General Review: Angry Video Game Nerd The Movie

Hello, Spongey here.

In this day and age, reviewing has become something of a monopoly, and it’d all thanks to the Internet. Sure, reviewing has always been popular but in recent years, it’s become popular to review things online.

And we’re not talk about boring vlogs, people have started create entire shows dedicated to reviewing, complete with characters. Instead of just reviewing a movie, they put on a show for us and treat like an actual scripted show.

Of course, doing over the top storyline and stuff has died down in favor of more analytical stuff, but reviewing it still a lucrative business and people have even made jobs off of it.
I mean, that’s kinds of why I’m here. I review movies and other stuff in a fashion that is designed to entertain as much as inform. Even if I don’t do either of those things. And of course, all of this started due to a man known as The Angry Video Game Nerd.

Everyone knows him, as not only a fun entertainer, but as the creator of the style of reviewing we know today. Sure, The Nostalgia Critic was a more direct inspiration, and lead to the kind of reviews I do, but AVGN was the first, even if NC really started the idea that reviewing could be a real show.

Think of AVGN as the X-Men to NC’s Spider-Man.

Created by James Rolfe, this is an angry character who reviews bad retro video games in a humorous and crass fashion, often blowing up at dumb things and shouting fuck a lot. Like a lot of people, I love James and his work.

The AVGN is always hilarious with his over the top mannerisms and reviewing style. However, his real strong point is as a Critic. He can actually deliver solid critiques and information in between the humor, especially in later videos.

I personally don’t think he’s lost his steam, but regardless of what you think people respect him. James Rolfe is a pretty cool guy, since as the show went on he become better known, and we see the passion puts into his work.

We saw his love of horror movies and film making in general. We didn’t just see a fun guy making reviewing, we saw a respectable man sharing his love of film to everyone. That’s why other videos, as his normal films reviews and Monster Madness series are just as popular as AVGN.

But then in 2014, he became more respectable ever. Because he went out and made a movie. Not some silly little online movie. No, an actual movie that was screened for Critics and even released on Blu-Ray!

Do you have an idea how amazing this is? Some Internet guy was able to scrap up the money and fans needed to make a real movie. His fans helped make this possible, and if you saw any behind the scenes videos he did, you know how much passion and effort he put into this movie.

It took a LOGNB time to get this movie made, and after reading and watching about of all this info, you’ll have a newfound respect for this film. Hell, even Confused Matthew, who was lukewarm to it despite being a huge AVGN fan, had deep respect for it and what it means for James. He was even glad others liked it, and was nice.

Which means no one has any excuse for being a jerk.

Needless, I was hyped as hell. I loved the concept for it and I really wanted to see how James turned this character into a film. Despite a few jerks here and there, the film had positive reception from fans and certain Critics.

Why has it taken me so long to watch it? Money. Yeah, you had to pay for this, either through a screening or on Blu-Ray or Youtube. Unlike other movies, I’m fine with this since he deserves to be paid for his hard work in some way, though I have no idea what this money is going to.

But it does mean I had to wait a little bit until I had money to rent it off of YouTube. So after all that, I’m going to see what this movie is all about and tell you how I feel. I could have done a real review, but like with A Million Ways, I felt like doing this instead.

So, does James’ hard work pay off and give us an awesome movie, or is a cowafucking piece of dogshit? Let’s this out.

This, is Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie

E.T for the Atari 2600 has been one of the Nerd’s biggest request for years, but the game just so happens to be the one game the Nerd never plays, and after being pressured by fans to review it, he decides to embark on a quest to prove the burial is a hoax and that there’s nothing really there. Then federal authorities step in, led by General Dark Onward, who believes the Nerd is investigating Area 51 and a UFO crash. Fucking Hilarity fucking ensues….fuck.

There’s one thing I must make clear before I begin. This is in no way meant to be a serious movie. It’s not mean to have an awesome engaging story with complex 3 dimensional characters. It’s meant to be kind of cruddy and a love letter to all things bad and cheap. Hell, it plays into the themes which I’ll get into in a moment.

The effects are intentionally bad, and the movie is in no way to meant to see as a real movie akin to others. I point this out because that plays into how I will review the movie, and how it should be reviewed. It’s impossible to review on the standards you judge other movies.

I mention this because a lot of people fail to see this, even the fans. Of course, this doesn’t excuse it from having any actual flaws but it’s always important to judge the movie on what it’s supposed to be. Hell, Matthew’s complaints were based on these merits as even HE knew what to expect and only gave critiques that made sense. Yes, Confused Matthew was able to make more sense than a lot of people, including a few professional critics.

Please rethink your life.

But back on point. With all this in mind, how does the work as a whole? Well, taking everything into account, it is….awesome. Yes, it truly is. When I really thought what the film stood for and everything like that, I realized it truly is a great film…by my standards.

Now, it’s not exactly a “great” film by traditional standards. Not just because of everything I mentioned, but because of the real flaws it has. It has actual problems that James could have fixed to make a more fun experience.

But hell, even the flaws add to the quality. You know how Ed Wood films are “So bad it’s good” mostly because they are truly admirable when you see how much passion he put into that? This is kind of like that. Except it’s actually put into the script and plays into the theme of the film.

It’s an intentionally so bad its good movie that transcends itself and because great. Yeah. Honestly, with stuff like the ending that brings it full circle, this would just be a fun Nerd movie and that’s it.

It’s hard to review it like I would any other movie, by looking at the story and other such stuff. Every element is meant to play into the fun bad-ness of it. However, it has flaws in the story and characters so I got to talk about it.

This is a Big Damn Movie as you may expect and that’s a good and bad thing. Bad since it makes it more of a weird conspiracy movie than a Nerd movie, but Good because it puts him into a big plot that fits the characters.

If you ask me, the huge plot plays into his show fine with its themes and subject matters. ET is the Nerd’s biggest request, but that game has been covered so many times that it would be dumb to just do his usual crap. So it makes sense for the plot of the movie to be about the game, and how he’s afraid to ever play it.

Does it become too big for its own good? In a way, yes. It turns out this this huge reason the game is infamous, and why the creator made it and all that. There’s also a subplot involving a company making a sequel to the game and wanting the Nerd to help sell it.

Given the themes of the film, they could have stuck to them with that subplot alone. However, the conspiracy plot does work…because it’s so convoluted and out of place! That’s the joke!

I mean, it makes just as much sense to put him into a conspiracy plot than it does to have him fight Bugs Bunny.

Sure, there are ways they could fit Nerd stuff it, like make LJN the real evil behind everything or something like that. But it fits because of how weird it is! Part of the fun is seeing a character in a situation he clearly doesn’t belong in. Having it be game relate makes it better.

In other words, it’s a spoof of a Big Damn Movie. Yeah.

That being said, there are plot elements that were either not needed or needed some rewrites. Without spoiling too much, I’ll try to explain. As I said, a company wants Nerd to endorse this new ET to make money out of people’s love for bad things. A chick is sent to help him dig up the old one and get him to endorse their game.

However, she kind of lies to them and pretends to be a friendly nerd wanting to just dig up the landfill and prove the hoax for what it is. That’s right, it’s that kind of plot.

I honestly am shocked James went and did that since putting clichés like that doesn’t even fit with the various homages the film has.

However, it is underplayed…which is a problem. While The Nerd finds out her lie, it’s from someone else and it’s treated like nothing. Her plot line is so weirdly usless it might as well not be there.

She is somewhat important in a way but her lying thing really adds nothing except a…romance? I don’t know, they set one up, with the cliché where the best friend is angry cuz they had the whole nerds before birds mantra.

It also adds a weird joke that feels like it’s from Austin Powers.

It’s nothing painful but that it is kind of pointless. Her character is fun but perhaps she needed better materiel. She does end up getting captured, of course, but even that is pointless. Because the other pointless plotline comes from that.

I can’t spoil what it is here but I’ll say it involves that weird robot monster you saw in some of the Behind the scenes videos.That whole deal is just odd and it simply adds more action where plenty came from the main Area 51 stuff to make the climax work.

They aren’t the worst, but if they were removed or change, the film could have been shorter and better. Maybe the monster could have been more tied into the real villain or something.

Speaking of the length, I’ve heard complaints about that. Without credits, it is 1 hour and 48 minutes…except that the credits are REALLY important for reasons I can’t spoil. So thus, the movie is about an hour 54 or so minutes.

That’s a tiny bit too long, which is odd since James does complain about Modern movies being overly long. It’s not a huge problem since it flew by but there are points where I did think it was going on too long.

Most of it is so big and cool that it didn’t matter, but if they trimmed down some parts, it would be at least 10 minutes longer. It’s not quite as annoying as our last General review, though.

Now onto some other things people have brought up. You know a lot of those “classic” characters the Nerd has created, like Board James, Shit Pickle, The Bullshit Man and more? Yeah, they aren’t in it. The latter two have cameos while the former isn’t there at all. No other characters you can think of appear.

With people like Bugs bunny, I get it since they are copyrighted but it’s odd for them to not be in it. People wish they teamed up with the Nerd on the road trip…but I don’t know.

Could any of his character sustain a plot like this? Especially since most of his characters are played by James, which would be odd.

However, they could have easily made established people like Mike part of the team. He gets a cameo but that’s it, and the same goes with Kevin Finn, who helped write the movie with James.

Given this is part of his biggest issue with Ninja Turtles 3, it’s odd he would do this. However, it does kind of work since I do enjoy the new characters enough. I think it makes more sense to have new characters for the villains at least.

The main one is this sidekick named Cooper. He’s the typical Black sidekick but he does grow on you. They establish that he just started working for the Nerd so there you go. He makes for a solid ally, even if I would preferred Mike.

The other new guys are fine too. The chick I mentioned is fun even if her plot is weak, and I really enjoy the villain. He’s over the top and fun like you would expect. I don’t like the angry boss guy but he’s in one scene so it’s okay.

I can’t really talk about the characters cuz while there are plenty of them, most of them are just jokes and only a couple serve as allies.

I could mention the villain’s hot sidekick who fights that chick (“I hoped I could make it through this without objectifying myself with a sexy catfight”) but she’s kind of pointless.

There is one that appears near the end it’s a spoiler. I will say this guy was one of the funniest parts of the movie and I loved that they guy this actor. No spoilers though, and I don’t plan to do a spoiler section here.

Does it suck to have mostly new guys? Yeah but they work and the film is more focused on plot than character. Speaking of which, The Nerd is in top form. He is completely “in character” and he’s not only a lot of fun but he gets some nice depth thanks to the themes.

We’ll get to that, trust me. By the way, all the actors for a very solid job. Some are better than others, but James is as strong as ever.

The effects are of course crummy, but they are actually pretty impressive for the budget. Everything is obviously face, from the monster, to the green screens to stuff like the airplane. Yes, they do use it to reference the infamous Top Gun thing.

It’s crummy but it’s all rather ambitious and it’s so overblown and cool that it’s actually pretty good when you consider all the hard work that went into it. It makes the over the top stuff even cooler. It adds to the feel of the film.

Now we finally get to the themes and story. The story itself is basic, and nothing too amazing. But it works due to themes, which we shall finally discuss. The film flat out opens with a company noticing that the AVGN bashing games lead to bad games being bought due to bile fascination.

Due to this, they made a sequel to ET that is even worse, and need him to help make it sell.

This helps drive the movie, but on top of that, the AVGN is genuinely scared of played of reviewing the game, much less playing it. It’s hinted that it is due to a traumatic experience from when he played it as a kid. He wants to protect his fans from the horrible game.

Eventually, Nerd learns not to shelter his fans from some game and other stuff happens I can’t spoil. The point is, the story is somewhat driven by people’s love for bad things. How people will still watch or play bad things after someone they enjoy tears it apart.

There’s a scene where The Nerd spits on a game and the customer, played one of the cameos, wants to buy it because of that. See what I mean? This film seems to have a theme about how even bad things have their worth and can bring people together

And that’s where the movie shines. Beyond the conspiracy stuff and the explosions, it’s really about that. Which is fitting since the entire reason AVGN is popular is because it’s fun to watch someone tear something you hate apart.

Sure, it’s always important to be positive, but being negative can have a positive effect as well. Of course, it doesn’t really go all that in-depth. It just says that bad things can bring people together.

Plus, it also says true bad-ness can’t be forced. That’s why the company’s ET’s sequel fails, because its attempts to be horrible just make it forgettable. They are just lucky they didn’t have a Wacky Deli thing going on.

That’s a pretty nice message and the film does a good job tying into the character. Then we have the part that really plays the fans. As in, it’s a love letter to the fans. It has Nerd dealing with fans wanting him to review ET, as he learns that he shouldn’t try to hide bad games from them, since it could bring them together, and it may not even be that bad.

Yes, we get a game review, and it’s pretty awesome. I won’t spoil anything about it though.

So onto of the Nerd elements and reference, it has themes that really tie into the fan base and in the end it really warms your heart. With how the movie ends and the statement it makes, it really makes you proud to an AVGN fan, if you are one anyway.

This is the ultimate fan movie, since it really will appeal most to fans. But I think most people will find that aspect admirable, since even if you just watch this is a silly movie, you will like how it respects its fan and has a nice message. It’s not totally alienating.

Call it pandering all you want, but with how it’s written, it’s a love letter and instead of just pandering. Some bits do that but not a lot. It’s always hard to make a movie out of a show, as you have to balance making a movie, with making something for fans of the show.

Which is why it mostly has new characters and stuff like that. However, it mostly strikes that balance since even normal people can identify with a fun bad movie and its message.

Besides, while you must pay money for it, it’s mostly an online independent thing, so it’s not like it should be held on the standards of a real movie anyway. Which is why I think, despite its flaws, it’s an awesome love letter to the fans.

While it has some weak writing in places, and other minor issues, it has funny moments, and some admirable themes that make you proud to be a fan. It just leaves you with a good feeling at the end.

Not to mention it’s just awesome that James was able to follow his dreams and make an actual movie. Even if it wasn’t that good, it would still be admirable, and awesome. I really got a kick out of this film with its themes and how it made me happy to be fan.

Overall, it does exactly what it’s supposed to do. Its cheese-y and kind of bad, which makes it a lot of fun along with the fan themes I’ve talked about.

It’s no masterpiece but it’s just a fun fan film. There really isn’t a lot more to say, really. Like I said, it’s hard to review this like a normal movie, and I’ve said all I can say.

It’s a big stupid love letter to the fans, and if you’re a fan, please check it out, for the ending alone. If you’re not a fan…avoid it unless you still respect James and am glad he did this. Maybe then you can at least respect the movie.

Assholes need not apply.

It may not be perfect, but I enjoyed it.

Grade: B+

Fred The Movie no longer has an excuse.

See ya.


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