Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie

Are you expecting some kind of pun involving magic or spells or whatever? Sorry, even i have restraint  sometimes.

Are you expecting some kind of pun involving magic or spells or whatever? Sorry, even i have restraint sometimes.

NOTE: I realize that when I use screen caps, I should probably create the owners so I’m not accused of copyright of whatever. So anyway, the images of the film in this post belong to Disney.

Hello, Spongey here.

Well, there’s a new Disney Channel movie coming out on Friday, Cloud 9. It’s from the director of Let It Shine, has two Disney channel guys I enjoy, and it’s produced by Ashley Tisdale.

It looks okay.

So I figured I would review another DCOM for this occasion. Which one? The one I’ve been wanting to do for awhile, but haven’t the found the time til today. I wanted to do these Sitcom-movies in release order, but I sadly had to do the GLC movie early.

So let’s finally discuss the film version of Wizards of Waverly Place. Not only did I reviews this now cuz of Cloud 9 but….I need to wash the taste of Getaway out of my mouth.

Of all the DCOM movies that hit the small screen, this is the biggest. It had the biggest budget, the most part, the most hyped, and the biggest legacy. It was as big as the other COM’s, while the others were just filled.

On top of that, it won on a Emmy Award, and it’s the 2nd highest rated DCOM OF ALL TIME. Hot damn! It’s also the highest rated good one, to boot. (Sorry Teen Beach, I still love ya).

If you saw my Disney Channel sitcom look, you know my feelings in this series about a family of wizards. Both me and a couple others (such as Mr Coat) consider it the best modern Disney sitcom with some good acting, fine comedy, and interesting story lines.

So of course, it was ripe for a movie. If you ask me, this should be in theaters instead of the Hannah movie. Yeah, the effects are dodgy but if you started out with a film budget, this would have been great.

But anyway, it was directed by Lev L Sprio, who did the previously reviewed Minutemen, and it was written by our old pal Berendsen, who has written too many DCOM’s to count., If you want more info the show, just go to my previously mentioned lookback.

Not much else to say. Most of my comments about the movie are in the review itself. So let’s do this!

This, is Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie

The movie opens on, you guessed it, Waverly place. More specifically, the home/subway station/sandwich shop, of our heroine, Alex Russo, played by Selena Gomez. We join her as she looks through her brother Justin’s (David Henrie) bag but find it it’s been charmed (or whatever you would call it) so he um…eats on her head.


This gets the attention of the dumb brother Max (Jake T Austin), and the parents, (Maria Canals Barrea,, and David Deluise). Of course Justin enchanted it to stop Alex from peeking in his stupid bag.

If you knows the show or read my previous look, you know the characters. But here’s a refresher: Alex is the kind of bitchy who is made likable by a charming performance and development (No matter what TV tropes says), Justin is the smart, jerk-y one, Mom is overbearing, and Dad is bumbling/.

Got it? Good.

Alex say she found the fobbing family spell book and wand, and says Justin took it.

“My respect for you is increasing”

“I didn’t steal it, Dad gave it to me”

“And it’s shrinking again”

Anyway, this scene exists to A. Establish characters and b. Establish the plot device wand. It does well in doing those things. Though it is an oddly low-key opening for a movie compared to the other Sitcom films.’

wizards movie 1

After that, we get two cliches in one: Teen girl wants to go some part but Mom objects, and the parents are leaving their kids alone to cause mayhem. Though granted, David Deluise isn o stranger to Home alone antics now that he’s been it’s Asylum knockoff.

No really. He was in an Asylum movie. First Selzterberg, now the Asylum. What the hell, man?

Anyway, this exists to establish the whole “Teen girl hatew Mom for raining on her parade” stuff which I think the Good Luck Charlie movie kind of did, in a different way. Why does this contrived work in this movie?

Well, it’s mostly due to how the actors play it out…and how it goes on later in the movie.

So the parents leave, (also, her quirky friend Harper, played by Jennifer Stone pops in. Have to mention that cuz she never appears after this scene) but through the power of loopholes, she turns the building into a subway car to go over to the party.

But by accident, the train ends up going the wrong way, and her attempt to fix that goes wrong. You know, I said in my Top posts of 2013 blog that I get people finding Alex a bit unlikable due to pulling stunts like this all the time, and that still stands.

However, the other point that still stands is that she remains ikable through some development later on. You could argue it gets reset through stuff like this, but to be faire, this film was before the episodes I could point to that prove the devolpment stuck.

But anyway, they are saved as Justin teleports them away from the green screen subway, and make to the subway station place. There’s a lot about the “turn the building into train and Justin taking them back” thing I don’t get, but that’s not important.

So Justin won’t tell on her, cuz they are about to go on vacation, and he doesn’t want to ruin that. Also, that was his first spell using a full real wand.

“And I must say-”

“He Must”

“It went perfectly!”

See, there is just something Alex’s snarky attitude that makes her very enjoyable even with her bitchy-y moment.

However, the spell didn’t go well cuz the remnants of the train thingy do some shit or whatever. I don’t get it myself. But I will comment on how the parents pop as this happens. How long were they gone?

So before this happened, Alex was gonna be left home during the vacation cuz she got them to do so, but now she has to go.

Wait, they were about to let Alex be home alone for like a week, even though they know it will be just her and no Justin? Did they think that through?!

As Alex packs a bit later, she bitches about this to Harper.

“One of these days, I’m gonna win the wizard completion, and i’m gonna be the full wizard.”

SPOILERS: She wins and becomes the full wizard.

“What if you fall in love with a mortal and lose your powers like your dad did?”

Forced exposition for the win!

Mom comes in to make this awkward.

HARPER: Well…bye!

And that is all we see of her. Eh, I don’t mind it. So Alex says something about not needing Mom’s help or whatever, and then she says this.

“Sorry…I didn’t mean it like that.”

Boom, likable. See that, guys?!

So we cut to later as Dad makes them give up their wands for 2 weeks by Mom’s demand. One packing montage later, they head out the door. Mom says that the resort they are going to do is where she met Dad.

JUSTIN: Please don’t tell it.

Yes, a David Henrie character shows disinterest at hearing the story of how his Father and Mother met.

…If that was an actor allusion….BEST MOVIE EVER MADE/

To compound it further, we cut to after the log plane ride where she has finished the story. At least this one didn’t take 9 seasons.

wizards movie 2

So after arriving at the resort, the kids want go do their own stuff but Mom wants to do stuff as a family, so they do. Also, there is this instructor dude that Alex likes (which is becoming an odd cliché in teen sitcom vacation episodes) who isn’t that important but he pops up a lot anyway.

This scene of course features a vacation montage which is till pretty cool. After that, they bump into a magician dude played by Steve Valentine. Man, Teen Beach Movie, Don’t look under the bed, now this. He likes being in DCOM’s as a villein dude.


(Hell, it’s not just Disney. Remember Santa with Muscles? …I wish I didn’t)

They witness his not so impressive act with his parrot. So Max steps up as a volunteer to magic around a bit. This involves Steve (gonna call him that until his character’s name) floating in the air, which no questions because….magic.

The parents catch Max in the act and scold him for pulling a stunt like that.

“No one is gonna figure out we’re wizards”

STEVE: You’re wizards!


Indeed, Steve tells them he was able to figure it out using common sense. Also, HE and his parrot are wizards. He lost his family wizards competition, and his girlfriend Giselle got turned into a parrot. I bet the latter part made things…awkward.

The family is about go away from the weird dude, but he tells Justin he knows where the “Stone of dreams” is.

“That’s like the most important Wizard artifact ever. It can do anything”

More forced exposition!

But Dad points out a lot of “Wizards” gift shops have a map to the stone and it never works out for anyone. However, Steve seems a bit genuine as he says he’s trapped on this island, looking for a wizard to help him find the stone to turn Geillse back into a human.

I know I said he was a villain, ubt he does manage to be kind of sympathetic, and he;s pretty much ineffectual anyway.

Dad rejects him anyway cuz it’s too dangerous, We’ll get back to him later, for now it’s time for a filler scene involving wind surfing and that instructor dude! After that, the dude asks Alex out to a beach party going on that night.

She asks Mom for permission and shock of all shockers, she says no. Mostly cuz the boy is too old and just hustling her into more paid lessons. Huh, that makes just enough sense for it to be plausible,but no TOO much that it makes Alex a bitch in this case. Well, not that much anyway.

Later on, Dad is again relying the story of how they met and how he gave up his powers.

“I knew we could make some magic of our own”

If you know what I mean. Bow chicka bow wow!

Anyway, Alex pulls Justin away as she reveals Justin took the family wand without permission but she won’t tell on him if he lets her use it to do a spell to make Mom let her go to the party. See, when Alex is all sneaky and stuff, she’s insanely entertaining about it.

He agrees, but when Alex tries to use it later on, Mom catches her. Of course she’s pissed, and Alex does the “you’re controlling my life” shtick. Yeah, cliché I know but consirdering it does lead to good development, I’ll let it slide.

But then…

“I hate you! I wish you and Dad had never even meet”

What an oddly specific thing to say randomly.

Then the wand does magic-y stuff and Alex goes up to Mom to shake off that off feeling she just got. I’ll go ahead and spoil and say that wish came true cuz oddly specific wishes make wands work now.

Alex figures this out as Mom no longer recognizes her.

“You’re a little young to be a concierge”

PHINEAS: Yes. Yes I am.

She then meets up Justin and Dad, who again, does not recognize them. Though he does leer at Mom when she walks by, though given her hot-ness, it doesn’t take being married in an AU to do that.

To compound this further, Dad uses magic. Yep, they figured out the spell made it so they never met. Remember, Dad gave up on the Wizard competition to be with Mom. That is what the forced exposition was for!

“…This is what you get for letting me use the wand”

Also, their Wizard-ness is why they remember the parents and are still here but…well that will change much later, trust me.

Also, the spell book is gone cuz it”s now with Dad. They try to take it but they get caught. But he’s cool with it since they just seem like young wizards pulling a prank. After some filler, they oh so subtly if there is a way to reverse the spell Alex cast.

He says eventually reality will catch up with the kids and they will vanish forever, and they have about 48 hours. That didn’t answer their question of how to fix it until he randomly brings up the stone of dreams.

I guess the spell book has no way to reverse…at all?

Anyway, the Stone of Dreams can reverse spells so it could be of help. So now Max must make sure Mom and Dad don’t do stupid things, while Alex and Justin head off on an epic question for the McGuffin of dreams!

So there is our plot. I think it works as it’s not too sitcom-ish to ward of those who haven’t seen the show, but not too movie-ish to make a giant big damn movie. And for a show about wizards, that is interesting.

So they meet up up with Steve….even though he shouldn’t remember that in this AU. He’s only a former wizard just like Dad, so don’t give me that crap. Anyway, Steve gives them the map which has the missing part the other ones lack.

That part being the starting point. So they head there and it says the path will reveal itself to those whose intentions are pure. Naturally, Justin tries and …it doesn’t work. Yeah see there’s stone thingy Justin grabbed and like I said, his attempt to clear the path doesn’t work.

But then he gives to Alex, it opens up. That’s right, Alex’s intentions are pure….wuich shows he honestly is doing this to get Mom and Dad back even though she snarked about if this is a good thing or not.

D’aww, that’s nice. Now why does T-okay you get it by now.. By the way, as a side note, this film has the best Man/Parrot bickering ever Joking aside, Steven and the parrot are pretty funny together but anyway, back to this epic quest.

So I think there’s a law that every jungle-ish adventure needs a quick sand scene, so here, Justin is now trapped in quicksand. Also, as Alex kind of ignores Justin for a bit, I realize that characters like her usually do annoy me in these reviews as there are many moments that show her to not be all that good, yet I keep defending herf cuz….she’s funny about it!

Plus, the development…and good traits…and yeah I’m running this into the ground. Long story short, Alex helps out of the quicksand. After that, we cut back to Max as he tries to get Mom and Dad together. Max, says this about some chick Dad hits on.

“She’s kind of a dog”

You know-for kids!

Long story short, Max’s “plan” doesn’t work and we join our heroes. They have this exchange:

‘I miss her condescending tone and superior attitude”

“Remind you of anybody?”

Speaking of amazing exchanges, Steve and Giselle bicker and make up and he says this.

“I hate it when we fight”


…Does having 1000 OTP’s kind of get rid of the idea of having a ONE true pairing?

Anyway, they come across a big ass gap they can’t jump over, and there is no bride in sight. Which we’re sure upsets Horace from Mighty Med.

“We are hopelessly doomed-oh wait there are instructions”

“It’s that positive attitude I admire about you, Justin”


They simply make a stone bridge using magic. Except a mere pebble reduces it to rubble. Steve says he’ll just stay out of their way while they work things out…which he’s been doing the whole time. He hasn’t added a lot to the plot aside from being funny?

So the two instead just a levitate a rock to get them to the other side. Also, Justin says he gets upset when Alex gets magic right because she doesn’t have to think most of the time. Justin studies hard to be the family wizard, and he worries Alex may beat him just by doing nothing.

JUSTIN Do you even want it?

‘I don’t know. I don’t think I do.”

Alex goes on to talk about how everyone sees Justin as perfect and all that. This scene is great. This is EXACTLY what I’m talking about. Their sibling rivarly has a lot more to it then you would expect and Alex again, proves to have a likable side, as does Justin.

They actually talk like real characters and they work together to get to the other side. It’s tense, and it’s a nice character moment. This is just a great moment and the scene I point to to prove these characters can be likable.

“We both did a good job”

But then the rocks fall down, meaning Steve is stuck on the other side. The kids go ahead and Justin says they will come back for him when they get the stone.

Maybe if they took Steve with them, this wouldn’t have happened. Idiots. But don’t worry, Steve will just go the long way, at the bottom. Wait, can’t the parrot just fly to the other side? She doesn’t need Steve, since Alex or Justin could easily make the wish to get her human again.

Whatever. There’s another scene with Max which brings up another question: Why not bring him on the quest so he can have something to do? I mean, would Dad really find love in the 48 hours or less they are gone?

Even if he does, the stone will fix that. And even if Dad doesn’t do shit, the time limit running out will ensure their quest is doomed either way. Ah well.

That night, Justin and Alex set up camp for the night. We get another really cool scene as they again talk like human beings and actually kind of get along without bickeing too much. Justin even brings up the whole “pure intentions” thing.

Alex says which was thinking about getting Mom and Dad back, while Justin was thinking about how it would be cool if if he was able to save them. To some, this could be a useless attempt to make Alex likable by having Justin be slightly douchey about al this….but screw those people.

Plus, Justin has shown to be a fine person and here, he notices his flaws and all that. Alex gives him encouragement and shows that she really does care about him, and how Justin saves her butt all the time.

“I know I don’t say it very often…Thank you”

Again, this is really touching moment between the two and the direction, writing, and escpailly acting, work together to make this very good without being overly “sweet’ about it. It’s very nice to see.

Even if it will fuel the Alex/Justin shit over on Tv tro-christ, I am abusing TVT a lot in this review. Sorry! You guys are awesome just….not the guys who edit the WOWP pages.

So the next morning, Steve catches up to them. But whatever they are getting closer to the stone of dreams. Speaking of, (sort of), Max tells Dad that Justin and Alex went off to ifnd out, and he asks for his help to find them as Max’s memory is fading.

See, now he has a point!

While they try to figure out the fake map, Mom shows up and wants in on this “treasure hunt”. She even knows where that statue thing is as Max mentions it. Dad reluctantly lets her join them in their quest.

But let’s get back to our main hero quest. They get closer to the stone but not the map says they have to find a cave, and they don’t see one. The map says the one who knows the least shall lead the way.


Of course.

Sure enough, she is the one to figure it out. She gets the idea…to ask some locals who happen to be way out here. Also, they are Spanish speaking people which I’m sure is racist…somehow. But that also means they don’t understand Alex.

So Alex uses magic to get some subtitles…which are different from the ones we’ve been seeing. Why not save money on effects and have Alex read the already existing subtitles?

But it doesn’t help since they can’t understand Alex. Guess there isn’t a spell for that, for some reason. But thankfully, Alex finds a little girl who I guess somehow knows what she wants and will lead her to the cave. So the kid is person who knows the least…okay.

Back with Dad, Mom, and Max, they get to the whole “pure intentions” part with the stone thing. It’s Max who is able to open it, but he doesn’t get a complex reason.

Anyway, Alex, Steve, and Justin find the cave. Justin and Alex walk ahead on their own cuz that worked out so well for Steve last time. They keep walking and then…this.

“I’m sorry…for everything.”


“I’m Sorry. This is all my fault.”

“I heard you the first time, I just wanted you to say it again”

“It’s amazing. Even jn the face of the most imminent doom you can still be super annoying”

“It’s one of the few things I learned from you.”

“Ha, still doing it”

“..I’m sorry too.”

“What are you sorry for?”

“I shouldn’t be on you as much. We need each other.”

‘…What was that?”

“I’m not saying it again”

Yeah, it’s another really sweet, and cool moment. Though the music over plays it a tad too much.

Anyway, Team 2 reaches the big gap and Dad just magic’s up a stone bridge, which stays this time. It’s at this point where Dad starts to like Mom again through some amusing bits. Also he um, stares at her ass I think at one point.

“I like the way she walks”

No comment.

Back with our heroes, they reach the stone of dreams. I would say “that was easy” but there is a big ass gap in the way. So Justin goes around it, along the wall. One somewhat tense/cool scene later, he makes it …but things crumble and the stone ends up in a small crevice.

Alex is able to grab it more crumbling ensues and Justin is able to pull her out. This is a pretty cool scene with them working together, and it again shows the strengths of the film.

So it looks like all is cool…until Giselle flies over and takes the stone. Then Dad, Max, and Mom shows up. How they get here so fast, I don’t know.

Alex is happy to see Mom until she realizes Mom still doesn’t remember her. They reveal to Dad who they are but of course, Mom doesn’t believe it. Also they reach the resort really quickly again, which I still don’t get.

Even after Mom and Dad start to kind of buy it, Dad has no idea how to reverse the spell without the stone. The only way they could do it is if one of the kids was a full wizard.

Or they could hunt down that bird (IDK if they know it’s Giselle) to get it back. Hell, why don’t they question where Steve went? Even if they suspect he took it, they could track him down!

So how will settle this? They have to do the Wizard competition early so one can be a full wizard and reverse the spell. Okay, I’ll suspend disbelief to ignore how contrived this kind of is.

But Mom bows out cuz she is still confused about all of this. But then comes a bigger issue..

MAX: Is that lady your Mom?

Oh boy.

Yep, Max is starting to forget. Then…a tornado shows up and takes Max away, erasing him for good.

MOM: …I do remember you.

…Day-um, that was heavy.

But no time to mourn. Dad takes them off to do the wizard competition, which of course looks and works differently from how it will in the series finale cuz higher budget.

wizards movie 3

While they look more dressed for Mortal Kombat, the Wizard competition starts up as Justin and Alex must compete to get “the power” and the winner, keeps it all.

“The only spells you can use are those involving the 4 elements. Earth, Air, Fire and Water”

So they must become the Avatar?

I’m not sure what to say about the ensuing battle. The effects suck but it’s still pretty cool to see them duke it. There’s not a lot wise to over,….until we finally see what Steve is up.

wizards movie 4

Giselle turned herself human and I guess they ran away back here. And as the cliché goes, Giselle dumps Steve after all they went through.

“You said we would be together”

“I was lying”

Saw that coming. Also, the character’s name is Archie. Would have nice to know, though I guess it’s my fault for not using Wikpedia during this review.

Mom comes other figures out Giselle was the bird that took the stone.

“Look, I’m not part of your world. But I do know I just got my heart ripped out by this boy that I didn’t even know I knew, let alone loved.”

Again, awesome and sweet.

By the way, what do Giselle do to get her turned into a bird, and how did she meet Steve? Never explained but eh, I’m okay with that.

Anyway, Giselle tells Mom there’s no way she’s giving him the stone. But then it turns out Archie took it from her when she was not looking. Then Steve makes his wish and turns Giselle back into a parrot.

“Turns out I like you better as a bird”


So Archie and his bird give Mom the stone, and walk away, never to be seen again. Not exactly the most epic villain defeat ever. Hell, our heroes don’t even find out Giselle is evil or even approach them for a climax!

But for once, I don’t mind it it was a cool moment for Archie, a nice bit for Mom and I like that they didn’t try to hard to make this epic with the main conflict being with Alex and Justin wanting the parents back.

You could argue this makes Archie pointless, as my issue of how contrived this real climax is would be gone if he was gone. ….That’s true but again, i’m okay with it.

Speaking of Alex, long but cool battle short, she wins. It was through some smart thinking on her part, so I’ll let it pass. The show itself pulled it off better later on, but that’s another story.

But time is running out, and Alex has no idea what spell to do now. So she asks Justin.

“Why why I help you?”

“You’re my brother”

“I’m not your brother”


“No no…Justin…please…please you can’t leave me! Please remember. I’m alex. I’m your little sister. I taunt you and I tease you and I make your life miserable, but you love me anyway. You’re everything that I wanted to be. I’m jealous of how smart you are, and how nice. Please don’t leave me here.”

“..I believe oyu. I don’t know who you are. But I believe you”

CARL: Are you crying?

MONOGRAM: …No, I’m just sweating through my eyes!

I mean….dayum! This gives 16 Wishes a run for it’s money for most depressing DCOM moment ever. I mean, here we really see how Alex feels about Justin and it’s just soul crushing to see her almost lose him.

She looks like she’s on the verge of tears and Gomez helps make this the tear jerker it is. It’s just a great moment. Hard to believe this is the same actress who would give a performance in Getaway so bad it gets her a Razzie nomination.

This review had great timing. Thanks Razzie guys!

So it seems like Jusitn is all better…until a tornado sucks him up like it did Max. Christ, this had the same writer of the Hannah movie?!

Alex tries some spells but nothing works, and she just seems to be breaking down even more. Like I said, this is giving 16 Wishes a run for it’s money. But don’t tell Debby I said that.

DAD: Sorry…but I think it’s too late.

After another Oscar moment, Mom shows up. I assume used it to wish herself her, but why not wish for the problem to be fixed in that case?

Anyway, now Alex gets her one wish. So what does she wish for?

“I want everything to be exactly the way it was”

And then we cut back to that scene early on with Alex about to do the spell that caused this mess. That’s right, they pushed the rest button.

As you can imagine, some were upset with this, as rest buttons often upset people. Me? Eh. I’m half and half. It is kind of a cheap cop out, and I’ll explain.

See, I was gonna say they could have this big adventure still happen and the show goes on like normal. But then I remembered that they likely did the whole competition thing so the whole “Alex is a wizard” thing could be erased

So they either wrote themselves into a corner by having Alex become a Wizard and had to reverse it, or they came up with it to make it so the rest button had a point. But they could have her get rid of her powers and have everyone remember it.

Either way, a rest button was not 100 percent needed. However, I don’t mind in this case….cuz eh it doesn’t reverse what Alex learned and the show focused more on the story itself and Alex herself then the Justin thing,after the movie.

So I’m mixed on it, but I will let slide as this movie has enough good points to make up for this.

But let’s wrap this up. Alex is more than happy to see Mom and hugs her. Mom has no idea what is going but it’s all good. Alex is grounded but after all that happened, she is glad to still her Mom around.

She runs outside to hug Justin and Max, who also remember this adventure. So it’s not a 100 percent reset button even if they don’t bring this up again. Justin questions why Alex gave up powers, and she says it’s cuz she just wanted to make sure nothing was different.

Dad shows up, and there is more hugging. Also, that instructor guys shows up but Alex turns him down. Instead, she wants to hang with her family. Mom is more than happy to hear that from Alex.

So they hug it out some more, and we get the “characters walk away while music plays and the camera back up, as the movie ends” cliché. Yep, that’s the end.

And yes, Gomez does sing the credits song. Got to shoe horn her singing somehow! So anyway, the ending actually works out fine. It’s kind of abrupt but we clearly see how this affected our heroes and it’s a fine ending. So there, it’s finally over.

Final Thoughts:

Of all the DCOM’s based on one of their sitcoms, this is easily the best. Yeah, it’s problem are bigger than the ones in the other films (except for perhaps the issues with The Suite life movie, but I’ll get to that one, I swear). But the good things make up for it.

For one, I like how it manages to balance the show world and movie world. Like I said, it’s not too huge to make it a “Big Damn movie” but not too small so that those who havent’ seen the movie will just think of it as a sitcom episode.

Some non-fans may think so but I think the balance works. Yeah, there have been episodes with bigger scale (even in the 2nd season) but it makes up for it by going deeper. It goes deeper into Alex’s relationship with Justin and how they feel about each other.

The scenes where the writer fleshes them out are tense, heartbreaking and impressive. It’s better than any big scale villain fight they could come up with. I’ve defended Alex plenty but I’ll just simply I like how their sibling thing was done in this movie.

The story itself is decent enough. Nothing ground breaking, but it works well enough and isn’t too cliché , even if it will bring nothing new for adult viewers. It works fine, and the scrpt gives us some decent humor to make up for any story short comings.

I’m glad Max at least left some impact on the story in the end, as I sometimes think he’s a carry on in the series. Justin, and Dad are Mom are balanced just right and they all get enough to do, with the humor and drama.

I’m okay with ditching Harper as she wasn’t 100 percent needed for the story. Also, the villain was…admittedly pointless when you think about it, (and one dimensional) but I still felt Archie and Giselle were enjoyable enough for me to forgive that.

And let’s not mince words: I think Alex is awesome. Like in the show, the writer does a good job at fleshing her out We see why she is the way she is, and again, Gomez just sells it by making her funny and that sad scene is made even sadder.

I know I bitched at TV Tropes a lot in this review regarding her, but I peeked at the page again for “research” and I found this statement on the YMMV page.

“The girl cannot breathe without being called the Anti christ”.

…You are forgiven.

Anyway, the movie balances humor and drama and I really did care about the characters in the long run. Yeah, the reset button is dumb but it did give us more insight on Alex, so it isn’t pointless. Overall, I’d recommend to all fans of the show and MAYBE to those who haven’t seen it, as an introduction. It depends on the person.

It’s a good DCOM that can proudly stand along side 16 Wishes, Girl Vs Monster and Teen beach movie as far as Good modern Disney channel movies go. Though this one might appeal to less people due to being adapted from a more divise series.

Grade: B+

I’m glad I finally covered this movie. But you know what is odd? This has a 6.2 on imdb, which is good for a DCOM. (and higher than 16 wishes, oddly enough)..but To Boldly Flee has a 6.9.

Now THAT is impressive.

Anyway, next time we go back to evil horrors of 2013 cinema with a film that doesn’t exactly soar to great heights.

See ya.

The opinions about TV Tropes shown in this review…actually do reflect the opinions of Spongey as he made this blog and wrote this post. But it doesn’t reflect the opinions of WordPress, so there is that.


About Spongey444

I'm 20 and I'm a slightly below average man who can barely spell. I mostly spend my time watching TV and movies, hence why i ended doing a blog all about those things. I tend to have weird tastes, but I like think I'm just fair on things.
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