Review Lookback: Freddie as FR07

Hello, Spongey here.

I’ve done quite a few reviews, haven’t I? Well over 100 infact. And of course, I’ve had many ups and downs. Good review, bad reviews, positive ones, negative ones, dumb ones, etc.

You may have a basic idea of how I do these reviews and sometimes I’ll say how much of a bitch a certain review was, or how much I liked it. But have you ever wanted the full experience?

Have you ever loved a movie and listened to the audio commentary or watched Behind the scenes videos to know how they made it, or see what it was like? Of course. This is like that, only you will be forced to read it.

See, Martial Horror of “Critiquing the critics” fame has a series called Review Memoirs, where he candidly discusses past reviews of his. He looks at how it came about it, what the making was like, and what he thinks of that review as a whole.

So you know what? I’ll rip him off and do what he does. I’ll look at certain reviews of mne to reflect and also give extra info on it if you ever wanted to know.

I won’t do it in a certain order, but I’ll try to do the first few first. I’ll skip some I have tons to say about it cuz….I’m planning a list of the worst movies i’ve reviewed so far, and I’ll address their reviews there.

But for now, let’s start my own version of Martial’s series called Review Lookback. Let’s start at the very….VERY start.

This, is my review of Freddie as FR07

So I’ll address your first question: How did I transition into doing this type of review? Well, it all started when a friend on Deviant Art came up with the funny idea of Candace from Phineas and Ferb, as The Nostalgia Critic. Then I got the idea to do an NC parody using her. So out of bordoem, I jotted down ideas for episodes.

This was one of them. But eventually, I decided this was not the best idea and I decided…Why not do it as myself? I started this as a general review but I wanted to go in depth on the “not so brief summary” (A parody of Blogger beware’s claims to have a “Brief” summary). So I decided, why not do the summary as I watch the movie and do my nostalgia Candace idea as myself?

The rest, as they say, is history.

Now, how did I know about this movie? Well, I think I first heard of it from some internet reviewers like Hardcore kid who covered it. From the clips, I already knew most of the plot and how weird it is.

So I checked out the movie and thought it was a great “so bad it’s good movie”. Many months later, after I tried the Candace thing, I thought this would make for a good review.

The review itself? I kind of like it. Yeah! As much as I bash my writing, this isn’t an awful first review. However, blogspot’s spacing really bit me in the ass for this one.

blog look 1

The play by play reviews from this period suffer from that, but it’s not exactly my fault. Also, in some early reviews, and even later ones, I explain bits of the movie AFTER going, “This, is movie title”.

A trend I thankfully ditched, for the most part. My spelling/grammar is actually not bad considering this is my first review. Though there is one wording issue that I thought made sense at the time

She turns into a snake, which she stays as for the rest of the film.

But otherwise, I only noticed a few errors. Sometimes I will go back and edit a post to fix some errors but when I did it for this, there wasn’t much to fix except some joke placements. So how did my first review not end up un-readable?

Eh, whatever. It’s obvious I knew more about this movie than the other ones since I have more actual jokes prepared and make big claims about the characters. I never quote the not dumbo crows to show how annoying they are.

Any review of a film i’ve seen has this but it was a minor issue here.

The film have me plenty of materiel, as I picked apart most of it’s flaws pretty well. I don’t think i’ve borrowed too much from NC aside from …well his own jokes but this certainly seems like a NC style angry review.

Only I’m a lot calmer and explains things more eloquently. I think this review was fun to do with how insane the movie is. The actual jokes I had were amusing, like the “skit” with the director and background singer.

Most of the jokes are the kind I do now. I would still be disturbed by “I like the landing area” and I would still point out that Freddie using violence contradicts his earlier statement. Stuff like that.

Speaking of jokes, I tried to start a running joke that sadly I don’t do anymore. Whenever something really weird happens, I randomly say “Which is weird cuz Crabs don’t HAVE Uvulas”

Don’t ask where I got it, it’s a weird story. It used to be my go to out of context line. I thought it made for a funny reaction to weird shit. But now I don’t do it. Why? I just forgot. That and I don’t run into REALLY weird shit anymore, and when I do, my reactions are more angry or explain-y.

I may bring it back, but i’m not sure. Also, oddly enough I didn’t go on about the villain song after making the joke. Which is shame as that song is AWESOME. It’s got a badass beat and the visuals are so odd that it becomes awesomely stupid. It’s the best thing to come out of this movie.

Some things I ended up being too nice to, like how Freddie intentionally disabling the walkie talkies, thus getting rid of their contact, just so he can do his plan to sneak into the bad guy’s place. I was bugged by the fact that the gang brushes it off and we loose a chance at actual conflict.

But I should have chewed Freddie out for even doing that when he could have, you know, TOLD everyone his plan and make things easier. Today, I take any chance I can get to chew a character out like this. I didn’t even pan his relentless bad french jokes.

Since this movie ended up being “so bad it’s good” for me, I tried to brush it off more of the actual bad parts to make it seem a bit better in spite of the obvious stupidity. Nowadays, I would flat out call it bad or simply weak. Though like some other movies, I would still be able to forgive the genuine issues.

I still do like the villain’s ultimate plan, though that hardly makes up for french Ben kingsley. There isn’t even a twist where it turns out Freddie is just an actor doubling for the real Freddie!

But anyway, as far as first reviews go, this isn’t that bad. At least I had a basic grasp on criticism here and I had some okay-ish jokes in this. Though I kind of rush the ending cuz I was a doing a more basic summary at that point.

Today, I’d show more of it and comment on how abrupt it is. Cuz I’ve been doing that a lot lately for some reason.

My biggest regret is not really emphasizing the BAD part of so bad it’s good during the final thoughts. I actually talk about the good parts like it’s no0t bad, when it is. The characters are more likable than most bad movie characters, but they are one note, and even annoying. Freddie himself, while badass at times is…kind of annoying too.

The only good characters are the hammy villains, who help make it funny. The story, while having one good touch, is a mess. But of course, it’s so bad it’s good thanks to how much fun it is to riff on.

I’ve spent this section reviewing the movie again more than looking at the review. Well, it ties into my mistakes so there!

This first review is decent enough, even if it has flaws. If I did this in my new style, it may have been one of my best! Which puts it above the next 100 reviews in the least.

Oh, and one more thing: I used to close out the reviews by saying “This is spongey saying INSERT CRAZY PHRASE HERE” I’m glad I ditched it but I do wish I had come up with a clever catchphrase.

Hello, Spongey here” and “See ya” are kind of boring. But I’m about say it anyway, cuz we’re about done here. These review lookbacks will be as long as I want them to be.

I’ll cover any review I get a request for, but mostly just the ones I want. The length will depend on how much I had to say I won’t do these any order. Of course I’ll mostly do the early ones, but I’ll just do whatever ones that strike my fancy.

This series will give you a true look at how I write some of these reviews, and maybe I will elaborate on my feelings to some of these movies and all that. That’s all I got for this one. I’ll do these when I feel like it, though I have a good idea for the next one, so that could be out soon.

I hope you enjoyed this look into my weird thought process. More to come soon!

See ya. 

About Spongey444

I'm 20 and I'm a slightly below average man who can barely spell. I mostly spend my time watching TV and movies, hence why i ended doing a blog all about those things. I tend to have weird tastes, but I like think I'm just fair on things.
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