Bruce Almighty

I for one accept our new rubbery faced overlord.

I for one accept our new rubbery faced overlord.

Hello, Spongey here.

Last year, I did a special review for my brother’s Birthday. I had a list of movies and he picked one he wanted mt to review. Last year, it was Camp Rock 2.

And this year, I did the same thing, cuz I’m nice like that. I had a smaller list with films I was a tad more interested in. It’s not cheating cuz his original choice could be not be found, so he picked this back up choice. An odd choice given my brother’s taste, but it’s an interesting film, so here we are.

Plus, it gives me a chance to talk about Jim Carrey. He once one of the biggest stars in the world, but now he’s not quite as big. This is mostly due to some…not so good career moves on his parts. But even after all that, it’s still a pretty funny guys. Film such “The Mask” and “The Truman Show” proved he can very funny and pull off drama very well.

And he stuck with it, instead of thinking dumb ass Comedy wins out. Take THAT , Adam Sandler! But seriously, he’s a very talented actor, even with his blunders. Yeah, Mr Poppers Penguins has been on my list for awhile.

But today, we look at one of his good movies. It’s a movie people tend to like but no one seems to have it as a favorite. Honestly, I think it’s one of his best. And I’ll into why that is. But first, the creative team.

The director has brought us other Jim Carrey movies including Liar Liar. He also did Patch Adams but I won’t hold that against him. We have 3 writers, two of which are Steve Koren and Mark O’ Keefe. They also wrote Click, A Thousand Words, and …Jack and Jil..


I alluded to this in my Click review…but yeah. The writers of a good Sandler movie, and a good Jim Carrey movie did….a bad Eddie Murphy movie, and an awful Sandler movie. Besides J&J, they have one thing in common, which I’ll get into later.

But seriously, how can the writer create movies on such opposite ends of the spectrum? …Also, the other writer worked on Jimmy Neutron. Cool.

But yeah, with that shock over, let’s exactly why I like the film as much as I do.

This, is Bruce Almighty

The movie opens with our main character, Bruce, played by Jim Carrey, doing a news report. He’s a reporter, that’s important. We see that he gets the fluff pieces. And by fluff, I mean the stuff no one cares about.

I’ll skip this part, but it has some amusing moments. We cut to him watching the report with his wife, Grace, played by Jennifer Aniston.



He’s not happy about the work he gets but Grace sees nothing wrong with doing fluff pieces. He wants to do more serious work. Think that’s a metaphor for something?

They have some banter and we cut to the next morning as we have more stuff with the two. Comedies are always hard to review, but until the plot kicks in, this may be extra hard as the film is more fun to watch than it is to talk about.

We see how crappy his life can be, mostly as contrast for later. He gets to work as we see that there’s a dick-ish anchor there that always outshines, named Evan, played by Steve Carrel. He’s an amusing character but did we need a movie about him?

Yeah, we’ll get to that one too.

He talks to his boss, and he finally gets his first live broadcast, and his first report on something worth covering. He’s interviewing someone at these falls. I don’t know, the location isn’t important. But before Bruce goes on, they announce that Evan will be the new head anchor. To make things worse, he steals one of Bruce’s bits in his whole Thank you speech.

Bruce…isn’t happy. Infact, he kind of has a breakdown on the air. It’s pretty funny. Yeah, he’s kind of a dick here, but given the context, it’s understandable that he would go crazy here.

He’s fired. Wah wha. On his way out, he sees some guys picking on a bum. They chase him down and beat him up. They come later, which is why I mentioned that scene. When he gets some, he whines some more. Yeah, this is starting to get a bit much but it would far more annoying with a lesser actor.

He starts blaming God for his crappy life. At least he isn’t saying God flat out doesn’t exist, just cuz someone is not conventionally attractive. Grace isn’t happy about Bruce’s bitching and they get into an argument.

Bruce isn’t having any of this, so he goes for a drive. Crappy things keep happening to him, to the point where he crashes his car. This is the final staw, as he just goes crazy, yelling at God.

‘Smite me, oh mighty smiter!”

And now we have a Trope Name.

He calms down and the next day, he gets getting a call from a mysterious number on his…beeper thing. He attempts to get rid of it, but it keeps coming back. So he eventually calls the number and he gets what sounds like an ad, telling him to look for opportunity at this place.

He goes there, and the place is this huge empty building. He gets to the 7th floor, as he meets Morgan Freeman here. Is this his first appearance on this blog? If so, it’s a great way to introduce him. This is actually the film that me a fan of his.

This is where the movie gets good, trust me. Morgan has a White suit on and he knows Bruce’s name, and stuff about his father. I’m gonna spoil it now: He’s God. And I know this sounds odd, but this is one of my favorite on screen depictions of God, ever.

This scene alone establishes why. This God is all knowing, as you would expect, but jokes around and he’s quite a bit of a troll. However, he has this presence to him that makes him..well Godly. And yes, Morgan Freeman’s performance is a big part of that.

This is the God I totally want. I’m not religious at all (Not against it at all, I just don’t like getting caught up in all that stuff. You understand) but if God was like this, I’d be on his side.

Anyway, Bruce’s little comment from last night got God’s attention. This isn’t the worst thing said about him so why he appears for Bruce is odd, but I’ll let it slide. Bruce has a hard time believing he is really God. e
After some magic tricks, God proves he is the real deal. He brought Bruce here to offer him…his job. When he leaves the building,…Bruce will have god’s powers.

Ignoring the logic issues, this is an amazing premise, and yes, they pull it off very very well. Bruce doesn’t quite buy it so he leaves. He quickly discovers organ Freeman was right as stuff he wishes for starts happening.

He goes a bit crazy so he stops a dinner. He gets some Tomato Soup and to see if the power thing is real, he parts the red soup. It’s funny and awesome. And then God pops up to explain the rules. Why didn’t he explain them before.

By the way, they are walking on water as they talk.

Anyway, Bruce has God’s powers and there are only 2 rules:

1. Don’t tell anyone

2. Don’t mess with free will.

3. Don’t allow them to make a Grown Ups 3

Wait, that last long was mine.

So now that he knows he has God’s powers, he struts along for a montage. He even confronts those big dudes who beat him up earlier. He takes care of them by making a monkey come out of a dude’s butt.

Yes. And it’s kind of awesome. Mostly cuz we have a LITERAL butt monkey. After that we have a trailer shot, where he proclaims how awesome he is.

Bruce arrives home, happier than ever. He uses his poiwers ro make things a bit romantic. He even makes the Moon move a tad closer so it will look all pretty outside. Yes, the issues with that are addressed.

He has sex with Jennifer Aniston (bastard…) and we cut to the next day as a news report tells us that a freak tidal wave has caused problems in Japan. Told you it would be addressed.

But it’s not adressed again so…yeah. Anyway, Grace was saying something?

“My boobs are bigger”

…Interesting. It’s not important, but I pointed it out cuz uh…reasons.

Bruce heads out as he uses his powers to clear up traffic, so he can move faster with his new car.

“Hi ho silver away!”

Don’t ever do that again.

Bruce’s next move is to get a job at Channel 5, since he got fired from Channel 7. He goes to a place where they are reporting. The crew there acts like a bunch of jackasses, so Bruce dolls out some punishment.

Bruce creates a story and makes it the assholes can’t get in their van to get the cameras. He uses his own to report on the story. The real punishment comes when he puts a ton of weed in that truck so they will get arrested for it.

That’s the 2nd movie from the same writer I’ve seen this month where our hero gets someone in trouble for drug possession in some way. Huh.

Because of this report, he gets his job back. One good report forgives a mental breakdown? So we get a montage of Bruce reporting on stuff he causes himself, and his life getting better.

After the montage, Bruce makes Evan mess up while he is doing his Anchor thing. This is another big trailer scenes, and it’s pretty funny. Here’s an out of context line:

“My tiny little nipples went to france”

It’s weird how this film has more interesting scenes, yet this one makes me laugh the most.

After that, Bruce and Grace (you just got it, didn’t you?), go out to dinner at a fancy restaurant. Then we get the cliché where the girlfriend thinks the boy is gonna propose, but he really doesn’t. Instead, Bruce says he is now an Anchor.

Suddenly, Bruce starts hearing a bunch of prayers. Oh yeah, that’s a part of being God too. This annoys him so much that he talks to Morgan Freeman- I mean God again …Eh, same thing.

God explains to him about the prayers thing. Bruce has to answer the prayers , as he hasn’t really helped anyone with his God powers yet. Besides himself, anyway. To take care of the prayers, he takes them out of his head, and into some files. That doesn’t work, so he tries sticky-notes.

That fails so he puts them into emails. Naturally, there are about a million prayers for him to take on. He goes to work and after a bit of furious typing, he has barely made a dent with the new prayers coming in. So…

‘Yes, to all”

That causes problems later.

Bruce goes to this party…event….thing, where he soaks up his new fame. He calls Grace, asking her come, but she’s mad about the no proposal thing. In the meantime, this hot chick from the station shows up for a misunderstanding. Yep, the chick makes a move on him and Grace shows up to see.

…I hate this cliché. I like the movie but I hate this cliché. Fuck this cliché. Screw this scene.

Grace is…a bit mad, and Bruce tries to apologize, but he didn’t exactly stop the chick during the kiss. Because cliché.

Grace leaves him and she’ll be staying at her friends place until this is cleared up. To be fair, this leads to decent drama but it used one of my most hated cliches…so yeah.

Sad, Bruce turns on the sprinklers in the place so everyone will leave. Eh, nice spin on the Dramatic rain cliché. God pops up to join this pity party.

“She’ll take me back, right?”

“Would you take you back?

“How do you make so many people love you without affecting free will?”

‘Welcome to my world son”

That’s a very nice moment. But we’ll get into the drama aspect a bit more later. For now, Bruce uses his powers to give Grace “signs” telling her to get back with him. Eventually he just talks to her.

“I miss you”

I think there was a time skip of a few days. Should have mentioned that.

Grace isn’t having any of it though, and Bruce is up shit creek again. Bruce does truly feel bad for what he did, but Grace is busy right now. Yeah, she’s a teacher and he visited her at school.

Things don’t get better as a ton of things Bruce did turn bad. Earlier, he made a meteor hit the earth for a story, and it causes a surge, and some damage. A lot of people prayed to win the lottery, so they won the lottery…but due to everyone winning, they only won like 17 bucks. And the whole tidal thing is being used as fodder for “End of the world” nuts. I like this. It shows that car less actions do have consequences and it makes the film even more interesting.

Those surges cause power outages during a report that night. The final kicker is that there are riots outside the station. Bruce heads outside and we see it’s a huge ass riot out there. Yes, it is similar to the Apocalypse.




Bruce goes back to where this all started and he finds it dark, with no one there. At least until God pops up..

“Hi there, Bruce Almighty”

Roll credits!

Bruce admits he screwed up as God. They talk and discuss the lessons Bruce has learned. God talks about true miracles and yada yada. Then he leaves. That was enlightning. Bruce goes home to mope a bit, and we get a montage of him doing good things for people. Without his powers.

He visits Evan to apologize for being a dick to him. Evan is made anchor again and Bruce goes back to doing the fluffy stuff. After the montage, Grace’s friend pops up to get her stuff. Before she leaves, she says Grace prays every night.

So Bruce checks her prayers to see what she has said. Most of them are about helping Bruce until he gets the most recent one.

“Dear god, I need you now more than ever. Please god, please. I still love him. But I don’t want to love him anymore. I don’t want to hurt anymore. Please. Help me let him go”


Yeah, this movie has become super dramatic, just like in Click. It works even better. It’s a very natural extension of the plot. This stuff doesn’t come out of nowhere like in A Thousand Words. It’s very well done, brings in interesting themes, and it’s what makes this film so good. Even more than the Comedy.

Dramatic rain show up again and Bruce is sad. He finally says he doesn’t want to be God anymore. Then he gets hit a truck and dies. The end!

…Just kidding. It’s not the end….but he does Die and is sent to God. God tells him he has a spark or something, and he tells Bruce to pray. Bruce prays for Grace to be happy

“No matter what that means”

This is a very nice moment. ..Yeah, that’s all I can say, really.

God complies and Bruce returns to Earth as he wakes up in the Hospital. And by the power of plot, Grace is there. This of course leads to an emotional moment as the two make up. They both apologize to each other and everything is fine.

They don’t say much but we get the point. Bruce learns to live with he has, and not to be an asshole. All that good stuff.

We cut to later as Bruce is doing one of his fluff pieces, as he is now happy to do this. He cracks jokes and stuff.

“Behind every great man, there’s a woman rolling her eyes”

Quoted for truth.

The report ends and he’s still happy. We get wrap up dialogue, wrap up music and the final shot…well, I have to explain something. Throughout the film, that bum the dudes beat up has appeared, with his sign. Each time it says something that relates to the situation, in a comedic way.

The final shot has him holding a sign saying “Armageddon outta here” (PATRICK: Boo!). Then it turns out this whole time, the bum was actually god.

See, I knew God was a bum! I told them! They said I was crazy…AND I AM!

…Roll credits.

Yeah, I will say the ending is rushed. We get the message, but the climax is weak and the film kind of ends. But it’s still a decent ending that gives me warm and fuzzy ends. I’m just glad to be done with this review.

Final Thoughts:

While it’s not quite as fondly remembered as the Mask or something, I still think it’s pretty good. Its not the best Comedy ever, but it’s solid.

The concept is great, and they do a lot with it. It leads to a lot of Comedy and it’s all pretty funny. They even squeeze drama out of it, and it never feels out of place. It helps makes the story and characters even stronger.

The story is basic but it works and the highlight is the comedy anyway. The only important character and Bruce, Grace, and God, and they work alright. Grace is kind of basic but she fills her role fine, and she leads to solid drama.

Bruce is a bit of a dick but he’s relate-able, funny, and fully likable by the end. He learns important lessons and he’s a solid star with this story. Jim Carrey, while a bit over the top, still does a good job. Not his best work but still solid.

However, the true scene stealer is Morgan Freeman. He’s just awesome. He cracks jokes, but he seems very smart, and ..well god-ly. He seems like the way God probably would be…or is. Take your pick. I hope I don’t offend anyone. Anyway, God is awesome in this movie.

Overall, the movie is pretty good. It can be a bit too crazy and fast faced at times, among other things, it’s mostly a funny movie with a great premise, decent acting, a Great God,, and very good Drama.

It seemed like the writers strengths was very funny Comedies with Drama in them…until Jack and Jill came around. Then A Thousand Words. Ouch, seriously. But hey, at least this movie is good. Thank you brother, for picking it it. Happy Early Birthday. You should all check it out if you haven’t already.

Grade: B+

Next time, we venture into the world of YA….that should be fun,

See ya.


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