Kickin’ It-Gold Diggers

Hello, Spongey here.

For this TV review we’re going back to tamer stuff. It’s problem is a bit harder to pin down but for this show, it’s something that shouldn’t happen. So we’re here to talk about it. And it’s another Disney XD show: Kickin’ It.

I talked about it in that Disney XD post, and like most of the others I praised it for more good hearted than some other shows, and being just amusing. It may not have the epic story of Lab Rats but it is nice. Anything big happen since then?

Well, it ended, and had its finale. However, it became the first XD show to reach 4 Seasons…but at a price. See, Olivia Holt had to go the main Disney Channel to do her own show (more on that one later…) so of course her character had to leave.

Our big parter episode was the perfect way to end the series…but of course it pressed on for one more Season. Now, the Season was still decent but it was easily the weakest. Without one of the more reasonable characters, there was more room for some mean humor which lead to some weaker episodes.

Again, it still solid with some good episodes, and a nice finale, but it did feel like it missing it’s edge. Which brings us to this episode. Now, thankfully it’s somewhat tolerable but it’s also very flawed and given what this show can do, I can’t let it slide.

So let’s dig into this episode and see where it went wrong.

This, is Gold Diggers

Writer: Geoff Barbnell

The episode starts at a funeral. …Well that’s a lovely place to start. Specifically, they are holding a funeral for Edna, an elderly women who hung out around the Dojo. I don’t remember if she was an established character or not.

There are some jokes, but thankfully nothing too tasteless happens here. Rudy does some dumb things with his speech but that’s about it. There is a weird part where they put her face on a dummy thing, in her memory, and they have everyone hit it on the way out.

…Apparently she wanted that.

Edna’s lawyer pops up and says that the gang is in their will and she happens to be rich. He’ll come by tomorrow to say what she left him. Not sure why he can’t do it now but whatever.

Everyone gets excited.

“Have a little respect, you should be ashamed”

…Then he goes back to cheering. And this is where the real issue with the episode comes in. I’ll go deeper into it later but for now…remember that Jack and Milton are doing this, despite being among the nicer characters.

After the theme song, Jerry shows up crying over Edna.

“You’re not in the Will, Jerry”

“I’m going bowling”

He is one of our likable heroes, right? To make it worse, Milton brags about  how Edna liked him more. Spoilers, this isn’t funny. Milton says they shouldn’t make plans for money they don’t have and Rudy comes in saying he bought an island online.

This is not too unusual for him but it still shows how terrible everyone is in this episode. The lawyer shows up and says Edna left them 10 acres of land. It turns out to be a patch of nothing.

Given how they are acting, they don’t deserve anything better. Now we start the subplot which is indeed better than the actual plot. Not the best but somewhat decent.

Jerry is talking to Phil, the owner of this falafel place, and he is sad that Edna has done so much and he’s done pretty nothing. So Jerry says he will help him do 3 things he has always wanting to do: Skydiving, be on TV, and meet famous action star Sylvester Stallion.

Subtle name. Sounds like his a name from MLP.

Anyway, some go drops by the Dojo and he happens to live next to that patch of land. He offers to buy the land for 10, 000 dollars. Rudy tries to bargain with him in a long piece of filler, and fails. He leaves and Milton wonders why someone would pay so much for nothing.

The title kind of tells you the answer to that.

They go there to see if there’s anything there, and by accident they fill into a giant hole and end up underground. Back in the subplot, Jerry gets Phil a local show….but when it airs, it’s interrupted by some crappy network thing. Man, I hate when that happens.

They want to get on Phil on next week but the show gets canceled. The host reacts by throwing a shit fest. It’s the funniest part of the episode.

But back to the not so funny stuff. The gang finds a series of tunnels under the land and find a secret map on the land deed.

“This is a gold mine!”

Wait, why would Edna leave you land with gold under it and not mention the gold part at all? They only found this place by accident, so there’s a good chance they never would have even found it!
So the explore the place until they find a spot where they can dig for gold. You can probably what will happen when they find it. Yeah the predictable and cliché part is only part of the issue with the episode.

The whole first act with them being dicks is gonna bite this episode in the ass, trust me.

Back in the subplot, Jerry gets Stallion to meet with Phil but his head is stuck in the ball return at the bowling alley so he can’t see or hear him. And yes, he is one of big parody of Stallone, down to the voice. It’s…kind of funny.

So that fails and it ends with Phil getting hurt. I usually would complain but the torture here actually works because it’s not nearly as contrived as it could have been. I’ll comment further at the end.

Anyway, our heroes find gold and already Rudy is being a dick with his gold. They start fighting. I can to an extent forgive this since this is an accepted plot type, but the first act ruins it. Remember, they got this from a dead friend but they couldn’t care less. They just cared about the money.

How is that any different from how they are acting now?

Then the guy who wanted to buy the land shows up with a few friends. Yep, he’s actually a bad guy and wants to steal the goal. What a twist that no one saw coming.

If he suspected that there’s gold, why didn’t he just look for it on his own without even buying the land? He clearly has no morals when it comes to stealing.

We get a short fight scene and the bad guys leave but not before setting some dynamite to blow them up. Well, he came prepared. …What’s Phil up to?

Jerry sets up a giant fan to give Phil the feeling of skydiving without needing to up so high, since he’s scared of heights. It fails and he ends up flying all the way to red carpet premiere of “Crockey 2”. Subtle. And yes, he lands on Stallion and ends up on TV. I don’t really have anything to say to that.

Through some stuff I don’t feel like explaining, they get rid of the dynamite and make it out. It’s a decent scene all things considered, since it’s actually kind of intense. Easily the highlight.

Also, they are lucky that dynamite takes forever to blow up. When it does it leads a typical reaction shot where someone has black stuff on their face. Hardy har har.

Let’s end the subplot before we wrap up. Despite his injuries, Phil is happy since he met Stallion in the ambulance, ended up on Tv, and did some skydiving. See, the torture works because it’s actually funny and it has a happy ending. A decent subplot despite being in a weak episode.

Now to wrap up the actual episode. They all apologize for being dicks. Even though their dick stuff, in the episodes eyes, only lasted like a minute before the bad guys show up.

“Let’s just promise to never let greed come between us again”

Okay, that’s a nice ending. …Something dumb is gonna happen isn’t it?

Yep. They find a loose piece of gold on the ground…and then fight over it. ….Goddamnit. Once again a nice moment is ruined by a bad joke that makes the whole episode pointless.

Why do shows keep going this? Is ruining your whole episode really worth it for some quick gag that is never funny? And the whole Edna stuff I went on about just makes it worse.

It doesn’t quite end there, so later they apparently kept the gold nugget and Jack suggesst donating to some charity. Cuz that makes up for taking it to begin with. But Rudy wasted it on a gold tooth for him. Good, can’t have anything positive in this episode!

Milton farts dust and the episode ends. What a crappy ending. And yes, it’s already over. The pacing is…not so good here, but I’ll go on about that in a sec.

Final Thoughts:

This is easily the most tolerable thing I’ve covered in this Tv marathon so far, at least tied with Big Hair & Baseball. But it’s still not all that good. If it was in another show I’d probably debate reviewing it, but because it’s in this show, it earned a review.

The show may have dabbled in some off humor sometimes, but like something like Good Luck Charlie it had a nice nature compared to some other shows. This episode though…is not so nice. Rudy being a dick is fine even if it goes overboard, everyone else is just terrible.

I can forgive some of the minor issues like the fact that the plot is poorly constructed by taking forever to get doing and having filler with a pointless villain. It doesn’t help though.

The problem is that the uses the typical “gold changes people” plot and not only does it poorly, but makes them assholes BEFORE they even find out about gold. I mean, Jerry flat out leaves just cuz he wasn’t’ in the will. Rudy is excused but the others, especially Milton are never this bad!

So the episode acts like them fighting over gold is the worst thing they did when they did worse in this episode. They also barely even fight when usually the whole plot would be about them fighting. They should apologize for their earlier behavior not for this.

Then there’s the ending. It’s insulting and makes the whole episode even worse. This is the kind of episode that betrays the freaking them song for the show. It’s pretty insulting the whole show, which makes it worse.

But as a whole, it’s just a poorly thought out episode. Mildly enjoyable in some parts with an okay subplot but still note that good. Tolerable but mediocre. Meh.

Grade: C-

Next time, we’re doing something a little…different. It’s…not exactly negative in spite of the subject matter.

See ya.

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