Victorious-Tori Gets Stuck

Hello, Spongey here.

There won’t be much of an intro for this one. I’m not as passionate about this one but I felt I still had to tackle this one to complete the Dan Shcnider set. We went over Drake and Josh and Sam and Cat, so let’s look at one of his other big shoes.

…Yeah, no iCarly in this set of reviews because everyone knows what’s wrong with iMeetFred and the like. If I find a really bad one only a few people have discussed, I’ll look into it. As for now, let’s look into Victorious.

I feel the same about this one as I do with iCarly. It’s a weird kind of a guilty pleasure. Some of the time it was just another dumb guilty pleasure, but it has plenty of actually good moments and interesting episodes. And they both have real flaws that drag them down.

But in the end it’s alright, mostly cuz I like the actors involved. The flaws are about the same as in the other Dan shows, with mean humor and all that. This did have a bit more than iCarly though, leading to a few…problematic episodes.

But I’m more interested in talking about Jade. She’s the obligatory female character that people hate. As for me, I give her a pass, more so than Sam at least. See, with how she’s written, she’s not really supposed to be all that likable to begin with. She’s not exactly a villain like Megan, but she is supposed to be the weird bitch-y one and she is sort of dark with her humor.

It’s hard to describe, but she’s not a “hero” like Sam is supposed to be. But of course, there are many times where she goes too far. This episode is an example of that. It actually has one saving grace that almost made me drop this from my hit list, but I went through with it anyway.

So let’s take a look.

This, is Tori Gets Stuck

Writer: Jake Farrow

The episode starts in class with Sizowitz doing his thing.

“Let’s discuss acting!”

Since we’re in a nick Kidcom, I don’t think this will be a polite discussion.

More spefically, he shows them the cast list for a play they are doing. Jade wants the lead because…reasons. Yeah, here’s our first problem. The whole hinges on her wanting the lead…and we are not given any reason to why should she would want to be the lead.

I’ve never seen her as attention hog-y and this is a fairly cheery part. Not exactly fit for her. So the whole catlst for the plot doesn’t even make sense!

Spoilers, she didn’t get the lead. Instead, the part will be played by Tori. Jade…isn’t happy. But she is her understudy, meaning if Tori gets sick or something, Jade gets the part.

“Yeah, if you get sick…or go missing…or get hit by a bus!”

….I’m scared. Wait, if you do end up doing something bad, now everyone will suspect you and boom, no part for you.

After the intro, the director tells Jade to stomp on an apple, it’ll make her look like more of an apple. Her anger is…more uncomfortable than funny. Tori gets a call from “Some guy who works for lady gaga”.

Apparently he claims they are looking for backup dancers for a music video and they want her. She buys this for a bit because she’s an idiot. They don’t even try to fool the audience because it’s so obviously a trick from Jade.

Thankfully this hits her right away and calls her out on it. And yeah, this is most of the episode. Jade trying to get Tori off the play. Besides the reason I mentioned, this mostly doesn’t work because…they go too far with it, as you’ll see.

We get a peek of the play which is…well an accurate portrayal of a high school play. Some guy shows up with flowers that she’s allergic to. She catches onto Jade’s plan before she touches them. I swear, this kind of thing could work but I don’t know how they could have made it work better.

Aside from fixing the ending but we’ll get to that. They hear that Robbie is in the hospital and they go there to see what’s up. This is basically a contrived way to get us the most horrifying part of the episode.

Robbie explains what happened. As a kid, he swallowed a toy car and it just now became a problem. It took 10 years for that thing to try to come out and get stuck? Then again I’m no medical experiment, but I’m sure Jake Farrow isn’t either.

They can’t just slice him open to get the car out because he has a rare blood type and they don’t have enough. And of course Tori happens to have that type. She has to stay here to give blood and she will miss the play.

Yes, this was Jade’s idea. It’s convenient Robbie got hurt so this could happen. Jade had no part in this so it’s just sort of weird.

While this is going on, there’s a weird subplot with Trina. See, she’s playing a character who has some weird disease and her coughing and hacking isn’t accurate, so while she’s here she finds a guy with that disease to perfect her coughing.

It’s…not funny. It’s just really awkward. Hey, wouldn’t this plot make more sense with Trina? She’s the bitch who wants the spotlight all the time. Anyway, Tori gives some blood …which Jade takes so they have to get more blood.

And this is the horrifying part. This is not the worst thing she could do but…yikes, that is harsh. She’s gonna miss the play as it is so why go even further? Plus, the hospital has some issues if she can just take it easily with no one seeing.

Here’s a way to fix this: Don’t have Jade so anything as messed as this. It gets worse later. Also, Tori is in fact stuck at this hospital. ..Yeah, lame way to get the title in.

Also, Robbie has Spongebob underwear.

Tori gives another pint…and the packet of blood is ruined thanks to Robbie. Okay, this hospital officially sucks if this happens. And come on! This isn’t evne Jade’s fault, it’s just contrived torture for the sake of it!

So she ends up giving more and makes it on the time for the play, but Jade does not interfere, mostly cuz Tori so woozy she can’t act right anyway. Why was she even allowed to go up there after giving 3 pints of blood anyway?

Woozy Tori is kind of amusing, I suppose. Eventually she faints.

JADE: I’ll go get her dress off

…No comment.

Sikowitz stops Jade even through she’s the understudy. Why?

“You’ve been acting like a gank act all week”

…Wait…Jade actually loses as a result of what she did? …Holy crap, one of these shows managed to know that bad people should be punished!

I almost let this episode off scot free due this, and almost reviewed Brain Squeezers. I have slightly to more to say on that one (which is equally bad, maybe even worse)….but it’s still flawed.

She loses…but gets no real comppuance. She doesn’t get a part. That’s it. With that the blood thing, she needs actually punishemtn. These plots usually work if the bad guy is punished in the end.

Maybe you could rework it so the blood part Is brought up at the end and Jade has that blood type, so she has to give blood and miss the thing, after somehow getting Tori hurt ot suck. It would be funny karma

But instead, she just loses. It’s a step in the right direction but just a small one.

The part instead goes to Sikowitz. Now that’s funny. And thankfully this is where it ends, on an actually funny part. They got the ending half right. Now try making it so the rest is funny and you have a good episode!

Final Thoughts:

Like I said, I almost didn’t’ review this one because the villain loses, making it better than most torture episodes I cover. But I decided why not because I had some commets about this kind of thing than I did with Brain Squeezers. I’ll do a Leftovers post covering episodes I didn’t fully review, so I’ll cover it then.

But yeah, okay ending aside this episode was very very not good. The main problem is that the writers once again don’t know how to torture humor. A plot with Jade (or anyone) stopping her from being in the play could have worked.

But the way to do if through some zany schemes. Keep it goofy and then her just losing would be a lot more stastying. The problem is that her plans get way too harsh and the pacing is too slow is to really make up for these problems.

She has like two plans before we move on to the Robbie stuff. My suggestion would have fit more, because there’s a lot of filler at the hospital like the stuff with Trina. Also, give us an actual reason for Jade wanting the lead so badly because as it is, it doesn’t feel 100 percent right. That’s a nitpick but it does add up with all the other problems

Needless to say, a lot of this isn’t funny. Some of the gags are kind of amusing but none of the torture is all that funny. Jade losing puts it above #MadAboutShoe or iMeetFred but it doesn’t’ make up for the other flaws.

The worst part is Robbie’s part at the end. Again, it wasn’t Jade’s fault so it just feels contrived. At least before it was coming from a person with an actual motivation!

So yeah, It’s too harsh, it’s a lame torture episode, it doesn’t make much sense and it’s poorly paced. Pretty typical aside from the blood stuff, but bad-ness is bad no matter what the level is.

I don’t feel as strongly about this one due to the ending, so sorry for not getting too angry. Brain Squeezers would have been even weaker so be glad I had SOMETHING to say.

I’m sure this show has worst episodes than these, and I’m even surer that you will all tell me. For now, this episode is bleh.

Grade: D-

Next is something fairly tame, and maybe not even bad. But it’s something I think deserves to be discussed.

See ya.


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