NFL Rush Zone: Guardians Unleashed

Hello, Spongey here.

…Well, here we go again. At this point, you all know about NFL Rush zone, the cartoon about Football staring a young MJ. I mean…god, I reviewed Season 1, the Season 2 premiere, the ep before the finale, and the finale!

I’m running out of ways to introduce the show, guys. I don’t get why the first season exists, much like the 2nd…and 3rd. Yep, for some ungodly reason, they made a season 3.

And on a faithful Wednesday night, it premiered. Yep, it airs on Wednesday now. I don’t get it either. They barley advertised it and It took me being curious to actually find out it was airing.

That’s a ratings disaster waiting to happen.

I don’t have much else to say before dive in to this one episode premiere. Please, go read my ither Rush zone reviews if you want to know more, cuz this is a direct continuation from Season 3.

With that said, will this season be bad bad, or good bad like usual? Let’s find out!

This, is NFL Rush Zone: Guardians Unleashed

The episode opens with a recap of…the series itself telling us everything newcomers need to know. Well, that makes my job easier.

Long story short, they defeated the evil Wild card, turned him good, stopped Drop kick, saved the world and Ish scarified his powers in a decent twist. After the recap, we truly open IN SPAAAAAAACE as we se some weird robot things in ship heading to eart.

They see an enemy craft and take fire. Said craft is a prob craft send by….sceience guy and we see them unearthed, worried. Then a big named Sudden Death comes in and blows the place up.

Okay, that was pretty cool. We’re off to a good start. After the intro,we join Ish and the gang playing some football, of course.

Unlike Season 2, the animation is the same, so no comment here. Ish has turned into a bit of a douche, and is told to cool off n the bench.

He’s still upset about not being a guardian anymore”

Last time he seemed fine. Out of nowhere jerkass for the win!

Anyway, Jackson, the step son of the coach, talks to Ish and he knows an awful lot about Ish’s stat and all that. He’s a nerdy dude and he’s not athletic. Great a new dull character to add to the roster.

Ish lets him hang up with the gang. Ricky shows up with some tickets to a game, to help cheer Ish up. But what happens is that they argue and Ish is a douche for no reason. Yay.

Thankfully, RZ calls in everyone to the HOK, even Ish. As it turns out, RZ spotted the ship from earlier. The ship is from the rushers home world. They are Antcorians and they are evil. RZ wants them to go check it out.

Except Ish of course.

Then why am I here?”

To rub it itn. Rz is a douche.

There may come a time when we need you back in action”

Sure,whatever you say.

So the others take flight to find the not UFO, and of course they fun it and it attacks them. Then we get a long action scene and a commercial break. After that some bots pop out from the ship for a game of Space Invaders, it seems.

The Guardians kick their asses to the curb and the bad guys crash into the ocean. Our main 3 baddies reporter to their leader who is pissed they failed. He tells them to bring them ish, or else. Weill, that bit was cliché but the bad looks pretty badass.

The kids report to the HOK so they can go to that big game. Here’s my question: Where’s Warren Zimmer aka Wild card? He turned back to human….but the fact that he even was human wasn’t even mentioned in the recap, and these sportscaster simply say “wild card has been captured”. No mention of Warren.

Way to respect your own plot twist.

Ish is at the game with his family. It’s here we get our sports player info dump. I’ll skip who it is cuz it’s never important. Ish bumps into the other kids in line for autographs.

‘You said you didn’t want to come here”

PLAYER DUDE: What are you, a steeler fans/

What are you, a shitty actor?

So yeah, it’s back to Ish bickering with the others. The player dude tells them to work it out and whatever. Ish gets some food, but then bumps into the badass evil trio.

They attack and after the ad break, one rusher dude tells the other kids that something is after the megacore. They then bump into a big robot dude who summons other robot dudes. The kids suit up for an action scene.

But after a minor fit, the bots leave. Lame! But at the HOK, they learn more about the evil trio. The big ugly one is Zich, The other is remale, and the other is…some other. Remember how the rusherz planet blew up?

Well, the bad guys planet was next to it and it got badly damaged. They got pissed and they are here for the core….and also…

Sudden Death is back”

Okay, why wasn’t THIS season 2? This is far more interesting and it makes WAY more sense as a follow up to season 1!

So we cut back to Ish, as he has been taken to Sudden Death himself, who has a badass new look to boot. Ish tells them he’s not a guardian anymore, which disappoints them.

Also, Ish mentions how Sudden Death once offered Ish power, in a rare time they acknowledge Season 1’s specific plot. Ish however, offers to show them the core if they give him powers again. I hope this is just a ploy, but if Ish turns evil…nah, that’s too amazing for this show.

You must prove your loyalty to me”

After another guest star info dump, Ish takes the bad guy trio to some stadium to get a megacore. No matter how different the plot is, the same damn “gotta catch them all” thing happens.

Oh, and it was all a trap by Ish the whole time as the guardians ambush the villains. …Didn’t see that one coming. Oh wait, I so did.

This backfires though as they take Ish with them as they escape with the megacore. And so the episode ends with Sudden Death telling Ish to give him the megacores or else.

And so ends the premiere. Well, that was kind of interesting. …Not much of a review though. There just wasn’t much to talk about, sadly.

Final Thoughts:

This was a mixed bag, for the most part. At points it’s what Season 2 should have been, but at other points it’s just dull. It’s the baggage from Season 2 hurts this episode. I loved Ish’s big moment in the finale, yet here he’s just the troubled asshole who hates his friends now that he has no powers.

I get what they are going for, but it makes Ish unlikable until the end. I do like the idea of him working for Sudden Death, which brings me to my next point. There are some kind of decent and cool ideas thrown in.

I like the idea of Sudden Death coming back, even if it makes no sense. I also like the whole thing with the other planet being hurt and teaming up with him. I’m not sure why Sudden Death wants ish and still gives him a chance, but whatever.

But aside from that, it’s mostly the cool-ness factor of the bad-ness that keeps this afloat. Another than that though, it’s fairly boring and didn’t give me much to talk about.

How is it compared to the other Season so far? Well, with the positive elements, it kind of outclasses early Season 2 wth the actually decent parts being interesting. But with the issues, it’s a bit less “fun”. It’s just…i don’t know. I feel like I’m doing this out of obligation now, but whatever. I had the usual fun, even if I sound very negative.

It’s MJFOOTBALL, and I always love it, even when it sucks. Like in Season 2, I won’t come back until a really cool episode comes by. Hopefully it won’t take forever like last time.,

Grade: C

There’s my dull review of Rush zone season 3. I’ll keep tuning in for more…fun so to speak.

See ya.


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