, between 2005 and 2008, there weren’t really any huge shows in terms of quality aside from Avatar. Then this came along, with it’s unique style and everyone fell in love with it. While it took until 2010 for it to really take effect, it did kind of lead to other great shows happening.

Adventure Time and Regular Show really kicked things off, leading to better CN shows such as Steven Universe but Phineas and Ferb got people’s attention first. Plus, Oliva Olson being on P&F lead to her being on AT, thus leading to some of its best songs.

It’s kind of like how X-Men was the first big good Comic Book in a while, but Spider-Man really got the ball rolling. Ironically, the latter is the one that met P&F. So for leading to Gravity Falls alone, this show deserves a lot of credit.

So it ending is a big deal and it’s time to close the book by looking at Season 4. Any show that goes on for more than 2 seasons will have people debating if it went downhill, and this show is no exception.

I personally think Season 3 was just as good as Season 2 with its increased development and awesome stuff, but I already did a list on that end of things. It sucked but ah well.

Most of the complaints were just kind of dumb and it had enough fresh concepts to stay solid, for the most part. Besides, the worst episode is in Season 2. The complaints got a bit bigger in Season 4, because of the whole “Running out of ideas” argument.

Which is why they decided to end it here. Anyway, I thought Season 4 was…pretty good. Yeah, it didn’t’ reach new highest like Season 3 but it was still solid. I think after 2 seasons of raising the bar, there was no new heights to reach.

It was a pretty good season, with more fresh concepts and a lot of cool things we never saw before. All the stuff we expect from this show. However, for the most part it didn’t quite reach new heights, and a lot of the great episodes were great in a way we were used to.

But that’s not the writer’s fault, since it’s hard to keep topping yourself. Season 4 was one of the most fun Seasons to watch at least, as it had more jokes than usual, leading to some really funny episodes.

The Season was a bit smaller in scale, closer to Season 1. I noticed that it went back to the usual formula more often while still mixing things up a lot. There were a decent balance of all characters having development, with the usual Phineas freak out moment for good measure.

I like that they scale things back and relied on humor more. Sure, it means less amazing episodes, but it’s a nice change of pace. Plus, it did reach new heights with the top 3 alone.

One minor thing I liked is that Stacy and Isabella had a lot more to do compared to last Season. I didn’t mind them being pushed back in Season 3, but I liked that they had more spotlight, especially Isabella.

Sure most of it had to do with Phineas but she was still well written. It was a fitting final Season, giving how Season 1-ish it could be at times. But is it me or was the actual animation better in Season 3? It just had more detail with the character animation and especially the shading and background.

With all of that said, which Season 4 gems were the brightest? Which did I love the most? Which had the best plots, and comedy?

Let’s take a look and see how the show went out with a bang.

This, is the Top 11 Phineas and Ferb Season 4 Episodes

11. Happy Birthday, Isabella!

Writers: Kaz and Kim Roberson

Okay, you all know why this one made the list. But let’s slow down a bit. There’s actually more to this episode than that little twist, so let’s look at the rest first.

On Isabella’s Birthday, she just wants a little alone time with Phineas but of course that won’t come easily. Meanwhile, Doof makes an inator to turn things that bug him into bugs.

I”m no shipper, so I won’t love an episode just cuz it’s got phinbella feels in it. I’ll like it if it’s well done, so when I saw I like this one even without the ending, you know it’s good. It doens’t do anything huge, but it does a good job of making you want to see them get some time.

They did do this back in Candermy but it’s done better here because it’s the focus. The humor is about equal as we get some amusing moments like Buford putting her in a bag to get her away from the planning. Apparently this is the first time he know what was in the bag in this situation.

Everything is summed up nicely in the song, which as I said came close to making my next song list. Isabella sing’s about how she wants alone time with Phineas and you really feel for hwer.

Mostly cuz she says she will accept ANY time with hm, no matter what. Even if it’s a boring or bad situation.

“Trapped under rubble, that’s awesome!”

That’s…depressing. She’s so darn desperate at this point that she’s fine with being under rubble as long as she’s with phineas?  Yikes. That’s what makes this one work so well. They don’t hugely focus on in a big way but simple stories still work pretty well like with Oh, There You Are Perry.

Of course she gets some time at the end and it’s very satisfying. So it’s a nice simple Isabella story with a good song nad a lot of funny and memorable jokes. But if that was all, it wouldn’t be on the list, but if it just the ending than it still wouldn’t make it.

Both of these together make this episode a stand out. So let’s talk about the Stacy in the room. The Doof subplot is nothing too special on it’s own but it has it’s share of funny moments.

Then it intersects with a minor plot involving Stacy watching a horror movie called The Grievance (subtle). According to Doof in a later subtle, there’s quite a few sequels including one called Revenge of the Italian Jugband.

“I don’t think that one’s canon”

Anyway, at one point Doof and Perry crash into her house and have their fight in front of her. Yes, she sees this and recognizes Perry right away. But hey don’t worry, her memory and this won’t be important at all.

“It says right here in your silly little pamphlet that if your host family finds out about your agent status, then anyone who’s seen you has to have their memory erased, or you’ll get relocated. Perry, I’m not part of your host family! I know, I know, it’s a technicality. Look, I don’t want Candace and the boys to lose you, but I also do not want my mind erased. I’m on the last ten minutes of that Grievance movie, and I don’t want to have to watch that whole scary mess again. So, uh, can we just keep this a secret? “

Yep, Stacy learned Perry’s secret and she KEEPS this knowledge at the end of the episode. It’s pretty much a part of the Canon now. And it’s done in a very clever way that makes Stazcy even more awesome.

The me from a few years ago would have shit his pants at seeing this.

But yeah, this really set the fandom on fire, and helped make this a really popular episode. And it’s amazing. I mean, in a show like this huge staus qou chances are unheard of. The biggest to happen in the background is Vanessa getting with Monty. That’s it.

But here, someone learns Perry’s secret and it sticks! It’s also done in a clever way. This is a normal episode too and not a special, which makes it even more amazing. You didn’t need to do it, but it was a great move on the writers’ part.

Now that this was in the show’s aresneal, everyone was looking forward to how they continued this arc. And….it was never brought up again. There was a quick joke in Drusselsteinoween and…that’s it.

That’s…disappointing. ….However, we have a OWCA special coming up so…maybe we’ll see it there? I admit, it sucks that this ended up being pointless, but it’s cool that they did it at all.

And this episode is still great despite that. The main plot gives us decent jokes and a sweet simple story for Isabella, while the subplot has great jokes and an awesome twist that showed they were willingly to shake things up a bit.

Although to be honest, this does make the bottom of the list because it isn’t the best thing ever. If you took either big element out of this, it wouldn’t make the list. It’s the combo of both great things that causes this thing to be on the list, and even then it’s at the bottom. It doesn’t hit quite as hard as other episodes, even with the awesome twist.

But it’s still a great episode for it’s sweet moments and ending. It may not have amounted to much but it was still a cool thing they did.

With all of that taken into accounted, I think this is a very good episode and a great way to kick off the list.

10. Cheers for Fears

Writers: Aliki T Graft, John Mathot, and Kim Roberson

There have been a lot of birthday episodes in the show….and for some reason people have a problem with this. They say it’s weird that there are so many summer birthdays, and see it as a sign they are running out of ideas.

First, Season 1 technically had the most birthdays (Candace, Doof, Linda, Vanessa), while the others had just 2 or so. 2Nd, in a show like this, tons of summer birthdays is not too far fetched. Although I wish they had lampshaded it.

And 3rd, each episode did something different and fit that character very well. None of them felt too obligatory…except maybe this one but it’s still great.

This time it’s Jeremy’s, which means Candace is worried about what do and eventually asks the boys to make a giant 3D Scrapbook. Meanwhile, Doof makes a machine that brings out your greatest fear.

First off, the only that bugs me is the title. There’s another episode called Face Your Fear, that’s paired with a Halloween episode…that has fear in the subplot and it’s not a huge theme. This has a very similar title and it’s tied to the fear theme a lot more, which means it’s really easy to confuse the two.

I blame the writers of Face Your Fear but it’s still stupid.

On to the actual episode. This episode kind of helps show why I quite enjoy the whole Candace/Jeremy thing. Let’s talk about it, actually. For the most part, it’s a typical dyanmic and a lot of people find Jeremy to kind of boring as a result.

And while I can sort of see that, as the show has gone on, I’ve grown to kind of like him. Let’s lets about it for a second. Candace is completely crazy and has tons of flaws that would realistically make it hard for people to be with her.

Now, she’s awesome and all but would most people be able to handle her, even if they were a bit weird themselves? The only people who seem to be attracted to her otherwise are people like Buford and Irving. Anyone who ends up with her has to be really chill or even crazier to want to stay with her, and live with her faults to see her good aspects.

Jeremy fits the bill. He’s kind of boring because he’s written in such a way so he can tolerate Candace. Typically a boy like him would be scared but he’s done in a boring way so he can fit. It’s actually very admirable how he actually tolerates her weird-ness because he’s willingly too look past.

Besides he has his limits, like in SBTY. And has time has gone on, all of this has become appearance and we’ve become more invested in their relationship. It’s nice to see them together and while they have been on and off since getting together, we do some good story lines with them and it’s become a solid couple.

This episode isn’t hugely deep but it does provide a tiny bit more insight. The song itself has you look back and even says most people would flee, but Jeremy has stayed all this time. The actual plot supports this as well.

In the end, Doof’s inator naturally makes her worst fear come true: The Scrapbook flying away, leaving her with the smaller one used as a blueprints. Naturally, Jeremy prefers it this way understands what happened. Normal Jeremy stuff but it’s done in a sweet way and it works really well.

Although this sounds familiar. Someone gets the boys to do something big for someone, and Doof gets rid of it, but that someone thinks the smaller version is enough. ….Oh god, this is Oil on Candace done waaaay better.

Yeah, while in that one the story didn’t feel that strong and the main character was boring, this one works despite almost being a rip off. I guess the characters make a difference.

That’s all great but the main reason this one gets on higher is the humor. There are a ton of funny moments in both plots that stick out. Highlights include Doof’s worst fear and Ferbland. And yes, that worst fear is Vending Machines. Continuity.

There are a lot of good jokes here, making this one of the funniest of the Season. It’s actually the real reason it’s on here. The plot is sweet but if the jokes were just okay, it would be either 11 or an honorable mention.

But with so many good jokes, it gets on the list. The ending gag alone really sells it. Really, that’s all I gotta say because I don’t wanna spoil too much of the humor and I already spoiled the story.

It gives us a very nice portrayal of Candace and Jeremy’s relationship, and has a nice story with the expected sweet moments, a good song, and some great humor. It’s really everything you need for a solid Phineas and Ferb episode.

The next entry will be just as short, by the way. Either way, cheers for this episode!

9. One Good Turn

Writers: Edward Rivera and Micheal Diedrich

When Phineas and Ferb make a huge obstacle course, Stacy and Candace enter to win .Meanwhile, Doof creates an inator make Roger turn 90 degress because that offends a Stumplegimp-ian Mayor that is visiting.

This episode is like Cheers for Fear, in it that it get here due to being sweet and very funny. I almost did both at once but I had too much to say about Cheers. Also, these two are right next to each in production order.

What is the sweet element? Well, let’s go back a bit. For awhile, there was a popular fan theory that Stacy and Ginger were sisters because, eh, they are both Asians. That’s good enough.

Dan and Swampy didn’t really plan this out but it got so popular they finally made it canon in “For Your Ice Only”, an episode written by a Bond/Oso Fan. It’s always cool when that happen, outside of parodies of fan stuff.

So this episode they actually develop the two. We find out Ginger always get a bunch of trophys while Stacy has pretty done nothing, and she wants to win this to accomplish something. That’s right, our first bit of Stacy development in quite a while.

Actually, we don’t need to get much that isn’t linked to Candace. So it’s awesome to see. It is a bit cliché but it is executed pretty well. The payoff at the end is a tad cheesy but the emotion Is good enough to make me forgive it. It might just be the voice.

Ginger was replaced with someone else because reasons, and the newer person is good but not as natural as the previous actor. But she’s still good, and she is the actual daughter of Ming Na, who voices Stacy’s Mom.

But again, the humor is what makes it work. Most of it is the Obstacle Course challenge thing and it’s a lot of fun. It has a lot of energy and they fit in a lot good jokes, like the giant worm. But then we have the Doof subplot, which has a really funny song with a good payoff, even if it slightly rips off Der Kinderlumper.

Dance of Contrition would have made the list if I extended it to 50, which shows you how tough it was. This episode shows off more of that great comedic energy the show has, especially in this Season.

It has a very solid mix of good plot, energy, heart, and humor. And you gotta love the mini song at the start that Buford starts. This is higher than Cheers for Fears because it has just a bit more energy and the plot has a bit more to it, although they are pretty close in terms of quality.

Add development for some characters and you have a fun episode to add to the list of really great episodes. That’s really I got, not exactly the most plot heavy episode.

One Good Turn is….one good episode. I regret nothing.

8. Steampunx

Writers: Bernie Petterson, and Joshua Pruett

You all remember those Season 3 timeshift episodes. They made one for this Season for fun and it’s just as good as those. The thing with the timeshift episodes is that your perference for a certain style will make you like one over the other.

I like fantasy stuff so Excaliferb is my favorite, but I also kind that whole steampunk, earl 1900’s stuff. Which is why I really duh this one.

In 1903, Phineas and Ferb are inspired by the Danville Worlds Fair to create some new tech to do their shores, while Von Doofenshmirtz does evil stuff that’s funny. This one has a frame story with Lawrence finding an old coin but otherwise it’s like the other 11 minute ones.

I don’t have a lot to say about Thia one. It’s more Comedy driven than the others, so there’s less to say. I suppose that’s my only complaint. It’s more like a typical episode, just with different dressing. The main story is…well I just told you all the substance it as, minus Candace doing her thing. Doof’s stuff is better but the story is just basic.

Nothing wrong with that, it just makes it less epic than the others. But it’s my 2nd favorite due to the time period and style. For oen, it’s got a unique song i’ve talked about already.

Like all the others, they really nail the style here. They got the animation that reflects the period, and all the tech and music to match it. This is the best when it comes to capturing that style, although Tri Stone Area was good in that category too.

As for jokes, you got a lot of them such as the Nagging Wife and Farmer cameo. My favorites jokes come from Doof such as everything involving Swerry the Swan and the obligatory silent movie joke.

Everything about Swerry is funny, from the concept to him making those odd honk sounds. Easily the most creative joke in the episode. This episode shows all of the stuff that makes the time shift episodes work, and then some.

It may not have too much plot the style and jokes are enough to carry it. It’s higher than the last few due to the amount of amusing jokes as well as just the style. It’s a simple episode but a very enjoyable one all the way through, and the final joke is great.

….That’s about it. Like I said, ton a ton to analyze. Just a funny episode that serves as a good end to the time shift saga…..unless you count Act Your Age I guess, but more on that later, in some way.

Steampunx is insert lame pun here.

7. Phineas and Ferb Save Summer

Writers: JG Orrantia, Eddie Pitman, Aliki T Graft, Joshua Pruett, John Mathot, Mike Bell, Kyle Menke, and Micheal Diedrich.

“This must be a special episode, he’s yelling at his sister again”-Buford

This is where we get into the more impressive episodes, and it’s weird I say that because this also happens to be the weakest of the specials. I’ll explain why after the plot:

After the boys throw a global summer concert to celebrate Summer. Doof’s latest inator moves the sun away, changing the weather big time. LOVEMUFFIN approves and takes advantage of this to take over, especially since Monogram got fired, leaving OWCA is disarray. Now Perry and everyone else must save the day.

Writing that made me realize this has quite the big plot, so why is it weaker than a few other specials? Well, it’s because of it doesn’t quite have the big emotional stuff the others have. It has it’s moments but nothing too huge.

It’s far less ambitious than the other main specials and it’s a couple other minor issues. It takes a bit to get started, and it feels like Phineas and Ferb don’t really do anything important until the 2nd half, making this feel more like an longer 22 minute more than a special.

As it’s also obvious the writers didn’t have quite enough materiel for 40 full minutes, because there’s a subplot with Linda and Lawrence spelunking with Wallace Shawn. It’s funny but not really needed.

But none of this is really a problem. I mean, not every special needs to be too huge after all. And it’s every bit as enjoyable as those others for various reasons. I just kind of perfer the more complex ones, and this is more like a first special than one you do very later on.

So why is it still great? Well, it has a lot of great jokes. Way more than I remembered, actually. Besides the quote up there, there’s a lot of the jokes with Lovemuffin such as Dr Killbot, and Monogram working at Slushy Burger. This is one of the funnier specials, fitting in with Season 4’s humor.

There are only 3 songs in this one but they are all good, with Summer Anthm #5465 pretty pretty catchy and of course you know how much I like OWCA’S going down. Oh, and Irving sings which is amazing.

But naturally the plot is main reason I like. There’s a heavy focus on OWCA in this one which is pretty cool. The plot itself gets pretty intense and they go quite far with it. It starts with getting slightly chilly, which really bothers the people of Danville. Not only is this funny, but it shows how fragile the Tri State Area kind of despite the crazy stuff going on. You saw their reaction to a bunch of robots, yet this may be more extreme.

LOVEMUFFIN proves to awesomely competent. As I said before, they did something like this in Robot Rodeo, which shows how good they are when they work together. Rodney makes for a pretty good villain, although it killed any chances of me making him likable in Irving and Friends.

….Wait….now I know how most fic writers feel.

I like where the story goes, as LOVEMUFFIN more like an actual evil gang which kind of bothers Doof as they get a hold on the world. Not exactly the most original story ever, but it works pretty well.

And don’t think the boys do nothing. They do try to get things back to normal and while they don’t leave the backyard, it does get fairly intense. Given the plot, I’m not sure what they could have done before they had to do anything, really.

Then there’s the subplot with Candace trying to get over her fear of spiders. Not her deepest development, but it works pretty well and it leads to some great moments. This is where some of the deeper development happens as it goes hand in hand with the intense bits.

Also, this all starts with her seeing a video of her 5 year old self, and Young Candace is really adorable.

But even with that, the actual highlight in the story is Monogram and that whole deal. When he is fired, he doesn’t cry or plead or anything like that. He takes it all in stride like a man. It would have been an even more lovely moment if not for the fact that animals are the ones doing the music he leads out on.

Then it becomes nice AND funny. Monogram really shows off his stuff here, both with Comedy and his actual character. They get some nice moments out of trying to get him to come back, and he gets some badass moments.

Carl is put in charge while he’s gone and that leads to some good stuff to. My favorite part might actually be when Monty helps him out. Monty proves his worth on his own, and it’s really cool.

While they could have gone farther I with it, I ike the bits the OWCA gang gets. The thing with this special is that while everything is done really well, and it’s pretty great, I’ve seen each aspect done better.

Other specials have more intensity, better songs, and more complex character development. What we have is good but other episodes go deeper. There’s nothing wrong with this but it does make it less special, and why it’s not higher on the list.

However, I can push all that aside to enjoy this episode. It has a lot of great jokes, some seriously intense moments, and some very good character development. Is it objectively weaker than other specials? Sure, but it’s still great for how much fun it is.

Although I do think it should have been a normal 22 minute episode so more deserving episodes could flesh out their story, but what we have is still very good. Also, Jay Leno is in this as Colonel Contraction.

He’s okay.

This special may be the greatest but on it’s own it’s own it’s really good with it’s humor and plot. It’ s not very ambitious but not every episode has to be, and the other specials more than make up for that.

Despite all of my bitching, I consider to be a stand out episode on it’s own and it’s another really enjoyable gem. Since this one is low, you know the rest are really good to me, and this is when get into the more notable gems.

Phineas and Ferb Save Summer: It may not be huge, but it’s still well worth the watch.

6. Father’s Day

Writers: Edward Rivera and Patrick O Connor

My relationship with this episode has been …odd, and if you were following back when it aired, you all remember why. But I’ll go into detail when we cover the ending, so let’s focus on the episode itself.

On Father’s Day, Doof tries to find that old lawn gnome that repoosed to gain his approval. Meanwhile, Phineas and Ferb create biplanes for Lawrence and his father can do flying stuff.

The premise alone pretty much tells you this is going to be an emotional one and it sure is. The big moments in this are really good, and it seems like it should be a bit higher. But that’s where some minor flaws come in.

I’m not even talking about the ending here. See, the story isn’t exactly…big. Here’s what happens: After introducing the P&F stuff, Doof mentions Dad and Perry is able to find out where the gnome might be, they get there, we have a scene of them getting a gnome, they go to Dad, something happens and that’s about it. It’s kind of empty compared to pretty every episode on the list.

It’s not really a bad thing, and I don’t see what else they could have done, but It does seem weak once you realize what actually happened. Also, the main reason the next episode got hgiher is that this one isn’t too funny.

I don’t need jokes all the time but there aren’t as many as there could have fine. There are some gems like the store clerk looking like a lawn gnome and just Doof in general, but not a lot, which is weird for a Doof episode.

The P&F plot only exists because it would be odd to do a Father’s Day episode with Lawrence in some way. I more or less told you what happens. They make plans, they have a song about flying, and that’s it. It’s cute and I like the song, and the ending is really sweet, but it is slightly weak, and this has even less humor.

HOWEVER, the parts that work make this one great. Being on a small scale does make this rather quaint in a way that makes it cute and fun. It is rather fun during most of it’s run time nad the jokes that are there do work.

But it’s…sort of the ending that makes it work. It does have that issue that bugged me when I first saw it, so let’s get into all of it. Doof is able to track down the Lawn Gnome and get it to his Father. But when he arrives, he trips and breaks the gnome before Dad can see it, so he thinks he got him rubble.

He doesn’t get angry he’s obviously disappointed and says Roger can him something cool. This is more or less the end of the main plot as Doof heads back home with Perry saying that at least he still has him.

…Well this is good. Yeah, I really love this. I’m not sure why I exactly expected a huge happy ending but the way this was done really surprised me. It’s a very great sort of sad ending. That bit where Doof walks away after this happens is pretty depressing. He finally did what he needed to do to get Dad’s respect but it got ruined thanks to his own clumsiness.

The fact that it’s Doof’s fault kind of makes it actually better. It’s no ones fault, it’s just Doof’s bad luck. It makes even sadder, and the bit with Perry is even better. A really powerful and kind of complex moment.

So what was my problem? ….Well, Doof’s Dad (voice the same VA as perry, hilariously enough) sees the lawn gnome code after Doof’s leave, realizing what Doof did. …And that’s it. It’s dropped and the episode ends without this being resolved.

….Except in the credits. Yeah, this bugged me so much when I saw this. I thought it was such a writing flaw that they resolved the plot in the credit. I still liked it but that soured the episode for me.

Now, I still think this should have been in the episode but it doesn’t bug me too much. They were really just continue the plot, not really resolving it. However, it is weird to tease something that only happens in the credits. It’s like of a Marvel post credit scene resolved a major plot point.

What happens in the credits? Well, after a bit with Vanessa, Dad remakes the lawn gnome and tells is to stand still, out of habbit. Doof’s Dad did find out what he did but he’ll never know.

…Yikes, that’s even more complex and amazing. Even without being in the actual episode, it really makes thing even better. Although Dad saw this right as Doof was still outside, so why didn’t he try to get him?

…Crap, I have sin mode on again.

Anyway, I’ve gone about the problems but the good parts are so good. That song is so catchy, that final bit in the subplot is so good, and the big ending is so great. This has some seriously emotional moments, some of the biggest in the Season.

It’s the kind of complexity I like from this show. Yes, it could have been better but the good parts are so good that I don’t care. It may seem like I’m being harsh on these episodes so far, but they are so good that the issues I bring up don’t matter.

This will be the last time I bitch about an episode, for the most part. The top 5 is…pretty awesome. It might be flawed, it’s cute and really emotional with some great moments. 2014 me was so stupid.

Father’s Day is…insert really bad Dad pun here.

5. Lost in Danville

Writers: Eddie Pittman, JG Orrantia, and Damon Lindelof (Story).

This and Father’s Day were competing for this spot, but after thinking a bit, I put this one high. Because it actually impressed me more, actually. Let me explain.

A mysterious capsule falls into Phineas and Ferb’s back yard and unleashes something they cannot control. Meanwhile, Perry discovers that Doofenshmirtz has been abducted.

So let’s address the obvious thing first. Yep, this is a parody of lost, sort of written by a major creator person. I”ve never seen Lost, but the story made as much as sense as it was suppose to make. I know enough to see where the parody is. Slightly shallow I suppose but coming from Damon himself, I trust it’s done well.

They do make obvious jokes like Doof saying he’ll be harsh on hig blog if it doesn’t well, but they are pretty funny. The humor is really good here with a lot of good jokes about the weird stuff going.

Such as the running gag of that guy saying he’s people from the future, and how he keeps pulling crap out of his ass. And of course, the ending which is too good to spoil. You may predict it based on the nature of the episode, but it’s still funny.

The comedy alone make this one worthy of being high on the list, because of how it mocks lost and has a lot of creative jokes. However, it’s actually the story that makes it work. I’m not talking about the Phineas plot, it’s in the subplot.

See, it turns out Doof was taken by Peter the Panda’s old Nemesis, who thinks Doof is the reason why their relationship went downhill. Now this is a genius concept. And Damon actually thought of it. Yes, this whole episode started because he meet with the creator and was curious about Peter’s old nemesis, so they let him help with this episode nad just put in the Lost jokes since hey, might as well.

There’s a fun fact for you. When you think about it, Peter was a dick for leaving his nemesis in the first place. Actually, he’s a dick in general since he was messing with Doof’s machine while he was singing about his feelings.

This episode explores the reason and it’s pretty interesting. See, there’s that running joke about how Doof keeps meeting villains who don’t use his bad tatics like explaining the plan and so forth. The Regurgiator, Doof-2, etc. Here they take it to a rather interesting place.

Professor Mystery is all about …well mystery. He never talks to Peter about his plan or anything like that. They milk it for jokes (Doof has a whole song about communication) but….then they actually make a moral out of this.

Yes. At the end, Mystery finds that things get easier when he does talk to Peter about his back story and why he does what he does. It is played for laughs, but Doof turns out to have a point and they even connect it to the main plot in a hilarious way.

While this isn’t meant to be a serious moral about communication, it’s still really interesting. They took a simple running gag and played it almost seriously. Usually Doof is wrong and he would be better if he was more competent. But here he’s completely right, because Peter did leave him because of how boring Mystery got with how he was.

It works really well and it’s very impressive how they did this. It’s both funny and interesting because the Comedy of the concept and the concepts are used to very good effect, and they blend together.

And yes, Mystery is voiced by a guy from Lost.

I was expecting this episode to just be a fun Lost parody, but instead it’s quite smart with it’s story. It has also a hidden moral about how maybe being mystery isn’t always good. Sometimes it is better to just be upfront. Kind of meta about Lost, based on what I’ve heard. Again, never seen it.

It works on pretty much every level. It’s a good parody, it has a lot of good jokes, and it’s a very solid story that takes a old gag and puts on it’s head. I was more impressed with this one than with others, so that’s why it’s barely in the Top 5.

It would be even higher if it was 22 minutes, which it should have been. But as it is, it’s great. Even Non-Lost fans will get a kick out of it due to it’s comedy and story. Just a very good gem from this Season.

And remember: Sometimes, if you’re lost, it’s best to just go along for the ride.

4. Terrifying Tri State Trilogy of Terror

Writers: Mike Bell, Kim Roberson, Aliki T Graft, and John Mathot.

Despite being a Summer show, they have made some good Christmas episodes, and thankfully they have done the same for Halloween. That’s the Spirit and Drusselsteinoween were both solid although not amazing.

Then comes this episode, which was not as directly linked to Halloween as the others, but is easily the best of that bunch. As the title implies, this is their take on The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episodes.

Weird only recently have people tried to do their own version after the concept has existed like 2 decades at least. Anyway, Mr. Macrabe tells us three spoooky stories about our lovable main characters, each focusing on the shows main subplots.

The first story has Candace dealing with a living Ducky Momo Doll, the 2nd has Doof trying to summon the Giant Floating Baby head, and the 3rd has the Phineas gang facing evil platypus clones.

Like with some of these recent TOH knockoffs, each story gets progressively better, and things get even funnier. As you can imagine, they do quite a few creative things with this concept and each story is interesting in their own way.

The first story is the weakest since there aren’t a jokes, and it’s pretty much a one man-er, girl show, but it’s got god atmosphere, a great song and a funny payoff. It’s a nice warm up for the next 2.

The 2nd one is a Doof story so you know it has a lot of good jokes and some good action stuff. That’s about all I can say without spoiling it, but I love how they made this weird running background thing into it’s own story. Can we consider it Canon, though?

Story 3 is the best because it goes all out with the insanity. I can’t spoil all of it but this has a lot of great jokes as such Baljeet’s Cowboy life coach. Yes. There’s another song here but they cut it off before it gets good.

This episode shows plenty of creativity and humor, just like a lot of the best Treehouse of Horror episodes. Even the wraparound stuff is funny, with a hilarious pay off. My favorite part is a bit with a character voiced by Alex Hirsch.

Yes, the creator of Gravity Falls is on Phineas and Ferb. Mind blown.

This one gets high just for the format. I really like these kind of episodes, and it just seemed perfect for this kind of show. It allows them to use some creative jokes and they do a lot with it.

It’s also good for Halloween with the atmosphere and just the general feel of it. The other Halloween episodes did this too but this had more laughs and better stories, so I liked this better.

The only problem with is ….that it gives me little to talk about. The great-ness comes from comedic twists I can’t spoil for obvious reasons. There isn’t any deep stuff to analyze either so….that leaves me with nothing else to say.

But with this kind of episode, you kind of know what you’re getting into. So you don’t know me to tell you it’s pretty great. My only actual complaint about the episode is a nitpick: They have the title at the bottom at the start as usual but later the title pops up as a special card.

What’s the point of showing the title twice?

But now I’m reaching, so let’s end this. This spooky Halloween teat is a lot of fun with 3 fun creative stories with a lot of great jokes. Maybe it’s no Treehouse of Horrors 5, but it’s still pretty awesome.

So whether you like living Ducks, giant floating baby heads, or platypus clones, there’s a little something for everything with this great spooky episode.

3. Mission Marvel/Phineas and Ferb Star Wars

Writers (Mission Marvel): Kyle Menke, Joshua Pruett, Kim Roberson, Kaz, JG Orrantia, Eddie Pitman, Bernie Petterson, and Antonine Guilbuad

Writers (Star Wars): Kyle Menke, John Mathot, Mike Bell, Micheal Diedrich, Micheal B Singleton, Edward Rivera, Patrick O Connor, JG Orrantia, and Eddie Pitman

…Okay, I know what you’re thinking. Why is this a tie? The latter is easily like 10 times better! ….Well, it is but I also feel the former is worthy of the Top 5 and honestly, it’s very close in terms of quality to me.

Normally I would just put Marvel one spot lower…but I wanted to fit an 11 minute episode in my Top 5. dumb excuse but I stick by it. With that said, both episodes are fantastic for their own reason.

Let’s go over the obvious thing: Fanboys all over the world lost their shit over these things existing, only to be dumb(er) when they found how good they were, and how much the writers loved these properties.

And In the end, the biggest complaint about the former had to do with the Phineas characters. Now that’s what I call ironing. ….Wait…

But let’s forget about the handling of the actual characters and just look at them as Phineas and Ferb episodes that happen to have guest stars. First up. Mission Marvel.

Doof’s latest inator drains the power of Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, and Spider-Man and they visit Phineas and Ferb, thinking they are behind it. The villains, Red Skull, Whiplash, MODOK, and Venom, find out Doof took the powers and visit him to team up with him.

I’ll just go ahead and adress the elephant in the room first: The Candace/Isabella subplot. People didn’t like it, some for good reason and some for dumb reasons. Candace is a fangirl (because of course she is) and her excitement causes her to screw up a few times. The first time Phineas gets mad, and the 2nd time he basically tells her to go away. At the same time, Buford randomly tells Isabella to stay away because she’s a girl, and Isabella visits Candace to say that everyone is about “testosterone, powers and fighting” and they sing about it.

I layed out those events to show the flaws that I agree with, to an extent. To be honest, Candace’s part of this is pretty good. I explained in my Top 20 List why Phineas’ behavior in SBTY makes this perfectly in character, as well as AT2D.

However, he shouldn’t have gotten angry that first time. That felt like a bit much. That should have been scaled back so his 2nd freak out is the big one. Outside of that, its handled well. Yes, I hate the Screw up cliché but Candace is completely sympathetic here, AND she does help out in the end.

Not to mention that both parties apologize in the end, and honestly, it’s the emotional backbone of the special that helps make it even better. I like seeing a whole plot linev with Phineas getting mad at Candace, and not just a quick gag like in other episodes.

It could have been done better, but it’s good here. I do see why some people didn’t for it, but I think some of the reactions were silly. They act like this has never happened before, and honestly you can argue his reaction in at2d was less justified, given he had his own secret identity in The Beak.

Also, it lead to that amazing line in Save Summer.

Isabella’s side on the other hand is…not as good. Now, some people hate it because it’s somehow out of character for Isabella. My response? If it’s OOC here, it was OOC in Got Game. She got mad at Buford being sexist there, too. I argue it was done better here, since that one succumbed to that whole Boys vs Girl cliché that we’ve seen quite a bit.

I don’t see how this is a character problem…but it is a writing problem. This comes in out nowhere, about halfway through, and it’s dropped as soon as it’s brought out. Why is Buford just randomly sexist again? Why is Isabella just not having a problem? Why is she singing only trying to help if she was never rejected for her help, at all?

After that song, Izzy’s side is just dropped. She helps Candace but everything she mentioned before is never brought up again. It just comes and go and it’s completely pointless. It did help make an awesome song but that’s it.

That’s why it bugs me, it comes out of nowhere and it’s pointless…but it’s nothing painful and it’s not too out of character. The other complaints about the show are just dumb nitpicks like certain characters not being in it, even though Marvel basically told what they could or couldn’t do.

Hell, the whole thing with Thor and Iron Man arguing over the hammer is taken from a conversation with the creators and Marvel people. The only reason Cap was left off is that dan doesn’t care for them.

Never mind, he’s the spawn of Satan.

But with that out of the way, let’s actually talk about why the special is so good. It does have a few limations due to what I just said, and some aspects of the plot. The plot isn’t as tightly nit as other specials since they can’t exactly their power backs too soon, but we still need some kind of action and things happening to fil the 40 minutes.

So there is some padding like Isabella’s plot, and Hulkjeet to a less extent. However, every scene feels important and it has enough action and Comedy to make up for it. The actual plot is pretty solid and while it’s not substantial, there’s still some moments like Thor’s little speech.

The songs aren’t as good as other specials, but they are a solid bunch. Evil Buddies and Me and is a hilarious sequence on it’s own and Only Trying to Help is just awesome despite the flaws with that plot.

The humor is great in this. There are so many jokes about the Marvel characters that must have been fun to come up with. There’s jokes about how they loose their powers, in jokes, references (“You think it was Howard the duck?)”), and jokes about how the characters interact.
Every joke hits and there are just many great lines and moments. Because I’m more of a Marvel guy, this jokes spoke to me a bit more so I laughed quite a bit. And yes, Stan Lee gets his obligatory cameo.

The action is great too. Every set-peice is really good and it’s very well animated. Some of it is almost on par with AT2D. Yeah. The highlight is the climax. Seeing all the heroes finally use their powers is just an amazing thing.

Speaking of animation, I think they did a good job putting the characters in this world so that they fight. They are more detailed but it works. Although they do that thing where if a character isn’t actually moving, they will be so still it looks they froze over.

The characters are all used well with each getting at least one memorable line. They don’t get tons of epic development but that’s not the point. Drake Bell oddly fits here better than in USM, but that’s just cuz the Comedy fits better here. The villains get some of the best Comedy.

Like I said, the Evil Buddies bit is amazing.

This special has a lot of energy with some great action and a ton of good jokes. Yeah, that subplot is flawed but outside of that this a very good crossover, where they did well with the limitations they had.

So yeah, it’s not the best thing are but it’s still a favorite of just how much fun it is. It’s got a lot going for it despite the flaws, and that’s why I loved it.

Now onto Star Wars, the better of the two. The basic plot pretty much tells you why this one is so cool.

A couple summers ago, Phineas and Ferb live on Tatoonie until the Death Star plans accidentally end up in their hands, thrusting them into an epic adventure to get them to the Rebel’s, while Darthzenshmirtz creates the Sith-inator, and Candace the Stormstropper is itching to bust some rebels.

This concept is amazing. Instead of doing a straight forward crossover, or a parody, they basically put the characters in between the story of the movie. The movie is happening as we’ve seen, but it just so happens that our favorite character existed in that universe, doing their own thing in the background.

And while some plot elements are inspired by parts of the movie, they are going through own unique story with interesting emotional beats. This is genuis and it allows for a lot of creativity with the jokes.

I’ve heard people say this is what Mission Marvel should have been like but I don’t think putting them in between the Avengers would work as well. …Wait, is that what they meant?

And remember the whole fanboy bitching I mentioned? They got you covered because.

UNCLE GRANDPA: Don’t worry bro, None of this is Canon.

…Wait, wrong quote.

“None of this is Canon, so just Relax”

The soundtrack is one of the best for a special, even if none are in my Top 40. They all sound really good, and are excellent. In The Empire is my favorite but my top 100 also has Rebel Let’s Go and Tatooinie.

The other big of this things success is the style. They got the Star Wars feeling done perfectly with the animation and score. The CGI has improved since The Beak and it really makes you feel like you’re watching Star Wars.

This attention to detail extends to the writing. They references even the tiniest things and there’s plenty of small details you may not notice the first time watching it. There are a few obvious jokes-

“They say he shot first, but I could have sworn it was the other guy!”

-but most are more subtle than that. Speaking of humor, that’s really strong as expected. Even some of the concepts are great jokes, like how Doof made the death star with it’s exhaust port thing.

It explains so much.

There are a lot of jokes like, as well as normal jokes that are funny. The fact that they captured the style so well makes a lot of these jokes even better. Being the sick weirdo I am, my favorite joke is when Doof is looking at his property value on Alderaan only for it to suddenly go down out of nowhere.

Guess what happens when you do an episode about a semi-adult film. Hell, there’s a bit where Isabella (the Han Solo) clarifies that she and Phineas aren’t’ related. Yep, there’s an incest joke in a Disney cartoon.


Then there’s the actual story. It’s not the grandest thing ever but there’s a lot to like. I don’t want to spoil too much but there’s some great emotional stuff with Isabella, as well as Candace. But my favorite is…Sith Ferb. Just Sith Ferb.

It’s an amazing idea and it leads to some awesomely intense moments. I joked about an evil ferb back when we were getting some evil characters like Carl. And now it’s real and it is amazing.

My only complaint is that the ending is slightly rushed mostly when it comes to the Ferb thing. But that’s a nitpick. As a side note, this is the longest episode at around 50 minutes. Yeah, and they used every minute of it really well.

The characters are all in top form, from Phineas, to Candace to Isabella. Oh man, Isabella. I think the Mission Marvel stuff has officially been forgiven, because she is amazing here. She is basically Han Solo but she’s still Isabella and she is a badass with funny lines and some nice emotional stuff as well. She pretty much steals the show here.

There’s a few other cool things, like the people they got to voice the Star Wars characters. They have small rolls but they still stick out, with the voice for Han and Vader being the most spot on. What’s especially amazing is that Vader is voiced by one of the writers, and his one line is amazing.

Like with Mission Marvel, this definitely a passion project for the crew as they clearly loved this property and payed tribute to it very well. This one is even better in that regard as they had to captured it even make considering this takes place during the movie.

Should they do the other 2? Eh, only if they have a good idea. Otherwise, don’t try. Family Guy’s Star Wars parodies did get stale by the 3rd one, and I wouldn’t want it to happen here. Although if they want to do Episode 1, Irving should be Jar Jar. It’s too perfect.

Both of these crossovers really show that this show series could do pretty much anything, and even include other characters and have it fit. Sure, both have their flaws but they have too many awesome things for that to matter.

While Star Wars I better, I couldn’t shrug off Mission Marvel because I enjoy it just as much. The action is awesome and there so many funny jokes. And Star Wars has some of the best writing in the series due to how they handle all of these elements.

Instead of blindly saying one is better, we should accept both as at least solid works. Star Wars is better due the style and writing, but Mission Marvel has Howard the Duck. Your argument is invalid.

Jokes aside, both of these specials are a ton of fun and had a lot of effort put into tem on all counts. They have memorable songs, emotional moments, and ton of hilarious jokes all across the board.

Star Wars is higher on my full Top 20 but Mission Marvel is still great, and just a few spots lower.

Mission Marvel has tons of action and humor, and Star Wars has a great concept done perfectly. Really, you can’t go wrong with two awesome specials for the price of one.

May the Excelsior be with you….wait…

2. Night of the Living Pharmacists

Writers: Eddie Pitman, Kim Roberson, Bernie Petterson, Patrick O Connor, JG Orrantia, Joshua Pruett, Edward Rivera, Aliki T Graft, and Kyle Menke.

It’s no secret that Zombies are pretty huge right now. But 2014 was pretty bad with zombie fever as Gravity Falls, Gumball, Wander over Yonder, Breadwinners, and this show all had Zombie episodes that year. Hell, even the live action Kirby Buckets got in on it.

Creepy coincidence aside, all of these ended up being decent (Yes, even the Breadwinners one) and you can debate all you want over which one is best….but this one is obviously my favorite, because it’s very high on this list.

Doof’s latest inator accidentally causes an outbreak of Zombies that look like him, and everyone must try to survive.

I suppose I should address the minor things. The soundtrack is the weakest for a special. The songs are all good (my favorite is the credits rap song) but none of them are in my top 100. At least Gretchen got a song.

Bella Thorne is in this. It’s a footnote because her role is just one of Vanessa’s friends and it’s so small it’s not worth mentioning. Seriously, she really got the shaft compared to her co-star.

Now onto the big points. First up is the humor. Yeah spoilers, this episode is very funny. Not quite as funny as Star Wars, but given the set up it’s got enough jokes. They poke fun at the cliches of the genre, and we have plenty of memorable moments.

Most notably a cameo by Shaun and Ed from Shaun of the Dead. Yes, the actual characters. It’s hilarious, and there’s a cameo from George Romero himself! Wow.

The two main things to praise are the tension and pacing. This is about 40 minutes and it has a pretty simple concept. You would think that would lot to a lot of padding and some issues like in Save Summer…but no.

At no point was I ever bored or thinking this was going too slow. Yeah, there is stuff you can consider padding but every bit of it is either intense or funny. Even the subplot with Stacy adds some decent humor and doesn’t go on too long.

That’s impressive given how easily it could have been for this to be just kind of dull. The characters are also great, which is a plus for this kind of story. Candace and Vanessa bond again, which is always amazing and prove to be pretty good under pressure. People like Phineas and Buford get their own cool moments in the add, as do Perry and Doof.

But the highlight in this category is Isabella. If Star Wars wasn’t good enough, she’s even better here. She’s trying to earn her emotional bravery patch by telling Phineas her big secret. Yeah, sounds very…..ship-y, and the fact that this is after Act Your Age in production order makes it weirder, but it’s actually very well done.

Mostly because at one point she realizes she has to buckle down and take care of this whole Zombie problem. She’s quite the badass here and they balance her Phineas stuff and her actual character very well. It shows that has quite a bit of depth.

Considering there isn’t a ton of in depth development, it’s amazing how well the characters are portrayed here. Keep in mind, this had a bunch of writers but it’s still fairly simple. Quite impressive.

But the big thing that makes this episode amazing is the tension. Holy crap, is this the most intense episode ever. A good Zombie movie will make you feel the characters as they are picked off, and this is a good example of that.

Since we’ve grown to love these characters over 4 Seasons, it makes everything happening more tragic. They play this whole plot straight but it doesn’t feel lazy because of how intense it is. You seriously get worried about everyone and feel something when anyone is picked off.

The atmosphere and animation are excellent and the tension just keeps building as it goes alone. It’s a huge emotional workout, and the last 10 minutes are some of the best stuff I’ve ever seen on the show. It’s hard to describe and it works so well.

Sure, there is a happy ending (sort of) but it’s incredibly satisfying. Also, there’s a hilarious Non Canon ending ala Curse of Candace. ….Wait, Dan said this is somehow Canon? What kind of sense does-nevermind, it’s not important.

I really gotta give the writers credit for this one. They somehow did a parody that played it straight that somehow worked without just being lazy about it. They poke fun with some jokes, but it works as a straight example due to how intense it is.

While a couple episodes have a higher joke ratio, this episode is just so much fun to watch and incredibly intense. I keep thinking each viewing will be weaker due to knowing what will happen, but it somehow manages to get better!

That’s pretty awesome. And honestly, it’s the best of the Horror episodes. As much as I like Tri State Trilogy, this is even more fitting for Halloween with the atmosphere. It’s just that good.

So while this isn’t as deep as other specials, it’s just amazing with it’s humor, and intensity. Defeintly a Classic and just another fantastic gem for the series.

Night of the Living Pharmaicsts is l-….lots of m-okay now, I’m not doing that. Let’s just mvoe on.

Of course before we close this off, we have to go over our Honorable mentions.

Doof 101: A cool change of pace with good jokes, fun weird subplot, and Johnny being hilariously pathetic.

Love at First Byte: Not as good as A Real Boy or Norm Unleashed, but still a great norm episode with a cool song and some nice moments.

Backyard Hodge Podge: This sounds like an odd choice but this episode is just incredibly funny with creative jokes all over the place. Also ,Parry Gripp.

Primal Perry: Pretty fun main plot, and a brilliant subplot with one of the best ideas for an invention ever. Also, trippy song and haw haw, one of his boomerang’s is named Sharpay.

Sidetracked: Helicopter Fight. Besides that it’s a cool plot with a cliché plot done right by not having the partner screw up. Yeah, Lyla actually does mostly good thing and doesn’t screw up like an idiot. Awesome.

Tales From The Resistance: Like most sequels, it’s not as good as the original but it’s still great with good action, solid development, and Charlene 2 being amazing.

And My number one is…

1. Act Your Age

…Just kidding! Haw…bet I got it. I like the episode fine, and it’s not as bad as some people say, yet also not as good. A solid and cute episode that some people take too seriously. But it’s not deserving.

No, my favorite episode of Phineas and Ferb Season 4 is…

1. Last Day of Summer

Writers: Aliki T Graft, Bernie Petterson, Calvin Suggs, John Mathot, Joshua Pruett, Kaz, Kim Roberson, Mike Diedrich.

Yeah, sometimes I just have to go with the easy choice. At first, I just put this here out of obligation, but as I thought about it, it really does fit for my number one spot. Even with the problems everyone is going to point out.

Let’s go over how it is as an episode on it’s own. On the inevitable 104th day of summer vacation, the season is quickly coming to an end and it’s Candace’s last chance to bust her brothers; who build huge playground equipment for the finale of summer. She is quickly foiled, but when she goes to return a DVD to Vanessa (SQUEE) and finds Dr. Doofenshmirtz’s Do-Over-Inator, she finds an opportunity to redo the day, which results in other consequences like rips in the space-time continuum, the shortening of days and the disappearance of her brothers.

This is a pretty brilliant set up for the last episode. Aside from taking place on the last day of summer, the whole Groundhog day thing makes a lot of sense. We want more time with these characters even though it’s the finale, so why not give Candace the same feeling, to an extent?

Oddly enough, there have been a lot of Groundhog day plots recently. MLP, LPS, Breadwinners, and now this. It’s weird, but here it fits more. And yes, they have a joke with an actual groundhog at one point.

Dan even said this was basically Groundhog Day meets The Langoilers, but with less skygina’s. On it’s own, the plot is very good. It may start out slow, but it gets really intense near the end, as they have to get things back to normal.

No one can say this wasn’t big enough given this is about the end of time as we know it. Even with the way it’s written, it manages to be quite intense and cool. Oh, and I love how this all happens due to the Candace/Vanessa friendship that has been built up.

Heck, she even comes over to return a french film, which is what they were watching in Night of the Living Pharmacists…..which makes it Canon. Huh?

(Yes, they also mention it during the song but that’s very 4th wall break-y anyway)

Humor-wise, it’s not the funniest but it has a lot of memorable moments such as Baljeet/Spoon, the kiss thing during the song, and pretty much every gag about the objects that disappear. They pack in a lot of jokes even when things get intense, more so than Pharmacists.

But I suppose it’s time to address the big thing about this finale. It’s kind of small scale. It doesn’t quite have the big plot most finales have, and the only big finale-ish thing is the ending song, and the basic concept.

A lot of people had a problem with this, and to an extent I can’t blame them ….But Dan later repsonded to an Av Club having these complaints and explained that this was on purpose. A lot of finales try to be so huge that they mostly became a mess, and Dan wanted to avoid this.

This is more like a Season 1 episode, just with the dressing of a Season 4 episode. It’s even the only special to have no guest stars or cameos. It’s just the core characters we’ve come to know. Jeremy and Stacy don’t even show up.

I see why they did the last part but hwy not give them at least a cameo? They aren’t even in the big 4th wall break finale song! They are pretty darn important in the story of the show, so they have appeared. IRVING gets a more notable appearance!

But back to my point, I think this decision….works very well. I’d rather have a finale that’s a good episode, than an episode trying too hard to be a finale. Yes, there’s plenty I wished could have happened and I can make suggestions all day (like a meta commentary by having the boys try too hard to make the last day special and stuff) but what we have works.

Phineas and Ferb is known for subverting exceptions. It’s deeper than most silly formula shows, and has more sophisticated humor and characters like Candace go outside of their archetype. So it only makes to do so for the finale, in a way that fits.

It works as a finale too with the clever plot and the ending. Then there’s Doof’s side of the story. Oh boy, this is what makes this one number one more than anything else. Doof finds out Vanessa wants to move out and live with Mom full time, so he tries to take over the Tri State Area for good to convince her he’s worth staying with.

That alone is awesome but it goes even deeper as we find out she is moving in the first place. Then she says what smut be the most brutal deconstructions of a character I’ve seen in a kids show:

“No, Dad. You’re basically a nice guy who’s pretending to be evil. And, you know, it seems like it’s all out of obligation to your back stories, not something that truly comes from your heart.”

…And with that, Doofenshmirtz has become of the most complex villain in any kids show, much less a Disney show. Let’s think about this for a moment: He had a horrible childhood, being treated like crap his whole life, even after his childhood was over. Even with all of this backstory, Doof was not really soured to much from all of this, and did turn evil.

…But he saw something wrong with this and became evil because if you have this many stories, you msut be evil. However, because he’s a naturally goofy guy he was pretty bad at it, and failed often because of this. He really is an nice guy pretending to be evil, and he’s doing this because he has that back story, not because he really wants to be evil.

….Yeah, think about that. We’ve all known this for a while but this episode put it all in perspective, and it’s amazing. It’s the best development Doof has ever had and that alone is what makes me conifent in putting this at the top.

But above all else, it’s just feel good. Even with the intense plot, the whole small sale thing makes this just plain good to watch. This extents to the song which are really nice to listen and are all excellent.

Yes. There tons of ways this could have been even better and yada yada, but I aupload the wrirters for doing what thye did. This does like a finale just in a smaller way. And what is big is very good.

There aren’t any big emotional moments in the main plot but there weren’t any in Save Summer either so I don’t see the problem. Most of Doof’s plot makes up for that anyway. This is an episode you just put on to enjoy, even more so than a lot of the Season 1 episodes.

Then there’s the ending. If this part didn’t exist, I wouldn’t be defending this finale as much. Like I said in the song list, this was the perfect way to end the show. A slow song that makes you reflect on everything and a fast song that reminds you of the awesome stuff they did.

Then what happens at the very end? Phineas waves goodbye.

GUMBALL: I’m sweating through my eyes…no wait, that’s disgusting, yes I was crying.

Christ, that brought tears to pretty much everyone. Not many shows can have the ability to litterlly say goodbye to it’s audience, and this one flat out thanked us for watching. That’s just amazing.

The final song is one of the greatest things i’ve seen in any show ever, with how everything works out. You can wish for something bigger all you want, but no one can say this finale isn’t fitting or is too “quaint”.

I think that’s make it number one. It’s just a good small scale but feel good finale. The plot and humor are very enjoyable, but it’s their decision to do what they did that makes it so good. The Doof stuff is just icing on the cake.

So yeah, Pharmacists and Star Wars might be objectively better as Season 4 episodes but this is my favorite just for what it represents. It represents this Season and how it was smaller but still capable of new and great things.

And most of it all, it represents the show and how it was able to do so much and deviate from our expectations. It’s 40 minutes of feel good-ness with tons to like, and one hell of an ending.

Both as a finale, and an episode on it’s own, it works and is just awesome. They pretty much thank us for coming alone and all I have to say is ….your welcome, for the best episode of Season 4, and everything else.

And those are my favorite Season 4 episodes. While I will obviously reference the show a lot, this will be the last post focused on it unless I want to review OWCA files. While we will get that OWCA special and the creators new show in 2017, this is the end of the show proper.

I’m not sure what to say here. I could give you a cheesy speech but it would be too expected. …But screw it, let’s do something like that. I’m how a show like this ended up becoming a big part of my life to the extent of childhood favorites like Spongebob, but it was.

I was around 12 or so when this came out in 2007, and I actually loved it right away. I was just young enough for this to effect me and my sense of humor. It showed me how anything can be more than it looks, and do anything. Like a lot of media, it managed to funny, clever, deep, complex, twist conventions, and much more.

It set the stage for more shows to come like Gravity Falls and Adventure Time, shows that prove to be more than they look. It just a show that I quite liked, and it meant a lot to plenty of people, mostly because of how must it proved and how it fit into animation history.

I don’t think deep spiel could do the show justice, really. So i’ll just say that I do wish to thank pretty much everyone who worked on this show, from the writers, to the animators and voice actors. Even people who had to do with the weaker episodes, because even they have value.

I wasn’t too broken up over it ending, because it did have a solid run and did quite a bit in 4 seasons. I’m glad they ended things here instead of going on like insert obvious examples here. Plus, there’s plenty of good shows to enjoy like Gravity Falls, Wander over Yonder, Penn Zero, Harvey Beaks and so on.

Phineas started when animation was at a low point and it helped save it. Now it ends just as things get better, and I couldn’t ask for a better place for it to end. This is certainly the end of an era.

I think I know exactly how to sum everything up: No matter what happens ,and even though it’s over, Phineas and Ferb will live on in our hearts, and in our minds.

Now get lost….i mean bye.

No really, get lost.

See ya.


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I'm 20 and I'm a slightly below average man who can barely spell. I mostly spend my time watching TV and movies, hence why i ended doing a blog all about those things. I tend to have weird tastes, but I like think I'm just fair on things.
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