Top 40 Next Best Phineas and Ferb Songs (Part 3)

Hello, Spongey here.

Welcome to part 3 of my 2nd huge look at good Phineas and Ferb songs. We’re close to done, and as I established this time, with this one we’re getting into the real songs. The ones that are in my current top 40, or as just as good as them. You can consider the first half the Honorable Mentions and this half the half list.

First, Recap:

40. Doofenshmirtz Evil Hideout Vacation Swap

39. Happy New Year

38. Going Deep Into Your Mind

37. Extraordinary

36. Tomorrow is This Morning Again

35. Brand New Best Friend

34. Interface

33. Giant 3D Scrapbook

32. In The Empire

31. No Momo

30. Shark of Danville Harbor

29. All the Convoluted Reasons we pretend to be Divorced

28. Lies

27. Troy Song

26. Untieable Knot

25. Get Down

24. Half a Day

23. Livin’ With Monkeys

22. Livin’ in a Funhouse

21. Brave New World/Professer Elemental Future Past

Now onto my Top 40 Next Best Phineas and Ferb Songs (Part 3)

20. OWCA’s Going Down [Phineas and Ferb Save Summer]

Written by Mike Bell, Danny Jacob, Martin Olson, and Dan Povenmire

Save Summer had the fewest songs of any specials, but they still managed to be memorable. As much as I love Irving’s big solo, I have to give the spot to this song. It’s always great when this show uses it’s songs to homage certain styles or specific songs.

And it was only a matter of time before they did West Side Story. The members of LoveMuffin are capturing the OWCA agents for reasons I may or may not get into later. The point is they do it West Side Story style.

The first awesome thing about this song is how surprisingly competent the members of Lovemuffin are here. Given who is in their ranks, it’s really cool to see them take over so quickly. This isn’t the first time they did that, since they somehow captured all the agents back in Robot Rodeo.

I think when they work together, they do a good job. And they are even better when they have a song to go with it. This song is pretty simple when it comes to everything, especially the beat.

It’s the sort of tune you expect from this style and that’s about it, and everything else is simple too. But just the style and situation is enough to make it work really well. Plus, it manages to flow pretty well and put in everything you need for a good song.

Every aspect works to use the style perfectly, and it all works. The lyrics basically have them talking about how they are taking OWCA down, and we get the usual clever stuff you expect.

Don’t eyeball me,
Just look askance,
Your team was run aground,
You say you didn’t eat those plans,
But here’s the ultrasound.

There are other songs that are better with lyrics, and everything else, but the style makes this one stand out. I also really like the build up before the song actually starts. It’s pretty cool.

I can’t really talk about the singing since most of it is everyone singing at once instead of just one guy. They do pretty well but I can’t exactly “review” the singing. I do like having them all sing at once, at least.

Later down the list, I’ll go into how some P&F songs work as parody’s and how they get it right, but now I’ll say this is a good example of that. It does a certain style but it makes sense in the show’s universe and they put their own spin on it with the humor.

It’s a style I happen to like so that’s why it’s on the list. Plus the situation itself is awesome and every aspect works like usual. It’s funny, it flows and it has a situation that’s really cool to see, with some awesome moments.

It’s one of those songs where they didn’t have to try hard to make it great, since the concept is just great on it’s own. Thankfully, they put enough effort for me to love it. It’s another case where the nature of the song leads to me making the section short.

So in short, this is another example of how they can capture a certain style perfectly, with some funny lyrics, catchy beat, good flow, and an awesome situation.

With a song this good, I don’t mind seeing OWCA go down.

19. Let’s Take a Rocket Ship to Space [Out to Launch]

Written by Jon Colton Barry, Swampy Marsh, Martin Olson, Dan Povenmire, and Bobby Gaylor

Hey, it’s a Season 1 Song! I almost forgot about those.

This is yet another song that creates a certain mood. While Phineas and Ferb try to create their Rocketship, this jazzy song pops up. I’m surprised this show hasn’t odne jazz that often, because this song did it amazingly well.

This song is really relaxing with the atmosphere it creates. Once again the lyrics, tune, and singing all work to create this effect. I know I say that a lot but a lot of songs do that and it’s really impressive.

I think the tune stands out the most. The whole Swing/Jazz thing works so well and it’s really catchy and one done on top of being relaxing. It’s the kind of song I just like listening to, more so than some of the crazier ones.

I especially like the little bits in between the verses, it’s really nice. This is a very well made song, especially for Season 1.

The singing really helps too. Danny Jacob is especially good here and his voice fits. It’s weird how he can some heavy songs than also come back and do this. It’s really impressive and he helps make this song so good.

This is a case where the soundtrack version helped it, even though it’s not extended, sadly. The extra oomph that Soundtrack quality gives it just makes it even better. There are some slight changes in lyrics, and one bit from the credits version makes it in, but it’s mostly the same.

It’s okay in length but being a bit longer would help it a lot. The whole song has a high quality to it that a lot of Season Songs didn’t quite have, even the best ones like Busted. I can see it being in later seasons, even though it’s a lot simpler.

It’s one of the more “repayable” songs on here as I found myself listening to it more than the other entries on here. It’s just so relaxing and well done. Every aspect works really well, with the tune being incredibly well made and the signing being quite solid.

The lyrics mostly just add to the other stuff, but of course they work very well:

Let’s take a saucer to the stars
Look out moon, move over Mars
The Martians all rock
To Basie and Bach
So bring your maracas and your jazz guitars

The tune and singing are the strengths rather the lyrics but they are good too.
This song is a bit forggont among the other Season 1 classics, but it does deserve to be higher on lists.

This whole episode is a bit underrated due to all the other 22 minute eps being more memorable, but this one did have a lot of memorable moments. Most people remember the other song in the episode more for reasons.

This song is just further proof that these guys do any style justice and create magic. It creates an excellent atmosphere and it’s really enjoyable and well made. It also has some funny visuals with the failed attempts at making the rocket ship, which has a weird but funny punchline.

The only reason this wasn’t on my orginal list is that others just stood out more, but it’s still great.

Once again, that’s all I got. It’s a really made swing/jazz song with great atmosphere and every element working very well. It’s a great classic that holds up very well.

And our next entry is equally relaxing.

18. Drusselstein Driving Test Waltz [The Doonkleberry Imperative]

Written by Jay Lender and Martin Olson

Fooled you! Jokes aside, I think this is the funniest song in the whole show.

Let me explain. Doof goes back to Drusselstein to renew his driver’s license and he must take his driver’s test. To get why this is funny, I have to set it up further.

Doof is nervous and makes excuses not to start, so the teacher calls him a choker and has a goat push the car off a cliff so it goes way down a hil. Then suddenly a German sounding guy pipes in singing about how dangerous the test is and how he should look out for stuff.

Just the context makes this one hilarious. It comes right out of nowhere and is so crazy. No one expected a random German Waltz to pipe in while taking his driving test. The song itself is incredibly random and the context, along with the content makes it really hilarious.

It’s hard to really explain the song itself but I’ll try. The Waltz style of the song makes it really unique and it works really well. The tune isn’t the most melodic on its own but it’s really cool and gives the song its edge.

For a joke song, it flows pretty well as a song as it goes on with its insanity. They pack in tons of words into a short time and it takes advantage of every second. As I said, every aspect adds to the hiltiry of the song, and the unique tune and flow is part of that.

The most impressive aspect is the singing. It’s Aaron Jacbob again and holy crap he’s amazing. He can do this German voice really well while still being a solid singers. He takes this craziness really seriously and helps make this even funnier.

As you can tell, he loves crazy songs. This is one song I can’t sing properly due to the accent, but it is fun to sing due to how crazy it gets near the end.

The lyrics mostly describe the crazy things that happen and the dangerous of the test, and each bit is funnier the last. There’s so much creativity on display here, it’s insane.

Gas! Shift! Brake! (ooh…)
Drinking coffee’s a big mistake
Try not to plunge into ze lake
Ven you’re doing ze Drusselstein Driving Test Valtz

I also like how the intense the song is. The situation itself is pretty freaky despite being played for laugh, and you can just feel it. By the end, the song gets crazier and it works really well. I actually think this works better in the episode, than on the soundtrack.
The visuals and sound effects really add to the comedy, and this is the type of song you watch rather than listen to, hence why it’s not higher. However, it works enough on it’s own to be this high.

Everything about the song is just hilarious. The insane nature of it is enough to make it comedy gold, but the situation and visuals makes it even better. This whole scene is just off the wall hilarious. Besides everything I mentioned, there’s little moments like Perry writing his will.

It’s so random but it fits and made for one of the funniest scenes in the whole show. Plus, it’s a really well made song on it’s own with it’s tun and singing. They did another song like this, with the same singer, with The Dance of Contrion. That one is good too but not as funny as this one.

By the way, this test is really unfair. Even taking the goat thing away, you still have to drive down this dangerous hill and go around this crazy city. There’s an actual game of this on the Disney website, and after playing it, I see why Doof failed. Fun game, too and this song playing is part of the fun.

This is one of the most creative songs in the show, because no one would have predicted this type of song coming. Even in Season 3, they had amazing and creative ideas to spare.

As a whole, this is a hilarious song which a perfect situation and a unique style that makes it the highlight of the episode. It’s a fun ride that makes you really glad you don’t live in Drusselstein.

Now we’re getting into the real songs. The rest of the 17 songs on the list, are currently in my top 40, and we have older songs I grew to like more and newer songs. Let’s so this starting with …my actual Number 40 spot now.

17. Summer Belongs to You/Summer (Where Do We Begin) [Across the 2nd Dimension]

(SBTY written by Dan Povenmire, Swampy Marsh, Martin Olson, and Danny Jacob)

(Summer WDWB written by Dan Povenmire, Swampy Marsh, Martin Olson, Jon Colton Barry, and Robert F Hughes

Yes, that’s right. We have a tie. But I don’t think that’s the part you are shocked about. You’re more shocked to see the former song here at all, or if you don’t know me, to see it so low or not on the first list.

Hype Backlash is funny. When something is popular, people are bound to hate it just because it’s popular. I’ll be the first to say hype Backlash is dumb but I played right into it. The big emotional songs tend to be the most popular, and they just simply aren’t my favorites.

So seeing it be called the best thing ever when I thought it wasn’t was…yeah. I never disliked the song, though. It was always on my top 100 somewhere, but I just didn’t get an appreciation for it until later.

I do apologize for that mess. As for the other song, I never had a beef with it but I did have a similar issue with it getting a lot of praise. In the end, I like both songs about equally and there’s nothing you will do to change that.

With that said, they are both great in their own way. I’ll be talking about the latter a bit more cuz SBTY has been talked about so much that I don’t have a ton of new things to say,

But let’s start with that one. It’s pretty much the perfect ending song for this special. The big strength is how much it perfectly caps off the story, by displaying its core themes and showing how far the characters have gone.

The song is also incredibly upbeat, from the lyrics to the visuals. Those are the main things that make this song so popular. The core themes of the show are displayed here in a pretty memorable fashion.

I think the tune might be my favorite part of this song. It’s so catchy and I love the trumpets going on here. It does a good job building up to the chorus, which is the strongest part.

That’s not to discredit the rest of the song. The visuals, while basic are just as upbeat as the rest of the song. The lyrics do a good job at telling the moral and showing what the characters went through, especially Candace’s part:

I traveled halfway ’round the world
And almost turned and ran away
But you helped me get my courage back
So now I’ve got to say
That though I’ve often thought of you
As just a nuisance and a bother
Today I can’t imagine
Having better little brothers!

I think that’s my favorite part, in both lyrics and vocals. Oh, and those are great too. Putting Vincent, Alyson, and Ashley in a song will do that. And in the orginal demo track, they have Olivia Olson and Danny Jacob to make it even better.

Though I prefer Ashley’s version of Candace’s part, since it sounds more personal that way. Everyone gives some of their best work, including Alyson. We’ll get back to her later down the list.

I’m surprised it flows as well as does, given its roughly 3 minutes, making it the longest song to be in an actual episode. (Kick it up a Notch is the longest original song though). It doesn’t get overly repetitive, at least not as much as some songs. (Cough you’re Not Ferb)

Now, if I all these nice things to say about it, why did I have an aversion to it? Why isn’t it any higher?

Well, it mostly ties into my personal musical tastes. As a Disney channel “Fan” you know they are very refined. Jokes aside, when it comes to music I tend to prefer stuff that’s more…specific rather than general.

You know, songs about a certain character or setting rather than a general type song. Something about more to it just one message or instrument, though it does depend on the context.

That’s why I tend to prefer emotional songs like Ducky Momo is my friend over something like Happy New Year, cuz it relates to you through something specific instead of something vague.

At least that’s how my P&F taste works. The more ambitious and odd songs such as Way of the platypus appeal to me more than something like this. I understand a lot of people prefer the emotional ones and I understand why. We all have different tastes and I get it.

With that said, I still dig this song because of the situation it talks about. The ordeal Candace and the others went through and all that. It uses enough specifics to make it special, and that tune is incredibly catchy.

But I do think they could have changed a few verses to specifically reflect other characters like Buford. Maybe they can rework the plot so Vanessa can be here to sing, I don’t know

Although another reason I wasn’t as rosey on this one for a while is that it was a bit…depressing for me. I don’t know why but when I thought about this song, I remembered all the emotion stuff in this episode and it got a bit too depressing for me.

So for a while I prefer hearing the song while watching the episode than on it’s own. Yes, it’s silly but I recently got over it. Now I think of it more highly and I love it.

Now onto Summer, Where do We begin. It’s a different beast from SBTY, as it serves as a mid-movie inspirational piece. Phineas-2 and Ferb-2 have no idea what Summer is and the boys use this to explain it.

So it doesn’t have quite the same emotion and it is more general ….yet I enjoy it more. It’s much more rocking and as a result it’s more fun to listen to it. It is also more creative lyrics as it lists stuff summer has.

Plus, it actually transitions into the P&F theme before they realize they are going too fast. Using a song in my top 5 is a good way to my heart.
However, it mixes fast paced catchy-ness with some softer parts. They juggle these two well and they build to the chorus perfectly. The soundtrack version even starts more slowly before really taking off, which I really like.

The lyrics do such a good job at capturing what Summer is and they use some good example:

Summer is ponds and pools and garden hoses, trying to beat the heat.
Summer, bicycles and roller skates and even just bare feet.

The creativity of the lyrics make this one stand out a bit more than the general lyrics of SBTY. As a song meant to inspire other character, it works very well. But since SBTY is far more meaningful, I can see some people like it more.

I like how this one has different sections that flow well together. It makes this one more creative in its composition. SBTY represents the themes of the show and the season itself is a backdrop. This one is about the actual Season and what it means to the characters.

Oh, and Phineas does a good job singing. Not much to say there. Though there are two different versions of the song with different singers. There’s the Danny Jacob version which served as a guide track for Vincent.

That one’s pretty good and I think Danny does a better job at the slower parts, while Vincent is better in the fast part. Though like with Ashley vs Olivia, Vincent singing it means more.

But I do like how in the Danny Version, it goes further into Today’s Gonna be a Great Day before he stops.

There’s also a Latin Spanish Rock cover by some band called Rock Bones. That one’s also really good, though being in Spanish it doesn’t have as much impact. They also did a Brazilin Portuguese version of that cover and the same review applies.

I have no special reason on this song for not liking it as much as other people. I just prefer more creative songs I guess. But I get the love for this one a bit more.

It does a great job being a mid movie inspirational song and it works on all fronts. It has creative lyrics, it’s sweet, it’s fun and it flows really well. It’s also a bit rock-y and I prefer rock to Pop any day of the week. Though I guess this is kind of pop-y.

Oh, and before I forget, there’s a joke in Fly on the Wall where the kids sing one bit of the song and..

“Yeah, we all know the song. But I’m not exactly sure how…”

Haw….wait that verse wasn’t even in the movie.

But anyway, both of these songs capture this scenarios really well and they both excel in every area. SBTY is very upbeat and with its themes, it’s a great cap to a great episode. Summer WDWB perfectly represents Summer and it’s really catchy.

Just cuz I don’t adore the songs as much as you doesn’t mean you should stop loving it. I don’t have to say it but these lists are all opinion based, so no one is wrong or right. Except me, I’m always right. …Plus, it’s now on my Top 40, just barely.

Besides, SBTY is more or less designed to the best. And when something is made to be the best, calling it your favorite is a bit…too easy. That’s why I prefer giving best awards to something I consider the best instead of the objective best. Hence why Nerds of a Feather is above SBTY. SBTY is the “Best” but I like NOAF more so that’s the favorite.

“But aren’t your favorite Season 1 and 3 episodes Dude we’re getting the band back together and Where’s Perry, which are meant to the best?”

Shut up.

I think the important lessons to learn are as follows: Don’t hate something cuz it’s popular, and my musical taste is kind of terrible. In the end, these songs are awesome, I just happen to like others more.

Though I don’t think SBTY isn’t the best objectively. A song way later down has that honor. If it makes you feel any better, putting these on my Top 40 knocked Gitchite Gitchie goo off the list. Yep, although if either of these 2 songs didn’t exist, I’d just tie GGG with the remaining one. All are great ‘overrated songs.

(GGG gets flack for being overrated but SBTY doesn’t for some reasons)

Weather you prefer it when Summer belongs to you, or when it begins, there’s no denying these songs are emotional, have catchy tunes, good singing, and great lyrics. I apologize for my aversions to them from before.

As a side note, someone refused to read my previous list because SBTY wasn’t on it. I hope no one else will be like that with this being low.

I think you get it. I suck and these songs rock. So let’s move on.

16. Floor After Floor [The Doof Side of the Moon]

Written by Martin Olson, Swampy Marsh, Dan Povenmire, and Jon Colton Barry

This entry seems a bit odd. I mean, it’s good but compared to other songs it doesn’t seem good enough to be higher than our last few entries. Well, I think this one’s great in a more subtle way. Let me explain.

The song revolves a giant building the boys are making, and the we see it going higher and higher as it’s being made. This song is a very simple one but it’s excucted in an impressive way.

Every aspect is rather simply but they combined to create a really cool song. Much like Rocketship, it is rather relaxing and well made. It starts out very simple but more is added to it as it goes along.

The tune itself is pretty simple but it manages to be pretty catchy, even at the start. The wiki doesn’t say the genre, and that’s likely cuz it’s hard to pin down. As the song goes along, there’s some singing that goes on at the same time, but then you realize another verse is pretty much being sung at the same time.

They switch a few times, and it keeps building until it gets to the awesome chorus. It gets repetitive here but it works due to how they built it up. It’s hard to explain but it’s a lot like…a building.

Yeah, it just keeps building with each part until it stands strong. That …was likely intentional. It’s really well done and it’s the kind of song you can’t really sing by yourself. It would be perfect as an acapella cover, actually.

I can’t really talk about the singing since it’s pretty normal. The singer adds to the feel of it but there’s nothing to discuss here. I don’t know even know who it is cuz the wiki says it’s Aaron Jacob, Danny Jacob, Dan, and Swampy. Somehow all at the same time. Huh.

The lyrics mostly have a bunch of fancy words about building but they do get lodged in your head thanks to the way the song is done.

Stacking steel, laying bricks,
Pounding nails, and moving up quick.
2-by-4s and RSJs,
Concrete blocks and bales of hay.

But really, it’s the flow and composition that makes this one stand out. It has so much going on but it flows so well. It’s very relaxing and fun to listen to it, with a lot to love. The visuals are also creative with how they make the building.

This song is brilliant in a very subtle way that’s more impressive than some other songs. It may not stick out as much as other songs in my top 40, but I think it’s awesome either way.

There’s a Special Feature on the “A Very Perry Christmas” DVD that goes into the making of the songs, and this one is used as the bias. It’s really interesting and this song certainly deserved to be used as an example. As such, the demo is just as good as the final version.

As a whole, this song is simple but quite brilliant in its execution and flow. It just keeps building to create a truly memorable and fun song. Sure, other songs might be better but I think it’s pretty awesome.

So yeah, I suppose we can keep on building to the next song. …Sigh, I hate myself.

15. Mix and Mingle Machine [Cheer up Candace]

Written by Jon Colton Barry, Micheal Diedrich, Martin Olson, Martin Olson, Dan Povenmire, and Perry Zombolas.

I said just a few entries ago that Drusselstein Driving Test Waltz was the funniest song in the show…but this is a close 2nd.

Phineas and Ferb make a machine that will help Candace meet a new person every 2 seconds, and there’s a song about it. The very nature of this song leads to a ton of gags. I mean, a new characters pops up every few seconds for a quick gag.

This allows the writers to really come up with creative ideas, and doing it in song makes it even better. This song is rather impressive. You gotta come up with a bunch of gags to use for each character, AND you gotta have them rhyme.

They managed to pull it off really well, and make it really catchy. I’m kind of surprised this song doesn’t get more attention, because it has great humor and flow. It goes from each character to the new, seamlessly while still being really funny.

Each character is memorable in their own way and each gag is funnier than the last. They come up with some really creative things here. The fact that each character is supposed to be random, gives the writers an excuse to have weird rhymes, and it fits.

The main chorus isn’t anything amazing but it is really catchy, and it’s the verses that stick out. I don’t want to spoil all the gags but trust me, they all work pretty well. Here’s a taste:

I raise rats.
My tooth fell out.
I love to dance when I have the gout.
I like to shoot a bow and arrow.
I like to dance just like a pharaoh.
I’m very small, I need a booster.
I’m being followed by a rooster.
Yeah, I’m followin’ him.

The only bad thing about this song is that the nature of it means it can’t be as grand or good as some other songs. It’s more a fast joke song than a real song, and while it works, it still means it has to be a bit lower on the list.

By the way, one gag has a guy taking off his pants and giving them to Candace. No comment.

I can’t comment on the signing since this is a spoken word song, but all the voices work pretty well and make each gag funnier. The chorus sounds pretty good but it’s done to make it sound like a bunch of people so I can’t comment on the singing there.

The song is mostly there to give us a bunch of gags and it works really well in that regard. While it’s not quite as crazy as Drusselstein Driving Test Waltz, the comedy is just as strong with all the different gags they come up with.

I think this one flows better as a song on its own, hence why it’s higher. While this song isn’t art by any means, it is impressive with how they make everything flow perfectly. It’s one of the more memorable gag songs, since it has many gags instead of just one.

I do wish it was longer, though. It’s got a decent runtime but I think it ends a bit too soon, but I guess I just didn’t want it to end.

It flows very well, it has creative lyrics, and tons of funny and creative gags. Wait, I said creative twice. Ah well. It’s a very enjoyable song that does what it does really well, and for that, I say it made a very good impression.

…But seriously, who let that guy who takes off his pants on there?

14. Frenemies [Lotsa Latkes]

Written by Dan Povenmire, Swampy Marsh, Martin Olson, and Robert F Hughes.

Sometimes just having a great concept will sell a song. In this case, it’s having Buford and Baljeet basically summing up their relationship. The title alone tells you all you need to know. My brother has this one as one his favorites, and I can see why.

I’ll get my only criticism out of the way: It’s one of those songs that is split up into sections throughout the episode. I hate it when they do that, it makes it feel disjointed and I can’t fully enjoy it while watching the episode.

But otherwise, this is one fun song. Yet again it leaves me with little to discuss but I’ll try. This is kind of like My Nemesis in that it’s a cheery song summing up a relationship and it’s even better than that one.

The context is that that they are doing a show tune to impressive some old people. The fact that they made this the subject of that song is really funny. This song perfectly sums up what their relationship is like, although it would fit Doof and Perry better. If Perry could sing.

The strength of this one is just the tone of all. The tune itself is incredibly catchy and from it we have some good chemistry between Buford and Baljeet. Just the whole situation is enough to make this one worthy of the list.

Despite the interruptions, it flows pretty well in each part. It’s just the transition to each part that is a bit messy. It’s a show tune sort of thing and it works perfectly for the situation and makes for a really catchy tune.

Naturally, they come with creative and fun ways to talk about their relationship. The lyrics have some funny comments coming from what these 2 say, and it just adds to the humor.

If I were dangling from a ledge he’d
Surely save me with a wedgie
I’m smart, perhaps a bit refined
And I’m a bit more edgy.

While this is mostly a Comedy song given the situation, it works as a way to sum up their relationship, even if it isn’t exactly deep. The signing isn’t exactly meant to be amazing so it works in the way it should, and these 2 do sound very good together.

This is another one of those songs that’s pretty replay-able due to an exceptionally memorable tune and chorus. The chorus really just sums up what being a Frenemy in general is all about.

It’s just a really fun song with its tune and concept. It also has a very satisfying ending. I just wish this would get a soundtrack release so here isn’t an obvious break between verses. Also, make it long.

This is another song that is just easy to love due to its concept, which again means there isn’t a lot to say about it. But it’s still pretty awesome. It’s just such a fun tune even taking away the subject matter.

Buford and Baljeet make a great team as they have shown on many occasions, and this song really sums everything up, doesn’t it? They have great chemistry here and is also a big part of why it’s so good.

That and you know, everything else I mentioned. It’s just another really fun P&F song with a great team, and a really memorable tune.

So yeah, that’s all I got. Buford and Baljeet may not be enemies or friend, but by being Frenemies they make for a pretty awesome song

13. Christmas is Starting Now [Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation]

Written by Danny Jacob, Martin Olson, and Dan Povenmire

Of all the songs I left off of the previous list, this is the one I regret leaving off the most. Yes, other songs ended up higher but I loved this one even back when I did the last list, but I didn’t have room for it at the time.

Over time, I liked songs less so I was able to fight it in decently high on this list. While I Really Don’t Hate Christmas is my favorite P&F Christmas song, this is the best of the ‘traditional” ones. Yes, I like it more than That Christmas Feeling.

Ironically, I think this one has the Christmas feeling more than that one. This one happens while the gang is delivering presents to Danville, and it essentially tells us that Christmas is starting now.

It’s supposed to be just a general song to put on while all of this is happening, and usually I’d pass on that. But of course they had to spice it up to make a really good song. The most noticeable aspect of this song is the whole jazzy style.

It really makes this one stand out from the other songs in the episode. The tune itself is really catchy and memorable. Everything else pretty stems from the tune and thankfully every other aspect is just as solid.

There’s just something about this song that gives off a really nice Christmas feeling, even more than That Christmas Feeling. While that one is a more general song about a Christmas feeling, this one specifically says that Chri8stmas is starting now. And somehow that makes a bit stronger.

The context and visuals help as well. This song has a bit more of a place in the story, thus giving it more context and making it nicer. Not to bash That Christmas Feeling, even though it’s not in my top 100. I just like this one more.

This song is performed by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, and while I’m not exactly familiar with their work, they do really well here. Like with a Half a Day, it’s a nice change of pace and it makes the song stand out even more. I like they used the style and singer to make this song stand out from the other Christmas songs in the episode, and it helped make it my favorite of the normal songs.

The lyrics naturally add to this as well. Aside from the usual Christmas stuff you might expect, they have some clever stuff in there that makes a bit more interesting.

Sometimes I feel like a big snowman

That’s fallen under a plow

But tonight I’m on top of the world

We’re gonna bring it around somehow.

They aren’t as clever as some other songs, but it works pretty well nonetheless. This is one of those songs that got extended once it got on a Soundtrack, and the extra verses really help it. It went from less than a minute to around 2 minutes. They added some verses and a few other things to really make it feel more complete.

A lot of people hope this special comes a real holiday classic, and that the songs come with it. Most people want That Christmas Feeling to become a true holiday classic, but I think this one deserves it just as much. It just gives you that feeling that Christmas is really starting now…even if it’s August at the moment.

(Although it’s obvious that I Really Don’t Hate Christmas will become a holiday classic and stand the rest of time)

It’s another song that sounds like a real song and it gives it more an edge. It sort of reminds me of Happy New Year in that regard, but I like this one more. It’s a very feel good song that is also really catchy and memorable.

It certainly stands out amongst all the P&F Christmas songs, and it dig it a lot. With it’s tune and style, it definitely deserves to be a Holiday classic, and it’s on the list of reasons of why this episode is so amazing.

While Christmas won’t start for another 4 month, this song will still bring you cheer no matter what time of year it is.

It’s a really good song, is what I’m trying to say.

12. I’m Me [Vanessassary Roughness]

Written by Micheal Deidrich, Perry Zombolas, Danny Jacob, Martin Olson, Dan Povenmire, and Swampy Marsh.

I’m glad I’m not more popular, because I imagine if I had an actual audience, I would have gotten a lot more comments about certain songs not being on the previous list.

And I bet aside from SBTY, I would have gotten the most comments on about this song.

I have no special reason for leaving it off. I just didn’t quite appreciate it until much later. Well, now I’m making up for it by having it decently high on this list. I didn’t exactly have many Vanessa/Olivia Olson songs on the last list, but in hindsight at least 2 deserved to be on there, this being one of them.

While the other ones I considered are more simple songs, this one is a rock number and it’s awesome. It actually shows her skills off more than her other songs, even ones I may like more.

Like with so many other songs, it’s hard to really describe this one since it’s just meant to be a big rocking piece, as I can’t really go into each aspect in tons of detail. It’s not even really about anything, yet it still stands out as one of the best.

The main focus of this song seems to be the flow and vocals, and as you can imagine it works really well in that regard. The tune itself is pretty rocking and incredibly well done. Not the catchiest but not every song needs to be a huge earworm.

It’s not the most melodic song ever, the sheer awesome-ness of it makes up for that. The song happens as Vanessa is trying to get some McGuffin (not the doll, a different one) and she sings about how awesome she is.

Yeah, it’s not the deepest song ever. Its sort a general song like I’ve been talking about, but it has tons of creativity. Remember how I went on about hard to sing songs like Extraordinary? Yeah, this beats them all.

It’s incredibly fast paced with it’s creative lyrics, and it’s hard to sing because of how crazy these lyrics get. I think they came up with every single way you could say you are awesome. It’s pretty magical.

I’m a strong woman, fast-talking, big-bad-dog walking,

High falutin’, drum-beatin’, foot stompin’, corn-poppin’,

Speeding locomotive that just won’t stop!

I’m a hot apple pie with a cherry on top!

I think this has the most creative lyrics of any “General” song. The vocals help as well, for obvious reasons. This song seems like it was exhausting to sing but she makes it seem so easy. She just seems so into and she adds a lot to it.

The flow is excellent too, as it’s not clunky with all these fast crazy lyrics. It’s even more impressive than the other really fast songs with its flow and vocals. It’s also another one I really like listening to on repeat.

Oh, and it’s another one that got an extended version on the soundtrack and honestly, the extended version is what got me to finally put it on the least. The extra verse just added something to the song and made it feel complete.

The length was good before but at 2 minutes, it’s pretty much perfect now. I just prefer others due to my weird tastes. Even the visuals help the song as we have some awesome fast paced action to complete the song.


…And also Ferb’s wandering eye.

This is a song I appreciate even more after typing about it. I just tend to prefer songs that are more specfici and are more than just a person talking about how awesome they are. But hey, they did it really really well.

This song most certainly deserves all the praise it gets, and it might objectively be Olivia Olson’s best vocal performance on this show due to the fast pace. It’s a really fun song, if you can’t tell.

With its rocking tune, creative lyrics, great vocals and good flow, this certainly is a stand out song for the show and this singer. It’s pretty good.

11. Robot Riot [Across the 2nd Dimension]

Written by Dan Povenmire, Swampy Marsh, Martin Olson, and Jaret Riddick.

It’s hard to make a satisfying climax for a movie, especially if the buildup was really good. Most TV movies tend to fail in this regard due to the limitation of being a TV movie. But leave it to the P&F crew to defy that and make one of the best climaxes ever.

Yes, really. The fact that this song plays during it really helps.

Remember what I said Love Handle songs being awesome? Yeah, this is probably their 2nd best effort. (2nd only to Ballad of Klimpaloon). Let’s look at the scene in general first. Thanks to Perry, the boys have been able to clone all of their previous inventions so they take on Doof-2’’s robot army.

After a long scene of the inventions being revealed with kids piloting them, Love Handel is asked to provide musical accompaniment as they fight the robots. The sequence is about 2 minutes and in detail we see the huge fight between the kids and robots, as our main characters try to get to Doof’s tower.

It’s an incredibly awesome fight scene that is insanely satisfying to watch. Not just the fight itself, but the fact that it uses previous inventions in a huge storm of continuity. Plus, this is possible because Perry scanned the inventions, showing that he WAS there for their adventures. The boys thought he missed out on them.

So on top of all the obvious awesome-ness on screen, we have the sweet-ness of the story going on to help make this scene even more meaningful. I was not kidding when I called this one of the most satisfying climaxes ever.

But on to the actual song. First off, the visuals are awesome with all the fighting and continuity going on. The song does have a few flaws, most notably being that it gets a bit repetitive and loses flow at some points. It’s more apparent on the soundtrack version, but it doesn’t hurt the song.

I can see some putting the song lower, but it’s so badass it needs to be in this spot. The tune is pretty rocking on its own and is a great back up to everyone else. The main song focus more on lyrics but the tune is still awesome.

Like with our last entry, the lyrics really make this one. They come up with so many creative ways to say “We are fighting robots’. They have some typical puns but they come up with tons of creative new ones.

The lyrics also really do a good job at cementing what is going on. It makes this seem like a really badass battle, as if the visuals and tune didn’t do a good enough job of that.

It’s gonna be a mechanized mêlée. A bit of a big bot brawl

When we get through you’re gonna know it’s true, The more metallic they are the harder they fall

And don’t mess with me ’cause I’m a whole lot of trouble, when I’m backed up against the wall

My favorite lyrics are “Your sister is a fridge and you know her light is alwayws on” (You know-for kids), and “Rip out your CPU and show it you still processing”. The latter is hilariously dark, and the extended video actually shows it!

The demo version had even more fun lyrics, such as “I’ll rip out your motherboard and hit your father board with it”. The lyrics are certainly some of the best in the show. Although it is in the general feel that makes this one stand out.

The extended version actually adds something here as it makes the song feel more complete and it adds even more creative lyrics.

It’s just so badass, and it really gets your blood pumping…if cartoons could do that latterly, anyway. On its own the song really gets you hyped for an epic battle, but in the movie, it’s one of the best scenes in any movie ever.

The whole feel of the song is just so epic and it makes it so much song. This is certainly of the best song sequences in the show, even if there are better songs. The song helps make this one of the best climaxes ever, and every part of is satisfying.

There isn’t much to say about the singing. It’s as strong as always and it does help the song but everything else stands out better. It does get a bit repetitive and I do prefer less aggressive songs, but this still an awesome song to climax an awesome movie.

So with amazing visuals, a great place in the story, and a rocking beat with creative lyrics, this is one rocking song that helped make for one epic climax. It’s truly a riot.

And that ends part 3. We’re almost done, just one more part before we’re done with this damn list. Then we go move onto the Season 4 episode list, which will come out a day or so after part 4 of this list. I’ll work on it at the same time.

Which songs made my Top 10? Which one is the next best song ever? Find out next time, same Spongey Time, Same Spongey Channel!

See ya.


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  1. Medea Agapsihvili says:

    Mix and Mingle can be about meeting a whole variety of weird people!

    I give I’m Me 5 stars! A feminist theme! YAY VANESSA!

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