Top 40 Next Best Phineas and Ferb Songs (Part 4)

Hello, Spongey here.

Well, here we go. Our final part of my 2nd list of good Phineas and Ferb(s?) songs. Today we see which songs are truly excellent, enough to get to the top 25. Well, Robot Riot was the start of that but now we get into the really good ones, including some that are now in the top 10.

First, the recap.

40. Doofenshmirtz Evil Hideout Vacation Swap

39. Happy New Year

38. Going Deep Into Your Mind

37. Extraordinary

36. Tomorrow is This Morning Again

35. Brand New Best Friend

34. Interface

33. Giant 3D Scrapbook

32. In The Empire

31. No Momo

30. Shark of Danville Harbor

29. All the Convoluted Reasons we pretend to be Divorced

28. Lies

27. Troy Song

26. Untieable Knot

25. Get Down

24. Half a Day

23. Livin’ With Monkeys

22. Livin’ in a Funhouse

21. Brave New World/Professer Elemental Future Past

20. OWCA’s Goin’ Down

19. Let’s Take a Rocketship to Space

18. Drusselstein Driving Test Waltz

17. Summer Belongs to You/Summer (Where Do We Begin?)

16. Floor After Floor

15. Mix and Mingle Machine

14. Frenemies

13. Christmas is Starting Now

12. I’m Me

11. Robot Riot

With that, let’s finally close off this super long list.

This, is The Next Best Phineas and Ferb Songs (Part 4)

10. Ariel Area Rug [Magic Carpet Ride]

Written by Dan Povenmire, Swampy Marsh, Martin Olson, and Robert Lopez

When doing a parody, it’s best to be true to the original. Some of the best parodies keep themselves just as serious as what they are making fun of, making it even funnier. Capturing the atmosphere of the original is important if you want to make an accuratre and faithful homage.

Phineas and Ferb gets that, and this song is a perfect example of that. This song is obvliously a send up of A Whole New World and the lyrics are silly in how they just describe what is going on.

But while it’s a spoof of a beautiful Disney song…it actually is a beautiful song with it’s tune and singing. They perfectly capture the feel of this kind of scene which makes it contrast wonderfully with the funny lyrics.

The show does this a lot but this did it the best, in terms of the style. Even without the lyrics, this would get on the list with the tune alone. The tune is incredibly well done and beautiful, which is impressive even considering how good these songs can be.

The sheer style makes this song and it’s the main focus, even more so than the satire element. Speaking of which, the lyrics help make this better. They pretty much just say what happens on a magic carpet and…that’s it.

It’s very tongue in cheek but they still kind of have some magic in there. It combines some silly jokes with an actual sense of wonder, which fits the tune really well.

It’s not like the world that we see from the ground
I guess the main difference is we’re looking down

Then there’s this gem:

It’s a brand new perspective, Literally

That’s actually a clever reference to the double meaning of A Whole New World. Knowing this show, I think it’s intentional. And to top it all off, we have another great showing from Aaron Jacob.

This is his best performance yet, because his voice is actually good instead of just being silly. He really adds a magic quality to the song just as much as the tune does. I’d like to remind you that at this moment, he and I are the same age.

Meaning when he did this song in around 2011 or so, he was not even 18. Wow. I knew he had impressive range but this song makes him even better. Especially since this episode was paired with the one with Dance, Baby.

It’s worth nothing that one of the writers on the song was Robert Lopez, best known for Avenue Q and Book of Mormon. He’s definitely awesome and you can see his influence here. And he wold never do anything notable for Disney ever again.

This song pretty much does everything right on every level. On it’s own it’s a really lovely song and it gets better when you realize it’s a parody. It’s both a well made lovely song and a spot on and fantastic homage to a great classic. o

This song had to grow on me cuz I did suffer hype backlash, and at one point I had it tied with a similar song, On The Savannah. Thankfully I learned how good it is and now it’s high on this new list.

It really is a song that gets better the more I think about it, especially with the whole parody thing. I don’t think anything else needs to be said. It’s a spot on homage to A Whole New World that captures the magic of that scene very while also poking fun at it with creative lyrics.

It’s both a spoof of beautiful songs and an actual beautiful song. That’s pretty amazing. So hop on your own official Pinhead Pierre rug and give this song a ride.

9. Only Trying to Help [Mission Marvel]

Written by Dan Povenmire, Martin Olson, Robert F Hughes, and Swampy Marsh.

I have a confession to make: I've never been a huge of the Isabella songs. Now, I've got nothing against the character or Alyson Stoner's singing and all that. It's just a preference. Her voice got a it higher over time which means I can't appreciate her voice as much as the other character's.

That, and while I tend to like her songs they don't stick out as amazing. Good but nothing top 50 worthy compared to other gems. Then Season 4 came around and gave us some more impressive Isabella songs, such as What Might've Been and Isabella's Birthday song, which almost made it on this list.

Then comes this song, which decided that the best way to get Isabella to wowe me was pair her up with Candace. Weird how it took 4 Seasons to pair Candace with two other wonderful singers.

Candace is basically banished after screwing stuff up, and Isabella pops up to tell her that she shares her sorrows because she feels isn't a big help among all the manly heroes there. So they sing about it.

You'll have to wait to hear my thoughts on the context, because I do have a lot to say. But regardless if it's a good subplot, this song made it all worth it. It's another a sad song and a very good one.

While there are more depressing ones, this is one of the most well done. The tune is sad but also decently catchy and memorable. I really like the way it builds up to something a bit bigger as the emotions became clearer. It sticks out among the other sad ones, although the subject matter helps too.

Yeah, this is a cliché but putting the context aside it really makes you feel bad for the both of them. You've seen me rant about the “screw up” cliché but in this context it works for the song because she was …well, only trying to help.

I'm not sure why Izzy is really here, but she sounds sad so it's good enough. The lyrics do a good job at conveying the emotions here and while it's nothing amazingly deep, it works really well.

My presence felt like an intrusion,
Causing way too much confusion.
Now I’ve been sent into seclusion,
I’ve been banished and cast out.

Like I said, it is cliché the song is so well made I can kind of forgive it, even if the subplot was the worst thing ever. (Spoilers, it is not. That’s all I will say here). The real highlight is the singing.

Both characters have some of their best work here. They such a great job here as you really feel their pain, and they work really well off each other. Makes you wonder we didn’t have more cool song tema ups. Doof and Norm! Irving and Albert! The Giant Floating Baby Head and the Klimaploon!

I ship that last one.

Both stick out pretty well. I think Isabella is better with lower pitched songs, so she doesn’t have to strain her high voice too much. Candace is just great no matter what but she is really good here. Like with Tomorrow is Morning Again, this has some of the best harmonies you’ll hear in the show.

They are especially good near the end. So awesome.

Just the concept of who is singing makes this one stick out as amazing. Everything helps too as it really gets you into the emotion of the situation. It’s a pretty song too with no humor until after the song actually ends.

It’s good to see them trying to do more with the sad songs. They don’t all need to be silly. This one sticks out simply due to the singers and how memorable it is with the tune. If people didn’t hate this subplot, this song would get more attention.

But even as it is, it still gets tons of love which is amazing. I guess what’s happens when Ashley Tisdale and Alyson Stoner join forces. They should be their own superhero team! As in, the actors, not the characters. Come on, it’s a great idea.

I suppose you get it. While we can all debate on the worth of the context, it’s still a great song song. The tune is memorable, it has great build up, very solid emotion and some really good singing thanks to a brilliant team up.

Overall, it’s definitely a stand out song from the Season, and the best song in that special. It’s a good one.

Now for the songs that are currently in my Top 20!

8. (Big Honkin’) Hole in my Heart [Bully Bromance Break Up]

Written by Dan Povenmire, Swampy Marsh, and Martin Olson

This show has done a lot of sad songs, and they are almost always emotional despite how silly they can be. There usually isn’t a 100 percent song on this show but they’ve had a couple such as Ducky Momo is my friend and our previous entry. And of all the silly sad ones, this is easily the best, because it works as a serious song and the only \silly thing is the fact it’s a buly and a nerd. And that’s a minor part.

Because these two aren’t gay enough, they gave us a love-ish song and as you can tell, it’s good. For the 1000th time, there’s not much to say since all aspects focus on doing one thing, but i’ll try and fail again.

The emotion is the big strength of this one. Despite a silly premise, it takes itself seriously and it really works. You really do get emotional at this part, because you really feel bad for them.

I’m not a fan of songs about hearts, but this one isn’t cheesy. The tune, lyrics and singing are really emotional and set the tone really well. It’s another very memorable tune that flows pretty well despite there being so many sad songs.

It’s simple but it has a weight to it, more so than Little Brothers or When We Didn’t Get Along. My only problem is that Buford’s verse is shorter than Baljeet’s, which throws out the flow. The soundtrack version didn’t extent it so it’s gonna stay this way, sadly.

The singing deserves some praise. They have rather silly voice, which you wouldn’t think could lend to an actually emotional song, but…wow. They really work well off each oter and you just feel the emotion here.

Especially with Baljeet. You gotta give the voice actor credit for making Baljeet funny and not being just an annoying Indian Stereotype. Buford’s raspy voice weirdly fits here especially when they fit together.

The lyrics basically hammer in the point that the title says, but they work pretty well. This whole thing is another good example of parody, as they this makes fun of various cheesy break up song, but like with Ariel Area Rug, it’s done so well it works as a straight example of the genre.

Who will I give noogies to
And tease for being so smart?
I just don’t know what to do
There’s a nerd-shaped hole in my heart
There’s a nerd-shaped hole

This song once again proves that having a dumb concept for the sake parody isn’t an excuse for weak writing. This spoofs stuff like this while also working as a real song. It’s got the same satirical nature as When We Didn’t Get Along but it feels more serious due to involving humans.

By the way, some people think that it’s okay to just make them gay now with all the stuff going on media. I say no due to the very unfortunate implication that pop up when you remember one is a bully and nerd, and this is all done as a joke.

I still ship it.

As far as song songs go, it’s higher on my top 40 than Ducky Momo is my friend, but I find that one more serious and emotional due to the subject matter. This one is higher because I like the tune more and it has a lot more to respect.

Either way, it’s not our last depressing song despite me saying it’s more or less the best. You’ll see.

As a whole song, this does does it all right. It takes a parody concept and takes it seriously making for a very emotional song with good singing and some solid flow. It’s also weirdly fun to sing, even though doing that gets me more emotional than listening to it.


Hole in my heart: Still a better love story than Strange Magic.

7. History of the Tri State Area [Where’s Pinky?]

Written by Dan Povenmire, Robert F Hughes, Martin Olson, Eddie Pitman, Joshua Pruett, and Wayne Brady.

We’ve had tons of guest stars over the Seasons, and most of them have had their own song. They usually tend to be very good and stick out as part of the show despite just being celebery cameos.

If I had to pick a favorite, it would be Wayne Brady. Yep, not only did he help write a song but earlier on he guest starred as a crazy tour guide who never lets people leave the tour. He is hilarious in this role mostly thanks to some great writing.

So of course he gets a funny song. Maybe not as funny as Driving Test Waltz, but it’s better as a song. This song is hard to explain because I can’t really explain why its so great. It just is.

It’s such a random song too. The lead in is that he comments on how Danville is full of spoanteus musical numbers, and then he sings one. This is Tour Guide and while him going into the history of the tri state is random, it makes some level of sense, but then he just goes into random stuff that has no relation.

Yet it fits with how crazy his character is. The song is silly and random that it becomes something really special It’s just a random piece of comedy that has more of a melody than other joke songs.

The tune is really catchy and it carries the song along with the nature of it. It’s so upbeat and it’s really infectious. Naturally, the lyrics are random and have a ton of good jokes. It starts by going into more detail about….well the History of the Tri state area, that isn’t important.

He even says “people don’t care’, then he rambles about this place in general, and it just gets funnier and weirder.

It’s the history of an area, the Tri-State Area,
Don’t mean to cause a ruckus or a fuss;
It’s the birthplace of the onion and the Danville cafeteria,
And home of Bigfoot’s hairless cousin, us!

I think Wayne Brady also really carries this one. He seems to having a lot of fun with this as he goes on about this stuff. Just the way he sings all this makes it even funnier as he seems to really serious about all of this, but it still sounds silly.

The flow is pretty good too, as it doesn’t drag despite the random nature of the lyrics. It’s just a fun song from all sides. The lyrics are funny, the tune is catchy, and the singer is having fun. It’s just so much darn fun to listen to.

However, it is a bit short. It doesn’t need to be long so I can let it slide, but an extra verse could improve it. Joke songs like this doesn’t tend to get high but this one is so fun, I don’t care.

It’s not quite as sophisticated as some others but its just as well made with the flow and tune. I just love listening to it and I really wanted it high on the list just because it’s so much fun.

Everything about don in this episode is really funny so it’s good that he had an equally good song to match. There’s not a lot to gleam from analyzing it, but I don’t care because I have so much fun. Hell, even the characters consider it the highlight of the tour.

Needless to say, this is the most insane and fun history lesson ever. It doesn’t have a rapping rabbit, but it’s still really good.

6. Not So Bad a Dad [Finding Mary McGuffin

Written by Martin Olson, John Colton Barry, Dan Povenmire, and Robert F Hughes.

I implied that this song being left was an example of how my previous song list was not perfect. And yes, I’m dumb for leaving it out at that time. It’s actually my favorite Season 2 song now.

It’s one of the sweetest songs in the show. Not even talking Sad, it’s just sweet. As you recall, Doof got Vanessa this doll she always wanted, and now she sees that he isn’t so bad.

Like Giant 3D Scrapbook, this provides a good retrospective in a relationship. The Doof/Vanessa thing is a bit cliché but it’s always worked due to the Comedy. Plus, it works very often like in Dude, We’re Getting the Band Back Together, Summer Belongs to You, Doof 101, and this episode.

I think this song along is one of the greatest depictions of that. The whole song is made to very sweet, but it’s done in a way that’s more effective than cheesy. Mostly because it does have quite a bit of humor to it, with the dumb things Doof does in the flashbacks.

The tune is a pretty cool one that manages to keep it catchy with it’s sweet-ness. It’s got a few cool bits in there too with the instrumentation and all that. I can use big words!

Although the soundtrack version leaves out very opening note, for some reason. Yes, I’m nitpicking but I don’t care, I have a tumblr blog for this stuff.

Of course, the singing carries this one a lot. While I’m Me is more impressive, this is really some good stuff. She helps make it even sweeter by adding just a bit of Vanessa into it, combining the two things I like in these songs. Hence why this is actually higher on the top 40 than a lot of Candace songs.

The lyrics bring it all together by going into more detail about what Doof is usually like and how important this doll is.

You were a sub-standard dad

But the only one I had

I grew up hearing your evil scheming down the hall.
But when I look at this thing

It makes me wanna sing

Maybe you’re not so bad a dad after all.

It really puts everything into prescriptive and helps the story a lot. It’s just so darn sweet and every joke is amusing, including the one about Doof’s attempt to teach her to drive.

I guess Doof and driving just don’t mix well.

Also, a joke about catching fowl balls with a guy doing it out of love that’s actually funny! This is just a really a nice song to listen to. Every aspect helps make it a funny and sweet retrospective that is just really awesome.

The short length works here since I never felt like it stopped too early. An extra verse could be nice but I like it the way it is. As for why I left it off before….i don’t know. I just didn’t fully appreciate at the time, I guess.

But I love it now, and it is really awesome. With it’s pure sweet-ness and wonderful singing, is really is one of Vanessa/Olivia’s crowning moment, and it helps make this episode as great as it is.

I’m getting tired and running out of ways to pad this out, so we’ll close this section here. It’s a really cool song that’s sweet, funny, and has everything needed for a really solid song. It’s another one that deserves all the praise it gets, and it’s just really awesome.

Not so Bad a Dad is so good it makes you forgot she loves him thanks to a materiel possession.

5. Der Kinderlumper

Written by Micheal Diedrich, Robert F Hughes, Martin Olson, Dan Povenmire, Micheal Singleton.

Here’s one I loved since I first heard it. I figured nothing could top it for Season 4 songs at the time…but it got topped pretty easily. But it’s still good. I’ve gone into detail on why Doof songs work, which leaves me with little to work with.

So I’ll make this quick. Doof tells the story of a mythical Drusselsteinian monster his mother told him about. They did a song like this with Bigfoot, but this one takes the concept to a new level.

The big thing you notice is the style. According to the Wiki it’s very Cab Calloway. I looked it up…and yeah I see it. It’s a really cool sort of Jazz style song and the style is what makes it so good.

The tune is really strong and it has some great instrumentation and other fancy words I don’t use often. …I really need a thesauruses. They really outdid themselves with this tune. But it’s not just the tune.

The song gives off a nice slighty creepy feeling. The lyrics do this too as it goes into detail about how scary this creature is. They play it for Comedy but it does help you figure why Doof was so scared of this thing.

The whole vibe does remind me of you when you were scared of creepy stories about monsters and such. It’s really effective and the lyrics have tons of example of why this thing is so feared.

If you ever drink a glass of water
If you turn your head just slightly to the right
If you ever feel the need to use the bathroom
Then the Kinderlumper’s gonna strike tonight!

So he gets if you if you do…anything? Yikes.

Doof’s singing is what you would expect. Aside from how he describes the creature, there’s nothing to comment on. However, due to everything I am saying, it might be my new favorite song of his.

Yes, Charmed Life is a better “Doof” song but this song is just that good on it’s own. This song better be on a soundtrack at some point, the tune is strong enough to deserve it. No extension needed, it’s long enough.

It’s such a well made song on all counts. The tune is really unique and a lot of fun to listen to, and the whole tone is really cool. It really is an upgraded version of He’s Bigfoot. Sorry Barry Bostwick. Maybe you were wouldn’t have been left out of Teen Beach 2 if your song was this good.

…And that’s all I got. Yeah, there’s nothing left to say because I told you why Doof songs are so good. The only thing to say if how unique the tune and vibe is. Oh, wait there is more.

It turns out Doof’s Mom sang a different version to Roger that’s about how nice the Kinderlumper is. Because of course she did.

But that’s about it. Even short by my standards, but ah well. All you to know is that it has an excellent style and a slightly creepy vibe. While it may not have as much sbubstance as others, sometimes being well made and fun is all you need.

Der Kinderlumper: If he’s gonna get me, at least this song made the warning so awesome.

4. Thank You For Comin’ Along [Last Day of Summer]

…Well this is awkward. I said I would say nothing about the finale until it was time. …But kind of have to discuss the last very scene in the whole damn show. …Okay, I’ll try. There’s been debates over the finale and if it’s fitting or not.

Well, no matter who you are, no one can deny that this song was the PERFECT way to end the show. This is one of the few shows that can even it do it lie this, and the result is….amazing.

This song deserves all the praise SBTY gets, and for purely critical metis. It’s like if you put Carpe Diem, Summer where do we begin, and SBTY in a blender. It’s got everything I want In a great song.

It has heart, sad-ness, continuity, humor, catch-ness and reflection. It’s perfect. Infact, it deserves to be number one….but the nature of it changing tune does make it lesser, and I do prefer less flat out depressing songs.

But this one is still great. The title tells you what kind of song this is. It starts out as a normal sad song, going on how about awesome Summer was and how you shouldn’t really cry and stuff like that.

Then it goes until a more P&F like song, going over what has happened with a ton of callbacks and humor. Then it gets back to sad to end the show. It’s the perfect way to do it if it you ask me.

Yes, it would have worked as a pure sad song but come on. This isn’t a sad show, it’s a happy one. You should be reminded of the fun the show had, not just be sad it’s over. I’ve said I love reflection and this is it in it’s purest form.

It really makes you think about the show in general. How much fun it was and all the epic adventures they went on. This show did a lot and meant a lot and this song honors it.

The flow is amazing. The main, fast part keeps going on about what has happened and it never slows down and the rhymes keep coming. They fit in so much and mention almost everything important.

…Except Candace getting a boyfriend but ah well.

The singers deserve credit for this too, but it’s not about the singers. It’s about..the experience. It’s a fantastic experience. The transition to each part is done very well and it feels like a complete song,

Yet people keep thinking the sad and fast parts are different songs. So much so that no one put it up a whole so I had to do it myself. Goddammit.

The lyrics are so good. The sad part makes you feel just with the words, and the fast part has a ton of great callback and hilarious jokes.

Summer is done,
And we’ve had our fun,
But this isn’t the end of our story.
So for nostalgia’s sake,
Let’s just take a break.
Sit back and take inventory.

The “end of our story” line is especially good.

We met our doppelgängers in the second dimension.
Isabella kissed me but I got my mind erased…
Wait, what?
You just wait 10 years!

That bit is amazing.

Each section is equally good, and on their own they would get on this list….but not this high up. The reason I see this as deserving as SBTY status is how it has everything. If you like the sweet-ness of SBTY, you have the sad part.

If you like the fast paced rocking styles of Carpe Diem and SWDWB, then you have the main part. It has everything and takes you through every emotion. It’s way more fun to listen to than a typical sweet song and that’s why it’s better than SBTY in my eyes…and ears.

It represents the show, really. It can be sad and emotional, but at it’s core it’s just fun and celebrates Summer. This song is the same just replace Summer with the series as a whole.

This song is basically a thank you letter to the fans. They pretty much thank you for watching the show and takes you through a nostalgia trip. They even have clips to go with the lyrics, and it’s fun to spot them.

There’s even a clip…from the very last entry, Der Kinderlumper. Whoa.

This only issues anyone could have with this one is that maybe the transition at the end can be a bit clunky. You can prefer the style of SBTY and all, but this is better made and is funnier. It’s everything I wanted in all those aforementioned songs.

I couldn’t think of a better end to the show. It just represents the series with everything it is. On it’s own, it’s very well made with two great styles and some excellent flow and lyrics.

It’s near perfect, and I can why someone would want it to be number one. But alas, my own standards make me prefer others. Oh, and the final visual? ….Yeah, it’s amazing. Just…wow.

So every time someone says that the finale was not the most fittin endign to the show, they are lying because the song is the perfect way to end. It’s funny, sad and has some great messages.

Chris, I’m gushing let’s end it. This song does everything right and it ended a great show on a high note.

I know this is cheesy to say given the title but….you’re welcome.

3. Giant Puppet [Return of the Rogue Rabbit]

Written by Celeste Moreno, Micheal B Singleton, Robert F Hughes,and Micheal Dedrich.

Congratulations, P&F Crew. After 4 Seasons of trying your hardest, you have finally created…..the weirdest song in the whole show.

I’m serious. Let’s think about this.

The boys create a giant Fireside Girl Puppet thing and take it outside. Then this song comes, done in a very mysterious and almost beautiful way. People see the puppet and say that the puppet is telling them to look into their souls, and find the power to embrace lvoe for all humanity.

The visuals then get very trippy and the song repeats what the people said, and it ends.

KRUSTY: What the hell was that?!

I’d love to know what they were smoking….and why they didn’t get it sooner. We’ve had weirder subjects but let’s think about it. They take something as simple as a puppet and make it a “deep” stament that is very crazy and weirdly beautfil. You have to be amazingly creative or high to think of this.

I think they were both.

Apparently, they got the idea after googling Giant Puppet Girl. …Let’s try it and see what pops up.

….I can see how they got the idea. This song perfectly captures that feeling the video gives you, abiet in a comedic way.

This song is just….amazing in the weirdest possible way. A lot of songs have worked due to their weird-ness like Dance Baby but this is a new level. It’s almost beautful in a very strange way.

Every aspect works to create a very creepy atmosphere that’s really effective. The tune is impossible to describe, but it’s a very haunting melody. The Wiki says it’s Techno which is….very wrong. Might as well say Der Kinderlumper is Rap.

The tune carries a lot of the song and it’s one of the most memorable ones ever. It creates that atmosphere I talked about it and it really catches you by surprise. Even by the odd standards of this show, it’s a very unique and eeriy tune.

This extends to the singing. That’s Jen Hirsch doing this one, and she has done a few other P&F songs, with this being her best work. It kind of blends in with the background stuff and the tune, but it’s still really strong. Her voice sounds as creepy as the rest of the song and it just adds to it.

The lyrics aren’t the focus so they just state what the puppet does, and repeats what the people say, but it works because of the style that is tied with it.

Move your articulate accordion jaw,
Bow your head politely,
Drift through the crowd like a European ghost,
Now raise your hand just slightly.

The lyrics are meant to go hand in hand with the creepy style, and it really works. The visuals also add to this with some trippy colors, especially at the end. I don’t exactly gush about this song like I do the others, but it’s somehow just as good as those others.

It’s just so bizarrely beautiful. It’s a send up to videos like the one I showed you that are very creepy but also kind of lovely with how they play out. This captures that feeling so well and it’s really well made.

My only real problem is that it is slightly short, as the middle is just a bunch of “ooooo” so the people can make comments.

But as a joke song, it’s fine. Objectively there are better songs but this song really get to me because of it’s style. I just love how they took a subject matter and made something so weird out of it.

Although if they made the song like that because a video showed a creepy puppet girl in a lovely way, it is a bit less impressive to go on about humanity or whatever.

But it’s still weird for this show. It is also one of the most well made songs in the show with how everything just gels together. It’s so darn creepy in a very good way. I’m sure it will be odd to see this one this high up, but I just really loved it.

I never thought they could top Whalemingo in terms of weirdly nice songs, but they did. Anyone who can come up with this and make a good song out of it deserves all of the medals.

It’s easily the weirdest song in the show and that’s what makes it so amazing. It’s one of those songs you just have to love because of how odd it is. It’s eeriy but quite lovely and is strong on every front.

That’s pretty much all I got, because the giant puppet told me to wrap it up. Overall, this is a weirdly beautiful song with a very strong tune and even stronger singing. It’s weird but still pretty amazing.

Giant Puppet; Remember to look into your souls and find the power to embrace love for all humanity!

2. Evil For Extra Credit [Where’s Perry?]

Written by Martin Olson, Dan Povenmire, and Jaret Riddick.

Oh yeah. I bet you’ve been waiting the whole list to see this one, and I bet you are happy to see it this high up. Because it really deserves it’s spot. It’s amazing.

The back story to the song partly explains why it’s one of the greatest villain songs ever. Carl is just a little unpaid intern who does not get much respect from Monogram, and when he turns evil he finally fights back. And of course, a song comes with it.

The story behind this helps make it even better than it already is. This is a guy finally fed with the treatment he gets, and despite all the show-y stuff, he’s pretty sympathetic and interesting here.

Of course this song is all bragging so none of that matters. What does matter is how awesome the song. No huge amazing reason, it’s just badass as all hell. The tune is gonna stick out the most to people and it’s amazing.

It’s a really awesome riff and while other aspects carry the song, this catches your attention first. We’ve seen rock riffs done on the show before but this is just a new level of awesome-ness.

It’s a badass tune that really helps make the other elements even better. Quite a while ago, I found that Carl’s voice actor is quite the singer, and ever since then I’ve wanted Carl to have a real song. Sure, Carl is an odd character to give a song but is her actor is good at singing, why not give him sooner?

Thankfully we got it and he does a great job. I’m sure what he sounds like on a more normal song but he carries this one very well. I can’t describe it but it fits Carl pretty well due to what is going on. Monogram even says he has “cleverly concealed singing chops”.

Evil Carl is just amazing. I’ve explained why he might be the best villain on the show, and his performance here is a part of that. He’s having so much fun with his evil-ness, and he even got his own backup singers!

Granted, I don’t think you could actually get extra credit for evil but it’s a cartoon, who cares.

The lyrics just add to the fun factor with everything Carl says:

If you’re looking for trouble
Well I think you’ve found it.
I park wherever I want
I dare you to impound it.

If I’m losing a video game
I just reset it
‘Cause I’m evil…

They aren’t the smartest ever, but they work pretty well. This whole song is just a ton of fun. I could try to analyze it like a boring critic, but I just love this song because it is fun. They wanted to take a concept as odd as an Evil Intern and have as much as fun with as possible.

They do a lot of fun gags with this and every aspect of the song works to make it as awesome it is. The tune is rocking, the singing is great, and the lyrics pack in some amusing moments.

Doof songs are fun too but this is a more competent villain so the way it’s done makes it even more fun. The fact that the tune is so well done just makes it even better. They clearly had fun making the song and it certainly rubbed off on me.

The length is even perfect. The soundtrack felt the need to repeat the chorus one more time, though. At !:48, it’s as long as it needs to be and every second of it is awesome. This song became popular for a reason.

…That reason being Carl has fangirls but the other reasons are solid too. This is just pure awesome from start to finish and it’s just plain fun. Really, what else could I possible say that you don’t already know?

Evil Carl was a great villain and this song fits him perfectly. It’s not only but very well sung and excellently produced. It deserves all the praise it gets, and that’s why it’s right at the start of my current top 10.

Evil for Extra Credit: Evil Carl is amazing….That is all.

With a 2nd top 40, you think there would not be honorable mentions but ….we have some. I have a top 100 so there’s room for a few songs that barely missed out on this list. Here are 5 of them:

Isabella’s Birthday Song [Happy Birthday, Isabella]: Told you this was a stand out Izzy song. It’s very well sung, kind of sweet, and quite funny, with a rather depressing undertone.

Everything’s better with Perry [Across the 2nd Dimension]: This started the movie right with an awesome tune and showing some good themes.

A Real Boy: Norm’s epic debut is awesome with good humor and epic rap skills.

When you’re Small [Hide and Seek]: A very creative and fun tune.

Give Up [Last Train to Bustville]: Only this show could do an awesome ironic tune about giving up. I’ll post the full 100 on Deviant Art at some point.

So with all of that covered, what the hell is my number one? What could possibly top them all? Well, the Next Best Phineas and Ferb song is….

1. Kick It Up a Notch [Across the 2nd dimension]

Written by Dan Povenmire, Swampy Marsh, Danny Jacob and Slash

I’ve had the idea for this list for quite a while and since then it has changed quite a bit, even after I posted part 1. But ever since I thought of the list I knew what my number one would be.

And it’s this. Since it is currently only number 8 on my full top 10, it’ll be weird to sell this as the best when it is technically not, but it is sure is the best song that could not be on my previous list.

I have no special reason for leaving it off, I just didn’t quite appreciate it until later. Either way, it’s awesome. It was an easy song to get right considering Slash asked to do it. No, they don’t ask him. He asked THEM.

Yeah, and the result is just pure rock and roll. This is another song a strong focus on a certain and here it’s obviously the tune. Everything just serves to make this one of the most badass songs ever.

The tune is incredibly awesome, with one hell of a riff. You just need to go listen to it to see why song is even here at all, much less number one. There’s even a long guiatuar solo in the middle that is awesome that I don’t mind that it wastes time.

Speaking of time, this is the longest song in the show proper at about 4 minutes. It is trimmed down in the movie though. Speaking of which, the DVD doesn’t have the song in the credits because they made it at the last minute, when the DVD’s were already being made.

Yes, they put this song in the credits at the last minute and it’s still awesome. The legnth lets them do a lot with the tune and it is amazing. I love it slowly builds up until it’s just an explosion of rock.

We’ve seen some good build up songs but this is just amazing. Phineas sings this and while the style doesn’t exactly show off his chops a ton, he still carries this song pretty well. He isn’t the best but he’s pretty good.

Even the visuals are awesome, with Slash shredding and using a bunch of clips from the movie. Now is how do you one of those movie music videos. Then of course we have the big where Doof-2 comes in, making things even more amazing.

Yeah, crankin’ up the evil!

I’ll cause political upheaval!

Kick it up a notch

Yeah, I’m gonna get medieval on you!

Hey, Doof-2 found rhymes for Evil! The lyrics mostly just serve to hammer in the point but they do add to the awesome-ness going on here, in a way.

Not talkin’ ’bout a mundane day of the week

This ain’t double dutch, kick the can, hide and seek, or hopscotch

So get yourself a platypus and a Dean guitar

‘Cause if you think this summer’s been great so far, just watch

We’ll kick it up a notch

They don’t quite mean anything but it works for the song. After that crazy movie and that sweet ending, we needed something incredibly epic to remind us of the themes of the show and all that.

The flow is pretty good, even if it has to go on for a few minutes, and put in Doof-2. They just keep kicking it up a notch with each verse and it just keeps getting better. They certaintly put a lot of effort into this to make it as epic as possibly.

What it possibly might lack in substance in makes up for in pure spectacle. Even the cut down version is pretty amazing. It’s just a freaking awesome song from start to finish. It pretty much represent the music of the show as they keep kicking it up a notch in each Season, with what they can do with the songs.

…Hey, I found another reason to make this Number one, other than me just liking it a lot. That was totally planned.

But seriously this song is just rocking, all the way. It’s got great build up and it just keeps getting better and better. I guess when you have someone like Slash on your song, it’s going to be amazing.

Really, what more could I say? It’s just pure rock and roll and it’s really kickass. It’s fun, has some strong lyrics and of course the tune is epic. It was the perfect way to end the movie, and a great to close out our list.

With it’s rock nature, Kick it up a Notch kicked it up many notches, and it is the next best Phineas and Ferb song. It’s awesome.

And finally, those are the next best Phineas and Ferb songs. I’m glad to have this and I hope one of your favorite made it on here. It was tiring but fun to count down 40 more awesome songs. Honestly, ranking them is hard since it all comes to personal preference.

So if you disagree with either list, then that’s fine. ….As long as you are nice, of course. That’s pretty much all I got for now. I’ll see you tomorrow for the grand finale to my P&F posts on this blog.

Tune in for Top 11 Phineas and Ferb Season 4 Episodes!

See ya.

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