Top 40 Next Best Phineas and Ferb Songs (Part 2)

Hello, Spongey here.

I don’t have a lot to say here. We’re back counting down some of my other favorite Phineas and Ferb songs. We’ve covered 10 and now we have to through even more. As you can guess, the first half of this list mostly consists of “Honorable mentions” to the previous list. Songs that are awesome but not among my real favorites.

That’s why my choices for the 1st part and this are a bit weird in some places, because they’re just random ones I love. The next 2 parts are the real deal, but a lot of these are just as good as the ones later on.

With that said, here is the list so far.

40. Doofenshmirtz Evil Hideout Vacation Swap

39. Happy New Year

38. Going Deep Into Your Mind

37. Extraordinary

36. Tomorrow is This Morning Again

35. Brand New Best Friend

34. Interface

33. Giant 3D Scrapbook

32. In The Empire

31. No Momo

And let’s jump back in.

This, is The Top 40 Next Best Phineas and Ferb Songs (Part 2).

30. Shark of Danville Harbor [Belly of the Beast]

(Written by Jim Bernstein, Micheal Diedirch, Robert Hughes, Martin Olson, and Dan Povenmire)

And we begin with an odd choice to put later than some “Better” songs. But dang it, I dig this one so much.

This song appears right at the start of the episode, as a Sea Captain dude known as Captain Squint explains the history the Danville Harbor Day thingy. The song serves as funny exposition and it’s awesome.

They did a “Nautical” type song before with The Ballad of Badbeard and while that was fun, it was only a warmup for this. It’s a Sea Shanty of course and it’s a really epic one. The tune is really memorable and catchy and the other aspects just serves to make the song even better.

It’s short at less than a minute but makes the most of that time. They pack in a lot of stuff here and it flows really well. The singer has the right voice for this and he really makes it even funnier.

The character is voiced by Nick Frost but I don’t know he did the song. Either the singer is fun. The lyrics of course pack in a lot of humor and discuss how scary the shark is.

If it’s sharks you want to know about
You’re bound to end up smarter
‘Cause though technically a vertebrate
They’re cartilaginous

Great use of words no kid knows, by the way.

The story they tell is amusing as well, as the Shark made them …well they say there was a long line for the head. Ew. And the shark only got defeated by the women banging pots and pans, driving him out to say.

That’s kind of awesome and funny at the same time.

But for me, the beat and flow make this one stand out. It’s just so damn memorable and catchy! They proves the show can tackle any genera and somehow make it awesome.

Like I said, it’s at the start of the episode and this is a case where it really started off the right fight. Is the rest anywhere near as good? Well it has Candace going after the boys’ mechanical Shark…Moby Dick style.

…I’m gonna say Yes.

The song moves, with its memorable beat and funny lyrics. It’s a lot of fun and it really captures the whole nautical mood really well. Once again it proves this show can pretty much do anything with its music.

It’s short and sweet, just like this section. That’s my way of saying that’s I got. The song is a fun sea shanty and it just works. It’s awesome, so let’s move on.

29. All the Convoluted Reasons we pretend to be Divorced [Tales from the Resistance: Back to the 2nd Dimension]

(Written by Robert F Hughes, Swampy Marsh, Martin Olson, and Dan Povenmire)


28. Lies [Let’s Bounce]

(Written by Robert F Hughes, Martin Olson and Dan Povenmire)

This song is horrible.


With that obvious joke out of the way, let’s talk about this song. For a Doof song, it’s kind of noble and …well, truthful. It’s all about Doof’s theory that what holds socity together isn’t peace or whatever: its lies.

Like a few other songs, there isn’t a big special thing that makes this song great, so it’ll be hard to talk about. It’s just an especially fun Doof song. It mostly works due to a rather unique sort of 60’s rock sound, which makes it pretty awesome.

The song gets slightly repetitive in the middle, with Doof saying LIES after random people say things, but it gets back to the verse so I don’t mind. Plus, the random conversations we here are amusing. I imagine you could write a whole story around each of them.

The whole song is just really unique and funny. It also the other ingredient such as good flow and a good subject. I mean, he does have a point when you think about it. Don’t even try to deny it. It makes for a pretty accurate and funny song.

The lyrics do a good job proving his point, including the random conversations:

Lies are the glue that hold society together

People lie about their mileage, they lie about the weather
They lie to spare each other’s feelings

They lie to stay in bed

They lie to feel important, about all the books that they’ve read

I gave my spiel on Doof’s singing, so I don’t need to tell you it’s great. I also mentioned the tune but it is pretty memorable and makes the song good. This also has a really satisfying ending that just rocks, and I love how it builds up to it.

…Yeah, I told you there isn’t much to say about this one. I was going to save my speil on Doof’s voice for here but I ended up putting a Doof song lower. This song is cool but it doesn’t give me a lot to say except for some comments on its subject.

It’s just a very fun, rocking and accurate song. It’s different from other Doof songs and that’s why it’s great. It just needs to be longer since the LIES part takes up a bit of the song. Otherwise, that’s all I got.

You can expected the next few to be short since we’ve hit a stream of very good, and well made songs that don’t have a lot to them. But despite that, this song is very interesting and a lot of fun.

And that ain’t no lie.

…Shut up.

27. Troy Song [Troy Story]

(Written by Swampy Marsh, Martin Olson, Scott Peterson, and Dan Povenmire)

If you thought the last section was short, just get a load out of this one. More so than the last couple, it gives me little to work with. See, there are some songs that objectvitly belong slightly lower but end up high due to me just really liking them. This is one of those cases.

This song is great but it has flaws that usually would put it lower, but I just dig it so much. This song happens during the boys Trojan War reenactment, (which they did after postponing it for like 4 years). Dan Povenmire pops up to sing a song about it.

The song hits all the beats you need for a good P&F song. It takes a subject, gives it an unfitting style and fills it with clever lyrics about the subject. That describes a lot of songs in this show and that’s why this one ended up being here. I just dig those kind.

This one has an “Irish Rock” thing going on and makes for a pretty unique and fun song. The flow is pretty good for the most part, but it kind of drops near the end so they can just shout “Troy” over and over.

That’s what I wasn’t sure about putting this one here, because it does get a bit too repetitive. This is a perfect example of a song that needs an extended version. An extra verse before the end would be great. Especially since the song was so clever before the end part.

But it’s still really good as it is. The strong point here is the lyrics. For the most part..

There was a hottie named Helen and she launched a thousand ships with her face
Paris took her home to Troy, and to the Greeks this was a slap in the face

Did they just rhyme face with…face? Also, Isabella is Helen here so the line is creepy. But for the most part they are clever:

He said, “Hold your Trojan horses, now we’re having a fight!
And I haven’t sacked or pillaged since at least last Saturday night.”

They fit in a few bits like that and it’s good. Everything else is just simply good. I commented on the flow and the flaws with that, and the singing is of course pretty good as it has Dan Povenmire using that Chains on Me voice again.

This song is just easy to like because it just does what the show’s songs do best. It’s just special due to the subject matter. Also, despite it being repetitive at the end, it still keeps some kind of flow and is decently catchy. I love how Irving tries to butt in but the music stops before he can.

If this song were longer, it would be slightly higher, but it’s still pretty good as it is. It’s a really fun with a unique style and some clever lyrics. It just did what the songs tend to to, and that’s all it needed.

And…yeah that’s all I got. I said it would be short, because it really doesn’t give me a ton to work with. It’s a good example of what these songs can do. It’s fun and it has an interesting style. That’s really all you can say.

And I think that’s all you need…so let’s move on. Troy Troy Troy!

26. Untieable Knot [Knot My Problem]
(Written by Jeff “Swampy” Marsh, Martin Olson, and Dan Povenmire)

With this entry, we are on the next level of catchy-ness. This song was originally back in part 1, but after thinking, I bumped it up. I considered putting it higher, but I thought this was a good slot for it. Yes, it’s that good.

This will be another hard to explain one, as it’s great-ness comes from things that hard to really go into. It’s not a wildly different style or anything. It’s just a REALLY catchy tune.

See, in this episode the boys recreate the Gordian Knot and try to untie it, while Candace tries to figure out whats in this weird box she found. Both get a song.

This song is just really well made with its tune and everything. It switches between the kids singing and Candace, and it all flows really well. Yeah, it’s another “flow” song and it’s a really good one.

The singing is hard to comment on seeing as all the kids singing at once doing their part, but it’s still pretty good and Candace is good as usual. This song is one of those hard to sing ones due to how fast they sing some of those words, at least in the first part.

The lyrics aren’t the best but they are pretty good with some word play and puns:

It’s got closed bends, loop splices, bowlines and lashings.

Maybe we can loosen it with just a little thrashing.

Square knots, sheepshanks and all kinds of hitches.

When it comes to constraint, there’s an embarrassment of riches.

Honestly, the tune and flow are the strong point of the song but the lyrics are pretty solid too. The tune itself is one of those really catchy ones that just comes out of nowhere and gets stuck in your head. It’s really good, especially the chorus.

It’s one of those songs that got better as I thought about it. It was originally lower since I saw it as a “pretty good” filler song, but the more I heard it, the more I realized how good it is.

It’s just so dang catchy and the flow is just so good. It keeps up a good pace as it switches between the kids and Candace. It doesn’t get repetitive and it says great throughout its 1: 13 runtime.

Lengthwise, it’s fair. Got nothing to complain about here I don’t have an issue with this song really, it’s just slightly lower due to not being as special as some others. But man is it still awesome with its flow and tune.

And of course, there’s the very end:

“to untie the untyable…”

CANDACE: NOT….even close.

Hmm…that sounds…familiar…

“is this absolutely fabulous?…absolutely…..NOT!”


So overall this is a simple song that turned out really well with some great flow and an incredibly catchy tune. Doesn’t require a huge explanation, really. …Yeah, you see why this part took so long to make?

As a whole, I’d say this is knot bad. ….Get…’s move on.

25. Get Down [Sci Fi Pie Fly]

(Written by Celeste Moreno, Martin Olson and Dan Povenmire)

This one gets on the list purely for its concept. See, this is a fairly unique and awesome sounding song. What’s it about?

Doing nothing.

Yep, in this episode Candace decides to take day off and have a “Me day” and just do nothing. Believe it or not, she actually succeeds and doesn’t get up, even when the busting is ripe. It’s amazing.

Anyway, that’s where this song comes in. We’ve had songs about just watching something, but this is a song latterly about doing NOTHING.

It’s amazing. They managed to make an epic sounding song about doing nothing. That alone get it a spot on the list, but it happens to sound really good on top of that. This time I can get away with this section being short, as the song is only 30 or so seconds long.

Which means there isn’t much to work with, but let’s try. The main thing to notice about this one is how unique it sounds compared to other songs. I can’t really describe it (even the P&F wiki is stumped about the genere) but it sounds really neat and interesting.

This applies to both the tune and singing. It’s just produced in a very unique way and it’s really cool. On its own that would put it on the list, but the fact that it’s about doing nothing makes it even better.

The lyrics mostly serve to remind you of the song’s premise, but they have creative ways of doing so:

Get down, get down,
And feel the satisfaction;
Stop doing something,
Do the (non-reaction).

The lyrics and premise alone just make this one good as it helps make the unique sound even better. This is another Laura Dickinson one, so of course we got some good singing although the tune sticks out a bit more here.

It’s just done in a very cool way and it just sounds great. The short length isn’t too much of an issue since making a 2 minute song about nothing would be a bit much. This is just a joke song, but that joke is funny enough to put it on this list above arguably better songs.

…And that’s about it. Short song, remember? So I have more of an excuse than the last few, so suck it!

Overall, Get Down is a unique and awesome sounding song about doing nothing. That alone makes it the greatest song ever made, but there’s at least 24 better so let’s move on

24. Half a Day [Perry the Actorpus]

(Written by Martin Olson, Robert Hughes, and Dan Povenmire)

If you know me, you know I don’t typically go crazy for the “sweet” songs that aren’t flat out Sad songs. But somehow, I love this song. I tend like this type of songs more when they have a kickass beat, and this one has that, along with a few further down the list.

In this episode, Phineas and Ferb get some time with Perry for reasons you don’t care about. Cue this song. First off, seeing them spend some time with Perry is really sweet, so the situation is awesome enough on its own.

Instead of just being a generic sounding song, they make it sound really cool and it’s very catchy. It also has some funny visuals so it’s not too syruping. There is some Comedy in the lyrics but it’s funnier when matched with the visualks.

Like with Happy New Year, each aspect basically works together to capture a certain feeling. Which is another reason I don’t go for this type of songs. I like the more creative ones more, but more on that in the next part.

This song is performed by Kate Pierson of the B-52’s which is the main thing that gives this one its edge. The different singer really makes it stick out and she does a very good job here.

Because of her, it starts to sound like a real song and it’s really cool. The tune is pretty sweet and it sticks out compared to other songs. It’s a really catchy one too and the flow is pretty good as well. I also feel it’s just as long as it needs to be, but the soundtrack version repeats the chorus, which does it make more complete.

The lyrics aren’t the greatest compared to other songs, but I think they’re pretty good:

We could share a half a cheese sandwich
Or take in half a view
Or we can make it halfway through the zoo!
Oh baby!

Again, each aspect works to make a sweet and rocking song. The nice and amusing lyrics, the strong singing, and the awesome beat. It’s just a very nice song to listen to, while also being very strong.

It’s kind of sweet song I can dig. The only problem is that it’s maybe a bit filler-y since this is only a small part of the plot, so it wouldn’t hit as strong as other songs. It can also be a bit generic for some, but that’s a nitpick.

It’s still a really nice song with a rocking beat and some awesome singing. It’s just a fun and awesome song all around.

So in other words, it’s not half bad. ….I’m really reaching for these puns.

23. Livin’ with Monkeys [Where’s Perry?]

(Written by Dan Povenmire, and Swampy Marsh)

I’ve recently decided that Where’s Perry is the most underrated episode of the show, when it comes to its reception vs its quality. The songs are mostly not included in that. You know which one people love the most and the others compete for 2nd most unpopular, and while I’d call “On The Savanah” the most underrated, I think this one is better.

I can see why some may not talk about it. It’s a sad song and there are quite a few of those, and there are better and more memorable choices. And objectively most are better but I’ve always liked it due to how unique it is.

Here’s what I mean. Most of the “silly yet sad” songs show their concept out the gate. If you listen to them on their own without context, you can tell what the concept is right away. You know “When we didn’t get along” is about a platypus wanting to screw an evil scient.

This is different. It actually starts out very straight, with Candace singing about how she’s sick of life and stuff. It’s quite serious until..

“And I’m Living with Monkeys”

And that’s part of why the song is great. It actually makes you think it’s a dead serious osng before it reminds what song this is. And nothing about the previous scene hinted the song would really be about monkey, so it’s a surprise.

Although this song was actually teased, at Comic Con I think where they did say there would be a song with this title, but everyone assumed it would be a silly song.

It…mostly wasn’t. Some say there isn’t a 100 percent sad P&F song, but they’ve come close most of them time…and there are two in the from of “I walk Away” and “What Might’ve Been” .The former is too short to be on a list, and I’m not a shipper so I won’t put the latter.

A few other gems are better at being sad songs, but this is a personal favorite due to the misdirection and subject matter. I actually like it more than Little Brothes, believe it or not.

The lyrics do a great job at setting the mood. It really makes you think about how hetic and loud life can be. A lot of people can seriously relate to this. It kind of makes you want to life with Monkeys.

Tired of all the games
People play with your emotions
Tired of all the pressures of society
Tired of always feeling like I’m going through the motions (ooh..)

Sure, this is all happening because of Jeremy Problem #465 but it’s still really depressing. They manage to make this so depressing on a level I was not expecting they did a great job of making a typical Candace plot very different. So yeah, this episode was original despite familiar concepts.

…Sorry, still a bit bitter.

As you can imagine the melody and singing add to this. The tune isn’t the best, but it does work and it is fairly catchy while also being sad. It sets the mood pretty well. This is a Candace song as you can expect some great singing and yep, it’s good.

She adds to the emotional nature of this song, as you really feel what she’s going through. +And you can’t forget the excellent backup vocals by the monkeys, naturally voiced by Dee Bradly Baker. (So does that mean Perry is comforting her?)

But despite the sad stuff, there is humor from the basic concept. But honestly it’s still fairly sad since the humor doesn’t go overboard.

They’ve accepted me as one of their own , At least that’s what I’m assuming.
It’s not really all that bad
Once you get used to all the grooming

Even the visuals with her hanging with Monkeys are pretty sweet. The humor still works but it’s the sad stuff that makes it good. Heck, the song is so good it’s Soundtrack version came with an extra verse.

They actually rearranged the song a bit. In the Show version, the chorus is song along with the part I quoted, but in the soundtrack version it’s not present, and the ending is placed after the extra verse.

It doesn’t really add a lot to song compared to others, but it does make it a bit more complete. I do prefer the TV version a bit despite the extra verse. But either way it’s still good.

This song builds up the emotion really well and has everything you need for a good sad song. It’s actually more emotional than some other songs due to the rather deep subject matter, and the humor.

Which is why I consider this one a bit underrated, but I can see why other songs stick out a bit more. But it’s my list so I say this song is awesome.

With emotion, humor, good themes, and great singing, this is an awesome song that definitely makes you want to live with monkeys. a good way, not the sad way. It may seem a bit like other songs, but it’s pretty unique and incredibly awesome.

Much like the episode, it comes from, really.

22. Livin’ in a Funhouse [Misperceived Monotrome]

(Written by Kaz, Martin Olson, Dan Povenmire, Rob Hughes, and Tom Minton)

There’s no doubt that Phineas and Ferb songs tend to be very weird, due to creative concepts created by drugs. But what happens they actually try to make a song that’s as weird as possible?

You get this.

This song has Candace and Jeremy exploring a funhouse the boys made and knowing them, you expect something truly fan, and it is really is. This song may go udner the radar due to other weird songs, but I have a soft spot for it.

Every single aspect of this song tries really hard to be weird, from the music to the lyrics to the visuals. It creates a very surreal atmosphere that works really well. It’s a ton of fun all the way through.

The writers clearly put a lot a lot of effort into making this as strange and fun as possible. It’s probably the most creative song in the show, at least in visuals. They don’t just say a few weird things.

No, they go all out with tons of creative puns and visuals gags. The tune is a fittingly weird one and it’s incredibly catchy. Naturally, this has a fast pace so it needs some great flow and it really does. It goes by fast in a good way but it has just as much effort put into it as any other song in the show.

Here’s a peek at some of these lyrics:

A million doors in the hall
And the table’s on the wall
And the bathtub is your bed
And a floating baby head

Can’t have a weird song without the Giant Floating Baby Head. The show has used weirder subject matter, but the lyrics try to be weird so it’s on a different level. The weird-ness comes from the visuals more than anything.

this has some of the best visuals of any song, and they pack it in a lot of great gags that I won’t spoil. The singer puts on a weird voice here and it works to make things even more fun. It’s the same guy who did Dance Baby, Aaron Jacob. Yep, the song of Danny Jacob and he may have even more talent than his father.

He can do some great things with his voice, and this isn’t even his best performance on the list! This was his first real song, (his previous ones were short or with other people) and it’s a great start.

I can forgive the short length (1 minute, 7 seconds) since this is a Comedy song. Although it did get a Soundtrack release. It’s short and sweet.

This song is one of the most fun in the show and everything about it works. The only reason tis’ not higher is because other songs have more weight, you know. But this is still a unique and awesome song.

It’s got a unique beat, strong singing, good lyrics, creative visuals and a great flow. It works perfectly to create a fun atmosphere and for that reason, it earns its place on the list.

It’s short but it puts the “fun” in “Funhouse”.

21. Brave New World/Professor Elemental Future Past [Steampunx]

(Written by Paul Alborough, Robert F Hughes, Martin Olson, Joshua Pruett)

Have I ever told you how much I hate the “Refrain from Assuming” Trope? Basically, it’s when the title of a song is not the phrase they say in the bulk of the song. It’s always gotten on my nerves.

When I refer to a song by a title for a while, it’s a pain to always to be corrected on the title and have to remember it again simply because I actually listened to the catchy chorus. It gets on my nerves so much.

Mainly because…if you don’t want us to think it’s the title DON’T SAY IT 50 MILLINO TIMES! Is that so hard?!

…What does this have to do with anything? Well, plenty of songs from this show has had it’s titles changed on the wiki due to this fact. Half A Day has been called “Let’s Spend a half a day”, Livin’ in a funhouse is just “funhouse” and so on. It’s dumb for reason I’ve explained so that’s why I just call them what I want.

But it’s really annoying with this song. They keep saying “Brave New world” in the chorus…but according to some place called BMI, it’s called “Professor Elemental Future Past” so that’s what the wiki calls it.

The title doesn’t even make any sense ontop of not being said in the song! It’s dumb to use BMI because sometimes they get it wrong and the wiki ignores them!

So I just put both titles to please those who are picky. Ugh. On one final note, the TV Tropes page for the Trope, the first example under Western Animation is this show. Fitting.

Anyway, you can debate on the title but there’s no debate on the quality of this song.

This one will be hard to explain as it’s hard to pin down exactly what makes this song great, besides the obvious which I’ll get to in a minute. This song comes a Season 4 Timeshift episode, as a guy introduces us to the Danvile World Fair in 1903.

The song has him singing about the “future” and stuff like that. The Wiki describes the style as “Chap Hop” which I think fits. It’s a rap song but cuz of the subject matter it’s somewhat old timey and the clash works pretty well.

First off, this is another one of those songs that is hard to sing. It’s not as fast as others, but just the lyrics themselves matched with the pace makes it hard. This is one of the few I can’t sing without looking at the lyrics, if that says anything.

The style is pretty unique and it’s really cool. The tune is decently catchy and it gives this song it’s edge, as well as it’s singer. That’s Professor elemental doing this, and while I’ve not too familiar with him, he’s obviously big enough to have a song on this show.

He does a really good job here, putting plenty of feeling into and he helps make it even more fun. There aren’t a lot of actual written jokes, but it’s still a pretty humorus song because of some of the visuals and the fact that it’s a rap song.

The visuals include a few amusing moments, and cameos from old timey versions of characters who don’t appear in the rest of the episode. We see old timey Irving (and his family, making this the first time Irving’s Mom showed up since her duet) and old timey Monty hanging out with old timey Vanessa. She appears later but not with Monty so suck it.

The lyrics feature a lot of fancy words and clever gags, which should be expected. Again, the exact words and the pace make it hard to sing for me.

A robotic rooster starts the morning,
And a rocket-powered cycle takes you skyward and you’re soaring
‘Til you fall towards a lovely picnic made of future food,
Steam-powered sandwiches, useful speaking fruits

They do some fun gags with the various “future” objects and of course they are all funny. This is a particularly clever song with how they do it, and it’s really unique. The fast pace helps make this one even better, and while it’s only about a minute, they pack in a lot into that minute.

I still want an extended version but it works on its own. Like I’ve almost said before, short length can be forgiven if you pack in a lot into that short time. This song does it very well.

This is just another one of those songs that takes a certain subject matter and style if just runs with it. That’s part of why I don’t have a lot to say here, since it does what other songs do and I have more to say about some of those other songs.

But it is still unique with its fast pace and singing. I like it more than Extraordinry and Mom Look before it has more of a hook so it sticks in my head more. I Really Don’t Hate Christmas is still my favorite fast song due to the concept, though.

But this is still a pretty creative song with a catchy tune and some fun lyrics. It’s nothing groundbreaking but it’s a pretty good one and it’s a ton of fun all the way through. I’d say it’s the best song to be in a Timeshift episode but…way of the platypus. Yay.

Overall, confining title aside, this is a fun song which has creativity, style, and a very awesome guest singer. It’s yet another unique song for this unique show.

It’s uh…insert future/old timey pun here? It’s good.

And with that, we’re done with part 2. We’re halfway through people! Tune in for part 3 (which will hopefully not take too long) where we finally get into the real heavy hitting awesome songs.

See you there.


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