Sam and Cat-#MadAboutShoe

Hello, Spongey here.

We started this TV Marathon with a Dan Schneider show, so I suppose it only makes sense to revisit him. That show was probably his best, so let’s switch to his worst!

I think I mentioned in that review, or elsewhere that I like his stuff in the same way I like the Disney Sitcoms. They are dumb guilty pleasures, but they do tend to be better thanks to some good episodes and typically better actors.

However, they are all fairly flawed. They all feature a few unlikable characters, mean humor, dumb jokes, and characters getting away with being horrible. Even Drake and Josh had this and it was all downhill from there.

For their flaws, I could tolerate most of iCarly, Victorious and Zoey 101. Hell, even Henry Danger is in the same vein so far. But even I can’t 100 percent defend Sam and Cat. Yeah, this one seen as his worst show yet and….yeah it is.

Now, it does have some amusing things in it and it has that guilty pleasure element in there. But overall…it’s problamtic. The main issue comes with the very premise. This show pairs up Sam from iCarly and Cat from Victorious. Already, we have a problem.

Cat was basically a comedy relive and we know how making those the stars turns out. Her shtick worked there because sometimes she talked like a human being and she was just suportign. In this show, she’s the star so her comedy gets old quickly and she’s flanderized to hell. She’s way dumber than before and she rarely talks normal.

Then there’s Sam. She was …mixed. Sometimes she was funny with her bitchy-ness and charming. Other times, she was horrible. She was enough of an issue being a purporting character, so as you can imagine, giving her a show was not a good idea.

You think they would make her likable since she has to be in the spot light. Nope. While she switched between good and bad, she was all bad here. That’s right, she rarely had a nice moment and she was horrible most of the time.

So far, it looks bad but if they just had their own place and did wacky stuff…maybe we could have something. But the premise is that they have a Babysitting service. This horrible version of Sam is entrusted with kids.

…Yikes. And there’s our problem. We pair two side characters and make them annoying and have them take care of kids. The show was meaner and dumber than previous shows and had very few nice moments. We had a couple early on but not so much later.

It took iCarly a few seasons to become as infamous as it is. This only lasted one season and it went from meh to…pretty bad. Yikes, imagine is this went on for many seasons. And no, I won’t comment on the…contions it ended on. Shit happens, and I’m not go around talking about who was in the right or wrong.

But I will say it is ironic. See, Victorious got canceled early and it never got a proper finale. In the 2nd Sam and Cat episode, their favorite show gets canceled and they say stuff like this:

“They didn’t even have a big final episode!”

“What kind of Network cancels a hit?”


But I’m getting off track. The show has it’s moments and I don’t hate it. But overall, it is mediocre due to lacking all the good stuff Dan’s previous shows had and mostly being bad. So of course I needed to review an episode.

I watched every episode to find the big turd and originally I was going to cover #Twinfection. Oh, and the titles have hash tags. Great. But then I saw this episode and…it made me angry.

More so than any other thing I’m reviewing in this TV Marathon. Yeah. From that alone you know this is going to be fun, so let’s get this over with.

This, is #MadAboutShoe

Writers: Dan Schneider and Christopher J Nowak

The episode starts with Sam babysitting a kid. Oh yeah, we’re off to a good start already He wants her to help him take out his loose tooth. Yeah, ask Sam to pull out a tooth, that’s a great idea.

She pulls it out the old fashioned way and surprisingly it ends “well” with no blood.

“You yanked out the wrong tooth!”

“…Yeah, let’s not tell your parents about this”

Like I said, good start.

Cat arrives with part stuff for…well.

“The Throbbing moon!”

Don’t worry, it’s just a lunar occurrence where the moon pulses with light. Cat has even made meatballs for their viewing party…which Sam has already eaten. Of course.

Now Cat must make some new meatballs and they head off to get some meatball stuff. This sadly isn’t the actual plot. The tooth kids Mom shows up to rightfully complain …and Sam pretends they’ve never met.

“What have I told you about lying?”

….We’re just now up to the theme song ( a mere 4 minutes in) and this is not looking good.

After said theme month (which is waaay better than this show deserves), Cat says that her Nona taught her how to make the meatballs. It’s not important but whatever. What is important is that they find a random show on the sidewalk.

“The best shoe ever!”

She likes it…a bit too much.

“It’s love at first shoe!”

…Yeah. Cat is now obsessed with finding the other shoe. Okay, she just wants to get the shoe back to its owner, that’s fine. …Right?

They fail to find it a dumpster and Sam is having none of this.

“I have to find the other pink shoe!”

“But I love your meatballs”

Later, Cat is talking to Dice about the shoe and we see her big convulted plan to find the show. She got obsessed way too fast. She from finding it right to wanting to hump it. This is not good pacing.

Also, Cat is really annoying her. Her voice is bad enough without screaming about a shoe. I get that it’s the point but they take it too far. Not to mention she fails to mention finding the owner, she just cares about the shoe, from the looks of it.

Dice asks if she checked online and….she did. She yells for like a minute about it. Are pink shoes really that hard to find?

“Let’s bring this shoe home Dice…let’s bring her home”

…You’re creeping me out.

Anyway, Sam plans to use Nona to get her the meatballs she craves. Of course she invites her over as a ruse to get the meatballs. Because the writers realized the shoe plot was too flimsy. That and some of Sam’s stuff is…sometimes funny.

After her plan fails, Cat shows up, revealing that they’ve find the location of the shoe. Oh boy, this is where it gets worse. First, they pretty much annoy Dice while getting him to show them some video. Dice is this show’s Freddie, pretty much.

Basically, they saw a news story saying some girl have a bike accident, and she happens to be the owner of the shoe. She got into this accident while a show about pipers (people that install pie) was being filmed.

“That’s a large pipe”

We see the video and we see the girl running into the pipe that the guys on the show were holding. A few things wrong here. The main thing is…that it’s pretty painful to watch because they linger on her pain. And the laugh track drones on and on.

2nd, they care more about the stinking pipe than the injured girl. And 3rd, wouldn’t there be cameras and a crew around there so this kind of shit doesn’t happen1? I have a feeling these guys are going to get sued!

And 4th , this girl is Stacey Dillsen from Zoey 101. …Yeah, this show had a few cameos from other Dan Schneider characters. Since this is a crossover spin off, it fits but they used it so much it’s like the writers were out of original ideas or something.

From what I remember, she was the butt monkey there and somehow her treatment is worse her. It’s fan service doing …badly.

“That was hilarious”

No…it wasn’t.

Anyway, the other show still belongs to Stacey so I guess they gotta give up and just give their shoe back to her.

“We gotta go visit her”

“To give her back the shoe you found?”

“No, to get the other shoe!”

“Come on Cat, the girl is in it the hospital, we’re not gonna go there and take the shoe off her-


“Let’s get that shoe”

You are horrible people. First off, what it does say when SAM is calling you out? 2nd…what the hell? Isn’t Cat the nice one? She wants to take a poor injured girls property, for god’s sake. I can forgive Sam since she has a reason for going after the shoe, as dumb as it is. She at least brought up the problem here

But guess what? This isn’t even the worst part.

They head to the hospital and visit Stacey. Sam is disguised as a nurse so we get lame cover up jokes when a Doctor comes in. It’s such a short bit that it’s just pointless.

Then comes the bad part. See, The Audience noises in shows typical don’t bother me, be it the laugh track or applause. For some reason, it’s not an issue. If a laugh track follows a bad joke like in this show then it’s just a minor issue. Random applause are kind of dumb. You know about the dumb one in #MyPoober but this one is worse.

They find the shoes and…the applause plays. The applause plays…after they steal the preopty of a poor injured girl in the hospital.

When I first saw this, I was….pretty angry. Like…one mental breakdown later angry. That’s part of why I didn’t review it right away because I needed to calm down first. Now I’m calm and I’m just….ugh.

It’s one thing to make us think this crap is funny. It’s one thing to put applause at a plot point, like them getting their money back. Here, they honestly expect us to CHEER at these characters stealing something from an injured girl.

What the actual fuck.

And yes, it was just added later but the way it’s written wants us to see this is a good moment. Just…why? Yes, Sam has done worse but Cat is usually just annoying, not….like this!

But whatever, let’s just get this over with .Stacey wakes up and they try to lie their way through this.

“She’s…your friend, here to visit you”

“I have friends?”

By the way, Stacey and Sam interacted in previous cameos she had in iCarly so I wonder why neither recognize each other. Eventually Stacey gets a clearer head and threatens to call the head nurse.

Sam and Cat just dive out the window. It’s a good thing they’re on the first floor…

With their shoes in toe, we cut to later with our…main characters watching the throbbing moon.

“So beautiful”

“And throbbing”

Please stop talking about meatballs, large pipes, and throbbing things. I know these shows are known for thing kind of thing and it’s usually funny when not overused and forced.

Cat shows off her shoes and Dice says “Nice” which means okay with her thievery. Come on, Dice of all people should have an issue with this.

“How great are these meatballs”

“Well I learned from the best”


No. You are not allowed to attempt any kind of “Sweet” moments after that shit! This is insulting.

And with a lame joke about Nona rambling, the episode ends. Well that sucked.

Final Thoughts:

“This episode goes beneath the bottom of the bakery. It’s the corpses from where the cemetery was that the bakery was built upon”-Kyle Northrup/Norty ( )

It’s weird how I was less angry here than why I first saw it. I think it’s because I ranted on Deviant Art and Twitter first so I’m just kind of tired. But trust me, I did get angrier at this one than most of the stuff I’ve reviewed lately, movies included.

All the shows usually problems made even worse with that one small moment. The only thing it’s missing is Goomer to make it even dumber. We have bad jokes, cruel parts, and characters being annoying and unlikable.

While Sam is an issue here, she isn’t the main problem for once. She’s bad but mostly in small parts. Cat is the real problem. She’s usually kind of annoying but she’s only a bitch in some parts in other episodes.

Her, she’s worse than Sam. Yeah, Sam has done a lot of worse things but she was like from Day 1. Here, we have a normally innocent character stealing the property of someone who is in the hospital. If it was just a normal person, it would be bad enough but going the extra mile to put her in the hospital is just…wow.

This is pretty bad character derailment. Yes, Cat isn’t always the nicest but even in this show I don’t see her doing this. The worst she did before and after was maybe insult someone or just be oblivious to pain. This is just…wow.

The applause is what bring it over the edge. All of these problems are bad enough but that little moment makes this episode genuinely disgusting. It’s one thing for the writers to want us to find this funny, but the editors or whoever is in charge of this stuff seriously wanting us to cheer about they do this horrible thing.

Did they cheer when Sam played that cruel prank in #Twinfection? When all the crap happened to that guy in #WeStealARockstar? When they left that girl in a cemtantry in #MyPoober? Nope, they just laughed.

That’s what makes this one the worst, above all its other problem. But even taking that bit away makes this terrible just for Cat’s derailment and a lack of any decent plot. They find a shoe, and get it back. Riveting.

The stuff with Sam wanting the meatballs is just kind of thereto pad the plot, which makes me think the episode would be better if it was just all about Sam’s quest for meatballs, while Cat keeps getting distracted by other things. It might have been dumb but it would have been better than this!

It’s just an unfunny, cruel, and sometimes disturbing, mess. I have no ill will towards Nick, Dan or anyone involved despite how angry I was with this episode. But god good, what were they thinking?!

And to make it worse, the episodes that came before this were #Twinfection and #MyPoober. That’s three terrible episodes in a row. Then they went on a mid season break.

I’m kind of glad this show got canceled now.

Grade: D

Well that was fun. Next time on the Tv reviews it’s something…well tamers but somehow still angry inducing.

See ya.


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