Toon’d Out Month 3: The Smurfs 2

Smurf Harder

Smurf Harder

Hello, Spongey here, and welcome to the grand finale of Toon’d Out Month 3!

Yeah, the ASCII monster that ate the So the Drama review came back and ate the Josie and the Pussycats review. If you remember, I opened that review only for it to be replaced by ASCII bullshit.

Why? No idea. It happened to 2 other posts I am working on (you’ll know if when they go up) as well, though I wasn’t far into those when it happened. If you go into my twitpic or whatever, you can see pictures of what it looks like.

I was beyond pissed to lose a review slot, but ah well. I only got to see 1 hour of Josie but….i kind of liked that hour! Why? You’ll have to wait until I review it…again, come May or so. Yeah, the movie is too fresh on my mind to type it all again. So hopefully by then I will have forgotten a good chuck of it.

I know you are expecting more of a freak out here but I’ve had a good nights sleep to get over it. I’m pissed I lost what was looking to be a decent review of a decent movie. But we all have to move on.

I’ll discuss the fate of other live action adaptation reviews at the end. For now, let’s finally finish the Toon’d out Month saga with…..a bang? Sort of.

Last year, I reviewed 2011’s The Smurfs. You can read that review if want to know the incredible story of how Sony needed money really badly. Needless to say, I didn’t like it. The story was lame, the characters were boring, and the whole thing was pretty weak.

However, it had some okay jokes and a solid cast, so it saved itself from being awful. But, of course, it made a lot of money, so naturally it needed a 2013 sequel. I was dreading this one, and now I have to watch it.

With a 14 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, it got even worse reviews than the first one. Even on the Box Office front, it was a disappointment. With 71 million domesticity, it didn’t make back it’s 105 million dollar budget Yes, it was able to pull in an extra 276 million overseas, which means it made it’s more back, but compared to the first film (which made over 500 million overall) that kind of sucks.

There isn’t much else to introduce. It has the cast, and director back but the writers changed a bit. By that I mean instead of 4 writers, we have an extra. Yes, this thing has FIVE WRITERS! Even worse, the new one has done stuff like Chicken Run!

So yeah, now hyped for this one. But ,let’s see how better…or worse, it can get.

This, is The Smurfs 2

After 40 seconds of logos, (Ding!), the movie opens with Tom Kane telling us what we already know….when he is interrupted by Smooth Smurf.

“You’re upstaging the narrator!”

Okay, that was funny. By the way, Smooth is voiced by Shaquille O Neal. As if Grown Ups 2 wasn’t bad enough..

The Narrator goes on to tell us that a long time ago the evil wizard Gargamel created Smurfette as part of one of his plans. She was evil until Papa turned her good with magic, and thus one of their dear friend was born.

Okay, this is interesting. I don’t know why no one addressed it last time but Smurfette being a former baddy is pretty interesting….even if it will likely go nowhere. By the way, Gargamel creating her makes my comment from last time about him wanting to bang her really creepy.

The narrator’s story is interrupted when Smurfette suddenly comes in, trying to kill them with a “dragon wand”. It’s all a dream. This isn’t fooling me for a second. And guess what? Smurfetee, again voiced by Katy Perry, wakes up from her nightmare.

Sigh, this is gonna suck.

It’s her birthday, and as she tells Papa, voiced by Jonathan Winters, she always has these nightmares on her birthday.

“It makes me wonder who I really am”

Well, this is an already better than the first one cuz the story is far more interesting. By the way, this was sadly the last film role for Winters, as he died a few months before it came out. Yet another good actor dies with a shitty movie as his last role. Wait, didn’t he die only a few days after I reviewed the first one?


We cut to France, as we find out that between movies, Gargamel (played by Hank Azaria) became a street magician and soon a real magician that did famous magic acts and all that. We even get a flashback to when he was discovered and all that.

I have a lot of questions, but the biggest is about how no one freaked out over the presence of clearly real magic. After that show, he talks to his cat Azrael (Frank Welker). He tells us, I mean him, that he is running low on the Smurf Essence that powers his magic.

Okay, how long has it been since the last one>? I ask because I want to question why he has had enough to use all that magic for this long. It’s been like a year since I last saw the first one so for all I know, they explained why he still has any to start with.

We also find out he recently created his own Smurfs, called “The Naughties” Gee, I wonder how you got so long on essence!

These Smurfs aren’t real smurfs, which is why he can’t use their essence. We have Hackus, voiced by JB Smoove, and Vexy, voiced by Christina Ricci. First Bucky Larson, now this?! The Naughties pop up to mess with Azreal.

“Did we please you father?”


At least he’s honest.

The reason he said that is because they are not real smurfs, and are thus failed experiments. It’s not a good idea to say that to 2 little people that can kick your ass.

We abruptly cut to Smurf village, as everyone is getting ready for Smurfette’s birthday party. By the way, John Oliver is in this scene as “Vanity Smurf”. The casting director on this thing must love wasting talent.

….Or not, because he was the casting director on The Lorax, Yes Man, Men in Black, and of all things, Gravity. This what happens when I actually do research on CASTING DIRECTORS.

Speaking of talent, we have Paul Rebeuns as Jokey Smurfs, and Jeff Foxworthy as Handy Smurf …Okay. Also, we meet Social Smurf, who says something has a lot of likes on Smurfbook. Ugh.

Anyway, Smurfette comes out, but everyone hides the party stuff and tells her they are too busy to hang out with her.

“Everyone forgot my birthday?”

Crap, that cliché? Well, I take back what I said about the story being better. So we cut to the real world, as we once again meet Neil Patrick Harris (I’ll just call him that instead of the character’s name).

We see him at the birthday party of his son, Blue. Man, I hope that kid survives his teen years. Barney is having an okay time until his step father shows up, played by Brendan Gleeson.

If you guessed that his dad is an embarrassment, then yay, you’ve seen another movie! Though here he’s not so much embarrassing as he is a lot of fun for everyone at the party but Dr Horrible.

That is, until he gives a kid a corn dog dipped in peanut oil, and said kid is allergic to peanut. Maybe you should have told them it’s peanut oil first? It’s not exactly common.

We abruptly (I’m sensing a pattern here) cut to Gargamel as he goes over his plan. He’s going to make a portal to smurf village, capture Smurfette, force her to tell him the formula Papa used to turn her blue, turn the Naughties blue, extract their essence, and you guessed it, take over the world.


Wait, wouldn’t it be easier to use Smurfette’s essence?

“Will that extracting thing hurt?”

“Oh,it’s excruciating…ly painless. It’ll be fun”

Okay, that was funny.

So they go up to the Eiffel tower and use it to create a portal to Smurf village. But the can’t make a human sized portal, so he sends Vexy in to get Smurfette. Back in the Smurf Villag,e Smurfette wonders if she belongs and boom, Vexy pops up.

After putting on a nice act, Vexy reveals herself to be evil and drags Smurfette back with her. Wow, this is all going fast. Does that mean the movie will be over quicker?

Now that he has Smurfette, Gargamel takes her to his place and tells her no one will come to get her because she isn’t a “real” smurf.

“You’re not my father”

Search your heart, you know it to be true!

He tells her that he needs the secret to turning Smurfs blue, so he can, as he says, continue his magic show and never bother the smurfs again. Back in Smurf village, the Smurfs figure out that Smurfette was captured, so Papa makes some crystals that will allow the Smurfs to go get Patrick for help.

Oh,and remember how in the first movie, they mention “Passive aggressive Smurf” in a throwaway line? Well, we actually meet him and he’s voiced by Jimmy Kimmel. He’s only there for a second, but it’s kind of cute to see.

Papa wants to send Brainy, Hefty, and Gusty but thanks to a mistake by Clumsy, he accidentally sends Clumsy, Grouchy, and Vanity. So Papa and the B team head off to the real world, as cut to Dr Blowhole.

He’s still by bugged by his Dad even though the worst thing he did was not know a kid was allergic to peanut butter. Seriously, the cliché is bad as it is, but why is the Dad not really THAT bad? He’s having fun with the son and others, so the only issue is that Neil is a dick.

Well, actually, we find out that Step-Dad sent Barney’s parrot away when he first moved in. Okay, that is dick ish and I see where his hate for Dad stems from but….eh, it’s still a little lame.

Then the Smurfs abruptly pop in for some WACKY ANTICS. Eventually, things calm down and Step Dad is introduced to the Smurfs. Yes, he handles the presence of little blue people very well. Of course.

They tell Barney what the problem is, and he says he knows that Gargamel is a big star, and that he’s in Paris. So he knew that an evil wizard for running around and he didn’t do anything?

With that, they plan to go off to Paris. Yes, they decide to just drop everything and go to Paris at a moments notice, and they all the needed funds to do so.

This is such bullshit that even Doogie Howser points it out, but they shoot him down because “Dad always loses”. It’s funny because he’s logical!

So we cut to Paris as they have arrived in record time. Seriously, did they go by map? The gang head to the Gargamel’s next show so they can find Smurfette. They are shocked to see that Gargamel has more power than he was before.

“Holy smurf”

Smurf these puns.

Meanwhile, Neil’s wife heads to Gargamel’s hotel to find his room, incase he has Smurfette there, but the desk guy doesn;t tell her what his room is. Her entire hinged on the guy being an idiot. Okay.

So she has a back up plan: Dress up as a french woman and complain her room because…uh…um…i don’t know. We cut to the next scene before I can tell you what her plan is. But I can tell you the next scene has The Smurfs trying to find Gargamel’s dressing room.

Also, on stage, he does some spells and says this:

“This is what I do to all my critics!”

….Too easy.

Back with Neil’s wife, I think I get her plan. Gargamel is supposedly on the finest floor in the hotel, so she pretended to be a rich lady and tries to find out what floor it is by complaining about her room which she says is meant to be the best. That is both simple and convoluted…but Jama Mays does pull off the look pretty well.

So back with our heroes, Neil’s Step Dad and Blue show up, saying they want to help him. While they argue, Vexy comes up with a plan to get that whole Blue thing from Smurfette:. They will trick her into acting more like them to make her think she’s part of their family, and eventually she will give them the formula.

Which means Smurfette will give in to her evil origins and really question who she is. Hey, that’s pretty interesting! Will they follow up on it? ….Probably not.

So Step Dad goes up on stage and asks Gargamel to give up Smurfette. He then turns Step Dad into a duck. Great plan, genius. After some stuff, Gargamel makes the audience leave, and they don’t question the duck thing.

Back in the dressing room, Smurfette escapes, and of course the Smurfs find the room after she leaves. They find a binder that tells them about Gargamel’s full plan. \

“Total Smurf-gedden”

Now I see why Jake called this the 2nd worst film of 2013. Wait, 2nd? There’s a movie Jake saw that was worse? Oh boy.

Back with Neil, he chews Duck Victor (the step dad) or ruining everything, as usual. Hey, he did go out and face an evil wizard expecting good things to come out of it. Patrick is not being unreasonable.

The Smurfs meet up with Barney,

‘Victor, you look fowl. …Oh yes I did”

I wish you didn’t.

Vexy finds Smurfette, and tells her Papa will never come get her because this is her home now. Then they spot Hackus causing trouble in some shop and Smurfette reluctantly to help save him.

They rescue him but Smurfette helps steal a cart in the process so they can escape. This makes Vexy tells her that she is just like them. As much as I like this concept, it seems like it will just lead to cliché crap. Or WACKY-NESS as that scene proves.

So Neil and The Smurfs head to his hotel room and he tells his wife about the whole duck thing. Victor seems to be taking the whole….being a duck thing in stride, since Papa says it will wear off soon.

“You don’t seem to be too upset about this”

“It’s not in a duck’s nature to be upset”

Unless you tell him it’s Duck season.

“I like to let things roll off my back”

“Did you seriously just say that?”

I don’t get it. It’s not even a pun so why even respond like that?

The Smurfs like it which makes Victor bitch at Neil cuz whatever. After a brief scene of Smurfette and the Naughties riding on birds (okay) we cut to Neil as he bitches to his wife about Victor.

He talks how he’s not his father and whatever, and oh look Victor saw this. Ugh, this entire subplot with Neil is pointless. It also sometimes makes him kind of a dick. I can standing seeing an NPH character sleep with over 200 women, and take over the world with music, but being a dick to his Dad? That is oddly enough where I draw the line.

Neil and the Smurfs head to hotel kitchen in disguise because Gargamel ordered room service and they can get to his room via the tray. So all the wife’s plan did was get them this Elevator key pass….thingy.

. Victor shows up because he thought Neil dropped the Elevator pass key thingy in the hotel room but it turns Victor just brought him their room key. I guess ducks can’t read.

Then a chef shows up and takes Victor the duck, thinking he is part of the meal. Victor yells at the chef but he doesn’t hear him because….reasons. Keep in mind, there was a brief bit where some dude on the street heard victor, so I don’t get it.

The Smurfs end up in Gargamel’s room but they just end up doing some slapstick and almost fall out the window.

“Are you smurfing kidding me?!”

My thoughts exactly.

The Smurfs end up back in the room only to see that Smurfette and the Naughties are not only here, but are having fun together. They call for her through the door (I guess they were on some terrace thingy) but she doesn’t hear them because she is deaf.

Gargamel shows up with a birthday present for Smurfette, and she is pleased to hear he remembered. He tells her that it sucks that Papa has not come for her.

“I remember when my father threw me down the well….for the first time”

Okay, that was funny.

The present is a wand, which Smurfette randomly threatens to use on Gargamel.

“I am your father,. Search your feelings, you know it to be true”

…Smurf you for both making that joke and stealing it from me!

Smurfette indeed does use it on him which makes me wonder if Gargamel has succeed or not. Yes, she has turned bad but she is turning on YOU so….i don’t get it.

PAPA: She’s turning into one of them!

She zaps a mirror she then hits The Smurfs, sending them flying. But who cares about the somewhat interesting plot line when we can join Neil and Victor, after Vicor has freed all the Hotel’s ducks?

“What are you, Martin Luther Wing?”

Booo! Thankfully, they spot the Smurfs falling.

“What the QUACK is that?”

Did the movie just censor itself?

Victor saves them and right after that, he turns back into a human. They tell Neil what happened and after they head back to the hotel, Neil tells the wife that he blames it all on Victor. Eh, I’m not sure about this.

I mean, I guess he distracted you so you couldn’t help The Smurfs but I’m sure Smurfette would be in the position she is without him. Though I at least see where you are coming from this time.

“I want him gone!”

“He’s your dad”

“No, that’s one thing he is not”

Victor is right behind them again. Christ, you had to do that cliché twice?!

Instead of feeling bad, he just bitches at him some more!

“I didn’t ask you to come barging into my life, or marry my mother!”

Or tell me that 9 year long story about how you met her!

Obvious Jokes: 1

Oh shut it, I am not starting a new running gag!

Neil brings up the whole parrot thing again….but Victor tells him that Barney was actually allergic to the parrot. They didn’t want Neil to blame himself for something else after Dad left, so they told him that Victor was allergic.

Okay, a few things.

1. I refuse to believe Neil didn’t know he was allergic to a bird he spent every day with. I simply don’t buy it.

2. They did this to make him feel better, yet all it did was make him feel worse, which makes them idiots.

3. He seriously waited this long to tell him after all this crap?

4. You thought your Dad took the parrot, because he was allergic to it …and you were still mad at him even it makes perfect to take away something that is endangering his health? Okay, you are officially a DICK.

5. Also, if he’s allergic to any bird feathers or any kind, why didn’t he react during this entire duck adventure?

Victor tells him that he tried to give Neil everything, after his real Dad left but clearly Neil does want him and he leaves. Okay, this scene has just rendered this entire movie un-redeemable…and Neil’s character unlikable.

Seriously, I’ve never a movie shoot itself in the foot this bad since that dumbass scene in R.I.P.D, if you remember what I’m talking about. On one hand, Victor was an annoying dumbass.

On the other, Neil is not a completely unlikable dick. Before the last scene’s events, he hadn’t done anything all that awful except for one event that understandable….until you told us he took the parrot for good reasons. From Nel’s POV, the parrot was harming Victor’s health, but really it was harming Neil. The 2nd one is even worse because it shows him as a dumbass who somehow didn’t see that Victor was just helping him this whole time.

Christ, I read a review on TV Tropes complaining about Patrick being a jerk here and I didn’t read on because of spoilers. But now I see what he’s talking about! This entire subplot is cliché, badly written, and makes the only good orginal character from the first unlikable.

This entire movie would be better if Neil Patrick Harris was not in it.
….Oh god, I just said that. See what you made me do, movie?! You made NPH unlikable! That alone is a sin against humanity!

…Okay, I’m good now. Let’s move on. Back with the interesting plot, Gargamel and the gang hang out on a Ferris wheel and Smurfette uses her new magic to make the wheel leave it’s place and roll across the city.

This surely would cause tons of property damage, and land Gargamel’s ass in jail but whatever. Papa talks to Neil about this whole Smurfette and how she is only a Smurf as long as she chooses to be.

“Gargamel just made her, but you made her what she is…..and that’s a pretty special kind of love”

You mean like how your real Dad made you but Victor made you who you are? …Oh god, this entire subplot is pointless parallel to the main plot, isn’t it? Goddammit, it evens the slightly more interesting part of the movie!

Thanks to Neil’s pep talk,. Papa now wants to rescue Smurfette because you never give up on family and blah blah blah.

“Winslow, are you coming with us?”

“Is a Smurf’s butt blue?”

GROUCHY: You tell me!

Smurf this.

Gargamel and the gang head into this secret liar he has where he will start his full plan. While this is going, Neil and the Smurfs head out to stop Gargamel. Also, Victor shows up because Grace, the wife, told him they might need a hand.

Neil abruptly agrees to let hm help, while Smurfette goes back on her agreement to give Gargamel the whole blue formula thing. Suddenly, the Naughties start to faint because they actually can’t live without Smurf essence.


Holy Smurf, this is dark. Gargamel’s creation are going to flat out DIE, and Smurfette, because she grown to see the “good” in them, has to give him the formula or they die. That….is really interesting!

This is the closets to actually maturity we’ve gotten in this film so far. I really have to give the writers credit for actually trying to give us Adults something to appreciate for once. Though i’m a bit mixed on this bit:

“You’d let us die?”

GARGAMEL: I can always make others.

Wow, what a DICK. Gargamel was always a bad guy but here he’s willing to let his own creations DIE! Jesus, I know he was trying to commit Smurf genocide, but he never felt like this much of a monster!

So she gives him the formula, and he turns the Naughties into real Smurfs. Then he locks them all in a cage so he can move on with his plan. Smurfette figured Gargamel was up to no good, but she gave him the formula anyway so he could save her new friends.

“You sacrificed everything just to save us”

I should point out that during all this, The Naughties talking about how they hate how much of a dick Gargamel is to them and we see they showing some level of actual kindness to Smurfette, even though they original ly planned to just use them. So this actually makes sense.

I’m not 100 percent how to feel here. On one hand, it continues some of the complex stuff I was liking, but it also kind of feels….forced and cliché. But ah well, we’re 78 minutes into a 90 minute movie, so we’re almost done.

Gargamel starts up a machine but it takes out all the power in Paris. Maybe he caused that power outage in my area that delayed this review? …Nah.

He goes outside to do something, and the Smurfs finally arrive to save Smurfette. She tells Papa that she gave up the formula, but he’s proud of her because she saved her new friends.

VEXY: Seriously, you forgive her, just like that?

Yeah, I’m with her….but there’s 10 minutes left and I just this thing to be done sooner.

Smurfette convinces them to help save the Naughties, but Gargamel comes in, captures the other Smurfs, and proceeds to use that machine to zap up their essence or something. Then he uses that essence to make an epic new wand. He calls it Lawanda.

“You get it? Because it’s a wand. It’s very funny. If you weren’t in excruciating pan, you would be laughing hysterically”

Eh, that was kind of funny.

Neil and Victor bust in to stop Gargamel. It doesn’t take long for them to destroy the machine, which makes all Gargamel’s stuff, including the paper with the formula on it, turn into blue dust. I hope he has crappy memory or he will still use the formula again.

“We did it!”

…Yeah, I expected a lame Anti-Climax at this point. Smurfette introduces the newly reformed Vexy and Hackus to Grace and Smurfette meets Blue, who has been largely useless in this movie.

“He’s blue-utiful”


Also, Neil introduces Victor to them as his Dad. Then they hug. Wait, that’s it? They just…kind of teamed and boom, things are cool. Figures a shitty subplot wouldn’t even have a good resolution.

Oh, and here’s an out of context line from Grouchy:

“I ain’t pounding anything!”

And….then Gargamel pops up because he still has his wand. Come on, if you’re gonna have an anti climax, don’t have it be a fake out!

Vexy uses his wand against him, and this sends him flying into the Eiffel tower, where fireworks then set off, sending him into the air.

“That takes care of Gargamel”

Eh, still an Anti-Climax. Even the first one had a decent climax!

So Smurfette uses her new wand she still has to make it so they can all go home (cuz there are only 5 cryyals). Oh, and here’s the moral:

“It doesn’t matter who you came from. All that matters is who you choose to be”

Eh, it fits what I liked about her storyline, though it did kind of end weakly.

So our Smurf heroes go home and they introduce Vexy and Hackus to the other smurfs. They warm up to them pretty easily but whatever.

NARRATOR: So, after waiting patiently to be relevant again, our heroic narrator steps back into the fray in his leading role, to point out that when last we met the entire village was busying itself with preperatios for-

Everyone then starts partying, as it’s still Smurfette’s birthday.

“Do you mind, I’m trying to book end this!”

Okay, that was funny.

So the credits start, over the dance party ending. Yeah, it just kind of ….ends. Not much of a wrap up outside of giving us our message. I would be mad but I expected an abrupt ending at this point.

Also, said credits tell me there 2 exta Smurfs voiced by that kid from Rebound/Under Wraps and Kennan Thompson.. Yes.

Plus, there’s a post credits scene where Gargamel’s sucked into a portal and ends up back at his castle. And…another at the very end where Gargamel and his cat argue. I know this is technically based on a comic but this ain’t Marvel!

Whatever, at least it’s finally over. Feels like a really weak ending after all that. Fitting.

Final Thoughts:

This one was a pretty mixed bag, much like the first one. They are both bad, with some good parts. But here, the bad parts aren’t as annoying, and the good parts are a bit better. But my biggest issue, which you may know by now, is worse than the biggest issue in the first.

I’ll just start with how it is on it’s own. The basic story is kind of interesting to a point, and it gives a few complex ideas, which puts it above any of the Alvin pictures. I like the whole “dying” thing, which gives us some maturaity in an otherwise fluffy project.

On the other hand, that story ends kind of weakly, and the Naughties jut ended up being poorly written in the end. The ideas in this story wee very good, but it’s kind of wasted thanks to some cliches and a rushed ending.

As for the characters in that story, Smurfetee is given a good backstory, and she has the best bits, but she still lacks a true personality of her own. But I will say that Katy Perry has gotten some surprisingly decent acting chops since the last one.

Hackus is stupid, but I did kind of like Vexy has she has some amusing bits, and Ricci is pretty good in the role. Gargamel doesn’t get as much to do on his own here, but Hank Azaria is still great.

The main Smurfs don’t really get anything to do, and a result they don’t shine as much this time. It still sucks that Winters had to die with this as his last role. But the biggest sin in this entire film is Neil’s subplot….which SUCKED.

Not only did it give us the worst cliches in the picture, but they couldn’t write the cliches right! Patrick is rendered unlikable, as he acts like a dick to his Dad for no reason. The Dad himself is unfunny, and that big scene from earlier made it impossible for NPH’s character to be likable.

It’s so bad, that not even his performance (which gives a few okay moments early on) can’t save it. That’s right, for the first time ever, Neil Patrick Harris could not save a bad movie. I’ve seen good actors fail to hold up a crap movie (Everyone in Movie 43) but in all serious-ness, NPH is insanely charming in anything he’s in….and that was not the case here. The subplot itself doesn’t even end well!

It’s abrupt, and Neil never even apologies for what he did! That subplot is useless, badly written, and it renders my 2nd favorite character unlikable. This isn’t me playing up my anger for laughs, this subplot really pissed me off.

It brings down the entire film for me. How is it compared to the first film? Eh, it’s mostly an improvement, as there aren’t as many crappy jokes, and the basic story at least has interesting ideas. The first film just used it’s plot as an excuse for pop culture humor.

On the other hand though, Gargamel’s shtick kind of got old and thanks to that subplot, the other best character is unlikable. It sounds small, but it does make it slightly worse in some ways. But for the most part, it’s mostly on the same level.

They both have some good elements, but are otherwise lame kiddie flicks. I think this one is technically better overall because at least the attempts at being sweet (mostly) work better. I think both films at least sort of try to be good, so that makes them the Chipmunks movies.

It’s still not worth seeing. Yet, in spite of all that, there will be a Smurfs 3. Ugh, just stop. The only way I would see is if it was fully animated, and took place in the village, with no real world crap. Maybe it could be a prequel, explaining how the Smurfs came to be.

But alas, that will never happen..

smurfs 3


Grade: D-

So ends Toon’d Out Month, for good! This was pretty awesome, and I hope you enjoyed this trilogy. In the future, I plan to look at Popeye, Speed Racer, Dudley do Right (If I ever find them), and Josie on the Pussycats. And yes, I will review sequels like Garfield 2, George of the jungle 2, and GI Joe Retaliation.

But until then, that’s the end of my look at live action adaptations. What have we learned? Most suck except the ones that don’t.

Next time, I’ll try to look at something less….foolish.

See ya.


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  1. “I like to let things roll off my back”

    “Did you seriously just say that?”

    I don’t get it. It’s not even a pun so why even respond like that?”

    Actually, it kind of is. Ducks have a special oil on their feathers that repels water, so it rolls off their back. That doesn’t mean the joke was funny, but it still made sense.

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