Top 11 Modern Family Guy Episodes

Hello, Spongey here.

It may not seem like it, but I like to look on the bright side. No matter how bad your situation is, there’s always a glimmer of hope. I mean, thinking negative all the time is not only bad for you, but it gets pretty boring. Of course, being overly positive is just as bad, but it’s important to find the good in everything.

And that means looking for the good parts in bad movies, a good episode of a bad show, or just the slightest positive in one of the worst things ever. Now, I like to bitch as much as the next guy, I am an internet critic after all, but I myself can be a bit too negative sometimes.

But only sometimes. Recently, I’ve tried to balance out how I review things, and thanks to some other people online, I can find the good in anything. I’ve found good episodes of Breadwinners. Seriously.

And the punchline is Modern Family Guy. I’ve gone on about Family Guy before, and how it’s another solid show that went to shit. It wasn’t the best show ever, but it had good humor and likable enough characters. But when it got brought back for the 2nd time, it let its weaker tendencies take over.

If you read my reviews of Life of Brian, Christmas Guy, and A Fistful of Meg, you know how bad it can get. As a general rule, Modern Family Guy sucks. However, every rule has an exception.

Last year, I took the plunge and watched every Modern Family Guy episode, just to find a few gems. Naturally, I found many surprises, some good, and some bad. I found out Family Guy has its own One Coarse Meal. Yeah.

After watching all of it, I am more confident in saying modern FG sucks, but I found many solid episodes. If you recall, Mr. Enter made a list of the top 25 Modern Spongebob episodes. I decided Family Guy deserves the same treatment.

After all, in a sea of crap, I found many gems. I found at least a few good episodes from each Season and I managed to take 11 of the best of those gems. Before we start, there are a few things to clarify:

There are no filler entries on this list. I think each of these episodes are good and overall, I was glad I watched them. Some of these are flawed, but the good outweighs the bad.

For me, Modern Family Guy starts with Season 7. I like Season 4 enough, and while Season 5 and 6 count, they are free enough of the Modern FG trappings for me to let them off the hook. Season 7 is where things got bad.

I must have at least one episode from Season 7-12. No Season 13, because this list was mostly planned and written before it ended…and honestly, I can’t think of any that were worthy for this list. Yeah.

With that settled, let’s look at the episodes that prove even a broken clock is right …a few times a day.

This, is the Top 11 Modern Family Guy Episodes

11. I Dream of Jesus

Season 7

Writer: Brian Scully

Seeing as I vowed to include an episode from each Modern Season, you can guess some Seasons were hard to find favorite for. Don’t worry, this is true to my opinion, I honestly like each episode on the list.

But like with Mr. Enter with Spongebob Season 6, Season 7 was the hardest. Again, like with that one, it’s not because it has the Worst episodes. Season 12 earns that medal.

But as you guessed, the good episodes mostly weren’t THAT good. There was a few but they weren’t good enough compared to some others, but you can consider them parts of my honorable mentions.

Then comes this episode. It’s at the bottom because it came really close to being a filler entry but after thinking about it and watching a few more times, I decided it belongs here. The main reason it is here is that it does a lot of things bad Family Guy episodes do…and does them right. Let me explain.

I’m sure you all know the infamous pointless filler setup before the actual plot for this episode. Peter discovers the song Surfin’ Bird and becomes obsessed with it, to the point of annoying everyone every change he gets.

This sounds pretty bad on paper, with Peter being a jerk to everyone and making us hear a song over and over again. Yet, somehow…it works! How? Well, I think there are two reasons.

One is similar to the Spongebob episode Earworm. I talked about that one a bit ago and I said that for some odd reason, I enjoyed hearing that episode’s song played for most of the episode. It was a song that is so oddly catchy it’s fun to be tortured by it.

But this is different as someone is actually trying to annoy people, or at least is pushing it on others too much. For one, the song is pretty damn catchy. When you watch this episode, it will be stuck in your head, no matter how much you hate it.

I’m one of those people who kind of likes being tortured by catchy songs that I like, which is why I enjoy Earworm and why I enjoy this. But besides that, even the Peter being a dick thing isn’t an issue.

Mostly because they get a lot of creative gags out of it. It’s not just the same thing over and over again, they mix it up with how he brings the song into the conversation. For example, Peter is reading the newspaper and comments on he is surprised that it’s not talking about how the bird is the word. But he slowly makes his way to that punchline, and Brian is confused like we are until the punchline hits.

With how it’s timed and set up, it actually works pretty well, and most of the gags work like that. Plus, the reactions from everyone else are pretty amusing as they react like most of us are when Peter is doing his crap.

Yes, it is kind of annoying but it ends up being annoying in a funny way. I’m not sure how they did it but they took a formula from a lot of crappy episodes and made it actually work. Sure, the minor success of this episode lead to them abusing the “Peter annoys people with a new toy” thing but ah well, at least it worked here.

And it’s not even the main plot.

Eventually, Brian and Stewie smash the record and Peter goes to the Record store to find the song. Why he doesn’t try the internet is anyone’s guess. Anyway, while he’s there, he bumps into Jesus.

…Yeah. I love this. You think they would make some kind of show of it, or have them suspect some new guy is different until the Jesus reveal…but no, Peter just bumps into him by chance. That in itself is funny.

It turns out Jesus was just kind of hanging out to get away from it all, and Peter is the first person to recognize him in 4000 years. Yeah.

He invites Jesus home and they become friends. However, the world eventually finds out Jesus is among us and he becomes super famous. Which means the fame goes to his head.

Yeah, it’s that story. Before I comment on that, I’ll talk about how Jesus is used. Yes, they make a few obvious jokes but somehow, none of it is offensive. Jesus is portrayed as he should be and most of the jokes that come from him are just silly jokes. They don’t go out of their way to be offensive, they just milk the concept for jokes.

Any offensive elements are downplayed or just accidental. That’s way different than usual for this show and I applaud them for doing that. But this was before this became a norm, as this was before Not All Dogs go to Heaven and crap like that.

Those kind of episodes are made worse by this one. Here they seem pretty cool and don’t try to offend people…then they say the dumbest stuff and offend everyone. Hell, they even did a direct sequel to this one which was pretty offensive.

But we’re not talking about bad episodes, we’re focused on good episodes. As for the fame plot, it works pretty well. It is cliché but they manage to make it kind of work with the humor. Plus, it does kind of fit with a guy who hasn’t had any fame or anything like that for …quite a while.

Not to mention it teaches a good moral regarding fame and Jesus learns his lesson in a way that isn’t forced. Yeah, a good moral in Family Guy, really. Despite the cliché, this part works pretty well.

I’m glad this episode turned out well since both plot lines could have turned out really badly. And if it was made a few Seasons later, it likely would have turned out pretty badly.

This was really early Season 7, before the likes of Family Gay and Not All Dogs go To Heaven so there was still some signs of good writing.

Overall, there really isn’t much else to say about this episode. It managed to take some odd concepts and make them work far better than I expected.
The first plot managed to be pretty funny despite being repetitive, and the 2nd blog managed to be well written with a good moral despite dealing with religion.

In a Season that was lukewarm, it was nice to a have a consistently funny and decently written episode. It avoids most of the problems episode
like this have, and that’s why it’s on the list at all.

It’s at the bottom since it’s not as well written or interesting as some of the later entries but it’s still a surprisingly good episode. Though I can see why some may just find it annoying with the first half.

For my tastes, it’s a decent episode and easily one of the best episodes of Season 7. …And that’s all I got, so let’s move on.

10. Road to the North Pole

Season 9

Writers: Chris Sheridan and Danny Smith

I think it’s safe to say not everyone will agree with this list, given how controversial this show can be. And that’s totally fine.

But it’s also safe to say I might get the most backlash for including this episode.

I’m pretty much we know about the “Road to” series, but I’ll explain it if you need the exposition. It’s a series of episodes about Brian and Stewie going on adventures. …That’s about it. It started with “Road to Rhode Island” and exploded from there.

If there’s one thing that is still good in Modern Family Guy, it’s these episodes. None of them top the original, but all the Modern takes on this formula have managed to be good. Infact, I considered just tying all of them since they are about equal.

Road to Germany, Road to the Multiverse, Road to Vegas, and this are all very good and I honestly couldn’t really pick which one I like more. Germany manages to avoid tasteless jew jokes (mostly) Multiverse has creative jokes (aside from some infamous moments) and Vegas had a few creative and fun set up and…an interesting ending.

But in the end I went with this. Not really cuz it’s the best but because it does a lot right despite a few issues. The premise is pretty simple: Stewie wants to see if Santa exists, so he and Brian head up to the North Pole, and thinks take an interesting turn from there.

This has the distinction of being the only Road to episode to be an hour long. Well, 42 minutes but you get what I mean. It’s not the first hour long FG special but it is the only Road to Hour long so there is that.

Do they handle the extra time well? Eh…sort of. To be honest, there’s no reason this needed to be double length but they do a decent job spacing things out. The first part is the journey to the North Pole, while part covers all the crazy stuff that happens when they get there.

It’s a bit padded (in true FG Fashion) but each part has enough going on, and while it didn’t need to this long, they do a good job with the time they have. But honestly, Part 2 is where it gets good.

Part 1 is solid with plenty of decent jokes involving the road trip, but it is a bit slow. It also a few bad jokes, most notably a weird part with Brian and Quagmire. Yeah, I like the idea of their rivalry but its lead to some bad jokes, even if it did have that amazing speech in its introduction episode.

Before I get too deep into this I should mention that this episode features musical numbers. Yeah, another thing that stays intact in the Modern Era is the soundtrack. The songs are still as excellent as ever, and honestly some of them are among my favorite Family Guy songs.

And yes, the songs in this episode are great. They are very high quality, even by Family Guy Standards. That’s fitting since this is a special. I’ll talk about the 2nd song later, but the opening song where everyone sings about what they want for Christimas is pretty good. There are some bad jokes but it’s very enjoyable nonetheless.

I prefer the 2nd song but like I said, we’ll get to it. Actually, let’s do it. So what happens in part 2 that made this episode worth of the list?
Well, when they get to the North Pole, we find out Stewie wants to kill Santa. That’s not too shocking but what is shocking is the fact that Santa…would welcome Death. Yeah, as it turns out, the North Pole is currently a wasteland.

The reindeer have gone robin, the elves started inbreeding and are mutants, and the workshop is just a horrible place. And onto of all that, Santa is completely exhausted and sick of everything. As you may have figured out, this is all because he has such a huge workload every year because everyone asks for so many presents.

…Yeah, you can see where some people’s problems come in.

For one, this episode features a lot of disturbing imagery at the North Pole, and people seem to have an issue with it. But to honest…I think this is one of the few times the show has gotten disturbing imagery right. Really.

Some of imagery includes mutant elves, evil reindeer and a good amount of gore. Now, usually Family Guy uses this for humor. Shock value. As such, I always cringe when they use disturbing imagery in any way cuz they usually expect us to find It funny in some way.

But here, it’s different. Instead of using it for cheap laughs, they actually use to it help the story. The disturbing visuals at the North Pole do a good job at showing how far Santa has fallen and thus it enhances the story.

That is something that is hard to do for a lot of writers, but this episode manages to use disgust for its intended purpose instead of just cheap laughs. Do they go too far with it? …Eh kind of.

There are a few jokes, such as an extended bit with an elf as they try to take off, and most of them are not that funny. There are points where they go too far with it but for the most part, they do get it right.

But that’s not the part you want me to talk about. Nah, it’s the disturbing scene that happens later. So let’s move on with the plot summary. Santa sings a song called “Christmastime is killing us” to explain how things are gotten, and like I said, I like it the most of the two songs.

It uses dark humor well and it’s very memorable, and even kind of catchy in a sick way. I really dig it. After that, Santa eventually gets so broken that he is unable to do the delivery for this year.

So in true Christmas Special fashion, Brian and Stewie decide to do it themselves. But this is Family Guy so it doesn’t go well. They don’t even finish off their first house because some of the residents kind of end up dead by the end of their visit.

I won’t go into too much detail but it is a joke that does go…a bit too far. I certainly see what they were trying to do, as it shows just how hard it is for them to do what Santa does. However, it goes a bit too far for the gore in some areas.

I think just having them accidentally knock someone out or something like that would be fine. But even with how it goes, it’s not the worst thing the show has done, and it at least has SOME reason to be there.

And that brings us to the other big thing about the episode: The moral. Yeah as you can clearly tell, this episode has a bit of a moral. Like I said, this show isn’t exactly the best at it so I’m always cautious when I see an episode attempt one.

But …this episode managed to pull it off!

However, I can kind of see why some may not like it. Mostly because it’s…not exactly subtle about it. The opening has everyone singing about their insane demands, and Brian (naturally) says it’s a bit too much. The rest of the episode basically shoves the moral in your face.

But honestly, I can let that slide because…it’s a good moral in a Family Guy episode! That’s rare to see, and what makes it better is how true it is. I don’t need to tell you that today’s society can be rather needy a lot of people ask for a bit too much and this episode shows you how dangerous that is.

And I do think the imaginary helps with this. Instead of simply preachy to us, it SHOWS us the dangers of not obeying this moral. Thus, it actually tries to show us what it’s talking about it and thus the moral doesn’t fall flat.

Now, I have heard the argument that this episode doesn’t really bring up the fact that Christmas isn’t about presents and in that way it kind of falls flat. But to be fair, the moral it’s attempting to convey (Being a greedy dick=bad) is done well so stuff like that can be forgiven. And hey, you gotta give them credit for trying.

I mostly just like that they used the proper tools to make a moral work instead of doing the stuff they normally would, and it does tie into the Christmas spirit, especially with the ending. In the end, no one gets a present and Brian pretty much tells everyone that they were overworking Santa and that from now one, they should just ask for one present.

Everyone goes along with it and the episode ends one year later, as Santa is fit, the North pole is alive again, and everyone is happy. It’s actually a really nice and warm ending that kind of makes you feel good inside.

That’s…different for a show like this.

Though I must say this is a bit weird. People simply decide not to ask for 100 presents next year, and boom Santa is fine. The elves are normal, everything is cherry and all that? I don’t know, it feels like it would take a lot longer to clean up the huge mess that was there…but I’m poking at the logic of Family Guy so I’ll move on.

I suppose you could say I appreciate this one more than I like it, but I do genuinely like it for the songs and some of the jokes. It has a high production value to it and the concept does lead to some nice humor. It’s not just the whole moral thing that makes it work.

But I do think they should be commended for actually doing what you’re supposed to do when putting in disturbing imagery or a moral into your story. It’s not exactly perfectly executed but it’s done fairly well all things considered.

Now, is this my favorite Modern Road to episode? …Nah, I’d tie them all since they all have good points that could make them the best, but also a few flaws. I was going to tie them but I picked this one because of much credit I give it. If that doesn’t make you happy, then pretend Multiverse is in this slot instead.

Overall, this is a solid Road to adventure with some decent jokes, great songs, and a surprisingly well done moral. It’s not exactly optimal Christmas viewing…but I do sometimes pop it in around that time, along with the first FG Christmas Special.

It’s flawed but I still rather like it. And hey…it’s still better than Christmas Guy

9. And then There were Fewer

Season 9

Writer: Cherry Chevapravatdumrong

Despite how mixed the show can be for some people, there are some episodes in the modern era that are so good that a lot of people point to them are hidden gems in the rough. Modern Spongebob has Plankton’s Pet and Enchanted Tiki Dreams, and Modern Family Guy has a couple, and out of them the one you were the least shocked to see on this list is…this one.

It was a pretty big deal when it came out for a few reasons. For one, it was the first episode shown in HD/Widescreen (as it was the Season 9 premiere) and it was the first real hour long special.

That, and it’s a murder mystery where several characters are killed off for real.

The plot is that the Griffin family, and almost every other important character is invited to a dinner party hosted by none other than James Woods, who is looking to make amends for what he has done to them in the past.

But things go sour when people start being killed off, and now they suspect that someone among them is a killer, and they must figure it out before it’s too late.

Before I start, I must warn that since this is a mystery story, I will spoil the twist to talk about why the episode is good. So if you haven’t’ seen if, you may want to skip to the next section.

…Okay, now that those losers are gone, let’s discuss this one.

I’ll be honest. While I did like the episode, I didn’t love it as much as some other people did. However, after watching again for this list, I like it a lot more.

First off, the episode uses its longer time a lot better than Road to the North Pole. As a Mystery story, it uses the extra time to expand on the story and do a lot more with it. Even the jokes don’t pad things out too much compared to most episodes. It feels one long story instead of just two episodes smashed together.

And like North Pole, it takes advantage of the bigger budget it now has. While there are no songs, there is some well-done creepy music and they use the animation to do a lot of neat things with the mansion. They really capture the tone of a mystery story really well.

They also do it with the writing. Seeing as this is Family Guy, I expected them to parody these types of stories with tons of crazy twists that make no sense, or mock really complicated mystery stories.

But instead it’s mostly played straight, just with the usual FG humor. This could have failed but it works because the story is well thought out. Having James Woods be at the center of this gives it an edge since he has a well-known villain of the show.

You gotta love a show where James Woods is a regular villain. They use the show’s continuity to its advantage, even if they have to reference “Brian Griffin’s House a Payne”, which was ….bad.

As a result, it’s still family guy even if it has a serious mystery story. As a mystery it works as it keeps you on your toes and there are some good twists and turns. I think my problem with the episode the first time I saw it, was the humor was too hit or miss.

But after watching it again, it doesn’t bug me as well. There are plenty of funny moments and while it’s flat out hilarious, it has a nice amount jokes. There are some golden bits like GO GO GADGET SKIS and the final punchline which is so amazing that I won’t spoil it later. And since the story isn’t too touchy, the jokes fit in pretty well.

I think most of the jokes I dislike just came from Stephanie. She’s Quagmire’s girl of the week and…he doesn’t like her cuz she’s fat and she wasn’t even supposed to be here. She has a weird voice and they make a lot of unfunny jokes with her, Hell, when she dies Stewie says it would be sadder if she wasn’t heavy.

And after that they still make bad jokes, like Quagmire being glad she’s dead. Seriously? But aside from most of the humor is pretty good.

While I’m talking about the flaws, there’s another one that’s nitpicky. See, James Woods has a girlfriend named Priscila, and she helped him turn a new leaf after he fell in love with her. She’s not bad, and she plays into the twist I will get into. The problem?

She’s voiced by Ashley Tisdale. …And she gets NOTHING to do. She only gets a few lines and they are all just…normal. And she dies after only having a few minutes of screen time.

What’s the point of getting a fairly talent actress who can get pretty over the top and funny…and giving her a dull character to work with? I think they just put her in at the last moment as an exchange for Seth’s cameo in Nerds of a Feather. Ashley actually appears later that season in “Brian Writes a Bestseller” and despite getting less screen time…she gets funnier stuff to do. I don’t get it.

But like I said, that’s just a nitpick and more of a personal beef than everything. The rest of the episode is very good.

It’s now time to really get into the story, so once again, turn back now if you really don’t know the ending by now. Okay, before I give my thoughts on the twist itself, let’s get into it.

Basically, James Woods is killed and they figure out that someone must be out to get him. Long story short, evidence points to Tom Tucker, and he is arrested. However, as they pack up to leave, Lois bumps into Diane and long story short, it turns out that she was the killer.

See, Diane once dated James Woods until he dumped her on her fortieth birthday, during which Tom arranged for Diane to be replaced by an attractive younger news anchor.

Seeking revenge, Diane bribed Priscilla, a news intern at the time, to talk Woods into becoming a born-again Christian and throw the dinner party so she could get revenge on both men by killing James Woods and framing Tom for it.

And she pretty much succeeded in doing that.

I’m not sure how others feel, but I thought this was a great twist. For one, they did a good job at keeping us guessing, like all good mystery stories. One of the hardest things to do if drop hints while not making it too obvious. I felt they struck that balance here, as it’s easy to guess that it was Diane, but it’s not too obvious.

There could have been more subtle clues here and there but it’s still well handled. And her backstory is very well done, as you feel a bit bad for her and see why she did did. It’s a compelling story, and all the logic checks out, at least for me.

It’s nothing too new but it fits this show very well due to the characters that are involved. And like I said, I won’t spoil the final punchline because it is just that awesome.

The main reason episode works is oddly enough, the Family Guy Elements. It could have just been a dull mystery, but the elements of hted show like the characters and humor make it unique. Obliviously it’s not the best mystery ever, so don’t expect it to wow you on that level.

But it will wow you if you expected the Family Guy writers to half ass it. Instead, it’s a loving tribute to the genre with a very good story that does everything right. It uses the tropes if the genre to its advantage and it mixes them in with the Family Guy style pretty well.

I think this episode deserves the praise it gets. I personally like other episodes more, but it’s still surprisingly solid. It’s a fun homage with a good amount of clever jokes, good animation, and a good story with a cool twist and an awesome ending.

It’s just another really solid episode. …That’s all I got. Yeah, with some of these, I don’t have a lot to really say. In this case it doesn’t exactly do a big thing better than some bad FG episodes. It’s simply a good episode. That’s it.

Either way, it’s pretty good and it was quite a bit of fun. I could make some lame mystery pun, but I think I’ll move on. Actually, I should mention that that this episode does kill off some characters for good. …Minor ones like Diane and Muriel but hey, it’s cool that they did this, and the former did have an impact.

They did kill James Woods…but he return in a later episode because…..reasons. Ugh, at least this episode is still good.

NOW, let’s move on.

8. Quagmire’s Quagmire

Season 12

Writer: Cherry Chevapravatdumrong

I believe I said earlier that I think Season 12 is the worst Season…and yeah it is. But despite all the crap in it, there are a few good episodes, and this is one of them. Much like pretty much everything on this list, it does a lot right that most episodes get wrong.

Quagmire finds a girl named Sonja that is just as kinky as he is, but he soon finds out she might be just a bit too extreme, even for him…

This one is going to be a bit awkward to explain but I’ll just get it out of the way now. Quagmire finds himself in an abusive relationship. Yes, really. Time to get a bit serious. You may recall that this show has attempted to tackle that subject before in “Screams of silence”.

And truth be told…this is that one done right. Allow me to repeat that. Family Guy tackled abuse relationships…right. How is that so? Well, the thing is, the problem with that episode is that it didn’t really feel like an honest attempt at tackling the issue.

It just felt like a Very Special Episode, done to get attention. It had too many logic problems and jokes to really work. I give it a bit of respect for at least …trying in a way but it didn’t work out very well. Especially since the show tends to put the subject in a Comedic light, making the episode fall flat.

This one, however fixes that problem. Instead of feeling like a Special Episode that is made to tackle a big issue, it’s just a simple story. It doesn’t even feel like they were trying to say something. They just wanted to see what happens if Quagmire ended up on the other side of situations he tends to be girls in. That’s all.

As a result, it feels a lot more genuine. Because the situation is less serious, they are allowed to make jokes with it. But they actually scale back on when it gets more serious. It’s the right balance and this story actually fits the show, unlike that other episode.

Quagmire is also better here as it feels like he’s getting a bit of a taste of his own medicine, and you do kind of feel for him in a way. Modern Quagmire is weird because sometimes he’s actually pretty good considering what kind of character he is, and other times he’s…what you’d expect. This episode balances that out fairly well all things considered.

Another important to point out is that it shows that men can be sexually harassed by women but it doesn’t get on a high horse about it and just lets it play out without feeling the need point out how subversive they are.

That’s right, this episode is also Peter-Assment done right. I’m amazed.

And you know what? This episode isn’t too bad in the humor department either! Quite a few of the jokes did make me laugh, even some of the cutaways. It’s not the funniest episode ever but the jokes managed to well-placed and they mostly don’t undercut the story. There are of course some off moments but it’s mostly decent.

Heck, even the subplot is pretty amusing. Stewie finds one of his old Teddy Bears in the Antic and start to worry about how this will affect his…relationship with Rupert. Yes, it’s a parody of cheating stories and it’s really amusing. They do a good job playing up how absurd this and it’s got its own funny moments.

The only big problem with the episode is a line at the end. When all is said and done, Quagmire says this:

“The thing I learned from all this, is that when it comes to relationships, I need to be the kinky one”

…So it’s okay when you are like that but it’s not okay when someone else does it? That’s more than a little hypocritical, and it’s not even treated as a joke.

…But to be honest, it’s not a huge problem as it is a throwaway line, unlike a similar thing they did in Roasted Guy. So while it does kind of undermine the point of the plot, I can forgive it little bit.

It was still interesting to see Quagmire go through. Admittedly, the plot isn’t super deep or anything like that, but it’s just a decent story that played out nicely. It mostly works due to how it subtly does things right that some other episodes got wrong. And I really give the crew credit for doing that, despite the episodes flaws.

As a side note, Sonja was fairly enjoyable was how crazy she got, though it is weird when you find that she is voiced by Seth Macfarlane’s Sister…And now you know why she reminds you of Hayley from American Dad.

So overall, this episode may not be perfect but it’s pretty good. It manages to feature an abusive relationship without being preachy about it, it has an interesting story and it even has a fun subplot with a decent amount of funny jokes.

Considering how bad this one could have been, it’s great they actually did it fairly well. In a Season that contains a Dog giving a baby herpes, it’s pretty welcome.

Not a whole lot more about this one. It’s just a solid episode that handles a tricky subject fairly well. It’s flawed but is otherwise one of the best episodes of that Season.

Needless to say, Quagmire’s Quagmire isn’t…uh…a Quagmire? I’m bad at puns…

7. Mr. and Mrs Stewie

Season 10

Writer: Gary Jenetti

There’s no doubt that most of the characters have changed over the years, mostly for the worst. But of all the character changes, the most infamous has to be Stewie.

In the earlier season, He was an evil Baby bent on killing Lois and maybe taking over the world too. But as the series went on he got…weirder. He was no longer as evil as he once was. Instead, he’s um…sexually confused.

Yeah, that’s putting it mildly.

He barely even tries to kill Lois anymore. Though to be fair, I guess they felt that reached in apex in that Stewie Kills Lois. They mostly use him for Gay jokes now.

But to be honest…it actually doesn’t bug me. Yes, it’s a big change but unlike the other character, he can still be funny. I find the concept of a slightly evil sexually confused Baby to be really funny. I guess I have a weird sense of humor.

But I do think his evil side should show up more often. Hell, one episode actually acknowledged this. But that one had a weak a plot so I went for another episode where evil Stewie come back. Which brings us to this episode.

Stewie finds an evil little (voiced by Cate Blanchett ) who he really hits it off with. However, she’s even more evil than he is and as time goes on, she becomes a bad influence on him. Can he realize this before it’s too late?

Yes, he can but will he? ….Duh.

There really isn’t a lot to say about this. It’s only ambitious is to give us a fun story, and it does. It’s one of the more entertaining episodes on the list, with the story and jokes. I quite liked how they handled Stewie here.

He’s evil from the start for once, and they do a good job contrasting his evil with hers. They also poke fun at how he’s not as evil as he uses to be.

“What do you think when I said Victory shall be mine?”

“You haven’t said that in a very long time”

Penpole herself is one thing that makes this episode good. She is mostly just an eviler Stewie (with a more Britihs-y voice) but they had a lot of fun playing up how evil she is. While Stewie does terrible things, he does it for the greater goal of world domination. She on the other hand, does it for fun. Every day she and Stewie do something bad, like play a prank on Mort or just torch a country for fun.

The voice helps too, as she sounds like she’s having a lot of fun with this role. Through her, they even do Mean Spirited humor correctly. Because she’s supposed to be the villain a lot of the humor works, even some of the meaner jokes.

Thus, the episode is really enjoyable with how the two interact. The story is fairly predictable, since you know that Brian will get worried, Stewie will tell her that, She’ll tell him to kill Brian, he’ll be too pussy to do it and yada yada. …But it’s more about fun than story and the story still works as a way to fit in some fun jokes and action scenes.

Speaking of jokes, there are plenty of good ones, and not just the Stewie ones. There are some fun “Brian is a snobby author” jokes and some other little things. Like I said, this one is the more enjoyable episodes on the list with it’s story and jokes.

As for the subplot…meh. Peter and lois have to get Separate beds because Peter keeps crushing her in his sleep and it goes in some weird direction with Quagmire. It’s not bad, but it’s not very funny. Not weak enough to drag down the episode though.

Overall, this episode is good. It brings Evil Stewie back again and it has a fun story with a nice one shot character and good jokes. I actually hope they bring her back at some point. Also, this is the 2nd episode on the list to feature a callback to Brian Griffin’s House of Payne. I don’t get it.

Yeah, told you there wasn’t much to say. It’s fun, get off my back.

6. Hannah Banana

Season 8

Writer: Cherry Chevapravatdumrong

Well, here’s a particularly interesting one. It’s another example of a dramatic story done well, but some people were a bit split on it. Now, I’m pretty sure the first part of that title was supposed to be the main plot but the 2nd feels more like a A plot, so we’ll discuss it first.

Chris finally proves to his family that there’s an evil Monkey in his closet…but it turns out he’s not so evil after all. Drama ensues.

Yep, they finally did something with the famous Evil Monkey besides just…do jokes with him. Here, they take the “mystery” out of him and develop him as character. A lot of people have a problem with that…but I don’t.

For one thing, the monkey was a gag characters. That’s it. He wasn’t a story telling device or anything like that. He was a joke and he always has been. So all developing him does is just…develop a gag character. You can argue it ruin the joke but that’s not the argument I’ve heard.

For what it’s worth, the writers said they did this because they thought the joke was getting old, and this was their way of retiring the character. That’s admirable in itself.

But whatever, let’s see what exactly they do with him. As it turns out, this whole evil thing was just a misunderstanding. He was forced to move into Chris’s closet after his wife had an affair, and divorced him, and pointing at Chris was only his way of trying to make conversation. Also the angry face he gave was his way of thinking, and the trembling was due to a copper deficiency.

…Okay that is kind of contrived, but it’s a Comedy so I can let it slide. Besides, the story they do with him is strong to make up for it. But before we go any further, we have to get the subplot out of the way cuz it’s…interesting.

It’s about Miley Cyrus.


Now, this episode came out in 2009 which means this was back when she was relevant …and sane. As you can imagine, it makes watching this episode really awkward. Basically, Stewie is a big Hanna Montana fan and Brian (reluctantly) helps him get tickets a concert in Quahog.

Long story short, Miley and Stewie actually become friends and things get weird from that. Now, Miley was already a laughing stock before this episode aired, so it really adds nothing new. But for what it is, it’s got its moments.

For one, their depiction of Hanna Montana is spot on. And the song she is does indeed sound like something she would sing, and I hate that it’s catchy. Their deception of her is…interesting. She’s mostly shown to perfectly normal but then it turns out she’s a android made by Disney to be the “perfect pop star” that can “never fail”.


It’s a predicable punchline but I guess it’s not too bad. There’s a cool action scene and it ends up playing into the main plot. Overall, it’s fine. So why is it weird? Well…at one point, Brian asks Stewie to…reprogram her to um…do stuff with him.


That’s my only real problem with this episode. It’s just….seriously? But it’s just one scene and after she goes crazy they don’t bring it up again. Thank god.

So yeah, weird subplot but the main plot is good enough to make up for it. Anyway, Chris doesn’t buy the Monkey’s excuse and tries to prove that he’s still evil.

However, when the Monkey helps him with a book report, he accepts him as a friend. Most of this plot is cliché but heart pulls it through, especially in this next part. Chris starts hanging with The Monkey more than Peter, because Peter doesn’t give him enough attention.

Oh hey, a “Chris wants Peter time’ plot that isn’t terrible and full of incest. It can be done!

Joking aside, this is where the episode gets good. It may be cliché but it has a lot of heart to it. It really explores their relationship and they sprinkle in enough jokes to make it enjoyable.

There’s one joke that should be terrible, but it manages to work because of a funny punchline. I won’t say what it is, but it’s actually not bad.

It’s a sweet story that I liked watching. The monkey plays a good role as he tries to get them to talk things out and the ending is very nice. The final punchline is kind of amusing, though it does remind me that we’ve never seen Tom Tucker’s son in a while. Seriously, what happened to him?

I can’t really explain in detail why the story works, it just ties. It touches on some stuff I’ve been curious about, it has sweet moments, and it fits in some decent Comedy. That’s really about it. I mostly like how they mix it in with the Monkey stuff. The Peter/Chris story is good but without the Monkey, it might have been boring or just full of bad jokes that ruin it.

But mixed in with the Monkey, it flows better and it gives me more to like. I just don’t get why I have so little to say. The previous episode has more to talk about!

This episode is …good because it develops a gag character, has funny jokes, and it gives us a sweet and decent story. And it mocks a Disney Sitcom. There, do you want anything more?

See, in a video review a short explanation is fine and I’ve seen it be done fine. But somehow in text you just expect more which is why this list and one I’m working on, is hard to do. But as long as you get why I like or dislike something, I think its fine.

So yeah, we’re done here. It’s a good episode.

5. Forget Me Not

Season 10

Writer: David A Goodman

Hey, remember the Spongebob episode Gone? The one with a good concept that is mostly enjoyable but ruined with a crappy ending? This episode is like that, except it’s done right.

That’s right, Modern Family Guy did something better than Modern Spongebob. Wow.

Peter, Joe, Brian, and Quagmrie gets into a car crash and when they wake up, they are the only people in the world and they have lost their memories. Can they figure out what the heck happened?

I noticed that a lot of the better Modern Family guy episodes have good and interesting stories. Which is weird because a lot of the worst ones try too hard to be serious. I think it works when it’s not too serious and it’s a story that you can fit jokes into. Quagmire’s Quagmire is an extreme example, and here we have a mild example.

For one, the obligatory “lead in to the plot” set piece actually needs to be here, as it has a minor plot point that comes into play later, and it’s not forced. Plus it only takes 5 minutes to get to the plot and most of it is actually good set up. It’s small but it’s important.

At the start, Stewie tells Brian that he and Peter’s friendship is purely due to him being Peter’s dog, and they aren’t real friends. Keep this in mind. Once they wake up with no memories, most of the episode has them trying to figure out what happened.

I like these type of plots and it is interesting to see they handle this situation. And because it’s too big of a story, they fit in plenty of jokes.

They are hit or miss though, with a few going a bit too far. But there are still some amusing jokes, including a great joke where Peter (with no memory) sees a jukebox playing Surfing Bird, and turns it off, calling it annoying.


There really isn’t much to say about the bulk of the plot, since it mostly has them running around trying to figure things out, witch a bunch of jokes. It works since I am interested to see what will happen and enough jokes hit their mark.

But that means I am forced to just skip ahead to the important parts. The guys start to suspect that Peter is somehow behind all this. Why? Well, in an earlier scene, they were playing Laser Tag and cuz Peter won, he got a prize. It was a gag newspaper that said “Peter Griffin eliminates enemies, destroys world”.

He hung it up in the living room and when the guys see this now, they think it’s legit. …Yeah, I said it was important, I never said it wasn’t forced.

Brian has his doubts about this because he starts to bond with him. As you can imagine, they aren’t happy when Brian tries to warn Peter about their upcoming attack and stuff ensues. Long story short, there’s a chase scene and…Brian is shot down.

Now I can talk Yeah, they managed to do an emotional scene pretty well. Because of how the story is done, I do care when this happens. Also, a short bit made me care about the Death of Brian than the entire episode dedicated to it. Figure that one out.

But of course, this is all a simulation. Yep, Stewie wanted to do a test to see if Brian and Peter’s friendship is real, so he used his tech to make up this to see if they would still be friends even without living together.

As it turns out, they are. Now, this is a cop out ending done right. Because instead of being a cop out, it does serve a purpose. The whole episode dives into the friendship between Peter and Brian and the ending still does that because of the whole simulation by Stewie thing.

I know they pulled this twist way back in Lois Kills Stewie, and I thought this actually worked better here for reasons I just stated. It’s the proper way to do this kind of ending. It keeps the status qou, but it still makes it so the story has a point.

It was really neat to dive into the Peter/Brian relationship and we got an interesting and even sort of sweet story out of it. Sure, I wish they’d do this more since…Stewie did kind of have a point, but ah well.

This episode works pretty well with its interesting story and nice moments. It’s a good example of how this show can still make a solid story that I can get into it. It gives us some nice character stuff, as well as a few decent jokes.

It’s just another really solid and enjoyable episode. ..Darn I did it again. I explained why I like it, get off my back!

I suppose I should end this part by thanking this writer for giving us this episode. What else has this guy done anyway?


Let’s move on.

4. Meg Stinks

Season 12

Writer: Danny Smith

…Okay, I know the title makes it sound bad, but trust me, it’s actually really good! And in the same Season with A Fistful of Meg, that’s shocking.

Remember the subplot from Road to Rupert where Meg and Peter kind of became friends? Well, this is kind of like that except….maybe better?

While on a trip with Meg, the two finally start to bond and slowly become friends.

The main reasoning for this being high on the list is pretty obvious. We all know how overdone Meg Abuse is, and how it’s just never funny. So when something good happens to her, it’s always nice. And this deep into the series, it’s great to have another episode dedicated to it.

When they start bonding, Peter starts to feel bad for Meg and see where she’s coming from. It’s really nice to see and the rest of the episode follows suit. It’s mostly just them bonding but it works because…it’s just cool to see!

If you recall, in Road to Rupert they didn’t’ really start to bond til near the end, so here we get a whole episode with them bonding and it’s really cool. They eventually turn this into a story where Meg can’t keep up with Peter’s craziness and starts to get tired.

And this may sound bad since it means the one time Peter acts nice to Meg, she starts to dislike. However, it really works because Peter is not being a jerkass at all. He’s just doing stuff Meg isn’t into. Only one cutaway gag has him doing something bad, and it’s the part of the episode I don’t like. But it’s a Cutaway so I can let it slide.

There’s also the fact that Meg missed a college interview to hang out with her Peter, and all this stuff with him causes her to shirk her responsibilities. She realizes that Peter doesn’t have to be a friend, he just has to be a Father. She has to focus on her future for the time being.

And that’s actually really interesting!

They could have ended it on a mean note just to put the Status Qou back in place, but they did it in a mature way. By Family Guy standards, anyway.

The final scene where Meg has to break this to Peter is pretty well done too. Peter doesn’t act like a jackass, and in a weird way you kind of feel bad for him. I really like how they handled this, to be honest.

But that’s not all this episode has to offer. Like most of the episodes on here, it’s actually funny. There are only a couple of weak jokes and most of them hit their mark. The highlight is the subplot where Brian has to stay in the yard due to being Skunk’d and he pretty much turns into Wild Brian. It’s just as funny as it sounds, the final punchline is great.

Isn’t a nice when a sweet episode succeeds just as well in the humor department?

In a Season that didn’t have as many gems, it was shocking to see one of the best Modern Episodes in this bunch. It manages to treat Meg well and it does a Status qou ending correctly. Like I said, they made an interesting and kind of mature story out of it.

Even without being in a bad Season, this would still be rather impressive. It’s a sweet little episode with a good story, a well handled story, and a good subplot with quite a few funny moments.

It’s a surprising Gem that is worth checking out despite how lukewarm the rest of the Season is. Really, my only problem is the title. It’s misleading and it has nothing to do with the episode.

Overall, it’s a very good episode that ended up being way better than it deserve to be. …That’s all I got, once again.

3. The Big Bang Theory

Season 9

Writer: David A Goodman

Perhaps one of the bigger issues with Family Guy, a whole, is how hit or miss it is. That’s the point of this type of comedy but the show, especially now can be inconsistent. With all the jokes they throw at you, even the better episodes can have bad jokes that ruin the experience.

As such, it’s hard for an episode to be consistently enjoyable for some. A few re-watches fixes that problem, especially with most of the episodes on this list. But everyone in a while, they make an episode that’s confidently enjoyable with very few jokes that miss.

This is one of them.

Instead of doing the plot summary I’ve been doing, I’m going to go step by step, because this episode goes in a few directions and just summing up one part wouldn’t really do the plot justice.

It all starts with Stewie using his time machine to one up Brian easily. He finds out and when after they fight, the machine screws up and takes them to an empty void outside the space time continuum.

At first, you think this will be the whole episode. It will mostly be the two messing around in this void where you can do anything. Kind of like that one episode of Wander Over Yonder. But actually, it only takes up a small portion.

They eventually make it back home by blowing up their time machine and later on, they find out that they went back in time to before time existed. That explosion…was the Big Bang. Hence the title.

….Damn. We’ve seen our main characters cause various historic events, but this episode goes the extra mile and makes them create the universe! I think I’ve only seen this one other tie, and that was Captain Underpants.

It’s funny cuz you think I’m joking about that.

Anyway, remember Stewie’s nemesis Bertram? Yeah, he comes back and finds out about the time machine, so he decides to use it to go back and get rid of one of Stewie’s ancestors so he won’t be born.

He does so but as it turns out, this causes the world to start going away because of the whole creating the universe thing.

“The universe created me, so I could create it!”

So of course, Brian and Stewie must go and stop him. As you can tell from all that, this episode has quite a bit going on…and that’s why it’s so good. It’s another one those interesting plots that’s really interesting to watch.

But here it goes in a lot of interesting directions, and you never really know what’s gonna happen next. Sure, you could think it’s odd it takes so long to get the ultimate plot of stopping Bertram but they did a good job of tiding us over until then.

Other episodes that have to take a while set up the actual plot make it so sitting through the first half was pointless. (Looking at you, Long John Peter). But here, they weave every plot point into the next, so the episode isn’t messy.

It’s actually fun to see what they do next. They do a good job at keeping the energy level high and it keeps me invested. As far as jokes go, it’s not the funniest but it has some golden moments. And most importantly, there are no terrible jokes!

There are a few duds, but nothing painful or offensive at all. I did that spiel because this episode is one of the few on this list to be consistently enjoyable. It never slows down and gets boring or painful. Not every bit is great but it keeps giving us fun moments.

The plot itself may not seem like the most deep or interesting but it’s still one of the better Family Guy plot. It’s just keeps going and they keep up the entertainment value all the way through. I can’t exactly describe it but it just works.

The episode works itself to a really good ending that actually has a sweet moment that works pretty well. They even make a joke after it that isn’t insulting! It’s kind of lame but it works in context.

Sorry I’m not going into detail that much but this episode is different from the others. It’s more about just piling on stuff and having fun with the plot than having tons of character development, or even Comedy.

It’s a nice example of how the show can still keep me on my toes even after all these years. It goes in a lot of different directions and they are all interesting. It has a fun plot that keeps getting more interesting, it has funny jokes, and even a nice ending.

It may not be as interesting as some other entries, but it’s easily one of the most enjoyable for its plot and humor. It’s just a very good episode.
…Yeah, that’s all I got again. Let’s move on, we’re almost done.

2. Back to the Pilot

Season 10

Writer: Mark Hentemann

You wanna know exactly what inspired me to marathon Modern Family Guy to give it another chance? I stumbled upon this episode and liked I so much that I wanted if there any other gems.

Yes, it’s that good. This is another very simple one that works due to a genius set up.

Stewie and Brian go back in time to find a tennis ball Brian buried, which turns out to be the same day that the events of the pilot took place. Stuff ensues.

This is an example of genius executed perfectly. I mean, this episode is about going back to the show’s pilot and basically poking fun at how different it is. That’s an awesome idea and they do it really well.

And they don’t do it to say that Classic Family guy sucks or anything. They mostly poke fun at the animation errors and other weird stuff. Its playful mocking, not an insult. This is another one where my explanation is simple.

This episode works because they perfectly execute its concept. They poke fun at the pilot in tons of creative and funny ways. Of all the episodes on the list, this is probably the funniest.

Like Big Bang Theory, there’s no bad jokes and it’s enjoyable all the way through. But of course, there’s only so much you can do with the pilot so it goes in another direction that’s just as amusing.

Brian tells his past self about 9/11 so he can prevent it.

…Yeah. This is where the episode gets a bit divisive. Some people aren’t happy with this part for obvious reasons and others don’t mind it. ..I don’t mind it.
Mostly cuz they don’t make any really offensive jokes. There’s the obligatory Bush slam but it’s kept funny. They just use as a way to make the plot even more insane. Again, Big Bang Theory it just keeps going in insane directions.

But this one manages to be even funnier due to the time travel craziness. Things keep getting out of control and it just gets funnier and funnier. My favorite part is the Bad Future caused by 9/11 being stopped.

I won’t spoil all of it but there quite a few funny gags here, and spoilers, this segment is mostly in CGI and it’s rather impressive for this show’s budget. I won’t say why it’s in CGI but it’s interesting nonetheless.

When they fix their mistake and allow 9/11 to happen, they high five over their job well done. …And they dial it back because, them high fiving over 9/11 wouldn’t look too good out of context.

I laughed at this joke. Mostly because they know how messed it is. For once, I won’t spoil the rest of the episode. The fun is seeing how messed up everything gets. You can guess how this happens since it is a time travel story, but it’s still good.

I’m impressed by how funny this episode it is. There are a lot of funny clever gags and it has an energy that to it. I may be talking it up too much but it really is a funny episode with an interesting plot and a good concept executed nearly perfectly.

Of the episodes on this list, two of them are actually among my favorite episodes of the whole show. Number 1 is obviously one of them, and this is the other. Yes, it’s that enjoyable.

It’s clever, funny, and it stays that way until the very ending. All this and more makes this trip back to the pilot a very enjoyable indeed.

And of course, before we hit Number one…we gotta go through a few honorable mentions. There aren’t too many for obvious reasons but I have a couple.

12 and a half Angry Men: A fairly fun 12 angry men homage with a nice story.

Chap Stewie: I like the fun Stewie plot but I mostly like how well written Peter and Lois are here. They’re not even the focus but they are handled very well.

Three Kings: Decent anthology episodes with nice parodies. The misery one is my favorite.

Love Blacktually: Almost had a bad brain episode, but nope we get nice moments with him. And wow, Cleveland can be actually interesting sometimes. I hope he never gets a whole show to be dull though…

Our last one needs a bit more of an explanation…

Livin’ On a Prayer:

I just need to summarize what happens in this episode, and its message. Stewie befriends a boy who falls ill, and his parent refuse to give him treatment and do not use modern hospital treatment due to their religious beliefs as Christian Scientists, stating that they use “faith” as a medicine.

Long story short, Lois explains that even if they use faith of God as a medicine, people still have created modern medicine, which is also the possibility of what God may have allowed. She then states that if they really want God to answer their prayers, they should do the right thing for Scotty.

And they do.

Allow me to put this in perspective. This is a Family Guy episode about religion…that sympathized with the religious people. Instead of saying that they should hate God for not healing the kid, they argue that treatment is what God wants. They bring up a good point and make religious people look good and offer a solid point. They are natural on religion instead of being insulting to anyone.

This is still Family guy right?

So yeah, consider that number 12.

And my number one Modern Family Guy episode is…

1. Brian’s Play

Season 11

Writer: Gary Jenetti

It was a hard time picking between this and Back to the pilot for Number 1. In the end, I picked this because it pretty much defied all my expectations from the premise, among other reasons.

Brian finally gets one of his plays into the Quahog theatre and everybody loves it. Stewie then decides he wants to write a play and Brian reads it, he discovers that Stewie is a genius and Brian starts feeling bad about himself.

From both the title and premise, you’re probably expecting this to be another episode where Brian is a dick. But actually…no. Instead you get one of the more meaningful Family Guy episodes in recent memory.

How so? Well, by all accounts this should be bad because Brian is his usual snobby self at the start. But to be fair, they actually acknowledge this and make a few amusing jokes out of it.

Infact, this whole episode seems to be about bringing Brian down which is something he deserves at this point. And yet they create a story where you feel bad for him. When he finds out that Stewie’s play is great you do kind of get on his side as Brian sees that he shouldn’t have been so snobby about having a play getting good reviews from people in Quahog.

Eventually, Brian lies and tells Stewie his play is bad, but here’s the thing: Jasper told him to do so which means he just got bad advice. Yes, they remembered Jasper but not Tom’s son .Figure that one out.

When Brian does this, he lets him down gently and he’s not a prick about it. When Stewie finds out, he calls him out on it in the most awesome way possible.

“May every person that laughs at your sophomoric effort be a reminder of your eternal mediocrity, and pierce your heart like a knife.”

Stewie submits his play to New York and he brings Brian to the premiere where Brian’s play is bashed by some real writers. This really hurts Brian and Stewie starts to feel bad for him.

Brian pours his heart out to Stewie and says that he really hoped he would become successful but now Stewie will have done more at Age 1 (“Still?”) than Brian will have done in however old he is in dog years.

The entire 3rd act is where this one becomes the best. Despite this episode basically putting Brian down by calling him out for being a bad writer, it actually makes you feel bad for him.

Typically this would be bad, but Brian did nothing morally wrong in this case. They show us exactly why Brian was so smug, and why it hurt him to see Stewie being better than him. It feels like a personal story they wanted to tell instead of a cheap way to make us like Brian again.

Oh, and Stewie eventually changes his play so it sucks and it bombs. In other words, he ruined his play to help make Brian feel better. …And it works. No, not for Brian, but for the episode.

Do you know how hard it is to make the “indulge someone’s talents even though they aren’t very good” thing work. Make it so it isn’t hurting anyone. Plus the person in question did really need this.

I’m just shocked beyond all belief. At every turn, this episode does the right thing instead of the wrong thing. At the start, it looks like will be Brian Writes a Bestersell all over again. But instead they call Brian out.

You think this is a cheap ploy to get you to feel bad for Brian even though he doesn’t deserve. But instead, he does deserve because they take some titme out to dive into his character and explain what he is feeling.

This episode is great. I get that an episode shouldn’t be good simply because it isn’t Herpe the love Sore or whatever. But it goes beyond just making Brian likable. It goes out of its way to do everything right.

They call him out and then make us feel bad for him, without any of it being needlessly mean spirited. It makes Brian out to be a 3 dimensional character instead of the boring mouthpiece he has become.

This is the first time this has happened in a very long time, and even without the bad Modern Episodes, this would still be a very…mature story. Wow, I’m saying all this about a Modern Family guy episode.

Oh, and this episode has some good jokes with a few disturbing bits they actually go by fast and aren’t painful. That’s nice too.

Overall this episode defies all of your expectations and creates a mature story that makes Brian out to be very interesting and likable. It’s not just a great Modern Family guy episode. It’s a great family Guy episode in general. And that’s why it’s the best.

And those are my top 11 Modern Family guy episodes. I hope I showed that no matter how bad a show is, it can still produce a few gems here and there. Does this mean I kind of like Modern Family Guy?

…No. Despite these episodes, the show still sucks in general now and the bad ones are too bad for me to forgive. I just wanted to show you that no matter how I feel about a show, I can admit when it does something right.

I’ll even see about the next Season a shot despite how bad this previous Season was. Or at least I’ll watch an episode if it sounds good at all.

You know, this made want to do other “best of bad shows” lists. Expect more of those in the future. Actually, I want do a list for another Modern Era of a once loved show. Hmmm..…


See ya.


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