Sandler + Walken + a title taken from Goosebumps =???

Sandler + Walken + a title taken from Goosebumps =???

Hello, Spongey here.

Before we finish up the Not Lone Ranger, I figured I’d take a break to look a film I’ve been wanting to talk about it. And oh look, it’s an Adam Sandler movie. Yeah, I need to get back to those. I still need to do That’s my Boy, but for now, let’s look at a good one! Sort of.

Before I start, I must share a true story. You ready?

I saw this movie in theaters. Back in 2006, (I was 12), we had a choice of movies, and I ended up picking this cuz at the time, I didn’t know Sandler’s past track record. We were forced to sit in the very front row. The nature of the film (and I don’t mean in a the gross/dark way) didn’t please me and I was…well kind of begging to leave the theater.

I got over the ordeal quickly but yeah, that happened. It was actually my first PG-13 movie. Oddly enough, I have no issues with any adult films that. I think it was being in the front row and all. I remember liking it to an extent but it did bug me, and I’ll get into the very scene that scared me later.

Just thought I’d share that. Anyway, this movie seems to be mixed for some. Some people see it as just another weak Sandler movie, while others see it as one of his best. This was 2006, so he was in that stage when people were disappointed his Punch drunk love days started before they began. He would do another full drama next year…in the same year he came out with Chuck and Larry, which is awful by the way.

This movie is well known for being shockingly dramatic, while also being a typical Comedy. I recall it being really good, which is why I praised it WAAAAY back on Blogger. But given the reception, I could be mixed now.

But hey, I’ve seen worse Sandler works so It can’t be too bad. The director is the geunis behind The Waterboy, but also the guy behind The Wedding Singer. That may explain the tonal shift I hear about.

As for the writers…that’s interesting. One wrote a film get to someday, and the other, also wrote it and also…wrote Jack and Jill.

Yeah, this can go either way. So is the movie as good as I heard, or as bad as I heard? Let’s find out.

This, is Click

…Not the Goosebumps one. With the exact same plot. Seriously, did Sandler rip off Stine or what?

After 40 seconds of logos, the movie opens with Sandler waking up as his kids are trying to take his Twinkies. Wow, Product placement, and we’re only 1 minute in!

“Can we watch Dragon Tales, please?”

Oh Hell yeah! ….I mean uh…yeah, I watched it.

This is a Sandler movie so hiis wife has to be “No way he would get her” hot so…Yeah, bring in Kate Beckinsale.



Then the dog fucks a stuffed duck. Because why not. So Micheal (Charcter name biases!) heads to work, but first this asshole kid talks to him.

“My Dad’s stereo is a bose’

“Your father’s Stereo blows? That’s too bad”

Heh. Hey, at least Sandler is being a dick to that right person!

As he goes to work, see is …well Adam Sandler but he’s…a tad more likable, I suppose. He goes to a Business Meeting with his Boss, played by-

“I’m David Hasselhoff!”

…Yeah. Weird casting choice, I must say. The meeting is with some…Arab guys. And the lead one is…played by Rob Schneider. Ugh. He’s not QUITE as racist as he could have been….bt still kind of racist.

After the meeting, Micheal and David talk after Business stuff, and we cut to later at Micheal’s Son’s swim meet.

‘That’s my boy!”

…Please don’t remind me of that.

Micheal was late to this due to work stuff. You know where this going, don’t you? Yeah, this movie is a bit cliché with the Work-aholic stuff, but we at least we see him TRY to hang with the kids to an extent. And from what I remember of the rest of the movie…the pay off is worth it. We even see him bond his daughter a tad.

Anyway, the family is at this 4th of July thing, and see that Micheal’s Dad is The Fonz and his Mom is Marge Simpsons. …Well, they are played the actors that play them, anyway. Didn’t I just get off Simpsons?

Later at home, he tells Donna, the wife, that they must postpone their upcoming camping trip due to work stuff. He’s aware of what he’s doing, and it seems like the writers are being really careful not to make him a dick.

One complaint I’ve heard about this cliché is that, usually,the Dad is bashed just for working, and wanting to put food on the table. But to be honest, in most films that use it, the Dad could have set aside more family time or be less of a dick, but they don’t. So at least this movie is trying to avoid some of the trappings of the story.

The final straw comes when he mistakes a remote for a toy Helicopter for a TV Remote (How do you even do that?) so he heads out to get a Universal Remote. Everything is closed …except for Bed, Bath, and Beyond. What, you never get your remotes from Bed, Bath, and Beyond?

He heads inside….and bumps into Nick Swardsen. This was his first Sandler role. The Beginning of the end. They exchange banter and Micheal finally finds the beyond section. But instead of a weird void with Coffee Mugs, he finds a room with a bunch of weird stuff.

And in there, he meets Christoper Walken. …Now this is the best movie ever made. His name is Morty, but let’s call him Walken. Micheal doesn’t question any of this, and just asks for a Universal Remote.

“I don’t know the O Doyle’s, but they can bite it hard.

Yeah, see why I just call him Walken?

He takes him into the Way Beyond section, which is bigger on the inside. The TARDIS room has the remote they need. Walken is gonna just give it him cuz it’s not in the bar code system yet. The real reason probably makes more sense.

Micheal goes home with his new remote, and it only takes a few minutes to figure out the remote controls more than just the TV. He doesn’t figure it out but we see, as he pauses Donna for a second.

He does figure it out when he turns down the volume on his dog. He also uses it to Fast Forward the dog while it takes a shit. Lovely.

“Holy Mother fu-”

Quick, cut before we abuse our 1 F word in this PG-13 Movie!

He plays with it more the next day, like the use the Picture in Picture setting to watch Basebell with Donna’s friend (played by Jennifer Collidge) bitches about stuff. After that, Micheal heads out and he runs over that jerk kid’s robot dog. Eh, that was…kind of dick-ish. But it’s his fault for putting in the middle of the driveway, like a dumbass.

He visits Walken to talk to him about the remote.

“Just hit menu”

“On the remote?”

“No, the menu at the red lobster. Yes, on the remote”

I love you.

He does so and boom, they are on the Menu for his life. I love the “View Trailer” option. A trailer for Adam Sandler’s life? Yikes.

Micheal clicks on “Commentary”, and we see this is just his life with narration by James Earl Jomes.

“James Earl does a lot of voice over work”


Also, can someone tell me if the Menu for this film’s DVD looks like this? That would be amazing.

Next, he goes to Bonus Features. The Feature he picks of Making of. Let’s just say that…uh it takes them to the making of his life. ….When he parents had sex to make him.

Yeah, I did not need ti hear Fonzie screwing Marge. He presses fast forward and..’

“We’re in my mother’s Vagina!”


When they get out of there, so to speak, Sandler uses the remote to pick in on events from his Childhood. Is this filler? Yeah, but it’s enjoyable filler that takes advantage of this concept, so there.

They wrap this up so they can both get to work. Micheal heads to work as Hasselhoff is leaving for the week, leaving Micheal in charge. That bit is short though so Micheal can go home and do some Comedy with the remote.

He pauses his son and Kevin, the jerk kid so and makes it so Kevin is hit in the balls. They were playing catch, I should have mentioned that.

Anyway, his kids and his friends are having a sleepover that night, and he’s not having that. So he uses the remote to skip it and all so he can work on his project thingy. He also skips an argument with Donna. Man, I’m into “summarize the movie”, aren’t I? Sorry.

Thankfully, they kiss and make up. By kiss, I mean fuck. But because she wants him to coax her into it, he skips that part but ends up skipping the whole thing. See, that’s what you get for being a dick. You don’t get sex with Kate Beckinsale.

After that, Morty comes to visit. He explains to Micheal that while you skip stuff in your life, you go on Auto-pilot. That’s gonna be a problem later. Also, Walken questions why Donna feel for a guy like Sandler. He’s the best part of the movie.

Morty leaves, and Sandler asks the remote to fast forward to when he isn’t sick. He also skips part of his morning, so he won’t have to feel cold water in the shower. He then fast forwards through Traffic, and we also get that famous shot of the hot chick being slowed down. Yeah, you all know what I’m talking about.

He arrives at work and-

“It’s sexual harassment speech day!”

And people say the sad stuff later is Mood Whiplash. This isn’t made better when Micheal takes this to time to use the remote to make Hasselhoff look weird. It’s just…..time and place, man!

After…that they have a meeting with Japanese guys, and Micheal uses the remote to understand them when they have a huddle. The result is like a bad dubbing from a Kung Fu Movie. It is amazing.

It turns out they aren’t happy with the stuff that is going on, so Micheal tells them what they would rather have, and they are happy. I would say specifics, but do you really care? It’s all filler for the “Work” scenes.

So yeah, Micheal is happy cuz he made Partner (I never got what that means) so he buys new bikes for his kids, and everyone is happy. At least until the next day where it turns out he did not make partner, he just got a promotion.

“I already told my wife”

It might have been best to make that clear before letting him do stupid shit, eh? So Micheal pauses life so he can slap Hasselhoff. Then he farts in his face. Lovely.

He also…shits in his mouth. Um….let’s move on.
Micheal goes back to Morty, and asks if it would be a smart idea to skip to when he makes partner in a couple months. Morty randomly jumps into a speech about the Lucky Charms Leprechaun. Because it’s Walken, we need a random scene that is amazing.

He gets home and acts like an ass to his kids…because reasons.

“Life isn’t about being creative, it’s about kissing ass. Making your boss a lot of money”

Yep, It’s Sandler all right.

I get that he’s mad thanks to David, but the writers could have toned his dick-ish-ness down a tad. He goes outside to smoke a Cigar and Kevin comes out to be a dick again. Kevin’s Mom shows up and this happens.

“Micheal Newman, I didn’t know you smoked cigars”

“This isn’t mind, I took it out of Kevin’s hands. Yeah, he was smoking like a Chimney”

“No, I wasn’t”

“I think I smell marijuana in it”

‘Kevin O Doyle, you get your ass in this house right now!”

…Yeah, even as a 12 year old, I thought this was cruel as hell. I don’t think we never see him again, by the way.

Micheal goes back inside as Donna tells the kids they must return the bikes. He decides he can’t take this, and fast forwards to his big promotion. And this is where things will get…interesting.

So now we jump ahead, and he’s partner now. How far have we gone? A Year. Yeah. Changes include…his assitant moving and making a sex change. ….Yeah.

Also, their kids want to watch CSI instead of Dragon Tales. It only took a year to grow out of kids shows? Wow. Also, the dog that humped the duck is dead. Possibly from Stuffed Aids. Thankfully, they have a new dog to hump the stuffed duck.

The biggest change is that they are having..martial issues since, you know, he’s on Auto-Pilot. Micheal realizes this and promises he’ll be a better man. Well, the writer are finally trying to make Sandler likable despite some off moments. Good on them.

But suddenly, the remote starts jumping forward on it’s own, and he skips sex again. Walken shows up again and explains that the remote is using his memory to skip stuff he wants to skip. Yeha, he skips sex once and he skips it forever.

“You fast forwarded through an entire year. That’s a lot of sex”

Based on their problems, I doubt there was Sex to miss. Micheal tries to get rid of it, but it just pops up on it’s own when he does so.

“This item is non-returnable”

Wah wah.

He goes to work in a bathrobe to avoid skipping the shower cuz…it may skip more? Yeah, good logic there. David is cool with it though. However, during their conversation, David says that Sandler may be CEO on day.

“I wish for that to happen but-”

The remote beeps and…fast forward. Wah wah. Yeah, I’m summarizing again but I’m having fun doing that for once. Now THIS is where it gets interesting. Why? He skips TEN YEARS this time. Yeah.

So I suppose we’re in 2017 now. The film came out in 2006, and we went a year, and now it’s ten years. So…insert clever joke here. There’s one BIG change, right off the bat.

“Oh my god, I’m a fat guy”

Remember what I said earlier? About a certain scene that scared me? Yeah ,this is it. Imagine see Sandler’s big fat body right in front of your face on a huge screen, cuz you’re in the front row.

Yeah, I was stupid. Also, my 2017 theory is confirmed during a Radio News Report, where we get some topical jokes.

“Britney Spears had he 23rd baby today. Also, Micheal Jackson, the first man to kill himself, is now using himself, for molesting himself”

Let’s move on.

Micheal heads home and we find out his Son has grown up to be Jonah hill. Cool. The Daughter has grown up to …well I can’t hot, cuz she’s 14 and I already look creepy enough, thank you. The biggest change is that Micheal are Donna are divorced, and she’s dating Sean Astin now. That is also cool.

This doesn’t please Micheal and Morty pops up. He just says Micheal brought this on yourself, as the Auto Pilot made Micheal pick work over home every time. Micheal tries to fix this but he falls and hits himself on the head. Suddenly, the remote beeps and we fast forward again.

As it turns out, it skipped 6 more years, as Micheal has not been Healthy for a single day since that bump on the head. Okay, I swear, this is where it gets REALLY interesting.

Also, he had 3 Liposuctions and he has a weird tummy. Donna has married Bill, for real this time. We see that in 2013, things all high tech, and the son is no longer fat. Micheal talks to him in his office and sees a picture of a hot chick.

“Blonde, big lips , that your girl?”

“No ,that’s you’re daughter”


So yeah, Micheal’s life sucks, and his daughter grew up to be that friend who died in Taken. How could things get worse?

“Grandpa died, Dad”


Micheal breaks down in tears in a damn emotional moment. He visits his Dad’s grave and he tries to use the remote to see the moment where Dad died…but he wasn’t there. Also, Walken shows up.

Instead, we see the last time Micheal saw him. It was a normal day and The Fonz here came in to invite Micheal over for a get together. But because of the Auto-Pilot, Micheal declined. He tries to reel him by saying he’ll show Micheal that quarter trick that I havent’ mentioned until now.

But Past Micheal reveals that he has always known.

“I’m so sorry I barged in. I love you, son”

….Yeah, that’s pretty emotional. I mean, damn! Sure, Dad hadn’t done too much until now but this is still sad to see. We really see how Micheal’s decisions have effected him, in a bad way. The entire movie was building up this moment. This scene made the movie for some people and that includes me. Wow, Sandler can do drama in a Comedy, too!

Micheal agrees with me, and breaks down.

“I love you too, Dad”


Back at the grave, this happens.

MORTY: Taking him wasn’t something I wanted to do.


“I’m an angel, Micheal”

‘I thought an angel was supposed to protect people”

“I’m the angel of death. Your Dad…was his time”

“You bastard”


2. The last line would be better If the previous line was “You killed Fonzie!”.

He gets pissed, and asks the remote to take him to a good place. So he goes to Ben’s Wedding in 2034. Of course, Donna and Bill are still together and it’s still depressing. Micheal and Donna have a nice dance, but then he hears Samantha say this to Bill.

“Race you there, Dad”

Micheal has a heart attack from this, and the screen goes black. He wakes up in the hosptial, as Walken tells him he brought this on himself, as this is the life he chose. Dang.

Sam has been at his side for 36 hours while he was asleep, cuz, as she says, he is her father. D’aww. She leaves and Micheal has finally had it with all the shit he has gone through. He gets up but he is told he is far from ready. Walken tells him to stop but he keeps going, Yeah ,that machine is kind of keeping him alive. You can fill in the blanks from there.

He heads out into Dramatic Rain to catch up to Ben and Sam. Since it’s raining, things are a tad overblown as Micheal falls over. We then get the big scene that is THE tear jerker for the movie. Micheal is laying there in the rain as his family rushes to him.

“Family…comes first”



This isn’t time to hum the Bill nye thing, dude. But it is the time to flip Bill off for the crime of doing nothing wrong.

Earlier, Micheal wrote a note for Donna, which he gives to her now. It’s a huge tear jerker moment that works very well with the story. You know, the film has flaws, which I’ll get into, but scenes like this, make up for them.

WALKEN: It’s time to go.

ISABELLA: Are you sweating through your eyes?

BUFORD: No, I’m just crying.

Yeah, this scene is awesome. It must be seen, as I can’t really sum it up well here.

Micheal dies….and he wakes up in Bed, Bath and Beyond. The first thing he sees is Nick Swardsen. Oh crap, he’s in hell!

Before you say anything, it was not all a dream. Morty was just giving him another chance, but for now, he thinks it was all a dream. He visits his parents and assures them he loves them.

He heads home and has more happy moments. He pretty much assures his family he will focus on them more often and all that good stuff. Also, he brought over a girl to dog to fuck his dog.

Yeah. And his new doggy goes for the duck. Is that stuffed duck a freaking sex god? You’re giving JD a run for his money!

…I’ve been wanting to bring that back.

Anyway, everything’s happy. But Micheal sees the remote, with a note from Morty.

“Like I said, good guys need a break, I know you’re do the right thing this time”

Micheal throws it away, having learned his lesson. It doesn’t pop up on his dead this time, so he knows he’s free.

“Who wants to have a pillow fight?!”

Roll credits. Hey, an ending that wraps up everything and the credits come when I expect them too. That’s rare.

Yes, the credits are in the style of the life Menu. Also, Rob is not credited. Gee, I wonder why.

Also, there’s a message near the end of the credits.

‘This movie is dedicated to my Mom and Dad, and to all our parents who never thought twice about putting their family first. And to my darling wife and daughter, thanks for making it easy for me to want to do the same”

….That’s cool.

Final Thoughts:

Yeah, it holds up decently. It may the best pure Sandler Comedy I’ve reviewed so far. But to be honest, The Wedding Singer, which I will review someday, is better. I’ll get into why some other time.

But this film, so what it is, is fairly good. Let’s go into the flaws first. Yes, some of the comedy is a bit dumb, and some parts are so pointless. Shitting in the bosses face, the Kevin torture, it was all pointless.

I think that they need to make the Work vs Family thing better, since it does fall into the Workaholic cliché trappings a few times. It could have transitioned into the drama a tad better and g there are other nitpicky things, like Kate being there to be the hot Sandler wife, and that’s it.

But the good parts are so good, I can forgive all that. The drama itself isn’t too forced, as it feels like the way this story would go. A Thousand Words, which came from the same pen, tried this but it didn’t work because it did not feel earned. This movie earned it.

While the characters were not the best, Micheal still ended up begin likable due to having good development. The writer actually tried to make him care about his family more, and it;s just a small slip that made things go wrong. Sandler does a good job here, having some decent Comedy moments and he’s still good at Drama. I really have to see Reign Over Me and Funny People someday.

The story is a tad cliché but it hits all the right notes. The other characters fulfill their roles nicely and the actors do a good job. But as usual, Walken is the scene stealer. He has funny lines, and he’s just a great presence.

Speaking of funny, the comedy is okay. Not the best, and there are some dumb moments, but most of it is subdued and funny. The drama is a tad heavy in contrast, but I’ve seen worse in that regard.

Speaking of which, the drama is good. You really start to care about what is going on, and they make some of these cliches work. I’ve been seen better Drama in a Comedy, but it’s done well here. The script as a whole is solid enough, despite it’s flaws.

They take full advantage of the remote so even the filler is fun. The film is more fun than funny but that’s not a bad thing. It’s still an enjoyable film but the Drama just happens to be better. Sandler has made better, but this movie still stands as the most shockingly good in his ever growing Filmography.

It touches on interesting subject matter, it has decent acting, okay comedy ,and good drama. For a Sandler movie, that’s pretty good. Not much else to say except check it out if you have not already.

Grade: B+

Maybe it’s not quite a B+ but it’s still good. Next time, we finish off the over-long ranger.

See ya.

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