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Hello, Spongey here.

Well, it looks we’re talking about Dog with a Blog again. If you recall, I reviewed the episode Stan stops talking which was shockingly awesome for a Disney sitcom in general, let alone this show. If you want to know more about the show, go to that review for info.

Why I’m reviewing another episode? Well, it’ll be awhile before I discuss the series in full, so I thought it would be fun to review another ep before then. But while the last one was one of the shows’ best….this is one of the worst.

It’s not notably unfunny or funny. Infact, it’s mostly fine with my favorite joke in the whole show. But what ruins is….the ending. But oh boy, we’ll get to that later. For now, we’re diving head first into this.

But first, I must mention this. This was part of another Disney Channel theme weekend, where every new episode was body switching themed, or just plan weird. Gravity Falls, Phineas and Ferb, Jessie, ANT Farm, Austin & Ally, and Shake it Up also had eps for this theme weekend. Gravity Falls was the best overall, Ant Farm was the best live action, and the worst….was this.

It’s the only one not to have real body switching in any way, Mostly because this show is udmb enough without having to drag body swapping into it., But either way, let’s see why I had a bone to pick with this one.


This, is Freaky Fido


WRITER: Judd Pilot

The episode opens with Avery in the kitchen, as her parents walk in. They see her laughing at her report card.

“Those don’t make us laughs. They just make us…”

Insert long word I can’t spell here

“I was gonna say dumb”

She shows him the report card, which isn’t too bad.

“I haven’t seen this many A’s since Aardvark Otto opened that Annex over on Avenue A”


Avery shows them the little comment from the teacher. The note says Avery is a good student but she is too serious and should have more fun with her school work. Insert Joker clip here.

Needless to say, Mom and Dad agree with the teacher. Avery isn’t happy to hear this and she talks to Stan and asks him what he thinks. He wants to avoid the question.

“Uh…look out on the window, it’s whatever boy band is currently popular?”

Okay, that funny. How funny is it? The last time I watched this episode, my Mom was in the room and she kind of laughed at it. Yeah.

After the intro, Avery gets Stan into her room by telling him she has a bacon wrapped cat. That bit comes up later, sort of so yeah. Avery says she’s disappointed that no one thinks she is fun.

“I know I’m fun. How can I prove it to everyone else?”

“Don’t lure anyone into your frilly prision promosing bacon cats??”

You may this isn’t too bad so far. Well, it doesn’t get bad until the ending, but there is plenty to mock here.

“Maybe my ties are sending the wrong message”

“No, 12 year old bank invested manager is coming through loud and clear”

Chloe comes in to watch a funny video on Avery’s laptop. Avery gets an idea: She’ll make a movie for her class project to prove she can be fun. This will not go well.

The next morning, she has the family gather as they will all be in her movie. She explains the premise of the film: A boy switches brains with a dog.

?”I call it…Freaky Fido”

PETER: Oh so that’s why it’s called that.

“Marking your territory at a theater near you”

I wouldn’t to see a movie at a theater that has been pissed on.

“Is anyone gonna believe a talking dog?”

Hardy har har.

They get Tyler to play the dog boy cuz Tyler is dum lol. Even Tyler hates the idea.

“I have more depth and dignity than people give me credit for”

“You have a love scene with Nikki”

“Let’s shoot a movie”

Nikki was this foreign chick from another episode that Tyler liked and after wacky stuff, she ended up being okay with him in the end. I say this because of what she does later.

And by later, I mean the next scene where hse shows up for the shoot. She says it will be a be challenge to play Tyler’s love interest.

“That will change when oyu see me roll over and play dead”

“That might help”

The hell? She clearly liked him okay at the end of her first episode. Why is she suddenly a bitch? Classic character derailment.

“Here’s everyone’s script. Do everyone line as it written with no deviation or independent thought”

They laugh.

“That’s not a joke/”

It’s funny until later, when becomes a bitch and…well you’ll see. Tyler and Nikki talk outside and they have this long awkward bit with Nikki playing with him by “acting” that she hates acting, and then acting that she thinks she sucks at acting. It’s absolutely hilarious, and it proves why this is the greatest show of our gen-

HAHAHAHAH-sorry, I’m not THAT good of an actor.

After some awkwardness with the parents, they starting shooting the movie. Avery simply has Mom and Dad act out the opening scene. I could nitpick a lot of stuff, but it’s an amuetuer home movie, so I won’t be hard on it.

Still better than most of the crap I review.

When that fails, Stan gives us this line:

“I need an agent, and sunglasses, and a political cause I don’t really understand”

….That line is way too smart for this show. And yes, this is the fave joke I mentioned.

Next, they shoot a scene with Tyler in which he gets abused again and they break for lunch. Mom and Dad take the time to call out Avery for being kind of a bitch. I mean, she was pretty controlling and while you could argue maybe the other people were in the wrong somehow, Avery was mostly at fault. Why do I make that clear? You’ll clear.

They say that she has been too hard on them. She even had made Tyler stay in character during Lunch. Wow, that’s beyond being “un-fun”, that’s just dick-ish!

“Your making this movie to prove your fun, but no one here is having any”


“Maybe I’ll replace with that backup family I have standing by”

We indeed see that a back up family is in the next room. So she put them there ahead of time, as she was considering replacing her whole damn family for the movie? Christ, what a female dog!


Instead of relaxing her mistake, she just throws a bitch fit and tries to make the movie herself. After the break, she does so and it does not work out well. Stan walks to call Avery out on her actions.

“They were the ones who weren’t doing exactly as I say, and doing everything exactly as I want it, and no matter how many times I scream at them-oh my gosh I am the problem”

Yay, problem solved! The end. …That will work someday!

So Avery decides to try to be fun with her movie, as they start again the next day. So, you think that this work out okay and she will learn that she will she never fit the normal definition of fun, she still shouldn’t be a bitch? Well…’ll see.

They shoot a scene, and it goes pretty well until Avery comes in cuz she’s gonna be in the scene. She brings a watermelon and smashes it to pieces. ….Yeah.

Then she starts crying.

“Don’t you just hate it when movies change tone right in the middle like this?”

….Would it be sad if I started using that line as a running gag?

And now for that thing I’ve been building up this entire review. Avery says this was a mistake.

“Everyone was telling me there was something wrong with me.”

“We never said there was anything wrong with you, we just wanted you to have fun!”

Exactly. Looks we’ll get a good moral.

“I was having fun. My schedules, and list and telling everyone exactly what has to be done. That’s fun for me”

‘Yeah…we forgot that”

“Everyone was disappointed in me for being me. I know I’m not the typical kid, but you used to say that was great”

“It is great. And the last thing we want you to do, is be like everyone else”


“We’ll do the rest of the movie, and let you do it your way. No matter how miserable it is for the rest of us”

…Let me see if I got this straight. It’s okay to be a complete controlling bitch ….as long as it’s what you consider fun? Avery was completely in the right? She shouldn’t change and they are forced to be miserable just so Avery can have fun?


It may see like I”m stretching things to make a point, but I’m not. That was pretty much the exactly dialogue, with a some paraphrasing cuz I’m lazy. The episode pretty much says that Avery was being a bitch.,…but it’s fun for her, so it’s fine.

I know the context is a bit different. For Avery, being all tight and exactly is fun for her, as we see in other episodes. That’s perfectly fine, but in the context of this story, she was making everyone miserable. It seemed like she would change, but she doesn’t.

Look, it’s true that they shouldn’t have tried to change her too much as there wasn’t much wrong with her. In the context of school, she had her own type of fun. That’s cool. But in the context of the story following that, Avery is pretty much allowed to be a bitch because it’s fun for her.

What a load.

Yes, I know that isn’t the intended. It’s obvious that they meant that you shouldn’t change yourself just because everyone thinks you are weird for being different. That’s a typical moral and that’s fine.

But here, the message seems to be that you can be an asshole if that’s fun for you. That is just SHIT. Let’s just wrap this up. We cut to later, as the finished movie is screened in the living room.

Was everyone miserable? Did it go well? We never find out. Bah.

The movie itself is full of weird camerawork, bad acting, British Stereotypes, and contrivances. Yet it’s better than a lot of the movies I review, sadly.

Also, the dog synching in the movie is somehow worse than the synching in the show. You think Avery would have better effects than that.

Everyone loves the movie, and Stan goes to his blog for the wrap up.

“It’s great that Avery accepted who she is, and so did everyone else. And I found my movie star cause”

Then we get a PSA by Stan for his celebrity cause: Free range bacon wrapped cats. It’s kind of funny and easily makes up for the reiteration of the crappy moral.

There’s an extra scene of Mom and Dad being….themselves and the episode pretty much on some lame jokes. Could have stopped at the PSA but ah well.

Final Thoughts:

This one was….meh. To be honest, I wouldn’t call it BAD as it has some of that dumb stuff I usually enjoy in this show. It has some okay jokes, and I do see where they were doing with the moral, as cliché as it is.

But as you can tell, the moral that they end up telling ruins the whole thing. We spend most of the time watching Avery be a bitch to her family, and at the end they tell us that she was in the right! The moral is that if someone is an asshole, you should let them cuz that is what they consider fun!

Well okay, maybe I’m being a bit too hard on it. As I said, it’s clear they were going for a be yourself message, which makes it better than some works where you don’t know what the moral is at all. However, they really screwed up in the writing.

Let’s look at this way: A character is pretty much allowed to be a controlling bitch simply becuasw that is what they like doing. We never find out how the shoot goes at the end, which was a bad idea. Maybe if they showed her being less bitchy but still Avery, the episode could have saved itself.

But no. Instead we get some awkward jokes, Tyler and the others being torrurtued for no reason, and one of the most botched morals in Disney Channel history. This is even worse than that Lizzie McGuire that tells you that slacking off and not studying makes you way better than those who do study.

That was an actual episode.

Outside of the ending, the episode itself is meh. Even by DWAB standards, some of the jokes are dumb and awkward, and watching Avery be a bitch to her family is more mean spirited than funny. If they had a good moral where she changes, that would be fun but nope, she’s perfectly fine the way she is.

I’m sure kids won’t see what I’m seeing, but what I saw, was fairly stupid. It may have the best joke in the series, but some mean humor and awful moral make this episode quite…..ruff.


Grade: C+

Yes, this is easily the worst episode. But if you want better DWAG, check out Stan Stops talking again….which they aired almost an hour after the recent airing of this episode. I guess that was their way of apologizing for airing it again.

I put this through The Mysterious Mr Enter’s Atrocity score card (screw you, it works for live action) and it got a 19/100. A low score is better than a high score for the thing. Makes sense, as the only section it scored high in is Rancid Morals, for obvious reasons.

See ya.


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