Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd

The tagline makes my job way too easy.

The tagline makes my job way too easy.

Hello, Spongey here.

So pretty soon, we’ll be getting a proper sequel to the 1994 Jim Carrey Comedy Dumb and Dumber. I’m not sure how many people asked for it, but it gives me an excuse to review the crappy prequel. …Well supposedly crappy.

For whatever reason, in the Mid to late 2000’s, they made a bunch of sequels to Jim Carrey movies, without Jim Carrey. This is mostly because he refused to make sequels after Ace Ventrua 2. But then he watched these movies and decided to clean up the mess with a proper sequel. Good on him.

We’ve looked at Son of the mask, but there’s also Evan Almighty, Ace Ventura Jr, and today’s topic. No, I had actually never seen the original film, despite owning it. (Don’t you hate it when you own a movie you still haven’t seen?). But for this review, I finally watched it.

Yeah, it was good. Certainly not one of the best things ever, but it was funny and it worked pretty well for what it was. Not of Carrey’s best, but it was fine. Also, the awkward-ish guy going after a girl actually didn’t get the girl in the end, and the husband she turns out to have is not an asshole.


Anyway, not a ton of materiel for a Sequel, but we’ll see how that goes. If they could make a freaking animated series feasting Patrick Star in some insane foreshadowing, they can make a sequel. But in 2003, they thought a Sequel wasn’t enough.

So they made a prequel. Even the biggest fans of the original didn’t give a single fuck about how these 2 met, but Hollywood doesn’t care what you ask for at this point. It just seems like an odd idea.

But hey, maybe it will be good. Granted, I doubt the man behind creepy Micheal Keaton Jack Frost could pull it off, but we’ll see. So let’s see if this is good, or if the writers are the “Dumber” one in this situation.

This, is Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd

The movie opens with Harry being born. As in, the first shot is a POV shot of him exiting the wound. Lovely. Soon after, the title pops up and a police car bumps into it. Okay, that’s funny.

That cop is there, because we cut to 8 years later, as he has been called by Harry to get his Imaginary Friend out of a well. Yes. Then we cut to Ten years later, as Lloyd is getting ready for school with his Janitor Father. His connections allow me to arrive there early to get ready via an unfunny montage. Then he leaves to go to…school. Either he’s that dumb or he goes to another School, which is odd.

Either way, this allows him to bump into Harry. I didn’t think the epic meeting would take place a mere 6 minutes in but I guess the conflict will be some other pointless stuff. They hit it right away with some hit or miss gags.

It’s in the spirit of the humor of the original, but I don’t know. Something feels…off. Anyway, Harry is looking for a treasure on his Mom’s request which will likely come into play later. The two head to school and Harry falls in love with a girl on first sight.

I’ve seen the original. No such girl was there. This will fall through so there’s no reason to care in this movie. Same problem every prequel has. Next!

He talks to the girl and her name is Jessica, played by Rachel Nichols. She was in Rise of Cobra which is weird given how different the roles and films are. Anyway, they bump into a cliché bully who does cliché bully things.

We cut to the Principal, played by Eugene “I’ll do anything for a pay check” Levy. He’s evil and wants to make a bunch of money so he can go to Hawaii with hi girlfriend. Because Dumb and Dumber needed a cliché villain like this, right?

While that’s going on, Harry and Lloyd are hung by the flagpole, which is seen by the Principal. Seeing that, he establishes a fake “special needs” class to swindle $100,000 from the local community. Guess who he uses to start it up.

Their first assignment is to pick the rest of the class. They must find students that are just as special as them. I can’t see this going wrong.

Their first pick is a guy who broke his leg and arm in an accident., They think he’s a crippled boy which is…not funny. Then they pick the bully because reasons. Then they pick a Football played named Carl. Then we have a Chinese Exchange student to give us some dumb jokes.

And last, but clearly not least, we have the guy in the school’s horse mascot costume. They think he’s a Centaur cuz the costume is a horse. And he’s played by Shia LaBeouf …I didn’t see that coming. Is it sad that this isn’t the dumbest thing he’s been in?

So we have the Jock, the cripple, the Asian, the bully, and Shia Labeouf. Together, we have the League of Stereotypes!

That night, Lloyd spends the night at Harry’s house so we can have a bonding scene of some kind. Also, Lloyd thinks Harry’s Mom is hitting on him. It’s not funny, next!

The next day, Is the first day of the Special Needs class. Lloyd plays the part of teacher for now and this leads to some typical school cliches played up for humor. The other kids find all of this odd, but since this allows them to skip other classes and do what they want,they roll with it.

“There’s nothing more American than not doing anything and getting away with it”


After an annoying and pointless store scene, with a wasted Brian Posehn cameo, we get an annoying and pointless brain freeze scene. Seriously, the dumb humor was tolerable before, but everything in this scene is incredibly annoying.

The next day, the special needs class heads on their short bus, on a field trip, and we get a lot of gags about that while Jessica, suspicious of it all, drives behind them. They lose her and they arrive at a Museum and before we get jokes about that, Jessica magically pops up to tell Harry about her suspicions. Sort of, she doesn’t flat out say she thinks the class is a fraud, cuz that would require this plot to stop now, and we don’t want that!

She asks Harry to show up at her place later, and Harry thinks it’s a date. Joy. He shows up at her house later and she’s about to tell him everything. But cuz he has the hots for her, and thinks is all something else, he’s distracted by the sexy. It’s…dumb. Gee, I wonder what the word of the day will be.

Harry gets worked up and goes to the bathroom where he mistakes melted chocolate on his hands (idk where it came from) for…well you can take a wild guess. Then he pulls out a Chocolate bar from h his pants. Well, that answers my question.

Jessica asks if he’s coming out, and he tries to sneak out the window only to bump into Llloyd who happens to be there. Lloyd tells him to do the cliché where he tells him what stuff to say to his girl.

Harry changes clothes and stays for dinner. Lloyd, through the window, tells him to repeat everything he says, to her. Guess what happens. Yep, crazy stuff that forces Harry to say dumb things. It would funny if it wasn’t so forced.

Speaking of forced things that aren’t funny, we have the dinner scene. Lloyd is caught and Jessica talks to him about the stuff going on, but it goes over his head, like it did with Harry. Lloyd agrees to get her in to the princpal’s office and she kisses him on the cheek, which is seen by Harry

“Two timing slut!”

Oh fuck, this cliché. And it’s interrupted by Dad discovering the chocolate/shit in the bathroom”


LOUD NOISES. But seriously, thank you for the migraines, jack ass.

After a pointless dream sequence, Lloyd gets Jessica into the principal’s office a few hours later. Sadly, she doesn’t find anything important. And then her boyfriend comes to pick her up. Okay, I got this cliché twice in a row? What the hell?!

Seriously, how does she not know he has the hots for her? I think I know who is the “Dumberer” one is!

He stays to clean up a mess he made, and he finds a treasure chest. Okay then. He takes it to Harry but he’s still pissed. So they are no longer friends, and Lloyd is really annoying about it. Then we are hit with the sad montage. I wish I could care about this characters, but in this movie they are reduced to being annoying and rather one dimensional.

Now that were anything great in the original, but they were at least charming. Here? Not so much. That and trying to get us emotional after that “Shit’ joke is kind of stupid.

After that, Lloyd shows up at Harry’s house with a fake polar bear from a museum. We get a Family Guy Cutaway to that museum with a little girl wondering where the Daddy bear is. Her Mom says he was shot, just like her father.

That’s not funny.

This pleases Harry for some reason and they are all happy now. Well, just like in our last movie, the friend break up was pointless because it was resolved too quickly. Either commit to this dumb cliché or don’t do It at all!

The Principal discover that his chest is missing. The chest has Evidence of the scams they pulled. Wah wah. They suspect Jessica, of course. We cut to the Special Needs class later, as the teacher asks for ideas for the Thanksgiving day float. Huh, I get to tackle two Thanksgiving months this month!

At least there’s no time paradoxes in this one. They settle on a float of George Washington cuz why not. The other kids don’t want to make a float, but they have to in order to stay in the class or whatever.

Cue stupid montage!

After that, we cut to the Principal kidnapping Jessica to find out where the chest is. Then it cuts to another pointless scene of Lloyd and Harry being annoying at the store. I’d be pissed if I cared.

Thankfully, this scene kind of has a point as they are in the exact area where the Principal stopped to make a phone call. They think he is her boyfriend cuz of course. They decided to go spy on her and take chase via shopping cart.

Thus, we have the epic chase scene with Eye of the tiger playing in the background.. ..While, at least the movie is easier to listen to now.

The Principal l takes her to his office and asks about his chest. Of course, she doesn’t know. Wait, how did she not notice the chest in the first place?

Harry and Lloyd pop up in the window and she asks them about the chest. She tells them to go get the chest and they leave to do so. They argue about who gets the “treasure” and they mock that cliché where the friends let a treasure get in the way of friendship, which would be funny if it…again, wasn’t so forced. They open the chest anyway, which IS a little bit funny.

The chest contains a bunch of files and stuff that reveals the principal’s evil plans. They find a cassette, which they think is a mix tape. And then we cut to the thanksgiving parade a little later. Oh hey, that’s important to the plot.

They turn the George Washington float into a Principal float. They bring the chest with them and the other special needs kids discover the big evil plan going on. I still can’t believe this kind of crap is in a Dumb and Dumber movie. I know the first film had some stuff like this but it didn’t feel quite as…pointless.

Speaking of the Principal, he gets a visit from the Super independent, who is here to see the Special Needs Kids. And they have the rigged the float to play the cassette which has him admitting his plan. Of course it was that easy.

A Cop car shows up (that was fast) and he tries to escape. Thankfully, the float captures him, by accident. And so he is carted away. Wow, that was insultingly easy. Though I shouldn’t be shocked at this point.

Our heroes are obviously oblivious to this and they focus on the fact that Jessica’s actual boyfriend shows up. They mock him and then just leave. And thus, that entire aspect of the movie was pointless!

“This experience has soured me on women forever”

“We should never let a woman come between us again”

“That’s never gonna happen. This has taught us a lesson, we’ll never forget that”

It’s a funny cuz a woman comes between them and they forget their lesson making this movie pointless.

Then some hot chicks randomly pop and asks them if they want to come with them to their all girls college. Yes, this is a blatant rehash of that bit from the first movie…but here they know that they are being hit on an try to make sure no woman comes between them. Harry picks the girl he wants and it’s the one Lloyd wants.

“You take her”

“No, I don’t wanna do his to you”

Why are you taking a quick gag and stretching it out? It’s not funny. Eventually, they decline their offer and they punish them in return. What was the point of that?!

And then Harry is hit the car of Jessica’s Dad…while he’s covered in mud. Which…looks like.

“You’re covered in shit!”

Goddammit! Just end already!

And the two pals walk away while Dad screams again. And with an iris out mirroring the womb opening, the credits roll. Does that mean this movie just aborted itself?

Either way, the ending was abrupt and went on too long. How do you do that?! Whatever. Wait, Jessica’s Dad was Bob Saget? The hell?

Final Thoughts:

I’ve finally found the most pointless movie ever made. That’s this movies biggest problem: It has no reason to exist. I enjoy the first film fine but I really didn’t give a shit about their past. They’re funny but they aren’t THAT interesting as characters, so a story about their past just isn;t going to work.

Especially when you make the whole thing predictable and pointless with the lazy writing. I feel like I got nothing out of this movie. It’s not even mind bogglingly awful, it’s just really really lame!

I’m not even going to go over the characters, as they are all flat with no real character to speak of. Lloyd and Harry are just dumb with very little of their original charm,Jessica is okay but only fufuisl her cliché role, and the Principal is a generic villain whose jokes are too weird to be funny. And then the special needs kids are just pointless with only one joke to their name,.

I’m not sure if I should be pissed or happy that Shia gets nothing to do.. ..This was back when he had talent so I’ll say pissed.

Oblivious, you don’t dynamic characters for a movie like this, but at least make them kind of funny. I’ll forgive the story being cliché as the story wasn’t exactly the highlight of the first film, but I liked how it played out. Here however, it’s just dull and pointless.

Comedy wise, it’s far from the worst, but it’s hit or miss. It almost seems like it’s the spirit of the orginal, and some jokes work, but a lot of it is really annoying and stupid, especially in the 2nd half.

I just couldn’t bring myself to care about this one at all. It’s annoying, cliché, and pointless. Like I said, it has no reason to exist. You could do a lot with a normal sequel, that expands on the characters in a natrual way, but making it a prequel just sounds…dumb.

So yeah, this movie was lame. Not awful, but pretty weak. I’m not sure if the new one is gonna be good, but it has to be better than this. As a side note, the actors do good Jim Carrey/Jeff Daniels impersonations, but with a crappy script, it doesn’t matter. Like Harry, it’s covered in shit.

Grade: C-

Next week, more Tinkerbell. Yay?

See ya.

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