Suite Life on Deck-Crusin’ for a Brusin’

Hello, Spongey here.

Our TV marathon is finally winding down, and it’s time for another tame one. Hell, it’s not even my least favorite episode of the show, but it is close. It also important because it ties into previous reviews, and kind of shows you some stuff that can be important if you want to write this kind of plot.

With that said, welcome back Suite life. We covered the original series’ biggest mistake as well as the movie of it’s spin off. Today, we look at a weak episode from said spin off. As I said before, On Deck didn’t quite match the orginal but I did enjoy it when it was good.

It did have flaws though which brings to this episode. It’s very odd in that it’s so close to workign but it falls short. It’s weird and I think it’s worth anyaz it and see what we can learn from it.

By the way, Bailey isn’t in it so that’s strike 1.

This, is Crusin’ For a Bruisin’

Writer: Danny Kalis

The movie episode starts with the gang watching some whales do whale things. After some jokes, Mosbey shows up and slips on some ice cream accidently dropped by Zack and Cody. Kirby, the fat seceuiry guard jumps in to save him but just crushes him.

“That’s gonna hurt in the morning”

Okay, nothing too bad so far but as you can tell, this part starts some rather awakard events. After the theme song, we see that Mosby is held up in the nurses’s office due to his junuries.

London shows up and procdes to make the problem worse.

“You’ve always been a little clumsy”

Okay, first problem: London. She’s pretty terrible in this episode, basically making his injuries and pretty much ignoring his pain. It’s some pretty bad flandierzed and every scene with her is painful.

Although this set is starting to sound familiar…

Anyway, Mosbey had to set up a party with the Captain but now he can’t do it and it’s u up to everyone else to do it. Mosbey doesn’t exactly trust them though. After what just happened, I can’t imagine why.

London tries to entertain him with kiddie stuff and fails miserably. She even tells him a dumb story but because she can’t read too good, it’s very slow and awful for Mosbey. She also tries to Besparkle his cast. Ugh, only Mabel is allowed to do to a body.

We cut to Kirby telling a story way too depressing to be funny, and his discussion with londo just causes a dumb gilligan cut to happen. Zack visits Mosbey and tries to actually make him feel better.

“You are a little clumsy”


To take his mind off of this, Zack brings a game: Dragon Quest. That’s right, that game from that one episode of the orginal series. Good callback but in this episode…it’s kidn of an insult.

Mosbey gets hurt but it’s clearly unintentional and Zack does seem to regret it. Keep that in mind. Next a clown comes in and it’s another scene that isn’t very funny. No pain happens at least.

Cody comes in after awards and they repeat the same gags from before. Cody calls Mosbey clumsy, they say the nurse won’t let Mosbey do work, and he gets hurt by accident at the end. Come on, it’s not hard to have more variety with your gags.

But once again, Cody clearly knows he is hurt and feels bad. Don’t worry, I’m going somewhere with this.

Next we see the kids trying to get the gift ready for the Captain’s Party but they ruin it. That should have been the actual plot instead of the torture we got instead. Kirby visits next and there’s a bit more variety here, as Kirby spends the whole scene feeling bad for Mosbey being hurt.

Mosbey asks Kirby him to out of here so we can do party stuff, which ends with him getting hurt. At least it’s his fault, and Kirby apologizes a lot.

“It’s just not your day, is it?”

That brings us to what i’ve been building up to. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll ntoice this send up has been done before…mostly in From Bad to Nurse and that Rocket Monkeys Episode I reviewed.

By all accounts this should basically be the live action version of it …and it almost is, but here’s the thing. As you saw, almost every actually feels bad for hurting Mosbey and even apologizes msot of the time.

That makes most of it less painful because no one means harm. In those episodes, they seemed to ignorant of the pain as they added to it.. Here they know he’s in pain and usually feel bad.

So why am I still reviewing it? Because it has still issues, but it has other things to save it. Mosbey overhears something and thinks the ship is in trouble and tries to get up and fix this.

See, he seems to be bringing this on himself, as he doesn’t’ just leave the fixing to everyone else. They pretty got it covered…but this scene is sort of contrived, so even that doesn’t 100 percent work in this context.

Anyway, he sneaks out and our heroes fix the bottle ship thing but when they hear Mosbey is missing, Cody and Kirby go to find him leaving Zack and London to work on the ship. It works out way better than it sounds. Some of it is even funny.

Thankfully, Mosbey shows himself, with no explanation is to how they couldn’t find it him, and says he’s here to fix everything. He gets hurt again, what a shock. Kirby does successfully cushion his fall, at least…even if Kirby landed on some of the others. Ouch.

They tell him that the tiny ship was broken, not the little one. Conflct resolved! The only thing lamer than that is the part where Mosbey accidentally breaks the thing again because he can never be happy in this episode.

Then the Captain appears in a big “wah wah” gag. And this is why I still reviewed the episode, but it’s not even the worst part of the ending. The final gag…sort of is, although it has a silver lining.

Thanks to that last bit, everyone is hurt and cooped up at the nurses with London slowly reading them a story. Yep, despite doing their best to help Mosbey and fix the party, they got hurt anyway, as did Mosbey.

Hooray. They came so close but they still ruined it in a way. Although they do throw pillows at London in anger but she goes on after it anyway. Bah. More below.

Final Thoughts:

This is an example of being so close, yet so far. I have to give the writer credit for trying here, as he tried to make this typically bad plot work. However, it’s got too many problems. Mosbey’s pain is too harsh to really be funny, and there’s way too much of it. London is also pretty bad on top of that. Also, given the concept of trying to all help with an important party, Bailey’s absence is indeed weird, although not an actual problem.

Lacking the best character doesn’t help though. I actually think the premise had poteionel in some area. Just focus on how Mosbey makes it worse for himself by trying to leave to take care of things himself. Have him learn to accept help in some way, or just make the torture more jsuticed.

The ending is kind of insulting. The characters who actually show compassion for Mosbey get punished and London gets off scott free and is the one to punish them. That’s why this episode got a review.

That, and it’s interesting. They honestly tried to do something good with this plot, but just made too many mistakes. It deserves to be studied, as an example of how you can almost save an episode, and this plot spefically.

Clarence got close too by making it so Belson did something to deserve but they also ruined it with a bad ending. Can this plot be done right? I don’t know, but this example gets credit for trying, and while it’s about tied for worst episode of the show, I can’t really hate it like I do with others.

It’s not very good, but it’s not too bad either. It’s at least worth studying, as weak as it is.

Grade: C

With that, we’re almost done. Join me next time for the 2nd worst thing I’ll review in this marathon. Not quite #MadAboutShoe bad…but really close.

See ya.

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