Fairly Odd Parents-Crocker Shocker

Hello, Spongey here.

For this TV review, we’re doing something a bit different. Instead of a live action sitcom no one watches, it’s a Cartoon…that people no longer watch…including me, sort of. If you remember, at the end of my Modern Family Guy list, I teased a similar list for Fairly Odd Parents.

I’m still doing it, I just have to watch all the Modern Episodes first. I’m on Season 7, which is why we’re here. I’ll save my speil about the show itself and how I feel about the Modern era in the list.

But for now I’ll say that of the episodes I’ve actually seen, only one really comes close to watching Modern Spongebob levels of What-the-hell-were-they-thinking. It’s this one. It’s only Season 7, and up that point the show was just simply losing its edge, yet it’s the ultimate sign the show has gone on too long.

Most of the other bad Modern episodes are typical, with flanderization or boring plots. This one is…different. Now, this is 11 minutes so this may end up as pointless as Face Off. But we’ll have to say.

There isn’t much else to say since my spiel is being saved for another time. Let’s just dig in and see why this is easily my least favorite FOP episode at this moment.

This, is Crocker Shocker

Writer: Kevin Sullivan. Story by Amy Keating Rogers

…No one’s perfect?

The episode opens with Mr. Crocker at a psycastraist. Yeah, sounds about right. She’s had enough of his fairy ramblings, so she hypnotizes him into forgetting his fairy obsession. …That was easy.

This immediately makes his life better as he hump vanishes and his ear moves to its correct place. He bumps into Timmy (literally) and tells him the good news. Okay, so nothing seems wrong so far…but…yeah you know the drill.

Over in Fairly World, it’s losing power so Jorgen visits Timmy to figure out the problem. It’s not his fault this time but he freaks out when Timmy mentions Crocker being cured. He explains why.

“For centuries, we fairies have harnessed the energy that comes from the spazzing of certain humans who believe that fairies exist. When Mr. Crocker began to spazz about Fairies many years ago, his energy was so powerful, we harnessed it to fuel the big giant wand all by itself.”

There’s so much wrong with this. First, this is the point where the show officially ran out of ideas. See, a sign that a show has gone on too long is when it blatantly contradict it’s own world just for the sake of a plot. This is a perfect example of that.

This contradicts everything established up to this point about how they power fairy world. If they want to do that, fine, but this is in the crulest way possible. So this whole time Fairly world has run off the misery of something?

What the hell? Cosmo and Wanda didn’t know this so I can forgive them, but this somehow manages to derail an entire world. Yes, it’s likely only Jorgen and other people in charge new about this…but it’s still messed up. Escpecially this has been going on for a while.

Besides, taking your power from a single person is not a good idea. They never anticipated this happening? They should be glad it took 7 whole Seasons for this to happen!

…Wait, it did happen in a quick gag in Channel Chases. It’s changed right away but still. So yeah, everything about this concept is just wrong. Btu maybe the conflict will be to find a better energy source instead of Crocker?

“It is imperative you get Crocker to believe in fairies again!”

…Of course. The goal of the episode is to make sure someone’s life is ruined by obsessing over fairies. ….Our heroes ladies and gentlemen!

The next day, they go to school to solve this problem but they discover that Crocker’s life is way better as he is now cool and loved by all. Yep, his life is better this way but he must be miserable. How did they spend at least 6 months on this without considering how messed up it is?

So they have to get Crocker to believe again but with the magic training that will be hard. They just try to do some tricks to make him think he sees fairies. They go this his house and show him Cosmo and Wanda (and Poof) on some strings, but he doesn’t buy it.

“Fancy talking Pinatas!”

After only two fails, they just kidnap Crocker and take him to fairly world, which they can somehow get to without magic. But because of the magic problem, it doesn’t’ work.

“I’ve seen more magic at a bus stop in Toledo. But that’s a story for another time”

Okay, that was funny.

They decide that his therapist can get him back to crazy. There’s a quick gag with her a Couples Therapist…taking to the Mayor and Chompy. That’s also funny.
“I eat goat meat one lousy time and he won’t let it go’

Hey, a callback to Vicky Gets fired…my least favorite Season 6 episode. Great. They overhear her saying she has a secret phrase to undo the trance. Comso poofs them to fairly world, where the power runs out, before they can ask her. Because he’s stupid, LAUGH.

Fairly World starts to fall out of the sky and into giant bucket of acid world.

“In hindsight, I see it was not the best idea”


They try out a bunch of phrases until they get it right. It’s ‘Mr Crocker, you’re the best teacher ever”. …Yeah. This works and Crocker spazzes out, giving them power again.

…This is a happy ending?

“I hope you learned you can’t rely on Crocker to power fairly world single handldley”

Spoilers, he didn’t.

“We are going to rely on all the nutjobs in the world!”

…That’s even WORSE. In the end, instead of their world running off the misery of one person, they run off the misery of tons of Crocker-like people all over the world.

….This is just messed up. There’s nothing happy about this! It makes no sense, it derails the world, and of course, it’s not funny. Timmy says they have to make sure Crocker never stops believing in fairies.

…Why?! You run off tons of weirdos now, why must you keep the one? Now this makes even less sense! Especially since all of our heroes support this!

With that, Crocker goes back to his therapist but this time she sees Cosmo and Wanda, making her go crazy about fairies. …Nothing is funny about this. It’s just…wow. It ends on that lame note, so we’re done here.

Final Thoughts:

What the hell were they thinking with this? If it’s meant to be funny, it doesn’t work because of things established in previous episodes. I can let some things slide but given the events of The Secret Origins of Denzell Crocker, this cannot be forgiven.

Now, as a viewing experience, this isn’t the worst as the Comedy isn’t too painful. But there’s nothing worth seeing here to the messed up story. Everything about this concept is wrong.

It contradicts previous episodes, and it derails…pretty much everyone. All of our heroes are okay with a whole world running off someone’s misery. I’ve seen some bad derailments but mass derailment of our whole cast (minus Timmy’s parents who are long gone anyway) is another story.

I don’t have to say it’s cruel and messed up. Yes, cruel can be funny but not in this context. I have no idea what made them think this was a good idea. This show has had its share of bad plots but even with Fairly Odd Pet I can see what they were thinking. At least more so than that.

The story is the issue more than the actual writing, since he just wrote what the story said. So I have no choice but to blame Amy, which really sucks. Just…yikes. Season 7 had a few MLP writers, and some of those episodes were good. Some might even end up on the lsit, who knows.

But this is just a messed up. It makes no sense, and it goes against everything established. It’s also cruel and bad. Even if I find an episode more painful to watch, this will be the worst episode due to its concept.

…That’s all I got.

Grade: D-

I wanted to do this, just to get my FOP bashing out of the way before we covering it’s gems. More on that when I get to that list, of course.

Next time, we’ll see if we’re crusin’ for a brusin’ or digging for gold.

See ya.


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