To Boldly Flee (Part 3)

I'n Spongey444. I remembered this movie...cuz it was awesome.

I’n Spongey444. I remembered this movie…cuz it was awesome.

PREVIOUSLY ON TO BODLY FLEE… Zod was called in to help stop the Critic, but for awhile it seemed like the bad guys were outsmarted once the gang found Spoony. But then they oet their revenge by taking The Cinema Snob and turning him over to some dude to turn him to the dark side.To make it worse, Critic found out Ma-Ti wants him to enter the plot hole. Also, Phelous died a lot. Now for the conclusion. /// Hello, Spongey here. Well, we’re in the home stretch! This movie had it’s flaws, but will the ending make up for them? …maybe. This, is To Boldly Flee (Part 3) So remember Last Angry Geek, from way back in part 1? He’s finally back as he visits Clod and snob. He says Clod is under arrest and gets out his lightsaber. Oh hell yes. “You will pay for your many crimes. Especially Chipwrecked!” YOU TELL HIM! Geek tells Snob Clod is behind all the bad shit going on, and all that. “Is that true?” “From a certain point of view….yes” Haw. So then Rob truly turns into the emperor as Clod uses his weird lightning powers on Last angry geek. Geek almost gets the upper hand, but when Rob is done mugging…Brad helps Clod out by kicking Geek in the nuts. And with, Clod takes out Last angry geek. Like in the work this is ripping off-i mean spoofing, this is a pretty awesome moment. “What have I done?” “Betray your friends, your comrades…All in all, I’d say a successful Tuesday” So with, Snob pledges himself to the ways of the dick. …Not like that but considering what he reviews, I don’t blame you for going that way. “You will be known Henceforth as Darth Snob” I’ll do the obvious joke for you: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! So back with Film Brain and Ma-Ti, the latter says that when they tossed his ashes into space, the can hit the plot hole and the rest is history. But the important thing is Critic has to be brought to the hole and all that. Also, Ma-Ti tells Film Brain that Clod and Snob are making a “Death Bomb” that will kill everyone. He demands that the others get him out of Spoony’s head…but they all feel asleep. Which makes no sense given how Critic and others were pretty focused on the “bring critic to the hole” thing last itme, but whatever. It gives Todd, Chick, and Meckakara a chance to do evil shit. They gang up on Jo specificly, but.. tbf 3 1 Luipa shows up to kick some ass! “Get away from her you bitch!” What follows is an epic battle…that includes a cat fight but I won’t comment on that. But Lupa looks at Todd for a “I know you’re in there somewhere” fight. “If you fight back, I’ll go out on a date with you!” “…really?” Yep, that is what that “love subplot” was building up to. I love it when it’s done in the reviews cuz it’s funny but now it’s a tad forced. Not bad though. “It’s time to bring this love triangle to an end!” Thanks, Todd! He defeats Chick by…showing her his face, which we don’t see. This in turn makes Mechkara blow up…which makes no sense as Chick was robot-ified 2nd so it should be the other way around but whatever! “You saved my life. I think that’s worth one date” The other critic’s wake up to find that they missed stuff but all is well. But then Mechakara gets up and says he wants the secret to Malchatie’s hand. But then he overhears Terl revealing he just trolling him the whole time. With that, Mechkara teleports away. So…was he pointless or am I just missing something again? So then they free Film Brain from Spoony’s mind, and he tells them everything. The Executor plans to use the plot hole to do evil shit, and doesn’t care what happens to Earth. tbf 3 2 To make matters worse, Snob fully becomes Darth snob. Also, there’s a bit where Snob asks why he has the mask, and Clod says it’s do his his face which was burned when Clod thew coffee in his face. ‘I think you just wanted someone uglier around you” Haw. …Then Snob does the NOOOO thing makes my earlier joke pointless. Whatever. So then the ghost of Last Angry Geek visits Luke. He tells him to go the “internet” to find the “high brow reviewer” to teach him the ways of the plot. The more this turns into Star Wars…the better It gets! I really hope Snob tells Luke he’s his father! Of course, Luke has trouble killing his former mentor but Geek says it is the only way. With that established we visit Zod as my dumb ass realizes Clod=Executor. The Executor tells Zod and Terl their job is done for now, and the critic’s are of no concern. Not much else happens so let’s cut to Luke visit our Yoda, who happens to Oancitizen/Kyle from Brows Held high. tbf 3 3 Which means, we get Yoda-citizen. Awesome, that is. So then to speed things, Kyle gives him a thing that gives Luke a life time of training in a single Syringe. This leads to a trippy speech about how Snob was seduced by the “dark side” of the plot. But, there is a bright side. “For every 2 dozen Phantom meances, there is a Return of the king .For every 2 bit Shaymlan, a Stanley Kubrick is born. For every poor soul who groaned during a Adam Sandler funded Rob Schneider vehicle, there’s a child crying tears when Bambi’s mom is shot.” This is actually a pretty smart, and motivational scene. For all the funny antics, this film has some smart things to say. This is the real reason I’m a TGWTG fan….plus the funny references. “I’m ready” So back on the ship, the crew gets ready for an attack. They plan to lead an attack force into the death bomb to take it out. Said attack force includes a bunch of people, even Kyle. “I can milk this cameo for a few more scenes” As for the critic…he’s headed out to the plot. Oh yeah. Film Brain objects to this, as NC is his hero. “I’m no hero…All I do is yell and scream at things I don’t like!” ‘You gave us a voice. A place to call our own.’ “How many Ma-Ti’s will it take. How many crappy laws were caused by my bullshit? Cinema snob was right.” More Speeches later, Critic says maybe the plot hole will give him something to make him actually worth something. “If you go in that things you may never return” “Return was never an option. Like I said back in part, I really like Critic’s development here. Everything in the NC, especially the Scooby Doo review, has been leading to this. All the jokes about how pathetic the critic is, all coming to a head as he is going to find out the answer to everything. Stuff like that also puts this above just being a silly internet video. Anyway, Luke gives Film Brain coordinates to a place he wants to be teleported too, and from what FB, it looks like Luke is doing some big shit too. Back on Zod’s ship, he visited by…Kyle and Chick in disguise as Zod’s old pals. This weird plan works but then Zod has them…sing. But before we can have that, Luke pops in on Snob and The Executor. It’s weird how one of the side characters is now becoming one of the big heroes. …And then it cuts to Zod’s place as Nostalgia Chick and Oancitzen perform one of Kyrpton’s biggest hits….called “Distraction”. That’s right, we get a big musical number that serves as distraction, while our heroes storm the bad guy base….called Distraction. It gets even better when Zod joins in. It goes for awhile, but it is FREAKING AWESOME, especially cuz we see Critic head out into space in his Car (don’t ask) and fight of Terl. THIS IS AMAZING WHY DIDN’T I SEE THE REST OF THIS MOVIE BEFOFRE. But after the song, they blow their cover, and Zod fires at Critic’s house ship thing. To make things worse, Executor tells Luke his friends are walking into a trap. The Death bomb prepares to attack…but Luke reveals he put sugar in it’s tanks, which stops it dead. “Snob?” “Yo” “Kill him” “K” Oh hell yes. I have to say, when this movie is epic, it’s EPIC! We get Zod’s ship and Critic’s ship having a full on fight, while Snob and Luke duke it out with Lightsabers. The direction and music just make this amazing. So Film Brain enters Spoony’s mind again to talk to Ma-Ti and asks what is in that damn plot hole. Well, we are about to find out, as Critic has finally entered the plot hole. Now, having seen Crtic’s review of this (Don’t ask), I kind of know what happens, but I don’t 100 percent get it yet. So let’s see what happens. The hole is….Critic’s house? “This is the big twist? The plot hole was my home the whole time?” Huh…but wait! Crtic sees a laptop, opens it to check his email and… tbf 3 4 …DUN DUN DUN! Yes, Critic finds the script for this very film, right at his previous line. What could make this odder? Doug enters the room. As in, the actual Doug. But back with Luke, he tries to get Snob to change sides, cuz there’s still hope for real cinema. “Not after Transformers 3!” Whoa, the subject of my first multi part review was mention in the the movie did for my one. Trippy. Also, JO turns back into her normal self, in case you cared. But all you care about is Critic meeting Doug. Doug is more than a little shocked to meet the character he wrote. But he is still able to explain to the Critic that he is just a character. He tells him how he was writing this movie and figured it would be cool if Critic met “The Writer”. ‘And,…here we are” Doug goes on to say the Crtiic has evolved. When Doug started writing this angry, hate filled character, he never expected Critic to end up caring for some Indian boy. “You’ve literately lept off the page and taken a life of your own” To make this even more epic, Ma-Ti gets pissed at Film Brain, ranting about Critic was always awful to him. “Now his final mission will be his last” Words can not sum up how amazing this is. Even though I am summing it up…using words. Shut up! It’s just an amazing meta twist to show just how far the Critic has gone in Doug’s eyes. It’s complex, clever, and works on so many levels. I just love it when a movie can pull a twist like that. Back with Snob, Luke gets the upper hand on him, which pleases The Executor. He even reveals Snob was just a pawn this whole time, and it’s Luke he wants as his evil sidekick. Luke’s response is to toss his saber away, which causes the “Cat scream” which makes no sense in this case. “I’m a Critic An Artist. Like my father before me” “Your father was just an improv comedian on Canadian television” “On Whose line is it anyway!” That isn’t a joke. Luke whatshisface’s Dad is Colin whatshisface. Awesome! But back with Doug and Critic, Doug explains that outside is reality. No plot, no themes, No propose. He says is one character evolves beyond the story…the story disappears. Okay, this movie so much awesome but when I want to discuss one great scene, it moves on to the next1 Which happens here, as Ma-Ti bitches some more. But Film Brain says he knows how it feels to be a butt monkey. “The critic can change!” Then…Sage enters, dressed as some weird DragonBall Z thing. He goes super sayian or something ….and it cuts back to Snob. The Executor goes all out on Luke as Snob pulls a Special Edition Return of the Jedi and shouts NOOO as he tries to left Executor. It doesn’t work, but he uses a mirror to reflect his lightning stuff anyway. So thus, Snob turns back to good. “Come on kid. Some films are worth fighting for” So that is done but our Critic’s are still under attack. So Linkara shows up in his ship to help. Wow, Linkara FINALLY appears for real in this movie to do something. Anyway, this fight caps off with the Critic’s firing some big thingy at Zod’s ship and boom. Zod’s ship then flies straight into The Death bomb. This…kills the Executor. Then Mechkara (who showed up to kill Zod) blows up, killing the bad guys. Wait, if Zod died, how did he come back for that Zod Review and NC’ MOS review? …Oh yeah, plot hole. Well…that was actually a great climax. So are we almost done? Kind of…we have 20 minutes left. But back with Doug and Critic, Critic has to choose between a world of mystery or a place where he has propose. He opens the door that leads to the real world. But…he steps back inside. “It was probably just as phony anyway” Awesome. But this does not please Ma-Ti, as Critic approaches the plot hole to speak to him. “I just wanted to say…I’m sorry. I’m sorry for everything I did. I’m sorry for how I treated you. I should have treated you like a real person like with some respect and shit. I didn’t. …I know you need closure, just like I need closure” The others tell Ma-Ti he needs to let go. “You did good Ma-ti. You did good.” “…You are right. You and your friends. You were right about everything. Goodbye” Then he goes away. That was…..easy. But that is not the end. Doug explains that since Ma-Ti left, there is nothing to stabilize the plot hole. “…You’re kind of scrwed” ‘Your story sucks!” “You suck!” I could just re-write it but….derpy doo! So yeah. Doug and Critic are both lost on what to do. But then Gort from The Day the earth stood still shows….just go with it. But THEN he takes his thingy off to reveal…. tbf 3 5 JAMES ROLFE/ANGRY VIDEO GAME NERD! Wait, did Gort show up before? Cuz Critic says the audience (if he didn’t know he was a character, how could he break the-WHATEVER) figured it out awhile ago. Did I miss a scene? So what does James say? “If you can’t shrink it….” “That’s it!” Then Critic contacts Nash and makes him transmit a message to the whole world. The only way to stop the plot hole is…make it bigger. By that, he means through any film flubs they can think of, so they can make it so big it will blow up. Awesome, even if it as an excuse for tons of references and cameos. I’ll even throw out my own you may remember from last time: At least half of Getaway! This also includes a cameo by the Blockbuster buster! Finally! Geez, it’s like he isn’t even on this site, he appears so rarely outside of his own videos! So, everyone shouts a plot hole and this seems to kind of work. Except the growing hole (snicker…) gets closed to our heroes. “I guess this is it” “…Hey…remember your first review?” “Mine was Equilibrium” “Blah Blah by Kesha” “The Last Unicron” “Pochahontas” Freddie As FR07! So in a very awesome moment, everyone shares memories of past reviews as they enter the plot hole. Back with Critic, he shakes hands with AVGN. “Nice working with you critic” D;awww. “Someday has to merge with it. Someday has to keep it safe” That’s right. In the ultimate sacrifice, Critic merges with the plot hole. It works, as everyone else is taken back to Earth. I’ll comment on that in a second. After that, Spoony pops up (being delivered by Santa Christ, no less) in a big happy moment in no will be awkward by the time this movie comes out. “The needs of the plot, outways the needs of the logic” Thankfully, Insano shows up to explain stuff. The plot hole swallowed everything,. The plot did shit cuz we lived in a universe that made sense. But now the hole IS the universe, so there is no conflict. “That doesn’t make any sense” “Nothing does! Isn’t it great?” It sure is. “There will always be incontinences. More plot holes to find. But it’s the little surprised that make life worth living’ “I didn’t want to live in a giant mistake” “Tough shit, nothing is perfect!” This actually a very clever way to solve the problem: Make the world one big plot hole. This also gives is a good moral: Every book, movie , show, and whatever, has plot holes, and things that don’t make sense. But that doesn’t matter! What matters is the big picture. And that, I can agree with. So with Critic gone, Spoony saved, and the plot hole taken care of…they have a coke party! Brad is still training Luke, Chick drops the Todd thing, and everyone is happy. Then Film Brain looks over to see the ghosts of Critic, and Geek. Well, I guess with all the Star Wars references, whats one more? So everyone parties, there’s a pop song, and we cut to the plot hole. “I am the Nostalgia Critic” Roll credits. I never thought I’d bitch about an abrut ending to this movie, but here we are. Oh, it’s great, and better then most movie endings I’ve looked at. (Which is sad). But…I want more closure! I mean, Critic kind of dies and no but Film Brain seems to give a shit. We don’t have Critic really talking about how he is finally doing something, Doug doesn’t say a lot…I mean, I WANT MORE! But like with 16 Wishes, I guess that is a good thing. But we do get 8 minutes of Credits with Rob ad libing! (As well as a Stinger with Sci Fi Guy). Also, this message under the Special Thanks: “The fans who kept Nostalgia Critic going for so long.” …Your welcome. Final Thoughts: This sucked. …Oh, I’m kidding, it was awesome. I know some will accuse me sucking TGWTG’s dick. Well, If loving something means sucking it’s dick, then consider me a dick sucking pro! …That came out wrong. Overall, this came out very well. Most of the reviewers get at least a few funny lines and everyone bring their A game in terms of Comedy. This is a great comedy that had me laughing throughout the whole thing. I’ve seen actual movies less funny than this dumb internet movie. For a web movie, it is impressive. The effects are very ambitious, the music sets the mood very well ,and the direction is even very competent. It’s obviously taking it’s plot from various movies, but it does it so well it works just as well as those movies! But let’s cut the crap. The thing that makes this movie good is the DRAMA. Much like Ted, it’s even better as a Drama, then a Comedy. We get some interesting commentary on the film industry and The Critic’s development is just great. It’s a very thoughtful analysis of his entire character/, and how went from a way to yell at movies, to a character who is aware of his own useless-ness. This shows us how a simple character can go beyond their own purpose and mean more to people. The Critic has always been a fascinating character, just through stuff meant for laughs. But this is a great look at his character, and I love how he makes the ultimate sacrifice. It’s smart, clever, and sweet. This entire movie was a great swan song for the Nostalgia Critic. ….Yeah, I know, but for the time, this was pretty awesome. Also, Doug really shows himself to a great performer as he sells the comedy and drama very well.’ Admittedly, the script has jokes that go on too long, character and plot lines that could have been cut or moved around. That is a problem but my issues go away by the 2nd half and the good things outweigh the good things. I won’t compare it to Kickassia, or Suburban Knights, cuz while I feel it is better, some obviously won’t agree due to the 3 HOUR length. (At least 25 minutes could have been cut, guys).. But either way, this is a very funny, smart, and sweet Sci-Fi tribute that serves as a great finale to the best trilogy ever made. Besides the High School Musical trilogy, of course. Grade: B+ Yeah, kind of low considering what I said, But I had to factor is the fact that isn’t an actual movie and the issues mean more on a narrative level. For a TGWTG product, it’s an A. So ends my longest review ever. I will do more Multi part reviews (Lone Ranger, your turn is coming up…) but next time, lets look a much shorter movie….but still a good one. See ya.


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