Top 11 My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Songs

Hello, Spongey here.

Well, I’ve remade a whole review, so I suppose it makes sense to remake a list I did! Awhile back, I did a short list of my Top 11 songs from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It was a short, mostly because I was too lazy to do a full list. That’s really it.

But since Season 4 has come and gone, it’s time to remake this list. It’s very different from before, with a new Number one. And we now have full explanations!

But before we get into it, let’s introduce things. My Little Pony has had songs since Day 1 and G1 had some decent ones (I genuinely like the Sea Ponies song, shut up) but after that they got…bad.

But with G4, they put actually effort into them, thanks to Daniel Ingram and others. But mostly him. And whoever wrote the episode a certain song comes from. Like everything else in the series, they are of a higher quality than you’d expect.

And man, have there been some good ones. There have been well over 40 songs across 4 Seasons and 2 movies. Everyone has their favorites and so do I. So here, I’ll pay tribute to them…again, but counting down the ones I like the most.

But first a couple rules. The song must be over 30 seconds long, to rule out a good number of Pinkie’s songs (the short ones anyway) and cuz really, I can only think of one short song that was worthy.

Also, no songs from the Equestria Girls films, just to give other songs a better chance. And again, only a couple are worthy…and they’re all from Rainbow Rocks anyway. And they’re all villain songs.

Also, no theme. (Ding!). The Extended (and Italian) versions of a great, but again, bigger chance for other songs. There aren’t many songs as P&F guys. But I still had to make some painful cuts, but I think have all the really popular songs. But I won’t find out until the angry comments start coming in.

So which songs are the best? The insanely catchy and awesome tunes I come back to again and again?

For real this time, this is the Top 11 My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Songs

11. Bad Seed (One Bad Apple)

Ah yes, the perfect song to start with. I originally had Hearts as Strong As Horses in this spot, but once I realized I left this song out, I had to remove it. Sorry. Consider it my number 12.

Now, one trend you’ll notice that no matter how divided people are on an episode, they will love whatever song it has. Sometimes the weakest episodes get the best songs, and this isn’t even the biggest example of this.

It’s not a bad episode, and I see what they were thinking with it, but it’s not one of the best. But it gave us a great song, so it’s not all bad.

Pretty much every discussion of this song will mention how catchy it is. That’s because it’s the catchiest song ever. Not the best, (it’s only number 11 after all) but the catchiest. It’s hard to describe, but it has this …thing about it, that makes it so much fun to listen to.

CMC songs don’t always go well with people, for some reason. Actually, no. It’s just their 80’s rock Ballad. People like the others, and this one is their best. Yeah , I know I had their theme on my first list, but realized I just put it there to spite people.

I still love it, and consider it to be the mot underrated song in the series, but it’s not on my list. Sorry. Anyway, in this episode, their Cousin comes over, and for reason that aren’t important, she becomes a bully and we get this song.

Everything about this song is catchy as all hell. The lyrics stick in your mind, the tune is upbeat for a song about a bully, and the visuals are trippy and creative.

Everything about this song is designed to stick in you’re mind. It worked, as it got like 80 remixes by the end of….the hour, once this episode aired. Seriously, every song gets tons of remixes and stuff, but this episode may have been the biggest sleeper hit of all of them. The heavy hitters like the latter ones on this list, don’t count.

This song isn’t really complex by any straight. It’s a really catchy tune with trippy visuals. That’s really all it is, and there’s not a lot to it. The lyrics mostly tell us the obvious, but they aren’t bad.

Babs Seed, Babs Seed, what we gonna do?
Got a bully on our tail
Gotta hide, we gotta bail
Babs Seed, Babs Seed, if she’s after you
Gotta run, we gotta flee
Gotta hurry, don’t you see?
Why so mean? Why so crude?
Why so angry? Why so rude?
Can’t you be nice? Can’t we be friends?
Isn’t it sad? Is this how it all ends?

It’s a very simple song, but it went over really well, because it’s awesome. Whenever I want to pop in a pony song to listen to, I put in this one as it’s a pretty simple, fun one. That’s all fne and good, but it’s why it’s Number 11. That I do honestly like the next ten more.

The only really bad thing about this song is that it gives me nothing to talk about it. It’s catchy. That’s it. I can say complex things about all the songs in the show (even the weaker ones) except this one.

And you deserve more in this section than the obvious. But then again, if you are reading a boring blog post about songs, and depending on that to learn about them, instead of listening to them, it’s kind of your fault.

I don’t want to cut this section short. See, if this was a Video, then it wouldn’t be a problem. But it is, so whatever. This song isn’t really meant to be anything complex. It’s a really catchy song about avoiding a bully, with trippy visuals. There’s nothing to anazle! Unless you’re a pretentious douche who can find complex meaning in toilet paper or whatever.

Great. Now I’m padding this section with me saying it’s hard to pad out the section. What can I say? Well…the visuals officially Canon-ize movies. That’s something. Uh…the visuals arguably make the episode weaker, but I went on about the bullying thing before.

…Look, I’m really reaching here. Can we all agree that I made the only points I can make? The song is pretty much made to get stuck in your head, and it works. It’s a lot of fun, it has good visuals (mostly) and it’s the best part of the episode. But the same can be said for all of the songs, so ….whatever.

Babs Seed. The song that gives me nothing to say. But hey, at least it sticks to you, much like a …Bad Seed.

Let’s move on.

10. Winter Wrap Up

In the first quarter of the series, we didn’t have much in the way of songs. Besides Giggle at the Ghosties from the pilot, the songs were mostly short, if there were any at all. But in the 1th episode, we had out first Real song. And It was awesome.

Yep, even after all this time, this song is great. Most people just remember it for being the first great song and that’s it. But it really is awesome.

I always felt the episode itself was the 2nd most underrated of the first season (The 1st? Overall a Barell). People view it as a Average, when it’s anything but. But we’re talking about music, not episodes. Another rule is that my thoughts on the episode don’t fact into the ranking, since that would be unfair if it did. So even if this episode sucked, this song would be on here.

In this episode, we find out the ponies wrap up Winter together, but they don’t use magic, because it’s been tradition, and their tradition. Since Twilight is the element of Magic, that becomes a problem. And that leads into this song which has everything you could want.

We have parts for each of the Mane 6, a catchy beat, and decent lyrics that convey what is going on. This song perfectly tells us what is going on, in both the event and the episode itself.

The song has a pretty good progression, as it were. It starts out slow, as they establish that Winter was fun, but now they must wrap it up.

Three months of winter coolness
And awesome holidays
We’ve kept our hoovsies warm at home
Time off from work to play

But the food we’ve stored is runnin’ out
And we can’t grow in this cold
And even though I love my boots
This fashion’s getting old

Twilight mentions her dilemma and then we get the incredibly catchy chorus. Trust me, you at least remember that part.

Then it goes into telling us what each pony does to wrap up winter. Then near the end, Twilight gets another verse, perfectly summing up why I like this episode so much.

Now that I know what they all do
I have to find my place
And help with all of my heart
Tough task ahead I face

How will I do without my magic

Help the Earth pony way

I wanna belong so I must

Do my best today,

Do my best today

The song is about 3 minutes, which is the perfect length ,as it gives it time to cover all of it’s bases. Everything I just mentioned is done very well, as it goes seamlessly from one part to the next part.

It’s really catchy and everything is just done so well. While others came along and outshined it in many ways, this still stands as awesome. It’s just fun to listen to, as it perfectly sums up what it is going on, while standing on it’s own.

I’m not sure what else I could say about this. People tend to just remember it for being catchy and being the first real song, and thus, it rarely appears on professional best lists. If you’re definition of professional is the same as mine: Some dude on youtube who has more talent than I’ll ever have.

…Anyway, I think it deserves to be on best list, for all the reasons I’m stating. It did what many other songs did, first, and in some cases, better. It hits all the chords needs to ,telling you all you need to know while also being really well made and catchy.

The song has certainly made it’s impact on the show, as it has been referenced twice. Once in “Bats” where Pinkie briefly sings “Fruit bat round up” to the tune of this song. But before that, in “Princess Twilight Sparkle”, Discord is heard singing it when he first appears.


Now, I can see why it doesn’t show up on a lot of recent lists, as other songs stick out more in terms of style. But I’ve liked this song so it earns it’s spot on my list. Some songs tend to be either too long or too short, but this one of the few songs to have the perfect length.

As I said before, it progresses wonderfully and it covers all it’s bases. It tells you what is going on and it sticks in your head, for better or worse. In this case, it’s for the better.

It’s certainly an “Easy” listen for me, as I turn it on when I’m not in the mood for the more ambitious songs. When a song like this is less ambitious, you have a great soundtrack. Not to mention it gives us something to sing on the last day of winter, to annoy our friends and family!

And really, isn’t that the meaning of life?

While the song is on this list for it’s importance, it’s still a great song. It showed everyone’s skills (both the cast and Ingram’s) very well, and it proved that this show can product high quality tunes.

I consider this episode the show’s first (of 3) growing the beard moment. Guess what the others are. The song is a big part of this. Really, there’s not much else to say about this. So let’s do a section wrap up.


It’s a really great song that does what it’s supposed to do very well. It hits all the right notes, it’s paced well, and it’s very catchy. It proved this show would have good songs, and I’ll always love it.

It’s just awesome. What more could I say? Don’t worry, the other sections get longer…hopefully.
Winter Wrap Up. It’s…really good? …Look, I’m bad at puns, okay? It’s just awesome.

9. Art of the Dress (Suited for Success)

And speaking of the show’s Growing the Beard moments, here’s the 2nd. This episode was more proof the show could a worthwhile one, and once again, the song is part of that.

In this episode, Rairty makes Gala dresses for everypony, and I’ll say more on the episode soon. Hint hint.

This is one of those that will be hard to talk about. There’s more to discuss than with Babs, but it’s still simple. Unlike some of the other songs, this has 2 verses with the 2nd verse being slightly later in the episode.

But it’s still the same song,of course. …Unless you ask the makers of the first Soundtrack. I know it’s unfair, but if the soundtrack makers did it right, I would like this song more. I don’t consider it complete without the 2nd verse.

I’m not really sure how to describe this one. I love how each verse shows the progression of the plot. The first verse has Rarity happily making dresses, singing about how each ponies Dress should be. Between verses, the other members of the Mane 6 tell her they don’t their dresses and in Verse 2, Rarity makes those dresses. However, their demands are a bit too much for Rarity and this stresses her out.

“Don’t you think my gown would be more mean with some Lollops”

“Well, I think-”



“Do it!”

In that regard, this is one of the better songs when it comes to complement the plot. Hey, I found stuff to say!

That progression is what makes this song a lot of fun, along with the usual stuff. The way the song is sung, and the lyrics subtly change to show how different the situation is now.

FIRST VERSE: “…yarn by yarn, never stressed”

SECOND VERSE: “Yarn by yarn, always stressed”

Stuff like that are what makes this show great. That and…everything else. The song progresses quite nicely, and the 2 tones the verses have make it interesting. We even have some Comedy with the visuals, and the dialogue in the 2nd part. Including that line.

No, I won’t quote it. You all know it. You’ve all overused it.

A lot of the strengths of the episode slip in here, including the depiction of the typical customers people have to work with. I really love the climax of the whole song, as their demands get more intense.

“All we ever want is indecision”

“All we really like Is what we know”

I love that line, for some reason.

Speaking of lines, the chorus has the line “Croup, dock, haunch, shoulders, hip”. Apparently the first 3 things are parts of a horse, or something. Horse anatomy ftw? But seriously, if that is true, kudos to the writers for doing their homework.

By the way, the song is a direct homage to Stephen Sondheim’s song “Putting It Together” from the musical “Sunday In the Park With George”. I’ve never heard of it but I’ll trust a Wiki cuz that’s always a smart idea.

But let’s get to back to the important stuff. I’m not sure what else I have to say. Get ready to hear that a lot. I think it’s a really enjoyable song that proved for a 2nd time that this show could create great songs. It has a lot of nuances to it that make it great, as I’ve already established. So if you have it as the best Season 1 Song, or the best overall, than I see why. There are just 8 I personally like more.

It’s a really fun song that progresses very well. It has good lyrics, it’s full of interesting bits and it helped make Rairty best pony for a lot of people. Can’t go wrong with that.

Art of the Dress: Where the MLP crew shows you the art of the song.

8. The Flim Flam Brothers (Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000)

One of the great things about the show’s songs, as that they are willingly to try different styles, and do new things. That makes things interesting and varied, and pretty much most of this list falls into that category.

Case in point, here’s a song lifted out of The Music Man. Yep, much like Art of the Dress, it’s similar to a song I never heard of until the pony version came out. Well, I had heard of The Music Man, I just haven’t seen it.

But whatever, how is the pony version? It’s on this list, so it’s awesome. It’s the first real villain song in the series, though I don’t count it since it’s not…obvious like that other famous pony villain song. In this episode, two con men..-er Stallions, show up to solve the Cider shortage, with a machine with a long name.

Spoilers, they don’t have pure intentions and things go bad, and the ponies learn an important lesson.
“I didn’t learn anything!”

…Sort of.

And of course, Film and Flam convince them all with a song. Since the ponies are desperate for Cider, as the Apples ran out, they don’t need much convincing. Though it takes Granny Smith a whole verse.

This song is just a lot of fun. The brothers do in a fast talking style, which makes it pretty unique. I really like how it progress from a simple sales pitch to a whole crowd song. This song probably forwards the plot the most…as it actually gets it rolling.

This is another hard to describe song, as it’s best to just listen to it. But if that was the case, I wouldn’t even be here, so I have to say more.
The fast talking style allows it to progress pretty well ,as Flim and Flam’s charm take over. So you sort of understand why everyone’s getting into it, cuz you are getting into at the same time.

Then again, if anyone used a song as their sales pitch, I’d buy all their cheap crap. They just have this charm that helps the song really enjoyable. Of course, that’s the point and it works very well.

Despite it’s length (3:54), I find myself listening to it a lot, as it goes by fast, in a good way. The lyrics most use a lot of word play and dialogue to help make the song move a bit better, and stuff like that.

And I suppose by now you’re wondering, where is this promised cider?
Any horse can make a claim and any pony can do the same
But my brother and I have something most unique and superb

Unseen at any time in this big new world
And that’s opportunity
Folks, it’s the one and only, the biggest and the best
The unbelievable
Flim Flam Brothers’ Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000

The very nature of this song makes it a lot of fun to sing a lot to. Also, Granny Smith joins as she still has her doubts about a machine doing all this work. But they shut her up pretty quickly, so whatever. But hey, Granny sings!

Flim and Flam actually showed up again in Leap of Faith, doing pretty much the same thing. They had a song there too, and while it’s still enjoyable, it’s still nowhere near as good as their first attempt. Actually, they were kind of useless in that episode. But they got another song, so I don’t care.

It’s just a really fun song that uses a unique style very well. The thing about a lot of these songs, is that the nature of them makes them hard to discuss. You can go over the basics of how they work, but all I can say is that it’s catchy/fun. Phineas and Ferb songs are more…interesting, in how they handle different styles and stuff, so I can analzy the tune and lyrics more, but that’s not the case here.

I’m not a Music Critic, (I’m barley a Critic in general) so this kind stuff isn’t my forte. I’m just doing this list for fun, really. What else do you want from me? This is why I made this a short list in the first version.

This is a very enjoyable song that moves the plot along nicely, while serving as a great introduction to some fun villains. It’s a cool Homage, and I just love it. The style, in both the music, lyrics, and singing, is great, and the whole thing is fun to listen to.

Overall, it’s a great song that easily the highlight of the episode. …Besides Applejack’s letter.

The Flim Flam Brothers. With a song this good, I’ll buy all of their cheap crap.

7. You’ll Play Your Part (Twilight’s Kingdom)

I spent a good chunk of my last pony list fanboying over this episode. Now it’s time to do the same for it’s first song! Really, that’s the only thing I didn’t go into detail on, since I knew I would do so here.

I think Season 4 had the best Soundtrack, and this song alone is enough to justify that opinion. I don’t need to explain the context but I kind of have to.

Twilight feels like her role as a Princess doesn’t equate to all that much. She sings about it. There, that’s all the context you need.

Even though all of these songs are awesome in their own way, there are only 3 songs in the whole show I could describe as beautiful, (and one of them ain’t on this list). This is one of them.

It’s really how to describe here, but there’s something about the song that is just amazing. It’s one of those songs you just have to listen to, you know? Most of these songs have a certain style that could lead to a deeper analysis, so I can at least try to act like I know something.

This one, not so much. All I can say is that it’s …lovely. I’ll see what I can do. This song is sort of sad, as Twilight is singing about how she doesn’t seem to do a lot. But as the others tell her that she has her place, it gets a lot more triumphant and the song becomes a lot happier. You can tell that they put a lot of effort into the music here, making it song really lovely, as it goes from sort of somber, to triumphant and less sad.
…I’m not good with words.

This is one of those cases where I simply have to link the Instrumental version, even if you can hear the voices just a little bit:

The only thing more lovely than the music is the singing. I don’t usually talk about the sheer quality of the singing, at least not to to this extent but ..damn. Everyone sounds just lovely here (take a drink when I say lovely in this section) and this is some of their best work. I believe that the best singer in the show is Nicole Oliver aka Celestia, and she only has 2 songs to her name. That’s pretty impressive.

In both of her songs, she just sounds amazing, bringing about a higher quality than you would expect. And given the quality already here, that’s saying something. Of course, she doesn’t deserve ALL the credit.

We also have Rebecca Shoichet being excellent as Twilight’s singing voice once again and the beginning is especially good with her. She really brings on the emotions, as Twilight is wondering if her role as a Princess is pointless. It’s one of those things that helps make her Best Princesses, because screw you she counts.

And I’m sure people will kill me if I don’t point out that this is the singing debut of Princess Luna. Since she’s voiced by Tabitha St Germain aka Rarity, her singing voice is the same as Rarity’s. She’s pretty good here, but I can’t help but think of Rarity when she sings.

And last, but not least, Cadance joins in, and while she doesn’t outdo her last performance, she’s pretty good. Great, now I’m just padding this out by talking about each singing. But I suppose I must give credit where credit is due. They all come together to form a great singing group, that should totally go on tour. Celestia and the Princesses!

Jokes aside, this is song is just really nice. It runs on emotion all the way through, and it gives me a serious case of the feels, especially at the end. It’s one of those feel good songs, that is meant to put Twilight in a good mood, and man does it work. It also works for us, as it’s so uplifting despite how somber it can get.

The lyrics aren’t anything amazing, but they work pretty well, I suppose:

Know that your time is coming soon
As the sun rises, so does the moon
As love finds a place in every heart
You are a princess; you’ll play your part

Also, the visuals take the animators another chance to tell us they have a budget, and it works. We get some fancy stuff in the sky in some parts and it looks nice. Though it’s far from the best animation in that episode. Though that just says how amazing the animation is here.

This song does a great job at doing what it’s supposed to do. It forwards the plot, assuring Twilight she will play her part, and it happens to have beautiful music and singing. It really is a lovely song that I like to play over and over again.

I know what you’re thinking. If it’s so amazing, why isn’t I nay higher? Keep in mind, this is a purely subjective list, and as lovely as the song is, there are 6 others I love even more. It’s awesome, but I happen to enjoy the next 6 more.

But that doesn’t change how beautiful this song is. It has way higher quality than you expect in a show like this, and it’s another reason why Daniel Ingram Steffan Andrews are Gods among men. And maybe the singers and Meghan McCarthy, who wrote the lyrics alongside Daniel, but mostly the first two guys!

There, I said more than I thought I would say. Overall, this is an amazing song that works on every level, and it’s not even the best part of the episode. I love it.

You’ll Play Your Part: So good, you’ll forget that it’s about yet another Princess who wants more.

6. At The Gala (The Best Night Ever)

Season 1 may not be my favorite Season, but it sure ended on a high note. And this song is a big reason for that.

This will be easy to give context for: The Mane 6 go to the Grand Galloping Gala and hope to have the Best Night ever, and they sing about it. SPOILERS: It doesn’t go the way they expected. Shocking, I know.

But before we get to the predictable part, we get an awesome song. Each of the Mane 6 have a Separate verse about what they want to do At the Gala, and it’s back up by some other ponies who wanted to join in for whatever reason.

Much like Winter Wrap Up, this showcases each of the Mane 6, but this time each verse is more directly about them. Each Verse is like a Brand new song and it works really well. It’s another one of those songs that’s just fun to listen to.

I listened to each song as I wrote these sections, and this song has played like 3 times by the time I got to this sentence. Yeah. Let’s talk about each verse, shall we?

Best Pony aka Fluttershy goes first, and she sings about wanting to hang out with the animals in the garden. Naturally, it’s simple and light, reflecting Fluttershy in this instance perfectly. It’s the first verse, so it sort of has to be simple to set everything up.

Next up is Applejack, who wants to sell her Apple stuff to make money for her family. Oddly enough, her intentions are more pure than the others. She wants money, yes, but to specifically help her family. This was established in an earlier episode, but it’s still cool.

Nothing special about the verse itself, which I suppose sets it apart from the others. No, it doesn’t reflect AJ cuz I’m not on the Applejack is awesome part of the fandom.

Speaking of awesome Ponies, Rarity is up next. She wants to meet Prince Blueblood, hoping he will fall in love with her and all that good stuff. This verse is also rather nice, reflecting this situation well, and it’s the least catchy of the verses. That was on purpose and it works very well, actually. I should mention that all of the singing is great, but that’s to be expected at this point.

Then comes everyone’s favorite, Rainbow Dash. She wants to fly with the Wonderbolts. To reflect Rainbow, this verse is fast and awesome. It’s really catchy and it single handily made people want an RD solo song. Her voice actor is an actual singer and of course her most popular character has not had a true song in the series proper. It’s just logical, you know?

Anyway, this verse is the best cuz it’s just kind of awesome. Not much to say here. Then we have Pinkie Pie, who also has a fast verse because she’s Pinkie Pie. She just wants to party At the Gala. It’s simple, But she’s Pinkie so you’ll remember this part.

And last but not least, e have Twilight. She wants to talk to Celestia. Another simple one, but it’s the most pure one, since she simply wants to hang with her mentor. This one just sounds normal, which is fine for the last verse before we hit our climax.

Yeah, this song is hard to describe Everything just comes together so perfectly. Each verse is really well done, and it’s back up an awesome choir and we have a climax with everypony combined with the choir.

Did I mention I’m not a music Critic? Anyway, this song is definitely very Disney-esque with how it’s done, and how great it is. Lyric wise, it’s nothing amazing but the lyrics work fine.

Each verse tells you what you need to know, the chorus works just as well. No quotes here, since it’s late at night as type this section and I’m tired.

This song is mostly about the sound, and in that regard it’s amazing. It has 6 Unique verse that show off the casts’ talents, and it combines all that to create a very lovely song that was a perfect addition to this finale. It’s another case where it’s hard to describe in words, but it really is a great song.

It does a lot of little things perfectly, and it all comes together into something truly outstanding. Kind of like the episode itself, but I digress. In all honestly, it proably deserves to be slightly higher, but this is my list and all things considers I enjoy the next 5 more. Look, it came really close to the Number 5 spot, but I couldn’t make a tie cuz the songs are…different. And you’ll see the other reason in a second.

All in all, it’s a really epic song that delivers on every single level. It’s a lot of fun, it’s well made, and it’s just a delight to listen to. There’s no wonder Daniel Ingram had this as his favorite song, before Season 2 came around. I wonder what his favorite is now…
So yeah, it’s pretty awesome.

At The Gala…there’s probably a good ending line. But we’re not there, so let’s move on.

5. Super Duper Party Pony & Pinkie’s Lament (Pinkie Pride)

That’s right, we have a tie. That’s why I couldn’t tie a tie. Tieception? Yes, I’m allowed to do that. But only If both choices are related enough, and being from the same episode is good enough.

But seriously, why are these two tied? Because I seriously couldn’t decide which one deserves the slot more. None of the others had a chance, as stuff like the opening song isn’t quite as good, and The Goof Off doesn’t really “end”, so that hurt it’s chances. If I picked just one of these songs, I’d feel really guilty for leaving out the other. Pinkie’s Lament has the best chance, but I wasn’t really sure.

So screw it, here’s a tie. At least this means I don’t have to super in depth on them, since that would make this section too long. Both these songs forward the song excellent, and the first one leads into the next very well. But let’s discuss the first one first.

Again, I went through the plot before but let’s set the stage again: A New party pony named Cheese Sandwich comes to town and he sings a song to show how amazing he is. They got Weird Al to voice him. I don’t know how it happened, but it did. And of course, they had to make him song, which is pretty much the only reason this is a musical episode.

And since is Weird Al, his intro song is amazing. It really thinks like something he would write, but he actually didn’t write jack shit for this episode. So that means Daniel Ingram and Amy Keating Rogers really know Weird Al.

This song just captures the character perfectly. It has everything you could want in an Intro song for a character like this. It’s fast paced, catchy and really funny. This has some of the best lyrics of any song on this list, and everything else makes it even better.

It’s amazing how much they were able to pack in a 1:41 song. It sounds like they had a lot of fun making it, and that’s quite infectious. This is the point where the episode really got going, and it never let up.

It’s done a Polka style, which is kind of required, and allows for a fast pace that gives us rapid fire awesome-ness. Here’s a taste of the lyrics going on here:

When I throw a Cheese party, be sure to not be lame

And miss my pie fights, wacky kites, and streamers in your mane
Fizzy drinks, Hawaiian shirts, and brie fondue delight
You know that with Cheese Sandwich, you’ll be partying all night!

Wait, Hawaii exists in Equestria? …Weird.

Yes, the signing helps all of this even more, but that’s to be expected, really. It has such a high energy level, and that shows in every single aspect. It’s just an awesome, fun tune. But at the very end…

“But what about the super party pony named Pinkie?”

And that leads us into our next song. After a little bit, Pinkie thinks that Cheese is taking over, and is far better than her. Thus, she gives and sings about it. This is another song that’s sort of beautiful but it’s not in those 3 I mentioned.

Remember how I said You’ll Play Your Part is Sad AND uplifting? This song is even better in that regard. It starts really sad, as Pinkie genuinely thinks she should give up her true calling. It’s really depressing and the emotions work really well. While there is one sadder song, this almost hits more due to the type of Pony Pinkie is.

She loves seeing people smile, and having someone else do Dash’s party isn’t sitting with her. And since Dash said “No offense”, it’s clear that this is her problem here. Yeah, I’ll still keep explaining why this is a better version of Owl’s Well that Ends well. Anyway, hear Pinkie say all this is just…sad.

I’ll Try to Get up on my Hooves
And Try a Different Task
I’ll find something new to do
There’s gotta be more to me, than planning a party of too.

Just look at those words. Pinkie is wondering if she was just a Party Planner, and if she should just give up. Then the real brilliance of song comes in, as she starts packing her stuff up, which should be hilarious, but it’s actuallt quite sad. She says she’s delafting all of her Ballons, and they show us that…but it’s done in suhc a somber way that it’s…depressing.

She then looks at some pictures of past party’s and sees how happy they made everyone. This includes some awesome Callbacks.

“Oh, I remember this one: my first party ever. My whole family was there. (The Cutie Mark Chronicles) And that’s Twilight’s welcome-to-Ponyville party. (Friendship is Magic Part 1) She didn’t even expect that one. Oh, look at Gummy! He just looks so excited for this birthday party!.(Party of One) Hmm. Shining Armor and Cadance’s wedding sure was special, (A Canterlot Wedding) especially once I got a hold of the music.’

She sees just how much fun parry’s are. Not because party’s are just genrally fun, but because they made all her friends happy. And that made her happy.

Oh, look at those happy faces
All the parties that I had thrown
I made them laugh, had such a blast
A smile that’s all their own
They loved seeing me, the real Pinkie
Show them the time of their life like they’ve never known

It’s where she realizes why she’s been doing all this to begin with. If she gives up now, than she’ll be doing a disservice to everypony. This entire song is just….amazing, for all the depth it gives Pinkie. Just this one song tells you everything you need to know about Pinkie and her dilemma.

Not only do the lyrics excellently show this, but the music is rat. It starts out slow and sad, but it gets amazingly triumphant. Seriously, this part makes you just as happy as the first part made you sad. Pinkie saying she’s going to go out and show everyone who she really is, just makes me happy, mostly due to the music, singing, and lyrics.

And also, the visuals. This is has some of the best animation in the whole show. Not kidding. Just go watch the video for yourself. Everything looks amazing during the climatic part, and it’s just beautiful to look at.

This is a classic case where every element in the song is excellently done and helps the sell the point of the song brilliantly. So after all that, you may wonder this is a tie. Well, I think you can’t have one song without the other. Showing how Cheese is and how Pinkie changes in that very song alone, brilliantly shows how the situation is going down.

That and I had to give major credit to the writers for nailing Weird Al’s style down perfectly in his first song. Both songs fit the episode really well, and the latter is just amazing. Before I finish this up, there’s one thing I must mention:

When Pinkie looks at the picture from her first party, we see she has an extra sister, who clearly was not in Cutie Mark Chronicles. Then several episodes later, we are introduced to Maud Pie. Yes, they actually foreshadowing this new sibling, so it makes a bit more sense that they appear. That’s pretty clever. Certainly better than Twilight’s randomly appearing brother. I didn’t mention that in Season 4 list, so I had to bring up here.

Anyway, with all of that, it’s easy to why I love these 2 songs. The former is very funny and fast paced, and the brother amazingly shows off the situation and Pinkie’s character as a whole. They are both amazing and are part of why this episode is so great.

Super Duper Party Pony and Pinkie’s Lament: Managing the impossible of task of making us like someone who makes Pinkie Pie sad.

4. Bats

Did I mention Season 4 has the best Soundtrack? Like, literally in the last section? Because it does. And this is the top of that heap. Yeah, the Top 3 are Not from Season 4. It may have the best Soundtrack Overall but there are certain selections I like more than this one.

While I love those Pinkie Pride songs, none of them touch this song, in my book. Remember how I said this show likes to use different styles in the songs sometimes? This is the biggest example of that. In this episode, Vampire Fruit Bats are swarming Sweet Apple Acres, and Applejack doesn’t like that.

However, Fluttershy feels that the bats are innocent in this situation. AJ isn’t listening and of course, they sing about their disagreement.

Everyone who has talked about this song has compared it’s style to The Nightmare Before Christmas. There’s a reason for that, as it has a rather dark style like songs in that film, and other films like it. Mr Ingram really tapped into his inner Danny Elfman here, and that’s awesome.

This episode has some high production levels for a typical episode, but that’s par for the course for Season 4. They brought out some of the show’s best animation in the “Normal” episodes because screw you, we have a budget. But yeah, this song is awesome in every category.

It’s not often that Applejack gets to sing, but songs like this make me want to hear her sing more. Like I said, Ashleigh Ball is an actual singer and while she doesn’t get to something closet to her normal voice often, she at least to gets to sing with a Southern Accent. That’s…good enough. But she’s awesome here, so I suppose it’s more than good.

The song gives equal time to Applejack and Fluttershy for most of it, and their verses are very different. When Applejack sings, it’s very dark, not only in the rather epic music but in the visuals as well. It’s really nice to look at and some awesome animation comes out of this song, in these parts alone.

When Fluttershy sings, everything sounds a lot of nicer, and the visuals are much better. Applejack mostly sings about how horrible the bats are, while Fluttershy suggests the bats are nice creatures. Here’s how the song opens:

Those vampire bats will give you a fright
Eating apples both day and night
They rest for a minute, maybe three
Then they’re eatin’ every apple in your apple tree
They don’t care about nada, not zilch, no, nothin’
Cept bringin’ about an orchard’s destruction

And here’s Fluttershy’s rebuttal:

Now wait just a minute, there’s another side to this
And if I did not defend them, then I would be remiss
These bats are mamas and papas too
They care for their young just like we ponies do

All this back and forth is done really well and it makes the song very interesting ontop of being really enjoyable. Both sides are represented faiely and the whole episode made this conflict work.

Granted, AJ does some a tad villian-ized (she forces Fluttershy to use ”The Stare” on the Bats and…things happen) even though she has a good reason to be like this since the bats are ruining her orchard. However, it’s still done better than you would expect.

But wait, we’re talking about the song itself. Context doesn’t matter, and this song is still done well without taking any of that stuff into account. They really went all out with the orchstariton here, as everything sounds big and awesome, during the “Scary” parts. And as the song goes on, we hear less and less Fluttershy, until the others take AJ”s side and chant STOP THE STOP over and over. It’s a very nice progression that is pretty well done. Yeah, seeing them gang up on poor Flutters is kind of weird, but for the sake of the song, I’ll let it slide. Just this once.

Besides, the whole climax is awesome. Everything about this song is awesome. It feels huge and it’s so much fun to listen to, and it’s fun to watch as well. But unlike a few other songs, it’s just as fun much to listen to as it is to watch so I don’t really need to see the visuals to love it.

Going back to the whole Nightmare Before Christmas Vibe, I really like how they use a different style here, and everything awesome about this song revolves wrong this style choice. It feels very cinematic, more than the actual movie. The human one, not the one they just announced. We’ll see about that one.

Lyric wise, it works for the reasons I’ve mentioned. It shows each side and how they are feeling about the bats, and they work pretty well. This song was a huge hit with fans, and it’s easy to see why. It lends itself to a lot of remixing possibilities , and while I’m not one to listen to Fan Remixes, I’m sure there have been some awesome ones for this song.

Oh hey, I said quite a bit this time. That gives me a free pass to wrap this up. It’s an awesome song that uses it’s unique and dark style to great effect. It fits the story perfectly and the lyrics are just as great as the visuals and music.

Everything about it is interesting and it’s easily the best song from Season 4. And that’s saying a lot. It’s really popular for a reason and it’s just an awesome song. Really, there’s not much else to say here. Overall, it’s great for the reasons I just listed. …Yeah, that’s all I got.

Wether we stop them or defend them, they make for an awesome song.

3. Smile Song (A Friend in Deed)

When a list like this is made, there’s at least one item that will be on everyone’s list, no matter how different is from everyone else. Every Best P &F song list will have Summer Belongs to You or Gitchie Gitchie Goo, and every Best Spongebob episode list will have Chocolate with Nuts or Band Geeks.

And every pony song list must have this song. Plenty of my picks are popular, but this song tends to be on everyone’s list, even if it’s not always in the Top 5. And there’s a damn good reason for that: It’s awesome.

Context is not needed, as the song has nothing to do with the plot. It just delays the plot for another 3 minutes and tells us stuff the scene before it already established. Yeah, this is why context doesn’t effect my thoughts on a song.

This is a song where the greatness lies in the tone and attitude, rater than music or singing. That’s all great but it’s the tone that makes it awesome. While each of the Mane 6 have had a nice tune, none of them had a song that perfectly sums up their character.

This song explains why I love Pinkie Pie. She’s mostly known as the “funny” one and she can easily be seen as just a typical “Comedic relief’ character with nothing to her outside of that. However, like all the characters, she has a lot more to her to make her awesome.

This episode spells it out perfectly. Pinkie isn’t just a joke machine. Her whole deal is that she loves to make people smile, and this song is mostly 3 minutes worth of telling us that. Everything she does stems from her love of fun and her need to make people smile. Pinkie Pride went deeply into this, but this song sums it up better than any 22 minute episode can.

Just from this song, you know what Pinkie is all about. The whole song is about making people smile, and chances are, it makes you smile as well. It’s just so happy. It’s the kind of song you don’t even need to analyze it, but I kind of have to.

Everything about the song is designed to make you smile, and it works wonder. The music is upbeat, the lyrics are upbeat, and the singing is upbeat. Even the visuals work to get the point across, as we see Pinkie going around, making people happy in various ways.

Right from the start, you know things are gonna happy up in this bitch. This song is a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming, through and through. Oh god, I’m gushing instead of critiquing. Bah.

It’s hard to describe the beat itself, but it has a more general feel that oddly makes it stand out, due to how it’s done. Just listening to the instrumental clues you in the nature of this song. As a said, it’s designed to be happy all the little things work to create a feeling. So “reviewing” is almost pointless.

But I’ll see if I can say more. The lyrics are really strong, as they hammer in the point perfectly. Here’s a really short sample to show what I mean:

I really am so happy
Your smile fills me with glee
I give a smile I get a smile
And that’s so special to me

The lyrics are mostly like that, and it works. This is all sounds cheesy but trust me, it’s awesome. The song gets bigger as goes on, as Pinkie makes everypony smile. By the end, she’s collected a bunch of ponies to help her sing. And this creates an amazing climax.
This is a case where I’m running out of things to say about the song. That’s mostly because it’s a lot harder to critique the elements here, as they mostly blend into one awesome song. I’ve touched on the lyrics and stuff as much as I could, but there’s only so many ways to say that a song is really really happy and awesome.

Of all the songs on this list, this probably has the most effort put into it, besides maybe one coming up. It feels like they tried really hard to make this the most epic happy song ever, with music that builds up to an epic climax, and some cheesy but heartwarming lyrics. This song was pretty much designed to be the happiest song in the world, and the anthem for Pinkie Pie and the Brony Community in general.

It’s kind of amazing how much a song like this can affect people. Especially since it it’s sadly pointless, as I mentioned before. But then again, you can say the same for any song in the show, even the ones on this list. So I don’t care.

As a side note, the song originally had fairly different lyrics and melody, which Amy Keatng Rogers revealed in a video I shall link, if you’re curious about the original version:

It’s pretty good but I prefer the final version by far. It’s one of those songs that everyone likes. Mostly because the upbeat attitude of it makes it impossible to hate. No matter how cold, cruel, and dick-ish you are, you will find yourself cheered up by this song in some way. It’s just that powerful.

All 3 songs in the Top 3 are honestly interchangable, and I could come up with good reasons for any of them being Number 1, but I think this is a good place for it. It’s so perfectly upbeat that I can see it would be a favorite.

So I think I’ll wrap this up. For the others, I didn’t feel right wrapping things up but given much there is too say about the song, I think it’s fair to end things here. It’s a song that’s meant to be enjoyed for how Happy it is, not analyzed for the the minor elements like the other songs.
It does one thing and it uses all the elements to do that one thing really really well. The lyrics are sweet, the tune is upbeat, the singing is great, and it just gives you a great feeling inside. It sums up why Pinkie Pie is awesome and it just works all around.

Not much else to say, really. It’s a really happy song that happens to be amazing in every way. I may not consider Pinkie Pie best pony, but this song alone put her in the top 3, at least. It’s pretty good.

The Smile Song. Never has a song had such a fitting title.

2. Find a Way (Magical Mystery Cure)

When I started making this post, I wondered if I should put it before or after my episode list. Mostly because of this song. Spoilers, I do mention this episode (Not saying it’s on the list, it could be a runner up, you never know) and I rank the songs, citing this as the best. Did I want to spoil it here before I got to discuss the episode itself?

Eventually, I said screw it. So yeah, whatever. I’ll try not to get too deep into the episode and it’s…reception as I will have PLENTY of time later to do all that crap.

For now, we’ll talk about one of the best songs ever. This is a musical episode, with a lot of great songs that help tell the story. People usually Celestia’s Ballad as the best song in the episode, and I do love it. But this song tends to get overlooked, and it’s a shame.

It was actually really close to being number one, no joke. It’s so damn amazing, and it blew my mind when I first heard it. Let me set it up for you: Twilight has changed her friends talents and everyone is screwed over because of it.

Eventually, she gives up and cries about it. Then this song kicks in. A lot of the songs on this list is emotional, well made and awesome. This song is genuinely beautiful. Seriously. I thought that when I first heard it, and I still think that.

It goes beyond just a great song from a cartoon. It almost sounds like a real song, in a good way. Everything about is done perfectly. It works better in context but it’s still awesome. When this song plays, you will be emotional by the end of it.

There have been depressing songs in cartoons, but this one takes it to a whole new level, especially with the visuals. Everything’s all grey and everyone is all sad. It’s also raining because of course it is. How come it’s never sunny when someone is sad?

The song is designed to be as depressing as possible, and the bit at the end where Twilight cries just hammers it home. It certainly has a pop feel with some of the music bits, but it still works very well. It makes somewhat catchy so that it’s not all sad.

I don’t need to say that Rebecca Shoichet knocks it out of the park again, so I’ll move on to the lyrics. They are what you would expect from a sad song, but they still work to create a wonderful feel.

Something is wrong, it’s plain to see
This isn’t how it’s meant to be
And you can’t see it like I do
It’s not the life that’s meant for you

They aren’t the best lyrics in the show, but they work. The only problem the song has its length. In the show, it’s barely a minute long. It gave me the feels but it ended before tears could form. It’s short length is what held it back from being the best song in the episode.

Then they came out with an extended version that is about 1:41. Problem solved. The sample I gave you is the extra verse they added. The soundtrack version grips me so much more and it’s exactly how the song should have been.

But since the perfect version is not in the actual show, it could not get the top slot. Trust me, it was hard to put this only at number two, because I love it so much. It creates the perfect mood and everything works to make it really emotional.

It may be the most well-made song in the show, but it has still competition with our number one slot. Either way, this is just perfect in my eyes. It’s sad and depressing but it keeps a good pace, and it feels like a real song in the best possible way.

It’s got a solid beat and the visuals help make it one of the most tearjerking moments in the whole show. Really, there isn’t a whole lot to say. Yes, a song this good didn’t take much explaining.

It really is the type of song that speaks for itself. That and I just needed to say to it’s sad, and that’s it. I may be overhyping it, but it really is a nice song. Perhaps having a sad song at number one would be a downer so maybe my number one pick is much more fitting.

Either way, Find a Way is a depressingly amazing song that Finds its way on the number two spot.

Before I unveil the number one, here are my Honorable Mentions:

15. Glass of Water (Three’s a Crowd): Very enjoyable, with a lot of jokes but a bit too clunky in some spots. Kind of chaotic but I guess it’s fitting for Discord.

14. Raise This Barn (Apple Family Reunion): An insanely fun Country Western-ish tune that further proves Applejack’s vocal skills.

13. Apples to the Core (Pinkie Apple Pie): Amazingly fun with some sweet bonding stuff and fits the episode very well.

12. Hearts as Strong As Horses (Flight to the Finish): I love montage songs, and the CMC and they happen to be A perfect combo. All these songs are good, but I just like these 11 more.

And my number one favorite My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic song is, say it with me now..

1. This Day Aria (A Canterlot Wedding)

Okay, look. When making a list like this, it’s pretty hard not to be predictable. It’s also hard to pick you’re number one if you have two choices, and one seems odd and one is predictable. Sometimes you just have to pick the obvious one as sometimes, it’s just deserving.

And trust me, I tried to have the Non-Obvious one as the top spot, but it just didn’t feel right. I can’t explain exactly why I feel this one is my favorite, but it just kind of is. Honestly, it didn’t know it topped so many lists until recently. I knew it was popular, but the best?

After really thinking about it, I decided it’s at least my personal favorite, just barely going ahead of Find a Way. I could explain why but don’t you all know why it’s the best at this point? Well, I’ll try to explain.

While it’s common for a villain song to be the best in a movie, it’s odd for it to be the best of a whole show. I think it’s because it has this big epic quality no other song seems to have. There are plenty of big songs in the show, but this one feels huge, in a way you would you never expected a song from this show to be.

Of course, it doesn’t start that way. It starts out slow as we at first think this is an inccoent pony singing about her wedding, until the music quickly changes to show the truth. The music does just as good as job at telling the story here as the lyrics do, as it goes get a lot darker as the song goes on and things get more evil.

And of course we have the parts with Cadence singing, which do a good job of making you feel sorry for her. Things ramp up as she tries to get to her wedding while (spoilers) Queen Chralyis gets closer to her goal. Naturally, this leads to an epic finale with the two singing.

I don’t think any of things songs got quite as epic as this one. It’s not just the music, it’s the situation itself. It’s an incredibly intense situation and the song is just building on that. The music alone does a fantastic job at doing that but the lyrics help as well.

I could care less about the dress
I won’t partake in any cake

Vows, well I’ll be lying when I say
That through any kind of weather
I’ll want us to be together
The truth is I don’t care for him at all

No I do not love the groom
In my heart there is no room
But I still want him to be all mine

I don’t think I need to vouch for Britt McKillip’s vocals sings as both the Good and Evil Cadence’s but…yeah that’s another thing that makes the song great. Pretty much every little thing in this song works to make it one of the biggest things in the show up to that point, even the animation.

It goes beyond just a fun villain song, it’s an epic and well done song that happens to be a villain song. Yeah, my love for Villain Songs is why it’s my favorite now, since it’s very enjoyable and much easier to listen to on a regular biases then find a way.

It’s my favorite for pretty much all the reasons everyone says it’s the best. It’s got an epic Scope beyond anything we had seen at that point. The music goes a great job of telling the story on its own, it has an awesome Hero vs Villain thing going on, and its just exceptionally well made all around.

You can argue all you want on if this is truly the “Best” song, but most people seemed to have agreed it is. Even after stuff like Bats, nothing seems to have topped this in sheer scope. Even those who have other songs as their favorite think this is really “the best” due to how well made it is really.

And I can whatever I want, but it doesn’t change the fact that it is my personal favorite. Honestly, the only reason my original number one was different was cuz I wanted to be contrarian. I’ve changed since then.

This has grown to my favorite for all the reasons I mentioned. It was the first song to really go beyond just being a really good song from a cartoon. It was an awesome and well produced song in itself. And it’s just a silly villain song, which makes it more impressive.

Like with Chains on Me, there are other songs in this show I may listen to more, but this is just my personal favorite. I understand this is a cop out but I think we can agree it somewhat deserves this spot, even if you like other songs more.

And if you doesn’t make you happy, at least we can all agree the episode this comes from is good! ….Oh, we can’t? Shut up!

Regardless of how much this deserves to be number one, I still love it. It’s an awesome villain with an epic score that has everything going for it. It was easily the highlight of the episode and the series as a whole.

I feel weird giving the top spot to the obvious one, even more so then when I usually do something like this. But I do feel it deserves it over the other songs.

Regardless if anyone agrees or not, I still say that This Day Aria is an awesome song that stands as my favorite song from MLP, no matter how overrated it may be.

And that’s my new list of my top 11 MLP songs. I hope this one is better than my old list, now that I can explain myself. It really is amazing how much effort they put into the songs for a show like less. Even the lesser songs (Cough some of the songs in Equestria Girls) are at least tolerable.

It both easy and hard making this list, since I knew which ones stood out the most, but I had to make some painful cuts. However, I think I have a list I’m proud of. It was fun making this list, but now I’m getting sick of most of these songs cuz I had to listen to then while I was writing the sections to make sure I know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this list. Next up is the episode list, which will come out before Season 5. I’m close to done with it so it shall be out soon, I swear!

That’s all I got.


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