The Suite Life Movie

The suite pun doesn't really work here....not that it worked in the first place

The suite pun doesn’t really work here….not that it worked in the first place

Hello, Spongey here.

It is finally time to wrap up DCOM based on a DCOS saga. We’ve covered the Good Luck Charlie and Wizards movies, which were goodd, and the theatrical Hannah Montana movie, which was…not. Now it’s time to take on the movie based on The Suite life series!

More specifically, it’s based on The Suite life on Deck…which I have not talked about yet. I was hoping to get out the 2nd part of my Disney sitcom adventure out by now, but I ended up picking the movie first. That post has been delayed anyway, so it doesn’t matter.

But I will explain the show without spoiling too much of my full thoughts. This is the spin off Zack and Cody, in which Zack, Cody, Mosbey and London are now on a cruise ship because the kids attend the high school on the SS Tipton. This version created by one of the original creators, while the other creator was the same mind behind Jessie, which explains a lot.

As far as Disney spin offs go, it was an improvement over Corey in the House. I thought it was a solid spin off that developed the characters further, and gave me a bigger connection to them. While it goes for the easy jokes too often now, and you can argue that London and Zack are flanderized early on, I thought it was alright.

The story was a bigger aspect in this show, with some cool arcs and some of the best moments in the franchise. It also gave us some new characters, one of which I will really explain later.

Since this was just as popular, (ratings wise) as the older series, it naturally got it’s own movie in 2011.. Now, this movie takes place near the end of the 3rd season, a bit before their graduation. Cody and his love interest just back together after the obligatory Break up arc, and that’s all you need to know.

I like this one. It’s not as good as the other DCOM sitcom movies, but it is fun and sweet at times. Whcih is impressive given it’s from the director of Bratz: The Movie.

I am not kidding. This is proof that just cuz one movie from a director sucks, doesn’t mean all of his films will suck. Anyway, I shall explain more in the review proper so, let’s get started, and see why this film is truly….cool.

This, is The Suite Life Movie

The movie opens on the SS Tipno, as we get a tour of the ship, now that they have the budget to show it to us. It’s cool to see an big epic ship instead of a cheap set. We Cody, played by Cole Sprouse, going around, getting stuff ready for something, while a pop song plays in the background.

The first I should mention is that on Deck focused on Cody more than Zack, and the same can be said for the more. Cody got a lot more interesting and likable in this series (despite a few episodes where he’s a dick) so it works, mostly.

After the boat porn, Zack, played by Dylan Sprouse, and his friend Woody show up. Woody is Zack’s roomate, and he’s pretty much the fat one who is gross and stuff. He’s okay but largely pointless.

Woody clumsy exposits that Cody is doing an internship over spring break, and he has been scared to tell his girlfriend, Bailey. Yes, Cody got a girlfriend who is smart like him. Only she is a country girl that is though and he often won’t take anyone’s shit. She’s awesome….for multiple reasons as you’ll see later.

They had special plans for Spring Break, so he doesn’t want to piss off Bailey. Naturally, not telling her will piss off her more, as the cliché goes. He put it in a letter that explains everything, and he plans to have her read it soon.

Guess what happens to the letter.

“I think I can help you with this pesky Bailey situation”

“Think again. Unless the first time exhausted you”

Zack suggests that he give the letter to Bailey, in exchange for the car Cody is getting from Dad. Cody says no. This leads to a fight which knocks the letter into the ocean. Gee, who saw that coming?

Since Zack screwed up again, Cody tells him to feck off. Zack is a dick about it, naturally. The one thing that could bug you in this film is that Zack is more of a dick than in the show. I don’t mind it because it serves a propose later on.

Cody decides he’ll just tell Bailey about the internship himself and we cut to later as they are hanging out. And I finally get to introduce Baily, as played by Debby Ryan. I’ve mention that she’s in the show before, yes? If no, well here you go.

It’s great to finally see her again after I did 16 Wishes…twice. And hey, her birthday is couple days after this review comes out! This totally wasn’t planned at all!

….Okay, it was, shut up. I’ve done the She’s nice thing twice technically, so I won’t do it again. She is enjoying Cody’s bad science jokes and then she talks about how amazing their spring break trip will be. Ah yes, the “Someone talks about someone just as their friend/loved one is gonna say it won’t happen” cliché. It’s kind of common, actually.

Cody is about to break the news to her, when Zack shows up in a life perverser being carried in the air by Woody using a thingy, and also a bad green screen. Even the effects in the show were better.

Zack breaks the news to Bailey and she is not happy at all. Cody tries to explain that he had a letter but she won’t have it

“You let me go on and on about how much this spring break meant to me when the whole time, you made other plans”

Only cuz you wouldn’t let him get a word in. Anyway, Bailey runs off, and Zack says Cody is a dick and then he turns around and says he should have mention that he is doing the internship to get a scholarship to yale.

“That’s what was in the letter!”

I know Zack is stupid, but why did he assume that the letter didn’t have that? Also, he is a such a dick here, and Bailey angers, while understandable, is bitchy. Yes, I know this isn’t a great start, but it gets better!

Instead of going back and explaining it to Bailey, he just goes on that Marine Bilogy reverse he is interning at. By the way, SPOILERS HE DOESN’T GET IN TO YALE. Yet Teddy from Good Luck Charlie got in. Suck it, Cody!

Wait, two Disney Channel shows feature Yale as a main plot point and in the finale? Weird.

Also, this scene features Mr Mosbey, played by Phil Lewis, who doesn’t do much but I wanted to mention him anyway. Oh, and London, played by Brenda song, is here too. Zack shows up and Cody is understandably still pissed.

Cody ignores him and talks to the owner of this place, Donald Spaulding, played by the Dad from Jonas and that guy from Search for Santa paws. He is forgiven for the latter. He and Cody get along well, and their own nerdy way.

“This is my brother Zack. I got all the brains and he cot….well nothing really”

Zack is distracted by a hot female scientist and he ends up going into a restricted area. I should mention that, since this takes place during Spring Break, after the Twister special, and before the finale, Zack had an actual gilfriend at this point and learned to drops his womanizing ways.

I don’t know where she went ether. This was the last thing the cast filmed, and Maya, the girlfriend left in the finale, so maybe the actress had other things to do. But still, at least acknowledge that she exists!

Zack hits on the hot chick, who works with the dolphins. Zack tells her that he is smart, and cuz she’s even stupider, she buys it. She even lets him operate this little sub…thing. Back with Cody, we find out he got the internship due an essay he did on twins.

“I have a lesser twin myself”


Spaulding says he has made a special fruit that could possible allow Dolphins to telepathically talk to us. That is important too….yes, really. Spaulding goes into a speil about how cool Dolphins are.

“How close are you?”

“Just good friends, what have you heard?”

“…with the research”

You know-for kids!

Zack tries out the sub-ish thing, even when Mosbey shows up to tell him not to. He doesn’t try to stop him at all so he goes under and he ends up in the aquarium Cody is right next to. And by that I mean another bad green screen effect.

Cody gets in another sub thingy so he can tell Zack to stop.

“Sure, that would the not fun option”

An epic underwater fight ensues and eventually they make it back to the top. Due to all of this, Cody is denied the internship. Eh, even though you could say this makes no sense, but I’ll let it slide. Now Cody is REALLY pissed at Zack now. This was his only chance to get into Yale, after all.

‘This isn’t like the other times you messed up. This effects my future!”

And then…

“I’ll never forgive you for this. I hate you”


For once, this actually makes sense. Zack….kind of deserved it! And this moment works pretty well because of that. Zack is a bit of dick but he’s a bit funny and he greatly improves from thso point on.

I should point out that the humor is hit or miss in this movie. The transition from show to film was rough, so the jokes can feel very sitcom-y at times. I mean, you can almost heart the laugh track in your head. Even HM’s movie didn’t have that.

But it does improve, and we can some funny moments, so that’s cool. Anyway, Cody isn’t done.

“We may be twins, but we’re not brothers”


We back to see Nelly, the chick Zack was after, with this janitor dude.

“Did I do a good job sir?”


Elsewhere, Bailey tells London about how Cody sucks. She gets a call from him but she refuses to pick it up.

“He needs to know what it feels like to be ignored

…We’ll see how that goes.

Also, a Dolphin talks to London. ….Not in English, mind you. But we’ll get to that later. Later on, Zack brings Spaulding over to tell Cody some good news: There’s another internship he is right for.

“It would be a shame to see your talents to waste”

This is after he says he will never get HIS internship in nay lifteim because of his brother. …Okay.

The internship is on this island where they are doing a project on Twins called the Gemini project. Spaulding, in the like….few hours between Cody being fired and now, showed Dr Olsen (GET IT) Cody’s stuff, and he was impressed it.

Anyway, there’s one catch: Zack needs to come to, because of the twin thing. Cody is not up for this, and neither is Zack. At least until Spaluding tells hm this internship could land him that scholarship, which Cody should have known already cuz why else would he be interested?

After a second of thinking, we cut to the twins landing on the Island. They meet Dr Olson and they get a tour of the place, which has a bunch of happy twins. They see the Gemini project, which is a big technobabble thingy in this big room.

The project’s goals is to get people to connect with each other more directly. As in, feel more empathy with each other and achieve less conflict. He picked Zack and Cody for obvious reasons. That’s a cool, noble cause, actually. I can’t say anything else without spoiling anything.

Zack is strapped up to a machine and is told to do some brain tests. Zack has to pick some color that the machine spells out, and if he fails, he gets shocked. Cody controls the machine. You can see where this is going.

After that, we join Bailey as she is still bitching about Cody to London and Woody.

WOODY: Did it ever occur to you that he may have a very good reason?

It sucks when even Woody says you are being a bitch.

After an Out of Context line:

“Cody loves crabs”

-we cut back to the Island as the twins see how creepy and in sync the other twins are. As I said, the film starts to better here as Zack’s stupidity is a bit funnier, and while some may feel it’s another case of bickering not being funny, it’s enjoyable to me.

“You’re twins. Why are you hurting each other?”

“Hurting each other…hurts each other!”

“It would be the same as hurting….yourself!”

That’s deep, man.

They are at Lunch and they have weird fruit that is the key to Olson’s research. They both love it and we cut to that night as Cody falls from the top bunk…and Zack also feels the pain. They think nothing of it. Hmmmm..

The next morning, Olson tells them that cell phones are banned because they may effect their more delicate machines. And because I mention that, you know the twist.

After that, they have to play Tennis as part of the whole research thing. Well, Cody plays so of course he sucks. Then they do some other stuff and they fight some more. The fighting is a lot more enjoyable in this montage then in the earlier scenes.

Back with Bailey, she is pissed that Cody hasn’t called him. She assumes it’s cuz she’s ignoring him…which is a good reason but we know it”s cuz of Olson. Eventually..

“Not the big D!”

Get your mind out of the gutter. She’s going to delete Cody from her contacts. It’s insanely over dramatic and hilarious. Even Strong Bad would say this is a bit much.


Back on the island, Zack and Cody tells Olsen that they are feeling each others pain and stuff. He’s happy about this and he straps Zack to the electric test thing again. But this time, Cody feels the shock too. As it turns out, the fruit that ate gave them a telepathic communation. He wants to move on Step 2 (Empathy, as in an emotional connection) but Zack wants to part in this.

They argue again but this time it gets more serous, since Zack is gonna leave Cody without an finished internship. Then they fight….by hurting themselves. Awesome. After the most epic fight ever filmed, Nelly takes Zack aside and goes on a walk with him.

Nelly says that she used to fight with her twin but Olson’s research helped them get along.

“Once the merge happens, everything will feel right to you”

“Merge? I like where this is going”


“not with me, silly. With cody”

“I just there w up in my mouth a little bit”

Incest joke in a kid’s movie, Happy Mother’s Day.

After a pep talk, Zack agrees to stay and help Cody. Zack meets up with Cody for Stage 2. You call that pointless, I call it a test of Zack’s tolerance for Cody. They eat more of the fruit and we cut to Bailey on the SS Tipton.

Mr Mobsey shows up and gives Bailey a letter he found. Yep, the letter conveniently landed back on the ship that previous scene. She opens it and finally finds out why Cody took the Internship.

“What have I done?

There, Bailey turned around, plot line resolved. This wrap ups that bit….but it’s never adressed again. Really. Bailey gets an awesome moment in the climax and all that, but they never really talk about this again. What was the point of that?

You could have started the plot without it. Have Zack’s real fuck up be about the sub thing so thus his actions won’t be as dick-ish. We can get still Cody fired and over at Olson’s without dealing with Bailey. While it adds a layer to Cody’s character, to be missing her while she’s pissed, the movie would be fine without.

….And they just made the inclusion of Debby Ryan pointless. YOU MONSTERS.

Back on the island, the boys try out this empathy thing. When one think of something emotional, the other feels it. An example is discovered when Cody thinks about how a hamster he loved left…and he finds out Zack let him free. Cody gets sad and Zack starts to sympathize because of the empathy thing.

“Why are you crying harder?”

“Because….i finally see what it meant to you to get into Yale. It was your life…and I messed that all up. I’m sorry”

“I know you’re sorry”

And then…

“Cody, you know what you want to do with your life. So does Bailey. Even London knows exactly who she is! I’m the only one that doesn’t. I know somewhere out there I’m great something, and I just need to find it. I could find a lot faster with a cool sports car”

“You will find it. When you do, I know you’ll be great at it”

Then comes a time in every review lke this where I must discuss the big moment and explain why it works, so here we go. This a great emotionally that feeds into Zack’s character very well. While he was too dick-ish early, he finally sees what Cody is feeling, and we find out why Zack is like this. While I am getting sick of the “You’re jealous of me? I’m jealous of you!” cliché, it actually works here due to way it’s written.

Since Cody got most of the growth in the show, it’s nice they let Zack develop in the movie. He even grew a bit with the girlfriend, so this is extra cool. It’s a touching moment that I quite like. But now back to the plot.

They spy Olson talking to Nelly about The merge again.

“It’s a shame Cody has to lose his brain….something we must sacrifice for the greater good”

Insert Hot Fuzz clip here.

Anyway….DUN DUN DUN! Yep, we have an actual villain with an evil plan we will see later. A bit too big? Sure, but this is the type of that show that can do it fine. It works well enough and it goes into the whole twin theme.

The boys decide they must stop him and save the other twins. They sneak into this big machine room and they find out about his full plan. During the merge, the twins become one being. Stage 4: Hive Mind.

‘Once the merged twins are asselbed, they can be controlled under a single voice.”

Wow, for a DCOM villain that’s actually a pretty awesome plan! Feeds into the characters, and while the science is off, I kind of like it!

And of course, Olson comes in and sees them.

“Well well well….well”

“That’s a pretty deep well”


While this is going on, Bailey visits Spaulding as doesn’t know that Cody went to the island. Spaulding says he hasn’t seen Cody since he got banned. Hmmmm?

London then reveals that ever since she ate some weird fruit here, she can hear fish. Because science.

“Not just fish., I got cursed out by a crab!”

So yeah, it took Spaulding this long to figure out that humans must eat the fruit too. Also, this is London’s really reason to be here.

Spaulding hears about where the kids are and he says they might be in danger. We’ll find out more details in a bit, but I’m you sure you are wondering who the hell that other Spaulding was that suggested the Gemini project. You’ll see.

Zack and Cody get captured and they discover they can read each others minds. They escape but Olson starts Stage 4 and sics the evil twins on them. Yes, it’s a big Damn Movie now, but it’s too awesome too hate.

The boys run away and hide in an abandoned saw siaw mill Yes, Zack points out why it’s a bad idea, but whatever.

“Blades, why is it always Blades?”

This epic chases goes on for a bit, and eventually the boys hide in a lake, but some of the twins show up there too. These evil twins are pretty cool in this chase. The twins are captured and taken to Olson’s machine.

“You’re an evil Idiot!”

“Right, I’m an Idiot. Your the one that’s locked down and wired”

“He’s got a good point”

Olson explains that this machine will merge the two. But conveniently, Spaudling and the gang show up to save them.







Spaulding tells Olsen to show everyone who he really is. He takes off his….mask to reveal that he is…Spaulding’s evil twin brother.


Yeah. Ronald Spaulding was thrown out for reasons and he’s been here this whole time. Not sure how no one noticed but I’ll buy it. He did this whole “merge twins” thing so no one would suffer the pain he did.

“Him, getting all the awards. Him, the brilliant one. Him, the award winner”

We’ll touch on that in a sec. Ronald was that janitor guy from earlier and he has been stealing that place’s stuff. He read Cody’s paper and figure he and Zack would a great asset so he spied on them and saw that whole opening scene. He uses Nelly as a way to them both here for his experiments.

He pretended to Spaulding to get the kids here. Okay, so if Zack had done other stupid thing, or Spaulding had not thrown them out, or Cody had decided the project, his plan would have stopped right there. But hey, it still works, kind of.

Also, you gotta love that the Dad from JONAS is our villain now. (Yeah, same actor for both twins, unless someone really looks like John Ducey)

“I could create a controlled peaceful society!”

“Through violence?”

“Well, no plan is perfect!”

The plan itself is a solid villain plan with an okay backstory. I approve.

Ronald starts the machine and the kids float out of their bodies for the merge, somehow. The boys instantly start fighting, and as soon as they hear it’s ruining his plans, they keep doing it.

“It’s as if the thing they do best,arguing, is the one thing that can save him”

Oh the irony. The thing that the moral says you shouldn’t do saves the day! Jokes, the moral is intact and this is all circumstantial. Besides, if they never fought, they wouldn’t even be here to begin with.

Eventually, it works. The machine is destroyed and the hive mind is stopped, as well as the merge. Cody kisses Bailey and that’s about it for that side of the plot. But the bad guy still wants to do stuff and instead of kicking his flabbby ass right they have Bailey tie him up in her best moment.

They feed the fruit to the giood twin and bad twin and this immediately gets them sympathizing with each other. What happened to Stage 1?

“You were jealous of me? But you had everything.”

“True, but that’s all I knew. I never had fun, like you did”

“So all those years I was wishing I could be you. You were wishing you could be me”

“I was wishing that we were us”

Yeah, while the Zack/Cody example of this was solid, you may find this one rushed. However, it serves as a (somewhat cheap) Parallel between the scientists and our heroes. A bit rushed? Maybe, but it works enough and as long as our heroes learn the lesson well, It doesn’t matter.

Ronald apologizes and while he’s going to prison, his brother will be waiting for him. Nice Mosey and t he cops show up to arrest him and they leave. Zack and Cody have a nice moment, seeing what they can do when they work together.

“We make a pretty good team”

Spoilers, it’s a slightly abrupt ending, and while a bigger one would work, this shows us the moral fine. We cut back to the SS Tipton a week later as we see that Bailey and Cody did what they wanted do over Spring Break. I did think they were a cute couple but I guess you have to wait for my full thoughts on that.

Zack gets that car he has been wanting that I only mention once, and he parks under a sign saying “Do Not Park”. It gets crushed by a bad CGI create.

MOSEY: Well, Spring Break’s over. Now if I could just make it to Summer vacation

Wah wah wah waaaaah!

And Roll credits where Bailey is credited above the villain who did more for some reason. As a said, a longer ending would have worked better, but this is….fine. Even if the credit’s song has the words “Let it Shone” which reminded me I could have watched a worse movie.

Final Thoughts:

This was pretty good. It’s a little weak in hindsight, but works well for fans of the show like myself. While you may want more of the supporting cast, this will likely please you otherwise. The story isn’t anything amazing but it works. It tackles the themes it needs to and it doesn’t drown in cliches. It has a few cliches but only the Bailey thing could bug people.

The story is mostly to serve our main characters, who works very well. They develop very well and I like how they grow to like each other and all that. They get some sweet scenes and while it didn’t effect the show, it was at least good for the movie. True, Zack is too much of a dick at the start but he gets better, and I think him being jelly makes some level of sense. Cody, like in the show, is sympathetic and likable, and he’s cool too.

I think Dylan and Cole show off some decent chops here, even more than in the show. They have pretty good chemistry while they are fighting and in the sweet scenes. I was impressed! The rest of the acting is fine, but nothing special. The Spaulding twins are played well and Debby gets some cool moments but otherwise, it’s mostly just fine.

The comedy is a bit hokey at times, but I did chuckle a few times and I often enjoyed the interactions. And….that”s all. The surprising people like London and Mosbey are fun but they don’t get enough and Woody is almost a non entity.

Actually, I have one more thing to say: The transition from show to film as rough, but it works. The humor didn’t translate well at the start, but they stretched it out to 75 minutes fine (though the fact that it doesn’t even reach 80 minutes is telling. Hell ,even the credits are mercifully short).

It’s a big damn movie, but it feeds into the characters well. While Wizards and Good Luck Charlie’s film work better, this works too. I wanted a bit more Bailey but eh, I could always watch the show for that. I don’t thing there’s much else to add.

It’s a fun film with some sweet moment, that adapts it’s series nicely. I would suggests watching the show first since fans will like it more but eh, if you’re following me and you hate Disney Sitcoms with a passion, you shouldn’t be following me.

It’s fine.

Grade: B+

Next time, we go back a bit for some true crap. I won’t say what it is as even I’m sick of that gag. All I can say is….except another member in the pantheon of characters I hate.

See ya.

(Happy (almost) birthday Debby Ryan. …Whoa, parentheses-ception)


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