Secret of the Wings

The one with Debby Ryan and...other stuff, I guess.

The one with Debby Ryan and…other stuff, I guess.

Hello, Spongey here.

Well guys, it’s time to tackle Tinker Bell once again. I’ve had way better luck with this series than I expected. I thought these would be awful films but for the most part, they’ve been okay. Nothing special but the last two were especially tolerable.

The first one was fairly weak but it still boasted good animation and it has it’s moments. The 2nd and 3rd ones had a lot to like and I’d as far as to say I enjoyed the 2nd one. The 3rd one has some weak elements but it was still watchable.

I’m just shocked that effort goes into these, even if they aren’t the best. So I’m actually looking forward to this one, as it could finally be the one that blows me away.

I doubt it, but it could happen, only on the Hub. …Wait..

There isn’t a whole to say before we go in. Except that they took Tinker Bell off the title for some reason, confusing anyone who wants to watch these in order. None of them are numbered at all, and while it doesn’t matter which one you watch after the first one, it’s still confusing.

Dare I say…Chronologically Confusing? No, that would be stupid.

So let’s just get into the creative team. We have two directors this time: One of them directed Little Mermaid 3 and the other was a writer on Leory and Stitch. They were also 2 of the four writers.

Of the other 2, one wrote that Charlie’s Angel’s movie, and the other did Kronk’s new Grove. So we mostly have people from Disney SequelsIi like…and one I haven’t seen. So this could go either way.

The only left to mention is a certain actor but we’ll get to her in the review proper.

So without further ado, let’s see if this series keeps being….tolerable.

This, is Secret of the Wings

The movie opens with generic narration about magical stuff. Every movie opens this way, I just noticed that. Took me awhile. This time, it means nothing, even more so than usual.

After the narration, we have our opening sequence with the fairies doing stuff with a pop song in the background. While they are doing their usual stuff, Tink wonder what it’s like in the winter woods.

Well, I know what this one is gonna be about.

See, the tinker fairies make snowflake baskets which are delivered by snowy owls to the winter woods and Tink is probably gonna get in trouble trying to go over there.

“Warm fairies aren’t allowed in the Winter Woods”

Now you’re just BEGGING Tink to go in there against your wishes and start an epic adventure, And of course, while they are doing stuff very close to the winter woods, Tink goes into the woods.

Wow, we’re only 8 minute in, and Tink has already disobeyed orders and started our plot. That’s…amazing. At Movie 4, there’s no real need to set everything up like in the first movie but wow. …

But then she is reeled in before she can go any further. Never mind then. Tink’s wings froze while in there, so they go to a healing fairy. And yes, her wings were frozen today. That meme is dead now.

The healing fairy, voiced by Jodi Benson, inspects her wings and they are suddenly okay. She says Tink shouldn’t have crossed the border, which are big words coming from Ariel over here.

The other fairies don’t believe that the wings froze, and apparently sparkled like a Twilight vampire. You know, this whole disbelief thing doesn’t work when it involves fairies. Tink finds a book on Wingology to clear this up, but finds the page on “Sparkling Wings” chewed up.

Thankfully, some nerd says that the Keeper of all Fairy knowledge may know about wings. And guess what? He’s a winter fairy, so he lives in the Winter woods. Of course he does.

Long story short, Tink hitches a ride with the Snow Owl and ends up in the Winter Woods. She has a coat on to solve her wing problem. Tink crashes and hides. She runs off and finds the home of the keeper.

She ends up in the Winter library, sees a winter fairy named Periwinkle, voiced by Lucy Hale, who is saying her wings sparkled. At the same time, Tink’s wings go crazy again and they bump into each other.

Both of their wings start sparkling. The Keeper, voiced by Jeff Bennet is fascinated by this and wants to test things out. Their wings touch and they see images of their past. Remember how fairies are born of baby laughter? Yeah, they came from the same baby laugh and they are sisters. Fairies are weird.

“Your wings are identical, that is why they sparkle”

Sure, why not. The Keeper is interrupted by Lord Milori, voiced by Timothy Dalton. See, Tink’s wing book fell out and the winter people found it. Milori is worried a warm fairy brought it here on purpose.

He reminds us, i mean him, that warm fairies can not come here. I’m sure there’s a bigger reason why  this rule is in place beyond “they’re gonna get a little chilly”. Milori leaves and Tink and Periwinkle take this time to catch up. Tink recaps the last 3 movies for us.

Yes, this leads to a happy times montage. No one around can tell that Tink is a warm fairy, even though most cold fairies don’t need coats.

But eventually, Periwinkle’s friend take notice and…don’t really care. One of those friends is named Spike, voiced by Debby Ryan. ….Well, that’s cool.

After the montage, they bond some more and Periwinkle talks about how much she wishes to be on the warm side. Tink says she could possibly make that happen.

They randomly get in danger and they are saved by The Keeper who just happens to be there. He says it’s time for Tink to go home. Well, movie over!

Oh wait.

Tink goes home and tells all her friends about the whole sister thing. Tink plans to tell the Queen about this, and the sister thing may make her change the rules.

That’s gonna go well. Later, she heads to the border and uses a machine made by Bobble and Clank to make it snow on the warm side. Yeah, after what happened a few weeks ago with London and some other chick, this will not go any better than in that one.

Anyway, it works and Periwinkle crosses the border. After a happy times montage, Tink introduces her sister to the other fairies. Their meeting is cut short by the snow machine malfunction, thus letting in the heat.

I feel the suspense here, and in general this film has had less “flaws” than the other movies, and I am kind of invested. So far, that’s a good sign.

They get her to the Winter side and bump into Lord Milori who helps Perriwnkle feel less warm.

“This is why we do not cross the border”

Ah, now I get it. The warm is way too much for the cold fairies to deal with so it’s best to stay where they are. For Warm fairies going over here, they just need a jacket but I guess their kind not taking warm as well is a bit dangerous. Got it.

I actually see his point of view okay here, but he is a bit too stubborn, as is always the case in this kind of story. Especially since the sister thing should get to his (literal) cold heart. Tink is having none of this, but Queen Clarion shows up to tell Tink to obey the rules.

There’s a quite of bit of sadness hear, as the sisters are forced to be apart. It’s honestly kind of well done and far more interesting than it should be. Even if it is cliche. Later, Milori talks to Perriwnkle while Clarion talks to Tink. They both give us a backstory, explaining the reason for the rule.

Two fairies, one warm and the other a winter fairy, met and fell in love. As their romance grew stronger, they disregarded the dangers across the border. One of them broke a wing, for which there is no cure. From that day, Queen Clarion realized that some fairies should remain apart.

Typical but the way it’s presented makes it work really well. At this point, the best aspect of these films is the presentation. The animation and the music (especially in this one) are really nice and sell each scene to the point where cliche parts are more interesting than they should be.

This moment is interrupted when they discover that the snow machine accidentally broke and it’s going bonkers. Thanks to this, the warm side is getting frozen. No, I won’t make a joke about the fact this is a Disney film where the the main conflict at one point is the setting being frozen over.

Nope, I’ll let it go.

Also, this happened way too quickly. Did I mention this one is really short? Back on the winter side, Perri and the keeper find out about what is going on. Tink makes it over and tells them that the Pixie Dust tree is freezing over, and now we have our big 3rd act conflict. T

hey discover that that frost tucks warm air inside, and Peri suggests that they could frost the tree before the freeze comes, and they then head to the tree. They make it to the tree, and when things seem to be down, he other frost fairies show up to help.

But even with their help, they are having a bit of trouble with their plan. The suspense and urgency here is done pretty well, I must say. They all take cover and Milori gives the Queen his cape revealing…his broken wing .

That’s right, they were the fairies in the story. That’s a bit predictable but still worthy of a DUN DUN DUN! …And eventually everything works out and the pixie dust tree starts flowing again.

That was…anti-climactic. But at least it’s a nice happy moment. But things aren’t so happy because Tink has broken hear wings. Wah wah. Jokes aside, it’s a pretty effective moment.

“This happened because we tried to keep you apart”

“But never again. You belong together” Oh, okay then. I figured you’d get mad and say the opposite, but that’s fine. It gets warm again and Tink and Perri say their good byes.

They touch wings and Tink’s wings heal up. …Because magic. Seriously, it’s as forced as I make it sound. Her wings heal because screw you, that’s why. Anyway. Queen Clarion and Lord Milori kiss because sure, why not.

With that happy moment, we cut to later as we see that warm fairies go to the cold side now. They just use jackets. Yep, it’s really that easy. We see our big happy ending as everyone gets what they wanted and it’s all happy and…happy.

Tink has found her sister, the king and queen get it on, and a pop song plays us out. Yep, it’s an abrupt ending. A really abrupt one, since the movie just kind of ends right as the climax happens.

Unlike the other movies, I can forgive it due to the things it got right, but it is kind of jarring. The movie was only 1 hour and 7 minutes long. I think these movies could more deep or interesting if they were just…longer.

But as it is, I can deal with it.

Final Thoughts:

It took them 4 movies, but this franchise finally produced movie I can whole heartedly say I liked. That’s right, I enjoyed this movie than the others. Mostly because it’s the least…flawed.

The 2nd one had a somewhat weak conflict, and the 3rd one had that workaholic cliché I don’t care for. But this one doesn’t really had that problem. Its biggest issue is being a bit cliché. It’s fairly standard at times, and if you really can’t look past that, you won’t like it. There’s also minor issues, like plot holes and the ending, but I can look past all that.

The story here is pretty standard. You’ve seen this story a lot and the same can be said most of the characters. Only Tink and Perriwnkle really get any development, and everyone else is there to move the plot along. But that’s not bad since they aren’t useless and I kind of liked the twist with Clarion and Milori, as cliché as it was.

The story doesn’t have anything really new but some small parts in it work and the things that work make up for it. Like I said, the presentation is what makes this movie work. The animation is the best we’ve seen in this series so far, with really pretty shots thanks to the whole winter thing.

The music really helps the mood at times and all that stuff makes even the weakest parts work a little. However, there are elements in the writing I like. While Tink is still kind of a blank slate, I’ve gotten used to it and the relationship with Perriwinkle is honestly kind of nice.

Perri isn’t that interesting but they have some really cute moments, and by the end, I actually started to care about them. I don’t know, maybe I’m just jaded by some of the weaker elements in the other films, but I did like their whole sibling relationship in this film. It was cute.

Also, there is something about the whole winter side thing I like. Besides the animation being good there, I did like the whole struggle there was. I don’t know, it may be cliché but something about it really works. It really it is mostly in the presentation, which makes the emotional chords strike pretty well. But the writing does have its moments as well.

Yes, it is very standard but somehow it works. There was clearly a lot of effort put into this, even more than the last two. It really shows and it’s just an enjoyable movie to sit through.

It’s not great, or even the best, but by the standards of these movies, it’s pretty good. Sure, Debby does nothing, and it’s mostly the best due to having less flaws, but it honestly is an okay movie. Overall, it’s not perfect, but it is charming and for adults, there are far worse kid’s movies out there.

Now I’m actually excited for the next one!

Grade: B

Maybe I really am jaded. I need something potentially awful to get me back on my feet. Blended_(2014)_Poster

…Yeah, that’ll do. See ya.

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