Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue

The tale of a girl who can only be Crocker's long lost daughter.

The tale of a girl who can only be Crocker’s long lost daughter.

Hello, Spongey here.

Well, it’s time once again to head into the world of Tinkerbell. This year, I started the review the direct to video Tinker bell films. I expected them to suck, but so far, they aren’t…that bad!

The first film was pretty average, but it at least had good Animation and voice acting. I actually kind of enjoyed the 2nd one, as it had a lot more effort put into it, and it had some nice emotional stuff, and more solid animation.

But now it’s time to take on the 3rd entry. There’s not a whole to say about this one. It came out in 2010, and it I’m sure the director and writers did…stuff. This time, I don’t really care, and my internet is a bit wonky right now, so I can’t look it up and I’m sure they did nothing important.

The director of Planes left since the 2nd one, , so I’m sure it’ll be good. Yep, short intro but there’s not a lot to say this time. The film have been slowly improving. Will this one continue that trend? Or will it be everything I thought the first one would be?

Let’s see.

This, is Tinker Bell and The Great Fairy Rescue

The movie opens with narration about Fairies and how humans and fairies never met until one Summer they shall never forget. Then we’re hit with a generic opening song. We are re-introduced to Tink and that Generic Boyfriend guy as they are heading out for a montage.

It ends with them arriving at Fairy Camp. Well, this should be interesting. After some stuff, Tink sees a human family hanging out nearby and she decided to spy on them. She is mesmerized by the sight of a “Horseless Carriage” and this other fairy shows up to remind her that fairies can not interact with humans.

Then Tink’s curiosity will get them in trouble and a big adventure will happen, right?

Tink overhears the little girl of the family saying a weirdly colored butterfly is the work of FAIRY GOD PAR-… I mean Fairies. Dad scolds her for believing in fairies, and Tink leaves.

But on their way, they find a weird hut thing with a sign saying “Faires welcome”. The little girl made it because the plot said so.

Naturally, Tink goes in and the little girl starts walking toward the place. Vivdya tells Tink that someone is coming but she doesn’t believe her. Yeah, they’ve had this back and forth for the last like 5 minutes and it kind of got annoying.

Vidya leaves which allows Tink to get trapped and noticed and captured by the girl. Nice job, Bitch. The girl takes Tink home and takes her to her room and puts her in a bird cage.

The girl leaves and Vidya heads back to Camp and tells everyone that Tink got captured.

Usually, I’d complain that the plot started so quickly but after 2 movies, I think we know who everyone is. They all build a float so they can head out in the rain and they head out. Back with Tink, she finds out that the little girl is nice.

Despite this, she tries to escape and thanks to the rain, she can’t. The girl assures Tink that she loves fairies in the most sickeningly british-y way possible.

They hit it off and it’s all very cutes-y and stuff. Yeah, we’re at that point in the review and I’m sick of pointing out my problems cuz, as a certain reviewer has established, pointing out your problems does not make them go away.

…So let’s move on.

Dad comes in to share some of his “field journals” with the girl, to make up for the cliché he’s been put in, but the girl just keeps rambling on about fairies. He says fairies aren’t science or whatever. At this point, I think all fantasy writers love to offend smart people.

Dad leaves (way to be pointless) and Tink “tells” the girl she must leave, but again, the rain is a problem. Seriously, we get it. Rain sucks.

TinkerBell must stay with the girl and since she’s nice, everything is just peachy. Okay, let’s guess how this will go down. I think when the others show up, Tink will want to stay with the little girl. What do you think?

Tink “tells” the little girl all about fairies, and she writes it down in a journal called “Scientific Fairy Research’. I love a good oxymoron, or whatever you call it.

The girl wants to know how fairies are born, and Tink must be really glad the explanation is child friendly. We then get a montage of them being friends and I hate to admit it, but it’s kind of charming. This whole thing is getting more charming as it goes on. It’s “cute’, as every Mom ever calls it. On a tangent, if a Mom, or any adult you show children’s cartoon to, calls something cute, they really mean it sucks. Or they just don’t like it. I mean it in a “good” way.

After that, we get more rain river rafting adventures with the others, while is pretty cool to see, to be honest. The animation is decent here and we get some decent suspense as well. It’s cool, I guess.

Eventually, their “boat” crashes and they are stranded.

“Looks like we’re walking from here”

Back with Tink and the girl, they are still doing stuff and they plan to show her findings to her Dad. Cuz he’s totally gonna be impressed with fairy stuff. Finally, the rain stops and Tink can leave. We’re 36 minutes into a 1 hour, 9 minute movie.

She’s not leaving.

They have a tearful goodbye that goes a bit overboard. By that I mean really overboard. The cute part of the “charm” only lasts so long, guys. Tink almost leaves, but she stays to see how things go with Dad.

But he’s too busy with dealing with some leaks that happened due to the rain. Oh no, he’s trying to deal with an actual problem instead of shit that doesn’t matter, how horrible!

Lizzy, the little girl whose name I only found on Wikipedia (thanks, movie) gets all sad, and Tink comes back due to this. Great, the girl being all needy is stopping the plot from ending.

After some adventures with the other fairies, we get more sickeningly cute stuff with Tink and Lizzy. At least they balance  this stuff with the adventure subplot.

Tink fixes the leaks, hoping that will fix the Daddy problem. But she also rescues that butterfly he had captured, so when Lizzie talks to him, he’s focused on that. He needed it for some…thing, and he thinks Elizabeth (fancy name only to be used when your parent is angry) rescued it.

“I didn’t do it, and since there’s no one else in the house, there is only one logical explanation”

FAIRES! ….What?

“It must have been done you”

MR KRABS: One: You stole it. Two: you stole it. Three: You stole it!

You have no idea how hard it was to pick which joke to go with, so I went with both,

Naturally, she can’t say she did it so everything sucks. Back with the other fairies, Vidiya admits that Tink being captured was her fault. They say it’s alright and we get a nice moment. Possible development over!

With that, they make it to Lizzie’s house. Lizzie sulks about this situation and it gets cheesy again. She talks about how she wants to be a fairy, so Tink uses magic to make her fly. This is cool and all but I figured we would focus on the fact that Tink got her in trouble. But you know, whatever.

The other fairies walk in and partake in some hijinks. All this noise catches the attention of Dad and goes to Lizzie’s room while she’s flying, She has to hide and it’s all very comedic. Her flying made a mess and he’s made about it. And once again, the fact that she can’t mention fairies gets her in trouble.

She says the truth and spoilers, he doesn’t believe her. She tries to prove it with her journal research, instead of you know…Tink herself. After he gets mad again, she finally comes out and she’s fucking pissed. That’s the only way to describe it, guys.

So yeah, he believes in fairies now. And he wants to take her to “the museum”. Gee, the  science guy wants to use fairies for research? What a shock!

Vidya comes in as he says this and she jumps in his jar in place of Tink. Dad heads out while it’s raining, because this is way more important than the “My children is right” part of this. I mean, clearly the guys at the museum will understand if you waited til after the rain, right?

The other fairies show up and Tink tells them what happened. They can’t fly in the rain but with magic, Lizzie can due to having no wings to ruin. I’ll admit, I didn’t expect the climax to involve a little girl flying with the help of magic fairies. Nor did I expect it to happen due to plot contrivance and character idiocy.

It’s a nice looking flying scene, at least. And yes, no one sees her flying because plot. On the bright side, the whole scene is pretty intense, and well animated. Eventually, Tink stops Dad’s car with her Tinkering skills but he’s close to the museum to it doesn’t matter. Thankfully, Lizzie catches up to him and he sees her flying.

She says that Faires helped her fly.

“You don’t have to understand. You just have to believe”

Gee, I wonder what the moral is.

So now he believes, and he apologies for being kind of a dick. And then the fairies help them fly home and it’s all very magical. The music kind of helps, I guess.

We cut to the next day as Tink, Dad, Lizzie, and the other fairies are having a picnic/tea party thing. I suppose the Dad thing is wrapped up, but I have no real comments about the message regarding him or his portrayal and his cliché or whatever. So yeah, let’s wrap this up.

Dad reads up on Faries, Tink feels good knowing that her careless helped someone somehow, and cheesy music takes us out. Roll credits!

Eh, about as fitting of an ending as I expected at this point, really. Also, 4 writers?

Final Thoughts:

So, how did this one fare compared to the other movies? Well, it’s better than the first movie, and more or less on the same level as the second. Not better or worse, but  it’s pretty crazy in terms of strengths and weakness.

Let’s go other the characters. At this point, we can’t expect amazing character development, and this one is the same. Not too much development for our establish characters is in this one, since Tink didn’t really learn anything. Viidya has something but it’s not much.

And since we don’t have that much character focus this time, that’s not a good thing. Thankfully, it’s not a huge problem because there’s more focus on new characters. And as far as they go…Meh?

Lizzie is just a cute little girl and she’s not very interesting. She believes in fairies and has cliché Daddy issues. That’s it. However, the writers clearly tried their hardest to make her relationship with Tink compelling and it almost works. I don’t know, just the way it’s presented can be pretty charming at times and it can be interesting to watch sometimes. On her own, she’s boring but the way she’s presented isn’t that bad.

The same can be said with the Daddy stuff. It’s pretty cliché and unlike, say, Epic, there’s no attempt to do anything different with it. It’s especially insulting when he’s treated as the bad guy for wanting to fix leaks!

But overall, they use a nice message with him and once again, all the effort the writers put into trying to make this interesting shows. It’s not quite as interesting as the Lizzie/Tink stuff can be, but it almost works at times. But overall, I didn’t care that much for him.

The story is intentionally supposed to be simple, so there’s nothing to comment on here. But I will say I like how they balanced out the cute stuff with the adventure stuff. It keeps things from getting dull, at least.

One thing I will say is that this has the best animation of the 3 so far. There’s a lot of really cool stuff in the rain scenes and the climax looks really nice. Not too bad for a direct to video movie.

With this move, it has a pretty generic script, making it lesser than the 2nd, but it has quite a bit of passion put into it. The music, animation, and all over charm make it kind of fun to watch at times, and I can see someone getting emotionally invested in this.

The writing did a better job at this in the 2nd one, but this one also did an okay job when it comes to the presentation.

Overall, this one is alright. It’s has flaws, but it’s watchable due to the way it’s presented. It doesn’t continue the trend of the films getting better, but it keeps the trend of the films being more surprising.

Seriously, how did a series like this end up being so…not horrible? Either way, this one is okay. And we’ll get to the next one sooner than you think…

Grade: B-

Next week is Thanksgiving. So naturally, I will tackle the best Thanksgiving movie ever made! I just have one questions: Are you a bad enough dude to get Turkey off the menu via complicated time travel?!

See ya.


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  1. Mark says:

    Hey Spongey. Do you still want to do my request about the Goosebumps-like book series I mentioned before, or not since you didn’t get to e-mail me?

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