The Simpsons Movie

I will not have every review be a day late.  (RT if you get the joke)

I will not have every review be a day late.
(RT if you get the joke)

Hello, Spongey here.

As of this writing, FXX is having a marathon of EVERY. SIMPSONS. EVER. We’re already at the part where it outstayed it’s welcome, but ah well. And for that , I thought it was a perfect time to take on the movie.

The Simspons needs no introduction. If you need me to explain it, you’ve been living under a rock. And I doubt Patrick Star can even read.

The Simpsons has been going for like 24 Seasons now, and most people are sick of it. It was a hilarious show with great character, clever humor, and hear. But now it’s just…eh. Honestly, I can watch a few episodes without wanting to hurt myself, which makes it better than Modern Family Guy at least.

I see they are putting effort into it, but it’s still outstayed it’s welcome. However, it doesn’t mean that I can’t appreciate how good it used to be. As far as The Simpsons goes,I’m no super fan but I’ve seen most of the classic episodes, and some not so classic episodes.

As a fan, there was no way I was gonna miss out on a movie, which came out a were 18 Seasons after the show started. Geez, it took them awhile, to say the least. When it came out, people were saying the show was going downhille and stuff.

So this movie was a breathe of a fresh air. And not just because it was the first 2D animated movie in awhile. It has all the hallmarks of classic Simpsons and it was the best thing they did in years. People thought it would mean the show would go back to being awesome.

It didn’t. Ah well.

Either way, the movie is pretty good. And today, we’ll see just how good it is. It was directed by Simpsons director David Silverman and it had ELEVEN writers! Christ, no wonder it took so long to make!

Most of them are writers from the show so I won’t go through them here. I’ll just start the movie as there isn’t more to say. Insert clever reference here!

This, is The Simpsons Movie

The movie opens with the Fox logo….with Ralph singing the tune. Well, we’e off to a good start already. The movie actually opens with an Itchy and Scartchy cartoon, with them in space.

It’s cool to see Itichy and Scarthy with film level animation. It’s very cool to see. Itchy beats up Scratchy while in space and he is hailed as a hero, He even becomes president, but he finds out Scartchy is alive on the moon. So he launches milises, like nay good present.

And this turns out to be a movie the Simpsons are watching. Homer is not happy.

‘I can’t believe we’re paying to see something we get on TV for free. If you ask me everyone in this theater is a giant sucker! Especially…you!”

Well, at least they’re self aware.

Then we get the class intro, but with the film’s animation, and different scenes. In case you’re wondering, the chalkboard gag is “I will not illegally download this movie” We then move to as Green Day concert with them performing the theme.

They finish the theme, and start to talk about the Environment. ….Springfield is not happy. Infact they pelt the band with stuff, right as the pollution in the lake dissolves their barge.

Yeah, the Environment thing is gonna be important later. I’ll get to it when we get to it.

Green Day ends up dying. Well, that’s one death I didn’t see coming. We cut to Church as we’re just gonna forgot we opended with a band dying. Suddenly, a light shines on Grandpa and he goes crazy.

“Horrible things are going to happen”

But he’s Grandpa so no one really cares. They take him and drive home. Even Grandpa doesn’t care about his freakout. And to be fair, there was no need to foreshadow the events that go on later.

Back at home, Homer does some chores and we he and Bart end up having a dare contest. We get to see them bonding despite the usual antics. I will say that the plot is a little…erratic at times, at least in the first half of the movie.

There are a lot of great gags, as you would expect, but it won’t buckle down until the plot kicks in. While that’s going on, Lisa tries to spread aware-ness and she meets a boy named Colin. She likes him so of course he won’t appear after this movie.

Honestly, this plot works better than it sounds but it isn’t exactly the highlight of the film. Also, as bart and Homer are doing something, text appears at the bottom, saying some show is premiering on fox.

‘That’s right we’re adverting in movies now”


Homer dares Bart to skateboard naked. He does so and we get that scene. You know the one. Where they do the whole austn powers thing, cleverly covering up his dick ….Until they show it for a second.

That’s not a joke. The film shows up little boy penis. FXX’s airing censoers it, thnk god, but still….why?

Either way, it’s a funny scene. It ends with Bart landing on The Krusty Burger as Ned and his kids are eating. Here’s an out of context line.

“Bountiful penis, amen!”

The cops catch him and tie him to a pole while they eat inside. Yeah, the cops in this show suck, but it’s Comedy so it’s fine.

Bart stays there all day until Homer finally shows up…and lies and says it was all Bart’s idea. Yeah, Homer kind of sucks but he gets better. Infact, Homer’s lack of intelligence plays a big role in this.

“This is the worst day of my life”

“Worst day of your life so far’

They eat inside the restaurant, and Homer is distract by a pig they are usual for an Ad. The pig takes a liking to Homer, so he decides to keep him. You all know where this leads to, but we’ll get to it.

The pig is there to help start the actual plot. But unlike some episodes, this is done well, with great jokes. Homer takes the pig home and of course Marge isn’t happy. She lets him him it anyway because the plot says so.

Bart on the other hand, is feeling a little neglected. He sees how well Ned treats his kids and Ned pops up to talk to him. He offers to take him fishing, and after that fishing flashback you see in the trailers, we cut to the next day, where we get…that bit.

You know the one. It’s the Afro Circus of this movie. …Here you go:

“Spider pig, spider pig, does whatever a spider pig does. Can he sling from a web? No he can;t, he’s a pig…”

Yeah. It’s hilarious. Over exposed….but still. Seriously, if you thought they used Afro circus too much, you should been around when this movie was coming out.

Once you get over the hilarity of that, we cut to Bart and Ned fishing, as Bart discovers the joys of having a parent who doesn’t hit you. But that’s not interesting, so it’s back to Lisa’s environmental stuff. She sees more crap being dumped in the lake, but the crowd she talks to doesn’t listen.

Mayor Quimby eventually listens though, and makes everyone pitch in to clean up the town. Well, that was easy. The end!

Back with Homer, he tells Marge that he’s putting Spider-Pig’s ,,,,dumpings in a silo. She tells to dispose of it poerply.

“You can take Spider-Pig with you”

“He’s not Spider-Pig anymore, he’s Harry Plopper”

That was in the trailers too.

He drives to a waste treatment center, but Lenny calls and tells Homer that the donut store is giving out free donuts. So to get there faster, he dumps it in the lake while no one’s looking. Yeah, we all know where this is going, and I could get made, but in this case, I can buy that he would do this since he’s not aware of the consequences, and he wlll learn his lesson.

Granted, they’ve used the “Homer fucks up and has to make up for it” thing 100000 times, even more than they’ve done “Homer and Marge are having marriage troubles” episodes. But….this is different!

It’s a movie.

Homer leaves and we pan to the lake to see a many eyed Squirrel come out of it. Dun dun dun dun!

Bart and Ned are hiking, and Ned says this.

“The states that border Springfield: Ohio, Nevada, Maine and Kentucky”

Spoilers, no states borders them. Stupid Sexy Flanders!

He discovers the Squirrel, and some Environment dudes show up to take it away. That was the EPA, headed by Russ Cargil, voiced by Albert Brooks. He takes it to the president, who is Ahnold….for some reason.

This kind of confuses people, because he has a similar design to the show’s own Reiner (hope I got that name right) Wolfcastle, who is an Expy of Ahnold.

Well…..uh…i….yeah, I don’t get it either.

He shows him the mutant Squirrel, and now he thinks this is serious. He gives them a step of options, and he picks number 3.

“Aren’t you gonna read them first?”

“I was elected to lead, not to read. Number 3”

Insert joke about that president you don’t like here.

Turns out Option 3 is putting a huge dome over the town. Insert Under the dome joke here. It’s interesting that the plot actually starts right away despite some filler. Yet, it all feeds into a bigger picture. Bart’s nude ride didn’t just exist to give Homer a pig to spew out waste to start the plot. It was also there to get him to like Ned and feed into the development Homer will get later.

So yeah, good writing and stuff.

It turns out this is the thing Grandpa was warning about. Yeah, it was still pointless. Cargill tells them what is going on. He also tells them that they took the town off the map so know will figure out what is going on. Yes, he’s the villain.

A bit later, everyone is adjusting to life under the dome (Booo!). Homer and Marge are watching when the news, and they found the pig crap Silo. Wah wah.

Marge is not happy, and neither is everyone else, because a huge mob forms outside their house. A mob of like 90 characters, major and minor. It’s pretty awesome actually. They actually managed to fit in a ton of Simpsons character, either through the mob, or tiny gags that I skip.

And yet it’s still all about the Simspons, and each member gets significant screen time, even Maggie. Very nice.

The mob breaks in but Ned tries to help save them. It doesn’t work. They get in their car and…the mob just starts carrying the car. Strong crowd.

They hide in Bart’s tree house but the mob tries to get them down. Maggie discovers a sinkhole in the sand box, and they use it to escape the dome. Yeah, I think the sinkhole was place by the plot contrivance god.

The sink hole gets bigger and trashes the place, and the crowd leaves. Cargil hears that the Simpsons have escaped, and says a bunch of stuff that leads to this line:

“You’ve gone mad with power”

“Of course I have. Have you tried going mad without power? It’s boring”


The Simpsons crash at a hotel and they’re not exactly happy with Homer. Marge calls him out for what he did, and Homer doesn’t really know why he did what he did, but he’s sorry. And he has a back up plan!

His plan is to move the family to Alaska. Best plan ever.

Sadly, Marge doesn’t agree, but Homer has a heartfelt speech so she’s onboard now. I like that Homer does have a heart in this outside of being dumb. He regrets what he did and he’s gonna try to make things right. Good on him.

They still need to get a car of some kind, so they head a local carnival for a comic set piece. Home does this thing where you try to ride a bike in big ball thing. I would have skipped this if it wasn’t given a call back in the climax.

With advice from Lisa, he wins and wins a truck. (Great wrtting, Spongey). Back in Springfeild, being trapped in a dome is driving people crazy/

“Day 7 under the dome”


Chief Wiggum, Apu, and Dr Hibbert go to Mr Burns to ask for some spare power. It’s pointless but it’s funny, so I’ll let it slide.

The Simpsons family makes it to Alaska, where they goof out and give us a bunch of jokes about Alaska. After some Homer/Marge antics, the Springfieldians finally go crazy from being trapped in the dome. They start to crack the dome, so Cargill decides to blow up Spring Field. No, Ahnold does know of this plan because Russ forces him to this option without seeing it.

Back in Alaska, the family watches a TV commercial where Tom Hanks announces there will be an new Grand Canyon right where SpringField is. A cheap way to get the Simspons to find out about the plan but it works.

They want to go stop the bad guy but Homer doesn’t want to leave. Yep, Homer is being selfish and they call him out on it. Even Bart goes as far to say he wishes Ned was his father. Ouch.

Marge pleads with Homer…but he still doesn’t want to go. I suppose you could say he is too much of a dick, but since it’s part of his development stuff, I’ll let it slide.

So the other head home, leaving Homer alone. All that is lift is a video message from Marge.

“I always stand up for you. People pont out your flaws. I always say sometimes you have to stand back to appreciate a work of art. Lately, what’s keeping us together is my ability to overlook everything you do. And I overlook these things because….that’s the thing. I don’t know how to finish that sentence anymore. So I’m leaving iwht the kids, and we’re never coming back. And to prove myself, that this is the end….i taped this over out wedding tape. Goodbye homie”

It cuts back to them hanging on their Wedding night. …Christ, now that is emotional as all hell. They managed to do the whole Homer/Marge is in trouble right for the first time in forever! Homer faces the consequences of his actions, and this entire scene is just heart breaking. I love it.

…Then a card comes up saying “To be Continued….Immediately” . Nice.

Homer leaves, gets lost, and is found by by a weird Eskimo lady. She makes him drink a weird fire liquid, and tells him she is doing magic stuff to make him have an Epiphany. Eventually, he does and we get a trippy scene set up to a weird background chant version of the Spider-Pig scene.

In this weird acid trip, a tree tears Home apart, until he admits he doesn’t care about himself anymore. That’s a weird sentence. He realizes that other people are just as important as him.

“In order to save myself, I have to save Springfield”

Nor sure if we needed an acid trip to make him realize this but it’s cool nonetheless. Meanwhile, the Family tries to escape to Seattle but they are found by Cargill. Wah wah. Homer sets off on an epic journey across Alaska with Sled dogs, but he treats them badly and they kick his ass.

Not sure I mentioned that, but it was in the trailer so there. He makes it to Spring Field within a few hours (It’s night when we see him there, and it’s still night when he gets there) so….Spring Field is within driving/walking distance of Alaska!

….Nevermind, no one cares about that mystery anymore.

Homer quickly discovers that his family was captured. So he takes a wrecking ball and tries to tear open the truck or something. It doesn’t work and we get that scene in the trailer with the Rock and the Hard place.

Wow, the trailer spoiled a lot of jokes….despite hiding the plot until the last minute. Anyway, he fails and the family are taken back inside the dome. Russ tells them that they will be blown up. He throws a bomb into the dome that will go off in 15 minutes.

While Homer tries to get into the dome, some of the secondary character tries to get out while Cletus distracts Cargill. But Homer coming in prevents them from getting out.

“Homer do good?”

“No, you doomed us all”

“I can’t do anything right!”

Ouch, even when he actually does something good, he ruins everything, He kicks the bomb, making it go down to 4 minutes.

“Go out of here!”

Christ, think he’s had enough, writers

Bart visits Ned and asks to be in his family, for the 4 minutes they have left to live. D’awww. Homer finds a bike and decides to use it to get out. Told you it was important.

Homer goes to Bart, and asks for forgive-ness. Bart says no…until Homer offers to let him hold the bomb while they ride their way out.

“He knows me”

Yeah, I think they went too far with Bart hating Homer, since he only joins him when it benefits HIM. Ah well, it was still a cute story arc, with Ned and all that.

“I’m sorry I wished you weren’t my father”

…Nevermind, he is fully forgiven

“Somebody throw the Goddamn bomb!”

They do, and the bomb explodes outside of the dome, saving them all. It also breaks the dome for good. For some reason, only one shard hits someone. It…kills Dr Nick.

“Goodbye everybody”

He shows up again with no explanation in a later episode.

“Now that was a great father son activity”

Indeed, but there’s still Evil Marlin to deal with.

He’s about to shoot them when he is hit by a rock….thrown by Maggie. ….AWESOME. Anti-climatic but AWESOME!

Lisa reunites with Colin. Oh yeah, he was in this movie. Why was he in this movie? They hold hands (yeah, your town isn’t that important) and Homer is hailed as a hero. Also, the dog lived, despite going through the huge sinkhole earlier.

“I did things no dog should do. They will haunt me forever”

Marge shows up, and they ride off in the motorccle, kissing.

“Best kiss of my life’

“Best kiss of your life so far”

With tat, we cut to the people fixing up the town, with Bart and Homer fixing the roof, like in an earlier bit I skipped. As a side note, the intro to the episode after the movie is changed to show that Spring Field is still being fixed from the movie. It was a nice thing to see even if it didn’t carry over into the episodes. And yes, we do see Spider-Pig a couple times, including that episodes Couch gag.

Their roof fixing goes bad, and Homer screams comically. Roll credits. The chant version of the Spider-Pig song plays as the 2nd song in the credits. Also, near the end of the credits, we see The Simpsons in a theatre making comments.

“A lot of people worked hard on this film, and all they ask if for you to memorize their names”

Please, their animation credits. They move really fast because nobody cares about them!

“Wait, it looks like Maggie has something to say”

“Her first word!”


Maybe whne Sephen King needs a new idea.

Okay, now I can talk about the abrup end-

Final Thoughts:

Yeah, it holds up. While I personally wouldn’t call it one of the best movies based on a show, it’s still pretty good. The story is a bit basic and secondary to everything is, but it works fine. The environmental angle isn’t preachy and it’s there to service the characters and stuff.

The animation is pretty good, being close to the show while still great enough for an actual movie. That’s how it’s done. The characters are a bit of a mixed bag.

While like how the story is constructed around the characters, I felt like Lisa’s stuff with Colin was pointless, and he himself was kind of dull. I also think Bart’s role needed tightning, as the stuff with Ned doesn’t have much of a conclusion, thought it is well done.

I love all the little parts the others get, and I they manage to include pretty much every character ever, in a way that isn’t obtrusive. If you know the show, you’ll like it, and if you don’t, they are amusing enough to make you laugh anyway.

I really enjoy the arc with Homer and Marge here. Homer’s stupidity is believable, and he is forced to face the consequences of his actions. Marge actually questions hwy she is with him, and everything is emotional and interesting. It manages to get me invested in their relationship, unlike the show these days.

As far as Cargill goes, he’s a bit cliché but he works because he’s funny, and Albert Brooks does a good job. All the voice actors do ,really. But on top of all that, it’s just funny. Even after all this time, I still laugh at the jokes and I don’t think any fall flat.

As far as adaptations go, it gives what he want in terms of humor and characters. The story may not be the best pick, but it works for what it is. I hope they stay true to the chalkboard gag from the next episode after this, and not wait 20 years to make another movie.

I’m sure you’ve all seen the movie by now, but if you haven’t, you might as well check it out now.

Grade: B+

Hmm, I haven’t done a gag where the poster for the next movie I’m doing shows up, in a awhile. Let’s do that.

What’s next?


…This should be fun.

See ya.


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