Spider-Man 2

With great power comes great.....I forgot.

With great power comes great…..I forgot.

Hello, Spongey here. As I explained in my X-Men review, Comic Book reviews are all the rage these days. We looked at the one that started it all, but today we discuss the one that REALLY started the trend. Well, it’s sequel anyway.

But first, a little history. Spider-Man is easily one of the most iconic superheros ever. This dweeb turned hero has been popular for quite a while, and he’s been adapted quite a lot over the years. He can be interpreted  in different ways, yet people seem to hate any change.

See: Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon.

The most iconic version came in the form the 2002 film, directed by good ol’ Sam Rami. It was just as much Rami’s film as it was Marvel’s, and that is why it was so good. Sure, people love the dump on these days but I think it holds up….for the most part.

While the film boasted good performances, a solid story, and good action, it have it’s flaws. The dialogue can be weak at times, the performances sometime suffer from that, and it could be waaaaaay too cheesy for it’s own good.

Case in point, anything Green Goblin does. I mean, just look at him. As a great man once said…

“He’s wearing that dumb power rangers mask, but he’s scarier without it on”

I like a nice dose of cheese with my web slinging superhero who fights a guy with metal tentacles, but it could be too much. But the film is still good fun and I like it.

But you know how Terminator 2 kicks the first film’s ass in every way? Yeah, That’s what happened with the sequel.

Released in 2004, this one was praised by critics and fans, as one of the best superhero movies of all time Yes, they liked it that much. While it has been upstaged by The Dark Knight, The Avengers, and the like, people still like quite a bit. Me included.

I honestly think this is like The Godfather 2 of Comic Book sequels. As in, of straight comic sequels that require viewing the first film to get. Meaning, The Dark Knight doesn’t count, but it is better. This is one of those sequels that improves on the first one while also giving us more of what we liked.

But what is it about this movie that I love so much? Well, the only way is if I shut up and I’m gonna do that and start the review.

By the way, I didn’t review the first one or Amazing Spider-Man because I plan to discuss them together at a later date. I don’t think anyone is pissed I passed on Spider-Man 3, which I haven’t seen.

This, is Spider-Man 2

After a sweet credits scene recapping the first movie, the film opens with Peter Parker, played by Tobey Mcguire telling us the basics: He loves Mary Jane, he’s Spiderman and he’s awesome.

We see Peter at his day job as a pizza guy. For all….none of that haven’t seen the first movie, here’s a recap:

Nerdy Peter Park is bitten by a radioactive spider and becomes Spider-Man, a hero that can shoot web, and do other things like crawl on walls, but it’s the web that makes him SPIDER man. Yeah, that’s why I don’t like the web shooters, there you go.

Basically, Ben died, and once again, I’ll let a great man tell you the rest:

“Oh, and MJ’s all hot for Peter now. But Peter, he just shuts her down. Mary Jane don’t you cry, you can give a try, again when the sequel comes round”

We’ll get to MJ in a bit, but for now Peter deals with his jerk ass boss, played by Last Airbender survivor, Aasif whatshisface. He makes Peter deliver a ton of pizzas in a short time, so he goes out to do that.

Eventually Peter gives up and turns into Spider-Man to deliver the Pizzas. This is awesome but I’m pretty sure people are gonna question why Spider-Man randomly delivered pizza.

Even after that, he winds up late and because of that 30 minutes thing, he doesn’t get paid. This is a pretty cool opening as it shows Peter juggling his normal life and hero life, and it shows that he still has normal issues even as a superhero.

Peter is fired for his failure and he moves on to his other job at the Daily Bugle. Thus, we get to meet the best character ever: J Jonah Jameson, played by JK Simmons. He’s Peter’s uptight , fast talking boss as the bugle, and he is amazing. He’s so much fun and he’s perfect.

Jonah wants pictures of Spider-Man cuz he hates him for some reason, and of course Peter is able to get him those pictures. After that, Peter goes off class at his college, but he winds up being late. His teacher clumsily exposits that Peter’s grades at declcing and his life is a mess.

Peter has to do some paper, and he’s doing on Otto Octivious who is a good friend of Curt Conners here. Man, comic books LOVE alliteration for some reason. That night,he heads home and he is welcomed by a his birthday party. That’s right, his life is so hectic he forgot his own birthday. You can tell that the theme here is juggling his two lives, and it’s done very well.

Here we meet Harry Osborne, the son of Norman/Green Goblin, played by James Franco, and Mary Jane Watson, played by Kristen Dunst.


You know the drill.

But let’s get serious for a second. MJ is known as being the typical Damel in distress and she gets plenty of hate, and that extends to Dunst. Me? I’ve always been cool with here. In the first movie, there was more to her.

She was a rare not bitch-y popular chick, she was nice to Peter, but she has also had troubles at home that made her interesting. Their romance wasn’t the best but it was nicely handled. Dunst isn’t the best actress ever but she does fine. She’s much better here though….Mary Jane, not so much .We’ll get to it as it comes but I am mixed on her character in this one.

But I will say that she is less hot in this one for some reason.

Harry, works at his fathers company, Oscrop and he tells Peter he can get him a meeting with Otto. He is pissed at Spider-Man for killing his father, but he trusts Peter. Oh the irony!

Actually, this is done well as we sympathize with Harry. But I couldn’t resit the joke. After the party, Peter talks to his Aunt May and they have a sweet little moment. After that he talks to Mary Jane and we find out she has been busy too, with stuff likev  being on a billboard, and in a play and all that.

They have a nice moment together where their chemistry is far better than in the first one. MJ tells him that she has a new boyfriend. She doesn’t tell him his name or anything important. Just that he exists. But Peter ignores that and tells MJ he he will be at MJ’s next play.

Which means he won’t.

To add to Peter’s trouble, we find out he’s a month late on his rent. Maybe this is overkill, but I like seeing how Peter’s life has gotten WORSE since the last movie, instead of better.

The next day, Peter meets his hero, Otto Octavious, played by Alfred Molina. He’s this scientist dude that works at Oscop. Otto shows Peter this machine he made that has to do with fusion. I don’t know, I don’t speak techno babble. It’s important to the plot so I have to stress that it could go wrong but Otto assures Peter it will work.

Spoilers, it goes wrong.

Joking aside, Otto is pretty cool as see that he is smart but fun as her interacts with Peter. I’ll talk about him more as we go along, and you know why. We see that he has a hot wife, and a solid marriage.

Even if you’ve never seen this movie, you can guess what happens since I pointed that out.

The next day, Peter tries to make it to MJ’s play but he is interrupted by a convenient car chase. Some robber is trying to out get away from a cop and this kind of prevents Peter from going any further. This also means he has to use to turn into Spider-Man to take down the bad guys. He he changes so fast, I’ll never know.

Peter takes them down but he ends up being late to MJ’s play, as Bruce Campbell tells him. And when Bruce campbell tells you something, you listen. He can’t enter after the doors close so he’s up shit creek.

After the show, Peter tuns into Spidey so he can swing around and forget his troubles….but his web runs out and he crashes. He tries again but his web still doesn’t work. So Peter is forced to take the elevator as Spidey and have an awkward meeting with Mr Davenport

here. I don’t care what people say, that scene is hilarious. After ….that, we cut to some other day as we find out that Mary Jane is kind of pissed that Peter missed his show. Peter calls her to apologize and she doesn’t pick up even after hearing his message. Peter clearly missed it by mistake and he is sorry….but she’s still giving him the cold shoulder.

See what I meant earlier? Peter wants to tell her the truth, but of course he can’t. This part of the dilemma works as Peter’s hero life is now interfering with his normal life, and the fact that he can’t tell anyone tears him apart. This is the heart of the movie and it’s still great.

Later on, Otto starts the big unveiling of his machine. It’s this weird….thing that gives him metal tentacles that are kind of sentient but kind of not. His technobabble explains it better, but the thing has an AI which lets Otto control it with his mind. He explains that he has this chip that protects his brain from being controlled by the arms.

Smart move on his part, but this being a movie, it’s gonna go wrong anyway. He’s gonna use them to harness the power of this fusion ball….thing but shock of all shockers, it goes wrong. The fusion ball….thing has some problems, causing a bunch of crap to happen.

Otto is too proud of himself to get out of the way and his wife dies during all this damage. Yeah, it’s still done well, even if it was predictable.

Also, Peter turned into Spidey and saved Harry but Harry is still pissed.

“He humiliated me by touching me”

How was that supposed to be taken seriously?

Otto is hurt pretty badly and he gets operated  on by some doctors but his tentacles go crazy and attack them. It’s a pretty cool scene, and the effects have very much improved from the first movie. These bad boys look pretty real to me.

Otto wakes up to see the damage that has been done thanks to him and his metal buddies, and he gives us a big NOOOOO. His tentacles join in too…..i think. I mean, they clearly make a sound and it sounds like screaming. Yeah, I agree with the NC, that is pretty goofy.

Otto then goes out and goes into hiding for now. Despite my nitpicking, Otto is a pretty cool villain, managing to be sympathetic (like all Spidey villains) but also fun and threatening.

We cut to the Daily bugle, as the god known as Jonah finds out about this.

“A guy named Otto Octavious winds up with 8 limbs. What are the odds?”

At least they lampshaded it.

“What do they call this guy?”

“Dr Octopus”

“Nah, that’s crap”


“Science Squid?”


“Doctor Strange”

“That’s pretty good….but it’s taken”


“Wait, I got it…Doctor Octopus”

Ah yes the “someone comes up with an idea but the other guy thinks it was his” cliché.

Peter shows up and J Jonah tells Peter to go this Planetarium party the next night to take pictures for it. Back with Doc Ock, he is sad about his wife’s death, which was caused by him.

He wants to just mope but the metal tentacle things start controlling his mind, cuz the chip is gone….somehow.

“Peter was right. I miscalculated”

Doc wants to rebuild his machine but he needs money. The metal things suggests stealing it and I’m watching a movie where metal tentacles tell a guy to steal money.

Yeah, this movie is still kind of goofy, but it’s written in a way that can be taken seriously. It’s a nice mix.

“The real crime would be not to finish what we started”

As NC pointed out, Ock does kind of just….forget about his wife for no reason. I can’t recall if she is brought up again but to be fair, the tentacles kind of get in the way of mourning.

Honestly, NC’s whole “FUCK HER” skit seems accurate to what happened.

So now we have our villain. We cut to Peter and Anunt May who are conveniently at a place with money: The Bank. May wants to open a new bank account, but Joel Machale does not approve.

Yes, that is really Joel Mchale was the bank dude here. This ….is interesting. And it makes the movie even better.

This whole thing with the account has no point to it other than to have Peter here when Doc Ock pops up just now. I’m shocked he could hide under a trench coat with his METAL TENTACLES being a dead give away.

Peter runs away to turn into spider man.

JOEL: That boy of yours is a real hero!

See, it’s funny cuz he IS a hero! …Yeah.

Spider-Man shows up to stop Ock and a cool action scene ensues.

“You’re getting on my nerves”

“I have a knack for that”

Oh hey, this Spidey DOES quip!

Spidey’s web conveniently works for a bit so he can banish Doc from the building. They take the battle to the streets where Doc Ock captures Aunt May. He climbs up a building and Spidey tells him to let her go.

He lets her go…and she starts falling.


Alfred Molina wanted to keep Doc Ock’s cruel comedic nature. I think they did just that.

During the carnage, some debris almost hits a chick but she is saved by THE OBLIGATORY STAN LEE CAMEO!

….Yeah, I’m watching this off the TV so I can’t put a pic up but you can Google image this stuff. This amazing fight scene goes on for a bit but long story short, Spidey saves Aunt May, who does some ass kicking of her own.

So with Doc Ock stopped for the time being, we cut to that Planetarium thing the next night. Jonah’s son, John shows up and oh hey he’s the guy Mary Jane is dating. Wah wah!

He meets up with MJ later and he tries to apologize again.

“John has seen my show 5 times. Harry has seen it twice. Aunt May has seen it. My sick mother got out of bed to see it….but my best friend who cares so much about me, can’t make an 8:00 curtain”

Ugh, shut up. Seriously, I told you I have problems with MJ in this movie. I get where she’s coming from but she’s way too much of a bitch in the first half. The guy has (kind of) explained why he was late and he was clearly sorry. LET IT GO!

Peter’s day isn’t bad enough, so Harry bitches at home.

“You stole MJ from me, you stole my father’s love from me, and you let him die”

Oh hey, this part is done pretty well. Harry’s entire thing is cool and he has reason to be pissed. That’s more than I can say for Mary Pain over here.

Well, at least Peter’s day can’t get any worse.

“The beautiful Mary Jane Watson has agreed to marry me”

OH COME ON! You’ve known him for like…a little bit and you’re agreeing to marry him AND you are ditching your best friend after he misses on show? Fuck you!

Okay, despite my issue with her, this does add to Peter’s troubles very nicely. Peter turns into Spidey to forget his troubles, but his web runs out. Didn’t we do this already?

He tries to climb up walls like usual but that stops working too. He has also has lost his super sight as he finds out by looking at a newspaper that is conveniently there.

We cut to MJ justifying her decision to marry John to some chick. The chick is on my side on this one.

After that pointless bit, Peter visits the doctor who tells him has no problem. Maybe going to do a guy who can’t know about your real problem was a bad idea.

“What’s your major?”


Only a SCIENCE MAJOR can…uh…um….i don’t know. I just wanted to reference Linkara.

After getting an inspirational speech, Peter has a flashback with Uncle Ben who tells him about…..just guess.

“With great power comes great responsibility”

That’s the catchphrase of old Uncle Ben. If you missed it don’t worry, they’ll say the line. Again and again and again.

There, I quoted the song 3 times.

So With that, Peter gives up Spider-Man, throwing his suit away, in a reference to a classic comic where he indeed gives up Spider-Man. Nice.

Then we get a happy montage of Peter living his life without Spider-Man. His grades improve, he goes to MJ’s play-wait if he could just go to another showing, why was she so pissed? Okay, I’ll stop.

He meets with MJ after the show and he tries to hit off with MJ again. It doesn’t work because she’s still a bitch.

“I’m not an empty seat anymore. I’m different”

People love to bitch about the romance, but it never really bugged me that much. It adds to the soap opera-ness of Peter’s life but in this movie it bugs me a tiny bit because of the writing on MJ’s character. However, I’ve seen worse romances. At least this one is competent.

MJ leaves but with a sign of hope that she will stop being a bitch. Man, I’m really picking on this movie even though I love it. I really do think it’s a cool movie but I’m trying to point out it’s problems because I am a critic, and my job is to suck the joy out of everything.

The next day, a bum finds Spidey’s costume and it gives it to J Jonah who is so amazing I can’t quote him because you have to see it for yourself.

Peter and May visit Ben’s grave so we can have another depressing scene. They have dinner later on, and Peter tells May that it was his fault that Ben died. You all know the story so I won’t repeat it.

The whole “he didn’t stop the thief” stuff and all that. He leaves out the Spider-Man thing but she gets the gist. It’s a pretty great scene with some of Mcguire best acting. People pick on him but he’s fine, especially in this movie. May just silently leaves the room.

Then we loudly cut to Doc Ock building his machine. Mood Whiplash, much? After a bit of that, Ock visits Harry to get some “Trituum” that he needs. Harry agrees to give it to him but..

“Kill spider-Man”

Dun dun dun! Harry tells Doc that Peter takes pics of Spider-Man, so he will know who he is. I should have saved the dun dun dun for now.

While that is going on, Peter stumbles upon a burning building and naturally he wants to save the people inside even though he’s not spidey anymore. And he actually does go inside despite his limitations. Stupid, but awesome!

Peter saves a little girl from the building in a pretty awesome moment. But a bit later, a dick fire man pops up to tell another guy, in front of peter, that someone got trapped on the 4th floor and never made it out.

Okay than.

The next day, Peter goes to Aunt May’s place to help her move out. May tells Peter that he made a brave move in telling her the truth earlier. They have a talk and this steers into May saying that people need a hero like Spider-Man.

It’s a pretty moving speech that gets Peter thinking about his role and stuff. So Peter goes to the roof tops and tries to see if he can get his powers going again. He tries this by jumping off a building. It goes about as well as you’d expect, and yet he survives because movie logic.

Later on, Peter meets up with Mary Jane and it seems like MJ is gonna apologize for being a bitch but Peter breaks up with her (without really being with her) because he has some complex stuff to figure out.

“Do you love me or not?”



Before anything else can happen, Doc Ock crashes their party to kidnap Peter. He tells Peter to tell Spidey to meet him at a place later on. After that, Doc Ock throws Peter against the wall and puts on his sunglasses.

This has never been more appropriate: YEAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

And then he kidnaps Mary Jane because of course. Some people don’t like the romance stuff back there, but in this scene it works well because it adds to Peter’s complexity and all that. The damsel stuff fits here too cuz a villain is kidnapping her and it’s not her own stupidity this time.

We cut to J Jonah, as he is sad that his son’s fiance has been kidnapped. He realizes that Spider-Man could have saved her.

“SpiderMan was a hero. I just couldn’t see it.”

D’aww, it’s cool to see him turn around on Spidey after all this time. …And then Peter shows up in a flash to take his suit back, and Jonah gets pissed.”

‘I want him strung up by his web. I want Spider-MAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!”

God bless you, J Jonah.

So yeah, Peter got his powers back by the power of plot convenience and now he’s going out to stop Doc Ock. Spider fights Doc which leads to a train fight aka the best action scene ever.

Seriously, you have not lived until you’ve Spider-Man fight an 8 armed dude on a train. During the fight, the train goes of control and Spidey (for some reason) takes off his mask revealing his secret to everyone on the train.

More on that in a sec. Spidey stops the train but he is pretty weary after all that work. So the train passengers carry him so they can beat Man of Steel in the shoehorned jesus imagery category.

“He’s just a kid . No older than my son”

They promise Peter they won’t tell anybody. And then Doc Ock comes. Then the passengers tell Doc Ock to fuck off and they get their asses kicked. Nice going, dumb asses.

Well okay, it was a cool moment but kind of dumb. I’ve heard a few complaints about that whole scene and I see why. I doubt these guys weren’t the only ones to see Spidey with his mask off and I really doubt all them kept it under wraps for awhile. It’s cool to see people stand up for Spidey but overall, it’s a pointless scene.

But hey, they did the “secret identity is revealed but kept” thing better than Hannah Montana the movie.

Doc Ock takes Spidey and gives him to Harry. What happened to Mary Jane is not explained for now. Harry got Doc his Trituim and Dock leaves with it. So Harry has Spider-Man right where he wants him and boom, he finds out Spider-Man is Peter Parker.

“Harry, where is she?”

My question exactly!

“No…all he wanted was the Trituim”

Peter figures out that Doc Ock is rebuilding the machine, and it’s gonna go bad. Doc did more than Harry asked for now, so Peter proposes they have a classic team up since they now have a common enemy.

This is done pretty well since it again feeds into the complexities regarding Harry’s character.

Over in Doc’s liar, he has MJ captured for no real reason, (he assumes Spidey is dead) and Spider-Man shows up to save her.

Another cool fight ensues and the machine starts sucking MJ into it. It makes way more sense in context, trust me. I just don’t speak technobabble.

He saves her but Doc gets the upper hand. And then Mary Jane tries to take a level inn badass ….and gets her ass handed to her. FAIL.

Long story short, Doc Ock is shocked by his own machine, which starts going out of control and tearing the place up. Even starts messing with the rest of town. Doc’s tentacles start getting weak and Peter, after revealing himself AGAIN, asks Otto how to stop the machine.

“We must destroy it”

Doc Ock refuses to destroy it but Peter gives him a speech about how Doc isn’t like this and all that.

“Sometimes, to do whats right we have to be steady and and give up the thing we want the most. Even our dreams”

“You’re right”

Doc tells the tentacles to go fuck themselves and they just drop dead and he finally decides to trash his machine. It was his dream to change the world with this machine, but he let that kind of turn him evil.

Now he’s finally gonna drop that dream to save everyone. It’s a really powerful moment and it’s executed perfectly.

Doc Ock goes to do his thing….and thing the roof almost crushes Mary Jane because she needs to be saved AGAIN. The last time was good enough!

Thank god she’s hot.

Peter holds up the roof to save her. “

This is really heavy”

DOC BROWN: There’s that word again, heavy…

The machine, along with the rest of the place, is trashed and Peter confess his love to Mary Jane right there. Doc Ock refuses to die a monster so he sacrifices himself and dies.

Awesome. Seriously, the whole tone in this scene is epic and very well done. Even the love stuff works here. So Peter and MJ leave and hang out in a web he made.

Now Mary finally knows that Peter is Spider-Man and she says she suspected it to an extent. Peter explains why he hid his secret from her and he says they can never be due to all this stuff.

Mary Jane leaves, meaning they broke up AGAIN. Come on, I finally cared bout this romance and they cock tease us again so we can do it again in the 3rd one?

Whatever, at least it’s on decent terms. Harry shows up and hugs MJ while Peter watches without anyone seeing him somehow. He turns into Spidey and he runs off.

A bit later, Harry is alone when he his Daddy pops up in the mirror to tell him that he is alive in him.

“You swore to make Spider-Man pay. Now make him pay…Now you know the truth about Peter. Be strong Harry. Avenge me. AVENGE ME!’

He hasn’t changed a bit. So yeah, Harry is crazy and he goes into this secret room to find the Green Goblin outfit.

He looks at all this and we cut to Mary Jane’s wedding. …Even after all that, she’s still with that guy she barely knows.


….Anyway, they get married but she runs to Peter.

“I can’t survive without you”

Oh, so we don’t end with them breaking up. We just do that old wedding cliché. I said I’ve seen and liked the movie, I never said I remembered every detail.

“I know you think we can’t be together. But can’t you respect me enough to make my own decision? I know there will be risks, but I want to face them with you”

So to recap: Mary Jane knows that loving Spider-Man will get her in danger, but she doesn’t care as long as he protects her and she is with the the man she loves. I would like this more if she wasn’t no willy nilly on the subject, but on it’s own, this is is pretty well done. The romance in the first half was rocky but this scene blows their stuff in the first film out of the water.

Some of it is cliché, but I do like conflict in my romance. It plays into Peter’s character instead of being cheap, and that is why I think people should stop ragging on the romance.

They kiss, and Peter heads out to do his heroic duties.

Now he finally realizes, after giving up Spider-Man and getting hm back, that….say it with me now: with great power comes great responsibility.

Roll credits.

For once, an ending I’m happy with! The wedding hurt the pacing a bit, but that was a non abrupt, perfectly done ending.

Thank you!

Final Thoughts:

After reviewing this, I can more of the flaws, but screw it, this movie is still awesome. It does everything a sequel should do and then some. It fixes the flaws of the first one while playing up it’s strength.

The story is more involved, the acting on the leads has improved, the tone is solid, the characters are better realized, and the effects are (mostly) way better.

While I like both Spider-Man 1 and Amazing Spider-Man 1, I feel that this one combined the strength of both without having their unique flaws.

The story is very good, dealing with Peter’s troubles as Peter and Spider-Man and we sympathize with him all the way through. We see how every aspect of his life is effected by his powers, and we get some really complex and deep stuff in this movie.

The story has quite a bit going on with Peter, Doc Ock, and Harry but the writers (only one is credited but he did jack shit compared to the actual writers. Look it up, it’s a not so long story) do a good job of juggling it all, and tying it together without making it feel clutterd.

A few aspects of the story of fumble, but it’s mostly rock solid. The characters are well done, with Peter being way more complex and likable than in the other Spidey films I’ve seen.

He’s not as whiny as before, and he’s very well developed. Toby also pulls him off better here, despite some weak moments at times. I know I haven’t brought it up much, but I am mixed on MJ.

Early on she is too much of a bitch for my tastes, and it’s a downgrade from the first. But in the 2nd half, she greatly improves and as I said, the romance ties into Peter’s story fairly well. I don’t fully get the hate MJ gets, as I can think of 10 worse Damsel Scrappys.

Dunst is solid here, and again, better than in the first. Also, she’s still hot. Harry is very solid as he ties into the plot well, and you feel what he is going through, which makes the ending even cooler. Also, Franco is good.

Doc Ock is very good villain that is sympathetic, but also a ton of fun. He’s just threatening enough despite his goofy nature and they handle every aspect of his character very well.

Also, J Jonah is still the best thing ever. As I keep saying, the tone is what makes me like this one. While it has a few goofy aspects, it’s overall a serious movie with lots of great themes. I could take everything seriously, and I was sucked into the story.

However, it isn’t too dark as it is still fun and it knows when to be goofy or serious. Spider-Man has a naturally goofy concept, and while he can be taken super seriously, I like that the makers of this movie realize that and don’t try to turn it into into The Dark Knight.

Though it did turn out well when they did, but I digress. Yes, it is a tad goofy but it’s never TOO goofy, and both tones fit perfectly.

Can it be over the top? Yes, but it’s still very well written, and well executed. I picked on this movie a lot as I am critic, but it’s really a gem.

It’s not only a very solid comic book, but it also stands one of the few really great comic book sequels. Marc Webb has to work really hard to top this, but I am very much excited to see how Amazing Spider-Man 2 is.

Grade: A-

Man, that was a great pick me up. But sadly, next time we head back into the slimy depth of 2013, with a movie people have thankfully forgotten. See ya.


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