2013 Recap/Top Posts of 2013

Hello, Spongey here.

Well kids….and 48 year old men who stalk the internet from their mom’s basement, 2013 is coming to an end. And when a year ends, it’s time to reflect on the past 12 months.

For film critics, this means saying the year was great even though they said it was sucking previously. For everyone else, that just means saying the year sucks and last year was better, even they hated that year too when it was ending.

Humans are weird like that.

Anyway, for me that means looking back the blog. Now, 2011 was technically the first full year of my blog, which means 2013 was year 3. But it was only year 2 of doing these play by play reviews.

2013 was pretty good year for me. Infact, it’s time for the first half of this blog. This is the Spongey44 2013 recap!

It all started with a review of Diary of a wimpy kid, the film version of one of my favorite book series.

I also did part 2 of my very first 2 part review, of Transformers 3. After that I started a “Dreamworks-athon” which sadly failed, but I got a decent Antz review out of it. And in the middle of that, I did wimpy kid 2, and Harold and Kumar 2, sequels that deserved far better reviews than they got.

I also got into a new Phineas and Ferb kick, as I finished my list of top 40 songs, and I also listed the best Season 3 episodes and got corrected by one of the writers. That was awesome.

I even reviewed the TV movie based on the series, and then I made for Dreamworks a thon by reviewing their worst film, Shark tale. Then I finished the wimpy kid trilogy, with a review that gave me lots of feels for some reason.

Then I did a review of Shark Tale, which wasn’t as fine as Doug Walker’s review, or as needlessly harsh (but still funny) as The Blockbuster buster’s. Then I did one of my few blind reviews of Ramona and Beezus, which I only did cuz of my excitement to see Selena Gomez in a Bikini.

Also,, I tried a “Haunting hour” a thon which sadly failed too. I then reviewed “The Sleepwalker’ a fear Street book some decent reviewed on tumblr liked for some reason. After talking the one man show known as “Sealed with kiss”, I covered Hotel Transylvania cuz of my excitement to see Selena Gomez fight herself.

I answer question literately no one asked, then I discussed the pointless ice age 4, and the top 5 animated films of 2002.

After a trashing of Grown ups, and a look at the only Easter movie ever made, known as Hop, some dude reviewed The Ooogivloves and somehow thought those repetitive mirror scenes were the best parts.

Then I did a sequel to my “Toon’d out month.” I started by defending the overly hated GI Joe movie, and went on to bash The Smurfs and Bratz. I also did the even more overly hated Scooby doo sequel.

I then broke out from that to cover Cyberbully, a movie that has no idea how the internet works. I finished Toon’d month 2 by looking at Dragonball Evolution, and The Last Airbender, something everyone and their mom, and their mom, and THEIR mom, has talked about.

There was a break but I came back with a weird trilogy where Paranormal Activity 3 made a demon come after me to make me review the crappy Spy kids sequels. I said bye to my school year with “Recess: School’s out” and then I reviewed the very odd Sucker punch, which I still don’t get.

Then I reviewed  30 Nights of Paranormal Activity with the Devil Inside the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Enough said about that crap.

I made up for iit with the excellent drama Ted, and a general review of the manliest movie ever made. But then I did my best theme month yet: DCOM month, in which I reviewed Disney channel movies.

I started with the classic Halloweentown, and moved on to the not so classic Camp rock, and the underrated Minutemen. After paying tribute to the now sadly canned Dan Vs, I praised-and was horrified by-Smart house.

I did the pointless Space Chimps 2, and went back to DCOM month, with Let it shine, which had the best song lyrics ever. After looking at the sequel to Halloweentown, I made up for Haunting hour-athon with a whole retrospective on the first season.

Back to DCOM month, I looked at You Wish and to close it out, I looked at the amazing guilty pleasure known High School Musical 2, in which I fanboy’d over Ashley Tisdale. I did the same when I did the 3rd film right after.

I dove into TV the “Dog with a blog” episode “Stan stops Talking” which was shockingly deep. Then I first started to go into my deepest obsession by looking at the Disney XD sitcoms, which are still quite good.

After looking at the weak “Escape From Planet Earth” I looked at the awful Movie 43. I wish I could say I made up for it, but next I started the world’s dumbest franchise with a review of Air Buddies.

I then skipped the 2nd one and looked at Space Buddies. After that, I looked at the shockingly good finale to “Special Agent oso” and did my retrospective on Season 2 of the haunting hour.

Then I reviewed the self-aware DCOM Teen Beach Movie, I folloed that up with a look at the odd Ghosts of Fear Street of pilot, which I still want Brad Jones to cover on DVD-R Hell. I then reviewed the funny Dreamworks film Madagascar.

After that, I finally did the 2nd buddies film, Snow Buddies. But then I did my 100th overall review, which was my ultimate childhood film, The Spongebob Squarepants movie. I followed that up with the oddly titled sequel to Madagascar.

Then I finished up my Haunting Hour Retrospective with a look at Season 3, which contains the worst episode. After reviewing the lackluster Judy Moody film, I did part of my epic lookback at Disney Channel sitcoms. There, I gushed about Wizards of Waverly place and discussed other things too.

After my annual Friday the 13th review, this time of Jason goes to hell, I looked Hannah Montana: The Movie, an okay film with a crappy ending. For my brother’s birthday, I let him pick the next review, and he picked Camp Rock 2, an okay guilty pleasure with a great ending. Funny how that works.

Sadly, next up was the crappy Santa Buddies. Thankfully, that was followed by my 300th post special, which was a review of Adam Sandler’s decent Billy Madison. Then after a year long break, I finally went back to Goosebumps Horrorland with Monster Blood for Breakfast.

Then I started the Halloween season, with a special thing called “Fright Fest” which only had 9 reviews. But I was at least able to cover some Halloween episodes, as well the excellent “Girl Vs Monster’ and “Don’t look under the bed”.

Though neither was as amazing as that masterpiece known as SHARKNADO. The real Halloween reviews started with Scooby Doo the mystery begins, a passable prequel. I also finally tackled NFL Rush zone again with the penultimate episode, Drop kickl’s downfall. It was odd.

The Halloween reviews went on with the RL Stine film “Mostly Ghostly” which was fun. Then I finished off NFL Rush Zone Season 2 and it was very mixed. Then I did the shockingly not awful Spooky Buddies. Seriously, it wasn’t that bad.

Next up was Halloween High, and then I took my first dive into The Asylum with “Paranormal Entity” which of course, ripped off The Devil Inside. Then I took on the real deal with Paranormal Activity 4, which sadly weak.

I finished off the Halloween season with Return to Halloweentown, which was far better than people say, even with its cast changes. I then finished the Madagascar trilogy with the 3fd chapter, full of Afro circus.

I also went back to Horrorland with the very odd “Dr Manaic Vs Robby Schrwatz, and I also payed tribute to the excellent Morganville Vampires book series. I then celebrated the then upcoming Frozen with Disney’s underrated film Meet The Robinsons.

After another trip to Horrorland, I went back to the buddies with Treasure Buddies. After that, I looked at the sadly weak superhero film Green Lantern, and then the equally weak comedy The Change-up.

I also defend the unfairly derided My Little pony episode “”The mysterious mare do well”. After, some dude forced my to finish the buddies series with the, of course, crappy Super Buddies.

Then I went back and reviewed 16 wishes again, which was followed by a look at start of NFL Rush zone Season 3. After that, he gave his piece on the hotly debated Man of steel.

After that, I looked at Movie 43’s just as bad cousin, Inappropriate Comedy. I then looked back at my very first review, and then I tried to rip off Disney cember with DCOM-cember, but I only ended up doing 4.

Then came the Christmas season, where I once again join Red Ribbon Reviewers. First, I looked at the Vince Vaughn disappointed Fred Claus. Then I looked at Adam Sandler’s Eight Crazy Nights, just before a certain Nostalgia critic did. I returned to good movies with Good luck charlie, It’s Christmas, but I returned to Crap with the Air Buddies spin off, The Search for santa paws.

After a look at the Special Agent oso Holiday episode. I was visited by three ghosts who wanted me to stop being a Nostalgia-tard. It started with the Hulk Hogan Odddity Santa with muscles, and moved on with The Santa Clause 3. After a look at the NFL Rush zone Christmas special, the ghosts wrapped things with up A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas.

Thus, the year ended with a review of the ensemble crapfest known as New Year’s Eve. It was very meh.

And so ended my 2013 posts…except for this one… But either way, this was clearly a very solid year full of good things, bad things, and other stuff


Now for the 2nd half of this post. As you can tell, I did a lot of posts this year. But of course, of all those posts, a few have to stick out. Some of them are better than others. But of all of them, which ones were my favorites?

Which ones do I feel showcase some of my best jokes, reviewing,and overall writing? Well, in honor of today being my 3rd anniversary, I figured I might as well count them down.

But wait, I know what you are thinking: Isn’t this a bit self indulgent and all that? …Yes, whats your point? ..Hey, Linkara did something like it once, only he had fan submission. I would do the same thing, but that would require having fans.

So I’m flying solo. Will you all agree with my choices, or will you whine like little bitches? Let’s find out!

This, is Top 11 Posts of 2013

11. Every Buddies Review

Ever since I first heard of the buddies franchise, I’ve been wanting to watch them all to see how bad they are.. I’ve been wanting to cover them so badly that I almost did Spooky Buddies last year.

Thankfully, I did not and I saved it for later. Anyway, all these Buddies reviews are not among my bests but I did have a lot of fun doing them. But what is interesting is that the original Air Buddies is rarely touched upon in favor of Space and Santa, which are considered the worst.

So it was fun to rip into a movie no one really cares about. I do truly think Air Buddies is close to being the worst in the series. But Space Buddies has that “no real story” thing and Santa has some of my most hated cliches.

But no matter what way you put, these movies suck. Now, I did enjoy the Spooky Buddies reviews simply cuz I loved finding the buddies movie that ISN’T awful! I’m not alone ether. A dude on youtube who reviews dog movies (clearly the most relevant topic to discuss) liked it, as did Mike J of Shameful Sequels fame.

He also said Santa paws 2 isn’t too bad, so i’m looking forward to that one.

Like I said, these reviews aren’t great but I enjoyed them doing them. Now, you might wonder how the hell I got the idea to do the story I did with the super buddies review. Well, as you know, I did Air Buddies to start with since Super buddies was coming out.

I from the start that the review before Super Buddies would have a spoof of the Iron Man 1 stinger. It just made sense. I was originally going to flat out have Nick Fury, but I thought Goldy was funnier.

Though unlike the 2nd screw ups list, he didn’t write any of his stuff. I just asked him if it was cool to use him, and he said yes. Everything he said was done by me.

Anyway, I was just going to leave it at the stinger. But out of nowhere, I thought it would be fun to have it to so I was visited much earlier and I was forced to review them all because of him.

(Didn’t finish this part, but you get the point)

10. 16 Wishes (remake)

This would actually be higher on the list if it wasn’t a remake. Cuz I think this is some of my best work ever. Bu I’m getting ahead of myself.

I remember seeing this Disney Channel movie when it came out, and being impressed. The fact that it explored such interesting themes kind of caught me by surprise. And yes, that big scene got to me even back then.

Then around when I first started doing reviews, this movie happened to be on TV. I thought this is a great chance to spread the word about this film. So for the only time ever, I wrote a review in real time as the movie was on.

So now you know the real reason that review was rushed. But all things considered , it’s not half bad. I did explain some of themes, and why I enjoyed it. So it’s better than my other reviews from that time.

But once I saw the movie again and looked up some stuff about it, I realized that there are many other reasons to love it. I figured I would go into what I found out once I did a Review lookback on it (Yes, i’ve had that idea for awhile.

But after mulling it over, I chose to remake it entirely. I’m glad I did, cuz I love this review. For one, I liked that I went into aspects that people wouldn’t even think of. I love it when reviewers can give us a new viewpoint that they thought of themselves.

As much as people hate on Confused Matthew….I don’t think anyone could think of Timon And Pumbaa as villains. And he didn’t make it up to piss people off, he actually thought of it! Dumb it may be, it’s creative.

…But anyway, I mean I was able to think of that whole view point with Abby being an Alpha bitch. I’m sure some see it as obvious, but I think most just see it as her seeing that people are just better without her, and that growing up sucks,

I looked at TV Tropes page, and with an example there what I thought of, I realized that the movie was pulling out the rug and showing us that Abby was MEANT to be almost unlikable, cuz she IS the bitch, this whole time!

Add that in with the growing up thing, and you get one of the saddest moments ever. Every time I see that scene, I love it more and more. And that’s only part of it. I liked how went into most of the aspects, and summed up what made it work.

This review was fun to do. Some people argue over if it’s more fun to review good movies or bad movies, and I think it’s a mixed bag. I don’t have that much fun praising, say, Return of the king cuz everyone else has done so.

But I did have fun praising this cuz few even know about it. It was fun looking the good parts. I also enjoyed pointing out some dumb points, even though there aren’t too many of them. This was just a great, positive review.

Some of my positive reviews can be a bit boring, but this one worked pretty well due to the fact that it was my goal to show you Why I love it, and not just do it cuz I want to.

The only bad thing about this review is that it took forever. I did it in between my normal reviews, but at one point I left the post alone for at least a MONTH until I get back to it and finished it.

I didn’t struggle with timing, I just kept putting it off. Either way, I think this one turned out well and I’m glad people seem to like. How good is it? I showed it to Martial Horror of Critiquing the Critics “fame” and what did he say?

Martial approved

Oh yeah. That happened.

I don’t think I need to add more. Except one thing: No, my Debby Ryan crush thing isn’t huge or anything. I think she’s just cool and I exaggerated the crush for comedy. It’s like that Stacy thing, only it makes more sense.

Oh, and I also liked that I set this review in the time it came out. As in. I acted this was the one that came in 2012, and thus I acted like I hadn’t seem Camp Rock. And yes, I have seen Radio Rebel since then.

It was good, but we’ll get to that one eventually.

16 Wishes. A rare remake that was actually good.

9. 300th post Special (Billy Madison)

My milestone specials are always great, and this is one of my best. Since I found out post 300 was coming up….i knew it would be an Adam Sandler movie.

Ever since Adam Sandler month, I’ve made Adam Sandler this blog’s new punching back. And I don’t even hate him personally or anything/ I’m sure he’s a nice guy, and I like him a hell of a lot more than most people.

He’s just fun to mock…plus I really hated Jack and Jill. I actually didn’t think of BM right away. I wanted to pick between this, Anger Management, Click, and That’s my boy. I knew at least one would make a good 300th post.

Mostly cuz I wanted to give you more Sandler hate and show you there is more of him coming. Random.org gave me BM and I’m glad it did. After all, it was his first real movie, and htus it made perfect sense to do it.

I watched a pile of Sandler movies months ago to find some for reviews. I watched The Wedding Singer, You don’t mess with the zohan, Just go with it, Anger Management, I now Pronounce you Chuck and Larry, and this to weed one the ones I felt needed a review.

The only one I can say won’t be done is Chuck and Larry cuz Film Brain did it perfectly already. He did JGWI too but I might be able to put my own spin on it. Anyway, I was a bit mixed on this one when I first saw it.

I remember seeing the first 10 seconds and saying to myself..

“…This is one of his good ones, right?”

Thankfully, the movie improved from there. My goal with this review was really go into why this film works, and today’s Sandler films don’t. For a mostly simple comedy, I went more in depth then even it’s hardcore kids.

And I wasn’t stretching here. I did have a lot of these feelings about the character growth and all that. If you can’t tell by now, I love analyzing Sandler’s works cuz I find them so fascinating in what is good and bad about them.

It’s interesting to see what is the same and what is different about each film he does. That’s part of why I like doing these Sandler reviews. This has become one of my faves though, cuz of much I thought it out.

The movie itself is alright. It improved on the 2nd viewing, cuz some of the lamer jokes didn’t have much of an impact the 2nd time around. I do think maybe the B- was a tad harsh but given the weak elements, I won’t take it back.

I also like that I was able to view it on a critical level, without bashing it, like so many other real critics have done. A lot of people who grew up with it simply enjoy it cuz it’s funny. That is part of it, but I was able to show that it has hints at character stuff, that it should have used more.

When it comes to early Sandler, I prefer Happy Gilmore and Wedding Singer, but this was his first real movie, so I’ll cut him some slack.

Also, when I re-read this review for this post, I laughed at some of my jokes. I RARELY do that, at least in my comedy reviews. My personal fave joke in the Bus/Driver penguin otp line.

I have man otps. That is how it works, right?

Also, I know my final thoughts sections are getting longer and longer, but I really like this one. I liked how I really went into the “character” and how Comedy works, and how this movie got parts of it right.

I did find an odd amount of spelling errors, as per usual but other than that, I really liked doing this one. It was fun to analyze movie and make jokes about Sandler.

Not much else to except….I hope Sandler either stops making comedies, or starts making good ones. Or else he’s gonna stay on this blog until the end of time.

Bill Madison: A Fine review to the beginning on the end for Sandler.

8. Cyberbully

We got another milestone here! Now, why did I pick this one for 250? No idea, really. I had a few ideas, and of them, this one seemed to be the most interesting. There is one I tried but It didn’t work, so picked this one.

I had known about this one for awhile, but I had never seen it. I knew about Emily Osment being in it and-

“I can’t get the cap off!”

That, but not much else. This review ended up being one of my most serious, but it’s still funny. Also ,during this section I will explaining a few things I think I didn’t make clear in the review.

In this review, I really went down on the characters and all that, and I got pretty angry. For the most part, I was actually angry. I’ve gotten angry at movies before, but I flat out hated parts of this thing morally.

And I had a message at the end about Internet usage and all that. This arguably one of the few straight up Drama’s I’ve done that tackles an actual issue, so the review itself became a bit more serious.

Thankfully, I didn’t let that in the way of actual reviewing. I just felt that the story went all over the place, the morals were botched, and the characters were fla out unlikable.

I suppose I should mention that I do like Emily Osmenet. She has impressed more than her othe HM co-stars, yet she hasn’t been in much…since this. Ouch, it was that bad.

Her acting in this is….well you can’t save this script, so she ends up being unlikable at times. She’s also a bit too over the top, though I should expect that from a Disney actor.

But back to the movie. Now, there has one thing about the movie I found out recently that is….interesting. It shouldn’t shock that the film is “based” on a true story. I didn’t look into for the review, since there are many stories like this and It could have been based on any of them.

But I found out it was taken from a case so specific it has it’s own Wikpedia article.


There’s a lot more to this case, but i’ll skip to the interesting part: Megan killed herself because an dude known as Josh, who she had previously liked, started harnessing her online and spread a lot of stuff about her.

They found out Josh was actually run by many people, lead by Lori Drew, the mother of a friend megan had a falling out with.

If you read my review, you may notice this was in fact used in the film, as Taylor got picked on by “James” who was, in the film…her best friend. So in other words, the very dick-ish person whose action lead to her kelling herself….was turned into a character meant to be symphetic.


I mean….WHAT?! Why would you do that?! God, this makes me want to punish the movie like the NC did to Patch Adams! I mean….WHY.

Okay, let’s calm down. Maybe…it’s a coincidence? Maybe this story just happened to coincide with one from real life, and they didn’t take from any specific case?

Besides, I see no Word of God that this was the case they took from….but the article I linked mentioned Cyberybully, and I first heard of this through TV Tropes

Then I checked the movie again and Megan’s case is mentioned right in the movie itself, right before the credits. So yeah….this was that case. So my ANGER back there still stands. It’s just…awful and any good intentions fly out the window.

But let’s get back to the review itself. Now, some may find it insensitive that I mocked Taylor for killing herself over this when, as you know, it happens it real life. I touched upon this a tad but not much. I think I could have clarified what I meant, so I will now.

Yes, people have killed themselves over small stuff like that. But here’s the thing: In these real cases, it’s pretty simple. They get mocked a lot, they don’t tell anyone, they kill themselves. There are few outside sources that could factor in, and by all accounts, it wasn’t due to anyone’s stupidity.

But in this movie, there are way too many complex events leading up to her attempted suicide that could have been prevented. On a pure narrative level, it doesn’t work. Not to mention that too many moments happen that make Taylor unlikable.

Remember that bit where she said a gay guy being picked on isn’t as bad as her bullying cuz the stuff they are saying about him is true? …That was awful.

So yeah, it still doesn’t work because the character does many unlikable acts. Now the whole “she keeps going online” thing can despite cuz for someone, it can end up being an addiction to matter what. But again, so many awful things happen, and no matter what happens, she never learns!

The point I am trying to make here, is that people are right in saying that this stuff happens. But it does not work because they stretch it out so much that it’s not even believe.

It’s funny how many articles advertising the movie, and even the poster, tells us to “delete digital drama” and you can stop bullying by blocking people and all that.

You know thing, NO ONE IN THIS MOVIE DID.

In the end, the result is some dumb laws and Taylor telling off a bitch and thats it.. What a load

…Anyway, the review itself was good. Yes, I could have clarified things, but I liked it either. I like how I went down on how bad the movie is, and how morally odd it is. I didn’t make it too serious, and I really went down on it.

Though I’m still mixed on it. You could argue a lot of the overblown stuff makes it so bad it’s good. And it has it’s hilarious moments, but at the same time, there are so many anger inducing moments!

Some don’t like it when reviewers spend the whole time bitching-

MARTIAL HORROR: Like a little bitch-

then reveal at the end that they liked it or it’s “so bad it’s good”. I didn’t avoid that here, but I do admit I am mixed on it. At times it’s just bad, and could qualify for a “Worst films ever” list but it’s also kind of amusing/

It did have some kind of good intention, as what I said about the poster tag line shows. I read interviews with the cast, and they seem to think it’s an inspiring story and all that. They clearly thought this was a positive film.

And that’s not bad. But the “Your movie sucks” guy…girl…i can never tell, pointed out that anyone who says this movie sucks is gonna get this, from a fangirl:


Or something like that. Look, if you like this move for any reason, fine. But don’t go saying it’s amazing for no reason, nor should you attack anyone who brings up good points.

But either way, this was a solid, serious review. I had fun pointing out the movie flaws, and I hope never to do a “Drama” ever again.

Cyberbully: Proving that no one knows how to use the internet, not even teenagers.

7. High School Musical 2/3

Some reviews I don’t like because it was well written. I like because it was to fun do. This is one of them. When I started DCOM month, I knew I would end up with HSM 2.

In hindsight, I should have done HSM. Yeah, I knew what I said but I only avoided 1 cuz I felt 2 hadn’t been talked about enough. I have new things to sya about 1, I just wanted to cover 2.

Will I do HSM 1? …We’ll see.

Anyway, I won’t be defending this series here. Cuz as I thought about it, I realized it’s perfectly okay to view this as genuinely bad or stupid. That’s fine, some just can’t get into it and that’s fine.

But I do think some of the hate is more than a little overblown, just like with Twilight. Though even that Twilight, there’s a foundation for it. But whatever, if you don’t like it, that’s cool.

I’m just personally an ironic fan. The 2nd one was interesting to review, as I ended up being mixed on how much I enjoy it. By all accounts, it should be better than the first one.

The pacing is better, it’s a lot less boring, the soundtrack is better, it trys harder to be good with real conflict, and I even liked that Ryan got more to do and the stuff with Shapray improved on the first.

But on the other hand….yeah the stuff with Troy and Chad/Gabby was so annoying. We’ve all seen that cliché when someone becomes rich or gets in a higher power, and starts being a dick to his friends. Only here it’s even more annoying, cuz Troy doesn’t change at all and he even tries to stay cool as everyone treat him like shit.

Yes, he does get wrapped in all this but only cuz he kind of has to. At no point is he a flat out dick to anyone. I’m glad they subverted it by having him not change,but they ruined by treating him like he did.

I could see that working in an obvious spoof of the cliché in a show like South Park, but they play it painfully straight! It’s…annoying.

While it is a minor thing, it’s a big part of the movie and it stops me from saying it’s better than the first. It should be, but it’s not.

I’d like to thank Todd in the Shadows for pointing THAT out on Twitter awhile ago, cuz it made me realize that it’s a big problem. Of course, I can still get through the movie fine thanks to how fun everything else is. But you know….still.

The review itself was fun to do. It’s nothing new in terms of jokes but I had fun looking at critical view vs Personal views when it comes to movies like this. I also loved my Sharpay gushing.

People like Doug have said that most “bad’ movies have a heart. Jeremy Irons in Dungeons and Dragons, Jack Black in Never Ending Story 3 and that….weird dude in The Guvyer. Sharpay is the “heart” of this franchise.

And since other reviewers have their hammy presence they can praise to high Heaven, I wanted mine. Thankfully, mine is a hot chick.

I did half exaggerate my love for her, for some jokes but it is half real. She is just so over the top that she steals every scene she’s in. I loved praising her so much in these reviews. I personally think Ashley Tisdale is the most talented of the main actors in this series.

I mean being over the top and actually fun is one thing, but just the way she says these lines shows she actually knows what she is doing. When she has actual good things to do (like the scene where she’s broken in the 2nd one) she sells it pretty well.

Which is why she got the biggest change to shine outside of this series of all the stars. …Yeah, I have no idea why she had to go and do Scary movie 5 but eh, we still have Phineas and Ferb.

Disney Channel showed the whole trilogy over the course of 3 days, and I not only watched them but I live tweeted them. Except….it was in the style of Cinema Sins. Unsurprisingly, they were very sin filled.

Oddly enough, 3 had the most sins I could find (61) but I did stretch for some and every non-Sharpay song was counted as a sin.

Well, Fabulous and I want it all both had one sad….Does not include lap dance.

….But anyway, Shapray is indeed the reason I enjoy these films as much as I do. So awesome. But the rest of each film is fine too but without her, I wouldn’t be as defensive of them as I am.

It was fun to jokingly praise her and make fun of how inconsistent her very character is. Now, I did a normal review of Shapray’s Fabulous Adventure when it came out but my views specific views on this series has changed since this, so I think my thoughts on the film will change.

…So I’ll go ahead and review it someday. Just throwing that out there.

Back to the movies themselves, I didn’t really plan to do part 3 right away but I had so much fun with 2 that I did anyway, and I’m glad I did. I liked it more this time around and since I haven’t heard the songs in awhile, I was pleasantly surprised by some of them.’

It’s the one I would want to watch the most as 1 & 2 have their issues in terms of re-watch value but 3 doesn’t,. even if it’s flawed.

But anyway, the reviews themselves were clearly passionate even if no one shares that passion. I had fun mocking these movies in the most affectionate way possible.

I’m not sure what else to say. All my thoughts on these films are right in the reviews themselves. I had fun looking at the insane parts, but also showing why I enjoyed them greatly.

Call my crazy all you want, but I still find these movies to fun and these reviews reflect that pretty.

High School Musical 2 & 3: They are the start of something fabulous and provide a Night to remember.


6. The Oogieoves in the Big Balloon Adventure

I’ll let Guest writer Ryan Mead take this one:

Around March of this year, Spongey happened to post a FAQ with some various questions regarding reviews he may or may not do. One of these was about The Oogieloves, which by that time had already become a cinematic punchline. I had wanted to see if the film was really what everyone said it was in their reviews, and since April Fools Day was coming up, I figured it was a legitimate excuse to ask Spongey if I could do a review of it as an April Fools post. If nothing else, at least I’d get what would hopefully be an amusing review out of seeing it. Thankfully, he said yes.

I think I had to watch the movie two or three times to figure out what I wanted to discuss or joke about. It was definitely an interesting experience, as most reviews of this film certainly point out. After I submitted the review, Spongey asked me if I’d be willing to draw a title card for it. I did (with some input from him), and after that he made me an infrequent guest title card artist. I’m not exactly the greatest of artists, so I’ve only done two or three other title cards this year, but I like the way they came out for what little talent I have. Maybe next year, I’ll actually be less lazy when it comes to drawing them and stop using “I can’t draw human beings” or “I misplaced my art materials” as excuses (although I doubt it)!


Thanks, dude. Now, I have a couple things to add here. As you know, the reason I didn’t review it before was cuz I did not find it. But not too long after Ryan did this review, it popped up on Netflix.

I watched it. It sucked.

However, I don’t think it’s the worst film of 2012, or even worth MY person late. It’s pretty bad, but eh, I’d say A Thousand Words was worse. Why? Unlike that film, this one made me laugh. …unintentionally, but still.

I think it it has it’s elements that could make it fun to riff with some buddies, but alone, it’s crap. This is mostly helped by Cary Elwes and Christoper Lloyd. Cary played this cowboy obsessed with bubbles-


who wobbles a lot. Why does he bounce up so much?

“Better than not wobbling”

…Good enough for me.


He’s funny cuz of that, but I love how much of a dick he is to the gang. Their balloon ends up on his truck but he refuse to let them get it cuz they ruin the truck…show. So they have to use a bird….or something.

Cool but ….WHY CAN’T YOU DO IT YOURSELF, COWBOY?! It makes no sense.

Small bits like that make this movie okay. Such as…

“I speaka de English. Most llama do”

Yeah. The only character I flat out like is the fish. Mostly cuz he’s snarky and he CLEARLY likes this as much as we do. I disagree with Ryan, I think most of what he says is funny. Kind of reminds me of the fish from cat in the hat, only mike Meyers thankfully isn’t in this.

But yeah part of this movie is flat out bad, but some of it is so bad it’s funny. What ruins it is how damn connedesing it is for kids, and how respitivie it is. Sorry Ryan, but I hate the scenes with the mirror.

It was the same crap in each scene, and we didn’t need it!

….But anyway, this review turned out well, and I thought Ryan did great. Oddly enough, I had a different plan for april fools, but I might try it out next year. I won’t tell you what it is yet, of course.

I don’t have much to add to what he said. This movie sucks, the review rocks, and I’m glad we did it.

The Ooogivloves: What you’d expect from the director of Camp Rock.

5. Diary of a wimpy kid

You can put all 3 of them here, but I’m mostly discussing the first one. I’ve done a lot of personal reviews, and this is….one of them.

It’s not a book series I really grew up with or anything. I just really got into it, and that’s why the 3rd movie got to me as much as it did.

When it comes to the movie, I remember hearing about it and thinking I could be okay. I was wondering how the hell you could make a plot out of this, and I always thought a cartoon would be better.

Then I finally saw the movie when it aired in HBO and I really enjoyed it. I caught 2 the same way, and 3 I saw through ….completely legal means, when I first saw it. I even got 1 and 2 for Christmas last year, though on my list they were filler items.

I don’t have movie 3 yet.

I liked the 3rd review cuz I did have some decent jokes and of the feels thing. But I think the first review was the best. I just loved how I compared it to the book in every way and really dived into Greg’s character and all that.

I thought writing was, this one of my best. I articulated myself pretty well when it comes to all aspects of this film. It is said that I seem to be only person who sees these movies as good. On a critical level, this has plenty to offer yet I think the 3rd has the WORST RT rating, even though it’s clearly the best…to an extent

It goes back to having deep themes after part 2 just had brother issues. But ah well, at least reviewing Mr Coat liked it. Unlike that…one angry guy who reviews movies in the back of a car with some other guy I think I know.

Also, like I said, Roger Ebert loved the first one a lot. That is awesome. R.I.P., dude.

Anyway, I had fun going into the differences and how they work in the films favor. I think the first review captured that the most, hence why it’s the best.

But I did like the 3rd review a lot due to the ending. Also, this was my very first post of the year. Needless to say, 2013 started with a bang.

This review was clearly one of the ones I put the most effort into and it shows. BY the way, the warning about how I say “in the book” a lot was half joking, half real. I know some hate it when reviews like this compare it to the movie, so that warning may mean something for some people.

Before my computer loses this section again, I’ll wrap this up. This was a very solid review that showed that when I do read the book, I can get a solid review out of it.,

…I have no catchy sign off here.

4. Phineas and Ferb Across the 2nd Dimension

This had to be on the list no matter how it turned out. It does have some…pretty bad grammar that I tried to edit today my computer shut off before I could save it. All well.

Reviewing this movie was odd. I’ve done movies i’ve already seem, but at the most I will have seen it like 2 or 3 times. But this is one I had seen many times, and had pretty much memorized most of it when I reviewed it.

Hell, I actually did a general review of it on blogger when it came out. But that was a bit after I saw it, and this was long after the fact.

Anyway, in spite of the bad spelling, this was a solid review. At every step, I explained the characters and what makes the movie work. It seems like my positive reviews of film I’ve seen end up being my more analytical ones for some reason.

But back to my original point, I knew this movie front to back already and it felt different from my other reviews. Even if it’s based on something I knew, I still fell like I’m doing a real movie.

But since I’ve seen it so much AND I’ve discussed P&F so much, it felt odd…in a good way. I tried to still make it seem like I’m doing an actual movie, with a look at the themes, and the “voiced by ___”.

By the way, this is just an aside, but the guy who voices Baljeet recently came out as gay…No comment.

Anyway, it was a lot of fun to quote the jokes and discuss the themes and all that. This is one of the few times I reviewed a movie off a DVD, by the way. The other times were Wimpy 1 and 3, and Shrek 3.

This was simply a very passionate review, and I think it went over well. Like I said, it’s full of errors but I still like how analyzed everything and put aside my more fanboy-ish love for it to think critically.

Though some may feel the grade is a bit high. To clarity, it’s an A as far as P&F goes. For those who watched this not knowing the show, it’s a very strong B+.

I just feel it has everything the show had, and more. Great humor, adult references, complex characters, and some really emotional stuff.

Also, I’m proud of that “MYSTERIOUS FORCE COMPELS YOU” joke. I’ve used it n other discussion about the movie, but I never get tired of it. But here’s a fun thing: I have a tumblr called “Re-watching Phineas and ferb” where I went through every ep and just did bullet points as I watched, quoting stuff, and making “witty” comments on the ep as I re-visted it.

I did this movie that way. So yes, I had already been very familiar with this movie through that before I reviewed it. But while I was reviewing it, I tried to not make that too obvious.

I feel this review captures the film’s good-ness pretty well. I think someone did a At2d review inthis style back when it came out, and it’s good too. I just wanted to do my own spin. This review was fun to do and it seems like it turned out well. But one more thing

They recently announced a half hour special that takes place entirely in the 2nd dimension….SHUT UP AND TAKE MY RATINGS.

3. A look at Disney Channel Sitcoms (Part 1)

Oh yeah, here we go. This started with the Disney XD sitcoms blog, so you can throw that one in too. I remember this whole thing started when I saw a Pair of Kings rerun on Disney XD, and after I watched it, I remembered how I hadn’t seen it in awhile.

So I ended up doing through most of the series….but it wasn’t until I started the blog that I watched some of Season 3. Anyway, I got to the idea to check some of the other XD shows I had missed out on….and the rest Is history.

Before I even stared each blog, I had went through most of these shows for fun. So I’ve seen most of Jessie, Wizards, Suite life on deck,Shake it up, Good luck charlie, dog with a blog, Austin & Ally, and ANT Farm
already before I even started the blog they shall appear in.

But for part 1 and the upcoming part 2, I had to revisit some of them. I had seen a bit of the original suite life and wizards so I had no big issue with those. But for Hannah, Raven, and Cory, I needed to watch as much as I could.

In other words, this gave me an excuse to watch these shows, and I can claim it’s “research”.Anyway, I’ve explained why these shows more or less appeal to me, so i’ll just discuss the blogs themselves.

They were so much to do. I really liked doing the research and going through as much of the shows as I could. Though for Raven, Wizards, and Hannah I had to use Wikipedia to find out about all these characters I forgot about.

And yeah, I know I lose creditably every time I praise a Disney sitcom in any capacity. But at this point, you should know my tastes are not the best. But I do genuinely feel some of the hate for these kids who work on these shows, is a bit overkil.

Dislike the shows genuinely is fine, but cut the kids a break, man. Oh, and speaking of things that bug me, how about this creepy thing regarding Alex Russo from Wizards? In the post, I did touch on how some view her as a bit too bitch-y or unliabke and I simply did not agree.

But what I didn’t mention is that there’s an of culture on TV tropes especially, that see her as a villain. Now, I’m okay with a little Alternate Character Interpretation and some of this is on he YMMV page. I’m not happy with the examples on said page, but again, it’s all subjective.

But there’s having a different viewpoint, and there’s seeing it as FACT, like it was intended. I shit you not, there was a brief time where she was on the villain protagonist page. It got taken off cuz THAT’S NOT WHAT A VILLAIN PROTAGINST IS.

Obviously not everyone thinks this but just take a peek of at least one of the reviews on said site, and a comment on the most positive review on there. It’s creepy!

Again, a different viewpoint is fine, but this is a flat lie. Even Mr Coat, who is not a Disney Sitcom fan by any means and has bashed them morally, sees that she actually DEVELOPS and does nice things on her whim as the show goes on.

But whatever. I had fun writing this one and it reads pretty well too. You can tell I put a lot of work into this, and it’s the most in depth positive analysis of these shows you will find. And trust me, there’s more of that in part 2 and 3.

When it comes to re-watching, I ended up watching only 4 or 5 episodes of That’s so Raven to get what I needed. Mostly cuz one of them was the clip show, which helped a lot. I also watched mega crossover as well. And yes, part 2 will include Wizards on deck, and part 3 will have “Austin ,Jessie & Ally” and “Good Luck Jessie”.

It is interesting that they are ones with two shows now. I guess it’s easier on them. Thus, I demand a Dog with a blog/Liv and Maddie crossover. NOW.

Also, I had to watch the HM pilot, one or two eps I remember being pretty good, and then most of season 4. I had never seen that season before, so I watch the really important ones, as well as the finale. I said my piece on that in the post itself.

Anyway, there isn’t a ton more to say. My feelings on these shows and their hatedom are brought up in the blog itself. This clearly was a blog I put a lot of thought into, which both impresses and scares me.

The reason part 2 is taking so long is….I haven’t watch Sonny with a Chance in years and I had never seen Jonas so I plan to watch both seasons for them. That is taking awhile. I have the suite life on deck section done and I worked on Good luck charlie when I was reviewing the movie.

But that’s about it. Will I finish it before I didn’t do airs? Doubt it.

But either way, Part 1 is still pretty solid. I had fun analyzing these shows, doing search and even watching them. My research has given me a deeper appreciation of the people who work on these shows, that most people online sadly lack.

But maybe it’s for the better. Don’t want too many people getting on in my territory. Everyone has their thing. This is mine.

A Look at Disney Channel Sitcoms: When someone cares way too much about a shitty channel.

2. Haunting Hour Season Retrospectives

Speaking of things I care about!

I remember when I did my top 11 Haunting hour episodes. I put plenty of work into it and as much as I changed my choices over the year, I still like it. Heck, it’s still my most viewed post OF ALL TIME!

As you may remember, I tried to do a Haunting hour -athon. It did not work out cuz I just got lazy. So it hit me…..why not just a blog on each season and “review” each episode?

So there we go. I have errors in these things, but all of them are great. I think I did a great job explaining what is good about the episodes and my passion clearly shows.

Now, finding these episodes was kind of a bitch sometimes. The Hub is nice enough to rerun most episodes, but I ended up doing some of these episodes vastly out of order. It was kind of hard but eventually I did find a rerun of most of time.

The Exception being the ones I mentioned in the itself. I have sine fully re-watch Scary Mary and it’s way scarier than I remembered. Not A- worthy but it’s pretty damn solid. Also, while I did mention Jay from 16 Wishes is in it…i didn’t make a joke about how the director of that film did this episode. Whoops.

Anyway, the retrospectives turn out really well. Even more so then the Disney sitcom post, this clearly had a lot of effort put into it. I think this has some of my best reviewing, as I did a good job explaining what I liked the episodes, and even pinpointed any flaws or setbacks.

My only regret is even trying haunting hour-a-thon and not finding ones like Scary mary so I could go into them more. But other than that, this is some of my best work. I like to think I can be a surprisingly good critic at times, and this a good example.

It’s interesting, cuz I don’t like the “episode reviewing” culture when it comes to certain shows (AV Club is an exception but even they bug me sometimes) cuz it just feels nitpicky. But since each episode is one story, I can review it fine.

Anyway, it was interesting re-watch these eps cuz my grades changed for some of them. I liked stuff such as Night of the mummy less, but I loved Dream catcher and Checking it out a lot more. So when I do the Season 4, chances are some of my grades will lower.

(If you follow me on Twitter, you know what I think of Season 4 ep so far already.)

Speaking of Season 4, there’s a rumor that it’s already over. See, it’s confirmed that is actually just the Season 3 episodes we didn’t get before If you put both season together, you get 26 episo9des, which is enough for one full season. So it’s likely this is the end.

I’ll wait for a couple months to do a Season 4 blog either way, but I’ll way start on some drafts. By the way, spoilers: No episode went below B+….for now.

I don’t have much to say for this one. In spite of my usual ways, I had fun re-reading these. I’m clearly knowledge about this series and I had fun looking at them. I honestly do think this is a great series with scary stuff and true complexities in the writing.

Yeah, not every ep is great, as I’ve shown but most of them have something special in them. Again, I liked reviewing each episode in “detail” and it was a lot of fun.

I know some of my opinions aren’t the popular ones (for the most part) but this was how I felt about these episodes, and hopefully those with different views will see my point.

I do think sometimes my grades won’t 100 percent my review, which another reason you shouldn’t fixate on just the rating. If someone gives it a B-, there’s a good change they flat out liked but had a hard time giving it a higher grade.

One big example is Rotten Tomatoes. Oh, it has this rating so it sucks even if the reviews are actually mixed!

…RT’s system is flawed.

Back on topic, this was simply an interesting look at a great horror show. Will I do Season Retrospectives on other shows? …Well, I’m doing one on The Nightmare room but I’m not sure on other shows.

I have one other idea that I’m a bit mixed on, but we’ll see.

Either way, this series of retrospectives turned out very well. I payed tribute to a fine show while also taking note of it’s faults.

I’m not sure what else to say. These Retroespevites were fun to do and I hope you had reading them.

The Haunting Hour: Viewer beware….you’re in for some REAL scares!

And my number one favorite post of 2013 is…

1. 100th Review Special (Spongebob movie)

When I saw that my 100th review was coming up, I had no idea what to do for it. So I just came up with a ideas. Some were huge, some were just alrght choices. I had people vote for what it would be.

The choices were Terminator 2 , Click, Ghostbusters 2, Bridesmaids and The Spongebob Squarepants movie. If I recall, Ghostbusters 2 was the only one to have no votes as both Terminator 2 and Bridesmaids had at least one vote.

Click came close to winning, probably cuz some assumed I disliked it (being a Sandler film) and thus voted for it. However, this one won out. People knew I liked it. So I was baffled that people voted for it.

Then it hit me. They actually wanted me to cover a GOOD movie. In a world where people would vote for the bad one so I could suffer….this was kind of sweet.

Now for the review itself. It’s not 100 percent my best work but I love it. I’ve already said that Spongebob pretty much is my childhood and this movie represents it perfectly.

But that’s why I like this review. Not just cuz I gush over a childhood fave….but I don’t let get in the way of the review. I point out many plot holes, personal gripes and even admited it’s not a great film.

I did gush over it and admit my love is personal but I also looked at it on a critic level. I could have easily just pushed that aside and said it’s great. But nope, I looked at it like a real fake critic.

I struck a perfect balance between reviewing and gushing. That’s what makes this one the best. It wasn’t hard to find flaws, but there has always been things that bug me in this movie, as well as plot holes I’ve noticed.

Not only that, but I had some pretty solid jokes for a positive review. Like my subtitle for the KK 2 and all that. Outside of some typos, this review turned out perfectly.

I said this isn’t my best work but reading it again, it is some of my best work. Some of my positive reviews cane be boring (Hotel Transylvania, Punch drunk love, Minutemen) but this one is non-stop enjoyment.

This has some solid jokes, is a good tribute to the film that also judges it fairly. Now, I said before that AT2D was odd since I had seen the film so many times. The same can applied here.

This is actually the film I’ve seen the most. I counted how many times I saw it when I was younged but I stopped once I got to 20.

Yes, I’ve this film over 20 times.

But what makes it different from AT2D is that I haven’t seen it in awhile. I was VERY familiar with pretty much every line and all that. But I wasn’t 100 sure how it held up on a pure critical level.

So watching it here after so many years was neat for that reason. Now, my whole defensive o the “kids rule” moral came from an off handed comment by some dude in Deviant Made in review of the live action Fairly odd parents movie.

So it’s with that comment I came up with a defensive of that part, though I admit they could have written it better. There is nothing morally wrong here, and while this film isn’t perfect, it is pretty harmless and WAY more mature then even that guy gives it credit for.

(I like him, don’t worry. We just obviously have disagreements. By the way, he reviews Eight Crazy nights recently. Did EVERYONE review it?!)

I feel it is a good moral on it’s own even if it’s not perfect. I did like how I worded it and all that. Also, the whole “Death” thing was way more effective then it was as a kid. It’s a very nice moment where the two notice that they made their goal and they resign to death.

Jesus, is this a kid’s movie or what?

Also, by all accounts the Goofy Goober rock scene is the single biggest Deus Ex Machina you will ever see, and by all accounts it is a weak point. But it’s so AWESOME that you really don’t mind.

So what else is there to say? This was clearly a personal review but I also put a lot of though into balancing personal and critical views. I’m not sure how those other choices could have made a better review than this, as this was great.

It was a lot of fun to write, and it holds up pretty well. Keep in mind, even some of the ones on this list don’t make me too proud. This one does.

The film is a great representation of a great show from my childhood and likewise for the review. It’s just a perfectly good review that seems to have gone over well. I’m really glad people voted for this movie, cuz this came after Snow Buddies, and I really needed something good after that.

This isn’t the most well written review on this list, but it’s my favorite. Because it was personal funny, and put a critical light on a film I still flat out love. No matter how many people mean spiritedly bash post movie (for being mean spirited…IRONY) , Spongebob wil always be close my heart.

This was a fine review, and the best post of 2013.

So there you go, my fave posts of 2013. Runner Ups include Let it shine, Shrek the third, Eight Crazy Nights, and A very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas. Those were good but these were even better.

These aren’t my flat out best, just the ones I like the most. You may not agree but I doubt people read my blog enough to care. This was a very fun list to do, even if it took longer than I wanted.

Will I do this for my 2014 posts? Maybe but it depends on how it goes down. 2013 was a great year for me, and it’s easily my craziest of my life in awhile in terms of the stuff that went down.

What can you expect a 2014? Well, you can expect a few tributes (At least one or two), at least one or top lists, and plenty of reviews. In the coming months, I will look at some 2013 movies that will likely get a beatdown, as well as movies I’ve been wanting to do for awhile.

And of course, some 2014 movies will get a review when they hit DVD. Yes, Paranormal Activity the marked ones is one of them.. And yes, I will do Grown ups 2…..ugh.

Don’t worry, you can expect some positive reviews. Hopefully more than this year, and it had plenty. 2014 is sure to be a huge year and maybe it will top 2013.

Happy New Years guys. Hopefully it turn out better than that lame ass movie.

See ya in 2014!


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