The Pirate Fairy

It's Fairies vs Loki in the battle of the century!

It’s Fairies vs Loki in the battle of the century!

Hello, Spongey here.

Well, it’s time once again to tackle Tinkerbell and we are actually almost done. Why almost? Well, I thought today’s entry would be the last one for now, but I found out a NEW entry was coming out on this very week.

And it will be out by the time this goes up. Which means we are not actually done and we have one more to go. We’ll do that one when it eventually pops up on Netflix. For now, let’s do the last Tinkerbell movie we can do for now.

It still shocks me how this franchise has managed to be okay. It’s nothing amazing but most of the films have been at least bearable. The first one was fairly weak but it had some good parts that carried over into the next films.

The 2nd and 3rd ones were flawed but they had a lot going for them and they had some really nice moments.

Then came the 4th one, which I actually kind of liked. It’s no masterpiece but it had plenty to like, and if you read that review, you know why I feel that way. I was actually looking forward to watching that one due to how tolerable the previous films were.

And that now I’ve seen one I fully enjoy, I can safely I was very much looking forward to watching this one. From what I hear, it’s about as good as Secret of the Wings and it has the same director, which bodes well.

On the writing front, we’ve got a writer who has done nothing, and one who previously wrote the first TinkerBell film…and Planes.

That, does not bode well. But hey, maybe he learned his lesson. Oh, and I can’t help but notice that one of the many names in the “Story by” section is Craig Gerber aka the creator of Sofia the First.

That…bodes a bit better.

I’ve heard of some interesting things regarding this film but we’ll get to that later. For now, let’s see if this series can keep up it’s shocking quality.

This, is The Pirate Fairy

The movie opens in the fairy world we’re all too familiar with at this point, as the fairies are doing their usual stuff. During this opening scene, we follow Zarina the dust keeper fairy, voiced by Christina Hendricks.

We see that she’s pretty curious about how Pixie Dust works but her follow workers don’t really care.

I’m to go ahead and assume her curiosity gets her in trouble, correct?

She’s asked to do some thing with her supervisor, Fairy Gary and she’s naturally being a bit curious.

“You’re the Tinkerbell of dust keepers”


Zarina keeps asking questions that annoy Gary who tells him that they can’t mess with Pixie dust or do any experimenting. Well, I can tell what the moral is going to be.

Despite that, she still stays up that night, doing some experimenting and stuff. She succesfly does some…thing with pixie dust, and she goes to Tinkerbell. She points out that Tink was the first one to use lost things, and while everyone thought she was crazy, they are now using them.

“And remember when you crossed the winter border, and you knew it wasn’t allowed but knew you just had to anyway?”

Continuity, yay. (Boom)

Zarina shows Tink that she can now bend light thanks to her experiments with orange pixie dust that she made. Then she creates purple pixie dust by combining the blue and orange.

I wasn’t aware that the trick to make pixie dust was something I was taught in Pre-school. We get more experimenting but Tink thinks she should slow down.

Naturally, right after this an accident happens and a giant plant starts growing all over the place. It doesn’t long for them to figure out that Zarina caused this. As a result, Gary prohibits her from being a dust-keeper.

This bit is way more depressing than it should be, given how predictable it is.

She runs away…and we cut to 1 year later. Well, okay then. Based on the title I can figure out what happened to her, but I suppose we’ll see.

Pixie Hollow is celebrating the Four Seasons Festival, and the winter fairies are there. Glad to see so much continuity with the movie I liked! Perriwnkle even makes a cameo, though she just giggle and stuff.

During the big even thingy, they spot Zarina flying around. Wow, that didn’t take long. She summons a bunch of poppies that make everyone in the audience fall asleep. Tink and her friends happened to not be there when this happened so they are okay.

They poke around and find out that Zarina stole all of the blue pixie dust, the only way to make the yellow dust that the fairies use to fly. Well, that’s a solid enough conflict, I’ll say that much.

Even though I will question why the thing that makes the thing that lets them fly has such shit security. I’m sure they had guards that fell asleep but they couldn’t magic up a security system or something?

They follow Zarina’s trail and end up on the coast, where they spot a pirate ship.

“Great, now there’s pirates”

They assume pirates captured Zarina and forced her to take the pixie dust. They sneak onto a boat that holds her and they find out that she’s actually the pirate captain. Hence the title.

They are spotted and they fight over the pixie dust and …get their asses handed to them. Dust is thrown at them and they fall asleep.

When they wake up, they find that their talents have been switched. So…the first movie was Winter Wrap Up and this one is Magical Mystery Cure. Got it. I could make some crack about people hating for dumb reasons but that would be too obvious.

After some wacky stuff with that, they try to find their way around. By the way, Vidya is now a tinker, which is as funny as it sounds. They find the main pirate ship, and sneak on. It’s here were we are introduced to that interesting thing I mentioned. See, the Cabin Boy here is actually a young version of Captain Hook himself.

That’s really cool and interesting, but the other interesting thing is that he is voiced by Tom Hiddelston. Yes. There’s a lot of jokes I can make right here but you’ve already made it in your head, so why bother?

They hear James saying how the pirates met Zarina after drifting off course, and she became the captain with the promise of making the ship fly so that they could plunder anything without getting caught. Then they sing about it.

Yes, this movie seems to have real songs. Before, we just had pop fodder in the background. This song is decent. I like a good Pirate song, so there’s no way I was going to hate it. I mean, even Ice Age 4 made a good pirate song.

After the song, the ship arrives at Skull Rock, where the fairies discover the pirates’ camp and a mysterious Pixie Dust Tree. They do some sneaking around for a bit and eventually they are caught.

They try to take Zarina out of this, but she says these guys actually appreciate her talents and this is where she belongs. Like I said, obvious moral is obvious.

The pirates make some Pixie Dust and Hook wonders what it’s like to fly, so Zarina uses some dust to make him fly. After his flight, they land and…he captures her.

“Our plan worked perfectly. Fairies are such Gullible creatures”

What a twist, the character we know for being a villain is a villain! Yep, this whole time he was just using her so he can make his pixie dust and use that to plunder stuff. Well, I can safely this version of Hook is a decent competent villain.

Kids must be shocked to see him be like this if they watch Jake and the Neverland pirates. Which I’ve actually never seen a ton of, but I’ve seen enough to make that comment.

Hook puts on his iconic outfit just so kids will know this is supposed to Captain Hook. So yeah, Zarina has been double crossed and everyone is in a bad place right now.

Eventually, the fairies use a big trench coat to sneak out. Seriously, we’re using the old trench coat gag? I thought that was retired years ago.

And they are pretty much caught right away. There’s a reason it was retired. Hook shows up and says he will throw Zarina into the sea unless Tink gives up the blue pixie dust she has. She does so…and he tosses her over anyway. They rescue her but not before the pirates escape.

Then we get a nice moment where Zarina is shocked they save her, and she apologizes for everything. Now they gotta go after the pirates, as they are headed to the 2nd star.

They storm the ship and we get the most epic Pirate Vs fairy battle ever animated. With their quick wits, they manage to defeat the pirate goons.

It’s cool to see the fairies use their messed up talents to their advantage at least. It’s a cool battle all things considered. Seeing a flying hook battle a pirate fairy is something that must be seen.

After a while, it seems like Hook has the upper hand, when Zarina throws Blue pixie dust at him, making him fly all over the place. With that, Hook is defeated and they get the dust back.

“Curse you fairies, curse you!”

Then hook is chased by a baby crocodile. Heh, cute reference. Also, finally a fitting climax that went on for a bit and made our heroes work for their victory.

Everyone hugs it out, now that Zarina is safe. Zarina accepts their offer to go back home and they do. They wake everyone up and celebrate. Zarina tells Gary about how much she’s learned and he starts to see that he shouldn’t be such a dick to her.

Yeah, once again we’ve learned if someone does something different from the norm, let them or bad shit will happen.

Huh, this almost rehashes the first one, except it kind of works this time. With that, the Four Seasons Fest thing is back on, and everyone gets their talents back. That little plot was pointless, but at least no one became a princess. There, I made the joke.

The display they all do here is very nice, by the way. Everyone is happy, having learned a big lesson and Zarina uses her dust to summon the credits. This movies will always have abrupt credits, but ah well, I’m used it to by now.

Oh, and that one song plays near the end of the credits…and there’s a mid-credits scene. Hook is seen by someone who saves him. That someone, is Smee.


Final Thoughts:

Once again, a Tinkerbell movie manages to be tolerable. Did I like it as much as Secret of the Wings? Eh, sure. Like that one, it’s less flawed than the other ones. Honestly, between both movies, their only flaws are being kind of generic, while everything is fine.

The stories aren’t too terrible, and the writing is mostly competent.

I will say there was a bit more emotional depth in that one with how Tink and Perriwinkle’s relationship played out. As cliché as that kind of weak, I got invested there and my enjoyment came from that. There isn’t as much of that here, and my enjoyment comes from other places.

The story is nothing too special compared to that one, but it’s okay I suppose. It mostly trends ground the first film covered, with how a fairy does something her kind isn’t expected to do and all that. It works a lot better here because the character has more personality, and I was more interested in this dust stuff.

It doesn’t change the fact that the story is weaker than in Secret of the Wings, since there’s not quite as much substance. However, like all the films, the story is saved due to the world itself. We get more info on how Pixie Dust works and it’s really interesting to see. The best part comes in the form of Hook, who brings some excitement to the story.

The main reason I enjoyed this one is due to the entertainment value. There are quite a few action scenes and fast paced parts that make the movie very enjoyable at times. It keeps a decent pace all thorough and I never thought it was dragging.

The animation is very good as usual, and it has quite a few impressive moments. As for the characters, the old ones don’t have a ton to offer. There’s a plot with the talent switching, and while it gives some funny moments, it doesn’t really have a point.

Tink is still the same blank slate and everyone else is just a one note joke. I don’t mind that but the other ones had a bit more for Tink to do, but then again, it’s not named after Her, is it?

The important characters are thankfully solid. Despite how cliché Zarina, she was likable and she gave us some nice moments here and there. Plus, she makes for a badass pirate. I did want more from here, but she was fine, really.

Hook is the highlight, as he’s a lot of fun as the villain. He’s the Captain Hook we all know and love, and he’s enjoyable every time he’s on screen. And yes, Tom Hiddleston gives a good performance. The Pirate element brings out the best in the movie, that’s for sure.

Overall, this one was decent. It didn’t quite impress me as much as Secret of the Wings, and you can argue that that one is better, but I liked this almost as much. It’s quite enjoyable and it plenty of stuff for me to like.

It’s not gonna blow anyone’s mind (nor will the other films) but if you’re daughter gonna force you to watch a dumb kids movie, might as well make it this one.

Grade: B

And that kind of ends out Tinkerbell reviews, until the new one comes out on Netflix. So I give we’re not done. Whatever.

Next time we go from kid’s movie to Slasher movie. Why? Well, look at next Friday’s date.

See ya.


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