DCOM-cember: The Poof Point

Hello, Spongey here. Welcome back to DCOM-cember!


For this one, I have a rather obscure title. It came in 2001 and it barely made a blip. Over ten years later, it still hasn’t made a blip. Disney will sometimes show it as a 2 am movie, and I’m sure some have fond memories of it.

But usually, it’s pretty obscure. But does it deserve that fate, or is it good? Let’s just skip the intro and find out! From the BRILLIANT director of Surf Ninja’s comes this obscure flick.

This, is The Poof Point

Wade from Kim Possible and his sister have very smart, yet embarrassing parents that rarely talk with them. One day, they make a time machine but it screws up and makes it so that get younger mentally. Now the kids must fix all this, or the adults will get younger and younger until they reach the poof point and…vanishes from existence.

So this movie is….good. It’s not excellent or anything, but for what it is, it’s enjoyable. I’ll be stuck on what to say, so expect a very short review.

Now, first of all, it is somewhat typical. We got these workaholic parents and these kids who think the parents don’t understand them, but something happens that makes them understand each other.

We’ve seen this before, especially the “adults get younger” plot. But all in all, it works more than it doesn’t. It even gets close to sort of…well not complex but fairly interesting. I think it’s strength is putting us in these kids shoes, as we really see them connect with their parents and see what they had to go through.’

But the parents also get a refresher of what being 14 was like. The best part of the movie is when the parents have to relive the early years of their relationship which is pretty amusing, but it also shows how they grew to care for each other and all that.

There’s part where 14!Mom talks to Marie about how hard being 14 is, and it’s actually nice, sweet moment. It’s here where the kids really see how much like their parents they really are. It’s a nice touch to a cliché plot.

Sadly, the movie doesn’t rise about its limitation other than that. It has its “pretty good” points like that scene, but it’s mostly confined to being Decent. This isn’t a problem though ,as I’m cool with it just being good.

It’s hard to talk about most of the film as it’s mostly unremarkable but good. I suppose the characters are the first place to start. The acting is okay, though no one truly stands out. Marie can be a bit stiff at times, but that’s cool.

The parents are actually quite good, showing off a nice range of emotions, even if they can get over the top at times. It is odd yet amusing to see 40 year olds pretend to be 21, 14, and 7. Some may find their acting annoying at times, but they carry some of the best moments.

Wade, I mean Eddie is decent too. A bit off at times, but he’s surprisingly competent for a kid actor. I guess that’s why he’s the only to be in something I’ve watched, The rest of the characters are just one offs, so I won’t mention their acting.

The characters themselves are a bit on the dull side, but still likable. Eddie is the kid who wants to be cool, and throughout the film wants to get in this band. That’s really it, while the movie itself shows a bit more than I say, he’s not the most interesting character.

Thankfully, he’s at least mostly likable, and he has amusing moments. He does some narration and talks at us at a couple points, but sadly not as much as in some other movies. Still he’s fine.

Marie is the kind of bitchy sister, though she is shown to be likable and she has a bit more to her. Like I said, her acting can be a bit stiff but it’s mostly fine. She does have more “sweet’ ,moment with the parents, so that kind of helps.

Like I said, there isn’t much to say for this movie, but let’s try to say more with the parents. They of course the typical uptight odd parents who knew nothing about today’s youth. But it’s at least made funny at the start with how awkward they are.

Dad is the more douche-y one  and Mom is the over bearing-ish one. Dad’s douche-y ness is actually more of a plot point than with Mom. See, they have that thing where the Dad hates the dog (I always question why they even have a dog if they are gonna hate it) and the dog in turn is a tad cold.

So when they first try out their time machine, the dog takes out a vital part, which the parents don’t notice. Thus, the machine screws up and they get younger. Yes, the whole plot starts cuz the dad doesn’t like the dog. K.

Then at the very end, when the Dad is at his possible youngest (2) and such, he sees the dog and actually pets it, showing him the affection he had been wanting all along. So in the turn, the dog digs up the machine part they need.

I don’t know if this is kind of sweet or kind of stupid. I’ll go with sweet since it is a nice way to have extra development for the dad. Also, this is a film with a time machine, and the dog is named Einstein.

I see what they did there.

So yeah, the parents are kind of typical but they do get the most amusing moments, and part of the writing add in some nice complex stuff that makes the movie for me.

The only other notable characters are these snooty neighbors that are snooty, don’t like the parents, and make a petition to get them kicked out of the neighborhood cuz they are a menace. It makes just as much sense in context.

On top of that, their daughter is sheltered but is still friends with Marie and all that. At one point, a party starts thanks to the 14 year old parents, And the daughter/friend goes there, and gets into party, and after the snooty neighbors come to chew them out, daughter/friend reveals herself.

She goes on ar ant, bashed the parents, blah blah problem kind of resolves and there’s development stuff for her. Then once the plot moves back to the main part, the neighbors…kind of vanish.

We never find out if the petition was fully dropped (though based on Daughter/friend’s rant, they may have) or if the parents explained why they were acting crazy and all that.

This entire thing with the snooty guys is just so odd. It feels like it belongs in a different movie, especially with the daughter’s rant. It’s a bit better written and fits better, then I make it sound. But at the same time, it feels like we intruded on a plot line from a different movie. I do like the bit of development here, but it has nothing to do with anything.

Yeah, the snooty guys are a tad enjoyable but to be honest, they do drag the movie down a bit. If they were cut out or changed, and they focused on improving other minor flaws, this movie could have gotten a higher grade in the end.

But to be fair, there isn’t much in the way of huge flaws. Most of my issues are just the lack of better and more original things. I mean, the movie is more ‘unremarkable” then it is a FLAWED film, if that makes any sense.

Which it doesn’t. Yeah, the main character slacking huge personality IS  flaw, but they make up for it with their likable and interesting story bits., Like how Marie slowly gets more interesting in her parents’ field of work, to the point where she actually helps fix the machine in the end. That part is nice as it shows the kids seeing their parents POV and all that. They do push that aspect but maybe if it was slightly better written, this could have been a “pretty good” film, instead of a decent one.

This is starting to sound oddly negative, but I must stress the above is a positive thing as without those minor bits, this movie could have been weaker. I’m glad the movie gives us that as it elevates what could have been an “okay” film.

What I am getting at here is that it’s a “Decent” flick with ‘pretty cool” parts in it.  I do like the hints at depth with the kids getting to know the parents and all that. That shows that this movie has some intelligence to it, and while it doesn’t come out as a great film, it at least helps make it a decent one.

I have a feeling if this movie had a different writer that really emphasized elements like that, this could have been awesome. But as it is, I’m fine with it. I was never bored, and while I didn’t laugh out loud that much, I did smile a lot, which I guess counts for something.

Like I said, there isn’t a lot to talk about with this movie. It doesn’t really excel in many areas, and the characters and story are not exactly complex enough for a full analysis. It has some sweet and almost complex parts, which almost made this movie A B+.

But due to being unremarkable, the pointless snooty guys, and a somewhat rushed ending, it doesn’t quite reach that. As far as older DCOMs go, this about on the same lines as the first Zenon, though in some places it’s better, and in other places weaker/less memorable.

I know it seems like I’m rushing this now, since I started to go more in depth earlier but…I this movie doesn’t give me to touch to discuss in that style, and instead I jump ahead to the big picture.

That and I want to avoid what happened with Frenemies, as that review took me awhile for some reason.

You don’t need me to go much more in depth to help you decided if it’s good or not. It’s “passably decent” with some pretty good elements. The story is fine when it goes in the right the direction, the acting is more of less solid, and it has the funny and sweet moments you’d want.

Short review, but I said all I can say. This is a decent DCOM that worth checking out if you are curious.

Grade: B

See ya.


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