Lab Rats-Face Off

Hello, Spongey here.

After …last time, I figured we would go back to the well of duds. A bad episode of a show I like. This one is odd as it is tame, since the plot isn’t the worse but the parts that bug me…piss me off.

With that said, Lab Rats! A while ago, I did a look at Disney XD Sitcoms, and in that I more or less praised this show. If you don’t feel like reading that again, here’s the short version:

It’s about a kid who moves into his Step father’s house and finds out he has mdoe bionic kids and hilarity ensues. The show is certaintly dumb like a lot of other Disney shows, but it works due to having a pretty good story.

It has some interesting arcs and it gets really intense at times. When it’s at it’s best, it’s intense, fun, and very dramatic and well done. I praised Back From the Future, but since then we’ve had episodes that are almost as good.

Wanna know how dark it gets? Two villains have died. Flat out DIED. The latter even had an impact as one of that villains “kids” got mad and tries to start a rebellion over it.

Yeah. A lot has happened since my look at it, and I plan to revisit it at some point. But for now, let’s go into its dud. Sometime during Season 2, especially in the 2nd half, it’s flaws started to show.

The mean humor showed up more and then there’s Adam. He’s always been a mixed bag. Sometimes he’s funny, other time he’s worse the live action version of Modern Patrick. As time went on that showed up more, especially when it comes to his treatment of Chase.

That reached it’s apex in My Little Brother, where Chase finally gets his revenge and it seems like they resolved it. …Until there’s a dumb joke that ruins the sweet moment that shows that he learned nothing.

Ugh. I would have reviewed that if it weren’t for this episode coming along. Since that episode, he’s not quite as bad. I’d say the show is average to weak when it comes to Comedy (although not offensively bad) and great when it comes to the plot. This continues into Season 4.

But with the Lab Rats/Mighty Med Crossover (the first official XD crossover!), I wanted to look at this turd from Season 3. It’s not even an Adam episode, yet it has his worst performance to date.

Like I said, this one is sort of tame as the plot isn’t really the worse, but man is it …flawed. There’s only thing to mention before we jump in: At this point in the show, the world knows they are Bionic.
…Again, long story.

So let’s see how you can me want to kill a usually just mixed character.

This, is Face Off

Writer: Julia Miranda

The episode starts at school as Bree proclaims that some boy asked her to the Winter Dance. Well, he’s no government robot but I bet he’s cool. He shows up but then Adam takes over the intercom and pretends to be Principal Perry, saying embarrassing things about Bree.

And it begin. He only gets worse from here. Keep in mind she did pretty much nothing to him yet. At least Chase is his obligatory punching bag but Bree? Not so much. She calls him out but he has no real excuse. He then pants’ Chase because why not.

After the intro, Chase tells Bree of an idea to get revenge on him. I’m usually against petty revenge, but given how Adam is here, I’ll make an exception. Mr. Davenport made Cyber masks, which lets you take on the form of other people.
They try it out and it works. Now, I will say right now that the actual plot is fine. But as you might guess, a certain character helps ruin it. Speaking of plots, it’s time for the Sub one. It’s alright, but I don’t remember it much so let’s see how it goes.

Davenport leaves for an important meeting, and Douglas (his brother, don’t ask) looks into his briefcase and finds a “Shortlist for #2”, making them think Davenport is looking for a vice president for his company. They decide to compete for the spot. Yeah, it’s that plot but…eh I’ve seen it done worse.

At school, something hits me. Perry is sick at home, but who is in charge while she’s gone? Adam just kind of goes into her office with no one stopping her. Shouldn’t someone be there or something? Anyway, Bree turns into Perry and chews him out and forces him to dress up as Chase. Ouch.

So they have their revenge, episode over! …Nope, and this is where most of the good stuff ends, for the most part. Back in the subplot, Leo and Douglas compete to impress Davenport . And he gets suspicious and they spill the beans.

…Well that was fast. Episode over!

It turns out that list wasn’t for a vice president, but Donald doesn’t tell them that and makes them compete for the spot. Yeah, he’s punishing them for snooping. More on that later.

“May the man who hasn’t tried to kill you and steal your children win!”

…If you know the context, you’ll think that’s a low blow too.

That night, Bree gets ready for the dance and tells Adam about their prank. What does he think?

“Best prank ever!”

…It didn’t sink in. Which makes punishing him kind of pointless. If the person you prank doesn’t’ care, than it’s not a good prank. Jake shows up at the door, but Bree’s cyber mask is stuck, because she turned into Perry to prove that it was her. And that’s our plot.

It’s not a bad idea on paper, even it came out of an odd place. However…well you’ll see.

She has Chase turn into her so he can tell Jake she’s sick. Against his will, he does so. Bree with Chase’s voice is…actually pretty funny. Actually, there’s some okay Comedy overall here when it’s not dealing with Adam. The actress actually does a good job acting like Chase which makes it even funnier.

Speaking of Adam, he’s just watching this with glee and making dumb comments. He’s bad now but not the worst. Just wait.

“She’s not sick, she’s just nervous. She’s super into you”

And there we go. Adam just made the situation worse on purpose. His shit eating grin just makes everything even worse. So now Chase as Bree must take Chase to the dance until they can fix this. This would work if Adam was not involved at all.

“Jake, it’s okay if you wanna hold Bree’s hand!”

Ugh. Yes, he tags along just to be a dick. See, if he was made at their prank, he would be doing this to get revenge. But because he showed no issue with it, he’s just doing to be a dick. It would still be dumb, but at least it would make sense!

At the dance, Adam takes over as the DJ and plays a slow love ballad. Look, I know you love picking on Chase but seriously? Back in the subplot, Danveport makes them do dumb things to get the position, and while it goes a bit too far, I can’t say they don’t deserve it. …Okay the weird shock therapy bit goes too far.

Back at the dance, awkward stuff happens and Adam is just loving it. My god, his attitude is just insufferable. I can’t blame the actor because it’s the director’s job to tell him to not be a smug asshole.

“This is the worst day of my life”

“And the best day of mine”

Because the worse hates Bree and Chase, Perry shows up. Why? I have no idea, but I hope they explain it. Bree as Perry bumps into Perry which is kind of amusing. It turns out Perry has a twin and she thinks Bree Perry is her. Yeah.

She doesn’t like her so it’s awkward. This is kind of funny but it just piles on the main issue with the episode, besides Adam.

Let’s finish the subplot. They finally crack and Davenport reveals that this is all just to mess with them. The shortlist was about #2 on the Davenport Industries Softball team. Yeah. He did all to teach them a lesson about looking through his stuff.

Yeah, Douglas did it, Leo actually said it’s immoral but he couldn’t stop him from doing it. He only went further since once they knew the info, there was no going back. Also, I will say that his methods went a bit too far, but at least it was to teach a lesson.

So that’s the end of that plot. It’s flawed but tolerable compared to the main plot. It does affect that plot, as Davenport notices that the Cybermasks are active and turns them off.

The results aren’t pretty.


Shut up Adam. Then…it just sorts of cuts to commercial, where the final scene is away from the dance. Chase just walks away with a funny line and Bree makes a dumb comment. Adam rejoices cuz he’s an asshole. …Okay.

Later, Bree has explained everything to Jake and he’s cool with it. Good, everything turned out well in the end despite everything. I suppose I can forgive the flaws now.

“I’’ll be waiting”

Bree walks away…and Jake turns back into Perry.
“You’ll be waiting all night”

Of course. We can’t end on a happy note. We gotta make it so things end badly for Bree, making this whole episode pointless. Adam gets no true comeuppance and we have no idea what happened with the real Jake. Lovely.

There’s more to say but I’ll say it down below.

Final Thoughts:

In hindsight, this review was a bit pointless. There wasn’t much to say about the actual plot in the end and everything I have to say goes here. …But I just wanted to discuss Adam and this episode so the next time I discuss this show, I can focus on the positive.

Honestly, this one was pretty tame. The actual plot was okay and some of it is pretty amusing, and the subplot is tolerable. However, the ending alone just ruins it..along with Adam. Notice that he adds nothing positive to the actual plot?

He only starts the plot with the prank but that’s it. He just makes thing worse and acts like a smug asshole. This is him at his worst because everything he says and does just pisses me off. He’s not the focus so at least we’re not suppose to really “like him” but how is any of this funny? He is a one of the “Heroes” but I’ve seen the actual villains act nicer!

Adam just sucks here and he only makes things worse. And of course, the whole thing exists to torture Bree and Chase for no reason. It it was payback for stopping to revenge, than it was done very poorly.

It’s just lame, cruel and stupid, with the worst performance of a character are supposed to like. …That’s really about it. Again, maybe I pointless review but I had to say this. There are other episodes that are weak but this one shows it’s issues the most, so I say it’s the worst.

It’s not terrible, but it’s pretty weak and obviously not worth watching. Ah well, at least it wasn’t important.

Grade: C-

Next time, we’ll likely look at one that actually tries and is worth examining. Or maybe we’ll dig for gold, I don’t know. Hell, maybe we’ll even get animated.

See ya.


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