Planes: Fire & Rescue

Will this one crash and burn?

Will this one crash and burn?

Hello, Spongey here.

Well, you know the drill by now. There’s an important film coming out this week so I wanted to review something to celebrate. It’s a recent sequel to a movie I reviewed. You all get it at this point.

So let’s just skip the boring part. There was a Pixar movie called Cars, it was great but not their best. It got hate then it got an okay sequel that John Lasster made out of love that people hated.

Then they made a mediocre spin off movie at Disney Toon. Read my review to see Dusty faced the odds and no one gave a damn. It was bad but not totally horrible. It was however a pointless spinoff with wasted potential.

But it still made money so here’s a sequel. Despite them planning it before the first one came out, I was willingly to give it a shot. The reviews said it was better but still weak. That’s what I expected.

Today, we see if it’s any good, since the real Pixar has a new movie coming out, that looks awesome by the way.

The directed is now the guy behind Secret of the wings, and he’s also a writer along with the guy from the last one. So this can go either way.
Let’s dive in and see if this improves from its lackluster predecessor. …Yeah, rushed intro is rushed.

This, is Planes: & and Rescue

So let’s see what the first visual the film throws at us will be.

Dud Episode Ruler

…Well, now I feel like a jerk.

The movie actually opens with Dust winning an important race, and an interviewer pretty much lazily recaps the first movie. And one of his friends says that he has gas.

Best foot forward.

After more racing, Dusty returns to his home of Propwash Junction to exchange more bad jokes with his friends. But during a practice run, he has some trouble with his engine.

He finds out that his engine’s gearbox is on the frits, and he also says this:

“I kicked astin martin out there”

You know-for kids.

To make things worse, his specific gearbox is out of production. Now he has to slow down even though he needs that speed to race.

“…I can’t race anymore”

Whoa, he faces a somewhat relatable and mature situation? This is an improvement already!

After that, he goes to a local…well I guess bar is the right word, where we get more bad jokes:

“You just fall out of a b-17? Cuz you’re the bomb!”

“Ugh, pick up trucks”

Dusty gets all moody and decides to go on a flight to test his limits. It ends as well as you would expect.

His crash causes a fire which they put out. But after a lot of trouble. Some inspector catches wind of this and shows up the next morning. Because of this, they threaten to shut down the place unless they get proper equipment and stuff. Even the obligatory John Ratzenberger cameo is shocked!

They need an extra firefighter to help out and while having a kind of nice moment with the currently worn out fire engine in town, Dusty gets the idea to become a fireighter himself, to make up for the fact that he can’t race.

Okay, we’re not getting off to a bad start. Good set up, potential character depth, and a nice excuse to shoehorn in fire safety. Yeah, I know it’ll end up bad due to my luck but at least there’s a good idea here this time.

The next morning, Dusty heads off to go be a firefighter. Yeah, kind of rushed a start but they spent enough time on okay set up this time. Besides, he still needs to actually train and since we are now 17 minutes in, that means we get real training and a proper plot structure!

Dusty arrives at Piston Peak National Park and meets our wacky group of new characters. He even has a stalker fan by the name of Dipper. …She’s creepy.

Also, one of the other characters is a terrible Indian stereotype. Joy.

Conviently they hear of a wild fire so they all head out so we can see them in action. After that bit, Dusty meets up with a guy voiced by Curtis Armstrong (insert Dan Vs joke here) and meets a head guy who isn’t happy with this recrecuit. Dusty casually mentions that he raced around the world.

“The world wasn’t on fire though, was it?


Next we get a training scene that lacks awesome training montage music. After that Dusty calls his friends who reveal that they found a gearbox for Dusty and they will ship it out tonight. But Dusty is gonna stay anyway cuz he made best friends, right?

…Hey wait a second…staying in a place you didn’t want to be, but will stay due to making friends even though you now have a way out….this doesn’t sound like Cars 1 at all!

So do we have an obvious villain yet? Well, now we do cuz the Park Superintendent shows up.

“He waxes himself. Daily”

He invites Dusty to a party at some lodge. Said lodge hogs the park;s budget and is not in the best shape. So yeah, obvious villain.
That night, Dusty hangs out with his new buddies to do stuff, including watching a movie. Which film?


All I am thinking is that…between the gag in Mission Marvel, the Guardians of the Gaaxy stinger, and this…I think Disney really wants to reboot Howard the Duck.

…Okay then.

As it turns out, the tape is an old TV show called…chops.

Ugh. On the bright side, they capture the feel of these type of shows pretty well. See, the head guy used to be in this show as the star.

Despite being a big star, they don’t know why he’s here as a fire guy. Gee, I wonder if something tragic happened. After that we get another fire emergency so Dusty can look dumb again.

The fire is a bit too much for them which leads to a pretty decent scene, I must say. It has all the intensity you need for this kind of scene and Dusty even manages to help out pretty well. And then we just kind of move on to that lodge party thing.
“Hey, Boat Remolds”


“Loved you in best little boathouse in Texas”

I give up.

Everything that scene, Dusty’s friends call in and tell him that the gearbox they got was the wrong one. His gearbox is nowhere to be found. It would have been more powerful to have him get the thing only to choose to be a fire guy…but ah well.

Speaking of fire, one breaks up near the lodge which leads to more intensity. Dusty screws up and he is told to go back but he keeps going anyway and then gets in danger. Serves you right.

He is saved but there is still the fire to take care of. But then Dusty wants to go forward even though he is told to go back. …Didn’t this JUST happen? This time, Blade gets super mad and tells him to just go home.

Dusty breaks off the real reason he isn’t pushing himself. You know, the gearbox thing. After a rousing speech, Dusty does what he said and we cut to the Super Intendant as Patrick Warbuton tells him to evacuate. He refuses just as the fire gets bigger.

The fire is taken care of but Blade gets in trouble as they fly out and we get more intense stuff. A bit too much, really. Is this like the 3rd danger scene in a row?

They save him but they fear that he may not be in the best shape. Then we get his tragic backstory. On day on the set of that show, one of his buddies died and cuz he blamed himself, he came here to be a real hero.

Normally, I’d praise the film for this sort of dark scene…if they didn’t do the EXACT same thing in the first movie. Think about it: Awesome but grumpy leader guy was awesome in the day until his buddy died and he blamed himself. It’s the same!

The difference is that he just pretended to be a hero on TV and now he’s one for real. That’s kind of cool but it’s so rushed and such a blatant rehash that it doesn’t work as well as it should.

Seriously, were they that starved for ideas?

The evil Super Intendant guy turns on some big sprinkler things just as the fire gets even worse. Now all of our heroes must spring into action. They are able to save people but they hear of two tourists from earlier who are in danger and Dusty is the only person who can save them.

I gotta say, they really put a lot of effort into this set piece. It’s pretty intense and not too bad.

He’s able to save them but he pushes himself too hard and crashes. They are able to save him and they fix him up the next morning (after the fire is finally taken care of).

“Dipper was by your side the whole way”

“I like watching you sleep”

After that, they inform us that the Super Intendant guy was fired and they got a new guy. …Wow, a villain defeat so lame it wasn’t even on screen.
But as you might expect, Dusty’s Gearbox is…fixed! Yeah, so much for “no one has one”. Yay, suspense!

With that, Dusty is an official Fire Fighter and his hometown is back open. Hey, that stuff I predicted earlier didn’t happen. This as much of a rehash as I thought.

So they have their epic airshow, Dusty has new friends, and he can race again and he’s a firefight. Happy ending, roll credits!

Yeah, another rushed ending but the real issue is the run time: 72 minutes. That’s fine for a Direct to video movie but this was in theaters. At least the first one was decently long. This was…too short. Mercifully so, of course.

Don’t worry, there’s no warning about another movie this time. Thank god, maybe they’ll leave this franchise to die this time.

Final Thoughts:

2014 was the year of sequels that shockingly surpassed or meet the standards of the first film. Rainbow Rocks, anyone? This…is an example of that, in that it’s…better. But on its own its….Average.

It’s got some things going for it. For one, I really have to applaud them for basically doing this as a tribute to fire fighters, and it seems like their heart was in the right place. The animation is a lot better with some excellent firefighting scenes.

The voice acting is solid and a few characters were kind of amusing, Curtis Armstrong’s especially. They also leave the annoying side characters at home and get rid of the stereotypes…most of them.

There are less bad jokes this time, even if we still have a couple. Seriously, Boat Renolds?

However, it’s still not exactly good. The main problem is how…generic is. The story is nothing new or special. Barely anything happens when you get down to it and it shamelessly recycles plot elements from both Cars and Planes. Also, none of the characters have a lot of depth.

Dusty has a pretty decent issue going on but by the end he’s as dull as ever. The new friends are just one note jokes (especially Dipper) and the villain guy is barely a villain.

Also the old head guy is just there to recycle Skipper from the first movie. He doesn’t’ even do anything after they establish his backstory.

But on the bright side, no one is hate able and some are even charming.

Despite a promise concept, it just does everything in a generic manner. It’s pretty…plane.

…I’m so sorry.

However, it’s at least watchable. It feels like they tried to do something great with this one. It has a few decent scenes and a good concept. They tried with this one, while the first one felt like a cheap cash in. This one is too but at least they tried with it.

It’s….meh. It tries and it has its moments but it’s just a forgettable sequel that did not need to exist. Sorry, but the Cars films are more my style. Though I’m shocked this one was better instead of worse..

Seriously, BOAT RENOLDS?!

Grade: C+

Next time, it’s another Disney Sequel, and hopefully this one will be disaster minor.

See ya.


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