The 41-Year-Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad About It

The 18 Year Old person who wants to know out Craig Moss and will not feel Superbad about it.

The 18 Year Old person who wants to knock out Craig Moss and will not feel Superbad about it.

The 41-Year-Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad About It
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You know how sometimes I’ll just start off a review with dots, indicating that this is really bad? And by sometimes I mean twice?

This is one of those times.

Hello, Spongey here.

This is another special review that is off track from Toon’d Out Month. I did one of the best comedies I have reviewed in awhile. Now I do…one of the worst.

I could have waited until April but I kind of wanted to get it out of the way. Plus, the coin toss said I had to. So here are. If you recall, last year I reviewed “30 Nights of Paranormal Activity with The Devil Inside The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”.

It was directed and written by Craig Moss,a spoof director in the vein of Seltzerberg. Needless to say, I hated it. Like the worst Seltzerberg flms, it failed to spoof anything, it had nothing to say about it’s targets, and it was really painful.

In that review, I slammed him a lot, and I directed you at Film Brain’s review of Breaking Wind, from the same director. We both gave him a proper bashing but….I was crazy.. Because, I decided to watch his first real spoof movie to see how bad it is.

I….didn’t care for it. Infact, and I know this is jumping the gun, but it may be WORSE than 30 nights. There, I said it.

But before I get into, I’ll say a few things. I read an interview with Craig Moss on this film, and it is interesting. See, as you can tell from the title, it’s a parody of Judd Adapatow comedies. For this review, I watched 3 of of those 4 movies. (As in all, except Knocked Up) to further get where Moss failed.

In that interview, Craig says he loves the works of Judd Adaptaw, and he wanted to pay “tribute” to them by doing this spoof movie. So in other words, it’s a spoof of….comedies.

FILM BRAIN: How do you put a funny spin on something that was supposed to be funny in the first place!?

What he said. That is this film’s biggest problems before I even start it. Parody movies take the tropes of a serious movie and make fun of it. You can’t do that if the movie you are spoofing is SUPPOSED to be funny!

Even if you dislike any of these movies, you have to admit, that is stupid. Yes, there are many tropes seen in all of those films, but how do you spoof that? Didn’t College Humor or something do a Adaptow spoof trailer that was 10 times funnier than this?

If you like a comedies, just pay tribute with YOUR OWN movie, don’t try to “Spoof” it! I know in that interview, he says mostly made this because most people can’t get their own original movies green lit unless it’s Judd Adaptow, but the film itself never really spoofs anything!

Before I start, let me mention this: In that interview, Craig Moss is asked a question…about Seltzerberg.

“Those guys did a great job, and have their own take on the parody “

No comment.

Also, this one had another writer, who has done nothing else. Given that this may be worse than Breaking Wind and 30 Nights, maybe he was holding Craig down. Not that he’s any good without him.

Also, this movie was supposedly funded on a trailer for it on YouTube. So Craig Moss’s “films” can be blamed on YouTube. Yay.

So, let’s do it. I’m not ready but you better be.

This, is The 41-Year-Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad About It

I copy/pasted that from Wikipedia, cuz I REFUSE to type it all out.

The movie opens with our main character, Andy, because Craig Moss didn’t even bother to change the name of Steve Carrel’s character. He is making out with a chick who takes her shirt off, showing….full nude boobs.

We get nudity…40 seconds in. I am not kidding. That has to a new record. I mean…wow.

Andy takes off his clothes to reveal he has a hair chest that goes down to his penis. Because in 40 Year Old Virgin, Andy had a hairy chest, so they made it even hairier because….comedy?

The girl is shocked to see he has a small penis, or something. The girl runs away and it turns out to be a dream. That had a point to it!

We get the opening montage from The 40 Year Old Virgin, only this time he has a dick coming out of his chest. The joke is…..well, there isn’t a joke. It’s a penis. That’s it. There is no comedy or parody going on here.

And they use that dick all through this opening. He takes a piss with it, and it gets in  the way, for example. It’s not funny at all and as you we all see later on, it only gets worse from here.

However, this opening gives us one of the few funny jokes in the movie. What is it? The opening credits. What do I mean? They say things like..

“Written by one white guy and one black guy”

‘Edited by a nappy haired crack head”

‘Starring people who look like other people who aren’t Jewish”

“Directed by Brett Ratnerwitz”

Yeah, it’s stupid but this cute joke provides the only laughs in the whole thing. Oh, and another credit says it’s produced by a cheap bastard.

At least they are honest.

After a really bad gag where his chest penis turns the pages of a newspaper, it says “…Just watch the movie”

I would say no but I have a review to do. To make it worse, the chest penis vanishes from the film after this. WHAT WAS THE POINT?!

After that, Andy is visited by his friend Jonah and Micheal. As you can tell by their names, they spoof Jonah Hill and Micheal Cera’s characters from Superbad, even though Micheal looks like Cera.

But, their Jonah is actually a damn good ringer for Jonah Hill. Too bad his jokes suck. His acts like Seth from Superbad, only he’s less funny and more annoying.

Jonah and Micheal want to get laid before their 18th birthday. Then they are visited by our Fogel look alike (played by the same guy who played the Fogel parody in Disaster Movie, ironically), who shows them his new fake ID. His fake name is…McAnalLovin.

Really. That is how you “Spoof’ McLovin? That’s just dumb. Also, we never learn Not!Fogel’s name at all, which means his character is actually McAnalLovin. That’s even what he is called in the end credits!

They did know that wasn’t the real character’s name, right?

Then we meet our Seth Rogen, amazingly named Seth, played by ….Gustavo from Big Time Rush?!

What the hell, man?! I actually LIKE that show, but you go and star in this piece of shit?! I can’t look at you the same way again!

He is with some dude who looks like no one from any of the titled films, so for all I know he could be freaking Emma Stone from Superbad for all I know.. They do that “Know how I know your gay” thing from 40 year old virgin, only it’s not funny.

Seth is jokingly told he has a dick in his ass….and he pulls a dildo out of his ass. Wanna know how I know this movie sucks? It has jokes like that.

We cut to Andy, and I will say that Bryan Callen, who plays him, is a decent actor and he is the only person who is trying. Even if the jokes suck and he looks nothing like Steve Carrel.

He goes to …a bar, I think, when a girl hits on him. He doesn’t get that she wants him, so an old black guy fixes that. Yeah, I assume this is the black guy from 40 Year Old Virgin, but he’s old because….comedy?

“I may have the Benjamin Button disease but I have had experience with women since child birth”

Yes, you read that right. He has Benjamin Button syndrome ….for no reasons. It’s a running joke that makes no sense, because it is stupid AND HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH 40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN.

“She doesn’t want me”

The chick holds a sign saying “I want you Andy”. That is almost funny but it’s too obvious in it’s execution. After that pointless bit, we cut to a spoof of the scene where Andy plays poker with his friends and all that.

They find out Andy is a virgin because….he laughed weirdly. …Huh? In the original movie they find out because he has no funny sex stories. I admit, making it a dumb reason is almost satire, but not quite.

Also, he has a shirt that says Virgin. He claims it’s a joke but his undershirt thing says “I may as well have a vagina”. Okay, this is coming close to being SOME sort of humor. Don’t worry, Craig Moss fixes that soon.

Also, they keep doing that damn 360 shot from the movie all throughout this scene because taking something from the movie and dragging it out is funny?

“There are shaved middle schools having sex on the internet right now! …Not that I know that from experience. I mean, that’s what I heard….from people…on the internet.”

It’s funny because he faps to child porn! No wait, it’s fucking disgusting.

“Uh…I’m the green hornet”

Okay, that is just lazy.

Later on, Andy is talking to the old guy.

“How can you be 40 years old, and not have sex?”

…He’s not 41? They couldn’t even be consistent with the FUCKING TITLE?!

The old guy asks if he’s fapped, only he uses tons of euphemisms for it.

“Oh you know masturbation”

“I don’t know anything about that. I’m talking about whacking off”

Eh….that was kind of funny.

Andy says no, which shocks his buddy, but he assures Andy not everyone is having sex. Andy points out two old people who are fucking. Ugh.

Andy spots a hot chick walking slowly, as per the cliché.

“Walk slower”

Stop using actual parody. You know worse!

She gets hit by a car, because abuse to women is hilarious! But by the laws of comedy, she is okay. …Then a gangster shoots her down. Then she’s okay. Then two dudes kills her good.

Everything is funny when you do it 3 times, even when it’s not funny the first time. Seriously, one of Moss’s biggest problems is that he loves to drag out jokes when they aren’t funny to begin with.

Then we cut to a spoof the whole liquor store scene from Superbad. Like in that movie, Jonah, Micheal and…McAnalLovin, plan to get some booze with their fake Id, so they can get women drunk.

Not Fogel (I refuse to call him you know what again) walks into the store. He opens a freezer….and the Verizon guy steps out.

“Can you hear me now?”

Come on, that shit was dated back in 2010, let alone now!

Like in the original film, he drops the beer cans, but in this spoof, they keep spraying big time. Again, taking a joke from the movie and making it longer IS NOT PARODY!

In this version, the cashier is a blind woman. Oh joy, let’s mock the blind, why not? She sniffs Fogel’s ID and screeches like a dolphin because comedy. She feels up his nipples to see how old he is because more comedy.

Fogel just steals the beer, but someone thankfully knocks him out. Sadly the movie goes on as we “Spoof” the chest waxing scene from 40 Year old Virgin. It was a tad pointless in that movie, and they didn’t change that here.

I should mention that in his first scene, the other guy Seth was with talked about the side effects of some pills he took. Thanks to those side effects, he has boobs. What does this have to do with any of the movies in the title?

I have no idea.

So they do the exact joke from the movie, only they just cut to the chase and have the lady wax his whole chest at once. I could give them credit for that but the chick is Asian and thus she talks funny and collects nipples. Because……reasons.

After that really pointless bit, we cut to Fogel in a cop car, because he got arrested.

“McAnalLovin? The fuck kind of name is that?”

Thank you!

By the way, this is Office Beat and Officer “Your Ass’. No comment. They want to take Fogel shopping because reasons, but they are pissed that he suggests work as a way to get money.

So the joke is that the already irresponsible cops from SuperBad are awful people who are seen running over people without remorse. Exaggerating a joke from the original isn’t funny. You need to exaggerate something that you find dumb and make it funny.


If you laughed at that, I am funnier than Craig Moss. If not, I am just as funny.

The cops tell Fogel that they are going to steal money….in a Grand Theft Auto parody. Didn’t Seltzberg do this already? Come on, you gotta be lazy when you rip THEM off. But they do “great jobs” after all.

In this amazing GTA bit, they rape and rob a chick because RAPE IZ FUNNEH DURR. The cops get pissed by Fogel tries to rob a Mexican guy because that could get the Latin community pissed.

No, this awful racist joke will get them pissed.

The three run away and we cut back to Andy and his pals. They take Andy to a speed dating place, and in the tradition of this film, it’s a scene from 40 Year old Virgin, only not funny.

For example, this one girl has a kid who complains she is hungry or whatever, but the Mom tells her “Mommy is trying to get some penis, suck it up”.They top that gag off with a group of old people telling Andy they will give him the reach around.

Even if this wasn’t a parody, this would still fall flat on it’s ass. When that fails, they just go some stand up place, where Andy tells some jokes that are pretty awkward, but still funnier than the rest of the jokes in this movie.

Andy just steps down and he bumps into the girl who died 3 times earlier, making that earlier scene pointless. They hit off, and they give each other some ways to contact them, which turns into a round of HOW MANY SOCIAL NETWORKING TYPE SITES CAN WE NAMEDROP UNDER THE GUISE OF HUMOR?

After that awkward bit, we join Jonah and Micheal as they try to find some booze after Fogel left. But then they are chased by a….Mexican gang. Oh joy, that racist joke got a payoff.

Thankfully, Micheal is saved by…..Edward from Twilight. Um Moss, save that for your next movie. Actually, the Edward is played by the same guy who would play Edward in Breaking Wind.

But you know what’s weird? There’s a Twilight bit in here, and Moss’s next film was a spoof of Twilight. Breaking Wind has a Paranormal Activity bit, and his next film was….yeah.

Which means 30 Nights must have a hint for his next film. What do you think it will be? My guess is Nolan Batman, based on the Bane bit. Or maybe Craig will give up on parody films all together!

…I Wish. Though he doesn’t have one out this year, in favor of a sequel to Badass, which I may get to some other time. On another note, that is only kind of related to this scene, the guy, who plays Edward….actually, and I’m not kidding, saw Film Brain’s Breaking Wind and, even better, he approved of it and joked about it in a positive light.

…At least the actors have a good sense of humor about themselves.

Back with Andy and pals, that Indian guy is even more of a woman now, with bigger boobs. The black guy (who aged down a bit) touches them to make a point….then proclaims it feels good.

“You guys are disturbing”

Even Andy can’t stand this shit.

He tries to get a beer but the bartender can’t hear him. Andy has an imagine spot about being the center of attention….which is a  Dos Equis parody. Didn’t Seltzerberg do this later in The Starving Games?

Now Seltzerberg is ripping off Craig Moss!

By the way, it’s dumb AND they bleep out the actual name of the beer. What is the point of parodying something IF YOU CAN’T EVEN SAY THE NAME OF WHAT IS BEING PARODIED?!

You can’t even think of a dumb spoof name?!

Andy finally bumps into our Sarah Marshall (who is nowhere near as cute as Kristen Bell) who may as well be in name only, since she works for a TMZ parody, not a CSI parody. Wait, they spoof TMZ in Breaking Wind under a different spoof name. Craig Moss runs out of ideas fast!

After Sarah gets drunk, they drive home. By the way,. Sarah is, I shit you not, a blog repeat actor, because she was Tatiana in The Change Up. …Well, at least that one wasn’t this. Like in the 40YOV, his lady tries to kiss him but she throws up.

But again, they take it further by having her go down on him. Then she throws up for like a minute because that’s not funny. Thankfully, we cut back to the slightly less stupid Twilight stuff.

Edward takes Micheal to a baseball game which is also cut short by a cut to the next scene. Don’t worry, I only skipped a dumb fart joke. We cut to Jonah as he bumps into a guy  whose name I will reveal in a second. He tells him about his plight, and he points him to a house that is giving away free booze.

He also gives Jonah a bag of cookies and Condom because reasons. Jonah goes into the house and while he does find some beer, he also finds that guy again. But it turns out he is…

“Aren’t  you from that show about that guy who catches the molesters?”

Oh god, it’s Chris Hansen. Like that didn’t get old years ago. So then it turns out Chris is taping the show here. He asks Jonah what is in that bag and he acts like he didn’t give it to him.

“So you had no intention of having sex with an underage minor?”

The hell is going on? As you probably guessed, Chris is outing Jonah as a child molester because he was tricking him this whole time. I know I shouldn’t be asking this at this point BUT WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING?!

Jonah escapes but he is arrested by some cops. Back with Andy, they arrive at his place, and Sarah is all over him but her mouth stinks so he tries to clean it in a bit that does not contain comedy. She goes to slip into something more comfortable which is-

41 year 1

Fetish gear. …Didn’t they do this joke in both Breaking Wind and 30 nights? Craig Moss, you have issues. So Andy goes into another room to see the black guy fucking a pie. An American Pie reference, how timely.

Then the Indian Man-Women comes in, who finally realizes he is having side effects, when he bleeds from his new Vagina. There is a period joke in Superbad so maybe this was a spoof of that?

Andy is worried he will fuck Sarah wrong, but the black guy says there is no wrong way of doing that. Then he says he fucked a cat once.

Bestiality. Nothing is safe from Craig Moss.

Even after that, Andy still has his doubts. Then…Seth comes in and does the Milkshake speech from There Will Be Blood. He just does it. No comment, no joke, he just….does it. And to make it worse…

“My milkshake…bring all the boys to the yard!”

Wow, you made an already crappy joke worse. Why is that spoof movies now assume doing things from other movies is funny, without any creativity or comment?

FILM BRAIN: There’s a different between parody and plagiarism. They’re not the same thing!

See, I can steal from people too!

Andy tells him to snap out of it, thank god. Seth says he is high and they just move on like it never happened. Andy is finally ready and he goes into his room to have sex with Sarah but….he finds the black guy screwing her

Great. Oh, and she has a blindfold so she thinks it’s Andy, when she should be able to tell. Yes, that is the joke but it isn’t funny.

Andy isn’t happy, and they have a naked fight full of black boxes. So did the actors get naked for real or what? I mean, if that chick at the start is okay with it, and Jason Segel was okay with it…

Back with Fogel, he stops the car to take a shit in an outhouse. Then…the Verizon guy comes out of the outhouse, because it was SO FUNNY the first time. Fogel goes in to take a shit, but he gets a call from the cops saying the Mexicans are back.

He tries to leave but it turns out he’s stuck. So…he goes in through the ground somehow and while he does make it back to the car, he’s now covered in shit.

….I know I shouldn’t be asking this about a film clearly labeled as a Comedy, but when does this get funny?

Later, Sarah visits Andy (I guess that fight was settled off screen) to show him that she is now pregnant. Or should I say….Superbad?

“I’m just wondering how that happened in a day”

“I’m half Mexican”

Not even the crickets responded to that.

The “joke’ here is that Sarah got knocked up by someone else, but she thinks it was Andy, so when he denies it, she thinks he is denying responsibility. You think that isn’t funny even on paper, but somehow Moss sinks lowers as that is the only joke you will get for the next few minutes.

For one, this could be fixed is Andy just TOLD her it was the black guy who banged her, but he never does. Yes, it is a spoof but with this type of subject matter, it gets annoying. What makes this gag even worse is that Sarah gets so pissed at him that she starts smoking and drinking to hurt the baby.

It’s funny because IT FUCKING ISN’T. But then…the baby’s arm comes out of her snatch and hits her on the head with the beer bottle.

Then the baby flips Andy off as Sarah leaves. I don’t even care anymore.

After that, Andy talks to the black, who I shit you not, is revealed to be named “Black guy”. Craig Moss stooped to MY level!

On top of that, the fact that Black guy knocked up Sarah and screwed up Andy’s life? NEVER MENTIONED! Seriously, Andy talks to him like nothing happened. Just because you write something dumb doesn’t make it satire!

Andy says he needs to go on vacation to clear his head He then sees a “Mtz” report saying Sarah is in Hawaii dating our Russel Brand equivalent. Forgetting that she would have to travel by map to get there so quickly (even if this is the next day) but the gag here is that Andy can’t think of any vacation ideas, but the reporter keeps say “Mauii” (I know I spelled it wrong) over and over again.

“Fuck face, your whore is here in Mauii fucking another guy! No wonder you’re a virgin, you’re a fucking retard”

I usually like those kind of jokes but they stretch it out way too much and just the fact that Andy is a dumbass doesn’t make it funny.

Back with Jonah, the cops take him to the station but they stupidly leave him alone to car so he can find Fogel in the next car over, fucking a girl. Yes.

Jonah is happy to see Fogel got the beer and….we just cut to Andy in Hawaii. Punchline? They follow that up with a rare stab at satire, with Andy finding out about the insane amounts of fees he has to pay at this hotel.

Thankfully, Moss remembered his roots as the desk guy tells everyone that Andy is a “Cheap bitch”. Then we meet the Hotel Manager, who is our Mila Kunis (which is odd, cuz she was the desk person, not the manager in the movie). She was seen in some earlier scene but I don’t want to read back in this review to see if I mentioned her.

She lets him have a free room and they set up a date for that night. Andy goes to his room only to find Sarah standing in the hallway. Now she is ultra pregnant, which reminds me a gag from The Change Up…which had the same actor. What is her obsession with being preggo?

She finds out Andy didn’t come to claim his child and again, she is pissed. It just hit me. Not only is the 41 Year Old Virgin not 41, but he never actually knocks up Sarah Marshall, nor does he feel “SuperBad” about it”


Anyway, Andy and Sarah just go into their respective rooms. Hey, remember that scene in Forgetting Sarah Marshall where Sarah fucks Russel Brand, and Jaosn Siegel screws Mila Kunis (making him the luckiest man in the world) at the same time, and they try to outdo each other, so to speak?

Yeah, they spoof that….weirdly. See, Andy sees a note on the Mini-Fridge saying you must call before drinking the beer. He disobeys that so we can have a hockey dude beat him up, which Sarah mishears as him fucking another girl.

Only it fails because the hockey guy leaves so Sarah should be able to hear the silence On top of that, the baby starts moving for Not Russel Brand to see, so she keeps “fucking” him while shouting to make Andy jealous.

Her shouting it what makes this joke so painful. Again, this is not parody. You are taking a joke from the movie and making it dumber. That is just lazy!

Also, be glad you are not the one who has to see a bad Russel Brand look alike fuck an ultra Pregnant girl. It’s not pretty. This goes on for so long that when Not Brand leaves, I cheer.

After that pointless bit, Andy goes on a date with Kim and finds out her Ex-Boyfriend owns the restaurant they are eating at. You know how in the movie, her character’s boobs were on a picture in the bathroom because said Ex got pissed?

Well, here it’s in the actual restaurant because….it’s funnier? They do nothing with this existing plot point but add that to it. Also, in the original movie they just used photoshop stuff to make the tits, so Mila Kunis did not get nude. I point that out because I was very disappointed to find that out.

Anyway, Andy sees even more pictures of Kim being lewd and she gets pissed cuz she thinks he is judging her. This doesn’t even make sense but we’ll move to to a gag where the menus has picture of Kim getting fucked by a Gorilla


That bit is dropped as they hit it off so well that Kim says she has a connection with him she usually doesn’t have with a guy. So much so that she suggests that they push sex from their mind for as long as possible and just get married without sex.

This is another bit from 40 Year Virgin only here it doesn’t need to exist. Mostly because she starts screwing him IN THE NEXT SCENE. Yes, she is drunk but still!

Andy is about to finally get lucky but Sarah comes in to stop him.

“I never should have let you go”

From your POV, he got you preggo and refused to accept the baby .You didn’t ‘let him go” in this version, so this makes no sense!

Andy keeps saying this is not his baby and of course Kim is not happy to hear that he knocked up someone else.

“Black guy is the baby’s daddy”

Sure took you long enough to say that. Sarah doesn’t buy, so to prove it….we get a Dr Phill parody. Joy. Dr Bill (AMAZING SATIRE) says they have a DNA test to help find out who the daddy is.

He does find out it wasn’t Andy, so we can finally end this thing, right? Nope, we’re only an hour in and this film is about 75 or so minutes. Sigh.

Bill leaves but for some reason, Sarah and Kim fight….and it becomes a UFC fight. Come on, now Craig Moss is ripping off a similar gag from DISASTER MOVIE?!

After a bit that goes on too long, Andy finally breaks it up. Kim says she wanted to avoid this drama, and she leaves without hearing him out. Christ, at least the “misunderstanding” crap from the original movie made sense and was handled…fairly well!

Andy goes outside and he is visited by some dude in a robe. He takes Andy to a hut where he meets..Yoda.

….At least it’s an old movie this time but WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING?!

“Virgin, you are”

Shitty, this movie is.

Yoda says he is 140 because if you don’t jerk it, you live longer. That is odd enough but then we see Yoda’s giant balls. You have to read it, I have to see it.

“At age 41, your balls swell up”

You mean the age the title says he is?

“I don’t wanna be a virgin anymore”

So this movies says Virgin’s live longer but because your balls got big, it is a bad thing. I know the surprisingly sweet message of the original won’t be in a spoof, but do  you have to go out of your way to say being a virgin sucks even though it’s kind of a good thing?

Andy takes the nude Kim photos from the restaurant and gives it back to her. He confesses his love to her and says it was a mistake not telling her his true feelings.

“I choose you Kim, I choose you”

As a spoof, I can forgive how little build up there is or anything like that. Doesn’t excuse the muddled plot that lead to this though. Andy leaves only to be run over….by the cop car with Fogel and pals? Huh? How did they get here?

Fogel is killed by a Mexican and Kim rushes to Andy’s aid like that never happened. Andy confesses her virginity to her, and like in the original, she accepts it quickly and it feels Anti-Climatic. And when a 2 hour (in the extended cut) movie has a better Anti-Climax than your 75 minute one….wow.

“I love you. You got hit by a car and you’re still standing up!”

They kiss and Jonah pops up to die. Glad the pointless subplot …ended.

We cut to Sarah in the hospital giving birth, as Seth, Indian ManWoman, Black guy (now a kid) watch. She then gives birth to….the Verizon guy.

….You had the balls to make that reference THREE FUCKING TIMES?!

Ugh, I could end it here but we’re ALMOST done. She gives birth to her actual baby, but then she gives birth to a Seth Rogen baby…then the Indian’s baby….then the Doctor’s baby.

Jesus, that gag was so long and devoid of humor, it was almost a miracle! I mean, at least Sarah deserved some of the crap she got in the original but here…not so much. It’s just cruel!

So Andy and Km get married and head to their hotel room to do it, but they find a set of hot twins that Andy met earlier (in a bit I skipped) there.


To quote another Steve Carrel character, LOUD NOISES!

By the way, one of the twins is played by Craig Moss’ wife. No comment.

After that, they finally have sex. It goes well….until Andy cums a fuck ton. I mean, he shoots like a damn fire house that knocks Kim out the window!

He cums even more as it spreads everywhere, even onto some dude’s missile, and it even takes out a wildfire!

There’s a freeze frame on his o face and….credits. ..

….That’s it? That’s the end. We end…on a climax, so to speak? …30 Nights ended abruptly too and that had it worse, so I can forgive him here. It’s still stupid and abrupt, but screw it, the 73 minutes of pain is over!

…Sort of. The credits are padded out with a Bollywood dance number, because if 40YOV had a pointless dance in the credits, so can this thing!. It’s really long….and it’s still not fully over after that!

While the real credits roll, we see a bit where we see the boring life of some random guy. He gets a phone call and he simply says “Yes.”. He says Yes again…and again. The whole bit is a time line of him saying yes again and again until he goes insane.

He goes on for a full minute. What is going on? What is the point of this, as Yes Man keeps yelling?

I mean, who is on the other line-it’s the Verizon guy.

“Can you hear me now?”

Fuck this movie.

Final Thoughts:

I cheated you out of a real final thoughts section for 30 Nights, so I’ll fix that here. I can safely say this is the single worst film that I watched before the review. To show you what that means, the award previously went to Grown Ups.

It’s that kind of movie.

Not only is that just as bad as 30 nights, but in some ways, it’s WORSE. The main reason is simple: It tries to spoof a comedy. Like I said, there is no point in that, so all it does is remind you of how funny those films were.

Much like Moss’s other films, there is not a single trace of parody, spoof, or satire in this movie. It has NOTHING to say about it’s targets, at all. There are brief hints of that but that goes out pretty quickly.

At no point does it actually spoof what it is meant to be spoofing Even 30 nights has two gags making fun of dumb things from it’s targets. This barely has that. On top of that, it falls into the trapping of any spoof movie: Random references to things that has nothing to do with anything.

There Will be blood, Twilight, and worst of all, the Verizon guy. Seriously, even if those ads were new, it’s still not funny. Nothing in this film is. It assumes that making a reference is a joke, when it is note.

And when it’s not making pointless references, it’s giving really awful gross out jokes, and even racist jokes. I didn’t even show you ALL of it! Craig Moss cannot go one second with a really awful joke that offends someone.

In that area, it may be worse than 30 Nights because it goes out of it’s way to offend people under the guise of comedy. There are movies that do offensive jokes to shows that we all have to make fun of ourselves.

But this movie is mean, tasteless, and vulgar and it’s not funny at all. Like Craig’s other movies, the direction and acting oversell every single gag so that the bad ones are worse, and the rare good ones are snuffed out.

The acting isn’t the worst I’ve seen but I think only Bryan Callen turns in a half decent performance, and even he can’t save this thing. I admit, their Jonah Hill guy was pretty good until you hear his dialogue. Gustavo here is the same thing, only worse since I used to like him.

I’ll give Moss credit for trying to make a coherent story, which is more than I can say for 30 Nights. But this film’s story is just lazily written by the end, and the entire subplot with Fogel and Jonah was pointless, and it went nowhere.

Everything in this movie besides the main “story” went nowhere. There are so many dumb pointless things, like the black guy getting younger, and the Indian guy being a woman. I don’t even get that last one!

As I said before, this thing just takes actual jokes from the movies and either exaggerates them or makes them less funny. That isn’t satire or parody! At least 30 Nights’ awful jokes weren’t flat out stolen from other movies.

This thing barely tries to be funny, and as a whole, it’s just crap. Like any bad comedy, it has at least one or two chuckles, but it is still awful at every turn.

It has little to say about it’s targets, it fails to spoof anything, it’s needlessly vulgar, it’s full of references, and it’s almost offensive to everything. As Film Brain said, Comedy should file a restraining order.

Grade: D+

I almost save 30 Nights and this an F. but ….not quite. All I have to say is….I’m so glad the next post is Toon’d Out month.

See ya.

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I'm 20 and I'm a slightly below average man who can barely spell. I mostly spend my time watching TV and movies, hence why i ended doing a blog all about those things. I tend to have weird tastes, but I like think I'm just fair on things.
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