Top 40 Next Best Phineas and Ferb Songs (Part 1)

Hello, Spongey here.

Well, Phineas and Ferb is officially over. I’ve talked about it a lot on here, and despite that I’m sure to bring it up again. But in terms of big posts, I wanted to give it a proper farewell. Don’t worry, my big ending speech will happen eventually.

I’ve counted down the best episodes (twice), reviewed the movie, talked about the weak episodes (at this moment, I like the Baljeatles more, and you can replace it with Return Policy) and counted down 40 of the best songs.

And now I’ve got two more lists to do before I’m more or less done with big P&F posts. Season 4 as over so naturally it will involve that and more. As I just said, I did a list of the top 40 songs. And unlike my episode list, it’s not too bad and I stand by some of my choices.

But it was flawed. The main list, (top 20 or so) was planned for a while (2010 or so),and I was too stubborn to fit in newer songs, for the most part. So songs like Weaponry, that are currently in the top 20, were a bit too low.

I also had songs that while good, that aren’t top 40 worthy such as Disco Miniature Golfing queen. But at least here I get why the list was the way it was. It’s pretty different now, as about only 24 songs are still there (with some being pushed down to the ultimate top 80…or top 100).

I thought of remaking the list like I did with the episode list but my top 3 is the same. The rest of the list is different enough now, but it would be lame to do a new big list only for the top 3 to be the same.

So I decided to do something a different. Remember how I said I have a whole top 100? Yeah, I seriously do. I do want to share a lot of the new entires to the list and a good amount of the runners up.

Thus, I will be counting down the 40 NEXT best songs. That’s right, I will be doing over 40 of the best songs that did not make my previous list, either cuz I didn’t love them as much at the time, or they came out after.

Basically, this is what my Top 40 looks like without the inclusion of the original 40 songs. I was going to do a top 20 but there are too many songs I feel need recognition. So yeah, here’s another top 40.

Not much else to say really, here comes another tribute to the music that Danny Jacob and the crew offer to us. …I think having Dan in your name makes you can awesome composer.

Let’s get started.

This, is The Top 40 NEXT Best Phineas and Ferb Songs

But fair warning: This sections will mostly be short, since it’s kind of hard to go on for 10000 years about a song like this. How I did it in the first list is beyond me.

Also, before we start, I have an Honorable mention. Sort of. See, there are a few songs that they made outside of the show. You know, promotional stuff, and side shows like Doof’s daily dirt. I sadly could not include any, but I wanted to give them a shout out.

Examples include Doof Raps on rap (which sums up my feelings on rap), Dodger’s Stadium Code on Conduct (Proof they can make a catchy song out of anything) and Just Want to you see the smile, the best dental hygiene song since My Shiny Teeth and Me. The 2nd best is “My Secret Agent” a song made for that Where’s My Perry app that is AWESOME. How come no one ever talks about it?

But my favorite one is..


We’ve all seen Behind the Scenes videos of how they make cartoons. It’s mostly just a bunch of people drawing and talking about drawing. Naturally, Dan and Swampy wanted to make a video on how they make the show. But they thought a normal video would be boring, so in true Phineas fashion, they made a song out of it.

Actually, no. They made a rap.

If this counted then this would be on the actual list, and very high up. It’s that good. It has everything you want in a great Phineas song. It takes a concept and creates a hilarious and awesome sounding tune out of it.

It’s also pretty educational as it does give you an idea of what making the show is like. But it does it in a way everyone will enjoy. The flow is really good with how much they pack in, in terms of education and humor. These two really have chops when it comes to rapping.

Here’s a taste of the lyrics:

All the good stuff here and all the bad stuff there
(Aliki Grafft: Hey, I worked hard on that!)
Hey, call somebody who cares!
‘Cause it’s a cutthroat live drawin’ boards and pitchin’
If you can’t stand the heat…

Oh, and the visuals have a lot of fun gags and cameos from crew members. In short, this is the perfect Phineas song for it’s humor, lyrics and flow. Like I said, it counted it would very high on this list.

With that out of the way, let’s move on to the actual list! Oh, and I’ll be crediting songwriters cua…why not.

40. Doofenshmirtz Evil Hideout Vacation Swap [Live and Let Drive]

(Written by Dan Povenmire and Danny Jacob)

We already start out with a Season 4 gem. Doof is known for his catchy and awesome evil jingles, but it was about to time he got a real long one. He did want to finish the rest of that someday.

He never did, but to compliment a new evil hide out he got in the James Bood spoof episode (which took 4 season to get to) he got a new jingle. And it’s awesome.

And since this episode spoofs James Bond, this is in the style of a Bond theme. That pretty much earned this song a spot on the list and every aspect of it works really well. Both the music and singing do a wonderful of emulating a Bond opening, especially the likes of Goldfinger.

Of course, they did something like this with the Perry theme but this more directly spoofs a typical bond opening. By objeticte standards, this one deserves to be higher for how well made it is.

But these lists are mostly done by going with my gut, and my gut said to put it lower. Screw you, gut.

First off, the tune itself is excellent. Aside from perfectly getting the tone of a Bond theme right, they use the instruments to wonderful effect. I think my favorite part is the Cello right in the middle. So good. That’s good enough but then we have the singing.

This song is performed by Jill Whelan who is currently best known for being co-host of a podcast called The Brian and Jill Show. After listening to an episode of that featuring Dan and Swampy, I’m even more impressed by this song.

She can somehow go from sounding normal to basically being Shirely Bassey. In the context of the show, she is Doof’s Real Estate agent. If all real easte agents sung like this, that would be amazing.

She does a fantastic job with this song. She seriously could sing a real Bond Theme but here she is doing a spoof of it. This show always does a good job emulating other styles and this isn’t even the best example of it.

Doof himself even joins in for backup, like in a certain song we’ll get to it.

The lyrics are what you would expect from a song about a Doof location:

He can use the kitchen and the hallway closet
Don’t touch the rocket or you’ll lose your deposit

They fit in plenty of humor to make the song even better. The lyrics work pretty well and it goes with the other things that make this song great.
This is one of many songs that deserves a soundtrack release, especially since it sounds like a real song already. I’d be okay with being as long as it is now but an extra verse would be nice too.

This is certainly a song they went above and beyond with. Everything about it works and it’s extremely well made. I can see why a lot of people would have this higher, but I just enjoy some other songs more, I guess.

The lyrics are funny, the tune is excellent at emulating a Bond theme, and the singing is even better. It all comes together to make a song that rivals Bond’s best, as well as this show’s best.

And I guess that’s all I got. Told you these might be short. Sorry if I can’t come up with an essay on a minute’s worth of materiel.

While Doof’s best jingle will always be DOOFENSHMIRTZ QUALITY BRATWURST, this is a close 2nd. It’s pretty awesome.

39. Happy New Year

(Written by Dan Povenmire, Robert F Hughes, and Martin Olson)

And now we have another Season 4 Classic From what I see, this is the “Summer Belongs to You” of Season 4, and was featured in like episode 4 in production order. That’s impressive.

And of course it’s only Number 39. It’s great, I’m just into the crazier songs a bit more. For some reason, the big ending emotional songs don’t get me as much as others, but I like general emotional songs such as ducky Momo is my friend.

That’s not to do discredit this song, cuz it was awesome enough to get on the list. The show is getting better at these type of songs. Besides this one is a general new years song more than often.

Not much context is needed for this one. It happens at the episode and that’s it. So let’s move on to the actual song.

It’s more or less the type of song you expect when I tell you it’s a New Years’ song that plays in the backgrounds. It sounds great and it’s very feel good. It’s like the SBTY of Holiday songs. And it’s in a normal 11 minute episode. (Hell, they both Jeremy and Candace kissing near the end)

It’s very much designed to be a feel good song, and while it makes it less epic than the next 39 or so songs, it still works very well. The beat, lyrics and signing really help to make this one fun and sweet.

Speaking of signing, it is sung by Olvia Olson which means I don’t have to say that it’s great on that front. Yeah, expect more of her on this list. I’m not sure what it is about her voice, but it’s just really good. I do prefer it on Vanessa songs though, since this is the kind of voice I like more when it has “character”. I’ll get more into that later though.

She really helps give this song some extra oomph that the visuals and lyrics already have. Speaking of which, the visuals are interesting for a few reason. It’s just the characters dancing but there are a couple note worthy bits:

1. Irving’s Sweet dance moves.

2. Stacy and Coltrane because they hate me. …Though I will admit I enjoyed him in the Mandace episode. …it’s less disturbing than the title implies.

3. Phineas and Ferb doing Gangem style….seriously.

4.. Everyone is dancing next to their respective love interests. Phineas and Isabella, Jeremy and Candace, Doof and perry, Irving and…Gretchen?

…Okay then.

Lyric wise, it’s everything you want:

You know it hasn’t been bad
More happy than sad
But I’ll tell you I’m glad
When I think about starting all over again
Yeah, I know where we’ve been
But I don’t think about then
That was a moment
But this is another

Admittedly, I prefer the songs with witty lyrics, but we need a sweet song every once in a while. The lyrics keep the usual creativity as they found good ways to say happy New Year. It’s really the perfect way to end the New Year. Better than hanging out an all-star cast with a crappy script.

This is a good example of a song where every aspect sums up why it’s so good, and each elements complaint each other. The tune helps the lyrics, the lyrics help the singing and so on.

As such, it’s hard to analyze this one like the others. It’s meant to one big song enjoyable as a whole more than different parts working together.

But man is one awesome hole. This is one of those songs that really needs an extended versions of it hits a soundtrack song. It’s decently long as it is but I feel that an extra verse of a slightly better ending would put this song on a higher slot.

Plus, the characters talk over part the ending so getting rid of that would be great.

But overall, this song is pretty good. It’s a really sweet song that ends the episode with a bang and it just gives you a good feeling inside. A lot of times a satisfying song can make a good episode great, and this is the perfect example of that. The tune, lyrics and singing really help make this song a memorable highlight of Season 4.

So yeah, it’s really enjoyable.

…This is gonna be a long list.

38. Going Deep Into Your Mind [Monster from the ID]

(Written by Dan Povenmire, Jeff Swampy Marsh, Martin Olson and James D Bernstein)

Expect a lot of Mood whiplash on this list. Anyway, this song is about going into Candace’s Mind.

I don’t think I have to say more but I kind of have to.

Joking aside, this is one of those episodes you knew was going to be great from the premise. You all knew it would be all kinds of freaky, and man it was. This song sums it up pretty well.

First off, the visuals are as freaky as you expect. They throw in a lot of creative stuff at you and they complaint the lyrics pretty well. The animator’s certainly deserve credit for making Candace’s mind look as insane as possible.

This is another one where every aspect works together to create an atmosphere. This is supposed a trippy trip into someone’s mind and they capture that very well.

It’s a buildup song as it starts out simple and then goes all out insane in the end. The visuals and lyrics get weirder and it just gets intense and awesome.

Naturally, the singer helps add to the intense feel. That’s Dan Povenmire, showing how amazing he is. He can go from Goody Two Shoes Brothers to EVIL BOYS to this. Nice. Not much else to say on that front.

And of course the lyrics pack in tons of callbacks to previous Candace Facts and things kids won’t know about:

Repression, aggression, your embarrassing obsession,
Would make Freud annoyed but don’t be paranoid

And there’s this bit:

Were you traumatized by squirrels?
Or a little girl with curls?
Do you fear the number seven?
Does a zebra call you Kevin?

BUFORD: She’s really messed up.

They did a great rhyming here, as every reference fits with the song. I’m mixed on it’s length though. It’s about a minute. On one hand, this is the kind of song that’s just there to show them going through her mind, and it’s not meant to be a big event.

But it’s so awesome that an extra verse wouldn’t hurt. I’d say there’s no chance of this being on iTunes, but if freaking Izzy’s got the frizzies can get on a CD, then this one can too.

But even with its length, they don’t waste a single second. It’s so intense and awesome and that riff is awesome. It’s another example of a song that’s way more badass than you might expect from a Disney cartoon.

The lyrics, and visuals create an excellent atmosphere and it’s a ton of fun. It’s freaky, catchy epic and just plain good. Any song that mentions Freud and a Zebra is a good one in my book.

Candace is certainly a crazy and complex person and both this episode and this song show it perfectly. The fact that song is so cool doesn’t hurt either.

Overall, this is one weird but epic song that deserves a nice spot on the list. With that done, we’re going deep into this list.

37. Extraordinary [Great Balls of Water]

(Written by Robert F Hughes, Dan Povenmire, and Aliki Theofilopoulos)

It was hard deciding between this or Deep into your mind for this slot but I ended picking this one for its flow. We’ll get to that.

In this episode, Candace gets worried that she’s in a rut, doing the same thing over and over again. So thus this song kicks in as she starts to think she should be, in her owns extraordinary, not just Extra-ordinary.

First up, I can imagine this one being relatable to a lot of people. I think we’ve all though our lives have gotten kind of boring and it needed some spicing up. A imagine someone in a cartoon with a strict formula would have that feeling big time.

This song starts off slow, creating a nice mood and it’s very nice. But then boom, it becomes fast. And when I say fast, I mean fast. I Really Don’t Hate Christmas, Mom look previously held the record for fastest songs and…I think this is at least equal to them.

Like with those, anyone who can manage to sing them in one breath without looking at the lyrics deserves some kind of medal. As such, Ashley Tisdale deserves all of the medals. The lyrics pack in quite a bit and as such I can imagine it was hard to do this one. She pulled it off and yeah, that’s one great aspect of this song.

Yeah, figured I’d cover the singing first since it’s the lyrics and flow I wish to discuss. The tune is pretty good, but nothing too special. It mostly just helps the lyrics. I dig songs that start off as one type of song and become something else, and I like how they did it here.

This song has some epic flow it just never seems to slow down once it gets going. The visuals basically just show what they are saying but they are funny since the things Candace does get pretty crazy.

But the best part is the lyrics. For one…

Take a little time to really decorate my door, and

Change my hair to black and then I’ll dye it back to orange

Honestly, I’m surprised it took them 4 Seasons to attempt to rhyme with Orange. I’m more surprised that they didn’t try “Door hinge”

But anyway, they find tons of creative things for Candace to do and somehow manages to rhyme them all. Then they make them all flow with a single off moment. That’s incredibly impressive.

I could learn to cook vegetarian or take a fashion workshop,
Meditate, calculate, learn to knit a tank top,
Yoga, hula, clogging, jogging, walking on a tightrope,
Take a correspondence course and learn to make my own soap

This is a song that is more impressive the more you think about it, with how it’s put together. The length is also fine since it’s about 1:20 and each part is long as it needs to be. Part of me kind of wishes it was longer, but I guess I’m spoiled.

This one was lucky enough to get a soundtrack release, and all they did was make the start slightly better. Though there’s much to improve on to begin with.

The only thing that’s missing is a real “hook” to make it extra catchy. That’s why this isn’t any higher, but its flow is why it’s above the previous two. It has some of the best flow you’ll see in a P&F song with how much they pack into it.

The lyrics are very creative and funny, it mixes emotion and humor, and it flows really well and is impossible but fun to sing. While it’s low on the list, it’s still a very impressive song with a lot going for it.

It’s another one to add to the list of awesome Candace songs. And yeah, it’s pretty extraordinary.

36. Tomorrow is This Morning Again [Last Day of Summer]

When it comes to the singers on this show, the best when it comes to singing quality is probably Olvia Olson along with Ashley Tisdale and Alyson Stoner. But personally, my favorites are Ashley Tisdale and Dan Povenmire. Why?

Well, this show has some strong characters so I feel the best singing tends to be more the characters rather than background/normal people. Yet my Top 3 songs are by background people. Weird. Actually of My Top 5, Busted is the only done by characters.

As such, those 2 are my favorite because they sing for the most defined characters, Candace and Doofenshmirtz. Their songs tend to be the best, and the most popular. So as you imagine, a duo between the two has to be the best thing ever.

And it is.

Candace and Doof stumble upon an Inator that can repeat the day for them, and naturally they want to use it to achieve their goals. They sing about it. Since this ep was the finale, I’ll refrain some saying more. Trust me, I’ll have plenty to say when the time comes.

Much like how the last one was all about the lyrics, this one is all about the singing. I mean, putting the two best character singers in one song is going to be awesome so of course so their singing makes it great.

I’ll go into detail on the singing for Doof later but now I’ll say that his voice is somehow great despite being bad on purpose. Candace has a strong personality, so Tisdale’s singing style fits her pretty well and most of her songs tend to be unique, with some being better than others.

So putting them together is just…awesome. They are in separate scenes ala Busted but they still work great off each other. Actually, they even reference Busted with the visuals. Now that is amazing.

One of the reasons I say the singing is the selling point, is that the lyrics aren’t the best. Oh, they are good and fit the scene well but they don’t stick out as much the singing.

They say you only go around once,
They say that opportunity, it never knocks twice!
But if there’s one thing I can say about the people who say that:
They don’t have this cool device…

They do a good job showing how each characters about this new power and they are pretty good. But come on, you’re just going to remember how awesome it is to hear these two sing together.

It helps that the tune itself is great. It’s really upbeat and it makes this song even more memorable. In universe, it’s brought to us by Norm on Guitar. Man, he’s really kicking it up a notch in the song department.

So we have a great beat that will get the song lodge in your head. Combine that with the singer and you get a song you can’t help but listen to 10000 times once you hear it once.

I can’t really describe it but these characters just fit really well together. They are given a few separate fun verses before they finally sing together and that is done pretty well. I think the characters being so strong and similar makes them work as well as they do.

Doof and Candace being similar has always been a running theme, but you would believe the creators didn’t even notice it til this episode? It was obvious yet they didn’t know til the very end. Huh.

This song is one of those that is just “easy” to love. I mean, it puts two of the strongest singers together. Of course it’s going to one of the best sung duets in the show. While Busted is 500000000 times better, I dare say this has better singing, for obvious reasons.

I’m starting to repeat myself so I guess I should wrap this up. I just really like the singers for these characters and they did a great job pairing them together. I like how they sing together and the happiness the characters feel is infectious. That also adds to the song as well as the upbeat tune and wonderful singing.

Not to mention some clever visuals and lyrics.

Overall, this song brilliantly pairs up two great characters and their wonderful harmony, as well as a nice tune, helps makes this a fun and awesome song.

…Yeah, like I said, the singing is the highlight so it’s the kind that’s hard to sum up on its own. But still awesome song, so let’s move on.

35. Brand New Best Friend [Across the 2nd Dimension]

(Written by Dan Povenmire, Martin Olson, and Jon Colton Barry)

Remember how I said would go into detail on Doof’s voice later on? Well, I meant now since we’re dealing with two for the price of one. Or as Doof put it, Double Doofenshmirtz. (Coming at you Fridays!)

Anyway, my last list could only fit two At2d songs due to reasons I kind of went into. The other reason was that at the time those 2 stood out the most. Now, I’ve managed to fit some others in my immediate top 40, and thanks to the wiggle room in my top 100, I could fit in even more.

And we start them off with this gem. Despite its catchiness, most of the other ones stuck out more to me in terms of quality, so this one keeps getting the shaft. But man, it really is awesome, like all Doof songs are.

I’ve reviewed this movie so I’ve discuss this one before, and its context. I didn’t go into detail so I guess I can talk about it further now. Doof has meet an eviler version of him in the 2nd dimension and they hit it off.

Of course, they sing about it.

This is the “Villain song” of the movie and yet it’s surprisingly uplifting and fun. Of course you could never expect a serious villain song from Doof, much less two of them. Even if Doof 2 is actually evil.

There was a line earlier in the film about how Doof has no friends, so it is weirdly sweet for him to find his best friend. Even if things go south right after the song.


The thing about Doof’s singing is that he has an intentionally bad voice for singing, but he’s actually a good singer. He’s no *Insert famous good singer here* but he can carry himself pretty well. He just has an odd voice so in universe, he’s a bad singer.

As a result, his songs tend to be pretty awesome. So putting two Doof’s in the same song was bound to be amazing.

This has everything you could want in a good Doof song. For one, it is excellent humor and it manages to rhyme all these various funny things.

“Do you want some rice pudding?

“No, that’s gross!”

“It was a test! Almond brittle?”

“ Ooh, I love it the most!”

“ Me too! “

“Do you collect coins?”

“, just in case, Vending machines become the Dominant race”

Oddly enough, they did go back to the vending machine in a later episode.

The humor is clearly the main selling point, as even the concept is amusing. Every lyric aside from the chorus is some kind of joke, and even the visuals are great. They feature Doof and Doof as famous duos such as the Lone Ranger and Tonto and…Phineas and Ferb.


I don’t want to spoil a lot of jokes by quoting them, but trust me this song has some golden moments. They even pause the song for a joke and it actually works.

So this already has that going for it, but it also has good singing. Like the last entry, it’s due to the brilliant idea it has. They sing very well together, and I really have to give Dan Povenmire credit for being to sing as two Doofs. Especially since their voices are subtly different as Doof-2 is more evil.

I imagine he looked like a crazy person recording this song. Also, I like how in the Soundtrack version, Doof and Doof-2 are in separate Audio channels, so if you are using headphones, one is one side and one is in the other. That’s cool.

The tune creates that uplifting feel I mentioned and it helps make the song incredibly catchy. And of course you gotta love that Xylophone bit. Each aspect of the song serves as a selling point, and that brings us the flow.

Both Doof’s work really well together both in terms of humor and how the song works. They never miss a beat and they keep the rhymes going. They just sound really happy together, and it’s quite nice.

I’d say you’ll never find a less serious villain song but I think I Really Don’t Hate Christmas wins that award.

It’s one of those songs that is just really upbeat in spite of itself. I suppose the only disadvantage is that with its “conversational” nature, it doesn’t work quite as well as a song compared to other songs in the movie.

It’s great but others ended up sticking out more to most people. It was good enough to be high in Cliptastic 2 so there is that.

This song is another one that didn’t quite need to work hard due to having two Doof’s but it did need to work to make for a good song, since it needs to flow despite all the jokers. I’d say they did a splendid, as this one of the most fun songs in the movie.

It has two Doofs for the price of one, it has great flow, excellent humor and with its tune it becomes strangely uplifting despite being the villain song. Even if everything goes downhill for this duo. At least Doof-2 has Choo Choo and Ch-…actually we’ll go into that later, hint hint.

It has twice the evil and with all of those qualities, it’s twice the fun. …I would certaintly watch Double Doofenshmirtz, by the way. Almost as much as I would watch Doof 101.

34. Interface [Love at First Byte]

(Written by Jennifer L Hughes, Robert F Hughes, JG Orrantia, Sue Perrotto, and Eddie Pittman)

Remember how I said that Norm has been kicking it up a notch in the musical department? Yeah, here’s another great example.

I just can’t get over how Norm is grown. From a simple joke to singing three memorable tunes. He had a sad rap song about wanting to be a real song, a cheerful song about killing everyone and now…a love song.

Yep, in this episode he meets a female robot named Chloe and they shake their shiny metal asses on the dance floor. Of course, it’s glorious. Like A Real Boy, this is an unusual song for Norm to sing. It’s a hip hope tune this time with a dance twist and some Auto tune. Well, mostly on Chloe. It’s weird but it naturally ends up working.

While Norm’s previous hits were more character driven, this one is just about him and Chloe wanting to…Interface. Insert Sex Joke here. But despite A Real Boy being a better song, I kind of dig this one more. I dig the unique beat on this one. There’s a decent amount of build before the song even starts that works pretty well.

I don’t know how to describe it, but the tune is very interesting and simple. This is one driven by the singing and lyrics but the beat helps too. The visuals also has some trippy lights going on which helps set the mood as well.

But the real highlight is how the two sing together. This is another well done duet. Norm has a more natural sounding voice while Chloe is Autotuned which makes since she is more uh…high tech, so to speak.

It actually works since it make sense for a Robot to have Autotune. And it still sounds good. Norm is a great as ever. John Viener does a good job doing the whole Robot thing without sounding boring or bland. That extends to his singing, which has been solid in all 3 of his solos.

As expected, they each get a good verse before finally singing together. I really like how Norm’s first verse is played alongside a new verse from Chloe. It just works really well.

As far as flow goes, the lyrics have a lot of tech jargin and they juggle that pretty well. It’s another weird one to sing but it’s much easier than something like Extraordinary.

I sense a change in my info stream,
From renovated positronic sequencing.
You used to have such an 8-bit feel,
With your screw-on head, and your squirrel wheel.
Now I’m forced to reevaluate,
My old motherboard and my data rates.
We move our chassis to a higher place,
As we meet on the floor, and we interface.

…Move our chassis…okay moving on.

It’s basically a complicated way of saying the following: I thought you sucked, but your kind of hot, so let’s do it.

Pretty much.

The song creates a unique atmosphere with each aspect of it. I’d describe it as steamy but that would be gross. I’m not sure what the word for it is, but it’s very interesting. It makes for a pretty fun aside, alongside some of the creative lyrics and solid flow.

Oh, and if you’re wondering, Norm gets the girl but it turns out she was made by Rodney and after that Doof and Rodney forbid the two from hanging out. ..And it was never mentioned again.

Yeah, guess it makes this episode pointless but I suppose we have enough Romeo and Juliet Romances in the whole with the whole Monty thing.

While this ordeal was never mentioned again, it will never be forgotten thanks to this song. It’s a unique showing how awesome norm is, do a unique tune, creative lyrics and some solid singing.

It’s pretty fun song and one I can see people dancing to. If you’re dumb enough to dance to P&F songs anyway.

Interface: Robot Sex has never been this much fun. ….That didn’t come out right.

33. Giant 3D Scrapbook [Cheers for Fears]

(Written by Susan Wright, John Mathot, Martin Olson, and Dan Povenmire)

Whenever Love Handel appears in an episode, you can always expect some quality music. From their lovely hit that made them famous to their song about a bathing suit, I can why they were a one hit wonder in universe.

And here comes another great song of theirs. In this episode, Candace has the boys make a giant 3D scrapbook for Jeremy’s birthday and they get Love Handel to do a song about it.

This one is a bit hard to explain since it’s one of those “Naturally entertaining ones” so I can’t exactly analyze each element. It has just a subject matter that lends itself to a good song.

In this case the subject matter is Candace and Jeremy’s relationship. The visuals and lyrics about Jeremy and the various things Candace likes about her. The tune and singing just kind of carry everything else.

So yeah this one will be even shorter than usual.

My only negative about this one is that the lyrics only mention two specific episodes when it comes to their relationship. And they are Jeremy’s uncle’s Sub (Journey the Center of Candace) and his sandal commercial (Let’s take a quiz). I think they could have packed in more callbacks.

Thankfully the visuals show more callbacks such as the car wash (At the Car Wash) and their date in the backyard. (Chez Platypus). The visuals are pretty creative as it shows off the scrapbook itself. It’s definitely an impressive invention on the boy’s part.

The tune itself is a pretty rocking one that is really catchy. It carries the song as much as the subject matter does. It’s also another song that flows pretty well as it goes from each notable event and builds to the chorus. It definitely makes the song even better.

As far as the singing goes, you can’t go wrong with Love Handel and while it’s not as notable as some of their other hits, it’s still pretty solid.
I mentioned the lyrics already and despite my issue they mention enough creative things to make them work. It really makes you think about how their relationship has grown. Especially this part:

I know that I can be high-strung Enough to make a lot of boyfriends flee, But you’re still here with me now

That part just makes the whole song. It puts everything in perspective. I have a spiel about the whole Candermy thing but I’ll save it for some other time. I’ll say that I like it.

I think this may be one of the sweetest songs in the show, despite it not being a “Sad” one like Little Brothers. It’s made even better by being catchy and fun. Sometimes you need a really unique sound or anything like that.

Sometimes you just need a good concept, such as a relationship and get a lot of lyrical gold out of it. Having a band known for catchy tunes on board is just the icing on a sweet cake.

This gets a reprise later in the episode after the 3D scrapbook is replaced with a regular sized scrapbook. It’s cute but of course it has nothing on this tune.

It perfectly represents its subject matter and it makes for a very sweet retrospective on the whole Candace and Jeremy thing. This song is pretty much an example of why I like it in the first place.

Having some decent lyrics and a catchy tune just makes it even better. While it make not quite have what some other songs have (at least in the vocal department) it’s still a pretty nice song that made for a nice highlight of this episode.

…Yeah I said it was going to be short.

32. In The Empire [Phineas and Ferb Star Wars]

(Written by Dan Povenmire, Swampy Marsh, Martin Olson, and Wayne Brady) (Wait, what?)

Now we have another song from a special. I actually have a song from each Special on here, both old ones and newer ones…except Night of the Living Pharmacists. Good episode but weak soundtrack.

Anyway, P&F Specials tend to have good songs, but when you’re dealing with a movie with music by one of the greatest composers ever, you have to try even harder to create a good soundtrack. Needless to say, they did it perfectly and this song is a perfect example of that.

Candace, Buford, and Baljeet are stormtroopers and Candace wants to see action but they are stuck on Sock duty. They ask Candace why she joined the Empire and of course she sings about it.

Remember what I said about Candace songs? Yeah, combine Star Wars with that and you get a great song. The Star Wars humor helped make this special work, and that extends to the songs.

This is my favorite in that regard. The concept of Candace as a Storm trooper is brilliant, but here’s a whole song that serves as an advertisement for the empire. That’s just amazing on its own.

The most notable aspect of the Star Wars songs as that they were recorded with live horns and that made them sound even better than the usual P&F songs. I feel this one used that the best.

I just love the song starts with Candace just busting into song about how she hates those darn Rebels. Even before the song starts we get a nice beat, at least in the Soundtrack version. I think this has one of my favorite openings to a song, though I can’t exactly say why that is.

The tune itself is a pretty catchy one and the live horns thing that makes it sound even better. Oh, and the singing is great but I don’t need to say that at this point. She certainly sounds passionate, especially with the random rant in the middle.

Though honestly, that rant kind of throws off the flow of the song. If it was gone, I think this song would be higher. …Wait that was the part Wayne Brady wrote? Never mind, it’s the best part.

This is another song where the lyrics stand out. They really make the empire sound good despite it being…you know, evil. I also love the first part where Candace describe herself:

Ever since I was young,
You know, I hated dissention.
Among my peer group,
It caused a whole lot of tension.
When the other kids were slouching,
I would stand at attention.
And I’ve always looked so good in white.

But this is my absolute favorite part:

You can see exotic worlds across the galaxy,
In the Empire…In the Empire…
You can be all that they want you to be,
You get a 401(k) and your meals are free

“You can be all that they want you to be” just sums it all up. For the most part, the lyrics flow with the tune perfectly, especially in the first verse. I kind of wished there were other verses as fast as that one.

But the rest of is still good. The chorus is really memorable and of course, my favorite line appears in this section. At one point they go into that military march “(I don’t know what I’ve been told”) which kind of throws off the flow but it fits in its own way.

I think other songs handle going back to the chorus better than this one but it’s fine. This is the kind of situation where I consider it very good but minor tweeks but still make it better. I think that’s why people prefer some other songs from the special.

But this one has some of the best laughs in the thing (though the Aldreen joke in Sith-inator cracks me up the most) and the best parts are awesome. The visuals also provide good humor, such as one of the exotic locations being Burbank. Heh.

The use of live horns helps this one the most since it feels a lot bigger with them then the other ones in the special that used it. Although the other 2 notable good ones do not use them as much so ah well.

The tune is just so cool sounding and quite memorable. It’s helped by some creative lyrics and the usual strong singing on Candace’s part. It’s got a lot going for, thanks to combining the strengths of Danny Jacob and the elements of a cinematic classic.

With a great tune, creative lyrics, and the usual stuff you expect, you get a really fun song that defines Rooting for the empire. It’s awesome and it’s one of the highlights of the special.

Besides the obligatory Jar Jar joke, of course.

31. No Momo [Terrifying Ti State Trilogy of Terror]

(Written by Dan Povenmire and Swampy Marsh)

This show tends to be really good at creating atmosphere with its songs, so naturally they’ve tried to scare us a few times. Of all of those songs, this one has to be my favorite. Or at least, it creates a creepy mood the best.

In this segment of the Discount Treehouse of horrors, Candace’s Ducky Momo doll comes to life and like all living dolls, it stalks here. This song plays.

As I said a second ago, this one’s strongest point is the atmpshere. The beat, singing, and lyrics do an excellent job capturing the tone, and they really make you feel like this is a scary situation.

It’s just a Duck stalking someone but they try to make it as creepy as possible, while still being mostly funny. It’s basically about how Ducky momo is stalking you and they really capture that feeling.

The beat is another really memorable one that’s both creepy and kind of rocking. Like I said, it helps with the mood and it’s pretty catchy. It builds pretty well and they fit in some killer background singers doing a creepy version of the Ducky momo theme, which just adds to everything.
And of course we can’t forget the lyrics:

Might as well say, “Hello”. You can sense that he’s near.
But now you know why yellow is the color of fear.

They really tried hard to create a creepy atmosphere, and the lyrics are the biggest contributer to that. Of course it’s all played for the laughs and no one will be scared, but it still creates that mood perfectly.

The singer is also pretty good. It’s not the creepiest voice (he mostly does the rock-ish songs such as He’s a Bully) but he does a good job with the song. I like the background singers a bit more, since she sounds even creepier than he does, especially since she’s doing the Ducky Momo theme to brilliant effect.

This is one of those songs where every aspect works together to create a certain mood and this one does it really like. As much as I dig stuff like One Good Scare, this one stood a bit more and feels more complete.

It’s such a creepy and catchy tune and it stands out pretty well. Really, that’s all you could say about it. It’s supposed to a fun creepy tune and it is. It’s got fun lyrics, a memorable beat and some nice atmosphere.

….Yeah, it’s not the most ambitious song ever but it’s still a really good one that does its job very well.

The song says No Momo but with a song this goes, I say mo momo! …Sorry.

With that, we come to the end of part 1. 10 down, 30 to go! …Yay. Join me next time for more wonderful tunes as we get even closer to the really great ones.

See ya.


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