Elseworlds Month: Critiquing the Critics

(I didn’t have time to do another, so here’s the finale! I’ve reviewed mostly bad stuff, but now I review….well, you’ll see. )

Elseworlds Month

Universe 321: Critiquing the Critics

Greetings my Lovelies, and Welcome to another episode of Critiquing the Critics. Today’s Subject: Spongey444.

That’s right kiddies, for the only time ever, I shall be reviewing a blog. Why? Because I’m too lazy to review anyone else.

I mean Busy! Yeah….that’s it.

Spongey444 mainly reviews movies but he also reviews TV Episodes, and books. We’ll be focusing on his movie reviews, but the other reviews follow the same format.

Now, at first he seems like a clone….of the 443 other Spongey’s. And obviously he is, but his format is similar to that of the Nostalgia Critic’s. ‘

And there are plenty of times he makes jokes similar to him, and stuff like that. However, he does try to be a bit different. For one, he does plenty of positive reviews along with Negative reviews. That means he isn’t angry ALL the time. And even in the negative reviews, he’s a bit nicer than most people would be. This would be where I move on to the Critiquing section of the Reviewer triforce, but I want to knock out Technicals first.

He’s a blog reviewer, so I don’t have to cover this part! …Well…the blog looks okay. There, we’re done.

Now let’s start with Critiquing. He’s a mixed bag, in both the positive and negative reviews. In his negative reviews, he can do a decent job at explaining why the movie is really bad, or just weak. He’ll break down every aspect, mostly the characters and story, and explain why  the film doesn’t work. His reviews of Bratz, Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar movie, and The 41 Year Old Virgin who knocked up Sarah Marshall and felt Superbad about it showcase this very well.

On the other hand, he does have the tendency to over exaggerate things a bit just to make a point. The NC does this too but it’s usually for the sake of humor but he doesn’t really have the comedy skills to back it up.

It’s not a huge problem now, but for awhile it kind of was an issue. Also, there will sometimes be sections where he has nothing to say and he will just be recapping the plot.

Some reviews don’t have this problem but some do. He lampshades this sometimes, and as long as he knows his problem, he doesn’t have to fix them.

Hey, that’s how I work, too! …

Thankfully, he’s mostly fine. The biggest issue will be that he just picks movies that don’t give him materiel so it isn’t his fault all the time. That bring us to his positive reviews. For some reason, they are his best when he’s at his best.

He does a very good job explaining the film worked for him, and he will go in great detail to do so.

He also points out any issues he has with the film, even if it’s one of the best movies he’s ever seen. His reviews of The Spongebob Movie, Ted,, and 16 Wishes showcase this very well.

Though sometimes it seems he’s grasping at straws for problems or it seems like he’s doing it just because he feels like he has to. Both most of the time, these reviews are very good. But sometimes, his positive reviews can be kind of….boring.

His review of Hotel Transylvania, for example, is a bit dry at poinst. It feels like he’s reviewing just because he wants and not because it has any good materiel. It’s an okay review, and he makes good points sometimes but it’s example of his weakest work.

His reviews can be a bit mixed, depending on the subject. Sometimes they can be forced or boring, and other times they are better than you think they would be.

But at least he has few good points per review to make them worth reading. Arrow goes up because he’s okay. Now for the Humor.

This is his weakest area, as he’s not quite as focused on humor as other reviewers. Usually he just insert whatever quip he can think of. Sometimes they are amusing, and other times they aren’t. I’ve never groaned at his jokes, but he’s not exactly hilarious.

Thankfully, this isn’t a big problem as the text format makes the humor easier to swallow. And hey, he’s still funnier than me. There, I think I’ve filled up my Self Depreciation qouta for this review.

Little Arrow goes up cuz why not?


Overall, Spongey444 is decent enough. While he can often be dull, he can also be somewhat insightful and smart, even if he doesn’t think so. I actually think his Genereal reviews are better, as his reviews of Girl Vs Monster, The Poof Point, and Cadet Kelly showcased all the strengths I’ve mentioned, but none of the weaknesses.

He’s good at saying why he likes something, or why he’s mixed on it. I’m not saying he should do only those, as his normal reviews work fine, but those end up being the best of his works.

His book and TV reviews are also better sometimes, as the works of R.L. Stine give him lots of materiel, for Critiquing and humor. But ah well.

Now for the rating. I’m not sure what to give him. Giving him a 3 would be weird given his weakness and format. At his best, he’s a  mild 3 Star reviewer. He does a good job explaining why something is good or bad, and he’s more fair than most reviewers. Even if that means he likes Disney Channel movies.

Wait, what?

At his worst, he’s a 2,5 Star Reviewer. Good enough but a bit lacking in some areas. I’ll just go with that because I’m lazy.

I’d say check him out if you still like the play by play format, or just like what I’ve been saying here. So yeah, he’s okay. …that’s all I got.


Universe 1-a: Spongey444

…That was trippy. Is that really what I would do if I was someone else? …Whew, I’m glad I’m me!

I’ll never make a world traveling device ever again. Though I’ll admit it was interesting get a peek into other worlds.

It’s odd that I share the EXACT same opinions as those other versions of the reviewers. I’ll just keep this machine in storage in case I somehow want to look at those worlds again.

Why did I spent a whole month looking into that thing?

Whatever, at least it’s all over. Now I can get back to doing normal reviews. Tune in August 3rd, when I return to normal reviews with…A Fairly Odd Summer.

It’s good to be back.

Critiquing the Critics belongs to MartialHorror aka Blake. I belong to me


About Spongey444

I'm 20 and I'm a slightly below average man who can barely spell. I mostly spend my time watching TV and movies, hence why i ended doing a blog all about those things. I tend to have weird tastes, but I like think I'm just fair on things.
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