I Didn’t Do It-Lindy Nose Best

Hello, Spongey here.

Well, we are the end of my rather length-y Tv review Marathon. Oh, I’ll do plenty more but this is the end of a certain martathon. There’s one recent one you may see in November or so. But for now, let’s end things with a pretty bad one.

And oddly enough, the show it’s from does not have my anger. It’s yet another Disney Sitcom known as I Didn’t Do It. The title sums up all of it’s flaws. Sort of. We’ve seen Disney sitcoms involve and sometimes get better, or change itself a bit by dropping elements that didn’t work.

But have you seen one almost change it’s image? That’s where this show comes it. The fomrula of each episode is that it starts with a crazy situation, usually our “heroes” getting in trouble and having to explain how it all happened.

You see the issue with this is. This show has been blasted for bad morals as displayed in the pilot and yada yada. I didn’t mind too much because honestly the pilot sums up all the bad elements of the show and it didn’t get too much worse than that.

Also ,the actors gave it some level of charm and all that. Then something happened. The main gimmick was dropped and most episodes just had a flash forward to a scene from later, and the misadventures were normal.

Then in Season 2 they changed the writing staff to Good Luck Charlie alumni and things got way different. Now it’s more about more character driven stories and the characters got a bit more likable. A lot of the conflicts come from them trying to do the right thing more than anything.

Especially Lindy who went from being mixed to terrible, to being alright. This change is very odd because now it doesn’t have too much to separate itself from some other shows especially since the writing is not exactly GLC level .
And while I am proud that they changed the show to make it less…bad, it’s dumb. If you had to pretty much change the shows premise to make it work, maybe making your show that way to begin with was a bad idea!

So when I see someone going on about how bad the show is, mostly going off early season 1, it pisses me off because Disney chose to do show this way instead of starting it was weak as it was. They pulled a Sanjay & Craig, big time.

With that off my chest, let’s dig into this Season 1 episode from the middle of the Season. Despite being after it got okay, it happens to be the worst episode of the show and one of the worst Disney sitcom episodes to boot.

Let’s just get this other with.

This, is Lindy Nose Best

I’ll skip the opening bit since we see it later. After the theme song, the episode proper opens with Lindy and Logan at lunch, as Logan announces that he got an B on his History paper, while Lindy got a B-. Logan is the idiot and Lindy is the know it all he tends to do well, so you see why this is odd.

“Maybe Buffington just does’t like ya”

Lindy goes to talk to him and we start our B plot. Jasmine walks in and notices that Logan is staring at a girl he likes. She thinks no one wants to take a chance on him because he has never had a girlfriend, and every girl would want him if he had some kind of ex.

And Jasmine conveniently has an Ex she wants to make jealous. Yep, it’s that plot. It’s…another case of a decent subplot but it sadly adds to the main problem in a way. Then we start the C plot. Yeah ,with this many characters there tends to be 3 plots.

Garret is on some sports team and the coach doesn’t treat him that well, which doesn’t sit with Dealiah. …This plots okay but kind of weak and it adds to the main plot as well.

Speaking of which, Lindy visits Mr Buffington and a couple okay jokes, she asks him why she got a weak grade.

“Giving a poor grade is the only power I have”

…This is going to be a problem in a minute. Lindy throws out the “you don’t like me’ theory and he somewhat confirms it. He even says he has good reason,so we get a flashback.

He is out with his girlfriend when Lindy butts in by commenting on how his nose looks normal now after he got some work done. She goes on for a while about how big his old nose is, and mentions his Ex-wife and kids, which ruins things with the girlfriend.

“You didn’t complement me, you stuck your two cents in’….Just because you have an opinion doesn’t mean everyone wants to hear it, Miss Watson!”

Keep that in mind for later, but for now, let’s bitch a bit. He has very good reason to dislike as she being kind of dumb and butting in. She doesn’t even apologize or feel bad at all. That will bite this episode in the ass later on.

He then changes her grade…to a C, simply because he does not like her. Um,that’s a dick move and you can get fired for doing crap like that. …He has every right to be angry yet they made him do this JUST to make it justified. That’s some bad writing right there.

So sets off our Somebody doesn’t love Raymond plot, and it’s worst take on it I’ve ever seen. Back in Garret’s plot, he talks to Coach about his problem and he’s had it with his treatment. This gets him kicked off the team. ….Not much to say so let’s move back to the Logan plot.

There’s a scene of Logan coming up with a back story for them which is kind of funny. After that we go back to Garret as he tells Delilah what happened. …And back to plot A. Yeah, it’s hard to recap episodes plots written this way.

Lindy tells everyone about we what happened, and they say she does tend to stick her butt in other people’s business. We get a montage confirming this, and we see her butting in usually has a bad effect on people.

Okay, so Lindy clearly has a problem that she needs to fix. She even says she doesn’t wanna be like this. …Since I’m reviewing this, you know this falls apart pretty soon. She decides to go make things right with Buffington, which everyone agrees is a good idea.

Which makes no sense given how they think about her other actions so far.

He’s video chatting with his currently girlfriend and Lindy shows up with Tammy to cheer him up. So I think we’ve learned that having a girlfriend named Tammy is always a bad right, right?

This does not go well with the current girlfriend, and him trying to cover it up just sinks him even deeper. Way to go Lindy. Yes, he isn’t too innocent so he wasn’t truthful about his exes and they shouldn’t have an issue with this…but the problem still stands.

Now, this does happen out of Lindy’s own stupidity and it’s not on purpose, and she kind of feels bad. That’s the only good thing I can say…and that falls apart later. After the commercial, Logan and Jasmine start to bond a bit for real.

Delilah talks to the Coach about Garrett and brags about how good he is. But she kicks a football very well and then it just cuts back to Logan and Jasmine. You should finish the scene before cutting, guys.

Lindy shows up why they are hanging out, and points out that the guys they are trying to make jealous already left. They do have decent chemistry, I’ll say that much. Speaking of Lindy, during History Class, she notices that he has a booger hanging out.

She wants to tell him but she doesn’t want to butt in. Great, they picked a context where butting it wouldn’t be the worst thing ever. Although if she did it would be embarrassing. She jumps out and jumps back, which ends up breaking his nose.

This time it’s her own fault, so haw. After another commercial, Delilah tells Garret that Coach put her on the team. She signed on because…uh…reasons. They fight about it and then our first part of the big problem shows up.

Lindy butts in and says that Garret should becoming a better kicker so Coach will notice him and Deliah should teach him. Then she tells Logan and Jasmine that they should go out if they really like each other, or knock it off if they don’t.

That’s right, the big issues of the subplot are not solved until Lindy butts in. Her own problem is shown as a good thing despite being nothing but problematic up to the this point.

You think that’s bad, just wait. Garret and Deliah go train and Jasmine and Logan head off. Lindy visits Buffington on his birthday. And here comes the oblgiatoty big moment I build up to.

“I have opinions Lots of Opinions. Are they always right? …Yes, because that’s my opinion! Even if you don’t agree, you take the good with the bad. I’m just trying to help, like I did with Logan and Jasmine”

Speaking of her help, Garret kicks so well that the football comes in and hurts Buffington even more. His cake catches on fire and the fire extinguishing goo gets on him.

“I wish it were the early 50’s, were it was still legal for a teacher to rap a student on the knuckles with a ruler!”

…well Lindy, I have opinions too. Like that THIS EPISODE SUCKS, as this is all why. Let’s just dissect this for a moment. Throughout the whole episode, Lindy butting in does NOTHING but bad things, not only to Buffington but in the past with her friends.

Then out of nowhere, it’s shown as good so she can defend herself. She does bad stuff the whole episode but the episode sides with her because reasons. Yes, she did those things by accident but she doesn’t feel bad because “You take the good with the bad”.

Nothing good happened to him because of you so what happened with your friends is not relevant. And you gotta love that line back there.

‘Are they always right? …Yes, because that’s my opinion!”

Our main character is basically allowed to be terrible because dur hurr it’s her opinion. That line is horrible and sinks this episode. Never make jokes with your moral. And then her influence in one plot hurts him more, which makes it even worse

Wait, this sounds familiar. A character acts bad and the episode has a moral that allows them to do what they did, and plays it for comedy. …This is Freaky Fido! It’s pretty much the same structure!

….And…it’s the same writer. …I don’t wanna judge him because these are the only bad things he wrote, sand he did the best Season 1 episode of this show. …But he also did the Halloween episode, where Lindy is a bitch again. …Yeah, I detect a pattern.

I’ve seen bad morals before, but this is some amazingly bad writing. And that ends 2 of the plots, so let’s finish the Logan plot.

Jasmine finally decides to admit that she might like him. However, Logan says that the whole plan worked and he bagged his girlfriend.


Jasmine drops what she was going to say and Logan leaves, leaving her kind of sad. …Whoa, did this episode just get come kind of emotion out of me, in a decently tragic way?

That’s…amazing. It’s actually one of the better things the show has done….and they build it on it! They made a whole arc out of this with many episodes, even going into season 2. Hell, this Friday’s episode is about it, making my timing amazing.

…And it’s in the worst episode. Ugh, this is Mastermind of Diastermind all over again. The episode ends with a gag regarding Garret and Delilah that doesn’t really add anything….except breaking Buffignton’s nose again.

A great note to end on.

Final Thoughts:

This episode was pirtcualrlly bad. It’s basically Freaky Fido and Review it Up mashed together. The Logan plot is decent and the actors give more laughs than the actual writing. But that can’t make up for the main plot’s problems.

At least with Freaky Fido, I wouldn’t want Avery to stop being herself for the most part. But here, Lindy has an actual problem.

Yes, she has an okay effect on Logan’s plot…but she doesn’t get a word in and Logan doesn’t listen, so it means nothing and while Garett ends up fine, this hurts the teacher even more.

Lindy does mostly bad things to people all through the episodes, but they just randomly pull out a moral that puts her in the right. I don’t think they are saying she was right to hurt Buffington but it is played for laughs and she doesn’t see it as bad.

She says she is always right, and it’s fine because it’s he opinion. This isn’t the kind of moral I wanted out of this plot anyway. Just feels weird. I would explain the correct version of the moral…but Buffignton did so earlier.

“Just because you have an opinion doesn’t mean everyone wants to hear it, Miss Watson”

I’ve never an episode do a bad moral but state the correct version in the same episode. Even putting that aside, this is mean spirited torture on top of all the other problems.

Want to see this done right? Watch the Good Luck Charlie episode Teddy’s Little Helper. In that episode, Teddy gets a weak grade due to a fault of hers, but it’s directly related to the assignment and not just cause the teacher doesn’t like her. His problem are related to how she does in school and not because of some other thing that makes her look bad.

And guess what? She ends up fixing that problem in the end, and despite one joke, she mostly learns the correct lesson. That’s how you do this. And guess what? The writer of that episode is currently on this show!

Wow, I think he saw this and decided to help fix their problems. Hell, both Dog With a Blog (ironically) and The Thundermans did this kind of thing better!

So yeah, this episode is just a mean spirited mess with bad writing with it’s moral that puts an asshole in the right. The only way to make it worse is if she was a more direct jerk, but it’s just as bad as it is.

I’m glad this show grew out of it’s flaws and moved on, because then we can just forget this episode ever happened. It’s many problem, it deserves to be the finale to our TV Marathon.

Grade: D

Whew, glad to get this off my chest. Yes, this is the Freaky Fido thing I mentioned in the bad episodes list. Trust me, the show learned it’s lesson, which is good. Don’t worry, more Tv Reviews will happen. I have some positives ones planned, and another kidcom one in November that’s…pretty interesting.

Now if you excuse me, I have some good Tv to finish a list for.

See ya.

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