Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure

Hello, Spongey here.

Not too long ago, I reviewed the first film in Disney’s Direct to video Tinkerbell series. It was okay. It was cliché and stupid, but it has some enjoyable elements, good voice acting, and surprisingly good animation.

And we still have a few to go. So let’s take a look at the first sequel. It’s from the brilliant director of Planes and I have no idea what expect. Let’s do this.


This, is Tinkerbell And the Lost Treasure

The movie opens with narration by Grey Delise, that doesn’t tell us anything too important. We see the fairies doing their thing and like in the first, the opening shows off some decent animation.

After a few more minutes of that, Terrance (the bland love interest from the first one) visits Tinkerbell. She’s still building stuff after what she learned in the last one. We see her building the “Pixie dust express” which is really a boat.

“It floats!”


The test doesn’t go very well, and we get a few amusing moments. Tink is pissed that the boat didn’t work, but she has no time to vent as she has to talk to the Queen. She meets with the queen, as well as the Minister of Autumn, voiced by John Dimaggio.

Autumn is wrapping up and this year, it coincides with the Blue harvest moon. Apparently, a new Scepter must be created for such an occasion, and we are told that a type of fairy is picked to hold the scepter when this happens.

This year, it’s the turn of the tinker fairies. Long story short, she must make the scepter and use it to store this magic Autumn tree. So now Tink has a major responsibility. I must say, this is pretty cool.

The scene itself had good atmosphere and I do like that we have an okay plot this time around. We’re off to….a not bad start, I guess.

After that, Tink tells Terrance about this. Since he knows a lot about this stuff, he offers to help.

“Can I be your wingman?”


The next day, they get started. We get a montage of them working, and Terrance annoys her by doing….annoying stuff, like dusting her workplace a lot. There are other examples but let’s skip to when the end of this part. To get him off her back, he has her go get a sharp thing.

He comes back with a round thing and Tink dismisses it without hearing him out. The round thing then crushes the scepter.

“Out Terrance, just go!”

…Yeah, let’s talk about this. Terrance has taken a level in dumbass for no reason, and Tink has taken a level in Jerkass for no reason. Also, it’s cliché. …That’s all I got.

In a fit anger, Tink accidentally crushes the moon stone that goes on top of the Scepter. She was warned that it’s important and fragile. Wah wah. Terrance goes to the lake to vent his frustrations, and halfway through his ranting, a frog leaves. Haw, I love that.

It’s like the Frog is saying “Oh fuck that shit, I’m out of here”.

Tink visits Fairy Mary to subtly ask if there’s another moon stone out there. There isn’t, and the one they had was the last one found in over 100 years. Wah wah.

But since she found Mary at “Fairy tail theater”, we have to take in a show before the plot moves on. But by pure luck, the story is the true legend of a plot device Tink can use.

It’s a magic mirror that can grant one wish. There is an ancient chant that has clues to it’s location. It involves a decent song. As contrived as that bit was, it was pretty cool.

I must say, we’ve had pretty cool scenes so far, with world building and nice atmosphere. This series really is more than meets the eye.

So Tink is gonna go out on a quest for the mirror. But she has to carry some stuff with her, so she asks Terrance for some pixie dust. I guess they don’t have suitcases in fairy world.

Terrence is pissed that she isn’t here to apologize, and getting extra pixie dust is against the rules anyway.

“I guess we’re not true friends!”

Ugh, more of this crap? Can we get back to the cool part?

Tink just makes this floating ship thingy that can carry her and her stuff. Why didn’t she do that to begin with? So, a mere 35 minutes into a 70 minute movie, we’re off on an epic quest!

Eventually, a firefly stows away on the thingy after a trek into this place. It keeps annoying her and she wants it to leave. Which means he is her new comedy sidekick. Naturally, he puts on a cute act to make her let him stay. His name is Blaze, by the way.

After some filler, Tink ends up at the Lost Island from the story. Wow, that was fast. Thought it would an epic road trip. Guess not.

Things go well until she loses her Balloon thanks to the wind. She tries to go after it, but she falls back to the ground and she is knocked out.

She has a dream/flashback with the whole Terrance storming off scene.

“I’ve lost my Balloon. I’ve lost my pixie dust. What have I done?”

Whoa….genuine emotion and hints of depth? Never thought I would see that in this series. After she wakes up, she is treated by a group of bugs and other creatures. After some filler, Tink finds this stone arch thing.

Back with Terrance, he visits Tinkerbell’s place only to discover she is gone. That’s…pretty much it before we cut to the next scene.

Tink bumps into a troll bridge, guarded by two arguing trolls.

“It’s my turn to give the ominous warning!”

Okay, that was funny. Actually, most of these guys lines are pretty funny. They have good chemistry and they are just funny. They even a sweet moment eventually. Wow, this movie should have been about them!

They go back to arguing, and this allows Tink to move on. She eventually stumbles upon the wreck of a ship, which supposedly has the mirror. She finds it pretty quickly. I see the writers fail at pacing.

Blaze starts bugging her, and she says “I Wish you’d be quiet for one minute”. The mirror turns off. Whoops. I would get pissed at Blaze, but this bit of Tink being sad is quite effective.

“It’s not your fault. It’s mine. It’s all mine”


Wait, is this her fault? She got pissed at Terrance….but he got her scepter crushed. It’s his fault!

…But this scene is kind of depressing. I …am making a connection with this film. WHAT. She wishes they were still friends…and he appears in the mirror.

Uh, I thought it only granted 1 wish. Wait, this may be explained in a sec. They apologize to each other.

“I didn’t think I needed any help, Terrance. I was wrong”

Again, all he did was fuck up!

Terrance appears next to Tink cuz he went after her just as he found out she was gone. That was ….a few hours ago. He’s fast. Also, still haven’t explained the extra wish thing.

Some evil rats show up for some forced conflict., and we get a chase scene. After that pointless bit, they get back to Tink’s balloon, cuz Terrance found it.

They fly off, and Terrance gives Tink the stuff to remake the scepter. This time, she lets him help her and suddenly he doesn’t screw up. So she got to the island without much trouble, and she left without much conflict. …Okay.

It doesn’t take long for Tink to arrive at the fairly land just as the blue moon thing is up. Tink presents the new scepter. She used pieces of the broken moon stone hoping it would work just as well. It does. The moon light hits the scepter, and gives off more pixie dust than usual.

So yeah, things go well thanks to Tink, and plot convenience. Cue decently drawn out celebration. This also means we have another decent background song.

The narrator pipes in to talk how the great treasure is within your heart or something.

“The treasure of true friendship will never lose it’s glow”

Dear Princess Celestia, I learned that if someone keeps screwing up, than clearly YOU are the problem. I also learned that you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, as a bad looking film can be kind of decent. Yours truly, Spongey.

So they are happy, and the credits roll.

Wait, what? Two abrupt endings in one month? …It’s not as bad as Cloud 9 but yikes!

I know this movie is only An hour and 12 minutes long but the first movie had a better ending. It was somewhat okay, with how the character’s grew, but the ending itself was so underwhelming.

Did this movie seem shorter to you readers? Well, it feels short too. Either way, it’s finally over.

Final Thoughts:

I think I kind of…liked this movie. ….Yeah. Now, keep in mind, like does not equal good. It’s a mixed bag….but overall, it’s not….terrible!

Let’s go over the negatives first. For one, the plot is pretty weak at points. It’s short and it’s obvious. There isn’t much of a conflict in the end. Besides Tink’s thing, not much happens. It feels a bit…rushed at points. I don’t know, it just feels kind of weak at times. It’s better than the first one, since it’s not filled with cliches, and the conflict there is works better.

I guess it’s fine to have no villain for once (by the way, the Alpha bich only makes a brief non speaking cameo), but it does make the plot weaker.

Also, I’m mixed on the whole Tink/Terrance thing. I mean, Tink is vilified for doing the sensible thing, since Terrance was being an idiot. For no reason, I might add. It’s not as bad as some other movies, but it is odd.

On the other hand, Tink actually becomes a character in this one. She gets in tough situations, and the film gets a bit emotional. While her thing with Terrance is odd, she does come into her own as a character. She has a tendency to over excited or hot heated, but she ultimately has a good heart and holy shit she has a personality this time around!

It’s a far cry from her original personality, but it works on it’s own. She’s still not perfect, but I did like her. Terrance is a bit bland, and also dumb for no reason, but he’s still better than in the first one. Blaze is pointless, and ….that’s really it. No one else does anything notable.

The fairy pals, even Raven do nothing, and they waste Bender here. But the two characters we do focus on as passable. The story is very basic, and sometimes weak but it’s not the worst. The animation is even more impressive this time, and they gave  some good atmospheric bits.

There’s just something about this film that makes it….tolerable. I’m not sure what it is. I think the lack of pointless bits, and cliches makes it easier to stomach it. It has many flaws, but the sweet moments make up for them.

Am I going crazy? Maybe I am, but this film is still kind of…okay. It’s nothing amazing, and I wouldn’t recommend to most adults. But if you have kids, there are worse things to make them watch. Like Planes!

Man, how did this have the same director? Maybe I’m just shaken up after the last film I reviewed, but this was…okay.

Grade: B-

I’m as shocked as you.

Next time, we got another DCOM tie in to do. ….Screw it, I’ll finally do Radio Rebel. See ya.


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