The Suite Life of Zack and Cody-Big Hair & Baseball

Hello, Spongey here.

So last time (way too long ago) on our TV Reviews, we saw my Female Obsession of the Moment give us the worst episode of her show. It wasn’t’ very pretty.

Thus, I decided we needed to calm down. So for this review, we’re going after a tame dud from a show I happen to tolerate. And it’s one I’ve talked about before.

Remember how I started on that Look at Disney Sitcoms project, before I got lazy? Yeah, in that I discussed The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. The post may suck but there, I did go in depth on the show and how I feel about it.

Thus, I don’t have a lot to set up here. But in case you forgot, Suite Life was a popular Disney Sitcom about Twins living in a hotel, as hilarity ensues. I said that of all the “Guilty Pleasure” Sitcoms, this is one is my favorite.

While it is stupid, it is close to being actually good, with all of the good episodes it has. It did have some of the issues the weaker Disney Sitcoms had, but overall it was alright. For every mean joke, you had a good one. Plus, Ashley Tisdale and all that.

But of course, since it was still about troublesome twins, it was going to have some episodes that go too far. And that’s where this episode comes in
Now why didn’t I talk about it in that post? …I forgot about it until later. But I remember it now, so let’s dig into this Season 1 episode to see where it went wrong.

This, is Big Hair & Baseball

Writer: Pamela Eells O’Connell

This person not only a notable writer on this show, but also helped developed Suite Life on Deck. After that she created her own show, known as Jessie.

…That’s interesting. This is her first episode, and it shows.

The episode starts in the Hotel Lobby, as a lot of people are stating here due to a big baseball game. The twins are harassing the Yankee fans that are there until one guy randomly gives them tickets to tomorrow’s game because…reasons.

“I love ya, you sticking Yankees!”

Eh, that’s dumb but kind of funny, I suppose. Yeah, this is another episode where the bad part comes in later.

After the theme song, the girls are gawking at some of the Baseball guys. Well, except Maddie.

“I am sick of cute guys. Who cares about looks?”

Says the most attractive female member of the core cast. Sorry, Brenda.

“If you care about that kind of junk, I know a guy named Gavin who would perfect for you’

I bet this will go well! And yes, this is our subplot. Yes, it is actually decent.

Carrie offers to give Maddie a makeover to get her ready for the date. Again, this will go well. Zack and Cody show up with Baseball tickets and with a Gilligan cut, she asks Mosby to take the boys.

“It would be an opportunity for you to bond with the boys”

“I shudder just thinking about it”

Okay, I will say this has some funny moments, more so than most of what I’ve done so far for this TV thing. But the problem…yeah we’ll get there, I promise.

Some guys overhear Mobsey and scold him for it, because they think the twins are his kids.

“But I hate baseball!”

“Now that’s just Un-American!!”

I’m not a big Baseball person, so I guess I’m not American guy either. Great logic.

All this scolding gets Mobsey to say yes. So Mobsey does this, not because he wants to, but because he was pretty scared into doing it. I’d complain but it is the least of this episodes problems, and at least you can argue he kind of deserved it with his attitude. Though this does become a bigger issue later.

After another Gilligan cut, the boys show how happy they are about Mosbey taking them to the game. …Not very. The boys don’t need as much coaxing though, so they agree to it.

We cut to the game as we get plenty of jokes about Mobsey being a fuddy duddy who knows nothing about baseball. This section isn’t too bad despite the jokes being a bit obvious.

There’s this guy in the seat above them who snarks on Mobsey’s comment, and he’s pretty funny. I mention him because he is important.
Back in the subplot, Maddie and London show up at Carrie’s place from some makeovers, and Maddie’s hair is messed up because much like izzy, she’s got the frizzie’s.

…Yeah I had to do it. There’s a quick and it’s back to the main plot. Mosbey tries to get into the swing of things, and that snarky guy starts to like him slightly more, knowing this is his first time. Of course they have to make a few jokes about Mosbey knowing nothing before we move on.

Then it’s back to the subplot where they try to fix Maddie’s hair and just end up in comedic hixinks. …And man plot again. The pacing is weird here. Anyway, Mosbey has officially gotten into it and is starting to bond with everyone.

“For a stick in the mud, you’re okay”

I must say, this is very nice to see. …Which makes what happens next even worse. Cody bemoans that he hasn’t lived his dream of catching a ball here, so Mosbey decides to help him out.

…But it turns out to be the kind of ball that makes them loose the game. ..Whoops.

“You are going to be the most hated man in Boston”

SNARKY GUY: To think I share popcorn with the likes of you.

Yeah, this is where the problem comes in. Mosbey gets tortured and mock for the horrible crime of…making a baseball team lose. Now, this normally wouldn’t be too bad but in this context…it’s a problem.

Keep in mind, this didn’t happen out of spite, or on accident. He did this as a gift for Cody. He was starting to bond over something he didn’t care about out and he went out of his for one of the kids.

So in other words, Mosbey is punished for trying to do the right thing. …Wow. That’s bad even for this show. And remember, he was pressed into doing this because of a misunderstanding, and having a different opinion. At the time it seemed fine but now it’s an issue.

They didn’t even need to make a big fix. Make it so he’s forced to do this for more legitimate reasons, and have this be more of an accident. But whatever, let’s see they handle the rest of this…after the subplot!

Maddie meets up with her date, and it turns out Gavin is a normal person. Which means we will never see him again. And of course they are at a restaurant where they must eat outside. Quick joke and we’re back.

Mosbey arrives back at the hotel and sees how much everyone hates him. His Mom even left him a nasty text. …Ouch.

“If anyone asks, we don’t know you”

Wow, screw you, kids. This is what he gets for trying to help you?! Back in the subplot, Maddie has Carrie come over to help her calm down her hair. Naturally this leads to some wacky stuff that’s mildly amusing.

We see more of how much everyone hates Mosbey as some people refuse to stay at the hotel because he works at it. Now that’s just dumb.

“Blame me if you must, but please don’t punish this magnificent hotel. I’d rather die”

“…Works for us”

….No comment.

Cody starts to feel guilty for making a big deal about the ball, since that’s what got them in this mess. Yeah this is kind of your fault but not really.

Back in the B plot, we find out Gavin has his own issues as he sweats a lot. London shows up to help and there’s a gag where she is offered a table inside which begs the question: She doesn’t she just use her “Daddy owns the hotel” powers to get them a table inside?

Anyway, she reluctantly helps Gavin with his problem. After only one session with him, she takes him to Maddie so they can reveal each other’s problem. They do and then they realize it’s no big deal and start to hit off better.

They thank London for setting up the date and that’s the end of the subplot. Not the best but it was amusing and had a nice ending. But now we gotta put with the crappy ending to the main plot.

Mosbey tries to hide but fails and only gets mocked some more. Cody is as sick of this as I am and finally stands up for him. He explains why he did what he did

“It might not have been the smartest move, but he did it for me”

Oh hey we’re gonna get a nice ending. They all realize this was a misunderstanding and it’s really no big deal.

“He might be the most hated man in Boston, but to me he’s a hero”

D’aww. Looks we have a happy ending after a-

“Not if you lost your paycheck betting on the sox!”

“You got that right, and it knocked us out of first place”

“Get him!”

…Then they chase him again. The end minus a quick gag with Maddie and Gavin that’s actually funny. …Goddamnit. We’ve seen this kind of thing before where they ruin a nice moment but this takes it to a new level.

They go out of their way to point why Mosbey’s punishment is unfair…but still end it with torture. Of course everything is back to normal in the next episode but still. Plus, the person who started that is Muriel, who I might remind you, works at the hotel. She’s lucky she kept her job for the rest of the time she was in the show.

It’s really dumb to ruin a genuine moment for a cheap gag. It makes the whole episode pointless. I get that torture can be funny but when you sacrifice something of substance for it, it doesn’t work.

Whatever, we’re done here.

Final Thoughts:

To be honest, this one is pretty tame compared the other stuff we’re covering. But it’s still not good. For what it’s worth, they don’t focus on the bad part too much, the subplot is okay and there are some amusing moments in the first half.

But in the end it doesn’t work due to some big problems. It builds some neat development, but then ruins it by punishing someone for trying to do something good. Then it ruins a nice ending with a cheap gag.

It goes without saying that the torture is not funny, and the whole thing as just poorly done. It’s mediocre, which means it’s better than Review It Up, at least. It simply a poorly planned out story with some very insulting moments.

But if the worst episode, than this show wasn’t too terrible. Unless there’s a worse one I haven’t seen in a while. It’s weak but I’ve seen worse. I just needed a break from horrible-ness.

You know, there’s an episode of Kenan and Ken called “Foul Bull”, that shock of all shockers, did this kind of thing better. In that episode, they get hated for accidentally injuring a major basketball star.

The difference? It was DIRECTLY their fault and they inured him. Thus the torture makes more sense and they almost deserved it. But to be fair, that show deals in mean spirited humor like that so it fits a lot better. But it’s still way funnier, even if it’s flawed.

Hell, they even did the ending better. It is a “Here we go again” thing but they don’t linger on it, so it manages to be amusing. So yeah, watch that episode and avoid this one.

Grade: C

Next time on the TV reviews, we cover the worst thing I’ll review in this TV Marathon. #hurray .

See ya

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  1. Norty says:

    So this episode was released in 2005, two years after the Steve Bartman incident, which means it was at the perfect age to be completely dated. Not new enough to be relevant, but not old enough to be retro.

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