The Muppets

“Looks like he's reviewing a movie he already reviewed!” “I guess he's out of ideas” “That or thought the first review was too readable!” “Dohoho!”

“Looks like he’s reviewing a movie he already reviewed!”
“I guess he’s out of ideas”
“That or he  thought the first review was too readable!”

The Muppets is Property of Disney.

Hello, Spongey here.

I’ve been doing “general” film reviews since the Blogger days. You know, the dark ages where all we had were stones, castles, and pyramids. …Wait, I think I got my eras mixed up.

Anyway, you may recall I went back and did a full play by play review of The Last Airbender, which I already did a general review of.

I had little to add but I did the review anyway. And today, we cover another one I’ve already reviewed. I did the review back when I saw it and spoilers, I liked it. I didn’t leave out that much from my review, outside of minor spoilers that don’t matter.

So why am I reviewing it? …Because I want to review a great movie again and the sequel is coming out. Might as well take a break from Toon’d Out Month 3, like how I did Space Chimps 2 during DCOM month.

So yeah, here we go. Perhaps one of the biggest icons of our childhood are a group of puppets known only as The Muppets. I won’t go over the history because that would be boring and you can look that up.

The point is, The Muppets are pretty well known. You may have grown up with The Muppet Show, the movies, or whatever, these are characters that you always remember. And like any classic characters, they went away for awhile once the 2000’s set in.

After Disney bought out The Muppets, they decided the time was right to bring them back, with a new movie. One that wouldn’t be a reboot per say, but a fresh start that took advantage of the fact that The Muppets weren’t as famous anymore.

They got big name fan Jason Siegel to both star, and write the script (along with the brilliant writer of Gulliver Travels! …He wrote good things too but what fun is that?). With tons of great people in place, what followed was the best marketing campaign EVER!

What do I mean? Well, it started with an odd trailer/poster for a cliché romantic comedy called Green with Envy. As the narrator mentions the stars, he gets to Kermit and Piggy.

“Wait, stop…are there Mupppets in this movie?”

It didn’t stop there, as we saw MANY spoof trailers, event after we got real trailers. The trailers spoofed such kid friendly classics as The Hangover and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo!

There was much more to advertising, but you get the idea. This was my most anticipated film of that year, and it remains one of the few films I’ve seen on opening day. The reviews were amazing, with a 90 something on Rotten Tomatoes, endless praise from fans, and even an Oscar nomination, which I’ll get to later.

It didn’t do as well box office was as Disney wanted (thanks to the a certain teen vampire movie) but it did well enough to earn a sequel, which is why I’m here reviewing this. You all know I like this movie, but what exactly does this movie hold? Asks all ….1 people who haven’t seen it yet.

Well, I guess I better stop the intro and dig in. Anything else I could say goes in the review itself. With that, it’s time to play the music. It’s time to light the li-okay, you get it.

This, is The Muppets

muppets 1

The movie opens with some home movie footage, as a muppet named Walter introduces himself. We see him with his human brother, Gary.

“I know what you’re thinking. We could be twins!”

We see that they were the best of friends, as they do all kinds of funny stuff growing up. They live in Smalltown, where even their sad days give them a pick me up. I’ll comment on Walter in a second, but I’ll say this opening gives us a good idea of what their characters are like, while also giving us some good jokes.

One faithful night, they were introduced to The Muppet Show. From then, Walter was a huge fan, but not in the Irving way. In the normal-ish way where he doesn’t collect semen samples or write slash fiction.

…That I know of.

As they grow up, The Muppets gave them hope even when they are feeling down. With that, we see a dream sequence where The Muppets ask Walter to enter the TV because I didn’t get enough of that with Fat Albert.

Walter can’t enter the TV because even dreams have logic sometimes. He wakes up from his nightmare, as we enter the present day. Gary, played by Jason Segel, wakes him because they are going on a trip to Muppet studios later that day.

By the way, there’s a scene in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, where Jason’s character drunkely sings The Muppet show theme. That film was directed by the other writer of this film.


Anyway, the reason they are going to LA in the first place, s because Gary, and his girlfriend Mary (haw) are celebrating their 10 year anniversary. Yes, 10 years without marriage. That is a plot point. So is the fact he is dragging Walter along for their “romantic” trip.

Walter is beyond excited, though Gary tells him The Muppets haven’t put on a show there in years.

“That’s just an internet rumor”

I have no experiences with those. Nope.

With that, we get our first song. Yep, it’s a musical and it’s awesome. This is “Life’s a happy song” which sounds generic but it is a lot of fun as we are introduced to this crazy world with lots and lots of jokes. It’s very catchy and the lyrics and visual work together to provide laughs. It’s very over the top and it’s really awesome.

After the song, Gary meets up with Mary, at the Elementary school she works at. I don’t think I’ve seen a Jason Segel character hook up with a red head who at point was a teacher. What a rarity, amirite?

We first see her teacher her kids how to fix a car, like you do. By the way, she is played by Amy Adams, which means.

amy adams

She’s nice. Whoa, I haven’t said that specific phrase for this gag in awhile. As you would expect, she is endlessly charming in this, and Jason is also awesome as you would expect.

Mary is pretty excited to go to LA, even if she would prefer this party if it lacked a 3rd member.

“As long as we get to spend our anniversary dinner together”

Well, I can tell that won’t happen.

Gary goes to check on Walter, and Mary sings her own sad verse for the song. She sings about how it’s always “me and him…and him” but it’ll be okay as well as Gary finally asks her hand in marriage someday.

This comes with dramatic rain….which turns out to be an old man with a hose. Now that is funny!

This leads into a big reprise of the crowd song, which is pretty awesome Our heroes finally leave….and the rest of the citizens drop down.

“Okay, they’re gone!”

Nice. By the way, I won’t quote every funny joke cuz then I would have the type out the entire script. I suppose now is a good time to address our human leads. In a movie like this, they would be dull with their story being a distraction from the title stars.

This is not the case here. Their story isn’t original, but thanks to the performances, the characters are charming enough to carry it, and we get tons of heart as well.

They arrive at Muppet studios, which is pretty run down and empty except for one tour guide. Nonetheless, Walter is happy enough to sneak off from the party and check out Kermit’s old office.

But he has to hide when our villains enters. Most notably Tex Richman (amazing name), played by Chris Cooper….as well as Statler and Waldorf., YAY!

Tex is looking to buy Muppet studios and our favorite crotchety duo shows them the “rich and famous” contract that has the deed to the studios. However..

“If the Muppets can raise the 10 million dollars it would cost to buy the building before this contract expires, then they get their studio back”

“If I didn’t know any better, I would you were reciting some sort of an important plot point!”

“I hope so. Otherwise I just bored the audience half to death!”

“You mean half the audience is still alive?”

I love these guys. By the way, this has the “evil land owner” and “raise the money” cliches but it uses that to SPOOF them and as a result, it’s funny!

The old men leave and Tex says there is oil under this studio that he wants, so he will tear it down.

“The Muppets. They think they are so funny. Well, the jokes about to be on them. …Maniacal laugh! Maniacal laugh!”

As expected, the cliché villain gives us some of my favorite laughs.

Walter is shocked to hear this and he runs to tell Gary and Mary. With that, they know they must find Kermit and warn him. They quickly find his big gated house but they it’s locked and they need to get in.

They try to throw Walter over the gate but Kermit shows up already. He is introduced with a bright light and an angelic choir….which turns out to be an actual light and a bus of choir people going by.

I love the humor in this movie. It’s nice to actually consistently laugh at a movies joke for once!

Walter faints, but he wakes up in Kermit’s house. They introduce them themselves, but Walter sadly has to tell Kermit about Tex, and how he plans to dig for oil, and they must raise a ton of money.

Things are moving rather fast (in a nearly 100 minute movie, that isn’t good) but to me, that;s okay cuz we get tons of laughs and the needed complexities are not forgotten.

Anyway, the only way to raise money is put on a show, which Kermit has not done in a long time.

“I guess people forgot about us”

And here we go. The movie takes full advantage of the real situation. The Muppets haven’t hit the big screen or anything like that in awhile and in this movie, Kermit fears no one cares about The Muppets anymore.

That is far from true in real lfe, even before this movie. But the studios let them bring them back in style we all know, and that proved people wanted Muppets again. They use a sweet thing from real life for the movie, and as a result, we get a very sweet, personal movie.

This leads into our 2nd song, Pictures in my head. In this song, Kermit sings about how he hasn’t meet the gang in years and how he misses the good old days. It’s a sad scene and man, is it effective. They throw in some jokes but this is a sweet, reflective number that represents the film rather nicely.
You’d have to watch it to get the full effect, but it is really well done.

After the song, Gary is convinced the gang may never get back together.

“This is going to be a really short movie”

Walter is more than a little crushed.

“You give the greatest gift that can ever be given”


“No, the other gift”

“Ice cream?”

“No, after that”



Please, every knows the greatest gift is a DVD copy of Dead Sushi!

Walter tells him the fans haven’t forgotten, and they just need to do help them remember! After a pretty sweet scene that goes on for the right amount of time (as in, not too short), Kermit starts to perk up.

“I guess, we can try!”

So now, Kermit, Gary, Walter, and Mary must bring the gang back together”

“How do we find them?”

“Didn’t you see our first movie? We drive”

So now we have the “Get the gang back together for one last show” cliché, but thanks the specific way they do it, it works very well. Only The Muppets could pull off these cliches as well as they do.

First up, is Fozzy Bear, who is in a Muppets tribute band in Reno called “The Moopets” which sounds the Asylum version. We join them singing a very interesting version of Rainbow Connection.

People aren’t very responsive to them, but Fozzy is happy when Kermit shows up. After showing off his bitching back alley office, Fozzy is told about Tex and what he plans to do. We get a sweet moment where Kermit apologizing for losing touch with Fozzy, especially after seeing his crappy living conditions.

Kermit proposes the “one last show” idea and Fozzy agrees to join them after we see that his Moopets bandmates are kind of douchey.

In a funny way, though.

This moment is brief but it works to show how much the Muppets need each other. After that, it’s Gonzo’s turn as we find out he’s the richest plumbing king ever, with a big toilet factory and everything. They visit Gonzo and they see he is a big busy business guy who only gives them 60 seconds to talk to him.

Kermit tells him what is going on.

“My answer is no. Good day”

Walter tells Gonzo how he cares about him and all that. After that sweet moment, Gonzo joins them…by jumping off the roof of his factory, in his cape. If that isn’t awesome enough, he quits his job….by BLOWING UP THE FACTORY.

Now THAT is how to quit your job. Eat your heart out, Doug!

“That was an expensive looking explosion. I can’t believe we had that in the budget”

Next, they visit the ever crazy Animal….at Anger Management. Yes, really. In the last few years, he has finally learned control with these outdoor hippies. Also, one of the members here is Jack Black as himself. Yes.

They tell Animal that they need his drumming skills, but the word drum sets him off.

“It’s his trigger word”

Marshall here tries to tell Black why they need Animal bur he just gets punched for it.

“It’s my trigger word, too”

The head peace lady says they talked about it on Tuesday.

“Tuesday is another one of my trigger words”

The lady (played by Kristen Schall, which makes up for Dinner For Shmucks) then punches him and it turns into a full scale riot. They just take Animal and leave. Eh, at least it was FUNNY and abrupt.

“May I suggest we save time and pick up the rest of the Muppets during a montage?”

With that, we get montage of various Muppets being taken from their current dead end jobs. My favorite is Sam the eagle as the host of a show called “Everything Stinks”.

Anyway, after that we see all the main Muppets in the car.

ROWLF: Why wasn’t I in the montage? I thought my story was pretty interesting

Cut to Rowl in a hamock at home, as Kermit asks him to join the gang.




So now the gang is back….except for Miss Piggy. Kermit at first avoids mentioning her but now they have to go to France where she now is.

“Maybe we should travel by map”

One map shortcut later, they end up in Paris. Miss Piggy now works for Vouge, and the Muppets tell the lady at the desk that they need to see Miss Piggy. But she’s so busy that they can’t see her right now.

This review is kind of boring now. All I am doing is recapping the plot and quoting the movie’s jokes. But I guess that is what happens in a positive review. I did say I only did this for kicks, but I will go on cuz this movie is just worth it.

With that, they start to leave but Fozzy gets an idea. They will do the whole “bunch of people in a trench coat thing” only it’s a whole person in a suit. This fools the lady and she lets “him” see Miss Piggy.

After a comedy bit, they are revealed and for a second, Miss Piggy is happy to see Kermit. Then she gets mad, and tells him to leave. Walter tells her about the Tex Tichman thing, and says they need her.

Before she decides anything, she talks to Kermit alone outside. We find out they had a falling out for reasons that are never explained. But they do they got married, and Miss Piiggy thought ahead and bought a house….the same one Kermit now lives in.

“Why do you always have to be so over dramatic about things? You know, it leaves me no choice but to do things that hurt you”

To make it worse, Piggy calls him for always going “we this, we that” and never saying “I need you” and stuff like that.

“I have a life here. I life I’ve made for myself”

Like most of the plot, it is cliché but it works. There’s just a touch of heart that makes it work. I am honestly invested in this story. I love these characterless and seeing them go through this is kind of heartbreaking.

See, the Muppets have a certain brand of humor/charm that makes it so they can do any story and make it work. From classic stories like Treasure Island, to worn out cliches like the evil oil baron, they can make anything work. In this, it works because they add a certain humor too and it never talks itself too seriously. When it is serious, it works because of your connection to these characters.

Anyway, so Miss Piggy is out and Kermit has no choice but to go on. The rest of the gang is sad to hear they will have a piece of the puzzle missing, but they just have to move on.

And by that, I mean find a pig to replace her! Yeah, I guess all clubs need a pig in them. If only The Danger Club knew that.

Wait, I haven’t even reviewed the work that I just referenced!

We cut to later, as the mean pig from The Moopets has joined them. We don’t know how they got her but she’s here, so let’s move on.

Now they must find a network that will put their show back on the air. However, must of them say no, because if Nickelodeon turning down Adventure Time taught us anything, is that TV executies know nothing.

One chick tells them that she has liked the Muppets since she was a kid. However..

“You guys aren’t famous anymore”

Insert Shia joke here.

She then shows them a clip of a show that is popular. It’s called…Punch Teacher, where kids punch teachers.

TEACHER: I thought I could make a different.

Wow, we are one step away from actually doing The Hunger Games.

(Also, the host in this bit is played by Ken Joeng. You are forgiven for Trasnformers 3)

She tells them they are not relevant anymore. But thankfully, Troy from Community tells them Punch Teacher is canceled. Well, Community is still on so there is SOME hope for TV. Even if you aren’t on it anymore.

Now there is a whole in their schedules.

“…Okay Muppets, you’ve got yourselves a show”

To quote the frog himself, YAAAAAAAAAY!

They need a celebrity host, but they think they can find it. We cut to Tex as he is not happy to find out that The Muppets are back together. But this won’t stop his evil plan.

“Maniacal laugh!”

Our heroes head back to the old Muppet studios to see just how run down it is now. But Gary, Walter, and Mary assure them they they will all clean the place up. Thus, we get another montage of them fixing the place up.

Here, we find out that not only does Kermit still have Molly Ringwald in Rolodex, but he still has a Rolodex!

After that shock, and some great gags, the place is good as new. However, during a talk, we see that Mary still has heart set on alone time with Gary. He tells her that they will have time eventually.

“We’re still on for Dinner Friday, right?”

Yeah, as I said earlier, you know what is gonna happen.

Everyone goes to sleep and after a sweet bit with Kermit and Fozzy, we cut to the next day. Miss Piggy shows up, which misses up Miss Poogy. Poogy gloats about how she has taken Piggy’s place but she Miss Piggy quickly kicks her ass.

“You ain’t seen the last of me”

Even though I’ve seen this film twice before, I don’t remember if we see her again.

Poogy leaves, and Piggy tells Kermit she isn’t here for him, but just to do this one thing before going back to Paris. After that, the network lady shows up to see them practice their show.

It…doesn’t go well. Kermit asks Walter to do something but Walter has nothing. He has no special talent compared to the Muppets. This bit does make people question what a “Muppet” is since Walter kind of is one already.

I think in universe, the Muppets are just this group and Puppets are simply common place. Makes as much sense as anything else in this movie.

Kermit assures Walter there is something he is good at. More on that later.

In that bit with Gary and Mary, Gary said Mary is free to go sight seeing by himself and he will be there when she gets back. Now we cut to her going to a restaurant, as a party of one.

This leads into….our third song, called Me Party. Mary sings about how her man has done her wrong but that won’t stop her from having fun.It turns int o a weird , but catchy number in which no one else reacts to.

Miss Piggy sings it too back at the Studio which makes slightly less sense. It gets odd with it’s visuals. It comes out of nowhere, it makes no sense, and after it happens, no one ever mentions it again.

Nah, I won’t say it. Now, as odd as this song is….it’s REALLY catchy and awesome. It’s random but that is the joke as right after, people act like it never happened. It’s hilariously pointless.

Plus, the presence of Amy Adams prevents me from disliking it. Even if the idea of a woman not needing a man and talking about having fun by herself means…something else to adults.

Back at the studio, Kermit tells Miss Piggy that they have to do a duet. She refuses, as she has a new dance partner: The prawn dude, whose name escapes me.

Veronica, the network lady shows up and finds out Kermit can’t find a celebrity host. They won’t get on the air until they find one.

“I might as well ask Tex Richman to give us the studio back!”

Cut to Kermit and the gang at Tex Richman’s office. Haw.

Kermit does this speech about how important the studio is to them. Tex’s response? He raps. Yes, we get a song, called “Let’s Talk about me”, only a few minutes after the last one. This is an evil rap about how evil and rich Tex is, complete with hot back up dancers.

Like Me Party, it’s pointless…but I love it. It’s just so much fun in how HIP 434 DA KIDZ YO it is, and it has lyrics on the screen for no reason! (This was in the theatrical version too, so it isn’t the DVD subtitles I have on)

I’d go as far too it’s my fave song in the movie. However, the CD version has an extended version with an OPERA verse, where Tex explains why he hates The Muppets. What is his reason?

The Muppets performed at his 10th birthday but he doesn’t laugh at them.

“I didn’t know how!”

”His friends then laughed at him.

“I hate you Muppets, sooooo!”

Yes, that’s his motivation. Why didn’t he laugh? Why does he know how? How is this a big deal? NO IDEA! It’s my only gripe with the movie, and it’s not even in the actual movie.

I guess the the fact that he only SAYS “laugh” instead of laughing hints at this, but otherwise there is no reasoning and the one we can find makes very little sense.

But to be fair, this is a movie where a frog and pig can have a romantic subplot, so maybe I’m thinking too hard. But back to the movie.

“The answer is no”

‘Well, you could have just said that”

Lampshade hanging!”

Tex tells him that because of this contract, he owns The Muppets brand as a whole. He’s in cahoots with The Moopets, which means my bit earlier was pointless. Tex tells them no one cares about The Muppets.

“Get out of my office”

It looks like things are grim. The show is in 6 hours, they have barely resharpened, and they have no celerity host. Kermit decides that Tex was right, and leaves, giving up.

Miss Piggy doesn’t give up so easily, as she tells the others they will get a host. Back with Gary, he goes back to the hotel he is staying at and meets up with Mary. He got her some flowers, which is enough to make her even more excited for their romantic dinner that night.

She asks what the plan is, and Gary is like “eh, I don’t care. What do you feel like?”. Even though Gary clearly seems to like her enough to let her pick what she wants, she is still pissed and leaves.

Even if I don’t get that part, to be honest.

Gary talks to Walter, who is trying to think of something to do for his act. Gary asks hm to talk to Mary for him, but Walter says no. He’s too busy trying to work on saving The Muppets, as that is the reason they came here.

“No, it wasn’t! The whole reason we came here was to take a vacation where I took Mary out to a fancy dinner, because it’s our 4th anniversary, and then-……..This is bad”

And thus, it hits him that he kind of neglected Mary in favor of this Muppet stuff. Gary leaves to fix this.

“Gary…I need you”

It just hit me that this counts as the romantic misunderstanding and it doesn’t stop the film in it’s tracks and it never loses it’s comedy or heart!


Back with The Muppets, they head off to sneak into some place. Animal walks up to Jack Black’s trailer. Also, free out of context line:

“I told you, I’m not done putting on my balls!”

Animal distracts Jack so the others can jump out all spy-like. It’s pretty amazing. But it cut shorts as we get back to Gary, who enters the hotel room to find out that Mary has left. He reads a note from her saying the following:

“I love you, but you need to decided. Are you a man, or a Muppet?”

I’ll do the obvious joke in a second.

With that, we get out 4th song: Man or Muppet. It’s the “funny” sad one in which Gary sings about how he’s torn between his love for the Muppets and his love for Mary. We also get Walter singing about if he’s a Muppet or man, since he’s torn as well.

This number is pretty awesome. It’s kind of sad, as they must decided who they are, but it’s also fairly silly.

“If I’m a man, that makes me a Muppet or a man”.

The visuals give us Gary as a Muppet, which sadly is not a seagull. Though at least he’s not the Big Bang Theory guy, like Walter is as a human. Seeing this number would give it more impact, but trust me when I say it’s sad, and hilarious.

Eventually, they yell out who they are:




There, happy?

After the song, Gary heads back to the film’s starting point, where Mary went. I like how he just goes back to her instead of spending too much time sulking, like most people in this plot do.

It seems like the film is rushed, but only because I am rushing through it. They do stretch enough to give it the full impact, but too much to make people who don’t care about the plot cringe.

This is my 3rd viewing, so it goes by faster as I know what happens. It happens with any movie I’ve seen more than twice. If this was my first viewing, I would go slower. Also, I’m doing this off a DVD playing on my TV, so that makes me go faster for some reason.

After Gary and Mary head, The Muppets deliver their celebrity host to Kermit. Yeah. They kidnapped Jack Black, because they saw Shark Tale. Kermit is a bit angry that they kidnapped someone.

“We all agreed, a celebrity is not a people”


Thanks to some law stretching, the show is back on. Back with Tex, he sees an ad for the telethon, and he scares his goons by throwing a fencing sword at the TV.

“Do you think we’re working for the bad guy?”

Our heroes make it to the studio for the show. However, they don’ have any audience….except Hobo Joe, played by Zach fuckiti’mnotspellinghisname.

“Why does everybody forget about Hobo Joe?”

Either way, the show starts with the classic theme. It goes a lot better this time, and it’s pretty awesome. Also, Statler and Waldorf are back. I kind of wish they were in the movie more, to be honest.

“I always dreamed we’d be back here”

“Dreams? Those were nightmares!”

After the intro, they bring Jack Black who tries to tell the people watching he is being held captive.

If I was those grumpy dudes, I’d say, you know how we felt watching Gulliver’s Travels! As this is going on, Gary is having that Dinner with Mary, but they see the audience-less show, on TV.

“I’ve made my choice already. I sang a whole song about it. I wanna stay here with you”

Gonzo plays a little bowling but with a pin on Jack’s head. Man, these writers must really hate Jack Black at this point

They finally get some callers giving up their money. I guess the audience too saw Shark Tale. They even starts to get some audience members!

Fozzy Bear goes up with his amazing jokes.. Jack’s reactions to the jokes, (which are much like mine) are what makes people laugh. Walter is up next, and he’s still not sure if he is ready.

Then two interesting celebrities pop up to be the people at the phones: Whoopi Goldberg, and…Selena Gomez.

“My agent just told me to show up”

…This is officially the best movie ever made.

After that amazing bit, Walter has to go up but he runs screaming. So instead, they have a barber shop version of Smells like Teen spirit, sung to Jack Black. Yes, it is the best thing ever.

JACK: You’re ruining one of the greatest songs of all time!

This really racks up the money they need, because as I said, everyone in this movie hates Jack Black for some reason.

Then, some chickens cluck to Cee Lo Green’s “Fuck you”

You know-for kids!

To offset that, we see that Neil Patrick Harris is one of the guys at the phone now.

“No, I don’t know why  I’m not hosting this”


Also, Marshall and Barney are in the same movie. Awesome.

Things go sour when Tex knocks the power out, to stop the show. But Mary (who showed up with Gary in a matter of seconds. Guess they traveled by map) is able to get it back on. Guess Tex didn’t count on anyone having brains.

Tex tells one of his goons to go the top of this big electrical tower thing, with him to cut the power for good. Why didn’t he do that in the first place?

The goon, however, goes against Tex.

“Just because I have a terrifying name, and an evil English accent, does not preclude the fact that, in my heart, I am a Muppet!”

What was his name, again?

Also, I never mentioned he is a Muppet. Whoops. Anyway, he knocks Tex off, and laughs at him.

“Now that’s a maniacal laugh for you!”

Gary and Mary meet up with The Muppets.

“We traveled by map”

Oh, I was right.

Gary apologies for leaving them, and this makes Kermit realize has some unfinished business to take of. He goes into his room to sulk over a part of picture of him and Miss Piggy he had, when the pig herself shows up and reveals she has the other part.

“I realize that…I… I miss you. And I need you. And maybe you don’t need the whole world to love you. Maybe you just need one person.”

Now this is pretty sweet. It’s not exactly the best romance ever, but given who we are dealing with, it’s pretty awesome.

With that, Kermit goes out for his number, which is Rainbow Connection. You saw that coming, didn’t you? Anyway, this song is great and this version with Miss Piggy is pretty awesome. It’s a sweet cap to this entire story.

Infact, when I saw this in the theaters, the entire row in front of me was REALLY into it. It was just great to see, and it made this moment even sweeter.

Animal comes in on drums (he got over his whole control thing) and the whole thing reaches it’s climax.

“Piggy, will you stay….for me?”

“For you Kermit, of course!”

Then they kiss. …I wonder what the kids will look like-ACTUALLY I DON’T WANNA KNOW.

After that display, they are really raking in money, and it looks like they have their fans back. It’s almost midnight, and they have one final act left. Except the show ran short and they have nothing left…except Walter.

Gary talks to Walter, but he is afraid that people will laugh at him, in a bad way. Gary comforts him by saying Walter truly belongs with The Muppets since he is the reason this is even happening.

Walter has to believe in himself and become who he wants to be and all that. Fans were afraid this new Muppet would be boring, but he turned out to be rather good because he is kind of like us, and his entire story arc is very well done.

“You’re my hero”

The show comes back on, but thankfully Walter comes out right there to save it. What does he do? An epic whistling act that is epic. It’s hard to describe but it’s really cool. Actually, you’ve seen the movie so why does I tell you how it is?

Either way, everyone loves it and they almost have the money they need. Until all the phones die and the counter thingy stop at the very number before the one they need.

TEX: I did it. I beat you!

It seems like this time, Tex has truly won.

“You artists, formerly known as The Muppets, are standing on private property. My property!”

So this is the part where something stupid comes in to save them, right? I mean, any movie like this has the part where all seems lost and boom, things fix themselves.

Well….not this time…kind of.

“He’s right. He won. We gotta go”

The Muppets walk away as the audience watches.

“This isn’t right. It can’t end like this”

Wait, this is the part where tings get fixed, and they get the studio back, right? Well…just read on.

“Listen everybody. We’ve got nothing to be ashamed of. And you know why? Well, because thanks to Walter here, we tried. And if we failed, we failed together and to me, that’s not failing at all. And I don’t care what anyone says. And I don’t care if no one believes in us, because I believe. I believe in you” And you. And you.”

…Go on.

“What’s important isn’t this building, or a name. It’s each other. So I say fine. Let’s start at the bottom and work our way back up to the top. Let’s all walk out through these doors with our heads held high. As a family. Because that’s what we are.”

And they do just that. They walk out the door….to an adoring crowd. Everyone still loves them, even they they lost the studio. They still have their fans.

I….love this. Holy crap do I love. They actually LOVE the studio! But they still keep their heads held high, as it doesn’t matter what they own, as long as they have people who care about them. It tells the traditional happy ending to go suck a dick, as they give us a really great moral, and a moment that pretty much works on so many levels.

On top of that, Walter joins the Muppets, and Gary and Mary are beyond proud of him. This is also a great moment. And to cap it all off…a grand finale, which is a reprise of Life’s a happy song!

It starts off as a slower version of that song that caps off the movie perfectly.

We’ll live happily ever after.

And keep giving the world, the 3rd greatest gift: Laughter!

By the way, as everyone sings their crowd song, Jack Black is taken by a bunch of Hobos to be their king.



The epic finale song ends, and with that, Gary finally proposes to Mary.

“Will you Mary…marry me?”

Is that what this whole movie was building to? …I like it.

She responses by starting a round of Mana Maha (or however you spell it) which takes us into the credits. Yep, the credits roll but given HOW the film ends and the feeling it gave me, it never feels abrupt.

Besides, we get extra bits in the credits. One bit…kind of pissed some people off. See, Gonzo had been trying his bowling ball trick for most of the 3rd act, and he throws it right at Tex.

Then we see a news report.

“Tex richman gives back Muppet theater and name. Change of heart. Nothing to do with head injury”

…Selena Gomez popped up in the Mana Maha bit that follows, so I was distracted. What happened?. Oh yeah.

Some people did not like this bit. And by some I mean Doug Walker, and in this case….i see why. I mean, they built up this amazing message that went against every cliché in the book. Then…he just gives them the studio back in one swift move.

I see why some people thought this was pretty cheap. I can’t deny that in this case but for some reason…I don’t mind it. As much as I love the moral, this bit wasn’t that bad. I think it’s because it is in the credits, and it goes by fast.

It’s also kind of funny. If it was in the main movie, it would bug me, but it’s not. I get why some people didn’t like this bit, but since it’s quick, I didn’t mind.

Either way, the movie is finally over. So….let’s wrap this up.

Final Thoughts:

I don’t need to repeat myself at this point, but I will anyway: I loved this movie. I really did. Like everyone else, The Muppets were part of my childhood (though not as much as others). I was hyped for this movie and it delivers in every way.

The main reason is that it is a huge tribute to The Muppets, from top to bottom. Not only because they use these characters, and put in a lot of small references in there. But because they use the story to represent these characters.

As I said before, they take advantage of the fact that The Muppets aren’t as big as they once were. They create a very sweet story where they must get back together. The whole thing is a fight to get the Muppets back

They don’t use these cliches just to use them,. They use them to fit these characters, and it works very well. This movie has tons of heart, from the main story to the whole arc with Walter.

On top of that, it’s really funny. Every joke hits from the more broad gags to the 4th wall jokes. We get great cameos, some truly amazing songs (the best being the opening number and the villain song), and it all works very well.

The characters are also great. Only a few develop, but that doesn’t matter. Kermit is great here, as we see him kind of depressed for most it, and he helps give us some fantastic development.

Walter starts off okay, but he ends up being a good main character with a fairly decent arc. Gary and Mary’s story is a bit cliché but I thought it was well handled enough. Gary himself was good, and once again,. Segel knocks out of the park and he’s very good. Amy Adams is also charming and solid.

I guess their story is the only part I could understand people disliking., but I think it’s fine. Tex is a funny villain, and all the other people are just great. I love these characters, from Miss Piggy to Statler and Waldorf.

All are well done and they serve the story well. They use the cliches to it’s advantage, giving us one hell of an experience. I’m not sure what else to say. There are things to nitpick, such as the bit in the credits, but the ending itself was so smart that I could forgive it.

Did my review add anything? No, but I’m glad I reviewed this movie. It’s sweet, smart, and very very funny. I doubt the new one could top it, but it’s gonna be good either way.

Grade: A

Yeah, I could have given it a – for the small bits, but come on, I’d be a dick to not give this movie that rare A. Seriously, do I ever give an A without a minus?

And now back to your Toon’d Out month, already in progress.

See ya.


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