Eleseworlds Month: Atop the 4th Wall

(Warning, the following post contains more ponies)


UNIVERSE 345-A: Atop the Fourth wall.

Hello, and welcome to Atop the Fourth Wall, where bad comics burn. There are a few subjects I get asked about often, mostly a movie or TV show that my fans want me to like or hate because my opinion validates them, I guess.

One of those subjects, is My Little Pony: Friendship is magic. This isn’t too shocking for many reasons. One of them being that I’ve….referenced the show on a few occasions. I once even pulled a pony comic from out of nowhere with my Man powers!

That happens way too often. Anyway, my stance on the show? It’s a thing people like that isn’t my thing, but I respect the it as a whole. While I, like many others, shake my head at certain parts of the fandom, I have to respect them….mostly because many of those fans are also fans of me, and I don’t want to lose half my fanbase. Again.

And since it’s a popular thing people like it, it’s only logical that they would make a comic series out of it! Two, well, three series to be exact. Published by IDW,this comic series proved to be so popular that they made a series out of sister show, Littlest Pet Shop. But that one has has nothing really notable in it.

….Nope, nothing.

There’s the Main series that consist a bunch of one off story arcs that started out spanning 4 issues, but reduced to two. Then we have the Micro Series, where each Issue focuses on a different character from the series.

There’s also another series that is like the Micro series, with two characters instead off just one. I figured I would review one of these comics, but I wasn’t sure which series, or comic to go with. I eventually picked one from the Micro series for a few reasons.

For one, I don’t want to waste your time with 4 or two issue arcs about Ponies and fans are mixed on the Micro serties, which means there’s a good chance I’ll pick a bad one. And really, aren’t bad comics much more fun?

….Well not for me, but I digress. From what I could gather, the one fans seem to dislike the most is the Fourth Issue, which focuses on Fluttershy. Can you guess what her trait is?

I never said the show was subtle.

So we’ll see just what gets the fans underpants in a bunch. Let’s dig into My Little Pony Micro Series #4, and see if it’s worthy any fuss.

Welecome to Atop the Fourth Wall

where bad comics burn

Linkara’s gonna teach you all

a lesson you won’t learn.

Brodsky, you’re not the smartest.

Leifeld, you’re not an artist.

If anyone’s had a bad comic published,

it could be your turn.


He is a man! Punch!

Wears a purdy hat.


He has a magic gun

Where’d he purchase that?


Coins, robots, Amazons, and trucks.


This. Comic. Sucks.



The cover is fine. We have a Fluttershyand a bunch of Butterflys.. It’s decent enough, giving a taste of what the character is like. Granted, it has nothing to do with the plot of the comic itself, but that’s fine. Not much else to say here.

The comic opens with Fluttershy, and her bunny Angel, going out to visit her woodland friends. She stops in her tracks when she sees a flier for an Extreme art contest.

….It’s too easy at this point.

She quickly takes the flier and runs back to her house before anyone can see here. Kind of convenient that no one happened to outside, but whatever.

“I would so mortified if anypony knew what I’ve hiding downstairs in my secret room…or even that I have a secret room! Just imagine if they knew the truth..”

If you are expecting a Cupcakes joke, you can go back now. If you odn’t know what this is….good.

“What I do here in my ….CHAMBER OF EXTREME KNITTING!”

Again with the EXTREEEME!11!? I didn’t expect me to use that gag while reviewing a My Little Comic, I’ll be honest.

“I’ve also considered calling it THE PALACE OF FRIENDLY PONY GROTESQUERIES! But I thought might be a bit too much”

Okay, that was funny. But what hell are “Grotesqueries”? Comments section, get on that.

It turns out Fluttershy knits incredibly artic….thingys, and she wants her to one in Celestia’s EXTREME art contest. But of course she’s afraid of what everyone will think of her art. From what I’ve said, I doubt your friends would shoot down your art crulely, but this conflict is fine, so I’ll let it slide.

“You’re right Angel, so what? I’ll do it!”

Well, that was quick. It’s like that bit was pointless or something!

So she enters the EXTREME art contest, in disguise. She plans to entire this HUGE sculpture that somehow hit over a small tarp without anyone seeing it.

“I hope Princess Celestia will appreciate the symbolism inherent in the chaotic juxtaposition of my cutie mark melded into a transformative serial m representing the process of personal maturation as experienced by an introvert to artisan!”


“I mean I hope she likes my art because it’s about me learning to be brave”

Okay, that was also funny. Though as an Adult, even I couldn’t understand half of that.

Fluttershy spots stereotypical art critic Praiser Pan (eh, that’s kind of clever), who is about as pretentious of a critic as….well me.

Naturally, Fluttershy is afraid of his wraith. A fear which is….founded.

“This isn’t art, this is cr-”



You know-for kids!

Fluttershy tries to just keep her identity as the artist under wraps, but Rarity, who happens to there, instantly recognizes her voice. Wow, the paper thing disguise actually doesn’t turn the other characters into idiots? I’m impressed.

Rarity, the great and respectful friend that she is, takes Fluttershy’s disguise off and reveals her to everyone. Needless to say, the critics are not kind.




You have to wonder how such jerks get to be respected as professional critics. Well, besides bribes. …Which I know absolutely nothing about.

Naturally, this doesn’t please Fluttershy and now she wants to quit art forerver. I’d complain about that…but it seems like it’s in character for her so….you win this round, My Little Pony.

“I’m worthless and my work is awful!”

I’ll never be as popular as the Bee Gees!

Fluttershy is about to destroy her work, but she decides to stand up for her piece. But she doesn’t really need to, because Princess Celestia shows up and says she likes it. This causes Praiser to change his mind about the piece.

What, is Celestia going to smite anyone who disagrees with her or something? …Or he’s just a weakling. I think that’s the point. You win THIS round, My Little Pony.

“They’re saying nice things. They like it!”

…Only because their supreme leader likes it. That’s not exactly better. Well okay, one pony still dislikes it. Guess she’s not afraid of supreme lord Celestia.

“There are always critics my dear”

So kids, if you make something, it’s amazing and anyone who doesn’t like it is a snobby critic! But if they change their minds, it’s just so they won’t get smiten by their ruler!

…What’s the lesson, again?

Fluttershy wins the EXTREME art contest and so our comic ends with Fluttershy giving us our moral.

“That’s how I learned that you should never let your fear of being criticized stop you from expressing yourself through art! Especially if you have terrific friends to help you do it! Even though I suspect they do not truly understand the artitics impulse that drives me. Which makes them even more terrifc!”

Eh, that’s a bit better. But it doesn’t change the fact that the only pony you could really trust is Celestia. Your friends probably like everything you do, and those critics only change their minds out of fear!

A bit of a mixed message, just saying.

This comic …..is okay. The artwork is decent, the premise is somewhat promosing, and I kind of see where they were goring with the moral. But at the same time, they kind of a botched it. While the ultimate message, don’t let criticism bug you, is nice, the way it’s written is kind of off.

As I said before, there was only person who liked it that Fluttershy could trust, as the others were her friends, and critics who only changed their minds out of fear. On top of that, every single pony who disliked it was a snooty critic.

Maybe if some critics liked or, or some provided constructive criticism, maybe the comic would have worked better, but as it is, it’s a little muddled. It’s not bad, as it somewhat enjoyable in some parts, but it’s a bit light, and what’s there is a bit off.

I don’t hate the comic as much as some seem too, but it’s not too great either. However, I do recommend the main series as it’s show accurate and actually pretty solid. I don’t know what the other micro series books are like, but this one is…Okay.

….It’s times like this where I wish I had a sign off phrase.

My Little Pony Micro Series is Property of IDW/Hasbro

Atop the Fourth Wall is property of Lewis Lovhaug (Hope I spelled that right) and Inked Reality.

(This one was a tad hard to make, cuz I don’t exactly have the comedy timing that Lewis does, and I was forced to nitpick a bit at some points. If I did this as me, I would discuss show faithful ness a bit more and all that. Ah well, this turned out okay.)



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