Top 5 Best and Worst Films I reviewed in 2014

Hello, Spongey here.

2014 has been a pretty crazy year for me. That’s the case for ever year, but this year especially. I had schedule slips up the ass, I did two 2 part reviews, one of which was actually 3 parts, I turned into other reviewers for some reason, and most importantly, I got a new schedule. 2014 was a weird year in general with Ebola, Terrorist winning, and tons of crappy stuff like that. But the worst part?

PATRICK: Everyone died, the end!

Yeah, there were a lot of deaths this year, most notably Robin Williams. This year kind of sucked in terms of real life stuff. But we’re not here to talk about bad real life stuff. We’re here to look back on the year in terms of this blog!

Last year, I did a full recap and a list of the best posts I did. But this year, I’m a bit busy, so we’re doing this differently. Instead of the recap, we’re looking at the films I reviewed. Specifically, the best and worst. I reviewed a lot of movies this year, and in February I’ll be doing my 200th review! Crazy!

There were a lot of very good ones, and very bad ones. So today, we see which ones stuck out as the best and the best, and top of the shit heap. Both lists were both easy and hard to make, with how many things I tackled. But I was able to narrow them down.

So without further ado, let’s count down some amazing and terrible things!

This, is Top 5 Best and Worst Films I reviewed in 2014

First up, is the WORST list, so we can end on a positive note. Now, this was a weird one to come up with, as I really didn’t do a lot of REALLY bad ones like in previous years. Heck, only 3 would go on a list of worst films I’ve reviewed overall. But there were still plenty of bad movies, so I was able to make this list. Just be warned that the first 2 aren’t really the worst things ever. But either way, let’s do this!

DISHONORABLE MENTION: Getaway. It was really bad, with some of the worst action scenes ever, and it wasted poor Selena Gomez, and by all counts it’s worse than Number 5, but it bugged me slightly more. Still, it’s pretty bad. Consider it number 6.

5. 21 & Over

Oh man, this one came out of nowhere. I only did this one cuz it was on Netflix and I needed a quick movie to start my new schedule with. I didn’t really expect anything horrible from it. But man, what I got was pretty bad. Not the most painful movie ever, but it’s really really cliche.

I figured it wouldn’t be too come coming from the writers of Rebound, but I had no idea it would just as cliche. Infact, this is even worse than that one. Like I said, I actually enjoyed that one for how cliche it was, but this was just bad. I think it might be because they use cliches that I really hate seeing, and there’s nothing worse than Comedy cliches. It means you’re hearing the same tired jokes over and over again.

That I watch a lot of raunchy comedies, and I rarely watch sports movies. Nothing in this films felt real to me. It felt it was just doing all the stuff other R rated Comedies do and that’s it. The Comedy is forced, the plot is forced, and even the heart is forced. It’s so rushed and forced that I didn’t really buy any of it. Even in The Change up, which also has the same writers, the heart felt kind of real to me. That’s because it fit with the story, while in here it felt so…obligatory.

And I really can’t get over how bad the plot is. There are a lot of poorly written plot points, things that happen for no reason, and forced character arcs. They try to get us to buy into the friendship drama but it’s so poorly done that I don’t care. That and the characters are so stereotypical and boring.

Speaking of which, the drunk friend is annoying. Not Tucker bad, but still bad. He does nothing but bad things, and he just serves to be annoying and dick-ish. He fills his role and their attempt at making us like him fail. Everything in this movie’s plot fails, because it’s so messy and cliche.

But like I said, it’s not the most annoying thing ever. There’s some charm to be found in the act and the crazy plot, and the Comedy isn’t really that bad. It’s just the writing that kills it. Plus, the Comedy is often cliche and forced. I’ve seen all this stuff before. I can’t really bring myself to be hugely annoyed by the Comedy and maybe I could have liked it if the plot was stronger.

But it really pissed me off with how cliche it was. I knew it would be typical but I didn’t know how bad it would get. No one warned me about it, and the critics were too easy on it. This would have made more worst lists if it weren’t for films such as Movie 43. But that’s a list for another day.

Overall, this movie was bad. It was cliche, dull, and just not funny. It’s not horrible but it really was worse than I thought it would be. There really isn’t a lot more to say than that. Yeah, I’m gonna keep these sections short, mostly because there isn’t a lot to say about them other than they are bad/good.

And all I can say about this movie is that it’s cliche and bad.I didn’t really expect anything when I found it was from the writers of Rebound, but I didn’t expect it to be the same kind of movie!

Whatever, no one remembers this movie, so no one cares. So yeah, that’s all I gotta say. It’s bad because it’s Cliche. And sadly, I’d gladly watch this over some of our next choices..

4. A Talking Cat!?!

Okay, you can say I’m cheating slightly on this one. Why? Because my feelings are…complex, but overall, I do tolerate it mroe than 21 and Over. However, the parts I don’t like balance it out enough to put it higher, at least on a crtical level. So here we are.

I reviewed this as Doof and Monogram, so I never got to really talk about it fo real, which is why I’m here now. This movie is weird, no doubt about it. I can’t remember how I found out about it but I actually tried to review it normally but it got too hard because I was just saying way too much in the first 2 minutes alone. So i scrapped and let Doof do it. That’s fair, right?

This film is kind of like Foodfight. Part of it is So Bad It’s Good, while part of it is actually bad. Let’s talk about why it’s bad to begin with. The first problem is the overall production. This is an easy kind of movie to make but somehow they screwed it up. First off, the music. Not only is is it bad, but it plays constantly. It loops over and over and it’s really annoying. The only thing worse than the acitng and disalouge is having to put up with terrible music loops while you witness it.

Then there’s the lip syncing, or lack there of. It’s bad, trust me. Makes me glad Grumpy Cat went for the Garfield thing. Hell, that film overall was better than this, even critically. There a lot of just bad editing choices, and I didn’t even get to show you their idea of an injured cat. It’s hilariously bad.

I watch plenty of low budget movies but most of them at least try to look okay. This doesn’t and it’s bad. The writing is just…wow. It’s such a simple premise, and yep, they screwed it up. It’s just about a talking cat, but they had to make it complicated. This cat can only to each person once, which is a pointless and dumb idea. And they don’t really explain what they really mean by that. Then they do nothing with the concept. The characters are all dull and the film somehow manages ot be boring, annoying, and baffling, all at the same time.

This is where the So Bad It’s Good part comes in. It’s more or less the Birdemic of Family Films. It does everything wrong, and a result, it becomes so fascinating to witness. For me, it was just weird. A lot of bits annoyed me too much to really enjoy it. It’s more fun to talk about it than it is to watch. At least Birdemic didn’t really annoy me so much as baffle and bore me. And Foodfight has Christopher Lloyd.

But this one has it’s own Bad movie charm. Some parts so funny in how dumb they are, like a lot of the weird interactions with the characters. But like I said, it’s more fun to talk about, since the film itself gets kind of annoying and boring. The music really annoys me, as well as the low production values.

But if you can enjoy the whole thing in some way, go ahead. It’s at least worth watching for the WTF factor, no matter how much you might hate it. At least I got an…interesting review out of it. As a side note, It was was hard to write for Monogram here, because doing Doof/Monogram stuff isn’t as fun in this context. In hindsight, I should have stuck to Doof. But ah well.

So yeah, this movie sucks but in spectacular and different ways. For me, it can be both hilariously bad, and just…bad. Take that for what it’s worth. There really isn’t much else I can say about it. It’s a bad movie that manages to screw up in ways Inever thought was possible, and it’s really fun to talk about it, even if it’s not too fun to watch.

Also, what the hell was Eric Roberts doing in this? He sounds like he’s half asleep and recording from a bathroom stall. I thought this was a cheap thing he didn’t care about…but here is what he said in an interview with the AV Club:

“Oh, what a shame! I haven’t actually seen it yet, but… man, I don’t know why that is. I guess they had a not-so-great audio engineer, huh? I’m so sad to hear that, because I really liked the script, and it sure seems like it’s a cute, sweet film.”

…I don’t think he read the script.

Either way, this movie is bad and the review was fun to do. Like I said, I’m trying to keep these sections short, so let’s move on.

A Talking Cat: You know it’s bad when I seriously liked the Grumpy Cat movie more.

3. Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie

Oh boy, now we’re getting into the real shit. The Top 3 are on my list of worst films I’ve reviewed, period. This is a weird one, to be sure. I knew it would be bad, but it ended up being terrible for different reasons. From other reviews, I figured it would crazy ,over the top and full of piss and shit. Instead, it’s the most boring Comedy I’ve ever seen, with no jokes to be found.

There are long stretches of this film, where they don’t even attempt humor. They either have over dramatic stuff that is poorly written, or they just do stuff for no reason. The film is a mess and it has no idea what it wants to be. I know it’s not really meant to be taken seriously, but if that’s the case, the drama parts should be funnier. Or you know, have actual jokes.

I knew the film would be weird, but I was not ready for how odd it was, and not in a good way. Even an insane movie would at least be fun to talk about, this movie is just boring. Okay, to be fair, I think I see what they were trying to do but it ends up being too confusing for it’s own good. And here’s the thing: I get ANti-Humor.

See, here’s how Wikipeida explains it: Anti-humor is a type of indirect humor that involves the joke-teller delivering something which is deliberately not funny, or lacking in intrinsic meaning. The practice relies on the expectation on the part of the audience of something humorous, and when this does not happen, the irony itself is of comedic value.

Wikipedia mentions one example: “A white man, a black man and an Indian walk into a bar. What a wonderful example of an integrated society”.

See, with that, it’s still a joke. The joke just happens to be that it’s not the joke you expected. So thus, you laugh. Tim and Eric don’t understand this. They think Anti-Humor is…having no humor. I guess people watching Top Gun is supposed to be funny, cuz you expected something crazy and that did not happy. But the way they execute is more awkward than funny. That’s pretty much what most of the movie is like.

When you actually try humor, it’s a mix. Some of it is comes down to LOLSEX and some of it is actually funny. But even from a normal film standpoint, it fails. Even the weirdest comedies try to tell a story and this really doesn’t. And a lot of it just doesn’t work and the characters can be unlikable at times. That’s not funny either.

I don’t know, there has to be something I’m missing. I actually feel bad for hating this one, because I have this feeling I’m not “getting” it. But as it is, I don’t think there’s anything to get. I think the problem is that Tim and Eric’s style of humor can’t stand on it’s own for 90 minutes. It works fine as a show, I suppose but they cannot hold up a whole movie with their kind of stuff. There’s a lot of filler and it feels like they tried too hard to pad this thing out.

Their style works fine for sketches, and they should have just done a sketch movie. It’s not not my cup of tea, but they would be in their element. But instead, we got this messy film.

To be fair, it being dull means it’s less painful than some other movies I’ve sat through. But for being a Comedy with no humor, and screwing up the basics of Comedy, it earns a spot on this list.

If you’re into their stuff, that’s great. I won’t take that away from you. (Not that I could). But for me, this movie was really boring and just plain terrible. So yeah, it’s bad.

Let’s move on.

2. Grown Ups 2

Yeah, I’m gonna keep this section short. I’ve gone into detail on the first film and Adam Sandler in general. My review of this movie did not bring anything really new and there is nothing else to add. But I’ll see what I can do. This movie is bad for the exact same reasons that the first one is bad.

Hell, it’s more or less the same movie but without a plot to tie everything together. It’s amazing how this film has so much going on, yet nothing going on at the same time. When I did this review, I thought I would have nothing to say given what little substance there is, but it ended up being a pretty funny review. There were a lot of little things to mock and of course, I had the Adam Sandler drinking game.

For your pleasure, here all the things I mention for the drinking game in the review, along with some new ones, taken from some others I’ve seen. Take a drink If:

The main character is just Sandler playing himself.

He wrote or produced the film.

His wife/love interest in the film is way too hot for him.

There are any racist jokes. Drink twice if this comes in the from a character

there any jokes about piss, shit, or barf.

Sandler’s character is an asshole for no reason. Don’t do it for every time because that would kill you.

Rob Schneider, Kevin James, or Nick Swardsen appear.

There is a cliché. Do this for every major cliché. And I just killed all of you.

There is a joke/scene that exists to exploit the female body

There are other things out there, but those are the big ones. Back to the film itself, it’s hard to really separate from the first one, so when I talk about them, I lump them together. And really, you can’t blame me. But you know what’s odd? I actually hate the first one more.

Yes, I know 2 is more “flawed” due to having no substance to speak, cringe including jokes, and some really bad writing. But eh, the first one truly angered me more with how bad it is. It had worse jokes with lots of unneacary cruelty and stuff that just makes me say “Dude, not funny”. This one has that but it didn’t hurt as much.

So it just comes down to the first one having more “piss me off” type jokes. And with this one, I just couldn’t take it seriously, and the first one numbed me to the whole plot-less thing, you know? But it doesn’t really matter, because 2 is still just as bad in every way.
I just don’t know what else I could add, honestly. I covered this film’s flaws twice now, so I don’t need to go into why it’s one of the worst things I tackled this year. Even without angering me as much, it’s worst than the above films because it has less forgiving flaws, and clearly it didn’t have much of an audience with critics, even less so than that films.

It was just more of the same crap from Sandler, but without a plot. To be honest, I’ve calmed down since this review, and I’m hot as bitter over Sandler now. I’ll try and go into each of his next movies which some optimism, no matter how bad they look because, hey, I try to stay positive.
Actually, his next big film, Pixels, looks pretty interesting. But I’m sure I’ll have time to talk about that one another time, regardless of its quality. Also, apparently he was in another drama recently. How that flew under my radar, I’ll never know. It’s rotten on Rotten Tomatoes which is pretty bad given how good his other drams turn out. And it’s directed by Jason Reitman, so double ouch.

With both Pixels and a sequel to Hotel Transylvania coming out this year, it looks look my hopes will be raised, only for him to come out with Little Nicky 2 or something. By the way, I’m doing Blended, so don’t worry.

Anyway, no matter how things turn out, Grown Ups 2 will always suck. It’s nothing more than a vanity project that exists as an excuse for him to party with his buddies, with bad jokes and no plot in sight. But man, it gave us the best RT consensus EVER.

“…, Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa still offers viewers the timeless pleasures of seeing an old man get his privates stuck in a vending machine.”

…Nah, it’s still the best. Sad how those few sentences are funnier than both of these Grown Ups things. Ah well.

Grown Ups 2: It’s bad. …That’s all I got.

And the absolute worst film I reviewed in 2014 is…

1. The 41 Year Old Virgin That Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad about it

Ugh. Yeah, most of you probably saw this one coming, as this is the only bad movie I reviewed this year that I was THIS angry at. The others, just kind of me a bit mad, while I was really angry at this one. And it’s for the same reasons as 30 Nights, which I reviewed last year.

Except I hated this one a bit more as it pushed my buttons a bit harder in some places. First off, I’m really proud of this review for the most part. I actually went and watch most of the films that were spoofed, just I could have more to say other than what I said in my 30 nights review. I didn’t watch Knocked Up, as even I could tell there no huge reference to it.

And now I have watched and yeah, there’s no big reference to it besides someone getting knocked up, which is a weak connection. I really sounded like I knew what I was talking about it, and it gave me a new perspective on how bad this parody is.

Plus, I finally watched some good movies I wouldn’t have gotten around to otherwise. This movie really was painful, mostly because if spoofs Comedies. Like I said in the review, that makes no sense and can’t work, especially with how they do it.

And since that means there’ no “dramatic” stuff to work with, it’s just joke after joke, making it more painful. In other Modern Spoof movies, we have false dramatic stuff, than a creepy punchline. This is just a bunch of punchlines, with the false dramatic stuff used to do more bad punchlines.

In other Modern Spoof movies, we have false dramatic stuff, than a creepy punchline. This is just a bunch of punchlines, with the false dramatic stuff used to do more bad punchlines. Because of that, this one is a lot more painful than 30 nights and most of the Seltzerberg stuff.

And then there’s the disturbing content, and the tasteless jokes that are all over the place. The film pretty much sets out to offend everyone, and not in a funny or clever way. It’s just tasteless and offensive for the sake of it.

This thing just gets everything wrong, as a parody and as a Comedy. The main reason it pissed me off more than anything I covered this year, is that on top of spoofing Comedies, it has the balls to pretty much take jokes and scenes from those Comedies and just make them stupider.

At least when you take a semi-dramatic scene and “spoof” it in these kind of things, there’s some pretense of parodying it in some way. Here, by doing what they do, that means there is no attempt at satire, and you just watching a much grosser/dumber version of a joke from a much better movie!

That is pretty much the nail in the coffin for this thing. Everything about is just bad. The idea of spoofing the style of Judd Adpatow has potential, but not in a whole movie like this, and especially not with this style.

It’s bad. Oh, and the worst part is that fucking Verizon guy who shows up FOUR FUCKING TIMES!

So yeah, all that makes this stinker the worst film I’ve reviewed in 2014, and one of the worst I’ve seen period. I’ve pretty much sworn off reviewed parody films, mostly because I’ve already said why the bad ones don’t work and any further reviews will be redundant.

That said, I will cover Craig Moss’ Badass films, and Seltzerberg’s “Best Night Ever” as they are not spoof movies. So yeah…that’s going to be fun.

That’s all I gotta say. It’s yet another failed parody film, that sinks to new lows I never thought were possible. It’s really bad and easily the worst film I reviewed in 2014.

And those are the worst films I reviewed in 2014. It was fun to bash them again, and overall I’d say 2014 was a step up from previous years in terms of the amount of crappy movies I looked at. But man, the ones that sucked were pretty bad.

But let’s stop being negative. While I did plenty of bad movies, I actually did way more good movies (B- or higher) than bad/okay movies. I did some pretty awesome movies this year, from big blockbusters you all know of, from smaller films about evil killer Sushi.

It was hard to whittle all that down to a Top 5, but I managed to do. So let’s look at the BEST list.

HONORABLE MENTIONS: When good Ghouls Go Bad, Bruce Almighty To Boldy Flee, VHS 2.

5. The Simpsons Movie

We start things off with an interesting choice. I’m not sure if it’s Critically better than those other movies, but this is one I just really enjoyed. I saw it around when it came out, and I’ve liked a lot ever since. I had been meaning to review for it awhile, and when FXX did that marathon, I thought it the perfect chance. I actually did the review with their showing of it, which was cool.

I suppose this is a good time to talk about my history with the Simpsons. I was a bit too young for it when it was at it’s peek and I’m pretty sure I discovered it in the mid 2000’s or so. Through a rerurns I watched a lot of it and I think for a few years after the movie came out, I watched the new episodes as they aired. Eventually, I lost interest, especially when I realized how far downhill it went. As far as my feelings on it go, I think it’s pretty awesome, at least when it’s good.

And honestly, I don’t hate the Modern Era that much. It’s bad, but I can at least get through most of the episodes, which is more than I can say for Family Guy. It has it’s good episode now and then, much like Modern Spongebob…and yes, even Family Guy. That’s a topic for another time.

But back to the movie, I think it’s great. I mostly gave it an A to be all critical and boring. This movie really captured the show pretty well despite a few flaws here and there. For one, it’s funny. It kind of has to be, and it is. There are a lot of really funny moments, and while some were spoiled by the trailers (Cough Spider Pig), it’s still pretty funny. It’s always great to review a film that’s genuinely funny for once, you know?

It has pretty much everything I could want in a Simpsons movie. It did have some overused plot lines (Homer screwing up, him and Marge being on the rocks) but it used them well and at least it was kept funny. There’s a nice story in here with a lot of sweet moments, and I really cared about what was going on. For a movie that came out after the show went downhill, that’s pretty awesome.

There was clearly a lot of effort put into this, and it payed off quite nicely. This movie is just fun with a lot of heart to make it even better. As a casual Simpsons fan, it was perfect despite not being the best movie ever. Admittedly, this is one of those movies that works better if you’re a fan, or are watching it with fans, but it’s still fun.

The main reason this is on the list instead of other movies, is that it just connected with me more. While I’m not the biggest Simpsons fan out there, I’m a big enough fan to really appreciate and enjoy this movie a lot. Not to mention that it’s rare I have a lot of fun watching a movie I review, and this was funnier than a lot of my honorable mentions, as good as they were. It always feels good to laugh at a movies jokes, given what I have to sit through sometimes.

Like I said, it’s not the best movie, since the plot can be a bit rushed or cliche sometimes, and Lisa’s boyfriend dude as pointless, but there’s so much here that works that I can look past some of it’s flaws. Overall, this is one of the better films based on a TV Show. It takes what made the show good and creates it’s own solid story out of it. The story is solid, it has sweet character moments, it’s very well animated, and of course, it’s really funny.

Really, that’s all I can say for this one. It’s funny and it’s good as a fan of the show. It’s a pretty damn solid film. Now, this is a case where I reviewed just to review it, rather than having any real insight. But it was still fun to talk about, and it got me to talk about it a more on this list. So yeah, it’s good. Hopefully, I can say more about our next movies.

The Simpsons Movie: If you don’t like it, you can eat my shorts. Or insert whatever obscure Simpsons quote you can reference here.

4. Dead Sushi

No, I’m not a joking. This film lines up with some of my favorites that I looked at this year. It’s not exactly the best, but I loved it, so much. I’d like it to thank Martial Horror (more on him later) for introducing this film to me, cuz I dug it a lot.

The main reason I like this movie is that it really does EVERYTHING you could do with this concept. A lot of “creative concept” films end up being kind of dull, or they loose steam and just have a few key fun moments. As much as I like Sharknado, it can suffer from this at times. Sharknado 2 was a step up, but that’s another story.

Dead Sushi, on the other hand,. never runs of creativity. Every time I think it’s dragging, it gives me a new idea that is insane. And it’s not just the titular monsters, it’s the way it’s written and the world it’s set in. Even before the big attack, it was a very odd film with a odd sense of humor. Though I am unfamiliar with Japanese Cinema, so for all I know, a lot of this is normal. The normal weir stuff, I mean. I doubt all of them have Zombie Sushi having sex…though that would be amazing.

Every about this movie is weird, and it never gets boring a minute. It keeps giving us weird ideas and it’s a ton of fun for it’s entire runtime. But like the best silly movies, it plays itself very seriously, which makes it even funnier. The actors really pull it through. It has so much going on, but the makers are able to keep things from getting annoying. I said in the review that the director was inspired by Attack of the killer tomatoes and it really shows.

So if you like films like that, you’ll dig this. This was a fun review to do, with a lot of awesome stuff to react to. It’s just a movie with a lot to joke about, and it’s awesome. I still can’t believe half of this stuff even happens in an actual movie,. but here we are. The story done an okay job at …well making an actual story besides just Sushi carnage. Some of it is cliche but it’s not a bad story, and it ties the Sushi stuff into Keiko ‘s stuff fairly well, and somehow, the way they explain the Sushi makes more sense than Sharks in a tornado. I can buy zombie Sushi but sharks still breathe while in a tornado, full of wind? Please.

But let’s drop all the fancy critic stuff: This movie is just amazing. I did not have more fun with a movie this yea than I did with this one. That’s including every film I saw for the first time in 2014, which features titles like Captain America 2 and The Lego Movie. It’s that insane. It’s just as much to watch as it is to talk about, which is rare. If you haven’t read the review…don’t, because this is a movie that’s better if you go in blind.

You may scoff and say it won’t be weird to you, but trust me, some of this stuff is insane and amazing. As a side note, I found out that Body Sushi is indeed a thing. Ew.

Before i move on, I wanna explain that Martial Horror cameo thing. I’ve talked to him on twitter a few times, so when I decided to reviews this, I knew I had to ask him for some sort of cameo. Originally, it was gonna be in text, but he ended up doing a video, which was way funnier than what I had in mind. I had no idea what was gonna do, I just asked him to say stuff about the movie being amazing and he gave me that. It worked pretty well, so thanks, Mr Horror.

Overall, this is clearly the best picture of the decade. It is filled with complex emotions and top botch, amazing writing. It’s only number 4 because it’s so amazing that it the number one is not enough to capture how amazing is it. So I had to be nice to 3 lesser films that could never be as good as this one.

Dead Sushi is great. that’s all I need to say. Let’s move on.

3. Robocop

I’m terrible at catching up on well known movies. There are like 1000 movies I still need to watch, from old classic to this years hits. So when I get to watch one, It’s always nice. It’s even better when I review one, like with Robocop. This movie was awesome, for many reasons.

I’ll keep this short since it’s easy to explain why the movie is good. It’s got a lot of awesome action but it also happens to be smart with some interesting satire. That’s really it. This is a case where my reasoning for liking it as the same as everyone else, and I really have nothing to add. These other films on the list are at least semi-recent, while this one is like 20 something years old. Everyone talks about it, so what else could I really add?

So yeah, I’ll keep this short and sweet. I had a lot of fun reviewing this, since it had a lot of cheesy moments that worked very well. Besides the satire, it’s just fun with a lot of action and awesome moments. It’s even more fun nowadays since we can mock some of the more 80’s moments, and that’s always nice to pick on. Actually, you know what/

I’ll just cop out and just copy my sum up from the actual review. I really have nothing to add from that, so it would make more snese to do that. So yeah…sorry. I promise the next section will be more original. This won’t be the full section since it’s long, so here are the best bits:

“This movie is loved by critic because it is not only a fun action movie, but it’s also a smart satire.

And after thinking about it, I agree. It not so subtly shows the decline of the American culture and how corrupt those mega corps can be. It’s been done in other movies, but it wasn’t too cliché when this came out and it’s still pretty relevant today.”

“But what I really like is how they handle RoboCop himself. He’s a family man who is fun but badass, who has his life cut short and brought back due to unusual circumstances. He deals with his remembering his old life while trying to use new one as a 2nd chance.

They don’t go too deep into it but they also toy with the question: Is it right to bring the dead back to life by making a dead guy a robot? It’s pretty much playing with god, but it gives a 2nd chance at life and he saves the day.”

“It tackles interesting ideas, has relevant commentary, but it is takes so much advantage of it’s core concept that it will please everyone. I’m sure you all know this already, but this a really solid film for everyone.”

Yeah, what I said. It was a really fun film to review, and I’m glad I finally watched it. Yes, I’ll review the remake and sequels someday. They better be good…even if i heard Robocop 3 was…bad.

So yeah, sorry for the cop out, but at least we can still agree that Robocop is awesome. At least in this movie, anyway.

2. Spider-Man 2

It’s interesting how pretty much all of these great movies were reviewed as tie ins. It’s like I only talk about Good things when it’s realvant to do so! Jokes aside, I’m glad I reviewed this. Mostly because there were actually things I had to say about it, due to my feelings on the first one and stuff like that. I had good jokes for it, I sounded like I really wanted to discussed how good the film was. And I really did have plenty to say about it, so the review ended up being solid overall.

But we’re here to talk about the movie, which is awesome. It’s a perfect example of a sequel that improves on the first one in every way while keeping what makes it good. It captures that perfect mix of silly and serious, with a really well done story and well written character arcs. It has a few moments that are a bit too much, and it’s fair share of plot holes, but everything else is so good I can forgive that. I can’t stress how much they improved on the first one. Better effects, better performances, better villain, and just…better everything.

Well except the romance, but I went on about MJ in this movie enough in the actual review. But I still stand by defense of her in general, even if Gwen Stacy is like 80000 times better. Besides, I do think the romance gets better in the 3rd act of this movie, even if the Wedding crap was pointless. The romance itself ties into Peter’s whole story well enough for me to forgive some of it’s..problems.

And while we’re on the subject of me standing my opinions: Amazing-Spider man 2 is still very very good. While it has flaws, I really don’t get how it got such mixed reception, and has gotten a less than stellar reputation. It’s not nearly as bloated as people say, and they actually make every plot line important for the most part. I still have not seen Spider-Man 3, but from reviews of it i have seen, it’s clear Amazing 2 fixes the problem iof that one, so I have no idea why people are comparing this to that in a bad way. I consider it to be on par with this movie, and it’s very very good.

There, I got that out of my system.

It is funny to think that this movie is seen as one of the best Comic Book movies ever, given how much films like The Dark Knight captured people’s attention a bit more, to say the least. But it really deserves all of the praise it got, and it’s still up there for me. The story is so damn well, with Peter’s dilemma being really compelling all the way through. The villain’s arc is great and everything is tied in really well. The actors give it all their all and for some of them, it’s among their best work.

On top of all that, the tone is captured perfectly with some really fun action scenes and good comedy bits (most of them coming from our lord and savior J Jonah) along with really emotional and well executed dramatic stuff.

It’s done really well and a result, the film is just really great. It may not be perfect, but it was still a great time, and I had fun reviewing it. There isn’t too much else to say, so we’ll just wrap things up.
To recap: It does two tones correctly, MJ doesn’t suck except for when she does, and Amazing Spider Man-Man 2 is awesome. As a side note, I couldn’t tell you which films I prefer. Spider-Man and The Amazing-Spider Man are about equal in terms of strength and weakness, while Spider-Man 2 and Amazing-Spider man are also equal. Amazing 2 didn’t have a part that bugged me like MJ but Spider-Man 2 was a little more even and was easier to digest, so to speak.
So I’d put both on par, but they are equally as good, and while I can see why people don’t like Amazing 2, the rep it got is just odd. But we can mostly agree that Spider-Man 2 is very very good and one of the best films I looked at this past year.

Over, Spider-Man 2 is simply Ultimate, Spectacular, and Amazing. …I’m so sorry.

And the best film I reviewed in 2014 is…

1. The Muppets

That’s right, the best and worst films I reviewed in 2014 were covered in the same month, outside of a theme month. I didn’t expect either to be the best or worst, but after thinking about it, they are the best and worst films I covered this past year.

This film just gets to me in ways these other 4 did not. It does so much right in so many ways in many different levels. And I’m not even as a big of a Muppets again as some other people. It was ceraintly part of my childhood, but not in a huge way like with some other people.

But The Muppets impacted me enough for me to love this movie. And even if I wasn’t that familiar with the brand, I want appreciate what it’s doing here. It manages to take a cliché plot and make it work with how it’s executed.

It pretty much takes the fact that Muppets aren’t as relevant as they once were, and runs with it, creating a big dramatic story of it. Because of this angle, the clichés like the telethon and getting the band back together work, because they put a clever spin on it and get some fun jokes of it.
The evil oil guy is mostly just done for laughs, so that’s why that works.

The angle is takes makes all the other drama even better. Walter trying to find his place, Gary’s whole deal with Mary, and Kermit’s dilemma are very dramatic and emotional on their own, but this spin of using real life makes everything even more interesting and creates a unique experience that cannot be captured in another Muppet film, unless they do this all again in 30 years or so.

And then there’s all the normal stuff that makes it great. The characters are well written and likable, the songs are well crafted and awesome, the acting is good, and it’s really funny. Like, one of the funniest films of its year. There’s a lot of that usual Muppet humor, with the fourth wall jokes being the highlight.

The villain is delightfully cliché, most of the Muppets are in top form, and Walter made for a pretty decent character in the end. This movie just got so much right in so many ways, at a level a lot of movies I cover don’t reach. Yeah, it may have minor flaws here and there, and things I wanted to see, like some lesser known Muppets….which was lampshaded in Muppets Most wanted.

Speaking of which, I may as well take this chance to talk about it, since I never did a general review of it. I didn’t get the chance to see it theaters, so that’s why. So what did I think? I liked it! It wasn’t nearly as good as the first one, but for what it is, it’s a decent Muppet movie.

The thing is, there’s no way it could have recaptured the magic of the first film. The first movie came out at a time where The Muppets needed to be reintroduced in the world of film and thus, they had to create this story to do that, and they could do all this amazing stuff to create a unique experience.

Due to obvious limitations, they cannot do that with a sequel. They could literally have made it a release of The Muppet Movie and it wouldn’t recapture the full magic. It just needed to be at least as good as Muppets Take Manhattan or something like that. And for the most part, it’s good.
There are some areas where they could have made it bigger, or more interesting, but it works as a whole.

They could have done a lot more with the cliché story, and there are some spots where they could have put in more jokes, but when the film is entertaining, it’s really enjoyable. Ricky Gervas and Ty Burell are really good in their respective roles and the most of the characters are in top form. As cliché as the story is, some of the emotional beats do work and I did get wrapped up in it because all the effort put into it.

The cameos aren’t used as well as in the first one, but they work in the same way they usually do, and there are some good ones. By the way, apparently the cameo with Debby Ryan and Bridgit Mendler was cut out of the theatrical version.
Well, now I’m glad I didn’t see it in theaters!

Jokes aside, there is one element that is just as good as the first one: The soundtrack. All the songs are awesome and they are highlights of the film. And with the lack of a huge BLAM or Rap song, you may like the soundtrack more this time!

The most noteworthy song is the opening song in which they pretty much mock the fact that that this is a sequel and sequels are never quite as good. It’s great and given that a lot of people are going to judge this film harshly simply because It’s not as good as the first one, it’s very much welcome.

So yeah, Muppets Most Wanted is good. Not great, but good. Check it out if you haven’t already. So all in all, The Muppets was a delight from beginning to end, and while my review did not add anything, it was fun to do something as fun as this for once.

So yeah, Muppets Most Wanted is good. Not great, but good. Check it out if you haven’t already. So all in all, The Muppets was a delight from beginning to end, and while my review did not add anything, it was fun to do something as fun as this for once.

It does everything right and it created a unique experience that works on every level. It’s well written, it’s emotional, and most of all, it’s funny. It’s just a great movie that stands as one of the best films of its year.

There really isn’t much else to say. As good as these other films are, they don’t quite have the same effect on me as this one is, and that’s why it’s the best. All in all, it’s pretty good.

The Muppets: The Best film I reviewed in 2014

And those are the best and worst movies I reviewed in 2014. I did a lot of stinkers and a lot of great ones, and I’m sure next year will bringing even better (and worse) films. It was a lot of fun going back and deciding what the best and worst films were and I liked talking about them again. Yes, I’ll do this for 2012 and 2013 as well. Now that will be fun.

So overall, this was a…interesting year and this New Year is bound to be even more interesting. I hope you liked this list, and I’ll see you later for whatever thing I do next.

See ya.

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