Top 20 Phineas and Ferb Episodes (Part 2)

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Welcome back to the 2nd and final part of our 2nd remake of a list. We were counting down my favorite Phineas and Ferb episodes…from Seasons 1-3. If you don’t remember the list so far, here’s a recap.

20. Rollercoaster The Musical

19. Finding Mary McGuffin

18. The Lemonade Stand

17. Phineas and Ferb’s Quantum Boogaloo

16. The Beak

15. Phineas’ Birthday Clip 0 Rama

14. A Real Boy

13. It’s About Time!

12. Mom’s Birthday

11. Excaliferb

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Not a ton to say, really. Read part one for more info. When you’re done come back, so we can finish counting the best out of those 104 plus days of summer vacation.

This, is Part 2 of The Top 20 Phineas and Ferb Episodes

10. The Best Lazy Day Ever

Writers: Jon Colton Barry, Mike Roth

Sometimes an episode is just great from the concept alone. When you hear about it, you know it’s gonna something special in some way. This is one of those times.

Here’s the concept: Phineas and Ferb…take the day off and do nothing. Absolutely Nothing. Because Candace has to bust them every day, this drives her insane. Meanwhile, Doof makes an Ugly-inator.

Like I said, this is just an awesome concept. Having Candace go crazy because the boys are doing nothing is just destined to be awesome. And it was.

This is a good example of an episode that’s plain funny. They squeeze a lot of jokes out of both plots and all of them hit bulls eye. This has one of the funniest Doof plots because they use the Ugly-inator in creative ways.

The best part is when it hits Jeremy’s Band and they become this group just yelling UGLY a lot. It’s hilarious. I actually remember laughing a bit too loud when I first saw that. Yeah.

Besides that, there’s other good parts like Vance Ward (voiced by Albert himself) and Candace’s attempts to get the boys to do something. This episode just has a lot of Comedy both from actual jokes and just seeing Candace go crazy.

But the main reason this one is so good is in the insight into Candace’s character. I mean, for once she’s faced with the boys doing nothing. This leads to good jokes but we get to see just how much she needs the boys to spice up her life.

“If they’re doing nothing then…who is Candace?”

Yeah, it turns out that as much as she hates their inventions, she pretty much has to bust or …that happens. That’s pretty deep and another example of how Candace was developing in Season 1.

It’s really amazing how Candace turned out. She tarted like another teenage girl but now she’s not only funny with how crazy she is, but also deep with interesting development. This episode was a nice example of that.

This episode also gives us the song Do Nothing Day which is a great parody of Bubblebum pop with it’s sickeningly sweet lyrics:

Sunshine, cuddles, and puppies, wet noses and safety and laughter, and skip to and fro,

holdin’ hands cherry snow cones, and rainbows and no place where we have to go!

It also works as a real song because it has killer harmony. Not in my Top 80 but still pretty good. They actually originally had a different song called “Breath” but they used this because it worked better against Ugly.

They later used Breathe in Candace Gets Busted. Ouch.

My only problem with this episode is the ending. Sort of. See, Candace is building some thing when Stacy shows up to remind her of Jeremy’s concert. Doof’s stuff, as usual, gets rid of it by taking it to Jeremy’s concert while the two are on it.

Then after that…they don’t appear again. They are dropped off at the concert and the episode ends with Linda arriving home with another joke with Vance Ward. It feels…incomplete, you know?

But that’s a nitpick since the actual ending is funny.

Overall, this is a very enjoyable episode with tons of great jokes and interesting insight into Candace’s character. Despite a weak ending, it’s pretty darn awesome and a lot of fun.

9. Oh, There You Are Perry

Writers: Aliki Theofilopoulos Grafft, Antoine Guilbaud

I’m pretty every show that has a pet character is required by law to an episode where they run away or get lost. Since Perry vanishes every day, it makes sense to do an interesting take on that. That’s where this episode comes in.

After Doof is changed to a minor threat, Perry is relocated to a more evil villain, which means living his family. After they discover this, Phineas and Ferb try to get him back.

This is a pretty simple episode if you look at the actual story. Perry disappears for longer than usual, the boys get worried, they make a song, and he comes back. Not the biggest story ever, but it’s how it’s done that makes it great.

Mostly because of Perry and Candace. We’ll start with Perry. We see how much he cares about his owners, especially with the look on his face as he leaves. But besides that, everything with Doof is great.

Perry’s new nemesis, The Regurgiator (“You can push him down, but he keeps coming back up!”) is actually competent and doof doesn’t like that…but he gets a job with him anyway. They would do this kind of thing with other villains but he started it and he’s delightfully hammy.

Also, he’s voiced by Clancy Brown. We’ll be seeing him again later, hint hint.

All the stuff with him brings the humor and it’s great. Then we have Candace. The night before, she tripped on him and kicked him out. Perry was sassy about it. So when he vanishes, she blames herself.

It’s another highlight because it does show development for her, as she regrets being such a jerk to him. After this, she seems to like Perry a lot more.

As you can guess, the emotion is what makes this one work. There’s plenty of Comedy to break it up, but all the sweet moments are great. Like I said, Perry leaving is heartbreaking and I really like seeing how dedicated the boys are to finding him.

It leads to a few gags but it’s mostly great at the end where they perform the song Come Home Perry. It’s not my favorite song, but it’s sweet and Larry, I mean Candace’s part is nice.

I suppose it’s unfair to have this one so high since this kind of episode is meant to be awesome. Pets leaving plots tend to be sweet so this one didn’t even have to try. But I do really feel it’s great for that reason.

It tugs on the heartstrings and bring out the best in all the characters. The boys show how much they love Perry, Candace gets a nice arc, and I already mentioned that Perry scene.

Oh, and Doof is funny as usual.

Unlike other entries, this is great for all the reasons you expect it to be and it doesn’t require much explanation. Why is it higher than the last few, then? Cuz it just all works really well with the sweet moments and Gurgy’s stuff.

It’s just fun on top of being sweet, and it has a better ending than the previous entries. I suppose I have a soft spot for these type of stories, but it’s still great.

It’s incredibly sweet, it has touching moments, it’s funny and it has perfect proytrals of all the characters. And the song is nice too.

…Yeah, that’s about it. Told you it’s a simple one. I’ll go change my name to Larry.

8. The Remains of the Platypus

Writers: Zac Moncreif, John Mathot.

I’m just gonna say it: This is the funniest episode of the whole show.

Why is that? Well, it’s not really because of the jokes itself…but how we see them. Let me explain.

Phineas and Ferb create Cheesetopia (“It’s a Utopia, with cheese”) while Doof uses his new inator to turn Perry into his butler.

On the surface, that doesn’t sound like anything too special. But here’s the thing: This episode is told in reverse order.

Yes, really.

It starts with Doof in his underwear, as he is partying with a bunch of dancing midgets, and Perry is his butler and Carl is a squirrel outfit.


The rest of the episode peels back the story bit by bit to explain why this is all happening. And my god, is it hilarious. On its own, the episode is already funny because it has a ton of creative gags and a pretty strong plot.

But if you put it in reverse, it becomes so much funnier due to how odder it is out of context. This is a weird show and while this ep is no weirder than normal, doing it this way makes it seem weirder, and thus funnier.

Besides that, there’s a lot of little things I like. Phineas and Ferb’s Big Idea is fun and it comes with one of the few songs in the show that is impossible to sing. Adyson gets a little funny moment. And of course, there’s Buford’s cheese puns, which are actually pretty clever.

“It couldn’t get any Cheddar than this!”

The actual story works too. It’s so heartbreaking to see Perry turned into Doof’s slave, even if it gives us some fun gags. It also leads to Carl getting a cool moment as he has to go out to save Perry.

He doesn’t do much in the end but he does spill juice on Perry which helps for reasons I won’t get into. Let’s just say Perry found an awesome way to snap out of his trance.

This episode just has a lot going for it. If the unique format wasn’t enough, it has memorable jokes, and even a solid story with nice moments. It’s very creative and it shows that they are willingly to something different with the formula.

As much as I like the big development episodes (which were very abundant in Season 3, even if Isabella and Stacy had to wait til next season), I also like a hugely creative and fun story.

If it was told normally, it would good but in the way same way something like Just Our Luck is good. It would a ton of fun but nothing too special. With how it is, it has all it’s great qualities but now it’s special and even funnier.

It’s a classic case of an episode that never fails to make me laugh. It has a cool format, very solid jokes, nice moments, and even a decent story.

Overall, it’s just a hilarious and creative episode all around. I hope you loiked this entry, because it’s our last 11 minute episode. The rest are 22 minutes or longer.

Does that make this my favorite 11 minute segment? …Eh, it’s tied with The previous 2. I put this higher due to how creative it is.

So yeah, let’s move on.

7. Phineas and Ferb Get Busted

Writers: John Colton Barry, Piero Piluso

Yeah, here’s an obligatory choice. They had to do this eventually, and while it’s weird that they did it early in production order (Only episode 16), it was still interesting and made for an awesome episode.

When the day finally comes, and the boys are busted, they are sent to a school where the imagination is sucked out of them. Now, Candace must bust them…out!

I suppose I should start with the elephant in the room: The ending. I didn’t cover it the first time and I think you all know the ending so here we go:
It turns out to be Candace’s dream…but then THAT turns out to be Perry’s dream.

Understandably, this pissed some people off. After all, this kind of ending is almost always a cop out. How do I feel? …Eh.

Honestly, I’m okay with it. Mostly due to it being a double dream. If it was just Candace’s dream, it would just be a cop out. Plus, with her now knowing what could happen if she busts them, it would make no sense for her to keep doing it.

But with the addition of Perry, it mixes things up. Instead of being a cop out, it’s actually kind of amusing. Plus, the ending bit where Perry cuddles with Phineas is just adorable.

I see it the same way I see the ending to Stewie Kills Lois/Lois Kill Stewie. It works cuz they go all out with it and it’s something that really shouldn’t be the status qou. Plus, the rest ep is so good it doesn’t matter.

Now onto the actual episode.

Like Oh There You are Perry, this one was just made to be great. The concept alone suggest that you’re in for something special, either for humor or heart. We got a lot of both.

The main reasons for this one being great are pretty obvious, but I’ll go over them anyway. First off, we get the kind of plot where someone achivies their goal but realizes their life is a bit empty now that they have done so.

Candace starts to miss the boys and we see how much she cares about them. It starts with a tear jerking song that does its job very well. It’s not my favorite sad song, but it’s emotional and works pretty well.

And then we have the stuff at the Reform school. This is actually my favorite part of the episode. Seeing this evil sergeant guy (voiced by Clancy brown, told you) suck the imagination out of them is pretty horrifying.

The guy himself gets scarier as the ep goes on, thanks to Clancy Brown’s performance. The scene when they finally crack is…damn.

And of course it comes with my pick for my favorite song in the show. It’s still a rocking song that shows how sad the situation is without being too depressing.

This one of those episodes that just keeps my attention all the way through. Right from the start with Linda seeing the thing to the end, this episode throws a lot of cool things at you. They are plenty of fun gags such as Baljeet being there, and Candace and Jeremy’s attempts to get into the place.

It keeps a nice pace with either fun gags or interesting plot points. The episode gets scary, sad, heartwarming, and funny. All in the same 22 minute block. And of course, all the characters are on point, especially Candace.

Speaking of which, the big scene where she turns them back to normal is…damn. It’s probably one of the most heartwarming scenes in the whole show. It would be the most epic “I know what We’re going to do today” if it weren’t for Thanks but No Thanks where they yell it so loudly Candace starts ringing in her ears.


It’s the scene that really brings it all together for me, into being one of my favorites.

It’s really cool to see how much Candace truly loves her brothers, and they did a great job at conveying the moral in a scary but good way. It’s better than Quantum Boogaloo cuz it makes more sense here and we get to see what they do the kids.

Is the dream thing a cop out? Sure, and it does prevent this one from being higher, but the episode works despite that.

My only problem is just…why was it made so early? For once, Disney did it better.

Seriously, look up the production order for each season. Irving’s cameo in Cliptastic Countdown comes BEFORE his actual introduction!

Overall, this episode gave me everything I wanted. A special episode where see Candace caring about her brothers, with fun gags, incredibly emotional moments, and even some scary stuff. Even if it’s a dream, it’s a damn good dream.

I guess you could say this one is busted…for being so good!

…Let’s move on.

6. Meapless in Seattle

Writers: Derek Thompson, Jon Colton Barry, Kyle Menke.

It’s a known fact that sequels are rarely as good as the orginals. But leave it to this show to defy that. In Season 2, they had an episode called “The Chronicles of Meap” where the boys helped an alien fix his spaceship and stop his enemies, Mitch.

In the credits, they had…actually, I’ll get the opening tell you:

“A long time ago in a studio in Burbank, California, a ragtag group of animators made a fake trailer for a Meap sequel they never intended to make. Unfortunately, everyone wanted to see that episode so the animators were forced to write it and incorporate all these seemingly unrelated scenes. I guess the joke was on them. We now present…. Meapless in Seattle.”

We’ll get to that a moment, but first, the plot summary:

Meap returns to save Phineas and Ferb from his nemesis Mitch, whose real mission is to take control of all of alien-kind, putting Meap’s world in danger. The boys’ “cute-tracker” leads the gang to Seattle and an adventure to save the universe.

First off, let’s address what they did with the trailer scenes. See, they fit some into the story fine…but with the rest, they forced them in…in the funniest way possible.

It’s basically a parody of how scenes in trailers will be in a different context than in the actual movie. For example, Monogram tells Perry to put his hat on the desk…and It turns out it’s so he can spray it with some stuff.

There’s stuff like that in the quarter and it’s all really clever. But thankfully, they told a fine story out of this trailer.

While I like the original Meap episode, I never loved it like everyone else did. I think people liked it because it was neat to see a larger scale space story in this story. But since then we’ve had bigger stories so it’s mostly just a fun episode now.

With this one, I got the experience everyone else had with that episode.

They did a good job making an epic space story with tons of action and suspense. The episode is basically a chase to get this thing called Cutimon which Mitch wants in order to become the cutest thing in existence.

They keep things interesting throughout with the action and Comedy. Especially when Doof gets sucked into this story. We’ll get to him in a bit.

It never gets dull and it’s full of fun action all the way phrase. Of course, it’s pretty funny with plenty of fun gags such as everything Doof says. Especially his comment on Mitch making a joke about the commercial break.

Yes, broke the 4th wall to …lampshade a 4th wall joke. Yeah.

There was plenty of awesome moments, such as Isabella defeating Mirch with extreme cute-ness. Yeah, it turns out her being the cutest thing ever is a scientific fact. Is it sue-ish?

…Maybe it’s still awesome. Besides they foreshadowed it with the cute tracer breaking in the first one, so it didn’t come out of nowhere.

There’s also an amusing side plot with Candace going with P&F and doing a “Sacrfical bust”. She eventually gives up her phone in order to stop Mitch, which is an awesome moment. The final punchline is actually funny as it uses irony correctly.

So the episode already has a lot going for it due to a fun plot with a ton of action and nice jokes. There’s even a Jeff Foxworthy cameo and the cutest war song ever made.

However, the real highlight is Doof’s subplot. See, he’s in Seattle to see Peter the Panda because…reason not announced. That’s how get gets sucked up in this and eventually Peter and Perry team up.

That’s cool but the real reason his plot is the highlight is..well let me explain.

In the first Meap episode, Doof told us that when he was a kid, he got a (creepy) Balloon- that he named Balloon-y. He was his best friend until one day, it floated away and he couldn’t get it due to being a Lawn Gnome at the time. Don’t ask.

Eventually, he found him but Mitch got to him first and named him Colin. When Balloon-y didn’t go back to Doof, he got mad and announced that Perry is his true best friend. That brings us to this episode.

He finds Balloon-y but he’s now evil and he attacks them along with Mitch’s robots. However,something happens..

“Balloony, please help me. Balloony! Oh, don’t let me go like I did with you. Balloony, what ever happened to us?”

Suddenly, he springs to life and starts fighting off the Robots. It’s freaking awesome no matter how little sense it makes. But then, just when it seems Doof has his friend back…one of the robots pops him.

“No. Balloony. Stay with me, I-I’m not going to let you go a second time. Balloony! I can feel my heart… popping.”

The show has a number of sad and emotional moments over the years. Some of which I’m getting to later. This…is one of the saddest. I This is a ridiculous concept we have here: The death of a Balloony.

Yet, the scene is done in a way that makes it…heartbreaking. Given Doof’s relationship with Balloony, it’s a very cool moment when he turns good. So it’s extra side when he dies.

It’s honestly a rather complex moment for a kid’s show. Dan’s performance really sells it, making it just as sad as it is funny. And yeah…I actually did kind of…cry a tiny bit when I first saw this.

…Yeah I know but I didn’t expect it at all!

In the end, Perry actually repairs Balloony and the episode ends with him and Doof having fun. It’s…another great moment. It’s really sweet and makes this plot even better.

Which brings us to something I mentioned in part 1. Remember how I said there’s another reason This is Your Backstory isn’t as good as Clip 0 Rama?
Yeah, here’s a reason:

At one point, Doof mentions Balloon again he they bring him out…and he pops. But Norm says it was a fake…and the real Balloony popped three weeks ago. Doof cries.
Do I need to get into why this is…bad? It’s…the worst moment in the series. Yes, worse than the ending to Candace gets busted. I mean, besides it being…really mean spirited, it’s…almost insulting to those who got emotional over that scene.

Yeah, this show managed to insult me. Really.

It doesn’t even make sense. Balloony was fixed at the end, so why can’t they fix him again? And this ep has a clip from Meapless and its way after it in production order. Infact, its the Season 3 finale and episode 100.

I guess I shouldn’t expect more from an ep written by the director of Eight Crazy Nights.

…But the episode is still good despite that bad scene. Hating an episode for one scene is dumb. That’s like hating Tri State Treasure just for that bit with Candace at the end of her plot.

Despite that, I look on this episode fondly. Besides, Doof still has Vanessa and Perry.

Overall, this episode has it all. It continues the story from a good episode, it has good pacing with a nice plot and fun action, it’s funny, makes trailers well, and it has one of the saddest scenes in the whole show.

And they even a trailer for another episode they have no plans on making. With the show ending, it looks like they will keep their promise.

So yeah, fun episode that happens to be really sad to boot. It’s awesome.

5. Dude, We’re getting the Band Back Together!

Writers: Chris Headrick, Chong Lee

Yeah, another obligatory choice. This has become one of the most popular episodes of the show, and one of the most important. And yeah, it’s earned that reception.

Lawrence forgets his wedding anniversary, so Phineas and Ferb help him make it up to Linda by getting their favorite band together for a reunion concert. Meanwhile, Perry helps Doofenshmirtz to put together a party for his daughter’s Sweet 16.

The set up isn’t the most original but the execution makes it work. Usually in these type of stories, they tend to play it up for humor and portray the husband as stupid for forgetting this.

Here, it’s a bit different. Lawrence made a genuine mistake, and he’s portrayed as a normal person who simply slipped up. They got into how much he loves Linda and this was just a slip up. He’s never shown as stupid at all.

Other stories like this do go into the backstory and have a nice moment, but few do it as well as this. We get a flashback to how they meet that is very nice and the ending really gives them a great moment. We don’t focus on them that often but when they do, it’s very nice.

The only other ep to really focus on it is Ladies and Gentlemen Meet max Modem, which almost made this list because it’s great too.

But that’s only a part of why this one is so great.

This one of those episodes that just flows perfectly, as every little part comes together to make for one of the best moments in the show. First, there’s the fact that Candace drops her sort of hatred for the boys to help out.

It’s small but it’s really nice to see and they have a minor nice moment at the end. Then we have the Doof plot, which isn’t the best but it’s still very sweet. It mostly amounts to Vanessa getting a cool looking party due to the destruction Doof left, but it still leads a nice moment.

This was the first time they’re relationship got development and it was really nice to see. Doof pretty much learns that maybe listening to what your daughter wants is a good thing sometimes.

Also, we are introduced to Johnny, who is goth…and that’s it. He vanished until near the end of Season 2, then he appeared in early Season 3 and…then they dropped him for someone that’s actually interesting.

But that’s neither here nor there.

Then of course, we have Love Handle. They are pretty much an accurate portrayal of 90’s bands and they are awesome. They are named after P&F Crew members (Danny and Swampy are obvious, but Bobbi is named after Bobby Gaylor, voice of Buford) and they are voiced by Steve Zahn, Mr Crocker, and the Bowling for soup guy.

For one, every song in the episode is really good, showing each member’s personality well, and they forward the story.

Fablous is fun and gives you fodder for jokes. But you know what’s funny? In the P&F live show, they remix a few songs so different characters sing them and for this one, Candace sings it.

…You know what’s hilarious, right?

Ain’t Go Rhyhym is a great build up song, and the big song near the end is lovely for reasons I’ll get into. Then there’s Danny Story, which uses many different styles to inforce the themes of the episode.

Which we’ll get into now. At the start, we are told that Mom and Dad hooked up at a Love Handle concert, and at the end a concert is what brings them even closer together. If you can’t tell, the theme is that music has the power to change lives.

And they pull it off really well. For one, the songs actually help get the band member back together, which is natural for a musical. But they go further with it with the effect it has on people.

The band broke up for typical reasons (they were all assholes) and even when they get back together, they aren’t sure about this. They don’t think they have any fans anymore. But when Phineas opens that garage door, they see that everyone still loves their music.

And because of their music affected people, they are brought back together for this song. But even after that…they are still together. They appear many times after this episode and they even become popular again.

Popular enough to spawn a cover band that plays in Sandals.

So this episode is important now, but it also really shows what music can really do. It’s also cool that the boys managed to revive a band for good.

It all pretty much comes together in the big song at the end. During this love ballad, Lawrence and Linda find another spark and kiss, Phineas hugs Candace to celebrate a job well done, love handle sings, Vanessa admits that Doof did something right, and everything has a good time.

Add a very nice sounding song and you have the most beautiful moment of Season 1, even more so than some bits of P&F get busted. We get to see the impact music has on people and how everyone got their happy ending.

It’s hard to describe, but it’s just amazing. Every little thing the episode has is shown here and with this moment, it got the Number 5 spot.

And on top of all that, the episode is funny with a number of solid gags. Not quite as funny as others but still fun.

Overall, there is a reason this episode became popular. It takes a few small cliché elements and makes it into a wonder episode where all characters are at their best, the jokes are funny, the music is great, and it has a lovely message about music that is shown perfectly shown the characters.

It’s pretty brilliant and it has earned its reputation as a fan and staff favorite. Plus, it has a title drop. It’s awesome.

4. Phineas and Ferb’s Christmas Vacation

Writers: John Colton Barry, Piero Piluso

Christmas Episode can be hit or miss, but most of them tend to be really excellent. Despite being a summer show, Phineas and Ferb managed to crank one of the best Christmas Episodes of all time. Yes, I like it that much.

Phineas and Ferb turn Danville into a Thank You letter for Santa, while Doof tries to turn the Tri State Area despite his intense apathy towards Christmas. Also, Candace worries about what to give Jeremy for Christmas.

This was the first “Special” of the series, as it is half an hour without commercials. And it’s pretty impressive in hindsight. They managed to fit it just as much stuff as the other specials in half the time.

It has a lot going on in it but like most episodes, it doesn’t feel cluttered and everything flows together. Every little plot point is well done and it all adds up to a great plot.

For one, they certainly got the Christmas stuff right. They capture that Christmas feeling pretty well and they pack in a lot of funny Christmas gags and references. That along with the sweet story really makes this one a good one to watch every year.

The songs also add to it. That Christmas Feeling does what the title implies and is very enjoyable with great vocals. What does he want is a fun bonus song, Where did we go wrong is a nice sad song, Thank you Santa is the perfect ending song, Christmas is Starting now is jazzy fun, and I Really don’t hate Christmas is a villain song about being apathetic to something.

Now onto the actual story. Candace’s plot is nothing too amazing but it has some funny jokes and it helps to add to the pile of sweet this episode has. It’s one of the more engaging Candace/Jeremy plot lines.

Doof’s plot is just plain hilarious in how it subverts that old cliché. I mean, Doof has so many horrible backstories they made a clip show out of them, yet Christmas is totally fine. Apathy has never been so funny.

Then there’s the Phineas plot, Believe it or not, it’s this part that makes the episode. As much as I love Candace and Doof, this is one of the few times the title characters alone make an episode amazing.

For one, he makes a good point. When you were a kid, and maybe wrote letters to “Sana (HAHHA LETTERS TO SANTA), you proably never thought to thank him, did you? It’s a nice notion and it’s a nice way to drive the plot.

But it also gives us insight into Phineas’ character. He does impossible things all the time and what Santa does is beyond that. So of course Santa is Phineas’ hero!

And at the end we find out his Christmas was to be just like him. D’aww. While Phineas’ best development would come later, this is some of the best insight we’d had into his character.

But the real highlight is the twist, as well as the last 10 minutes or so. They up every story perfectly and it doesn’t’ feel rushed or weak. Allow me to sum it up:

Doof’s naughty intor makes it so Santa views Danville is naughty so he isn’t coming. After moping about it, Phineas eventually gets the chance to do the Danville run himelf. While doing this, Buford gets his one act of kindess, and we find out his wish was to be thought of nice. Baljeet gets a kiss from a girl, and Candace finds out she already got Jeremy what he wanted.

Doof’s inator is destroyed by a Christmas CD. The kids deliver the presents and Santa shows up to thank them. Candace and Jeremy exchange gifts. Then it turns out Santa was the mastermind behind all of this. He gave Doof the Naughty-inator so he could ruin things and give the boys a chance to be him, and he gave Perry the CD that would ruin the inator.

And then everyone has eggnog while Mitchell Musso plays us out, the end.

….Yeah, quite a lot packed into a short time but it flows so perfectly. Not only is it really heartwarming as a whole, but it has nice moments for each character. And oh my god, I love that twist.

I really like it when Santa does stuff like this, cuz he is the kind of guy who would pull something like that. He pretty much messed with Danville so everyone could get what they wanted.

“Santa has to have SOME fun”

By the way, he’s voiced by Clancy Brown. Certainty…different from his other roles on the show.

This twist really just brings everything together. It’s nice seeing Buford be seen as nice, it’s cool seeing Baljeet get a kiss from a girl we never see again, and of course I love Doof saying this is the best Christmas ever…cuz he now hates Christmas.

The ending song helps even more with its message about Thanking Santa, and all of the sweet little gags. Highlights include Doof giving Perry a vase (awesome callback) and Irving getting Phineas and Ferb’s clothes.


Like with “Snuck Your Way into my heart”, this ending song brings everything together in a lovely way. It’s not in my top 40, but it is in my Top 100. Yes, I have a whole top 100.

This is certainly one of the most heartwarming episodes with how everything comes together. In the span of 30 minutes, they gave Phineas, Candace, Buford, and Baljeet significant development. That’s impressive this is like half the time of something like Save Summer.

It’s got pretty much everything you want of a P&F Christmas episode. It has funny Christmas gags, wonderful songs, character development for almost everyone, and some heartwarming moments with a nicely handled story that has a great twist.

As far as Christmas episodes go, it’s pretty amazing and it really deserves to become a classic. It has a mostly original story to boot. It used the extra time to give us something a little extra and Phineas helps make it even better.

It’s pretty great and it makes for good yearly viewing. …That’s about it.

3. Where’s Perry?

Writers: Bernie Petterson, J.G. Orrantia, Kaz, and Kim Roberson (Part 1)

Writers: Aliki Theofilopoulos Grafft, Derek Thompson, Edgar Karapetyan, John Mathot, Jon Colton Barry, Kyle Menke (Part 2)

Okay, I know that a lot of people think this shouldn’t be above Christmas Vacation. And to be honest, they are about tied in my heart. I couldn’t decide which one to put on this spot…and I went with this.

Why? I think it’s because its 42 minutes long (if you combine both parts) and as a result, it has most time to flesh out certain elements. But if this doesn’t make you happy, than remember that CV is kind of better.

With that said, let’s go over the plot.

While on a trip to Africa, Phineas and Ferb must leave Perry at home and this little platypus to deal with Carl being turned evil by Doof’s latest Inator. Eventually, an inator zaps Perry and now they must track him down.

I suppose I should start by addressing the elephant in the room. Perry’s whereabouts, naturally, are the focus of the special. It was all over the ads, after all. And where is he?

Africa. ..Yeah, that’s it. Kind of predictable. I personally thought he would be in the land of angry corn people.

Naturally, a lot of people are miffed about this. Especially since Dan Povenmire claims Perry was in a place we’ve never seen on the show before. I know lies are the glue that hold society together but come on.

However…that’s really the one disappointing part of the episode. Everything else is golden. Besides, they have a nice if a bit cheesy explanation for why he’s in Africa. So yeah, shut up about that.

This is another episode that has good pacing. They keep things coming along with action and comedy and it keeps getting more intense and fun as it goes along. There are a little fun little things along with the big things.

Comedy Wise, it’s pretty golden with a lot of memorable gags, especially in part 1. Though part 2 has my favorite joke in the whole Season. It’s from Monogram, that’s all I will say.

And for what’s basically just two episodes strung together, it has an awesome soundtrack. Highly Unconventional Vehicle is a fun song, On the Savanah is an awesome ode to Circle of life, Livin’ with Monkeys is a nice sad song, and Evil for Extra Credit is just amazing.

There’s even some nice animation, as they capture Africa pretty nicely. The action isn’t the best but it’s fast paced enough to be fun in the moment.

And then we have the actual plot. The Phineas plot has a cool invention and a nice amount of fun gags. Though the little sideplot with Buford and Baljeet fighting over Brains vs Brawns was a tad pointless.

Eventually, they think they see Perry in Africa and try to find him. This plot mentions to show their bond even better than Oh, There you Perry. I mean, we see how much it hurts Perry to simply be left at home, and we see how dedicated Phineas is to finding him.

Yes, OTAP did that but in there they just came up with ideas to attract him. Here, they go out of their way to find him, even though the chances are slim. It’s very nice and that extra bit explaining the Africa thing makes it even better.

Candace’s plot also covers something we’ve seen before: Jeremy problems. But we see that in every other episode, so there you go. Due to an accident, she thinks Jeremy broke up with her and she goes to live with Monkeys.

While we know what is going to happen happen, this still works. You see how sick she is of everything, and the song is pretty relatable. With how crazy life can be, sometimes you wane just go live with Monkeys.

Plus. Jungle Candace is badass. It’s cool to see her bonding with animals given how they usually treat her.

Then there’s the Robot Candace Carl made. Normally I wouldn’t spoil this but it’s too amazing not go into:

Robot Candace discovers the whole Jeremy thing while in Candace’s room and finds a message he left on her answering machine. Later in Africa, when a Robot is firing at Candace, she sacrifices her robotic self to save her. Why?

“No Jeremy robot for me.”

And then she gives Candace his message. …Wow, I gotta say that’s pretty complex for a kids show. A robot sacrificing itself because it has no one to love. Dang. And that’s only the 2nd best plot in the episode.

Now for the actual plot. Before this, there have been hints that Carl isn’t exactly happy with being an unpaid intern. In Minor Monogram, he revealed that he sees Monogram as a father figure and like with Norm and Doof, that feeling is not returned.

And now in this episode, when he is turned evil, all of his inner turmoil comes out. First one, he’s a shockingly competent and fun villain. He’s able to track Perry down, he has a good plan, and he’s willingly to put Agent P’s family in danger just to find the little platypus.

Dang. And most of this comes out his frustrations due to being a lowly intern. So he’s competent, decently threatening, fun and has a good motivation and backstory. …Wow, he might be the best villain in the show.

But the important part is that this gives him great development. It’s cool to see him finally lashing out and have Monogram be called out. It really helped make Carl one of my favorite characters. That and he’s funny.

And of course, there’s a sweet moment at the end where he is finally given the title of paid intern. …He’s not actually being paid, but it’s good enough for him!

This is another episode that wraps up pretty well. It just leaves you with a good feeling at the end, even if it could have been a bit stronger. It even ends on a funny gag.

This will go on as the most underrated of the P&F specials. People get so hung up over the disappoint pay off that they don’t see all the great stuff that’s here. Sure, a few of the concepts have been explored before but this executes them better than most episodes.

This is the best “Character turns evil” episode because it goes into it instead of treating it like a gag. (Okay, a certain Season 4 ep almost beats but again, another list). It’s one of the best “Candace has Jeremy problems” plots because it gets decently depressing and that Robot Candace bit is great.

It’s one of the better “Phineas and Perry” plots since…there’s not a lot. At2d is the best one of course, but this is up there for reasons I explained.

Overall, this special is pretty great. Like any good P&F episode, it’s very funny and has good songs, but it’s also quite intense with emotional moments and great character development for one of the best side characters.

The payoff the title mentioned may have been week but everything else was golden. Not everyone will have it this high on their but this is my list and this is one of my favorites, if only for how enjoyable it is with all of these elements.

Like I said, it was a close call between this and Christmas Vacation but I just ended up using this. If this doesn’t make you happy…if at2d counted, it would be in this slot.

So yeah, it’s pretty awesome.

2. Summer Belongs to You

Writers: Dan Povenmire, Robert F. Hughes, Kyle Menke, Kim Roberson, Michael Diederich, Aliki Theofilopoulos Grafft, Antoine Guilbaud, Kaz, J.G. Orrantia, Mike Roth, Perry Zombolas.

Yeah, who am I to veer away from the popular opinion? This has gone down as the most popular episode of the show. It was the first real special and it has gotten nothing but praise ever since it aired.

…And yeah, it’s amazing. Remember, this list is my personal favorites, though. Meaning number one is just my favorite while this is one is the “Best”. Besides, putting this as number one would be a bit too boring.

Phineas and Ferb try to go around the world in one day, while Candace deals with Jeremy being in Paris and Vanessa is unhappy with Doof putting his work over her all the time.

This was the first true special of the series, being about 44 minutes. The other specials followed the same format. And for a first shot, it’s truly amazing. They pack in some of the best development for a lot of the characters while still focusing on a simple story with a lot of jokes.

Song wise, it’s pretty great too. I Believe We can is an inspirational song by Clay Akien so it’s great. Rubber Bands is bouncy and fun, Welcome to Tokyo is…weird, City of Love is lovely and one of Isabella’s best numbers, and of course, the finale song is great. …Yeah, I’m over my hype backlash.

It’s also very funny, like all the heartwarming episodes. Most notably, this introduced The Magical Old Timey Bathing Suit that lives in the Himalayas. He got his own episode. This show is weird.

But my favorite joke has to be this:

“Look, a sponge and a starfish! There has to be something we can do with this…no that’s ridiculous!”


Like any good P&F special, it keeps up a good pace with the humor and story. It doesn’t even start slow, as it has notably fun jokes from the beginning. As great as the other P&F specials are, some of them can start a tad slow. This one, and a couple others don’t and while they don’t get truly amazing til later, they still start out well.

Once it gets doing, it’s a whirlwind of feels. Like I said, it’s impressive how much they fit into 40 minutes. There are a few cool little things like how this helped start the awesome Candace/Vanessa friendship.

But now for the big plots of the episode. Vanessa’s plot has her and Doof learning to meet eachother half way and it’s pretty sweet. This also includes a bit with Ferb that kind of ended the Ferness thing. Sort of. Their plot ends with her leaving him on the Eiffel Tower and Ferb is sad, but he gets over it.

Despite this open ending, they never brought it up ever again. Once Monty existed, I guess they didn’t see the point. He even helped sing a song about them in a Halloween episode. I guess they finally dropped this cou-


Well anyway, it’s a nice plot but it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Buford challenges Phineas to do this in the first place, and for everyone he’s a pretty big jerk. But eventually we learn he speaks French (which as it turns out he learned to impress a girl , and he gets sucked into this and learns a thing or too.

It’s nice progression and it further shows how the character has grown since his first appearance.

Isabella gets mad that Phineas isn’t paying attention to her in Paris. This set shippers ablaze, but I like this plot for different reasons. It’s a nice and tragic during the City of Love song, but in the island scene, Isabella actually stops Phineas when he finally sits down with her.

A lot of people pointed out that Isabella has no reason to be mad because Phineas was kind of…busying trying to get them home. But with this scene, I think that was the point. Here, she learns that there are more important things than her silly little crush.

It’s great development for her. But of course, shippers had to ruin everything…..again.

Speaking of shipping, this episode finally brought Candace and Jeremy together for real. Candace starts to realize she’s a bit too creepy and we get awesome development out of it. It address stuff the fans have been wondering, and the two finally hook up in the end.

It’s wonderful and certainly the 2nd best part of the episode. The best part belongs to Phineas. He does this entire thing to prove that nothing is impossible and Summer is what you make of it.

But things keep going wrong until eventually they are on an island with no way out. And it’s here where the episode shines. Phineas breaks down upon realzing that there’s no way out. His world view may actually be wrong, because he can’t invent anything.

This…is heartbreaking as all hell. Mostly due to the transition from “WE CAN DO THIS/; to…”We can’t”. It’s a pivotal moment for the character, because it shows that if he’s in a situation where he can’t do the impossible, he kind of breaks down.

And that’s why his behavior in Bully Bromance break up makes sense.

Of course, he gets better and Isabella’s her moment, but it’s still an excellent scene for the character as we are so used to him being cherry, so it’s heartbreaking to see him like this. The situation gets so intense that he actually yells at Candace in a quick gag.

Wait, now I’m defending behavior in an episode I won’t talk about for a while.

This leads to the big moral of the episode, and the whole show: Summer, or life, is what you make of it. The impossible is possible. This episode shows that beautifully and it’s all because of Phineas.

The final 10 minutes or so are great, bringing all these plot lines together, and it does even better than the last few episodes.

And that’s why this one is probably the best. It really goes out of its way to show us the moral of the show. It has a ton of humor, great songs, and the plot is a clever way to fit in tons of character development.

The only major character who doesn’t learn anything is Baljeet, but he gets an uncle so there. Everyone has a significant arc and it all builds to create a lovely story that’s rather inspirational.

It’s actually one of the few episodes I really see no major problems with. Even my number one has one or two things to nitpick. This one, not so much. It’s just wonderful all around, as it fits in a lot in 40 minutes and not only is not cluttered, but everything is great and it’s kind of beautiful.

So yeah, that’s why this one is so popular. That and shipping.

Overall, this special is wonderful for all the reasons I stated. It has everything the show is known for and more. I typically don’t recommend the big heavy hitting episodes to newcomers (I Remember you, so many birthdays, etc) but if you are one of those people who can’t get past the fact that it has a formula, than this episode alone will prove there’s just a bit more than you may think.

It’s good.

And of course, before Number one, we have the usual honorable mentions.

25. Minor Monogram (Jon Colton Barry, Kyle Menke): I already loved this one for the story and arc it starts, but recently I found a new reason to like it. You know how they managed to give Monty and Vanessa minor arcs before they actually hooked up at the end? Yeah, as it turns out Monty was created to be with Vanessa. So in others words, they created a character to be a love interests…but actually developed him as a character first, and gave the girl a reason to want to be with him, before just putting them together.

…That is admirable, and for that it’s here. …Wait people bitch about this one because they of the whole existing to be with Vanessa thing and don’t see that they did it right? …Huh?

24. Bully Bromance Breakup (John Mathot and Mike Milo): Never has a big gay joke been so emotional. Also, Phineas going crazy. It’s in character so shut up.

23. My Fair Goalie (Jon Colton Barry, Mike Milo) Candace plot with awesome Jeremy moment, funny Doof plot, characters actually losing the big game, and awesome Ferb development. It’s great.

22. Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet Max Modem (J.G. Orrantia, Kaz). We should get more Linda/Lawrence episodes if they are going to be as sweet and funny, and 80’s, as this one.

21. Hail Doofania (Aliki Theofilopoulos Grafft, Antoine Guilbaud). Leave the Busting to us was the first ep to mock the formula but this one pretty much used it as its bitch, making for a really funny episode.

And my number one favorite Phineas and Ferb episode is…

1. Nerds of a Feather

Writers: John Colton Barry, Piero Piluso

Yeah, some things never change. In the years since my original list, this still stands as my favorite episode, even after the rest of Season 3, and all of Season 4. By objective standards, it does stand as one of the best, but in this case it’s simply my personal favorite.

I feel did an okay job last time, but now I get to talk about it again in more detail with a fresh perspective. So let’s dive in.

Phineas and Ferb head to the Tri-State Area’s annual sci-fi and fantasy convention to meet their hero, special effects guru Clive Addison. Their plan gets sidetracked when they’re swept into a duel between the fantasy fans and the sci-fi geeks. Meanwhile, Candace tries to keep secret that she’s a fan of Ducky Momo, a kiddie TV Show.

One reason this one is great is that each plot line is equally remarkable for one reason or another. Most of the 22 minute eps have that, but this one even more so. As usual, we’ll go through each plot.

On the Doof side of things, we see Doof and Perry randomly starring in an 80’s cop show called Doof N Puss. We later find out that Doof was pitching this show to a TV Executive named Jeff McGarland, voiced by Seth MacFarlane.


“That’s lazy writing”

No comment.

While some may find the subplot a bit…awkward until the payoff, it’s still great. They spoof these type of shows perfectly from the intro to the random explosion placed in the action scenes.

It helps fill the humor quota, but if you want story, the other plots have you covered.

Like with the last few entries, the Phineas plot helps make this one great. We’ve seen stories about how oyu shouldn’t fight before, but this one directly attacks fandom wars. It shows exactly why they are so dumb: Most geeky fans are weird outcasts, so there’s no reason to fight.

It’s a nice moral and it has a nice ending. Plus, Irving and Albert have a sweet little moment. This plot also gives us a ton of great nerdy jokes, like the bit about the even numbered Space Adventure movies.

It certainly helps make this one as good as it is, as I personally know what fandom wars can be like. So seeing this ep tells us that they are pointless is pretty awesome. Sadly, this fandom hasn’t learned this lesson yet.

Then there’s the Candace plot. This is what brings this episode to being my all time favorite. We find out that she’s a closest fan of a kiddie show that people view as stupid. At first it seems like it will be played as a joke…but no.

We get a song that tells us that Ducky Momo comforted her as a kid and a result, she went through life having Ducky Momo as her best friend. Ducky is personal to her, and she’s still a big fan to this day.

However, it’s seen as a little kid’s thing and she fears she will be mocked. So she must hide her love for fear of ultimate shame.

….Yeah. This is probably the deepest development she’s gotten in a single episode. If you thought Mom’s Birthday helped make her likable, just watch this. We see a time in her life when she was lonely and a simple tv character helped her get through it.

It adds another layer of tragedy to the character and the songs shows this wonderfully. Especially since this is realistic. We all have our thing from out childhood we hold dear, even if we’re too old for it. It’s a classic case of a guilty pleasure.

And I think it’s safe to say adults enjoy something for little girls is kind of popular now. Actually, this perfectly sums up how some of those people feel and it is like a commentary on it….and it aired a few months before you know what. Wow.

So this plot is very relatable and it brings more tragedy to an already tragic character. And it has a really heartwarming ending with Suzy to boot. Yeah, the people still hating her after saving their lives is dumb but the bit with Jeremy makes up for it.

Since then, Ducky Momo has become an important fixture in the show. He’s made some cameos and has gone on to make major appearances as in episodes like Ferb Tv and Terrifying Tri State Trilogy of Terror.

Heck, even Vanessa got into it. …She thinks it’s Ironic.

So this plot is important in terms of both character development, and the shows universe. That’s impressive.

I’m not sure I can 100 percent explain exactly why all of this adds up to my all-time favorite episode. We can agree it’s one of the best, but an all-time favorite?

Well, I suppose it’s because the two biggest plot lines are personal to me. Seeing fandom wars be mocked was very cool, and I think it’s obvious why I connect with the Candace plotline.

Plus, I like seeing some of Candace’s best and deepest development ever, and it’s incredibly heartwarming. It also lots of humor, another important factor for me. Oh, and it has good songs but even the “bad” episode has that.

This is just one of those episodes that is very even, with each plot being equally great. The Phineas plot has fun nerdy jokes and a nice moral, the Perry plot is very funny, and the Candace plot has great development and its own good moral.

It also has Kevin Smith.

It just makes you feel good at the end as everything is wrapped up in a nice little bow. Each plot has a great ending and I didn’t feel like any part of it was weak. It’s a personal episode for me with its humor and subject matter.

But even on a critical level, it’s great for morals and character development. In airdate order, this comes after SBTY. That was an amazing double feature.

Even after all this time, this is still my favorite. It does everything right and then some. I’ve gone on about the amazing heart, humor and development so I think I’ve said enough.

SBTY may be better for its themes and story, but this will always be my favorite for all the reasons I stated. It has a likable portrayal of our heroes, an amazing portrayal of Candace, and some nice morals and humor.

Everything that is great about the show is present, and it’s one I never get tired of. For all that and more, it is easily my favorite episode of Phineas and Ferb.

And once again, those were my top 20 P&F episodes, excluding Season 4. A couple weeks after it ends, I will be doing a special list. Then after that, I will do my Top 11 Season 4 episode list, and you’ll see which ones are now in the top 20.

I’ll save my big “this show will be missed” spiel for that last, so for now I’ll just say that this has certainly left an impact on animation and a lot of people’s lives. All of these episodes show exactly why it was popular, and I know I’ll still be watching these for years to come.

In the meantime, I’m still waiting for Gravity Falls to come back.

See ya.


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